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US-Twisting Nether
Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
The Grim US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 941
Legion of Shadow Knights US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 206
Ruin US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 100
Dark Dragons US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 73
Khaele US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 46
Cohesion None Horde 0 26
Death by Vile Bats US-Ravenholdt Alliance 0 26
Renaissance US-Ravenholdt Alliance 0 25
Scarlet Dawn US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 23
Honor of Elune US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 20
Asylum of the Horde US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 18
Twilight Empire US-Ravenholdt Alliance 0 16
Legion Of The Horde US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 15
The Legends Reborn US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 15
Audacious US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 13
Rutilus Luna US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 13
Veritas US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 13
Temiran's logs US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 12
Pandamonium Theory US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 11
OverServed US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 10
Resolve US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 10
Avalon US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 9
Naaru's logs US-Ravenholdt Alliance 0 9
Fired Logs-Shock US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 8
Oma US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 8
Depricated US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 7
Nephilim US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 7
Pointless Raiders US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 7
AR US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 5
Bahu's Pug Log US-Ravenholdt Alliance 0 5
BobCraft None Alliance 0 5
Legacy of the Sun None Horde 0 5
Momentary Logic US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 5
Xygen's Logs US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 5
aftermath US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 4
Vaylen's Logs US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 4
Hated US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 3
Legacy of the Sun US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 3
Massive Dynamic US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 3
Pango Honoratus US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 3
Sedition US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 3
That Guild US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 3
The Arrivals US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 3
The Reborn US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 3
Video Game Squad US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 3
Work's logs US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 3
Aftermath US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 2
Ambition US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 2
Ares Espadas US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 2
Death by Cupcake US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 2
descendants of cain US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 2
Exodus US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 2
Forge US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 2
HATED US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 2
seitosa's logs US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 2
Sin/Fin US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 2
Test 1 US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 2
The Blind Kids US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 2
Angry Campers US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 1
Artisans of War US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Audacity US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Batman US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 1
Combat test US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Dominatus US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 1
Dundor's PuGs US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Fabled Order US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 1
Final Dawn US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 1
Furrenzy US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Gastropod US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Ghaldins logs US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 1
Gossip Girls US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 1
Iridium US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Legacy of the Sun US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Legacy of the Sun US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Mofongo Guy US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 1
Morning Glory US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 1
oldschool US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 1
Requiem US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Riskbreakers US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Saintz US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 1
Sama US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 1
Sooba Logs US-Ravenholdt Alliance 0 1
The Elysium US-Twisting Nether Alliance 0 1
The Sentinels US-Ravenholdt Alliance 0 1
twilight vanquisher US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 1
Universal Order US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
Validus US-Ravenholdt Alliance 0 1
Vary's Logs US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 1
Virtue US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 1
WOCON US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 1
Wyrmrest Fellowship US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 1
Aleigoras None Horde 0 0
Amangur Empire None Horde 0 0
Amn's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Anarchy Rising None Horde 0 0
Armed Forces (vet) None Alliance 0 0
Army of Darkness None Horde 0 0
Audacity None Horde 0 0
Azn None Horde 0 0
batman None Horde 0 0
bhoi None Horde 0 0
Blitzkrieg None Horde 0 0
Casual Encounters None Horde 0 0
Chozeenone None Horde 0 0
Dark Legend None Horde 0 0
Depricated None Horde 0 0
Dolphy None Horde 0 0
Drastic Measures None Alliance 0 0
Drastic Measures None Alliance 0 0
Dreadnaught None Horde 0 0
Emergency Response Team None Horde 0 0
ex duris gloria None Horde 0 0
Fallen Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Fidtes None Horde 0 0
First Legion None Alliance 0 0
For Science None Horde 0 0
Forge None Alliance 0 0
Frostwolf Legion None Horde 0 0
Group Two US-Ravenholdt Horde 0 0
guild None Horde 0 0
Halfway House None Alliance 0 0
Hellborn US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 0
Hellscream Marauders None Horde 0 0
Holy Vengance None Alliance 0 0
Holy Vengeance None Alliance 0 0
HybLogs None Horde 0 0
Intent None Horde 0 0
Intent-Hawwt None Horde 0 0
Intent-KKB None Horde 0 0
IntentRavenholdt None Horde 0 0
Jason Collins None Horde 0 0
Kevkul DPS None Alliance 0 0
Keygi None Horde 0 0
Kloe's World of Logs None Horde 0 0
Kyung None Horde 0 0
Livid Creatures None Horde 0 0
Lords of Omen None Horde 0 0
Lunaire's Log None Horde 0 0
Massive Dynamic None Horde 0 0
Mayaca None Horde 0 0
Meowmeow None Horde 0 0
Milky way US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 0
Moarkai None Horde 0 0
No Fear None Horde 0 0
NoGuild None Alliance 0 0
Noots' Logs None Horde 0 0
Notactuallyaguild None Horde 0 0
OverServed None Horde 0 0
OverServed Articulate None Horde 0 0
Pandamonium Theory None Alliance 0 0
Pariter Immortalis None Horde 0 0
Pirate Accountants None Horde 0 0
Questionable DPS None Horde 0 0
Rambo None Horde 0 0
Reckless None Horde 0 0
Relic None Horde 0 0
Resurrection None Alliance 0 0
ROTNM None Alliance 0 0
Sanguinius None Alliance 0 0
Secret Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Sedition None Horde 0 0
SexyZexy None Alliance 0 0
Shahad None Alliance 0 0
Siege Perilous None Alliance 0 0
Silver and Silence None Horde 0 0
sukiay None Horde 0 0
tempest None Horde 0 0
Tempest None Horde 0 0
Tempest - Batman None Horde 0 0
Testing Universal Order None Horde 0 0
The Boisterous Few None Horde 0 0
The Dragonslayer None Horde 0 0
The Drunk Shack US-Twisting Nether Horde 0 0
The End Complete None Horde 0 0
The Enlightened None Horde 0 0
The Indelibles None Alliance 0 0
The Pale Heart None Horde 0 0
Theyas' Logs None Horde 0 0
Toxic None Horde 0 0
Trial and Error None Horde 0 0
tuna out of the can None Horde 0 0
Twisting Nether Raiders None Horde 0 0
TyzallLog None Horde 0 0
Universal Order None Horde 0 0
Valentines Cookie Palace None Horde 0 0
Viskaren None Alliance 0 0
Weekend Raiders None Horde 0 0
Whoever I'm Logging None Horde 0 0
World Ablaze None Horde 0 0
Xanthoren's Disco None Horde 0 0
Дэдпанк None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

Akrono , ..., A Posse Ad Esse, A Posse Ad Esse, A Posse Ad Esse, Abandon Ship, Abandon Ship, Abandon Ship, absolute, Acumen, Acumen, Acumen, Acumen, Acumen, Acumen, Acumen, Acumen, Adreana, Aelanthan's Guild.0, Aethernauts, Aftermath, Aftermath, Aftermath, AfterMath, Againwerise's Logs, Aint misbehavin, Air Superiority Squadron, All That Remains, Alliance, Alliance, Alliance, Allo, Ambition, Amn's Logs, Anathematize, And Friends, Angelic Deception, Angels ôf Death, Anguish, Anguish, Anti Clockwise, Applicationwrage, Arc, Arem, Arkaiya, Armada, Art of Noise, Arthelle's Parse, Artisans of War, Artisans of War, Artisans of War Super Team, Ascendancy of Aeons, Ashes of the Warphoenix, Asylum Gaming, Audacity, Audacity, Audacity, avatar, b a m f, B.A.M.F., Bad Kittys, Badjack, Bandomal's Bandits, Bandomals Bandits, Bane of the Fallen, Barts Lawlgs, Baseballs, Batman, Beasts of Unusual Size, Because December, Beliall's Log, Benjisguild, Bens, Best RU, Beyond Eternity, bhtrht, Bla bla, Blades of Lordaeron, Blah, Blargh, blatrix, Blind Kids, Blitz, blitz wit lazers pewpew, Blitzkrieg, Blitzkrieg, Blitzkrieg, Blood Moon Tribe, Blood Patriots, Bloodfoot Clan, Bobcraft, BobCraft, BobCraft, Bockscar, Bonfire, BOOM Inc, Bootsocks, Bootsocks, Boraslogs, Borrowed Time, Borrowed Time, Borrowed Time Recruitment Logs, Brave Little Toasters, Buring Cliff, Burning Cliff, Burning Cliff, Buttersnip's Log., Byakuraa, Cakes' ICCs, Call Me Maybe, Can't Have Nice Things, Caps Log, Carcasshoof-logs, Cataclysm, Catalyst, Catharsis, Cats on Fire, Cavanaugh, celestriae's guild, Challenger, Chaotic Ascension, chillin and killin, chillin and killin, Chillin and Killin, chillin n killin, Chocomirk, Clan Battlehammer, climax, Climax, Climax, Climax, Cloud Connected, Cohesion, Coldstar Merchant Co, core, Corsets and Beers, Corsets and Beers, Council of Evil, Council of Randolf, Craze, Crucible, Crucible, Crucible1, Crucity, CSG2, Ctwo, culture shock, Culture Shock, Culture Shock, Culture Shock, Culture Shock, Culture Shock, Cultures Shock, Cynical, Cynical, CynsPugLogs, Cønspiracy, Cønspiracy, Cønspiracy, cÿgmus, Dakoz, Dangles, Dango Daikazoku, Dark Court, Dark Court, Dark Guard, Dark Guard, Dark Illusion, Dark Legend, Dark Legend, Dark Legend, Dark Legend, Dark Legends, Dark Rune Clan, dark tryst, Dark Tryst, Darkguard, DarkHaven, DarkHaven, Dasaq's Logs, Dawn of Honor, Dawn of Reprisal, DBC, DBCRecruiting, Death By Cupcake, Death Guard, Death's Advocate, Deathor's Guild, Deaths Advocate, Deaths Verdict, Decaysguild, Deceit, Decimate, Decoy, DefiazLogs, Demolishes Cupcakes, DEMON PIRATES, Despair, Destiny, Destiny, Dies Irae, Dinosaurs with Guns, Dispara!!, DOB, Don't Be THAT Guy, Donleo's pug, Doublez, Dragon Skorne, Dragonhawk Brigade, Dragphobia, drankthor log, Dreadnaught, Drezal , DST, DST-2, dudebro, Dust Pwnies, DVDA, dynafarce, Early Raiders, Eatmyshocks' logs, EberronPrase, Ebon Vanguard, Echelon, Echoes of Azeroth, Echoes of Azeroth, Eleutherios, Eleutherios, Eleutherios, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium 2011, Embolden, End of Days, End of Days, Enigma, Enigma, Epic Wonderland, EPicness, Erohol Wants Into Borrowed Time, espada, Espada, Eternal Blazon, Eternal Blazon, Eternal Refuge, Excelles guild, Exile, Extenebris, Extirpation, FA Blue, Faasd, Fallen Core, Fallen heroes, Fallen Heroes, Fallen Heroes, Fallen Heroes , False Democracy, Fate, Fellowship, Final Dawn, Final Dawn, Fired, Fired, Fired, Flex, Flex, FLEX, Flopples, Foi en Amis, Foi en Amis, Foi En Amis, For Science, Forge, Forsaken Vengeance, Forsaken Vengeance, Fred, Freelance Police, Freelance Police, From Ashes, Frostwolf Brotherhood, frozenhides guild!, FS, Fury of Wienerschnitzel, G1, ganon is win, Garzett, Gev and Cil, Ghaldins logs, Gnomegnight, Go Hard, Goes Banana, Grade A, Gramm, Gratenoineg Canaldaça, Gratenoineg Canaldaça, Gratenoineg Canaldaça, Group Two, GTL, Guild, GuildFandigLoL, guildless, GYS, hallun, Halvok, Halvok Private, Hand of the Gods, Handle with Care, has ZERO friends, Hashtag Swag, hated, Hated, HateD, Haukkah's Guild, Headrush, Headshots guild, hellfrenzy test, hello kitty, Hellscream Time, Hellscreams Angels, Hellscreams Angels, Hellscreams Angels, Hellscreams Angels, Herding Cats, Hijiyama, hoe, Honor Battalion, honor of elune, Honor of Elune, Horadrim, Hordes Heroes, Horribly Impatient, Hostile, House Of War, House of Wrath, House Ravensong, Howling Fury, Hypochondria, I Gank First Legion, I Got This, I like to party, iamatestguild, Illuminati, Imminence, Impervious, Impure, Infinity, inheritrixland, Inkubus' Guild, Inner Circle, Inner Sanctum, Inner Sanctum, Inspires Logs, Intent, Invictus Maneo, Invictus Maneo, Invictus Sanctum, Invictus Sanctum, Irae, Irae, iridium, Ironclad, Ironclad, Isaak's WoL, Izzy, Jartoo, Jinatos personal logs, Jo's temp guild of the bear, JP moé le sac, Judgment Day, Junkbox, just for logs, Just Got Honor, Keyakku's Guild, Khloro, Killer Instinct, Killer Instinct, Killing with Guns, Knight of Punishment, Knights of Dawnsend, Knights of Dawnsend, Knights of Dawnsend, Knights of Dawnsend, Knights of Dawnsend, knights of exile, Koress's WoL, Korut, Ksamorou, Ksamorou, la garde impériale, la Luce della Notte, laguzy, Last call, Last Call, Last Call, Last Call, Last Call, Last Call, Last Call, Last Call, Last Stand, LASTATTEMPTRAIDERS, Late Night Wipes, Lazy Peons, League of the Icy Wind, Legacy of the Sun PuG, legalize felweed, Legion of Darkness, Legion of Darkness, Legion of Darkness, Legion of Darkness, Legion of Darkness, Legion of Noobs, Legion of Shadow Knights, Legion of Shadow Knights, Legion of Sorrow, Legion Of Sorrow, Legion of the Horde, LF Better Guild, LFBG, Libertas, Light Hold, Lilian's Meters, LilscissorDPS, Lir's Logs, Livid Creatures, Logs Fo Sho, LogTest, Loharte Regime, Loharte Regime, Loharte Regime, lolol, Lords of the Brocean, Lost Raiders, LoTs, Loves To Cuddle, lp, Lysett Log, M J K, made up for grozun, Majawh, Majestas, maleficum, Malleus, Malleus, Malleus, Malleus Maleficarum, Manbeasts, Martus Almasy, Masquerade, Massive Dynamic, Massive Dynamic, Maturity, Maturity, medellin, Medellin, Medellin, Mehr's Log, Mekanik, MementoMori, MEMESAHOY, Menage a Moi, Miaaaa, Mis numeros, Mispell's World of Pain, Moarkai, Moarkais guild, momentary logic, Monokos, Morning Wood, Moskau, Mughi, Mukia, Mukia's Logs, Murdermode, murdoc, MV, My Guild, My Logs, My Logs, My Testing, MyFakeGuild, Myguilddddd, MypersonalWoL, Mythiong, Naga's Belong In Slave Pens, Nagha, Needs a Hug, Needs a Hug, Neltharions, Neltharions, Neomortal, Nephilim, NEPHILIM, Nephilim alt, Nethershade, Nex Por Inhonesto, Nex Umbra, Nightwalkers, Nihilism, Nikko's Rogue Data, nMe, No Fear, No Hope No Fear, No Lifers, No Lifers, No Means Yes, NoldoKL, none, nosferatu brotherhood, Nosferatu Brotherhood, Nubby Nub Jrs, Numb, Nurofen Plus, Oblîvîon, Oblîvîon, Obîvîon, Odan, Odionis, Of the Cheerleader, Old Gods, Omni, On With The Show, Onebrekt Meters, Onyx Wolves, Oops I f'ed up, Ordalax, oreianlog, Orissian, Outcasted, Outcasted, Outlaw Legion, Outlaw Legion, Outlaw Legion, Outlaw Legion, OutLaw Legion, OutLaw Legion, OutLaw Legion, Over Raided, Overserved, OverServed, OverServed, OverServed, Pack of Heathens, Pandora, Pantheon, Pantheon-Imperium, Paraders of death, Paraders of Death, Paraders of Death, Paraders of Death, Paraders of Death, Paraders of Death, Paradigm Shift, Paradigm Shift, Paradigma, PARSE, parses and things, Passion, Pathway to Bliss, Penguins, personal_logs, Pink Fluffy Bunnies, placeholder, PoD, pointless faggots, Pointless Raid, Pointless Raiding, Pointless Raiding, Polterhumen's Guild, Praised By PuGs, Prestige Worldwide, Pretentious, Pretty Evil Elves, Priory of Sion, Prison Futbol Club, Pro Lucror, Pro Lucror, Pro Lucror, pro status, Prodgeny of Blue Ruin, Protectors of the Light, Proximity, Proxy, Pug Raids, pugcity, Pugs, PUGS, Qiezahtel, Qualthenas, Quarantine, quarntine's guild, Quejinn, Quejinn - Temp, Racic, Rage Capped, Raj's Logs, random, ranoldoph likes dick in and around his mouth, rare breed, Rare Breed, Rare Breed, Rare Breed, Rare Breed, Ravage, Ravenholdt Wolves, Raynell's Log, razelikh, Realm Of Ódin, Reckless, Red sector A, RedutsAwsomeGuild, REHAB, Reign of Terror, Reign of Terror, Reign of Terror, Reign of Terror Team 3, ReksWoL, Relapse, Relinquish, Relinquish, Renaissance, Renaissance, Renaissance , Rend Fate, Reprisal, Reprisal, Requiem, resurgence theory, Resurrection, RH-Elysium, Rift, Rift, Ripflame's guild, Rise of the Night Moon, Riskbreakers, Riskbreakers, Riskbreakers, Ritual, Rocket Surgery, Rocket Surgery, Rockos Modern Life, Rooks, Rooks, Ruffwar, Ruffwar Log, Ruin (temp), Ruin (temp), Runetrimvendor, Rutilus Luna, Rutilus Luna, S I N, SaidSheWasLvlEighteen, Saintz, Sama, Sama, sandkastenrocker, Schplat's Log Guild, Scotch and Soda, Scrubby, sdfdsf, sea of lulz, secheuseWOL, Sedition, Sedition, Sedition/Irae, Serk Reports, Shadow Snakes Elite, Shadows and Dust, Shinigami For Hire, Shock and Ore, Shoop De Whoop, Short Bus Raiders, Show Me Ya Moves, simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity, Sin, Sin, Singularity, Singularity, Sinister, Skornipoo, Slash-Flex, Slippery Eels, Socialites, Sojourner, Solloologs, Some Random Guild, Sons of Flynn, soul clan, Sparten Pugs, Standing Zebra, Starien's logs, Steezy, Stiqqish, stokerguild, Stonewall, Stormbringer Company, Sublime, Sublogs, subtle hustle, Subtle hustle, Subtle Hustle, Sunrise Passage Invaders, Swagger, Symplicity, Syncz Logs, Syndicate, Syndicate, Syndicate, Syndicate, Synha, Synn's WoL's, Taelorian, Taint Tyrants, Tainted Crusaders, Talent, Taliuspug1, Tasertok, TDS, Team Muffin, Team Muffin, Team Sinthe Pugs, Team Superwonderful, Tel Mithrim, Tempest, Tempest, Temporary Log, Terminus Est, test, Test, Test 01, test guild, Test Guild, Testbatch0079, TGNV, The Archangels, The Aspect Aggregate, the best dragon friends, The Bloodfoot clan, The Bloodfoot Clan, The Bob Sled Adventure, The Bunny Slayers, The Carnival, The Cartel, The Cerulean Guard, The Conclave Sanguine, The Consequences will never be the same, The Dark Arrow Legion, The Dark Passion, The Dark Passion, The Dominion, The Dragonhawk Brigade, The Dragonhawk Brigade, The Drunken Horde, The Dutch Coven, The Ebon Guard, The Ebon Guard, The Elysium, The Enlightened, The Guild, The Imperium, The Indelibles, The Indelibles, The Jeweled Blood, The Legends Reborn, The Light of Dawn, The Lightbringers, The Loyal, The Red Hand, The Rooks, The Steel Brotherhood, the Stormwolf, The Stormwolf, The Villains, The Will of the Warchief, TheDoctor, Themavran, This is for my Raid Logs, Thralls Poker Buddies, Thralls Poker Buddies, Thralls warcry, Thralls WarCry, Three Worgen Moon, Tides of Darkness, Tides of Darkness, Tiktacs Log, Time warp, Time Warp, titan, Titans of Hellstorm, TLR Log Dump, Torque, Total Disaster, Total Massacre, totally, Touch of Silver, Treasure Seekers, TreasureSeekers, tredding water, Trialguild, Triton, Trump For Warchief, Trust Fall, Tráumá, TT, Tun's Log, Twilight Empire RG2, Twisted Fáte, Tylonn, uhp, ujarlokk, Unflushables, Unflushables, Union, Universal Order, Universal Order, Ambition, Anarchy Rising, And A Stealthed Rogue, Arcane Torment, Archangel, Ascendant Of War, Audacity, bank space, BARBARIANS, Bear Tree Bank LLC, BigsBank, Blacklist, Blademaster, Blind Blademaster, Bloodstar, Bone Collectors, Cerberus, Chaotic Ascension, Chaotic Bliss, Cloak and Dagger, Confused Reinforcements, Council of Madness, Dark Oblivion, Dark Syndicate, Death by Vile Bats, Decayed Dominion, Decayed Occupation, Decisively Indecisive, Decoy, Depricated, Disorganized Crime, Dont be THAT guy, Doom Brigade, Doom Squad, Drednaught, Drunken Parrot, Dåmnation, Echoes of Azeroth, Emberstone, Epic Weapons Vendor, Fallen Heroes, Felwraithe Brokerage, Fish Go Blub, Fists of Furry, Forest Run, Forever Alone, Forge Guardian, Four Winds Exchange Co, From Ruins We Rise, Fruit Vendors, Gatomaximus, Get laid then raid, Gone Bank, Group Two, Has Cooties, Has Got the Clap, Has way too much junk, Hellscreams Angels, HordeHouse, House Stravos, Ignition, Immortalis, Immovable Gods, Infámous Outláws, Intent, Internal Revenue Service, Jolie Rouge, Kal dorei Emissary, Keepers of the Shinies, Kindreds of Burden, Knights Elite, Knights of Freedom, L i o n g u a r d, Last of Legion, Lay Waste, Legacy of the Sun, Legion of the Dark Army, Ligit Hobo Army, Luna De Bellum, LVL INC, Masquerade, Mooseknuckle Inc, Murlocks Stole My Epic, Necare foederis, Needs a Hug, Nex por Inhonesto, Onyx Wolves, Overlords, Pandaren Ale League, Pandemic, Panic Play, Paradigma, Pente, Poets of War, Pro Status, Prophets of Chaos, Pure Ownage, Pwn, Pwner Patrol, Quartermasters, Razzledazzle Co, Red Xs, Reign of Terror, Rekt, Renaissance, Rensbank, Reprisal, Resil Addicts Anonymous, Revenge Of The Horde, Riskbreakers, Ronin, Rough Riders, S I N, Saboteurs, Sacred Blood, Sapped Hoes Cant Say No, Shard of the Atamal, Sic Semper Tyrannis, Silens Regnum, Silentarrow Shipping, Snow Lotus of Myhr, So EZ a Gnome can do it, State Of Equilibrium, Stormwind City Guard, Systematic Failure, Taurens With Hats, Tea ßags inc, The Argent Dawn, The Butthurt, The Deadly Clan, The Demonites, The Dirty Underwear Gang, The Ebonshrike Society, The Eight Bit Gents, The Fire Heals You, The Gentlemans Club, The Hand of Tyr, The Hordes Hooligans, The Inedibles, The Legends Reborn, The Lonely Island, The Magisters, The Outriders, The Phantom Regiment, The Raiding Rainbow, The Red Panda Elites, The Riusii Reformation, The Safety Team, The Sentinels, The Undefied, The Watchmen, Titans of Hellstorm, Titans of the Legion, Twilight Empire, Twisted Evil, UDL, Unconquered, Unflushables, Unicorns, Universal Order, Unrelenting Fury, Unyielding Force of Lore, Victoria Vel Nex, Von Doom, Warriors of Destiny, Watchmen, Wave of Destruction, Wave Of Mutilation, wE am sPaSE PEepoLe, Wet Work Crew, Wolfsong Covenant, YOU KNOW NOTHING, You mad bro, You Pull It You Tank It, Abandon Ship, Adventurers League, AFK Bowflexing, Aftermath, All Beef, Amangur Empire, Angel Gaming, Angels ôf Death, Antaa lta Kaaos, Anterôs, Apostles Of Sunrok, Arcanium, Arcanum, At Least You Got Badges, Aura, Azeroth Renagades, Bandomals Bandits, Bank of Dalaran, Bank of Warcraft, Bankin is Good, Battle Babes, Blackrune Mercenaries, BlackWatch Regiment, Blitzkrieg, Blizzard Hates Us, Blood Crows, Blood of Amber, BloodLust Warlords, Bones of Progression, Borrowed Time, Brave Little Toasters, Burning Cliff, Buy More, Call Me Maybe, Cant Have Nice Things, Cap it, Capitalists, Cat and Seven Pugs, Chaós Theory, Chura Tida, Church of GLHF, Comatose, Crimson Assurance, Crimson Chaos, Crows Nest, Curse of the Ebon Hold, Custom Tabard, darkbishop, Darkmoon Alliance, Davey Jones Locker, DEATH TOLL, Deathmaw, Dedecor Exsilium, Defenestration, dejavue, Dingo Ate My Router, DontMakeMeGetMyMain, DvS Ryderz, Elect the Dead, Elemanati, Elite Corps, Elwynn Trash, Elysian Dreams, Empowered, Esoterikos, Espada, Eternal Conquest, Eternity, Everlasting Knights, Exodus, Exsanguination, Eyes of Dark Blood, F E A R, F Society, Fight On The Flag, Fight the Inevitable, Final Chapter, First Order, Flex, Foi en Amis, For Science, forbidden army, Forbidden Inquisition, Forbidden Liberties, Forge, Forsaken Vengeance, Freelance Banditos, Freelance Police, Fuzzy Panda Death Squad, Gankers Union, Going Hârd, Gossip Girls, Great Horn, Guardians, Guild Wars, Hallowed Reavers, Hardcore Pwnography, Harem, Headhunters, Hemlock Society, HILLBILLY LEGION, Holy Army, Holy Vengeance, Homicide Involontaire, Honk if Youre Hordey, Honorless, Hood Nukkas, Horde Brothers, Horrdified, House Atraydeez, I am a bank alt, Immovable Gods, Incursion, Infamous Outlaws, Intentio Attero, Into the Fray, Invictus Sanctum, IS HAWT, Its In Da Bank, Junkbox, Kibbles and Crits, KilleR ExPress, Kings of Lordaeron, Knee Deep in Candy, Koti, LDS Raiders, Leap of Faith, Legends, Legends Never Dìe, Loharte Regime, LOLZ, Lonely at the Top, Longshot, M I A, Made You Look, Make It Rain, Masquerade, MELS MINIONS, meow meow meow, Merciless Onslaught, Message Deleted, Midnight Mafia, Minimal Effort, Momentary Logic, Mystery, Mystic Toast, Naked and Famous, No Hope No Fear, No Means Yes, Nocturnal Element, Northern Guard, Orca, Ordo Letallis, OrgrimmarSanitationDept, Outcasted, Outcasted Family, OverServed, Pandamonium Theory, Parabellum, Pariter Immortalis, Paws and Claws, Persona, Players Vs Players, Pointless Raiding, Potty Mouth Spartans, Pride of the Horde, PURE, Rabid Beavers, Raiders of the Dream, RAPTURE, Rare Breed, Relentless Horde, Remnants of the Horde, Resolve, Resurrection, Richer in Game Then IRL, Rockos Modern Life, SadFlutes, Salty Runback, Sanguis Draconis, Scarlet Dawn, Seal Cub Clubbing Club, Seaward Bound, Second Best, Sek Sea Pirates, Seventh, Shadow Snakes Elite, ShadowGuard, Shadows of Emerald Isle, Shinigami For Hire, Siege Perilous, Silvermoon Templars, 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