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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Afflicted US-Eonar Alliance 0 45
BABIES US-Velen 0 26
Blood of the Titans US-Eonar Alliance 0 22
Lucidity US-Velen 0 15
Shade of Arrows US-Velen 0 14
Legendary Raiders US-Velen Alliance 0 11
Ring of Destiny US-Velen Horde 0 8
Paradigm Shift US-Velen Alliance 0 6
Tenacity US-Velen Alliance 0 4
Fluid US-Eonar 0 2
Virtute Et Armis US-Eonar 0 2
Crippling Depression US-Velen Alliance 0 2
Reclamation US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Roll For Blame US-Eonar Horde 0 1
Velocity US-Eonar 0 1
Vigilance US-Velen Alliance 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Second Attempt US-Eonar Alliance 0 1067
Ring of Destiny US-Velen Horde 0 308
Remnant US-Velen Alliance 0 233
Side Project US-Eonar Horde 0 225
Last Dirty Nickel US-Eonar Alliance 0 184
DoT - Eonar None Alliance 0 149
Beeroism US-Eonar Alliance 0 119
Kualija US-Velen Horde 0 111
Notoriety US-Eonar Alliance 0 102
Knights of Disorder US-Velen Alliance 0 99
Tenacity US-Velen Alliance 0 97
Abihail - Outllandish US-Velen Alliance 0 92
Sutekh Orbitas US-Eonar Horde 0 87
Ambassadors of Hyrule US-Eonar Alliance 0 66
Leyl's Parses None Horde 0 66
zzz US-Eonar Alliance 0 64
Addicted US-Eonar Alliance 0 60
Infallible US-Eonar Alliance 0 55
Blacklisted US-Velen Alliance 0 49
Stonecutters None Alliance 0 48
The Gods of Eonar US-Eonar Alliance 0 43
The Grey Wardens US-Eonar Alliance 0 43
Harbinger T2 US-Velen Alliance 0 42
Swift Justice US-Velen Alliance 0 39
Stand in fire DPS Higher US-Eonar Alliance 0 37
Guild of Le Polar US-Velen Horde 0 35
Wait Listed US-Eonar Alliance 0 35
Reprise US-Velen Alliance 0 34
Computus Demum US-Eonar Horde 0 29 US-Velen Horde 0 29
Shade of Arrows US-Velen Horde 0 23
Legendary Raiders US-Velen Alliance 0 21
Muteki US-Eonar Horde 0 21
CaReBeaR CluB US-Velen Horde 0 17
Johnny has Jaundice US-Eonar Alliance 0 16
Outlandish US-Velen Alliance 0 16
Thenightswatch US-Eonar Horde 0 16
Wipe it Up US-Velen Alliance 0 16
Velocity US-Eonar Alliance 0 15
Veritas US-Velen Horde 0 15
Ascension US-Eonar Horde 0 12
Rexys US-Eonar Horde 0 12
iaminsane US-Eonar Alliance 0 11
Veritas US-Velen Horde 0 11
Climax US-Velen Alliance 0 10
Perpetual US-Eonar Alliance 0 9
Mail Order Raiders None Horde 0 8
Albino Snake US-Eonar Alliance 0 7
Casualraid US-Eonar Alliance 0 7
Clairvoyance US-Velen Alliance 0 7
Fast Action Guys US-Velen Alliance 0 7
Fear's Logs and Junk US-Eonar Alliance 0 7
BoH US-Eonar Alliance 0 6
Deviation US-Eonar Horde 0 6
Eonar Pug Groups US-Eonar Alliance 0 6
Flasks For Trash US-Eonar Alliance 0 6
Fusion US-Eonar Alliance 0 6
HP US-Eonar Alliance 0 6
Rock US-Velen Horde 0 6
TDB US-Velen Horde 0 6
Complexity US-Eonar Alliance 0 5
Halcyon US-Velen Alliance 0 5
Suppression US-Eonar Alliance 0 5
Walk It Off US-Eonar Alliance 0 5
Ano Logs US-Velen Horde 0 4
Circle of Power US-Eonar Alliance 0 4
Darklords US-Eonar Alliance 0 4
Legendary Soul Hunters US-Velen Alliance 0 4
Live Die Rez Repeat US-Velen Alliance 0 4
Pabloslogs US-Velen Alliance 0 4
Tenacity US-Velen Alliance 0 4
That Hunting Feeling US-Eonar Horde 0 4
We Love Frozzy US-Eonar Alliance 0 4
Afflicted US-Eonar Alliance 0 3
Galida US-Eonar Alliance 0 3
Koreans are GODLIKE US-Eonar Alliance 0 3
kozzo US-Eonar Alliance 0 3
Semper Fii None Alliance 0 3
TDB2 US-Velen Horde 0 3
The Awakened US-Velen Horde 0 3
Altlandish US-Velen Alliance 0 2
Altoholics US-Velen Alliance 0 2
Beat Down Kingz US-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Charisma US-Velen Alliance 0 2
Charisma US-Velen Alliance 0 2
FakeGuild US-Velen Horde 0 2
Fallen Aurora US-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Gods of War US-Eonar Horde 0 2
Hope US-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Infernal machine US-Eonar Horde 0 2
Invervention US-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Kelsaik's Nest US-Eonar Horde 0 2
Lucidity US-Velen Alliance 0 2
Remnant US-Velen Alliance 0 2
Revolutionary US-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Rinse and Repeat US-Eonar Alliance 0 2
ruffwartest US-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Sic Transit Gloria US-Eonar Horde 0 2
The Eternal Order US-Eonar Alliance 0 2
Veritas 2 US-Velen Alliance 0 2
Vigilance US-Velen Alliance 0 2
A Twisted Rebellion US-Velen Horde 0 1
Animus US-Velen Horde 0 1
Aoewin's Logs US-Velen Horde 0 1
App US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Arcane Dealers US-Eonar Horde 0 1
Ascendence US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Awakened US-Velen Horde 0 1
Blood of the Titans US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
CD Alt US-Eonar Horde 0 1
Chaos Brewers US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Council of War US-Eonar Horde 0 1
Dedikated US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
DKP Minus US-Eonar Horde 0 1
Final Element US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Garrod None Horde 0 1
Gods of Eonar US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Halcyon US-Velen Alliance 0 1
Has Bad Intentions US-Eonar Horde 0 1
Herald of Zakarum US-Velen Horde 0 1
Infumous US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
My own guild US-Velen Alliance 0 1
Pax Invictus US-Velen Alliance 0 1
Rawry's logs US-Velen Horde 0 1
Reckless US-Velen Alliance 0 1
Second Attempt US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
She Looked Lvl Eighteen US-Eonar Horde 0 1
Snacks US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Systemic US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Team Jdog US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Techno Jeep US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
The Awakened US-Velen Horde 0 1
The Dark Descent US-Eonar Horde 0 1
The First Fleet US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Theclas Guild US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
TNWO US-Velen Alliance 0 1
Top Shelf US-Eonar Alliance 0 1
Valarauca's Logs US-Velen Horde 0 1
Warradins Logs US-Eonar Horde 0 1
We Can See Russia Too US-Velen Alliance 0 1
A Twisted Rebellion None Horde 0 0
Addicted None Alliance 0 0
Aglogs None Alliance 0 0
Air Apparent None Alliance 0 0
Alias None Alliance 0 0
AliStarzza-Velen logs None Horde 0 0
Alkidas None Horde 0 0
Anomage Logs None Horde 0 0
Anx None Horde 0 0
asaer US-Velen Alliance 0 0
ascension None Horde 0 0
Awesome None Horde 0 0
Axiom_Logs None Alliance 0 0
Babnevink None Alliance 0 0
Beerspec None Horde 0 0
Best In Slot - Eonar None Alliance 0 0
blah None Alliance 0 0
bored hpal None Horde 0 0
Buljlog None Horde 0 0
cbcoff None Horde 0 0
Celestial Equinox1 None Alliance 0 0
Championsof the Dawn of Eonar None Alliance 0 0
Coheezy Logs None Horde 0 0
Cohesiac None Horde 0 0
Con@TDB None Horde 0 0
Couples Therapy None Horde 0 0
Cyllaz None Horde 0 0
D I R T Y US-Velen Horde 0 0
Dark Resolution None Alliance 0 0
darkfall None Alliance 0 0
Defíance None Alliance 0 0
Drarcane Logs None Alliance 0 0
Dreadnaught None Alliance 0 0
Duf's None Horde 0 0
ENVY None Alliance 0 0
Eonar pug None Horde 0 0
Eternity None Horde 0 0
Ethreal None Horde 0 0
Exiles None Alliance 0 0
Fail Train None Horde 0 0
Fallen Aurora None Alliance 0 0
Forged by Fire None Alliance 0 0
Fractal None Horde 0 0
Fury of Hellscream None Horde 0 0
Fusion None Alliance 0 0
GGD None Horde 0 0
Ghost Run None Alliance 0 0
Goat's Reports None Horde 0 0
Got Rice None Alliance 0 0
grand prix None Alliance 0 0
Group Two None Alliance 0 0
guildofme None Horde 0 0
harbinger None Alliance 0 0
Harbinger None Alliance 0 0
Harbinger US-Velen Alliance 0 0
Harbinger None Alliance 0 0
Harbinger None Alliance 0 0
Hero Material None Alliance 0 0
Hiyori None Alliance 0 0
Infinity None Alliance 0 0
Innominatus None Horde 0 0
Internet Dragonslayers None Horde 0 0
Iron Council None Alliance 0 0
JehirenParses None Alliance 0 0
JehirenPugParses None Alliance 0 0
Karma None Alliance 0 0
Laser's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Legendary None Alliance 0 0
Legendary Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Legendary Raiders US-Velen Alliance 0 0
Legion of Blood None Alliance 0 0
lexilogsss None Horde 0 0
LFR NOOB None Alliance 0 0
Logi Cziki US-Velen Horde 0 0
Lyon's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Maelstrom Legion US-Velen Alliance 0 0
Makabas World None Alliance 0 0
Manus US-Eonar Alliance 0 0
Mekells LFR Guild None Alliance 0 0
Melkiah's log None Alliance 0 0
metalocalypse None Horde 0 0
Minute of Decay None Horde 0 0
Mithral Hall None Alliance 0 0
MMXIII US-Velen Alliance 0 0
moleskinegaming None Alliance 0 0
Monolith None Horde 0 0
Mossop None Alliance 0 0
Motograterlogs None Alliance 0 0
Muteki/NoLimits logs None Horde 0 0
My own Damage None Alliance 0 0
Nelwood Crime Syndicate None Horde 0 0
Nightwing None Horde 0 0
No_lifers None Horde 0 0
Nym's Logs None Horde 0 0
Ohm Is Futile None Alliance 0 0
Orphans of Wow None Alliance 0 0
Pax Invictus None Alliance 0 0
pendulum None Alliance 0 0
Planet None Alliance 0 0
Pumkin Spice None Alliance 0 0
Pwn Stars backup None Alliance 0 0
Raiders of Destiny None Horde 0 0
Raiders of Destiny None Horde 0 0
Reality Ripple None Horde 0 0
Reckless Logs None Alliance 0 0
Relinquish None Alliance 0 0
Reprise None Alliance 0 0
Ricked Log None Alliance 0 0
Rido's Guild None Alliance 0 0
rilaani-personal None Alliance 0 0
Rising None Alliance 0 0
SacLogs None Horde 0 0
Sacrifice None Horde 0 0
Sacrifice None Horde 0 0
Savedya Logs None Horde 0 0
Secundo Aurelianus None Alliance 0 0
Shade of Arrows - Team Baine None Horde 0 0
Shadow of the Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Shameless None Horde 0 0
Showtek Practice raids None Alliance 0 0
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum None Horde 0 0
Side Project None Horde 0 0
SkyneedlesVelenLFR None Alliance 0 0
Sloner None Alliance 0 0
Solitary None Alliance 0 0
Solufka krul None Alliance 0 0
Suicidal Tendencies None Alliance 0 0
Synthesis None Alliance 0 0
TecnoBrat's Rule None Alliance 0 0
Tenacity None Alliance 0 0
Testing Upload None Alliance 0 0
The Betty Horde Clinic None Horde 0 0
The Betty Horde Clinic None Horde 0 0
The Dark Descent None Horde 0 0
The First Fleet US-Eonar Alliance 0 0
The Forsaken Heros None Alliance 0 0
The Mage Channel ft. Superior Shamans None Alliance 0 0
The Storm None Alliance 0 0
THE Storm None Alliance 0 0
Three Day Ban None Horde 0 0
tidelogs None Horde 0 0
Timeless Yet Elegant None Horde 0 0
Too Pretty to Die/Nez None Alliance 0 0
Trail of tears None Alliance 0 0
Trampled By Turtles None Alliance 0 0
Treezy None Horde 0 0
TwistedFate None Horde 0 0
Vae Victus None Alliance 0 0
Veritas None Horde 0 0
Warriors of Avalon None Horde 0 0
Whats in the Box None Horde 0 0
Whodamage None Horde 0 0
Wicked Dynasty None Horde 0 0
willowbush's guild None Alliance 0 0
Wipe it Up 3 None Alliance 0 0
WoWanon None Alliance 0 0
Zeg's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Immortal Dreams , 3Day Ban, , A Series of Tubes, aa!! 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Shadow Stalkers, The Storm, The Uncrowned, this is a test, This is for the Crossroads, this IS my job, Thisisafakeguild, Thralls Disciples, Throes of Perdition, Thund Test, Tilan Personal, Timeless Yet Elegant, Timestopper, titans, Titanscount, Toludin, Too Pretty To Die, Top Men, Total Annhilation, Touched by a Priest, Toxic, Toxic, Trail of Fire, Trampled By Turtles, Trampled By Turtles, Trash Spec, Trash Spec, treyv, Trial by Fire, Trial By Fire, Trial By Fire, Trial By Fire, Trial By Fire, Trial By Fire, Trikolas/Shambamtymam Logs, Trilogy, Trip-Velen, True Friends, True Friends, True Seekers, Tøtal Annihilatiøn, Tøtal Annihilatiøn, Uemats, Ulduar, Unforgiven Exiles, Unity2, Unlimited, Unlimited, Unlimited, Unrivaled Dominion, Unyielding, A Twisted Rebellion, Addicted, Advocates of Warfare, Alka Hall IX, Alliance Misfits, Altered Mental Status, Ambassadors of Hyrule, Arcane Asylum, Armed Insurrection, Ascendence, Ascension, AshaMan, Aspects, Asphyxia, Avidity, Bad Linguistics, Bad Touch, Bank Ultz, Beeroism, Better When Drunk, Big Damage, Blades of No Remorse, Blades of Vengeance, BloodBath, Bloodletting, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Brute Force, Built Horde Tough, Buncha Krunch, CaLM Before the Storm, Champions of the Dawn, Chantry House Tremere, COMA, Committed, Complexity, Computus Demum, Converge, Cult of the Tentacle, Cynosure, Dark Reign, Darklords, Darkstalkers, Deadly Impact, deathsbank, Defenders of Serenity, Defíance, Degeneration H, Demented Souls, Demon Foxes, Depraved Gods, Deus Vox, Deviance, Devour, Diaspora, Dirty Epic, DKP Plus, Dreadlord Empire, Edge of Aggression, Eminence, Everybody Dies, evollove, Evolved, Exo, Extravagance, Famous, Fates Requiem, FatesRequiem, Fatguild, Felon, Ferocity, Filthy Bloodline, Final Chapter, Final Heaven, FIRE IN THE HOLE, First Attempt, Fists of Might, FLAMES OF THE PHOENIX, For the Herd, Forged by Fire, Forsaken Haven, Frostwolf Puppies, Frosty Mugs, Funky Munkies, Funyuns and Fugees, Ghost Run, Gnomebusters, Gods Of War, Good Vibrations, Gorilla Secks, Green Hoods, Group Three Man Train, Group Two, Guild Killers, Guild of Guilds, Guilty by Association, Has Bad Intentions, Hazzard, Heirs of the Ancients, Heros Of The Alliance, Hiit it And Criit it, Hordies R Us, Hoser Voodoo, Ignition, Iliad, INCARCERATED RAGE, Infected, Inseparable, Insidious, Instinct, Integrity, Internet Dragon Pluggers, Internet Dragonslayers, is a Magician, Its A Flesh Wound, JPPandaChase, Kalpupbank, Karma, Kentucky Head Hunters, Knights of the Horde, La Treizième Légion, Legendary, Legendary Blazers, Legendary Raiders, Legion of Blood, lellow and green, LessQQMorePewPewKthxBAII, Light of the Dawnbringer, Liquid Reality, Little Pink Pwnies, Login, Lords of Doom, Lupanaria Incúrrimus, Mail Order Raiders, mass menices, Mithral Hall, Morrigans Legion, Muffins N Such, Muteki, N A S D A Q, N A T I O N, N URBASE BEIN A HORDES, Nefarious Interlopers, No Child Survives, Nocturnal, Noob Army, Notoriety, nublets, Odyssey, Old Herbs, Olympians of Azeroth, One of a Kind, Order of Eternal Shadows, Order of Holy Light, Order vs Chaos, OverActive, Para Bellum, Parental Advisory, Pendulum, Periphery, Perpetual, Pirate Kittens, Plays Pong Irl, Power Word: Shnerious, Project Mayhem, Psychedelic, Psykøtic Ðestiny, Pura Vida, Radical Dreamers, Ravenous, Rawr, Rebirth, Red Cell, Remorse, Repressed Rage, Resilient, Resistance, Rising Insanity, Ruby Slippers, Sacrifice, Santas Bank, Second Attempt, Secure Hold, SelfDefending Networkers, Seven Keys of Fintoozler, Severed Legion, Shadow of the Phoenix, Shadows of the Horde, Shes my epic mount, Shinibana, Shut Up and Raid, Sick Thoughts, Side Project, Silent Assassin Squad, Silent Shadows, Soldiers of Azeroth, Sorrow, Space Jam, Sublime, Super Bad, Super Friends Guild, Suppression, Sutekh Orbitas, Sweet Vigilantes, Synergy, Systemic, Tasteless, Team Badass, Team Doodle, Templars, Tenacity, The Bloodbanes, The Circle of Power, The Crazy Crew, The Dark Descent, The Dark Taurens, The Divine Order, The Enlightened, The Eternal Knights, The Evil League Of Evil, The First Fleet, The Foot Clan, The Forgotten Lost Souls, The Gods Of Eonar, The Golden Coin, The Hordes Undoing, The Innmates, The Lost Ones, The Pride, The Shadow Tribunal, The Sons of Horus, Too Pretty to Die, Top Shelf, Tortured Souls, Trilogy, Tøtem, Unholy Lords of Light, Unity, Vae Victus, Valhalla, Vandelay Industries, Vapor, Veni Vidi Vici, Vini Vidi Vici, Wages of Sins, Walk It Off, War Reaver Clan, Way of the Sword, When Fat Kids Attack, Whispering Eye, Wicked Brew, WoWanon, Wrath of the Fallen, XTREAM ELEMENTS, A new dawning, Act of Aggression, All For One, ancestors of horde, Angels of Ðeath, Animus, Architectualists, Attention Deficit, Awakened, Bank of Seichou, Banksy, BatteryPoweredBestFriend, Bear Necessities, Bikers of Azeroth, Blacklisted, Branded Renagades, Brigade, Brother Hood of Shadows, CaReBeaR CluB, Change It Up, Chaotic, Charisma, Chasing Purple, Chosen, Cool Story Bro, Crimson Lotus, Cruor Angelus, Cry Moar Chad, Damnation, Dance of Death, Darks Bank, Death Incorprated, Delusions of Grandeur, Derp Squad, Destruction, Dragons Call, Dragons End, E M P I R E, E M P I R E x, East Coast Raiders, Eden Aurorae, Edge of Eternity, el Banco de México, Epic Drops, Epically Inclined, Eternal Suns, Eventual Heroes, Fallen Star, First Regiment, Forbidden Knights, Furious Angels, Girl Belfs Rule, Gods Of War, Greek Influence, Gruesome Twosome, Guild Bank, Halcyon, Harbinger, Harmless Destiny, Honor Bound, Horde Defenders, Horde Shank Redemption, Horde till the Death, Hordes of Chaos, House of the Raven, Hydra, IGotMog, Im A BiG KiD Now, Immortal Dreams, Infected MushrooM, Iron Defiance, Knights of the Crusade, Knights of Vengence, Knights who say Nee, Last Attempt, League of Champions, Legendary Soul Hunters, Legendarÿ, Legends Of Outlands, Legions Legacy, Less Then Perfect, libertas vel letum, Limitless, Lin Kuei, Livid, Loot plunder and booty, Lunacy, Maelstrom Legion, Mass Destruction, Meow Mix, midnight hordes, Miller Lite, MMXIIl, MoNsTaS, Narfle The Garthok, Nelwood Crime Syndicate, Nelwood Reborn, New Beginning, Newone, No Girls Allowed, No Room, Noodle House, Old Farts, Oops Were You Questing, Operation Jerbil, Order of Destruction, Order of Flame, Order of Malice, Outlandish, Oxhorn Fans FTW, Pax Invictus, PET CEMETARY, Petrichor, Pink Elephants on Parade, Prophecy, Psych Ward, PvP Inc, Raiders of Destiny, Rebellious Crew, Reckless, Reckless Assault, recklessness, Reflection, Rekt, Remnant, Reprise, Revenant Knights, Riveting Tale Chap, Robot Unicorn Attack, Ruthless Destruction, Ráiders Of Velen, Rèpörtéd, Savages, Scientifically Proven, Sempiternal, Sensual Seduction, Servants of Marinol, Setting Sail for Fail, Seventh Legion, Shattered Souls, Skittles, Smorf, SO GAI IRL OMG FASHION, Somos Pocos, Soul, Spaceball One, Spaceballs The Guild, Spací Draci, Starbucks, Suicidal Tendencies, Surgical Strike, Swift Justice, Synthesis, Team Rocket, Temporary Insanity, Terrorscream Clan, Tha gaol agam ort, The Alliance University, The Awakened, The Brother Hood, The Decline, The Fighting Mongooses, The Gank Squad, The Hourglass Regiment, The Legendãry Heroes, THE NEW WORLD ORDER, The Nights Watch, The Omega Contingency, The OxyMorons, ThE pEaCeFuL cApEs, The Peoples Kights, Third Eye, Three Day Ban, Veritas, Violencia, vs The World, We Are Legion, Why You Heff to be Mad, wildbunch, Wipe it Up, World Wide, Zeitgeist, ßlëëÐiÑg WâRsøÑg, USDA Battle Cattle, USDA Cattle Battle, Varuth, Velen, VellanaaRanksOnEverything., Venarn's Guild, Veritas, Veterans of Azeroth, Vigil, Vim, Vindicate, Virtuosity, Virtuosity, Virtuosity, Virtute et Armis, vox virtus, Wait Listed, Wait Listed, War Front, warriors of avalon, Warriors of Avalon, We Violated TOS, We Violated TOS, We Violated ToS (FuG It!), WE VIOLATED TOS(FUG IT), When Squirrels Attack, Whipped Logs, Wicked Brew, Wingz, Wipe it Up 2, WoW No Fear, WoWanon, Wraith, Xaeden, You Must Be This Tall, Zarjarbarkarhargarr, Zav's Logs, Zeitgeist, Zeitgeist, Zeldan's Logs, zero trees, Zsx, Zugor's test, ~From Ashes~, ßußßlë WrappËÐ, ÓMallys Crew

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