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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Temerity US-Windrunner Alliance 0 909
Jungle Style US-Windrunner Alliance 0 855
Super Happy Fun Time US-Windrunner Horde 0 638
Forlorn Legacy US-Windrunner Alliance 0 417
Apotheosis US-Windrunner Alliance 0 325
CPG US-Windrunner Alliance 0 143
radiant dark None Alliance 0 112
Pandemonium US-Windrunner Alliance 0 93
The Misfits US-Windrunner Alliance 0 73
Paragon US-Darrowmere Horde 0 72
Doctrine of Excellence US-Windrunner Alliance 0 67
Get Big US-Windrunner Alliance 0 49
Lex Scripta US-Windrunner Alliance 0 48
Premonition US-Windrunner Alliance 0 46
Lollipop Crusaders US-Windrunner Alliance 0 30
GPS US-Windrunner Alliance 0 28
Game of Jabrones US-Windrunner Alliance 0 26
Mutual Hatred US-Windrunner Alliance 0 24
Shadowborne None Alliance 0 23
Ensis Dei US-Windrunner Alliance 0 20
Vagrant Corps US-Windrunner Alliance 0 17
Agar's Logs US-Windrunner Alliance 0 16
WifeLogs US-Windrunner Alliance 0 16
Arx Deorum US-Windrunner Alliance 0 15
Templars of The Cross US-Windrunner Alliance 0 15
Heroes of Mana None Alliance 0 13
Mericansauce's Personal Logs US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 11
Prehot's Logs US-Windrunner Alliance 0 11
Questers Common US-Windrunner Alliance 0 11
Thunderfury US-Windrunner Alliance 0 11
Bloodforged US-Windrunner Alliance 0 10
Pandamonium US-Windrunner Alliance 0 10
Cult of the Plush Gnome US-Windrunner Alliance 0 9
ForbidenMstr US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 9
Iconoclast US-Windrunner Alliance 0 8
Kitten Mittens US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 8
Pug US-Windrunner Alliance 0 8
Speaker for the Dead US-Windrunner Alliance 0 8
Hershel US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 6
In Omnia Paratus US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 6
Pancake US-Windrunner Alliance 0 6
Project Jenova US-Windrunner Alliance 0 6
Suffered Atrocity US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 6
Hard In The Paint US-Windrunner Alliance 0 5
Often Dead US-Windrunner Horde 0 5
Premogaming US-Windrunner Alliance 0 5
Righteous Avengers None Alliance 0 5
Bruulogs US-Windrunner Alliance 0 4
Corporate US-Windrunner Alliance 0 4
Crimson Assurance US-Windrunner Alliance 0 4
Elite Panda Death Squad US-Windrunner Alliance 0 4
Last Hope US-Windrunner Alliance 0 4
PandasGDKPRun US-Windrunner Alliance 0 4
Phaydre US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 4
Warbound US-Windrunner Alliance 0 4
DenotarUnited US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Illidan's Finest US-Darrowmere Horde 0 3
Insomnia US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Maelstrom Swim Team US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Mine US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Nephilim Legacy US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Raid Inc US-Windrunner Horde 0 3
RTD's Logs US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Sans Souci US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Shadow Lords US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 3
Test US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Timothy is so awesome US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Traj's Logs US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Untitled US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Waffle US-Windrunner Alliance 0 3
Bat Country US-Darrowmere Horde 0 2
Chaotic Tendencies US-Windrunner Alliance 0 2
clicktrax US-Windrunner Alliance 0 2
Corporate 2 US-Windrunner Alliance 0 2
Enmity US-Windrunner Alliance 0 2
Evi's Guild US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 2
Ghastly Gaming US-Windrunner Alliance 0 2
Hells Butterflies US-Darrowmere Horde 0 2
Invisible Inc US-Windrunner Alliance 0 2
leerandom logs US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 2
Mesc US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 2
Ring of Outlaws US-Windrunner Horde 0 2
Southern Legacy US-Windrunner Alliance 0 2
The Awakening US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 2
The Red Wind US-Windrunner Alliance 0 2
Vista's Panda Play House US-Windrunner Alliance 0 2
Wreckage US-Windrunner Alliance 0 2
Aphelion US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Ashes of the Phoenix US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Asperity US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Bends That Way US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Bonusworld US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Cares for You US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Dark Legacy US-Darrowmere Horde 0 1
Del's logs US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Dream Whisper US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 1
DreamWhisper US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Empires US-Darrowmere Horde 0 1
FluffyGuild US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Gloks US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
In Omnia Paratus US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 1
Lollipop-WR US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
MaliciousG2 US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Miz US-Darrowmere Alliance 0 1
Nerd Herd US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Often Dead US-Windrunner Horde 0 1
Premoniton US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Pyranicus US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Red Khougar Legacy US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Rocket Surgeons US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Shellguy US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
SoloTrollo US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
TegaruRaids US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
TEST US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
wow really US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Åpocalyptic Insomniacs US-Windrunner Alliance 0 1
Absølute None Alliance 0 0
Absølute None Alliance 0 0
Ad Mortem None Alliance 0 0
Adverse Effect None Alliance 0 0
Airylea10 None Alliance 0 0
Amorelia None Alliance 0 0
Anomaly None Alliance 0 0
AuroraPersonalLogs None Alliance 0 0
Average Logs None Alliance 0 0
Azeroths Knights None Alliance 0 0
Bait None Alliance 0 0
Bellum Concilium None Alliance 0 0
Bill's Logs None Alliance 0 0
bitter old men None Horde 0 0
blood None Alliance 0 0
Boni Amici: a Windrunner Guild None Alliance 0 0
Bubbles None Alliance 0 0
CAWR None Alliance 0 0
Certifiable logs None Alliance 0 0
Clintonn10 None Alliance 0 0
Cooooool None Alliance 0 0
Corporal Deeman None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Assurance None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Assurance None Alliance 0 0
Dark Legacy None Horde 0 0
Darkfreak None Alliance 0 0
Dawning Vengeance None Horde 0 0
De Novo None Alliance 0 0
Delaina None Alliance 0 0
dolan None Alliance 0 0
DragonMasters None Alliance 0 0
DragonMasters_agram None Alliance 0 0
DreamWhisper None Alliance 0 0
DreamWhisper None Alliance 0 0
dummy test log None Alliance 0 0
Empire of Brutal Carnage None Alliance 0 0
Ensis Dei None Alliance 0 0
Eq None Alliance 0 0
Eternal legacy None Alliance 0 0
Far Cry None Alliance 0 0
Far Cry None Alliance 0 0
Fiction None Alliance 0 0
Flemdawg None Alliance 0 0
Fortitude None Alliance 0 0
Fuzzy Vampire Bunnies None Alliance 0 0
Geeky Gamers of Wow None Alliance 0 0
Generäl Goods None Alliance 0 0
Gloks 2 None Alliance 0 0
goraktown None Alliance 0 0
Guild of Blood None Horde 0 0
Gundam Knights None Alliance 0 0
Handssome's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Haunter None Alliance 0 0
Havoc Syndicate None Alliance 0 0
Hells Butterflies None Horde 0 0
Hold the Head None Alliance 0 0
Hold the Head None Alliance 0 0
HoM None Alliance 0 0
HoTs n DoTs None Alliance 0 0
House Atredeis None Alliance 0 0
HtownRaiders None Alliance 0 0
Hyjal Kids Hyjal Wife None Alliance 0 0
IFX None Alliance 0 0
Illidans Finest None Horde 0 0
Immortal Marauders None Alliance 0 0
In Omnia Paratus None Alliance 0 0
In Omnia Paratus None Alliance 0 0
IOP 25-man None Alliance 0 0
Ironforge Brewing Co None Alliance 0 0
Just a PuG None Horde 0 0
Just for a minute None Alliance 0 0
Jynaella None Alliance 0 0
Kirranx None Horde 0 0
Leananii Parse None Alliance 0 0
Letthegoodtimesroll None Horde 0 0
Looking for Raid None Alliance 0 0
Looney Toons None Alliance 0 0
Luriyn None Alliance 0 0
Mai None Alliance 0 0
Mass Exodus None Alliance 0 0
ME Logs None Alliance 0 0
morganlafey None Alliance 0 0
Negiva's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Nephilim Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Niko's guild None Alliance 0 0
Ninsguild None Alliance 0 0
nothing ~ None Alliance 0 0
Olympus None Horde 0 0
Omfgirl None Alliance 0 0
OneShot None Horde 0 0
OneShot None Horde 0 0
order of night None Alliance 0 0
Order of Night None Alliance 0 0
ornj None Horde 0 0
Pandemonium None Alliance 0 0
Pandoras Mighty Soldiers None Alliance 0 0
Pars R Us None Alliance 0 0
Perseid None Alliance 0 0
Perseid US-Windrunner Alliance 0 0
Pony None Alliance 0 0
pop pop! None Alliance 0 0
Premonition None Alliance 0 0
project mayhem None Alliance 0 0
Radiant Dark None Alliance 0 0
Raiders of the Lost Realm None Alliance 0 0
Raisu's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Random None Alliance 0 0
Reborn heros None Alliance 0 0
Rise None Alliance 0 0
Rise from the Ashes None Alliance 0 0
Sad Pandas None Alliance 0 0
Sad Pandas None Alliance 0 0
Sad Pandas None Alliance 0 0
Safonz None Alliance 0 0
Sanctuary for Old Souls None Alliance 0 0
Seismic None Alliance 0 0
Setha's logs None Alliance 0 0
Shoulda Pulled Out None Alliance 0 0
Skeetsoma None Horde 0 0
Slightly Modified None Alliance 0 0
Smokey None Alliance 0 0
SoC 10M None Alliance 0 0
Soul Bound None Alliance 0 0
Soul Crushers None Alliance 0 0
Splakken's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Spoils of War None Horde 0 0
Steehl's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Stockade Prison Blues None Alliance 0 0
Strength In Numbers None Alliance 0 0
Stuffs Logs None Alliance 0 0
Surprise None Horde 0 0
Swass None Alliance 0 0
Taineeh's Logs None Alliance 0 0
TDF None Alliance 0 0
Team Plano None Alliance 0 0
Teecher None Alliance 0 0
Terryn's Pubs None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
Test Guild None Alliance 0 0
test guild please ignore None Alliance 0 0
Thank you based god None Alliance 0 0
The Forgotten Union None Horde 0 0
The Headless Horsemen None Alliance 0 0
The Ones Who Knock None Alliance 0 0
TheyCallMeToga None Horde 0 0
Three Brothers None Alliance 0 0
TLC None Alliance 0 0
Tristana is Love None Horde 0 0
Twilight Circus None Alliance 0 0
Universelogs None Alliance 0 0
Uprising None Alliance 0 0
Utopian None Alliance 0 0
Utopian None Alliance 0 0
Variant's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Veritas None Alliance 0 0
VerkLFR None Alliance 0 0
Warzlockz None Alliance 0 0
WE RAID FOR FOOD None Alliance 0 0
Well Played None Alliance 0 0
Werewolves Guild None Alliance 0 0
Xan None Alliance 0 0
youmiranbrah None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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BOWFLEXING, Brigandine, Bucktwentyfiveamin, Chuck n Sins Legion, Circle Of Nine, Clairvoyance, Clube Dos Canalhas, Conjured Calamity, Deadly Soldiers, DEATH RAIDERS, Death Riders, Death Upon Request, Death will Fall, Deaths End, Die In A Fire, Die In Fire, Dirt Devils, Disciples of Power, Dollar Generals, DragonMasters, Drug of Choice, Easy Riders, eat my rod, Elite Skillz, Emerald Dream, Eternal Legacy, Explorers United, F T W, Faiths End, FishyFingers, For Great Justice, For the Bored, Forged, Forgot to Remember, Ftw, Ghost Riders, Goldmann Sachs, Guardians of WOW, Guild of Blood, Hakuna Matata, Hells Butterflies, Hellscreams Legion, Heroes Of Seduction, hey im mvp, Holy Ones, Horde Killing Anonymous, House Paladin, In Omnia Paratus, Incantus, Insignia, Invictus, judicium, Juicebox Raiders, Kill On Sight, killers of moon light, Killin Time, Last of a Dying Breed, Liefde te Kwetsen, Literary, Lore of Warcraft, Lorewalkers, Massacre, Method, Might And Magic, MMTM, Moose Hunters, Murder Inc, Mystic Firestorm, Ninja Looters, NuFK, Nulli Secundus, Old South, OrganizedChaos, PANDAmonium, Pandoras Other Box, Phoenix Ortus, Professional Slackers, PvP Glory, Renegade Assassins, Riot Pls, Rise from the Ashes, Roffle Waffle, S Ä N C T U Ä R Y, SavingsRus, Serenìty, Shadow Cartel, Shadow Lordz, ShadowFang Banditz, Shadows of Chaos, Shadows of the Horde, Shinigami Warriors, Silks Coming, Soul of a Demon, Souls Of Azeroth, Stewards of Silvermoon, StonecoldSober, Stormraiders Wrath, Subtle Vengence, Suffered Atrocity, taco, Tears of the Enemy, The Dark Knight, The Darkside Hero, The Devils Advocate, The Forgotten Union, The Invincible Alliance, The New WarSong, The Old South, The ones left behind, The Order of Silence, The Presence of War, The RockStars, The SandWitches, The Shiro Tora, The Undying Legion, The Ðemøns, United Marshals, Unspecified Error, Visions Of The Pack, Visions of the Past, Watchers Ten, We Raid In Suits, weeds, Well Informed, Whaletuners, Whaletunes, Wipes On Trash, Worlds Apart, Worlds Destroyers, Worst Guild Ever, Worst Server, Your Friendly Hood Cholo, Z and Z Co, Æsir Knights, Ævèrstìll, Éclipse, Ëmpire, A Big Guy, A O D, Abominations, Absolute Disparity, Acolytes of Tal Rasha, Ahh That Was Scary, All Raids Lead Here, Alliance s Most Wanted, Alter Egos, Alternate Reality, Alternate Society, Animalistic, Anomaly, Ante Mortem, Aphelion, Archangel of Death, Archetype, Arena Stars, Asgard, Ashes of the Phoenix, AV Gaming, Avidity, Awaiting Corgi Overlords, Axiom, Azeroths Knights, Backyard Raiders, Bad Fish, Bad Hombres, Bank of Minarya, bank space ftw, Bankers Guild, best lil guild, Beyond Infinity, bitter old men, BlackWatch Regiment, Blade of Elune, Blood for the Blood God, Blood Lines, Bloodthirsty Roaming Mob, Blâzéñ Demonic Death, Booty Is My Business, Boulderfist Heroes, BulletProof Nerds, Burning Nostalgia, Capital One, Casually Hardcore, Cause Of Death, Chaotic Tendencies, Clairvoyance, Clan Atomic Squirrel, Clan ToSu, Cold Blooded, Commitment, Conjured Muffins, Corporate, Council of Legends, Courage, COVA Best Care Anywhere, Criminally Insane, Crimson Advantage, Crimson Assurance, Crimson Consortium, Crucial, Cult Of Deckard Cain, Cyrenacia, Dark Twilight, DasBahnk, Dasypygal Gentlemen, Dawn, Death By Design, Death By Stapler, Deaths Presence, Defenders Of Demacia, Defiant, Devils Right Hand, Devious Gaming, Diamonds in the Rough, Dreams, DreamWhisper, Drunken Lords, Dynasties Legacy, Dynasty Eternal, Défenseurs de la Mort, EL POLICIA, Elite, Elite Panda Doom Squad, Elitez Reborn, Elysium, Elysiüm, Emerald Dream, Eminence, Equinox, Erasers Of Life, Eternal Damnation, Event Horizon, Ewokalypse Now, Ex Imperiis, Faded, Fairy Tail, Fantastically Worthless, Fated, Fleur De Lis, Flying Burritos, FOOD FOR THOUGHT, Footlong Coney Dog, Fortitude, Friends With Benefits, From Ashes We Rise, Game of Jabrones, GDL Tuesdays, Generäl Goods, Gnome Punting Remorse, GooseBank, Grapes of Roth, Grim Reapers, Grunt Style, Guild Name Here, Gunmetals Guild, H B A, Hamsters of the Piano, HARD, Hard In The Paint, Has Beens, Hashtag Fancy, Hatred, Heavenly Forge, Heavy Hitterz, Henching Incorporated, Heroes of Mana, Heroic Stand, Hiatus, Hidden Agenda, Homeless, Homícídal Tendencíes, Hopes End, HotSnack, House Atredeis, Human Assasins, Hunters of the Slaughter, I I I, I make Gold, I N V I C T U S, Imperium, Imperium Proelium, Impulse, In Gold We Trust, Inevitable Revolution, Into the Darkness, Invidious, Invisible Inc, Ira Deorum, Iron War Raiders, Is Awesome, It Gets Worse, Jungle Style, Just Like Your Mom, Jùdiciùm, Keepin It Real, Kill em all, Knights Creed, Knights of Elune, Knights of Roo, LA RAZA, Legends of the Fallen, Legions Hand, Lethality, Lethargic Gaming, Lex, Lies and Slander, Lifetime Warranty, LK Fanboys, Lollipop Crusaders, Looney Toons, Lords Of Bloodlust, Lords of Karma, Lords of Lothlorien, Lost Cause, Malicious, MassRez Inc, Memento Mori, Mercs for Hire, Micro Champions, Minions of Hell, Mutiny, my housed, My Name is Andrew, mybankstorage, Mystery, Mythical, Nag Nag Nag, Nephilim Legacy, Nerd Herd, Nether Gaming, Nightraven, Nights Of The Light, No Trolls Here, Noble, Nocturnal Chaos, Nostrã Quëndåm, Not a Bank Alt, Oblivion Imperial Guards, Olympus, OneShot, OrangeRaptorGang, Order of Angry Penguins, Order of Night, Orgrimmar Calling, Oroborus, Over Raided, Overboard, Overpowered, Panda Prankstêrs, Pandemonium, Panic, Perdition, Phoenix Inceptum, Praetorians, Predatory Incursion, Premonition, Primal Legion, Primoris, Prism of Life, Project Pandora, Psycho Knights, Questionable intel, QuidProQuo, Radiant Dark, RageQuit, Raised by wolves, Ravenclaw Faction, Reaper Crew, Reprisal, Resistance is Futile, Resting Blade, Retribution of the Light, Revelations, Ring of Oütlaws, Royal Bank Of Flackyou, Saint, Shadow Reavers, Shadows of Chaos, Shadowspawn, Sic Itur Ad Astra, Simple Jesters, Sin Dorei Legion, Skellington, Skul crushers, Slash and cash, Sleepless Knights, Slightly Modified, Slightly warm snack, Sloppy One Shot, Smile, Smoke and Mirrors, Soldarius, Soldiers of Light, SomeoneSetUs UpTheBomb, Sons of Beef, Sons of Plunder, Speaker for the Dead, Sputter's Guild, Squirrel Aidz, Stacked Deck, Stockade Prison Blues, Stoned Assassins, Stormwind Assailants, Straya Kunts, Street Justice Crew, STRUMMERS DRAGOONS, Super Friends, Sword of the Souls, Swords and Spells United, Sworn to be Free, Symphony óf Destruction, Syphaliss Guild, TEAM CANADA, Temerity, Tenacious Defenders, The Art of War, The Ascended, The Brociety, The Council of Eternity, The Crew, THE CRUSADES, The Cut Throats, The Dawng Guard, The Etemal Crusade, The Fallen Crusaders, The Fantastic Five, The Forgotten North, The Forsaken Bank, The Golden Dragon, The Halls of Montezuma, The Headless Horsemen, The Lost Crusaders, The Obsidian Order, The Ones Who Knock, The Ordinators, The Phoenix Syndicate, The Red Wind, The Revived, The Royal Guards, The Tenth, The True Horde, The Undying Purgatory, The Very Serious Raiders, Three Brothers, Time Lords, Tiny Village, Toxic Tranquility, Tribal Fury of Michigan, Trolls of Trade Chat, Trouble Inc, TwitchTv HTOMario, Ultimate Achievement, Unchained, Under oath, Unfinished Business, Unlimited Breadsticks, Unsanctified Legion, Vagrant Corps, Valley Forge Refuge, Valor, Verum Iecit, Voracious Syko Killas, Wake of Chaos, Warcraft Legends, WarPathReBelS, Warsong Raiders, We are Forsaken, We Like Cookies, Western Mass Gaming, Whispers in the Mist, Wildly Inappropriate, Wonderful, Wyrmrest Accord, Ñîtrô Cîrcûs, Utopian, Utopian1, Vagrant Corp, Valdir, Valiant Heroes, Vendetta, Vengence Granted, Venomous Embrace, venomousembrace, Verdict, VeritasTrial, Verrais guild, Vincere Aut Mori, Virtuepersonal, Virtuous Disregard, visions, Visions of the Past, Viñi Vidi Vici, Vrenshrrigan, Wabafet, Walkrboh, Warbound, Warbound, Warbound, Warcraft Legends, Warionory, Wayward Caravan, we chose vindication, we like cookies, we like cookies, We Like Cookies, We Like Cookies, We Like Cookies, We Raid In Suits, Weeno, Well Informed, WEW, When Fat Kids Attack, Whiteboi's WoL, WifeLogs, Winterbourne, Wonderful, Worgen Donors, WOW Protectors, Wrath, Wreckage, Wreckage (Nice's Logs), WTF, WutWutintheButt, Xantu, Xaxas, Xes Logs, xplants, yaelin, yaelin, Yo Pug, You must be JAMMIN, Æsir Knights, Æsir Knights, Éclipse

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