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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Prime US-Uldum Horde 10 34
Nightfall US-Uldum Horde 0 597
Na Fianna US-Uldum Alliance 0 466
Pure US-Antonidas Alliance 0 451
Skeleton Crew US-Uldum Horde 0 357
Wiping with Style US-Uldum Horde 0 304
The Uldum Cabal US-Uldum Alliance 0 171
Amazons None Alliance 0 137
The Inner Sanctum US-Antonidas Horde 0 103
Starfish Lovesong US-Uldum Alliance 0 89
No Rest For The Wicked None Alliance 0 72
Pure - Solarissa US-Antonidas Alliance 0 65
The Stand US-Uldum Alliance 0 64
The Brethren Court US-Antonidas Alliance 0 61
The twerks US-Uldum Horde 0 58
Leverage US-Uldum Horde 0 52
Proven US-Antonidas Alliance 0 40
Xraided US-Antonidas Alliance 0 32
AshelsWoL US-Antonidas Alliance 0 31
Bent US-Uldum Alliance 0 29
Dreams and Nightmares US-Antonidas Alliance 0 25
My Logs US-Antonidas Alliance 0 25
Subvictor US-Uldum Horde 0 21
Soulbound None Alliance 0 19
Corrupt Intentions WoD US-Uldum Alliance 0 16
in Wonderland US-Antonidas Alliance 0 16
resolve US-Antonidas Alliance 0 16
Schadenfreude US-Uldum Alliance 0 16
TOXIC US-Antonidas Alliance 0 16
Smellyducks Logs US-Antonidas Alliance 0 15
hammer US-Antonidas Horde 0 13
Domination US-Uldum Horde 0 12
Karma Control None Alliance 0 12
Aftermâth US-Antonidas Alliance 0 11
Repeat Offender US-Uldum Alliance 0 10
Testing guild US-Uldum Alliance 0 10
The Uldum Cabal None Alliance 0 10
Archangels None Alliance 0 9
Crimson personal logs US-Antonidas Alliance 0 9
Xiel Logs US-Antonidas Alliance 0 9
Bad form US-Uldum Horde 0 8
LFR Heroes! US-Uldum Horde 0 8
Pal's Logs US-Antonidas Alliance 0 8
Disposable Heroes Inc US-Uldum Alliance 0 7
Vigilance US-Uldum Alliance 0 7
NCA10mantryoutraidparse US-Antonidas Alliance 0 6
Pure US-Antonidas Alliance 0 6
Brotherhood US-Antonidas Alliance 0 5
Coffee Beans US-Uldum Horde 0 5
de Votchka US-Uldum Horde 0 5
Pirates Say Yar US-Antonidas Horde 0 5
victimize US-Uldum Horde 0 5
FERAl US-Antonidas Alliance 0 4
PHOSUC US-Antonidas Horde 0 4
PureAlt US-Antonidas Alliance 0 4
Rapid Succession US-Uldum Alliance 0 4
Ring of Ash US-Uldum Alliance 0 4
Sivad's Logs US-Antonidas Alliance 0 4
Succubis US-Antonidas Alliance 0 4
Crimson Sins US-Antonidas Alliance 0 3
Genesis US-Uldum Alliance 0 3
Marauding Legion G2 US-Uldum Alliance 0 3
Revan's Pug Parses US-Antonidas Alliance 0 3
Subvictor US-Uldum Horde 0 3
The Dictators US-Antonidas Alliance 0 3
Ascension US-Antonidas Alliance 0 2
Bane US-Antonidas Alliance 0 2
Blaklist US-Antonidas Alliance 0 2
Blood Reigns US-Uldum Horde 0 2
DAWTZ Z US-Antonidas Alliance 0 2
Forgiven US-Antonidas Alliance 0 2
Goliath National Bank US-Antonidas Alliance 0 2
Nova US-Uldum Horde 0 2
Nox-Silver US-Antonidas Horde 0 2
Perdition US-Antonidas Alliance 0 2
Sporeggar is for Lovers US-Uldum Horde 0 2
The Umbrella Corporation US-Antonidas Horde 0 2
Akatsuki US-Uldum Horde 0 1
Bailie'd US-Uldum Alliance 0 1
BelligerentFury US-Antonidas Alliance 0 1
Cajun-Mafia US-Antonidas Alliance 0 1
Deadly Fighters US-Uldum Horde 0 1
emric's logs US-Uldum Alliance 0 1
Got Crit US-Antonidas Alliance 0 1
Horde Knock Life US-Uldum Horde 0 1
Horde Sympathizers US-Uldum Alliance 0 1
Hypothetical Ninjas US-Uldum Alliance 0 1
Knee Deep in Blood US-Antonidas Alliance 0 1
No Drama US-Antonidas Alliance 0 1
Poor Play US-Uldum Alliance 0 1
Prophesy US-Antonidas Alliance 0 1
psietryhilie US-Antonidas Alliance 0 1
Pure II US-Antonidas Alliance 0 1
Reluctance US-Uldum Alliance 0 1
Teh Elite US-Uldum Alliance 0 1
Trustrike US-Antonidas Alliance 0 1
Unigue US-Uldum Alliance 0 1
Uprising US-Antonidas Alliance 0 1
4 More Idiots None Alliance 0 0
88 Raiders None Horde 0 0
Aaron's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Aberrant None Alliance 0 0
Abhi@Antonidas None Alliance 0 0
Adjective Noun None Alliance 0 0
Aequitas Logs None Alliance 0 0
aickaslogs None Alliance 0 0
aickaslogs US-Antonidas Alliance 0 0
AlliedArsenal None Alliance 0 0
AlliedArsenal None Alliance 0 0
Almost Ferocious None Alliance 0 0
Angry People None Alliance 0 0
Asylum None Alliance 0 0
Asylum None Alliance 0 0
Avatars of Destruction None Alliance 0 0
Avid Indoorsmen None Horde 0 0
Bane None Alliance 0 0
Bent None Alliance 0 0
bigiron433 None Horde 0 0
Blatantly Unaware None Horde 0 0
Browntown None Horde 0 0
Celestial Knights - New None Alliance 0 0
Charagar None Alliance 0 0
Chuck's Logs None Alliance 0 0
clx None Alliance 0 0
Coffee Beans None Alliance 0 0
Core Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Corrupt Intentions None Alliance 0 0
Corrupt Intentions 2 None Alliance 0 0
Crythias None Alliance 0 0
Dangerous Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Dangerous Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Dangerous Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Dark Obsessions None Alliance 0 0
dauntless None Alliance 0 0
Death By Design None Alliance 0 0
Death Slayers None Alliance 0 0
Defiance None Alliance 0 0
Dies Irae None Alliance 0 0
Dies Irae None Alliance 0 0
Dies Irae None Alliance 0 0
Digitalol None Alliance 0 0
Disaster None Alliance 0 0
DLM None Alliance 0 0
Domination None Horde 0 0
Drunken Monkey Brigade None Horde 0 0
dudel None Alliance 0 0
Elendili of Imladris None Alliance 0 0
Elesiana None Alliance 0 0
Encased None Alliance 0 0
Entitlement None Alliance 0 0
Entyce None Alliance 0 0
Euphorie-Stammraid US-Antonidas Horde 0 0
Exalted None Alliance 0 0
Fallen and Forsaken None Alliance 0 0
FDIC None Horde 0 0
First Class None Horde 0 0
First Class None Horde 0 0
Flapjack Five None Horde 0 0
Forsaken None Horde 0 0
From The Ashes None Alliance 0 0
Gnomercy None Horde 0 0
Gnomercy None Horde 0 0
Gnomes Logs None Alliance 0 0
Gold Rush None Alliance 0 0
Goober None Alliance 0 0
hero None Alliance 0 0
Illuminatii None Alliance 0 0
Imperfection None Alliance 0 0
Infamous None Alliance 0 0
jorei None Horde 0 0
Kandee None Alliance 0 0
Kaysher_Log_Test None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Ni None Alliance 0 0
Kuth's Na Fianna None Alliance 0 0
Legendary Swords None Alliance 0 0
LFGWTF None Alliance 0 0
Lionhearted None Alliance 0 0
Machiavellis Cat None Alliance 0 0
Master Shadows None Alliance 0 0
Mikadotest None Alliance 0 0
Mistrile Knights None Horde 0 0
morning after None Horde 0 0
Morning After None Horde 0 0
Mothers of Invention None Alliance 0 0
Murduka US-Uldum Alliance 0 0
Murloc Monster None Horde 0 0
Myrrhlins Guild of One None Alliance 0 0
Nard's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Natrodamus' Logs None Alliance 0 0
Nerfworthy None Alliance 0 0
New Reign None Alliance 0 0
New Reign-Wor None Alliance 0 0
Nexllent None Alliance 0 0
Niunai 1 None Horde 0 0
No Drama None Alliance 0 0
No Drama(Trix) None Alliance 0 0
No Fury None Alliance 0 0
No Fury 2 None Alliance 0 0
Not Found None Alliance 0 0
Nox Invictus None Horde 0 0
Nox Team 3 None Horde 0 0
Obscure Intentions None Alliance 0 0
Okunni None Alliance 0 0
Perdition None Alliance 0 0
Perdition None Alliance 0 0
Perdollex None Alliance 0 0
Personal_Logs None Alliance 0 0
Personallogs None Alliance 0 0
Pirates Say Yar None Horde 0 0
poyoqguild None Horde 0 0
Practice None Alliance 0 0
Private Hearts None Horde 0 0
Profound None Alliance 0 0
Pugginstuff None Horde 0 0
PUGS None Alliance 0 0
Pure 2 None Alliance 0 0
Pure Trial None Alliance 0 0
Rakdos' Guild None Alliance 0 0
Random None Alliance 0 0
Raven's Logs None Horde 0 0
Requiem None Alliance 0 0
RH-Uldum None Alliance 0 0
Ridiculous None Horde 0 0
Sainthood None Alliance 0 0
Sapphyregoddess None Alliance 0 0
Saza's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Scootypuff Jr None Alliance 0 0
Secrets None Horde 0 0
Smalt None Alliance 0 0
Solan None Alliance 0 0
Solank None Alliance 0 0
SoulBound None Alliance 0 0
spak None Alliance 0 0
sparxz None Alliance 0 0
Starfish Lovesong Uggy None Horde 0 0
stella-lfr None Alliance 0 0
Strife None Horde 0 0
Subvictor None Horde 0 0
Subvictor None Horde 0 0
test None Horde 0 0
Test Logs None Alliance 0 0
test51 None Alliance 0 0
The Dictators None Alliance 0 0
The Dictators None Alliance 0 0
The Forgotten Legion None Alliance 0 0
The Forgotten Legion None Alliance 0 0
The Relentless Few None Horde 0 0
ThreeHundred None Alliance 0 0
TimotahWoL None Alliance 0 0
toxic None Alliance 0 0
Toxic None Alliance 0 0
Tribal Wolves None Alliance 0 0
Tributus None Alliance 0 0
Tributus None Alliance 0 0
Tributus None Alliance 0 0
Uldum dont pug None Horde 0 0
ulmslfrlol None Alliance 0 0
Union None Alliance 0 0
Union None Alliance 0 0
VALIS None Alliance 0 0
Veritas Aequitas None Alliance 0 0
Vigilance None Alliance 0 0
Vigilance G2 None Alliance 0 0
warlords of desecration None Alliance 0 0
We Raid Drunk None Alliance 0 0
WE RAID DRUNK 2 None Alliance 0 0
West Koasta Nostra None Alliance 0 0
Wishmasters None Alliance 0 0
Worsnop None Alliance 0 0
Xraided-Gehenna None Alliance 0 0
Xraided-Zipatriarc None Alliance 0 0
Твори погром None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

12346, 4inchesunbuffed, 88 Raiders, 88 Raiders, 88Raiders, AA, Abandoned, Abandoned, Abneve, ABSOLUTE, Advent Children, Affenparty, affinity, Affinity, Affinity, Afflicted, Afflicted, Afflicted, Afflicted, aickalog, aickaslog, air, Akatsuki, Akatsuki, Akatsuki, AlliedArsenal, AlliedArsenal, Altri Pochi, alts logs, Amazons, Amazons, Amazons, Amazons, Amazons 2.0.1, Amon Amarth, Ancient Kings, Angels of War, anonamous, anthars raiding, antharsfailass, Anthem, Antiquity, Antiquity, Antiquity, Antonidas, Apex, Apex, Apex, Application, Arakeen, armageddon facilitators, Armin, Armin, armistice, Armistice, Army Strong, Army Strong, Ascension, Ascension, Asdfgh, Asrtonomy Domine, Astronomy Domine, Asylum, asylum-test, Avatars, AVATARS, Avatars of Destruction, Avatars of Destruction, Avatars of Destruction, Avatars of Destruction, Axiom, Axiom, Axiom Alts, Baccas, Bacontadernuts, Bad Form, bananananas, Bank Alts, Barrage, BelFury, Belligerent Fury, Benjimen, Bent, Bent, Bent, Bent, Berrysncream, Bills Guild, Black Brigade, Black Undertide, Black Undertide, Blacker Undetidier, Blades of Wrath, Blah Blah, blahblah, Blazon, Blazon, Bleed It Out, Born of Fire, Boss, BRICKED, Brotherhood of Steel, Brotherhood of Steel, Brunson, Bush Wookiees, Bustee stats, Buttuhcream, BV, By Demons Be Driven, By Demons Be Driven, By Demons Be Driven, By Demons Be Driven, Cajun Mafia, cal guild, Celestial Knight's, Celestial Knights, Celestial Knights, Celestial Knights Group 2, Challenge Accepted, Chaos Beckons, Chaos theory, Chaotic, Chebz, Cherry_WoL, CK Too, CMD, CoCore, Coffee Beans, Comatose, Combined Arms, Comitatus, Conjconjconj, Constant Fear, Corrupt Intentions 2, Cosmic Brew, Covenant of Shadows, Cripps Guild , Crusader Nightpug, Crushin' Beers, Crypt Keepers, Cult of the Unforgiving, Cóvenant, Dabigbulls Guild, Dark Obsession - Group B, Dark Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, Dark Souls Elite, Darkgrace's Logs, dauntless, DAWTZ , De Terre, De Terre, De Terre, De Terre Cata ed, Deadly Fighters, Deadly Triumvirate, Death by Design, Death by Design, Death by Design, Death By Design, Death By Design, Death By Design - Viper's Group, Death by Design Group 4, Death by Design Raid B, Death By Design Vipers Group, Death by Strawberry, Death Slayers, Death Slayers, Death Slayers, Death Slayers1, deathdealers, Dementia, depravity, Deviljho G2, DF, dfdfd, Dies Irae, Dies Irae, Dies Irae, Dies Irae, Dies Irae, Dirty Secrets, Disdain, Disdain, Disgruntled Employees, DMitri, Dntel, DoCD, Domination, Domination, dotdotdotlol, DraftedisBeast, Dragonfae, DragonFae, Drama on Cooldown, Dreams and Nightmares, Drunkmunk, Dungeons and Druids, Dungeons and Druids, Dungeons and Druids, Dungeons and Druids, Dungeons and Druids, Dëfïäncë, Easily Tempted, Echelon-IJW, Ed's logs, eglo, Elanil's Fake Guild just for WoL, Elasticity, Elendili of Imladris, Elendili of Imladris, Elendili of Imladris, Emerald Knights, Ens, EOI, eootp, Ephemeral, Epic Wolfpack, Erup, Eternal, Eternal, eulogy, Eulogy, Eulogy, Exalted, Example Logs, Excessive Force, exchange, Exodos, Expose's Logs, Extreme Vortex, Ez's logs, Fade To Bolivia, Failtards, fake guilds dawtz, Fakeguild, Fellowship of Virtue, Final Countdown, Five Fat girls, for logs, Forsaken, Forsaken, Forsaken, Forsaken, Forsaken - 10 man, Frantic, Frantic, Freak show, Freak Show, From the Ashes, Frost, Frost, Frost, FundaySunday, Fury on Tap, Fury on Tap, Fury On Tap, fusîòn, Galfureye, GBU, GDI, Girls Night Out, Glass Cannon, Gnomercy, Gnomes, Gnotable Gnomes, go horde or go home, Go Horde or Go Home, got crit, Greg Pingel, GROOOOOVISH, Guild, Guild of Logs, Gundam, Gundam, Harmonious Chaos, Havoc, Healforu's Guild, Heirs of Dunharrow, Heirs of Dunharrow, Helix, Hellscreams Reach, Hellssong, Heresy, Heroes Of War, Hesthari's Guild, Hinks, History, Horde Knock Life, Horde Knock Life, hordic Manifesto, house of pain, Hubris, Hybrid, Hybrid, Hybrid, hypnotic, Hypnotic, I FIGHT BEARS IRL, I N F I N I T Y, I Only Raid Pre LK, I smoke, I drank, I Wanna Play Raid, I've got Data!, ifail, ilyjoshy, ImaginationWoW, Imagirlxo, Impending Disaster, Impending Disaster, Impending Disaster, IMPENDING DISASTER, Imperfection, Imperio del sol oscuro, In Somnis Veritas, Independence, Independence, Indicted, Infection, Infernal, Inferno, Inglorious Crusaders, Iniquorum, Innuendo, Innuendo, Innuendo, insane, Insomniacs Anonymous, Insomnìa, Invicta, Invicta, is Moist, It is Wat it Is, iwantcookiesguild, Jaqqs, Jerboa, Join the Club, JpatAntonidas, Judgement, judgement/sparxz, Just, Just Wipe It, kanack attack, kaosabyss, Karma, Karma-Test, Kashmir, kc, Keepers of the Shadows, Kelarm's Parses, Kings of Numenor, Kinora's Logs, kleinrose, Knight Club, Knight Club, knights, Knights and Saviors, Knights and Saviours, Knights of Insomnia, Knights of Luna, Knights of Luna, Knights of Luna, Knights of Ni, Knights of Outland, Knights of Vegemight, Knights who say ni, Knights Who Say Ni, Knights Who Say Ni, Knights Who Say Ni, kriddyownage, Kryptic, Kryptic, Kryptic, Kryptic, Kryptic - Purple, Kryptic Orange, Kudos, kudro88, LaggyDKs R US, lardea, Last Chance, Layfon's Logs, legendary swords, Legendary Swords, Legends, Legends of Trust, Legion of Fire, Legion of Shadows, Leverage, Leverage G1, Limited, Linaste, Liz's logs, LKSAJDFKL, Loaded, lolailo, lolwhat, Lords Lampasos, Los Puerculoides, lost, Ludis Private Raid Analytics, Mad Dps, Made, Malevolence, Malevolence, Malevolent Creations, Many Pokets, marauding legion, Marauding Legion, Marcs Log's, Marlak, Martyrs and Mercenaries, Maxage, Medac, Megamasso, Midnight Raiders, Mikeys Guild, Misanthropic, Misc, misplaced rage, Moderately Focused, Monkey Around, Moonwell Dancers, Moskau, Moskau, Moskau, mothell, Mothers of Invention, Mothers of Invention, motobu, Murdering Fan Club, Mutiny, My own guild, My Personal Logs, MY PUG ROCK RAIDS, Mythic, Nateisdawesome, Natural Order, Natural Order, Nemesis, Nemesis, Netherwing Raiders, Never Say Wipe, New Lordaeron, New Reign, Nightbane, Nightmare, Nightpug, Nightsong, Ninjas, No, No Drama Obama, No Drama2, No Fury, No Fury, No Fury - Antonidas, No Rest for the Wicked, No Rest for the Wicked, No Rest for the Wicked, Nocturnal, Nocturnal, NomansLand, Noneya, NOT NOW MOM FIGHTING LK, Not Work Safe, Not Work Safe, Nox Invictus, Nox Invictus, Nox Invictus, Nox Invictus-Cruelty, Nox Invictus-Lex, Nox Team 2, Noxxous' Personal Combat Log, NPS IMO, Number Crunching, obamamama, Obsidian, Omega Vanguard, omg lets raid, omgguildisamazing, omnipresence, Omnipresence, On Cooldown, On Cooldown, On Cooldown, On Cooldown, opinoire, Orion United Defense, Overraided, ParsesPNW, perdition, Perdition, Perdition, Perdition, Perdition-mach, Perish, Perish, Perish, Perl Pugs, Permission to Die, Permission to Die, Personal Logs, PETMALU, Phantasy Stars, Pharrell, Pharrell's Logs, Phase two, PHOSUC, PHOSUC, Pie Eleven Truthers, Pirates Say Yar, Plays with Dolls, Plexflexico, Poopnstud, Poor Play, Poor Play, Poor Play, Poor Play, Poor Play, Poor Play, Power of Grayskull, Power Of Grayskull, Priestege, Primal, Primal Might, PrimalMight, Private mage, Prototype, Prototype, Proximity, Pug, Pug, PUG, PUG LORDS, Pug Runs, Pug Runs, Pure, Pure, Pure, Pure, Pure, Puretest, Purgatory, Purgatory, Purgatory, Purgatory, Purgatory, Pyromagia, Quadspec Logs, Raclan, Raidernauts, Random Logs, Random Pugs that Suck, Random Report, Redemtor Prosapia, Regulators, Regulators, Relentless, Relentless, Reloaded, Reluctance, Reluctance, Reluctance, Remaining Few, Renegade Heroes, Renewed by Fire, Renewed by Fire, Renewed By Fire, Renewed By Fire, repeat offender, Repeat Offender, Repeat Offender, Repeat Offender, ReqLogs, Restricted Access, Restricted Access, Restricted Access, Retribution, RevisANT, Revival, Riderz On The Storm, Ridiculous - fdk, Risuchan, RO 2, Rogan's Heroes Reloaded, Rolls Face, Rolls Face, Ruin, Ryath Tests!, Rykkuu, Sacha's PuGs, Sample, Saucy, Schadenfreude, Schadenfreude+, Schadenfruede, Scooty Taly, Scootypuff, Scootypuff Jr, Scootypuff Jr., Scootypuff Jr., Seamitten, Secret Service, Secrets, Self, Septictank, Serìous Busìness, Shadarharan, Shadow of Shadows, Shadowcons Personal DPS page , Show me your cirts, ShrimpChips, Sickest Logs US, SIFL, Silent Dragon, Siler, Simple Majesty, Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity1, SIMPLY HONORABLE, Sinister Habitat, Sitnams Pugs, skeleton crew, Smoke and Mirrors, Smokers Logs, so fresh, So Fresh, So Fresh, So Fresh B, SoA, Solaris, Solaris, Soul Bound, Sovereign, spankers, Spankman's own, spartsguild, Special Beam Cannon, Sphere, Spizz Trial, Starfish Lovesgon, Starfish Lovesong, Starfish Lovesong, Starwars and lightbright, Strife, Strug Track, Studs, Suce's Log, Sugar, Sunken Temple, Super Friends, SuperMachoDonkeyWrestler, Surprises, System Down, T O G, Team B, Team Ten, Teh Prophet, Temp Guild of Electro, Tempest, Temporary, Test, Test, Test, Testers, Testing guild, Testing Guild, Testoftime, testtest, Teucent, The Abandoned, The Abandoned, The Abandoned, The Banished, The Broforce of courage, The Dictators, The Final Chapter, The Final Chapter, The Final Chapter, THE FINAL CHAPTER, The Forgotten Legion, The Forgotten Legion, The Foundation, The Guild of Nonabsolute, The Hidden Leaf Ninjas, The Inner Sanctum, The Knights Radiant, The knights who say Ni, The Kush Company, The last wipe, The Marauding Legion, The Marauding Legion, The Masquerade, the mighty murlocs, The Night is Mine, The Ninth Circle, The Prophet, the puerculoids, The relentless Few, The Relentless Few, The Relentless Few, The Scorned, the stand, The Tavern, The Tribunal, The Wanderer, ThePill, Therria's Logs, Thongs, ThorRogueRaiding, THPHT, Three Hundred, thundersoul, Tony Crunches Dem Nerds, tonysguilds, TOXIC, Trev's Guild, Tribal Wolves, TRILOGY, Trombonisms, Turabian Knights, Turabian Knights, Ulm, Unbreakablle, Uncomfortably Energetic, underestimated, Undertow, Unferths Pally guild to show DPS, unguilded, Unhunted Gear, Unified Force Theory, Union, Union, Union, Union, Union, Union, Union, UNION, UNION, Unyielding Phalanx, Unyielding Phalanx, Advance, Aequitas, Aftermath, Aftermâth, Alphabetical Order, Anmäghläk, Apathetic Catfish, Ascension, Ashes Of Lordaeron, Aurora, Axiom, Azerothian Supervillans, Bank of the Dragons, Bankèd, Bazinga, Berries And Cream, BestKnights, Betrayal, Binge, Bloodfeast, Bloodguard, Bloodthirsty, Bourne, BrB Grannys on Fire, Bros In Arms, Brotherhood, Brucechilliss Guild, Buried Alive, BY CRAYON BE PURGED, Bönes, Cajun Mafia, Carnage Incarnate, Chaos Reactor, Chosen of Lolth, Circle Of Life, constantly feared, Core Raiders, Corporation, Crimson Dragons, Dark side of the moon, Dark Vengence, De Profundis Resurgam, Death By Strawberry, Death Council, Death Krakens of Kaos, Deaths hand, Deep Strike, Defenders of Rage, Dem Dwarfs, Devilish, Dies Irae, Discount KFC, Disdain, Divine Intervention, Divine Sanctum, Dreams and Nightmares, Drunkin Paradise, Dumathion Khuzheus, Dungeon Raiders, Eh, elykenbank, Emerald Knights, Eternal, Exiles of the Forsaken, F E A R, Fallen Angel, Filthy Casuals, For the Hoard, Forge of Souls, Forgotten Tribe, Fossil, FOSUC, Freedoms Force, Frozen Vault, God Emperor Biopsy, Good Times, Grievous Legion, Havoc, HeavensGate, Heirs of Dunharrow, Hells Angels, Hellz Wrath, Hiphopopotamus, Hölly Cröss, I Slept with a Hordie, I Wanna Play Raid, Icebound, Immortal Dawn, Imperative, in Wonderland, Insomnìa, Invicta, Invictus, Ironforge Miscreants, Is In The House, isolátion, jarheads, Juicebox Heroes, Kakistocracy, Kaos Abyss, Knights and Saviours, Knights of Pie, Last Legion, Legendary Swords, Legion of Shadows, LichDoom, Lionhearted, Little but Tough, Malicious Intent, Masque of the Red Death, Master Chef, Masters of the Horde, Masters of the Universe, MEDCANN, Mephistopheles, Mercyless, mom im gladiator, Mosbys Irregulars, Moxnixx Reincarnated, Murloc Monster, My Bank Is Better, Mythical Anarchy, Mythiç, N Dubz, Naked and Famous, New Reign, No Drama, No Fury, Obscure Intentions, OFWGKTA, Ooh La La, P H A L A N X, Phantomhive, Progressive Anarchy, Pure, Purgatory, Rampant Flatulance, Random Runners, RazersEdge, READYUP, Ridiculous, Risen Soldiers, Rulers of legion, Sellenia Is Super Hawt, Severed, Severity, Silent Defenders, Simply Honorable, SlapAGnome, Solidarity, SoulBound, Strawberry Puppy Kisses, Subscriber Only Mode, Super Heros Inc, Synthetic Infamy, Teh OmfgerZ, The Brethren Court, The Death Eaters, The Dragon Alliance, The Dragon Raiders, the first brigade, The Grind, The Hidden Leaf Ninjas, The Horde Embassy, The Imperial Order, the Insane, The Legends, The PVP, The Remembrance, the titans, The True Fatboys, The Umbrella Corporation, The Way, The Wolfpack, TheOrder, TheOÄkTree, Titans of Azeroth, Titans Vengeance, Tribal Wolves, Trickery, Urban Ninjaz, Vex, We Dwell in Moonwells, We Stand in AoEs, WE WIPE ON TRASH, West Koasta Nostra, WhiteSteelKnights, Wrath of the Amazons, Xpurgitory, XRaided, Access Denied, Aes Sedai, Alchemy Anonymous, ALLCAPSNOSPACESS, Allied Evolution, Alts R Us, Amon Amarth, Anathema, Ancient Fear, Ancient Kings, Apocalyptic Clam, Arakeen, Asylum, At a Medium Pace, Avatars of Destruction, Bad Company, BAND OF THE BROTHERS, Bank OF Awesome, Bank of Your Mom, BC Mushroom Pickers, beLIEve, Bender, Bent, Blatantly Unaware, Blood Wolves, Bloodlust Samurai, Boys B Delicious, Brodies, Brokeback Alterac, Caribbean Madness, Celerity, Children of Fenrir, Chinese Farmers, Coffee Beans, Colliding Rhetoric, Copacetic, Cordial, Corrupt Intentions, Cows on Fire, Crimson Phoenix, Crusade of Chaos, Crusaders Of Absolution, Cute and Cuddly, Dark Covenant, dark knights of vengance, Dark Lords Of Chaos, Darker Side of the Moon, Darknights of the Horde, DarkStar, das Bänk, Das Vidanya, dauntless, Dawn Of The Horde, Dawning Nemesis, Deadly Fighters, Death by Chocolate, Death By Design, Death Slayers, Degeneration X, Del Taco, Demolition Crew, Disciples of Destruction, Disposable Heroes Inc, Divided, Domination, Dragonfly, Dragons Of Slaughter, Echoes Of The Past, Elysium, Endless Insanity, Eternal Journey, Eternal Legends, Everquest Anonymous, Executioners, Exodus, Extopia, Fear Not, First Class, Fun, GINKO, Glass Cannon, Go Horde or go Home, Gotcheys, Guardians Of Asgard, Harpers, Hazmat Squad, He Who Runs Away, Hellbourne Hysteria, Hellz angils, Heroes of Gilneas, Heros, Hits or GTFO, Honorbound, Horde Inc, Horde Knock Life, Horde Sympathizers, Hyrule Knights, I n f i n i t y, IMPENDING DISASTER, Infämôus, Innuendo, Jackals of Ironforge, Jokers Wild, Kaos Abyss, Kenpachi Zaraki, Kingdom Harts, Kingdom of the Fallen, Knights of Sylvanas, Knights of the Wolf, Knights of Uldum, KooKooKaChoo, Kryptic, legenda, Legendary Spartans, Leverage, Live Free Die Horde, Logans Heros, LØS BEHIND THÊ Fát KID, Malevolence, Marvel vs Capcom, Messing With Sasquatch, Mighty Fighty Shushbugs, Mommas Folly, Moonwell Dancers, Morning After, Mortalis Victus, Mothers of Invention, Murder Of Crows, 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