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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
NeenerNeener US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 348
Avalon US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 319
Ether US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 126
Soldiers of the Cross US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 98
Dying Breed US-Undermine Alliance 0 86
MiscAnalysis2 US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 77
Bregan Daerthe US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 74
Thunrandor US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 38
On Cooldown US-Undermine Alliance 0 36
Relentless US-Undermine Horde 0 23
Avalon US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 21
Strafe US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 19
Voracity US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 18
Anethema US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 16
Perpetual Captivity US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 16
Hunters Wipe Groups US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 15
Meowthy US-Undermine Horde 0 15
FeralTron US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 14
French Showers US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 13
Mystic Lawn Gnomes - Team 2 US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 12
Luminiferous Æther None Alliance 0 10
Mystic Lawn Gnomes US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 10
Spaceballs: The Raid Team None Alliance 0 10
Emergence US-Undermine Horde 0 9
Hec US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 9
Mystic Lawn Gnomes US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 9
Scranton US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 9
Stacking the Epeen US-Undermine Horde 0 9
Akris Logs US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 8
Mystic Rebels US-Undermine Alliance 0 8
Ontogeny US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 8
Rise of the Fallen US-Undermine Alliance 0 8
The Metalocalypse US-Undermine Horde 0 8
AA US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 6
Korasi US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 6
Retards R Us US-Undermine Horde 0 6
Aberrant None Horde 0 5
AfricanAmericanWingLair US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 5
fists of rage US-Undermine Alliance 0 5
Old Lady Drivers US-Undermine Horde 0 5
Rememberance US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 5
Ambient US-Anvilmar Horde 0 4
Depravity US-Undermine Alliance 0 4
Divination Red Team US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 4
EassanLoggers US-Undermine Alliance 0 4
FoR US-Undermine Alliance 0 4
Gallifrey US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 4
Horde Outrunners US-Anvilmar Horde 0 4
Lagging My Azeroth US-Undermine Horde 0 4
Mind Your Manas US-Undermine Alliance 0 4
Reverb US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 4
Availed US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 3
Bottomfeeders US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 3
Hand Picked US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 3
Jaden the great US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 3
Keppler US-Undermine Alliance 0 3
Knights of Destiny US-Undermine Alliance 0 3
Legends US-Undermine Alliance 0 3
Ljay's logs US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 3
loxster US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 3
MonkeyHammer US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 3
Sawtooth Mtn Mongrels US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 3
The Order of Diligence US-Undermine Alliance 0 3
Too Many Toons US-Undermine Alliance 0 3
Availed US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 2
Divination - Purple US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 2
Heavens Elite Council US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 2
Lux Æterna US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 2
Lux Æterna US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 2
Madness US-Undermine Horde 0 2
Pantheon US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 2
Raiders for Hire US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 2
Sword of Azeroth US-Undermine Alliance 0 2
The Laughing Iguanas US-Undermine Horde 0 2
TheEarthShaper US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 2
Tried and True US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 2
Addiction None Alliance 0 1
Aths US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
Divination - Silver Team US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
Duelynoted US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
French Showers US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
HARD CORPS US-Undermine Horde 0 1
Inferno Revived US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
Lawl US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
Logs US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
Nerglish US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
Porked US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
Primalsrun US-Undermine Alliance 0 1
Protectors of the light US-Undermine Alliance 0 1
Protectors of the Light US-Undermine Alliance 0 1
Reforged US-Undermine Horde 0 1
Remembrance US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
Reverb US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
Rusted US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
The Ehh Team US-Undermine Alliance 0 1
TricKerY US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
Tysolan's Logs US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 1
Affinity None Horde 0 0
Alter Egos None Alliance 0 0
Angel None Alliance 0 0
Anna's None Horde 0 0
Anun's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Aprelude's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Ariss' logs None Alliance 0 0
ArthyrLog None Alliance 0 0
aseroki alliance None Alliance 0 0
Asmodejj None Alliance 0 0
Availed None Alliance 0 0
Avalon None Alliance 0 0
Battle Parrot Society None Alliance 0 0
BattleDachsunds None Alliance 0 0
Benelogs None Horde 0 0
Big Money None Horde 0 0
Birdy None Alliance 0 0
Blue None Alliance 0 0
Carltonbanks None Alliance 0 0
Colheads guild None Alliance 0 0
Companions of Honor None Alliance 0 0
Core None Horde 0 0
Corrupt None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Blood None Alliance 0 0
Critchicken None Horde 0 0
dark sin None Alliance 0 0
Divi Violet None Alliance 0 0
Divination Black Team None Alliance 0 0
Divination Blue Team None Alliance 0 0
Divination Green Team None Alliance 0 0
Dragons Desire None Alliance 0 0
Elite Outlaws None Alliance 0 0
Emergence None Horde 0 0
Ether Alts None Alliance 0 0
Euthanasia None Horde 0 0
Executioners None Alliance 0 0
Executioners/PrimalOriginal None Alliance 0 0
FaelynMage None Alliance 0 0
Falafelz None Alliance 0 0
For Science None Alliance 0 0
Forgotten None Alliance 0 0
GC Alts/Flex/Cheese None Horde 0 0
Get Carried! None Alliance 0 0
Ghasper None Alliance 0 0
Guild Breakers None Alliance 0 0
Heals for Seals None Alliance 0 0
HellsPantyRaiders None Alliance 0 0
HellsPantyRaiders None Alliance 0 0
Hidden Destruction None Alliance 0 0
HP None Alliance 0 0
IA-MC None Alliance 0 0
iambattlelogs None Alliance 0 0
Invictus None Alliance 0 0
Iron Alliance None Alliance 0 0
IRonsaint None Alliance 0 0
Jazzy's Made up guild None Horde 0 0
Kaid is Better Than Yoink None Horde 0 0
Kickassness Logs None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Wrath None Alliance 0 0
laidbackraid None Alliance 0 0
Legion of the Dragon None Alliance 0 0
lemonguild None Alliance 0 0
Lilgreg Revive None Horde 0 0
Lodern None Alliance 0 0
Maxtoma None Alliance 0 0
Mediocre at Best None Horde 0 0
Members Only None Alliance 0 0
MF10 None Alliance 0 0
Miseria Cantare None Horde 0 0
missdirected None Horde 0 0
MLG-1 None Alliance 0 0
Monsoon None Horde 0 0
monsters None Alliance 0 0
Morrinez None Alliance 0 0
Mostly Harmless None Alliance 0 0
mystic lawn gnomess None Alliance 0 0
myung None Horde 0 0
Nevermore None Alliance 0 0
Nicel None Alliance 0 0
Nightfall None Alliance 0 0
O Gnoll U Didnt None Alliance 0 0
Old Timers Guild None Alliance 0 0
One Knight Stand None Alliance 0 0
OTG - RHS US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 0
OTG-RN None Alliance 0 0
plowtown None Alliance 0 0
Private None Horde 0 0
Pyro's Logs None Alliance 0 0
R shack squad None Alliance 0 0
Ragingclue and Wednesday None Alliance 0 0
Rampage None Horde 0 0
Ravage None Alliance 0 0
Realpower None Alliance 0 0
Red Headed Stepchildren None Alliance 0 0
Reforged None Horde 0 0
Remembrance None Alliance 0 0
Reverb Nama's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Revive None Horde 0 0
Revive None Horde 0 0
Riders of the Horde None Horde 0 0
Rise of the Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Rixas Logs None Alliance 0 0
Rongel's stats None Alliance 0 0
Roshambo None Alliance 0 0
Roshambo2 None Alliance 0 0
Sanitarium None Horde 0 0
Scranton None Alliance 0 0
Sec's Logs None Alliance 0 0
ShakenBake None Horde 0 0
Silent Partners None Alliance 0 0
South of Heaven None Alliance 0 0
South of Heaven None Alliance 0 0
spark None Alliance 0 0
SRS FASE None Horde 0 0
Stoic None Alliance 0 0
Syners - Testing None Alliance 0 0
Team Silver None Alliance 0 0
That one name you want None Alliance 0 0
The Brokerage None Alliance 0 0
The Darths None Horde 0 0
The Devil Made Me Do It None Alliance 0 0
The Faction None Alliance 0 0
The Faction None Alliance 0 0
The Holy Crusade US-Undermine Alliance 0 0
The Laughing Iguanas None Horde 0 0
The Metalocalypse - Thejfk None Horde 0 0
The Old Timers Guild 2 None Alliance 0 0
The REAL Get Carried None Horde 0 0
The Rebellion None Horde 0 0
the sweetest things None Alliance 0 0
TheBeeSharps US-Anvilmar Horde 0 0
This and That None Horde 0 0
Throbb None Alliance 0 0
Try Again None Horde 0 0
TurtleLand None Horde 0 0
Unfun's Logs of Other People Wanting To See Things None Alliance 0 0
Uplift Personal Log None Alliance 0 0
Valhalla None Alliance 0 0
vidas None Horde 0 0
vifoxe None Horde 0 0
Vindicators None Alliance 0 0
Vintage None Alliance 0 0
We Suck None Horde 0 0
Zebab None Alliance 0 0
Zytgyst US-Anvilmar Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Absolute Chaos, Abyss, Abyss, Abyss, Abyss, Abyss B, Addiction, Aeternus Dei, AfricanAmericanWingLair, AfricanAmericanWingLair, Afterlife, Alliance Guardians, Alliance Warriors, Alliance Warriors, Alliance Warriors A, Alliance Warriors B, Alter Egos, Alter Egos, Alter Egos, Altered, Amalgamation, ambience, AMG, Anaesthetiic, Anatest, anger management, Anger Management, Another Late Night, Anvilmar PUGs, Apeture, Apocalypse, Apocalyptic, Apocolypse Dawn, Ariss' Logs, Armada, Ascendancy, Asgard, Asylum, Asylum, Aths logs., Availed LWR, Availed LWR, Beginners Luck, Benediction, Better Off Dead, Better Off Dead, Better Off Dead, Better Off Dead, Better Than You, bigbadaboom, Blackened Raiders, Blade and Soul, blame the heals, Blame the heals, Blame the Heals, Blasphemous Rumours, Bockrocker, Bogdalf's parse, Bottomfeeders, Bourbonshot, Bregan Daerthe, Bregan's Heroes, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Brotorious, Bustedstein, C H A O S, C H A O S, C H A O S, Caesura, Cain's Logs, Cake or Death, Calyra@Anvilmar, CAPSISBROKENLOL, Cardanadias group., care bear killers, Carltonbanks, Carltonbanks, Catalyst, Catastroflea, Chickens, Coalition, cold, Cold day in hell, Collateral Damage, Companions of Honor, Complete Disregard, COOKIES, Core, Core, Covenant, Cruel, Crush, Crush, D&Lis, Dakkus, damage, Damage, Damage, Darck, dark empire, Dark Souls, Darks House, datguild, Dave's Guild, Deathpafer, Defenseurs de l Alliance, Defiance, Defiance, Delirious, Depravity, Depth Perception, Dethandraslogs, Died like a Slag, Dimensionsal Wolves, Disconnected, Disenchanted, Divi Violet, Divination, Divination - Blue Team, Divination - Cloaks Records, Divination - Late Team, Divination - Pink, Divination - Platinum, Divination - Silver , Divination 10, Divination Blue Team, Divination Green Team, Divination Green Team II, Divination Pink Team, Divination Pink Team, Divination- Black Team, Divination- Blue Team by Slizzy, Divine Crusaders, DM - Undermine, Doctór, DPS go where?, Dragons, Dragons desire, Dread Pirates, Dream Team, Dream Team Alts, Drunken Lullabies, DunderMifflin, Dying Breed, EE, Elite Outlaws, Endurance, Envious, Euthanasia, Evermore, EverreyGuild, Evil Empire, Evil Empire, Excelsior, executioners, Executioners, Executioners, Ezepug, Fake, fdsfds, Fellowship, FeralTron Too, Final Stand, Final Stand Team 2, Final Stand Team 2, Final Stand Team 2, Fists of Rage, Flokii, For Perfection, Forever Melon, Forgotten Heirs, Forgotten Soldiers, Free Agent, Free Agent, french showers, Friends With Benefits, From the Ashes, From The Ashes, Garetsfight, Get Bent, Get Bent, Get Carried, Get Carried, Get Carried, Get Carried, Get Carried, Get Carried, Get Carried, Get Carried - Bthelight, GhostloreWMO, GhostParse, Ginnervee's Reports, GlorfinAlts, Gnomish mafiá, Gods Of Thunder, Good Times, Grand Fenwick, Ground Zëro, Gun Metal Grace, Gun Metal Grace, Haha lol, Hand Picked, Hand Picked, harmagedon, Harmagedon, Heartless, Heavens Elite Council, Hellbender, Hellbenderz, Hells panty raiders, Hellsing Organization, Hexed, HeXeD, HeXeD, Hidden Destruction, Hidden Destruction, Hidden Destruction, High Guard, Holistic, Hordês HellKnights, HPR Phoenix - Group 3, HPR Phoenix- Group2, Hïddên Dêstructïon, idk i just bank, Immortals, Impluse, In Shallow Seas We Sail, Incantation of Blasphemy , Inestils Bargain, Inestils Bargain, Inferno Revived, Infinite, Iniquitous, Inner Demons, Inner Sanctum, Insane Asylum, Instinct, Internet Predatorz, Inverted, It Hapened, It's A Guild, Jaytown, Jenl, Journey's End, Journeys End, Just need logs, Karmas Retribution, karu, Keljin, kgobeli, Kirs Guild, Knights of Stormwind, Knights of Vengeance, KnightsOfTheNight, Kym, Kórr, l2dpsnoob, Lagging, Lagging My Azeroth, Lament, lanaleia, Last Attempt, Last Attempt, Last Attempt, Last Attempt, Late Knights, Late Knights, Legacy of Chaos, Legends, Legends, Legends (Legendaire), Legends - OST, Legends 25 Man, Legends Instinct, Legends Riftibad, Legion of Conquest, Legion of The Axe, Legion of the Dragon, Legion of the Dragon, Legitimate Buisnessmen, Legitimate businessmen, Legitimate Businessmen, Likes to Raid Dungeons, Lildex logs, Lilpoofey, Lily, Limitless, LIP STICK, lizard kings, LockesGuildofMe, Logging for a living, Logsx, Love Hate Heroes, Luna, Lunar Circle, Lux Æterna, Lux Æterna, Lux Æterna, Lux Æterna, LWRAv, Maelstrom's Fury, Maelstroms Fury, Magnitudo, Magnitudo, Mass Hysteria, Mass Hysteria, MAW MOW, MayAlts, me, ME+U=US, Members Only, Members Only, Members Only, Mens Rea, Mente Tagliente, Meow Mix Gang, Metaswitch, Midnight Madness, Midwinter, mikes logs, Militia of shattered hope, Milk and Cookies, misc adon, MiscAnalysis, Miscellaneous, Misère, MLG, MLG-2, Mords Guild, Morning Sun, Mortal Manics, Mostly Harmless, Mostly Harmless, Murphys Law, Mutiny, Mutiny, My Asylum, my guild, My House, my little pwnys, Mychit, myguild, myownguild, mystery, natures fury, natures fury, Neglish, Nerf Package, Nevermore, Nevermore, Night Shift, Night Shift, nightsofthenight, Nightwatch, NightWatch, NightWatch, Niveus Pilosus Gallus, NO DRAMA, No mercy, No mercy, No Mercy, No Mercy, No Mercy - Undermine, No mercy undermine, No Mercy!, No Merxy, No More Heroes, NoMecry, NoMercy, None, Nor Easter, Not listed, Notorious, Notorious, Nullified, O Gnoll U Didn't, O gnoll u didnt, Oath, Oblivion Knights, One Knight Stand, Ontogeny, Ontogeny, OoD, OoD2, Orange, Order of Diligence, Ordo of Lux Lucis, Origin, Orphans of Chaos, OTG - RN, OTG BRB, OTG-NLRS, OTG-NRS, Otguild, Paradigm Shift, Parramedic, Pew Pew, Phalanx, Phoenix, Phoenix Guard, Pinnacle, Pinnx is Cool, Poorplaytest, popcorn, Primoris, PuG Life, PuG Life, PuG Life, Pugged, Puggins, PUGTART, PureBloods, Rampage, Randomguild, Rapture, raptured, Raptured, Raptured, Reality Check, Rebirth, ReCkLess cReW, redefined, Reforged, Refugees, Refugeez, Reign, Relentless, Relentlesss, Remembrance, Remembrance, Restored, Restored, Restored-spluggs, Results May Vary, Reverb, Reverb, Riders, Riders, riders of the horde, Riders of the Horde, Riders of the Horde, Riders Of the The Horde, Rise of the Fallen, Rise of the Fallen (RT1), Rixas logs, ROFLCOPTER, ROFLCOPTER, rollsultraguild, Rome, Rome, Ronin, ROTH, Royal Order of Azeroth, Royal Order of Azeroth, Ruined, Ruined, Rusted, Rusted, Rusted, S T A L K E R S, Samelina, Sarcasm, Sec's Logs, Sec's Logs, Secondhand Heroes, Shamasraiders, Silence, Silence, Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, Sirens, Skeleton Crew, Skeleton Crew, SLAUGHTERGOOSE, Slim Fast, Snoblind, Society of Misanthropes, Society of Misanthropes, softcore, Softcore, Soldiers of the Cross, Soldiers of the Cross, Soldiers of the Cross, Soldiers of the Cross, Solemn Duty, Solitary, Solthiel, Soul, Soul Asylum, Soulash, SoulsGuild, South of Heaven, Spider Monkeys of Doom, Spirit of Curse, Spirit of Solidarity, Splinter, Split Decision, Standard Deviation, Standard Deviation, stormy, Straw Man, Strikedownu Central, Suggardaddy, sultans of slaughter, Sundered, Sundered, swagger, Swarschild/Kaeruoo's Logs, Sword of Azeroth, Sympise, Synchronized Wiping, Synchronized Wiping, SËXY and we know it, Sìlence, Sìlence, Tarenn's guild, Tempered Souls, Templar Redemption, Tenacity, Tenacity Red Team, test, Test, Test, Test Guild Please Ignore, Test realm, Testing, testing only, testingjjj, Tethered, Tethered, Tethered, thaklos, Thaleroth, that is what she said, The Ancients, The Arrow Gang, the blackilsted, THE CHOSEN, The Chosen Ones, The Clique, The Clique, The Crimson Empire, The Dark Crystal, The Ehh Team, The Faction, The Firm, the foresaken legion, The Forsaken Order, The Forsaken Order, The Forsaken Order, The Furith's logs?, The Gentlemen, The Gift of War, The Gift of War, The Good Timezz, The Holy Avengers, The Horde Creeper, The Horde Keepers, The Maelstroms Fury, The Metalocalypse2, The Misfit Toys, The Misfit Toys, The Misfit Toys, The Old Timers Guild, The Old Timers Guild, The Old Timers Guild, The Order of Diligence, The Order of Diligence, The Order of Diligence, The Order of Diligence, The Outcasts, The raptor, The Risen, The Risen, The Rubicon, The Rubicon, The Service, The Shattered Union, The Shield, The Shield, The Union, Tokeis guild, Torisi Pugs, TR, Traditas Homies, Transcendence, Trauma, Trial, trickery, Trickery, TricKerY, Tried and True, Tried and True, tripstests, Try Again, Tuesday Knights, twar, Twentyone with id, Twisted Morals, Twitters, TWSS, TWSS, TWSS, Tychu, TynsScratchpad, Tëst, Uldum Cbl, UNCONTESTED, Undone, Undoodnu, Unforgiven, Union of Dogeaters, Unstable, Addiction, Aequitas Veritas, Aeternus Dei, Alts Anonymous, Ambiance, Americans, Arisen, Ascended, Ashes of the Phoenix, Asylum, Availed, Avalon, BankinTrust, Behind You Dude, BlackRock Retro, Blood of the Fällen, blood rush, Blue Squad, Bobs Guild, Bregan Daerthe, Brew Belly Bruisers, Broken Elite, Bunnies of Chaos, Caffeine, Citadel of Ricks, Club WarCraft, Conspiracy, Crayon Crew, Crazy Diamond, CRITICAL STRIKE, Cruel Intentions, cuties, Dark ánd Light, Dauntless, DeezNutsForPrez, Defenders of the Horde, Divination, Divine Crusaders, DnDnT, Dragons of Gygax, Dream Team, Drunk Dialing, DunderMifflin, Dura, Elite Outlaws, Endless Army, Envious, Epidemic, Eternal Force, Evil Empire, Ewok Conspiracy, Fearless Legion, Final Stand II, Finest, Fire and Brimstone, Fire and Ice, First Bank of Shorty, For the Cross, Freak Squad, French Showers, Gnomes Shall Serve, GoldFarm INC, Gotham National Bank, Guardians of the Galaxy, Guerrilla Warfare, guild of alts, Guild of Riverside, Halcyon, Hand Picked, Harbingers of Misery, Hardcore Devastators, Has Taken Your Cheeze, Heavens Elite Council, High Guard, Hollow Union, Holy Mess, Horde Outrunners, Hordes Villains, House of Spark and Boom, Hunters of Honor, Hunters Wipe Groups, Hïddên Dêstructïon, I Have a Dream, In your Bushes, Ingenuity, Iron Alliance, it burnz when i pvp, Its an Illusion, Junk Box, Justify Your Existence, Kingdom of Light, Kitsune Tail, LEET SAUCE, Legacy of Doom, Legend of warriors, Legion of Blood, Legion of Destruction, Legion of the Dragon, leigonofboom, LikeABoss, LPGA, Mashed Potatoes, Masquerade, Merlins Court, Midnight Star, Ministry Of Legends, MoreDots, mortal combatants, My life is bro, Mystic Lawn Gnomes, Nagas in the Hood, needs more MATS, No Quarter, No Surrender, NST, OUGDA, Pandamoanium, Pink Power Rangers, Praetorian Aggression, Purified, Rampage, Raynors Raiders, Rebirth, recurring nightmare, Reverb, Riders of the Crusade, Rissa Cartel II, Sanitys Requiem, Scissor Factory, Scranton, Shablagoo, Shadow Crusade, Shadowfire, SHOW ME YOUR CRITS, SLAUGHTERGOOSE, Smite, Softcore, Sons of Anarchy, South of Heaven, Spice Rack, Stone Guard, Swordcoast Bank, Talk Nerdy To Me, Targay, Teck Knight, The BIack Market, The Blood Sworn Brigade, The Cupcake Alliance, The Dawnbringers, The Disciples of Illidan, The Dogs of War, The Elite Angelz, The Entourage, The Fabled Adventurers, The Forsaken Order, The Knights of Shade, The Maelstroms Eye, The Maelstroms Fury, The Mob, The Old Timers Guild, The Prestige, The Right Hand of God, The Rise of the Phoenix, The Rissa Cartel, The Shattered Union, The Trible Councle, The Unpuntables, Third String Raiders, THIRSTY FOR BLOOD, Toasty, Twinkadinks, Twistedfreaks, Unhinged, Unholy Alliance, Urban Knights, Valhalla, Vault Thirteen, Versace Pythons, Vindicators, Wang Camp, Warcore, Wicked Sketchy, Wolfs Rain, Wow Fargo Bank NA, You No Steal Bank, Ímmortals, Ðëviânts, US-Undermine, Absolute Chaos, Adore, Animosity, Apotheosis, Argent Dawn Refugees, Associated Trucker Union, Backstock, Bank Me Bro, Beautiful Dread, Betrayed, Big Money, Blood Stained Angels, Blood Stained Ångels, Bloodhaven, Bluffin McMuffin, C E N S O R E D, CAPSLOCK, Channel Five News Team, Chrisbrownhitcapd, Cold Day In Hell, Collective Intelligence, Cuz our Server is Down, Dakkus, Danger Zone, Dark Angels, Dark Balance, DarkSouls Inc, De Omnibus Dubitandum, Death Merchants, Death wish of the finish, Deception, Defiance, Definitely Maybe, Demonic Prophecies, Depravity, Descent, Deseri Rose, Detroit Rock City, Disciples of the Fallen, DONKEY WATCH, dont play with fire, Dread, Dying Breed, Elite Pwnage, Euthanasia, Fabricated Sanity, FarmingURsis, Final Fantasy, firstblood, Fists of Rage, For Love and Honor, Forgotten Grace, Fubar, Get Carried, Get Carried Away, Get On My Level, Ghost of Perdition, Gone Rogue, Harpseal Bobsled Team, Heaven, Hellfire Angels, Holy Alliance, HPR, Jentyl Knights, Jetpack Ninja Dynosaurs, Knights of Anarchy, Knights of Neverwinter, Knights of Revolution, Knights of War, Kobra Kai, Leafy shenanigans, Legends, Legion of Shadows, Les alts a Tibob, LUNAR ECLIPSE, Límît ßrëåk, Mad at the Dwarvan Steps, Madness, make u dangerous, Members Only, MERCENARY, Monsters, MostlyBank, Mystic Rebels, Nefarious Convolutions, Nights of the Blood, No Regrets, Northern Lights, nubrs, O Gnoll U Didnt, Onslaught Accord, Ookami, PandaExpress, Perfectly Disturbed, precise, Pretty Hate Machine, progression af, Protectors of Lordaeron, PuG Life, RANK ONE TRASH KILLERS, Reapers of the Shadows, Rebels of Time, Reeses Pieces, Relentless, Revenge Of The Tempest, Revive, Riders of the Storm, ROFLCOPTER, RRoll Up the Rim, Sacred Redemption, Sap It and Tap It, SevenDeadlySins, Shadow Hunters, She Looked LVL Eighteen, Spare some change, Synergy, Synthesis, Taboo, Tetragrammaton, That Which Has No Life, The Archmage, The Dreadnoks, The Elite Noobs, The Emerald Nightmare, The Fairy Tail, The Good Timezz, The House of Pain, The Illuminated Few, The Justus League, The Knights of Legion, The Metalocalypse, The Mill, The New Horde Group, The Other Guild, The Outsider, The Rebellion, The Rubicon, The Setting Sun, The Shinra Company, the sweetest things, Trust Fund Girl, Tyrrants, under the bridge, Unholy Nation, Unique Purchase, Vector, Veni Vidi Vici, Vexed, Wardrobe Malfunction, Warriors of the Shade, Warsong Legends, WAT DA HEK U NO WOMAN, We are Legends, Wondermine Squad, Vale's Logs, VezmanGC, Vicious Cycle, Village Idiots, Vindictive, vintage, Vintage, Virtute et Armis, Vivianbanks, vontage, Voracity, Voracity G1 backup, Voracity G2, watey, Well Played, Well Played, Well Played, What What, White Rose Shadow, WhiteRoseShadow, WhiteRoseShadow, Wild Things, Wings Of Horror, Wipe It, Wipe IT, wol guild, World PvP Battlemaster, YOUR FACE, Yummy Cave Mold, Zerghealz Logs, Zyb Logs, zz

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