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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
GoHard US-Zuluhed Alliance 42 118
Illuminaughty US-Zuluhed Horde 8 48
RP Walkers US-Zuluhed Horde 4 4
lmao US-Zuluhed Alliance 1 152
El oh el US-Zuluhed Alliance 1 5
Brethren US-Scilla Alliance 0 550
Dumbledores Army US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 178
drpc US-Zuluhed Horde 0 126
Virtue US-Scilla Alliance 0 126
TauriLogs US-Zuluhed Horde 0 125
KYS US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 95
Offline None Horde 0 88
Simple Math US-Andorhal Horde 0 63
Decree of Savagery US-Ursin Alliance 0 60
Prophecy US-Zuluhed Horde 0 52
Seras Logs US-Zuluhed Horde 0 51
Is a Superhero US-Scilla Alliance 0 49
MANDINGO SQUAD US-Zuluhed Horde 0 47
Horde Decimators, DS US-Scilla Alliance 0 46
Blessings US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 43
Zigs Raiding LLC US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 43
Cubicle Commandos US-Zuluhed Horde 0 41
Awaken + Zeraxx US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 38
Exódus US-Zuluhed Horde 0 37
Avengers of Azeroth US-Ursin Alliance 0 31
Ten Ten US-Zuluhed Horde 0 31
Hyperion US-Andorhal Alliance 0 30
Mexico US-Andorhal Horde 0 27
Upward Mobility US-Scilla Horde 0 27
Awaken US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 23
Midnight Snacks US-Ursin Horde 0 23
Exiled US-Andorhal Horde 0 21
Calm Down Comrade US-Zuluhed Horde 0 18
Casual US-Scilla Alliance 0 18
Poopydiaper US-Scilla Alliance 0 18
Batlh's Data US-Zuluhed Horde 0 17
Squad US-Zuluhed Horde 0 17
Astera US-Zuluhed Horde 0 16
Contempt US-Zuluhed Horde 0 16
Kolonia byki US-Zuluhed Horde 0 16
The Darkest Red US-Zuluhed Horde 0 16
Dream Team US-Scilla Horde 0 15
toxic US-Andorhal Horde 0 15
Excessive US-Ursin Horde 0 14
random shit US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 14
Copyright US-Zuluhed Horde 0 13
US-Andorhal Horde 0 12
xyz US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 12
Girls Night Out US-Ursin Horde 0 11
Warsong Outriders US-Zuluhed Horde 0 11
Camelot US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 10
Lords of War US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 10
SHIELD US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 10
Skill Capped US-Zuluhed Horde 0 10
Lost Chapter US-Andorhal Alliance 0 9
Mediocre and Predictable None Alliance 0 9
Newenna's US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 9
Artifact US-Ursin Horde 0 8
Overrated US-Zuluhed Horde 0 8
Pugging US-Zuluhed Horde 0 8
Remnants US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 8
AoF US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 7
Beefpolice US-Zuluhed Horde 0 7
I Burning Legion I US-Zuluhed Horde 0 7
kekkeronis US-Zuluhed Horde 0 7
Nashoba Iklanna US-Scilla Alliance 0 7
Seven Deadly Sins US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 7
ZaphLogs US-Zuluhed Horde 0 7
HTX US-Zuluhed Horde 0 6
Last Chapter US-Zuluhed Horde 0 6
Satsukii Zuluhed Logs US-Zuluhed Horde 0 6
AVGN US-Scilla Horde 0 5
Circle of Salvation US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 5
Des US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 5
dimonz2034 US-Zuluhed Horde 0 5
DPS INC US-Zuluhed Horde 0 5
Just checking myself US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 5
Llama Bar Mitzvah US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 5
Paranoid US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 5
Kuchenmafia US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 4
Logs US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 4
Stay Alive US-Zuluhed Horde 0 4
Stimulate US-Scilla Horde 0 4
testguild US-Zuluhed Horde 0 4
TravXL US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 4
Xargunlogs US-Zuluhed Horde 0 4
заёц US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 4
cameltoe US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 3
Cupcakes US-Zuluhed Horde 0 3
Guild11 US-Zuluhed Horde 0 3
Outshined US-Andorhal Horde 0 3
Pixel Punchers US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 3
Recuperates Logs US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 3
Reps Personal Log US-Zuluhed Horde 0 3
Scape Logs US-Zuluhed Horde 0 3
TEST US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 3
The Undying US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 3
Ursa's Logs US-Andorhal Horde 0 3
Who Cares US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 3
123 US-Andorhal Horde 0 2
Banderwos US-Andorhal Alliance 0 2
Brutal Knights US-Andorhal Horde 0 2
cdm US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 2
CHIMI US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 2
Clearly not unhuman US-Zuluhed Horde 0 2
DotA AR BR Banlist ON US-Ursin Horde 0 2
Fallen knights None Horde 0 2
fosho US-Andorhal Horde 0 2
Fugitivelama US-Andorhal Horde 0 2
Krogn US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 2
Mormot's Logs US-Andorhal Horde 0 2
MyRaids US-Scilla Alliance 0 2
niceguild US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 2
Nytelight's Logs US-Scilla Alliance 0 2
Personal Logs US-Ursin Horde 0 2
PlayHard US-Zuluhed Horde 0 2
Scarlet Dawn US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 2
Silent Wolves US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 2
Testtesttest US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 2
Warfare US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 2
WarSworn US-Zuluhed Horde 0 2
Wing US-Andorhal Horde 0 2
Zandatsu's Logs US-Zuluhed Horde 0 2
Zarlodious US-Scilla Alliance 0 2
Akarns Barn US-Andorhal Horde 0 1
Bana's Logs US-Andorhal Horde 0 1
Boss US-Scilla Alliance 0 1
Carpe Diem US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
Cazadores del olvido US-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Colossus US-Scilla Alliance 0 1
ctrl alt elite US-Andorhal Horde 0 1
Cuddlekins US-Scilla Alliance 0 1
Death Merchants (official) US-Andorhal Alliance 0 1
docdoritos US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
dopeshady US-Andorhal Alliance 0 1
Faded US-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Flaming Bunnies US-Andorhal Alliance 0 1
Fresh Blood US-Ursin Alliance 0 1
GGEZ US-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Hard Knocks US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
joselitooo None Alliance 0 1
lombars logs US-Scilla Alliance 0 1
Malic US-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
MG Illidan US-Scilla Horde 0 1
Miethos Logs US-Andorhal Alliance 0 1
Mutiny US-Ursin Horde 0 1
Nap Group US-Andorhal Horde 0 1
Nothing Special US-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Ole Ole Ole US-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
OutshinedG2 US-Andorhal Horde 0 1
Pack Mentality US-Andorhal Horde 0 1
PuG US-Scilla Alliance 0 1
PUGGIN US-Andorhal Horde 0 1
Raid 2 (25 man) - DoTA US-Ursin Horde 0 1
Raidlog_PM US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
Reckoning US-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Release US-Andorhal Horde 0 1
Revision US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
Scorn US-Andorhal Horde 0 1
Serious Bizness US-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
Simplicite US-Scilla Alliance 0 1
Static US-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
The Nemeton US-Ursin Alliance 0 1
The Panic Attacks US-Scilla Horde 0 1
Timeless US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
Tranquility US-Andorhal Horde 0 1
uuwpqadiuc US-Scilla Alliance 0 1
Varion US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
Vice US-Scilla Alliance 0 1
Vinthar US-Scilla Alliance 0 1
Vulgar Display of Power US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 1
Walajanilu US-Andorhal Horde 0 1
Warsong Outriders US-Zuluhed Horde 0 1
WHAR LEWTS PUG RUN US-Scilla Alliance 0 1
150mm to the face guild None Horde 0 0
666 None Horde 0 0
AAO None Horde 0 0
against all odds None Horde 0 0
Anc's Logs None Horde 0 0
AnihcEval None Alliance 0 0
Artifact - MoP None Horde 0 0
asdf US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 0
BBB None Alliance 0 0
BBB None Alliance 0 0
Beached Whale None Alliance 0 0
Bis US-Zuluhed Horde 0 0
Blood Brothers None Horde 0 0
Bloodbath and Beyond None Alliance 0 0
Bloodbath and Beyond None Alliance 0 0
Bloodbath and Beyond None Alliance 0 0
Bloodbath and Beyond None Alliance 0 0
BlowPony None Horde 0 0
Bonfreezz None Horde 0 0
Brutal Knight None Horde 0 0
Brutal Knights None Horde 0 0
Calamity None Horde 0 0
Carebear Refugees None Horde 0 0
Channel Four Newsteam None Alliance 0 0
Chklogs None Horde 0 0
Chordonlogs None Horde 0 0
Convergence None Horde 0 0
Ctrl Alt Elite None Horde 0 0
Dances With Endgame None Alliance 0 0
Deceased None Horde 0 0
Demissus None Horde 0 0
DI None Horde 0 0
Diplomacy None Horde 0 0
Drane None Horde 0 0
Dumblesdores Army None Alliance 0 0
Eden None Alliance 0 0
Emeraldz Quiet Place None Horde 0 0
F U S I O N None Alliance 0 0
F U S I O N None Alliance 0 0
Faded None Horde 0 0
Fargin Bastages None Horde 0 0
Fargin Bastages None Horde 0 0
Feedback None Horde 0 0
Freds Tree None Horde 0 0
Graveyard Shift None Alliance 0 0
Guild None Horde 0 0
Hammarfall None Horde 0 0
hello None Alliance 0 0
HORDE DECIMATORS None Alliance 0 0
idklogs None Horde 0 0
IFB US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 0
ImagiNation None Alliance 0 0
imm None Horde 0 0
In Vino Veritas None Horde 0 0
Incursio None Horde 0 0
Insidious None Alliance 0 0
ItzBmans Logs None Alliance 0 0
Jis in My Pants None Horde 0 0
johnson US-Scilla Alliance 0 0
jojo's logs None Horde 0 0
Justatest US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 0
Karma2 None Horde 0 0
Last Chapter None Horde 0 0
Lebowski Urban Achievers US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 0
Legion None Alliance 0 0
Legion None Alliance 0 0
Lords of War None Alliance 0 0
Lords Of War None Alliance 0 0
Los elegidos de la luz None Alliance 0 0
Los Osos Gummi None Alliance 0 0
Lupicus US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 0
matrixmeow None Horde 0 0
Mens Wearhouse None Alliance 0 0
Minions of the Horde None Horde 0 0
my logs guild None Alliance 0 0
Myrmidons None Horde 0 0
Nagga Stole My Bike None Alliance 0 0
Narc None Horde 0 0
Narcotic None Horde 0 0
neatobandito None Alliance 0 0
nn None Horde 0 0
no friends None Alliance 0 0
No Name US-Andorhal Horde 0 0
Not really a guild None Alliance 0 0
NotRealGuild None Horde 0 0
Nox Irae None Horde 0 0
NykezQT None Horde 0 0
Oh My Dayum None Alliance 0 0
OOC None Horde 0 0
order of the flame None Alliance 0 0
Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
Poseidon's Logs None Horde 0 0
Post Mortem None Horde 0 0
Prometherion None Alliance 0 0
Pursuit of Loot None Alliance 0 0
Pz None Horde 0 0
RAGE None Horde 0 0
RAMPAGE US-Zuluhed Horde 0 0
randomtestguild US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 0
Redemption None Alliance 0 0
Resurrection None Alliance 0 0
Retaliation None Alliance 0 0
Roozy Logs None Horde 0 0
Saint Avarice None Alliance 0 0
sblogs None Horde 0 0
Sel's logs None Horde 0 0
Seriously Casual None Alliance 0 0
Shades of Knight None Horde 0 0
Shadowfire None Horde 0 0
shama None Horde 0 0
Shandy None Alliance 0 0
Show me how None Horde 0 0
Simple Math None Horde 0 0
Stay Awhile and Listen None Alliance 0 0
Sunflower Oil None Horde 0 0
Super Kitty None Horde 0 0
Swaggy US-Zuluhed Horde 0 0
Tainted Guild None Horde 0 0
Templars None Horde 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
Test None Horde 0 0
Test None Horde 0 0
Test23 None Horde 0 0
testguild US-Zuluhed Horde 0 0
testlogs None Horde 0 0
Thats What She Said None Alliance 0 0
the game on play None Horde 0 0
The Testers None Alliance 0 0
Tunnel Boss None Alliance 0 0
u wot m8 None Horde 0 0
United Legoin of Aliance None Alliance 0 0
Vertigo None Horde 0 0
Vile Covenant None Horde 0 0
Vulgar None Horde 0 0
vv None Horde 0 0
VV None Horde 0 0
VV None Horde 0 0
VV None Horde 0 0
War of the Dead None Alliance 0 0
We Aren't from Zuluhed None Horde 0 0
We Wipe on Trash None Horde 0 0
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot None Alliance 0 0
Wicked Chaos None Horde 0 0
WSLog None Alliance 0 0
Xtra US-Zuluhed Alliance 0 0
xy US-Zuluhed Horde 0 0
Yikes US-Zuluhed Horde 0 0
Zargrimiss None Horde 0 0
zzzzzz None Horde 0 0
| Serenity | None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

Cruelshade, 10 man test, 1234, 4fun, , , Aaa, aaaassssdddd, Abandoned, Abandoned, Absolute, Absolutê, Abuse, Abuse, Accelerate, Accelerate, Accelerate, Accelerate-Guild Use, Adept, adgadsg, ADIDAS, Adjective Noun, Adjective Noun, Adjective Noun, Adorabella, Adult Swim, Advantage, aeon, Aero, aerowynn, afasd, AFK Pumping Massive Iron, After Hours, Afterlife, Afterlife, Afterlife, Aikiroth, Akatsuki, alejandro, All Else Fails, All Thats Left, All Thats Left, Almost Epic, Alpha, Alpha, Amigos do Bunnzz, Amnel, Amus pug, Amye Magey, Anagrious, And My Imaginary Friends, And My Imaginary Friends, Andrew's Logs, Angst, Anoying, ANS, AoA, apex, Apex, AppLogs, Apply Guild, archivers, ArkahamAsylum, Artifact, Artifact - false, Ascended Brethren, asdf, asdf, asdfas, Ashanae, Ashened, assumptions, Asswipes, atlantis, ATLANTISS, Atonement2, attackeds, AulmTemp, Aulmtemp2, Aurelie's Logs, ausweich, Avengers of Azeroth, Awaken, Awakened, Away Team, AXIEN'S LOG, Axys of Anarchy, Azeroth's Most Deadly, Azeroths Most Deadly, backup, Bad's Guild, Baha Parse, Ballinn, Ballinn, Ballinn, Ballinn, Ballinn PUG, BallinnSatPUG, Bandit Camp, Bart's Reports, BBB, BBB, Beainn's awesome, Bear Force One, Bear Force One, Bears Eat Beats, Bears Eat Beats, Beefcakes, beepbep, beerock, Behaart und Wild, Behold Wondrous Rapidity, Beltaine, Beresamela, Besspars Secret Service, Best in Show, Best in Show, Best in Show, beta, Beta, Beta_Test, Betråyed, bever, Beyond Prime, bezerker kittens, bheem's logs, Biohazard G2, BiõHäzärd, BK, BK, Black waist down, Blackksabbath Logs, Blacklist, Blacklist, Blacklist, Blacklist, Blacklist, blah, BLAH, blakmaatt, Blar, Blazzinn's guild, Blips and Chitz, Blizzard Entertainment, Bloodbath and Beyond, Bloodbath and Beyond, Bloodbath and Beyond, Bloodbath and Beyond, BloodBath&Beyond G2, Bloodforge, Bloods, Bloody Days, Bloody Days, blue, bo, Bombin's, Booty Bay Yacht Club, Botchy Ball, Bovinity Stuff, Brethren Casuals, Brethren Test Environment, BrewTown, Brianqt Temp, Brothers Of Metal, Brutal Knights, Brutal Knights, Brutal Knights, Brutal Knights, Brutal KnightsQ, BS, Bugaga, Built Alliance Tough, bunz o fun, Burbon, Burn One, Burnstuff Logs, Buubeguild, C Group Professionals, Cael's Backup Logs, Cal, Called out sick, cam2's guild, captainjs93, Carebear Refugees, carlos, Carlos not at the table, Caslon, Cast, Cataclysm Raiders, Causatum, Causatum, CC, cctv, Celtics, Champions of the Light, Channel Four Newsteam, Chaos and Destruction, Chex Logs, Chronic, Churn, Churn Tha Butta, Ciladinha, Clan Crusade, Classics, Clush's Reports, CN 10man, CNN HEADLINE NEWBS, Cold Blooded Anarchy, Coldworld, colombia, Colors of Chaos, Colors of Chaos, Conundrum, Conundum, Cows, Crackennauts, creep, Creepin, Crimson, Crit Crew, Critical Error, Critical Error, Critical Mass, Ctrl Alt Elite #2 , CtrlAltEliteG2, Cult of nimanima, cult of weejee, Custos Morum, Custos Morum, Cutie Cupcakes, Cutie CupcakesB, Cynessaisabaddie, Cynical, Cynical, Da Gummis, dalt, Dances with Endgame, DandLis, Dark Promise, Darkend Legacy, Darkes, Darkmaester, darknessz guild, death merchants, Death Merchants, Death Merchants, Death Merchants, Death Merchants, Death Merchants, Death Merchants 10 man, Death Merchants(Official), Death Squad, Death Squad, Death Squad, Death Wish, Death Wish, Decimate the weak, Decree of Savagery, Decree of Savagery, Dedicated Alts, DEEE, Defiant, delicious, delicious, Demonic, Demonic, Derp, Destruction alliance, Deus Immortalis, Deviant, Devious Gaming, DFC - DotA, DFC Fenris Slacker, Diamonds in the Rough, Die Alten aF, Dinkledine, Diplomatic Immunity, Disaster, Disbanded, Disciples of Redemption, Disciples of Redemption, disco, Distinct Advantage, Disturbed Insolents, dix, Dizaster, does not exist, Dogs of Horde, Dominance, Dota, DoTA 10man dos Alts, DotA AR BR Banlist ON, DOTA Ar Br Banlist ON, Dota Ar Br Banlist on (10man), Dota AR BR Banlist ON (Raid 2), DotA AR BR Banlist ON - Raid 007, Dota AR BR BanList On Raid do ZuZu, Dota Raid 2, Dota Raid 2, Dota Raid 3, Dota Raid2, dotdot, dotsmeterslol, DOV, Downsized, DPS, DPS, DPS, DPS, Draconin, Draconin, Dragon4lfe, Dragoran guard, Drakk's Run, Drifter, Droc Testingm Service, drunk crew, DS, Duduu, Duece, Duely, Dum Dum Dum, Dumbledore's Army, Dumbledores Army, Dumbledores Army, Dunkelziffer, Durability, Dusk Eternal, duuuppppaa, Dystopia Found, Eagles Nest, EaglesNest, EasYplaY, Eden, Edge of Madness, EENU, Eight, eldapaso, elek, Elites, Eltwopee, Emeraldz Quiet Place, Emotional Animals, Endeavour, Endeavour, Endeavour, Endeavour, Endeavour, Enemy Down, Enemy Down, entombed souls, Entombed Souls, entropy, Epilepsy, Epsilon, Eskalicious, Ethereal, eu, Evanescent Serenity, Evil Angels, Evo, Exclusive, exo, Exo, Exodus, Exodus, Exquisite Corpse, Exquizit, Eyebrows, Ezeky, Face Melt, Face Melt, Face Melt, Face Melt, Face Melt, Faded, Faded, Faded10, Fadez , Fail FTW, Failboat, fakeguild, Falcon Punch, Fame, Fatal Premonition, Fate, fdk, Federal Reserve, Fiarei's PuG Parses, Fifty Third and Sixth, Filiolus Non Intero, fitte e litrix guild, Flaming Bunnies Alts, Flawless, Flawless, Flipzz, Fluufykins Personal, Flux You Up, Food Vendor, For Her Pleasure, For Rent, Forgotten Empire, Forlorn Eternity, FoSho, FoSho, FreD, Frenchise, Friedvolle Krieger, From The Internet, Frostwolf Clan, Frozen Forever, FTI, FTI, Full Core, Full Core, Full Core, Fully Engorged, Funemployed, FUNEMPLOYED, Funkdoobiest, Furious Friendship, Fusion, Gaiola do Pardal, Gantaris, Gear, Gearscore = Skill, Gearscore = Skill, Gemmed Her Red Socket, Get Carried, GET OUT MY BIDNESS HOKAY, GG, gihugan, giogio, Gladiators, Glows Logs, Glowstix, Gnome Cartel, gogoshaman, Goofer Dust, Grand Theft Rhino, Graphic Violence, Graphic Violence, Graphic Violence, Graphic Violence, Great White Hype, Greatvalue, Group 5 Redemption, Guardian Of War, Guild, Guild112, Guild1234, Guildlless, Gumbees world, Gummybears, Haldiers guild, hani, happytreefriends, Harbingers of the Night, HardKnocks, Hardmode, Hardmode, Hardmode, Hardtack Gizmos, Hate Inc, HD, Heal The Mages, Heal The Mages, hehejo, Hellfire knights, HellGuards, hero, hertz, Hertz, Hevil, High Command, Highborne, Highborne, HK, Holy Reign, Horde Decimators, HORDE DECIMATORS, Horde on Phonics, Horde on Phonics, Horde Pack, HordeGuards, Hubris, Huge in Japan, HungryHungrytuskarrs, HUNTER CLASS BEST CLASS, HZ, Hâte Inc, ICC10 PuG, ice, IKY, ILL, Illusionary, Im a little high btw, Im a swag wizard , Im sexy, ImMadBro, Immortal, Immortal, ImonaUnortho, Imoz, Imoz, Imperium, Imperium(New), In Theory, in vino veritas, In Vino Veritas, Inappropriate, Inconsistent, Incursio PUG, Ink, Insanity, Insanity, Insomnia, Invalid Target, Invicta, Iron Legacy, Ironwolf Clan, Ironwolf Clan, Ironwolf Clan, IVV-Britt, Ivy League, Ivy League , Jayne, Jec, jellybean, JEWS, Jezz, Jitra, joelho, Jogger, Jokesters, Jorian, Jozz Guild, Juan David, Juri's Raid, Just for loolz, just me , Kaboom, Kahlua, kaldos gilde, Kalfos, Kamizai Guild, Karebare, Karma, Karma, Karmå, Karmå, Karmå, Karnages WOL, Kdata, Keepers of Azeroth, Keoni, Keyboard Turners, kilandhealthings, Kinda Serious, Knight Hunters, Knights of the Dark Hand, koresfakeguildlololol, Kriptic, Kross, Kull Intentions, Kull Intentions, Kurkenstoks, L a c o s t, LaG, LaG, laive, lanson, lanson1, Last Stand, latenightraids, Lawkz, Lawl, LAWL, LAWL, LC, leandrolog01, Legacý, Legendary Incompetence, Legendary Sauce, Legendary Sauce, Legendary Sauce, Legends, Legion, Legion, Legíon, Legíon, LePeR, les lys du québec, Level One Human Bank Alt, LEY, LFR PARSE for App, LFR/Random, Light, Litany of Fury, Little Whoop, lnfamous, Log Lex, Logi, loglogs, Logs for apps, logsdawgz, LOL LOGGS, Lolipoop, Lords of War, Lords of War, Lords of War, Lordwar, Loregasm, los locos, Lost Cows, LUA, Lucky Thirteen, Lufe10, lulzsec, M's, Magepants, Magic's test guild of fail, MAJOR HEAD TRUAMA, Makers of mischief, mal's Guild, Marine, Marox, Massive Dynamic, Massive Dynamic, Massive Dynamic, Massivegirth, Mean Mug, MEGATRON STARS, Method Guid, Mexican Standoff, Midnight Snacks, Migox & Friends, MillsGuild, Mine, Mine, Mine, Minus Fifty DKP, Mizrath, monsterz, Mostawesomestest guild, mpower, mrbgray, Murphy's Law, MurtoPug, Mutiny, Mutiny, My, my app, My Logs, My Personal Logs, Myazz logs, myguild, Mylog, Myparses, Mystic, Mystic, Naked Assassins, Naked Assassins, Naked Assassins G1, Narcotic, Narcotic, Narcotic, Narcoticc, Narissel's Logs, Nashoba Iklanna, Nashoba Iklanna, Nation of Joe, nazgul, Necrosis, Nefas Eternum, Nefas Eternum, Nefas Eternum, Nefas Eternum, Nemesis, Neponc, Neptuna's Logs, Nethron, New Enemy Conquest, New Enemy Conquest Group 2, New Life Church, New Order of Tirisfal, nexus, nightstalkers, Ninja Pirates From Space, Ninja Pirates From Space, Ninja Turtles, No Explanation Needed, No Pants, Noble Team, NoGuild, Non Fiction, NoOne, Northrend Raiding Inc, not an actual guild, Not our proudest moments, Notorious, Nox Necis, NPFS, NPFSHorde, NSX, Nínja Pirates From Space, o.o, Oblivion, Oblivion, Oblivion-test, Obscure Reference, Obscure Reference, OBSCURE REFERENCE, OBSCURE REFERENCE, Oceanic, Ockham's Razor, Official, Offline, Offline, OH EM GEEE, ohnoes, Ohnoes, Ohnoes, Ok logs, OK Who Pulled, Old Religion, Omegalogs, OMG.., Operation Small Dick Logoz, Orphan Donors, Osito, Outlaws, Outlaws of Azeroth, Over Nine K, Over Nine K, Over Nine K, Oxyarrow's Personal Log, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Pack Mentality, Pakistao, Pallium Et Perdo, Pan, Pancake House, Pannix Pugs, Paradise Lost, Paradox, Parse, ParsesRus, Party People, Pep's Logs, PewPew, Ph0King, Philosophy, pibs stuff, Pick Up Groups, Pimp My Raid, Pinoyz, Placeholder Guild, Plague, Plague, Plan Ruse, Plauge, PookMasterSlim, Pope, POSGuild, Power Word Friendship, Precision, Precognition, Precognition, Precognition, Precognition, Precognition, Prettier Than I, private, Private log, PrivateUse, Professional, PsawedSM, Psst Nerds, Psych Ward, Psych Ward, PT, PTR test, public enemies, 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Vacapreta, Valiant, Valiant, Valiant, Valiant Cause, Vandelay Industries, Vandelay Industries, Various Pugs, Vatican Commandos, Vengeance and Chaos, Vhaleria, Vice, Vicious Cycle, Victory Lap, Victory Not Valor, Villians, Vindicated Vengence, VIP, Virtue, Virtue1, Virtus et Honor, Vitue Live, Volatile logs, Volatile logs, volatilegas, vs The World, vs The World, Vs the World, Vs The World, vv, vv, vv584, W.A.N.P - 10m of DotA AR BR Banlist On, warcraft addicts, warpath, Warrior, Warsong Outriders, Washed Up, wat, Waterlords, Watsfordiners logs, We Ball Out, We Downed Hogger, We Wipe on Trash, Well Job, West Coast Raiders, What What, What's My DPS, Whatever, whatyatalkinboutwilus, Whiteout, Whiteout T2, Wicked Chaos, Wicked Chaos, Wlock, WLPH PUG 2, woarp, Woo, World of Eyon, World of Warlocks, Worlds, Wraith, Wreborn, WSFT, wubba wubba, Xbikulah, xerol test guild, Xfactic, xxx, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Xyz, yaa, yarr, Yeah, YG, You Must Be Critting Me, Young and Dangerous, youre here forever, 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