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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Reverent US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 989
Defenders of Azeroth US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 330
Kaizen US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 292
Reset US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 89
Dysfunctional Serenity US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 88
Casually Serious US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 73
The Electric Mayhem US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 54
Place Ad Here None Alliance 0 46
Disorderly Conduct US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 36
Olympus US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 35
of Hellfire US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 34
Narrow Path US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 31
Lobster Brood None Horde 0 30
Camelot US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 29
Fallen Empire US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 26
Fallout Guild US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 26
Sands of Time US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 25
Lethal US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 24
Aequitas US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 22
Noob Squad US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 22
DogsOfWar US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 21
Twilight-Alliance US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 20
Dragons of New Avalon US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 19
Inspiration US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 18
In my Parse Time US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 17
The Pentaverate US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 17
Champions of Stormwind US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 16
Genestarwind's Derp Time US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 16
Rockjaw US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 16
tordackheal US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 16
Maiestas None Alliance 0 14
Valhalla Doormen US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 14
Conspiracy Theory US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 13
Lobster Brood US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 13
The Fâllen US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 13
Army of Darkness US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 11
Fallen Empire.2 US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 10
Ruthless US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 10
Calamitous Intentions Group 3 None Horde 0 9
Camelot US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 9
Respect US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 9
The Righteous Guards US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 9
Cheese Tactics US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 8
Resolute US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 8
The Virus US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 8
Archetype US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 7
Huge Success US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 7
Last Hope US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 7
The Fast and the Furriest US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 7
Order of Crimson Dagger None Alliance 0 6
Chaitlol US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 5
Electus Pauci US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 5
quiXotic None Horde 0 5
The Lonely Island US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 5
Why So Serious US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 5
alexor US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 4
All about that ranks US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 4
Alter Ego US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 3
exordium US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 3
Mythic US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 3
Odium US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 3
Parasite US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 3
Relentless Pursuit US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 3
The Tarp Factory US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 3
/EmoRageQuit US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
Army Of Darkness None Alliance 0 2
Blades of Eternity US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
Carpe Diem US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
Dandi US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
Dragons of New Avalon US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
Dream Team 2.0 US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
Parses US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
Ripple Effect US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
Sabotage US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
silver storm US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
Violent Intent US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 2
Wandering Monsters US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 2
13th legion US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Camelot US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
Deemed Inappropriate US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Dream Team US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Flex US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
Imminent None Alliance 0 1
Immortal US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Inconceivable US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 1
Internet Monster Slayers US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Knights of the Blackrose US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
My logs US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
No Respite US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
Nulli Secundus US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 1
Order of Kayoss US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
Osmosis US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Phase two US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Portuguese Breakfast US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 1
Pro Pain US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Raid None Alliance 0 1
Sacrilege US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Severed Legion US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 1
Testing US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
The Cupcake Train US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 1
Thirteenth Legion US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Trial and Error US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 1
Tuxedo Formal US-Thunderhorn Horde 0 1
Ucorp US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Ucorp (Rebirth) US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
Wet Birds US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 1
WoW Meeting Stone US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
A Team None Horde 0 0
Achievements R Us None Alliance 0 0
Ailathis' Logs US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 0
Akkadian Reborn None Alliance 0 0
atheistastic None Alliance 0 0
Bigger on the Inside None Alliance 0 0
billtwo None Horde 0 0
Blood of the Exiled None Horde 0 0
Box of Baandayd's None Horde 0 0
Brothers of War None Alliance 0 0
By His Stripes None Alliance 0 0
CAKE None Alliance 0 0
CAKE None Alliance 0 0
Camelot None Alliance 0 0
Camelot None Alliance 0 0
Carpe Diem None Alliance 0 0
Chaos Risen None Horde 0 0
Chinese Gold Farmers None Alliance 0 0
Cool Whip None Horde 0 0
Credo Nos (Big) None Alliance 0 0
Cruentus None Horde 0 0
Crusaders Reborn None Alliance 0 0
Crying is a Medicine US-Blade's Edge Horde 0 0
Dies Irae None Alliance 0 0
DogsOfWar None Horde 0 0
Dragons of New Avalon None Alliance 0 0
DT None Alliance 0 0
Eccentric Serenity None Horde 0 0
Edictum de Ventus None Alliance 0 0
Edictum de Ventus None Alliance 0 0
Egad Bad Dad None Horde 0 0
Equilibria None Alliance 0 0
EuronTheMan None Alliance 0 0
Evil Deeds None Alliance 0 0
Explicit End None Horde 0 0
eyeforaneye None Alliance 0 0
eZs None Alliance 0 0
Forsaken Covenant None Alliance 0 0
freakinbudhas None Alliance 0 0
Gonzoid None Horde 0 0
Gray Death Legion None Horde 0 0
Horsemen of Apocalypse None Horde 0 0
House Valerius None Horde 0 0
I.M.S. - Dingle Cozy Marmot Gang None Horde 0 0
imsorrywereyouquesting None Horde 0 0
Internet Monster Slayers - Honeybadgers Gang None Horde 0 0
Intrinsic None Alliance 0 0
Invalid Target None Horde 0 0
JustPoohjure None Horde 0 0
Karma US-Blade's Edge Alliance 0 0
Kief's, lol None Alliance 0 0
Kinetik None Alliance 0 0
Knights of the Hammer None Alliance 0 0
Lament None Horde 0 0
Lethal None Horde 0 0
Lethal 2 None Horde 0 0
Lethal2 None Horde 0 0
Manifest Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Mantequilla's Log None Alliance 0 0
MasticusWoL None Alliance 0 0
MathematicalFractal None Alliance 0 0
Medthodical Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Mile High Club None Alliance 0 0
Moonstruck None Horde 0 0
My logs None Alliance 0 0
Nastynate None Alliance 0 0
Night Hawks None Alliance 0 0
NP/BHS Combine None Alliance 0 0
Nulli Secundus None Horde 0 0
Pain Suppression None Horde 0 0
Pallas Athêna None Alliance 0 0
Pantheon None Horde 0 0
Paschen's Guild None Alliance 0 0
personal US-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 0
Power of Self None Alliance 0 0
Prestige Worldwide None Horde 0 0
Pulse None Horde 0 0
PvE with Demo None Horde 0 0
Reckless Abandonment None Alliance 0 0
recuitment None Alliance 0 0
Righteous Might None Alliance 0 0
Rixxer's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Sacrifice None Horde 0 0
Salanis logs None Horde 0 0
Serendipity None Alliance 0 0
Seventy Seven None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Warriors None Alliance 0 0
Silver Storm None Alliance 0 0
Simple None Alliance 0 0
Tactical Gamer None Alliance 0 0
Team Awesome None Alliance 0 0
Team Phenom None Alliance 0 0
test None Horde 0 0
The exiled None Horde 0 0
The Exiled None Horde 0 0
The Fraternity None Alliance 0 0
The Lonely Island - Roarimapally None Horde 0 0
The Narrow Path None Horde 0 0
The Pale Sun Legion None Horde 0 0
The Silvarian Order None Horde 0 0
Thoroughbreds of Sin None Horde 0 0
Twice Shy None Horde 0 0
Twilight-Alliance 2 None Alliance 0 0
Two Minute Warning None Horde 0 0
Tyrant None Horde 0 0
Tyreparse None Alliance 0 0
UCORP None Alliance 0 0
Unrelenting None Horde 0 0
Usual Suspects None Alliance 0 0
Venimus Vidimus Defuimus None Horde 0 0
VII None Horde 0 0
Wicked None Horde 0 0
Wicked None Horde 0 0
Zanarkend None Alliance 0 0
Zealous None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Addicted, Addicted, Addicted, Adept, Adept, Adrenaline, Aequitas, Aesir, Aesthetic not a guild, Affliction, Afterlife, Agressive Mediocrity, Akkadian Reborn, Akkadian Reborn, Akkadian Reborn, Alexee, Alkurimm, All Else Failed, All the Single Ladies, Alliance Finest, Alliance Warz, Allied Militia, Alt Club, Alt Ouro, Alter Ego, amaznzuesguild, Amyntric, Angel of Death, Angel of Death, Anger Management, Anitsocial Inc, Apocalypse, Aquøs, AR, AR-Kisae, Arcane Tendencies, Arcane Tendencies, Arcane Tendencies, Archetype, Archetype, Argent Champions, Armada, Ascendant, Avarice, Avenging Light, Avenging Light, Avenging Light, Awakening, Awesome, Awesome LFR, Bad Touch, Bank USA, Bankedtoo, Battle Knights, battle of evermore, Beags's, Bedlam, Bedlam, Bedlam, Bedlam, Bedlam, beets, Beliir testing, Belligerent, Belligerent, Beta Testing, Big Meat to my Feat, blackaces logs, blacksheep wall, Blank, Blink Pull, Blood Bath and Beyond, Blood Bath and Beyond, Blood Bath and Beyond, Blood Bath and Beyond!, Blood Oath, Blood0ne, Bloodmagick, Bon Weir, Borrowed Time Application, Boss Patrol, Bragerlan, BRB Homework, BRB Homework, Bruinblood, Buhn, Buray, By His Stripes, By His Stripes, By His Stripes, Caedan's Personal Logs, Calamitous Intentions, Calamitous Intentions (4), camelot, Cannon Fodder, Canthe, carbinee, Carpe Diem, caution, caution, Cavaliers of Virtue, Caviliers of Virtue, Ceilio, Ceilo, Cementless Beirut, Challenge Accepted, Challenge Accepted, Champions League, chaos lords, Chaos Risen, chaos theory, Chaos Theory, Chaos Theory, chrispp, CI-Envy, Citadel, Cløckwørkz, Coalition Of The Willing, Cobra Command, Coco's Logs, Company of the Wo;ves, Company of the Wolves, Company of the Wolves, Conspiracy Theory, Conspiracy Theory, conspiracy theroy, Contempt, Contempt, Coringar's Log, Corruptive Minds, Corruptive Minds, Cosa Nostra, CoTW, Coup de Grâce, CrazyTrain, Credo Nos, Credo Nos, Credo Nos , Credos Nos, Crimson Asylum, crimson tide, critically acclaimed, Critically Acclaimed, Critically Acclaimed, Critically Acclaimed, Critically Acclaimed, Critically Acclaimed, Critically Ironic, Critically Ironic, Crowd Control, Crusade, crusaders reborn, Cult of the muscle sword, cupcake train, Cyph Logs, Da Kine, Dai-Gurren Dan, Dancingsword, Danger Squad, Danger Squad, Dark Horizon, Dark Horizon, Dark Horizon, Dark Horizon, dastrakz, Day Breakers, Deadlysins, Death by Care Bears, Death Dealers, Death Dealers, deemed inappropriate, Defenders of Azeroth, Defenders of Darnassus, Defense of the Ancients, Defiance, Defiance, Defy Gravity, Deified, Delirium, Deltrusisbad, Derp Dans Logs, Deviant, Deviants, DGHB, Did it hurt-Blade's Edge, Dies Irae, Dinosaur Lazer Fight, Dinosaur Lazer Fight, dishonored, Dishonored, Dk's, doa (temp), Doesnt matter, Dogs of War, DogsofWar, Dominance, doom, Double D, DoW, dps, Dr's 10 man, Dream Keepers, Dream Team App guild!, Dreamtheory's guild, Dsquirrel, Dumpin mai logs here!, Eclypsis, Eclypsis, Edge of Honor, Edge of Reason, eggnog, Eggnog, elderlywomanbesthunter, Electric Mayhem, Electric Sheep, Electric SHeep, Eleventh Hour, elisyium, End of Serenity, Endure, eralF, Essentia, Evasion, Everto Ortus, Evident Destiny, Exile, Exim, ezs, eZs, eZs, eZs, Ezs, ezs rg, FAILMODE, FAILMODE, Failure Is Not An Option, fake guild name, Fallout, Fallout, Fallout, Fallout, fathertee, Feanora personal logs, FEARLESS, FEDAYKIN, Feorandres, ferocitas, Fides Nemo, finnar, Forsaken Covenant, Forsaken Covenant, Forsaken Covenant, Fractured Fairy Tales, Freaks Come Out at Night, freemasons, Freezurbern, French Toast Mafia, Friends of John Wall, Frostitewt, Full Circle, fullcircle, Furious Damage, Fyrephenix, Fâde tø Blâck, Gank This, GaviinLFR, GCHQ, Gitina, Goat, Gospel of the Dawn, Gquit, Guild, Ham Sanwich, Haven of Sanity, Haven of Sanity, Hawt Pockets, Hawt Pockets, Heroes of Valhala, Heroes of Valhala, Heroes of Valhalla, hithere, Holder Kin, Holy Crusaders, HORDE ARMY, Horde Order, Horde united, House Cat Mafia, House of Fire, HoV, Howling Darkness, Huge Success, Huge Success, I eat poop, I Hate This Guild, I Wanna Go Fast, Igneous, IHTG, IHTG, immortals of azeroth, IMPERIAL DRAGONS, Incarnation, Incarnations PuG Logs, Inconceivable, infinite evolution, inner chaos, Inner Chaos, Inner Chaos, Insomniac, Insomniac, Insomniac, Inspiration_logs, Insurrection, Internet Monster Slayers, Internet Monster Slayers, Invalid target, Its An Addiction, Jade Talon, Jahosaphat, Jaydyn, Jazz Hands, JESTER'S DEAD, JESTER'S DEAD, Jewcy, JOJ, Just for Giggles, Just for kicks, Just for Parses, Just myself, Just Outta Jail, Kavo, kcaw si lov, Killers, Killér Instinct, kneegrosbig, Knights of Dalaran, Knights Of Dalaran, Knights of Liberty, Knights of Sin, Koopa Troopas, Korruption, Krazy, Krinn, Lament, lapraids, Last Attempt, Last Attempt, Last Hope, Last Stand, Last Wish, Launchbox, Launchbox-Undisputed, LB, LeftBehind, Leftnug Express, Legacy Reborn, Legends of Magic, Legends Of Magic, Legion of Valor, Legionaires, Leibaebae, Lethal (Grp2 bk up), Lexilon, Lexo, LFG, light of night, Light Of Night, Lights hope, Lights Out, Lights Out, Lights Out, Lights Out, Lith's Guild, Littlegaint, Liveforblood, LiveForBlood, Lobster Brood, Lobster Brood, Lobster Brood, Lobster Brood - Cataclysm, Lobster Brood G2, Loestrin, Logs, Lollersk8tz, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO, lolSnowing, lolwut, Lord of Honors, Lorele, Lumen Sanctum, Luminous Distraction, Lupichu, Lvoutlaw's Logs, Maelstrom, Maka's junk, Malicious Destruction, malicious intent, Malleus Maleficarum, Malleus Maleficarum, MaOwnGuild, martyr, Martyr, Martyr, Maximum Cuddles, Me, meh, meh, Mel's Bells, mememe, MERELY A SETBACK, Metal Militia, Metal Militia, miclovins, mid mo , Miguel, Milk and Cookies, milk&cookies, Mindshackled, Mirrana's Pugs, Misery, Missy's Misfits, Mixed Nutz, Mon Armour, Moonstruck, Moonstruck, Moonstruck, Moonstruck RG1, Mora, Morgan's Misfits, Morgans Misfits, Mortal Wounds, Mourne, Mourning Stars, Moving Targets, Moving Targets, Moving Targets, Musume's Pug Run, My Guild, My Private Guild, Myguild, Mysticstorm, Myth, MyWoL, na, Narrow Path, Narrow Path, Narrow Path, Narrow Path, Narrow Path, Narrow Path, Narrow Path, ncguyreport, Necro Vortex, Nevermoré, New Concept, nicks logs, Nightfall, NightLighters, NinePM RAIDERS, niner911guild, No Guild, notarealname, Nothing but the Blood, NotInUse, Novus Somnium, Novus Somnium, NP et Al, NS, Nulli Secundus, Ob 2, OCD (RG1), Ocd Alt Runs, Ocd Dragon soul, Ocd Dragon soul g1, Of Hellfire, ofguild, OlympusII, Omerta, omgpie, Once Bitten, One Gnome Army, Onyx Eclipse, oohaha, Order of Crimson Dagger, Order of Crimson Dagger, Order of Crimson Dagger, Order of Crimson Dagger RG1, Order of Crimson Dagger RG3, Order of Kayoss, Order of the Coast, OrigamiSuicide, Origins, Origins, Osmosis, Ouro, Ouro2, OuroApps, Ouroboros, Ouroboros, Overpowered, Oz, Pain in the Azeroth, Pain in the Azeroth, Pain in the Azeroth, Paladin Knights, Pandemic, Pandemic, panty raiders, Panty Raiders, Paradiso, Paradìso, Paramoré, Parasite, Parsed Parsecs, Paschen, Passion Pit, Pathogen, pendragynsKnights, Perseverance, Perseverance, Personal Logs, Phase two, Phase Two, Phoenix Fire, Phoenixt's WOL Reports, pink panda parade, Pinnacle, Plan B, Planet Express, Platinum, pointless, Pope, Power of Self, powerhouse, Prestige Wurldwide, Pride, Prison, propaganda, Propaganda, Prototype, PUG Logs, Pulse, Puritys Guild, quiXotic, qwerty, R A D, R e s p e c t, R E S P E C T, Raid, Raiders of Northrend, Raiders of Northrend, Raiders of the short bus, raiding robots, Raimius, Raimius2, Rangers of the Glade, Rebirth, reborn, Recess, ReLaPsE, Relentless, Relentless Pursuit, Reliox, Remedial Weaboo Raiders, Reported For Winning, Resolute, Resolute, Resolute, Resolute, Resolute, Resolute, Resurgence, Reverent Test, ReverentBravo, Reversed Evolution, Reversed Evolution, Revolt, Rico's Roughnecks, Ricos RoughNecks, Ripple Effect, Rockjaw, Rowdy Raiders, RP, RS, rubixxele, Ruthless Group 2, RWC, s lair, Sabotage, Sabotage, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sandbox Tiger Jockeys, Sands of Time, Sanguine Addiction, Sanus Logs, schocker, Seal Cub Clubbing Club, Seclude, Sekul, Sericea, Seventy Seven, Severed Legion, Shadaj, shadou, Shadow Alliance, Shinjuku Shoguns, Shuffleboard Ninjas, Skeleton Crew, Skeleton Crew, Skeleton Crew, Slapped your Momma wha.., Slav, Sober House, sojaks guild, Solo Running, solstice, SomethingEpic, Soulvoid, Spectre, spellplity, spells, Stars, Stasis, STDs are Soul Bound, Stormrage, strykker, sweet dreams, Sweet Dreams, Sweet Dreams, Symbiote, Symphonia, Tactical Gamer-Resurgent, Tainted Death, Tanklogs, tauren burger express, Taylor, Tc logs, Team Awesome, temp guild, Tempest, tenacity, Tenacity, Tenacity of Thunderhorn, test, Test, Test, Test, Test, testguild, Testlog729, TG Abso, The Archetype, The Ascension, The Bees Knees, The Bleeding Tears, The Chosen, The Chosen, The Click, the Core, The Cupcake Train, The Cupcake Train, The Cupcake Train, The Determined, The Dickets, The Dignified, The Dignified, the dream team, The Electric Mayhem, The exiled, The Exiled, The Exiled, The Fallout, The Few Elite, the guild, the horde empire, The Horde Empire, The Inquisition, The Machine, THE MACHINE, The Mercenaries, The Nights Watch, The Oda Clan, The Pwn Shop, The Righteous Guards, The Silver Crusade, The Starship Enterprise , the syndicate, The True Alliance, The True Alliance, the underground, The Valiant, Theion, theoryfails, Thirteenth Legion, Thirteenth Legion, Thirteenth Legion, Thirteenth Legion, This is a Fake Guild, This'll Kill Ya, ticklepickle, Tiggobitty, Titus Owns All, tnecseD, TOA, Too Lazy To Name, TopherM, Torment, Total Abomination, Total Anarchy, totemtalk, Tourniquet, TR Clan, tracce, Trial and Error (g2), Trial and Error 25man, Trial and Triumph, Trial and Triumph, Trial and Triumph, Trial and Triumph G3, Turks Upload, TwelveInchesUnbuffed, Twice Shy, Twilight Alliance II, Twilight Alliance Late Nighters, Twitch, Tyffani, Ucorp, UCORP, unbreakable, Unbroken, Undisputed, Undisputed, Undisputed, Undisputed, Unimaginable, United, Unknown guild, Unlikely Heroes, Unstoppable, Unstoppable, Unstoppable, Unstoppable, Untold Legendz, Untold Legendz, Untold Legendz, Uploads1, A Kiss from Hell, Aeon Flux, Alliance Annihilators, Alliance of Heroes, Alter Ego, Antisocial Inc, Ants Gaming, Archetype, Armored Crusaders, Assassins Blood League, Avenging Angels, Awakening, BC or It Didnt Happen, Bearly Wiped, Beyond the Taint, Blood Reign, BRB, Cavaliers of Virtue, Celebrium, Cest la vie, Chaos Risen, Chloroform, Clan Ant, Cognition, ColdFire, Collectors Anonymous, Common Sense, Core, Cross Realm Crusaders, Cryptrot Trading LLC, Danger Squad, Dark Legion, Dark Nights, Darkmoon Bandits, Death Musketers, deathbringers, DeJaVu, Destruction from Above, Dewy Cheatem and Howe, Die Trying, Disbanded, Dishonored, Disorderly Conduct, Dont Look Back, Dragonlords, Edge of the Empire, Elite Alliance, Eternal Vengeance, Europa, Ex Cinis Cineris, Family First, For Tonight We Baste, Forsaken Dreams, Freedom Alliance, Gatekeepers, Gentle Persuasion, Gladiators Of WOW, Honor and Justice, Horde Inc, HordeAmericanBank, Hordes Gone Wild, HORN OK PLEASE, Hostle Intentions, illegal, iloveloosely, In memory of DMS, Incursion, Insanitys Playground, It Was Also Epic, JAGUARS, Karma, Killing Timê, Kindred, Kings Of Mortality, Kiss My Anthia, Knights of Kalimdor, Knights of Valor, Knocken on Heavens Door, KâRMA, Last of the Time Lords, Letum Cocio, Libtard Prevention Squad, Lights End, Live To Win, Log Horizon, Lords of the Mist, Lost souls ofthe decayed, Lot O Money, Love and Honor, Malum in Se, manifest overlord, May Break My Bones, MERCENARIES INC, MERELY A SETBACK, MyCorp, Mythic, Night Elf Mohawk, No Meanies Allowed, Nocturnalis, Noob Squad, Nulli Secundus, OddGamerZ, Olympus, One Knight Stand, Osmosis, Pallas Athêna, Paragon, Perseverance, Phantomslayers, Phase Two, Prepare for Glory, Rabid Squirrels, Razórs Edge, Rebørn Måsterz, RevengeOfTheFallen, RnB, Sacrilege, Sands of Time, Shadow of Valor, Shadow Style, Shadows of Death, Silver Storm, silverdragons, SM Savings and Loan, Soldiers Of Arthas, Something New, T A R D I S, TBC Retro Raiding, TempleOfPandas, Terminãl Sækers, The Azerothians, The Diggers Union, The Dignified, The East Side Gunz, The Element of One, THE FEW ELITE, The Guardians Of Azeroth, The Oda Clan, The Outkasts, The Revolution, The RighTeouS, The Righteous Guards, The Specialist, the squirtle squad, The Stack Brotherhood, The Uncrowned, TheLost Legends, Thirteenth Legion, Time Well Wasted, Titans of Teldrassil, Total Annihilation, Twisted, Undertaker, Unholy Appetite, Unrelenting, Virtue, VITAL ALLIANCE, Walkers of the Plane, Warchief, Warriors of Ego, Wet Birds, Why So Serious, Wicked Gaming, Will Raid For Blizcon, windowlicker inc, World Bank of Azeroth, WoW Raiders, You Will fail, A Love Story, Acid Reign, Acute Anglers, Africa, Afterlife, Angels of Chaos, Annihilators of Evil, Aperture Laboratories, Avenged, Avenging Light, Bad Wolf, Bankers Inc, BankofOBI, Battle Knights, beasts of the horde, Bigger On The Inside, Blood of the Exiled, Bloods, bloody blade, Bone legion, Braclet Boogieman, BUnforgiven, By His Stripes, CAKE, Camelot, chemical kill, Chinese Takeout Gang, Choice of Damnations, Chopsticks, Chosen, Clearly Insane, Cogsprocket, Conspiracy Theory, Credo Nos, Crimson Blade Clan, Critically Acclaimed, Crossfire, Crusaders of Discordia, CtrlAltElite, Dark Blades, Dark Hunters, Dark Intentions, Darkness Ends, Dead Rabbits, Deadly Rise, Death Dance, Death from Above, Dies Irae, Dire Dire Docks, Divine Apocalypse, DogsOfWar, Dost Thou Even Hoist, DRAGON FIGHTERS, Dragonfly, Dragons of the Doom, Dysfunctional Serenity, Ebonleaf Council, Edge of Despair, Edictum de Ventus, El Chuco, Elitist Superstructure, Exiles, eZs, FAILMODE, Fallen Empire, Fellowship of the Ring, Flaming Star of Azeroth, Forsaken Legion, Fully Exalted, Fusion, Gank Ya, Gigglecrew, Glittering Prizes, Glorious, Grand Marshal, Gray Death Legion, Gringotts Goblins, Hand of the Crown, Hawt Pockets, Head Hunters, Hellfire Clan, Heresy, Hoarderz, Hold my Brew, Horde on the Corner, HorneKnights, Hostile Takeover, House Blackfyre, House Cat Mafia, House Mormont, Huge Success, Hyperion Order, Hônôr Böund, I I I, Inconceivable, Indiana State Mama Bears, Infamous NinetyNine, Injustice, Ironforge Reclaimers Inc, J P MORGAN, Jammin on the One, Journey, Kama House, Khaotic, Kitty Got Claws, Knights of the regz, Koopa Troopas, Last Light, Learn To Play, Legends of Magic, Legends Of Masters, Legion of Ruin, Legion of Valor, Legionnaires, Lethal, Like a BAUS, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO, Lóst Souls ófthe Decayed, Malleus Maleficarum, Malum In Se, McCormittBank, Momentum, Moonstruck, My Other Guild is a Pain, Myth, Narrow Path, Naturally Gifted, Nightmare, Noblesse Oblige, Omega Shard, Order of Kayoss, Otto Guild, Pandaland, Pandemic, Phoenix Fire, Poisonz and Toniqz, PowerpuffGirls, Pretty Pink Pwnies, PrettyHateMachines, PROTEIN SHAKES OR NAH, Prototype, quiXotic, R A D, R e s p e c t, Rage Quit, RaidinSoulCaster, Raven Lords, Reality Kings, Red Knights, Resolute, Resplendent Requiem, Resurgence, Reverent, Sacred Deathgaurds, Sanctus Incendia, Saturni Luna, Scion, SevenDevils, Spoils of War, Squaids, Star Pudding, Stay Out Of The Box, Steaks On A Plain, Stoned, Strictly Business, Sudo, Sunshine Smile Factory, Taco Juans, Taure Ohtar, Team Mailbox, Tempest, That Just Happened, The Accord, The Blacklisted, The Blood Knights, The Burning Crusade, The Chosen, The Cupcake Train, The Dark Vortex, The Dead Lords, The Electric Mayhem, The Frost Warriors, The Fâllen, The Gatherers, The Goodies, The Hideout, The Horde Legion, The Illusion of Movement, The Immortal Light, The Law, The Lunar Republic, The Murloc Hunter, The Pact, The Pale Sun Legion, The Random, tHe sAkraPhycEd, The Selected Few, The Shadow Warriors, The Thrall Consortium, The Twilight Onslaught, The Wandering Ronin, The Wink Clan, Time Lords, Tiny Failure, Tiny Gnome People, Tranquility, Turbo Samurai Kittens, Twilight Alliance, Twitch, Two Minute Warning, Underwear Gnomes, United, Unlikely Heroes, Up in Flames, Usual Suspects, Valhalla Doormen, Vengence Raiders, VII, Virus, Warrior Spirit, Warriors of Kalimdor, We are Harbinger, WolfPack, World Bank of Azaroth, YoyoDyne, ZigZags, Usual Suspects, Usual Suspects, V A L O R, Vahalla Rising, Valkyrie, Vehemence, venimus vidimus defuimus, Vexis Logs, Victory not Loot, Victory Not Loot, Vikatin, Violant intent, Virtute et Armis, Virtute et Armis, Vith, Voracity, Voracity, voz king of trees, Wandering Monsters, Wandering Monsters, Warlords of Hell, Warner Bros., Warriors Of Firewall, We Raid Naked, Wed Raiders, Weewa, Wet, what, Whatevs, Who let the Worgen Out, Who Let The Worgen Out, WHO LET THE WORGEN OUT, whoareyou, Why So Serious, Wicked, WoL Reports, WolReport, Worse Than Death, WoWaholics Anonymous , Wrath of the Dark Sun, Wrath of the Dark Sun, Wrath of the Fallen, Wyzard App, Xplicit Content, Xplicit Content, xplicit content , Yes I Parse Pugs, Your Companion, Yup, Zen, Zen, Zen, Zetari, Zigtech, Zoax's Axe, zodiac

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