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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
The Bad Company US-Suramar Alliance 6 9
Elemental Corruption US-Suramar Alliance 0 563
Equivalent Exchange US-Draka Alliance 0 145
D's Logs None Alliance 0 134
Zug Life US-Draka Horde 0 114
Verbal Justice US-Suramar Alliance 0 98
From Chaos US-Suramar Alliance 0 90
Snuffleupagus US-Suramar Alliance 0 88
The Leftovers None Alliance 0 71
Ineffable US-Suramar Alliance 0 61
Retàliàre US-Draka Horde 0 51
Career Professionals US-Suramar Alliance 0 48
Resurgence US-Suramar Horde 0 43
Radikal Faeries US-Suramar Alliance 0 39
Time is Too Short US-Suramar Horde 0 30
Great Awesome US-Suramar Horde 0 29
RankWhore US-Suramar Horde 0 29
The Obsidian Order None Alliance 0 28
Allmacht US-Suramar Horde 0 22
Edge of Corruption US-Suramar Alliance 0 20
The Obsidian Order US-Suramar Alliance 0 20
phaelog US-Suramar Alliance 0 18
Scrub10s US-Suramar Alliance 0 17
RollThunder US-Suramar Horde 0 15
For Love and Money US-Draka Alliance 0 14
Who is John Galt US-Suramar Horde 0 14
Art of Ruin US-Suramar Horde 0 13
AvatarSuramar US-Suramar Alliance 0 13
One Job US-Suramar Alliance 0 13
Placeholder US-Suramar Alliance 0 13
Avatar US-Suramar Alliance 0 12
Recognition US-Suramar Alliance 0 11
Ad Nauseam US-Draka Alliance 0 10
Damers Guild US-Draka Horde 0 10
Logic US-Suramar Alliance 0 10
PUGASAUR US-Suramar Horde 0 10
Recognotion US-Suramar Alliance 0 10
Logic US-Suramar Alliance 0 9
AFK Simulation 2 US-Draka Horde 0 8
Justthejob US-Suramar Horde 0 8
Audrix's Raids US-Draka Alliance 0 7
Exigency US-Suramar Horde 0 7
Sanctuary US-Draka Horde 0 7
Unbridled US-Draka Horde 0 7
Bloodbath US-Draka Horde 0 6
fear US-Suramar Horde 0 6
A Guild US-Suramar Horde 0 5
Burning Sensation - MoP US-Draka Horde 0 5
Cheddar's World of Logs US-Suramar Horde 0 5
Dux Fortuna US-Suramar Horde 0 5
nephilim ascended US-Suramar Horde 0 5
Asgard US-Draka Horde 0 4
Caminna US-Suramar Alliance 0 4
Light and Shadows US-Suramar Alliance 0 4
Lucky Charms Crew US-Draka Alliance 0 4
Multifarious Inc US-Suramar Alliance 0 4
Tattered Legends US-Suramar Alliance 0 4
Average Jóes US-Draka Horde 0 3
Conviction US-Suramar Alliance 0 3
Echelon US-Suramar Alliance 0 3
Electro US-Suramar Horde 0 3
Meat Vendors US-Draka Alliance 0 3
Murloc US-Suramar Horde 0 3
Panda's WoL US-Suramar Alliance 0 3
Pandaemonium US-Draka Alliance 0 3
Personal Numbers US-Draka Alliance 0 3
Phiis US-Suramar Alliance 0 3
The Sojourners None Horde 0 3
Anomaly US-Suramar Horde 0 2
Application Logging US-Suramar Alliance 0 2
Clearly US-Draka Alliance 0 2
Equivalent Exchange None Alliance 0 2
Eternal Retribution None Horde 0 2
First Strike US-Suramar Alliance 0 2
mine US-Suramar Alliance 0 2
mnbv US-Draka Alliance 0 2
Potentially Awkward US-Suramar Horde 0 2
Presence of Mind US-Suramar Horde 0 2
Professionals US-Suramar Horde 0 2
Recognition US-Suramar Alliance 0 2
Reno US-Draka Horde 0 2
Shadow US-Suramar Horde 0 2
Shot a Man in Reno US-Draka Horde 0 2
The Crowing US-Suramar Horde 0 2
Too Legit US-Suramar Alliance 0 2
AdNauseamStats US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Aesira US-Suramar Alliance 0 1
Anomaly US-Suramar Horde 0 1
Big Head Crew US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Blood Promise None Alliance 0 1
Brave Companions US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Breed of Brutality US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Broken Bodies US-Suramar Alliance 0 1
Corps de Métiers US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Drift US-Suramar Alliance 0 1
Epic Eyes US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Equivalent Exchange US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Exile US-Draka Horde 0 1
Faith of Tyrande US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Fay US-Suramar Alliance 0 1
Full Circle US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Gizmos n Gadjits US-Suramar Horde 0 1
Heyo US-Suramar Horde 0 1
House of the Templar US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Inception US-Suramar Alliance 0 1
jaaaaa US-Suramar Horde 0 1
Klik US-Suramar Horde 0 1
Knights of NI US-Suramar Alliance 0 1
Knights Templar US-Draka Horde 0 1
Limited Edition US-Draka Alliance 0 1
LP's Stats US-Draka Horde 0 1
mylogs US-Suramar Alliance 0 1
noneya US-Draka Horde 0 1
Old ten US-Draka Horde 0 1
Path Of Victory US-Draka Alliance 0 1
plan b US-Suramar Horde 0 1
Possessed US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Quantic None Alliance 0 1
Silence is key US-Suramar Horde 0 1
TB US-Suramar Alliance 0 1
The All Mighty US-Suramar Alliance 0 1
The Last Prodigy US-Suramar Horde 0 1
The Sauce US-Suramar Horde 0 1
The Vindicated US-Draka Horde 0 1
Threat Level Midnight US-Draka Alliance 0 1
Unreasonable US-Suramar Alliance 0 1
Verbal Justice US-Suramar Alliance 0 1
3iob None Alliance 0 0
2012 None Horde 0 0
Aakwa's-logs None Alliance 0 0
Aiir's Logs None Horde 0 0
Alexstraszas Elite None Alliance 0 0
Allmacht None Horde 0 0
Angelinas Kids None Alliance 0 0
Anoonak None Alliance 0 0
Arcturus None Horde 0 0
Asgard None Horde 0 0
Awakenings None Alliance 0 0
Azeroths Light None Alliance 0 0
Backlash None Horde 0 0
BC now None Alliance 0 0
Blood and Sands None Horde 0 0
Bloodgrin Clan None Horde 0 0
Bloodyvons Slaves None Horde 0 0
boneshooter None Horde 0 0
Boomkins R Us None Horde 0 0
Brave Companions None Alliance 0 0
Breed of Brutality None Alliance 0 0
Bricks Logs None Horde 0 0
Broken Bodies None Alliance 0 0
Career Professionals None Alliance 0 0
Castaways None Horde 0 0
Chain Pulls FTW None Alliance 0 0
ChebuGuild None Horde 0 0
Crimson Wings None Horde 0 0
Crysis None Alliance 0 0
Dark Assassins None Horde 0 0
Dark Champions None Horde 0 0
Darkness Nomads None Alliance 0 0
Death By Caramel None Alliance 0 0
Dekutrree None Alliance 0 0
Detaine's Pimp Shack None Horde 0 0
Drakii None Horde 0 0
Eclipses of Avatar None Alliance 0 0
Eevana None Alliance 0 0
Elegy None Horde 0 0
EpicEyes None Alliance 0 0
epiphany None Alliance 0 0
Epiphany None Alliance 0 0
Equivalent Exchange team 2 None Alliance 0 0
ExoDus None Alliance 0 0
Faith of Tyrande - 5.2 None Alliance 0 0
ForLoveAndMoney None Alliance 0 0
galt None Horde 0 0
Group Two None Horde 0 0
Heavy Junk None Alliance 0 0
Heavymetal None Horde 0 0
Homeys None Horde 0 0
Immortal Spirit None Alliance 0 0
Infinite Darkness None Horde 0 0
Invasive Species None Alliance 0 0
Is Too Drunk To Care None Horde 0 0
Ishnals Test Guild None Alliance 0 0
jetheads None Alliance 0 0
keyzz None Horde 0 0
LaS/ES None Alliance 0 0
Leggo's Uploads None Horde 0 0
Logs None Horde 0 0
Lords of Havoc None Horde 0 0
Lost Kingdom None Alliance 0 0
Magically Malicious None Alliance 0 0
manifest destiny None Alliance 0 0
ME None Horde 0 0
mecha None Horde 0 0
Medikal None Alliance 0 0
mehlololol None Horde 0 0
Midnight None Horde 0 0
My Logs None Alliance 0 0
My Personal WOL None Alliance 0 0
NaG None Alliance 0 0
Naia's Logs None Alliance 0 0
NeiNei None Horde 0 0
Nephilim Ascended 2.0 None Horde 0 0
Not Dead Yet None Alliance 0 0
obsidian order None Alliance 0 0
Occupy Stormwind None Alliance 0 0
Odd Future None Alliance 0 0
Office Supply R Us None Horde 0 0
Old Timers of Azeroth None Horde 0 0
Onslaught None Alliance 0 0
Onslaught None Alliance 0 0
Order of Illuminatus None Alliance 0 0
Outcasts None Alliance 0 0
Overblink group 2 None Horde 0 0
Overblink-namuu None Horde 0 0
Pandaken None Alliance 0 0
Pandorabell None Horde 0 0
Pankcake Mafia None Alliance 0 0
Personal None Alliance 0 0
Phenomenal None Horde 0 0
PhianiCV None Horde 0 0
Platonically Promiscuous None Alliance 0 0
Praxis None Horde 0 0
Priest Heals None Alliance 0 0
Punky's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Rabble Rousers None Horde 0 0
Rabble Rousers None Horde 0 0
Radikal Faeries None Alliance 0 0
Radikal Faeries None Alliance 0 0
Ravenguard None Horde 0 0
Release the Gnomes None Horde 0 0
Remission None Alliance 0 0
Rep None Horde 0 0
Riot None Alliance 0 0
Scourge Busters None Alliance 0 0
Scourge Busters PUG None Alliance 0 0
Screams of the Past None Alliance 0 0
Sherpa None Horde 0 0
Shifty Trouserpants None Horde 0 0
shot a man in reno None Horde 0 0
Sinful Obsessions None Horde 0 0
Six to Midnight None Alliance 0 0
Sjachvirlym None Horde 0 0
Slippy app parse None Alliance 0 0
smallgods None Horde 0 0
Snuffleupagus None Alliance 0 0
Snugglez None Alliance 0 0
Sofa Kings None Alliance 0 0
Stega US-Suramar Alliance 0 0
Stompsville's Logs None Horde 0 0
Storm None Alliance 0 0
Straw Hat Pirates None Horde 0 0
Tagaryen Dragons None Alliance 0 0
Team-2 None Alliance 0 0
Tetracato None Horde 0 0
THE ALL MiGHTY None Alliance 0 0
The Commoners None Alliance 0 0
The Corrupted None Horde 0 0
The Double Deuce None Horde 0 0
The Experience None Alliance 0 0
The Knights of Ni None Alliance 0 0
The Last Legion None Horde 0 0
The Seven Sins None Alliance 0 0
The Vindicated None Horde 0 0
The Vindicated - Ciani None Horde 0 0
TheElement None Alliance 0 0
TheElementA None Alliance 0 0
Theory None Alliance 0 0
There is no spoon None Horde 0 0
Thirteen Devils None Horde 0 0
ThirteenDevils None Horde 0 0
Three Inches of Blood None Alliance 0 0
Three Inches of Blood None Alliance 0 0
Three Inches of Blood None Alliance 0 0
Trolljin None Horde 0 0
Unbridled None Alliance 0 0
United Revolution None Alliance 0 0
Unrealistic Timers None Alliance 0 0
Unreasonable None Alliance 0 0
Vanguard None Horde 0 0
Vanguard None Horde 0 0
Vantage None Alliance 0 0
vindictive None Alliance 0 0
VindictiveKeeb None Alliance 0 0
War Dogs None Alliance 0 0
WazzLogs None Alliance 0 0
Who Is John Galt None Horde 0 0
Wyrd Sisters None Alliance 0 0
You Killed My Turtle None Alliance 0 0
Zix None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

FL_MW, 1st Strike, 35th cav, 3iob, 5th Echelon, 6 to 12, , [FL] - NiPs, A Shitty Warlock, AAO, Abyss, Aced, Acramor, Ad Nauseam, addiction, Aegis, Aegis, Aelirra, Aeternum, Affinity, Affinity, Affinity, AFK, After Shock, Akasha, Alakir 10 HM stuff, AlaskanLogs, Aldith / Valiel, Alex's Guild, alliance of defiance, alliance of defiance, Alliance of Defiance, Allianceofdefiance, Almerrick, Alter Ego, ALTERANCATION, ALTERANCATION, Americais#1, Ancient Hall of Heroes, Anderoth, Anemia, Angels of Corruption, annabellah's parse, Annihilated, Annuit Coeptis, Annuit Coeptis, Annuit Coeptis, anomaly, Anomaly, Anomaly, Anomaly, Anomaly, Anomaly, AnyingTest, arablock, Arcturus, Arcturus, Arcturus, Arcturus, Argentum Astrum, Arkangels Logs, Arkin Time, ArlyLogs, Art of Ruin, ArteathaTest, Asana, Asgard, Asgard, Asgard, Ashes Of Silvergreen, Ashes of the Phoenix, Astrella's, audacity, Audacity, Audacity, Auid , Auralie, Avatar, Avatar, Avatar , Axe Masters, B's, Bad Company, Bad Mojo, Badnewsguild, bahsFS, Bandos, Bathelzar's Guild, Bed Intruders, Been Bear Done That, Betrayed, Biggy, blablabla, Black Sun, BlackOps, Blacksteel, Blade, Bladewind, Bladewind, Bliss, Blood and Sands, Blood God, Blood of Thy Enemy, BloodPromise, Bluefalcon, BMNC, boom goes the dynamite, Boondock Saints, boots, Bootysex is Amazing, Bratecs, Brave Companions, Brave Companions, Brazen, Brazen, Brazen, Breed of Brutality, Breed of Brutality, Broken Bodies, Broken Bodies, Broken Bodies, Broken Bodies, Brothers In Arms, Brushala, BS, Burning Sensation, Burning Sensation, Burning Sensation, Burning Sensation, Caffeine, Calamitous Intent, Callimachus, Cannibal Corpse, Castaway, Castaways, Castaways, castiel's revenge, catalyst, Catalyst, CdM, CdM Team Soulwell, CdM10, Celeborn, Centurion Army, Champions of Honour, Champions of Honour, charlie brown, Cheers, Chenzhens, Children of the Vendetta, cháos, Civilian, Clandestine CIrcle, Clarity, Clean Slate, Clearly, Code of Silence, conspiracy, Conspiracy, Consumes Guild, Controlled Chaos, conviction, Conviction, Vigor, Corrupted Demise, Corvus Noctis, Court of Arion, Crewsade, Crogar, Crusaders, Cryliss Draka, Crysis, CurseoftheCats, Damage Control, Damage Control, DamerFlinn, Danone, Dark Awakening, Dark Destiny, Dark Destiny, Darkness Beyond Twilight, Darkness Beyond Twilight, Darkness till dawn, darknights, Darragh, Dat FS, DC, DcR, ddrutter beta test, Deadly Ritual, Deadly Ritual, Death by caramel, Death By Caramel, Death by Trade, Death By Tray, Death By Tray, Death Row, Death Row, Death Row - 10m, Deathwing Destroyers, DeathwingDestroyers, deception, Deception, Deception, Dee's Guild, Deepz, Delusions of grandeur, Delusions of Grandeur, Delusions of Grandeur, Dem Logs, Demigods, Demise, Deprived, Deprived, Deprived, Deprived, Descent, Destroyers of the Horde, Determined, DETERMINED, DirtyGhettoKids, Disbelief, Disbelief, disposable heros, Disturb The Balance, Disturb The Balance, Disturbance, Divine Reckoning, Divine Unity, division ruine, DND, dominionlords, Donk, Donk, Doofinators, DPS Meters, Dragon den, DrakaPug, Drake's Minions, DribbleLogs, Drift, drykens, Dulcis Domus, Durka, Durka, Dusk Till Dawn, Dux Fortuna, Dux Fortuna, Dyaxler, Dying For Gear, e s o c d, Echelon, EchelonAltRaid, eclectic, Edge of Corruption, Effigy, el pollo loco, Elation's PUG Team, Elegy, Elegy, Elegy, Elemental Corruption, Elfjerky Draka, Ellyidol's Guild, Elusive, Elusive, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Emosoda Logs Guild, End Game Content, Endo's Logs, Endure Progress, Entropy, EoC, Ephemera, EpicEyes, EpicEyes, EpicEyes, Eristiah, ES, Estebans Guild, Eternal Damnation, Eternal Equinox, Eternal Salvation, Ethereal Decendants, Ethicslollogs, evans, Evolution, Exodus, ExoDus, ExoDus, ExoDus, ExoDus, ExoDus - 2, fails guild, Fallen Legends, Fallen Legends, Fallen Legends, Fallen Legends, Fallen Legends, Fallout, Fates Council, fear, Fear, fearludd, FEG, Fight or Flight, Fin Dos Heroes, Fire, Fluffy Bunnies, FNG, forged in shadows, Forgotten Heros, Forloveandmoney, FoT, Fragment, Freaks N Geeks, From Chaos, From Chaos, From skin to liquid, From the Ashes, Frostmourne Element, Frosty Ninja Kittens, frostyguild, frostytreatguild, fruitie's draka, FS, Furor, Fuzziest Guild, Geeks and Things, Generic Guild, genies bottle, ggwtfkthx, Gingernaut, Gogo, Goonguild, Goother and BrandonB's pro group, GPriona, Greckon's World, Greek's Logs, Greek's Logs, Green Dragon Group, Grommash, Grotkalruns, Grown Ups, gt, Guardians, Guild App Run, guild of one, Guilded Up, Happy Happyists, Hardcandy, hardcore killers, harryballs1965, Havoc, HeavyMetal, Hello, Hello Kitty, Hells Right Hand, heyne guild on draka, Hidden Sunset, High Definition, Horde Defense, Horde Life, Hordäculturë, Humbug Mountain, Hurr, I LOVE FRIED PLANTAINS, idk, Illuminated Souls, immyownguild, Impact, Impatient Undertakers, Impatient Undertakers, Impatient Undertakers, Impatient Undertakers, Impatient Undertakers, improvise, Improvise, Indomitable, Indomitable, ineffable, Infinite Darkness, insanitywolf, Insight, Insomnia, Insomnia, insomnie, Insídíous, insømnia, Into the Abyss, Invictus Verite, iRaid, Iron Brigade, Iron Requiem, is clearly awesome, Is Too Drunk Too Care, Issy, It Rolls Down Stairs, JaduTest, jam, Jim's WoL, Joepesci, Joes Guild, josh, Joshs Guild, Juji, Just Wipe It, Kaje's WWS, Kalipso, Karthguild, KCDS, Keep it Simple Stupid, Kihopsool, King's Bodyguards, Kismets Elites, Kismets Elites, Kitty Meow Meow, Knight Ryders, Knight Ryders, Knight Ryders, Knight Ryders, Knights of Destiny, Know Your Role, Kratal, Krishler.sp, Krispie, Kuwa's lolraiding, la horde ulteam, Laby, Lamora, Lanzo, Larxiene, Las Noches, Lasian's WoL for Represent, Latondra n the boiz, LE, LE Alts, Legends, Legio Thirteen, Legion, Legionaire, Less QQ More Pew Pew, Lexrey, Licher, Light and Shadows, Lightprowler's, Limited Edition (fist), Limited Edition_Alts, Lionsgate, Lionsguard, Lionsguard, loch modan yacht club, Log upload test guild, Logic, Logic, Logic, LOH, lol, lords of havoc, Lords of Havoc, Lords of Havoc, Lords of Havoc, Lorna's Logs, Los nns, Lossarwyn's Guild, Lost Vengeance, Lost Vengeance, luckykilla_draka, LucriaLogs, M O R B I D, M O R B I D, M O R B I D, Madworld, Mallory , manifest destiny, Margarita Madness, Mayhëm, MCT, Me, Member FDIC, MENACE, Meow, mighty allies, Minions of Evan, Misery index, Misery Index, misplaced prioirties, Misplaced priorities, Misplaced Priorities, Mistreated, Mixed Nutz, Moar Heals, Montes Raid , morbid, Morbid Existence, Morimoto, Mortifera, Mortifera, Mulon, Multifarious inc, Multifarious Inc, Multifarious Inc, my logs, My Logs, My Pug Logs, MYpersonal, Mystic Order, Naioko, Nearra's Guild, Necroronicon, Nephron, Nerf Herd, night walkers, Nimboru, Nimboru log guild, No Drama, No Drama, NORML, Northshield, Nothing, Now You're A Man, Nowhere Fast, NT, Obscurity, obsidium order, Occupy Stormwind, Occupy Stormwind, of the Nightfall, Of the Nightfall, OI, OI, Oi Draka, Old ten, Old Ten, Old Timers of Azeroth, On Point, One Percent, One Time In Band Camp, Opey's, Order of Illuminatus, Order of Illuminatus, Order of Illuminatus, Order of Illuminatus, Order of the Jackalope, orenishii, Organized Chaos, Osidian, Our Solemn Hour, Ouroboros, Overblink, Overblink, Overblink, Overblink, Pantheon , Paranition, Paranition, Paranition, PARSE PARSE, Parse01, Passive Aggressive, Path of Victory, Path Of Victory, Path Of Victory, Persea, Personal-Dark, Pheno, phenomenal, Phenomenal, Phenomenal, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix Rising, Phuurr's Reports, Pie Vendor, Pie vs Cake, Plan B, Plan B, Platinum, Platinum, Platonically Promiscuous, plaugedcell's logs, Possessed, Possessed, Possessed Post Boom, Possessed2, Praxis, Preeminence, Preeminence, Preeminence, Prinny Raid, Prinny Raid, Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy Genesis, Pug, PUG Raid, Pugpost, pugtasic, pure bloods, Pure Chaos, Purplerawr, PvP Nation, pyresong, Rabble Rousers, Radikal Faeries, Radikal Faeries, RageQuit, Ragtag Band of Misfits, Raid Against The Machine, Raid Gods, Railgun, Rampage, rampage1, Ravenguard, Ravenguard, Ravenguard, Ravenloch, RAWRAWRAWR, Realm Guardians, Recognition, Redcooley of Draka, Refuse to Sink, Reign of fire, Rel's guild :), Relic, Reorganized, Represent, Represent2, Requiem, Resilience, Respect, Respect, Respect, Respect, Respect thy Epics, Ressurection, Resurgent, Resurgent, Resurrection, Resurrection, Resurrection2, Revolution, Rife, Righteous Intentions, Righteous Intentions, Rina Steillvia, Roarick's Logs, Rogue rogue , Roundrox, Rrog, Ru Parse, RWMG, Ryo's Pugs, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Sanctum, Sanctum., Sanrio, savage island, Savaged, Scourge Busters, Screams of the Past, Scrubstep, Scrubstep, Scrubstep, Scrubstep, Semper Superne Nitens, Seven Deadly Sîns, Seven Sins, Seventh Column, Seventh Column, SG, Shadow League, Shadow League, Shaq Attack, Shengi, ShiftHappens, SHOCK, SHOCK, SHOCK, Short Bus Brigade, Shoryu's Logs, shot a man in reno, Shot a man in Reno, Shot a Man in Reno, Shot A Man In Reno, Showtime, Sicklogs, Sigmortis Rock, Silent Hill, SilverOcean , Simonownz, Sixwinter, skubys logs, skull then x, Skull Then X, Slow Motion, Small Gods, Smoke N Rage, Smoke N Rage, Smoke n Ráge, Somebodyelse's, Soulbound, Sound and Fury, Southern Comfort, Soviet Monkey Island, Soviet Monkey Island, Soviet Monkey Island, Spageddios, Spaghetti, Special Interest Group, Special Sauce, Special Sauce, Special Sauce, Special Sauce, Split's Meters, splsrvc, Sqwurls Guild, ssz, Stability, Steady Penetration, Stellar, Stellar, Stephen's raids., Stormforged , Stormwind Bowling League, Stormy's ATM, StrangeGuild, Strictly Business, Strike, Strychnine Solution, Subliminal, Supreme, Supreme, Supreme, Sursum Vestri, Sursum Vestri, Surtur's Raid, swmeoekde of draka, sxfsefr, Syndicate, Syndicate, Syndicate, TAM, TAM, TAM, TAM 10, Tattered Legends, Tde, TDE, Team Awesomesauce, Team Fist Pump [Fnatic's Logs], Team Handsome, Team Jacob, Technical Difficulty, Technical Difficulty - Anna, Technical Difficultyz, Technical Difficultyz, Tempest, Tempest, Temporary, Terracotta, Terracotta, Terracotta, Test, Test Guild, Test log Thon, Test/Trial, testing guild, testing12345, tfarcraw, The Anomaly, The Art of Ruin, The Art of Ruin, The Bear Den, The Bear Den, The Blight, The Blight, The Bronze Talon, The Bronze Talon, The Dark Exile (Ramrod), THE DARK EXILE T2, The Death Knights, The Death Knights, The Displaced, The Displaced, The Displaced, The Displaced, The Elite Seven, The Enablers, The fellowship, the forsaken coalition, The Fourth Horseman, The Grave Diggers, the horde, The Knights of Ni, The Knights of Ni, The Knights of Ni, The Lost Dyanasty, the obsidian order, The Obsidian Order, The Obsidian Order, The Order of the Red Lotus, The Patriciate, The Rejects, The Renamed, The Revelation, The Silver Dragonflight, The Sojourners, The Sojourners, The Thirteenth Hour, The Thirteenth Hour, the thirtyfifth cav, The Unlimited, The Vindicated, the wise guys, TheElement, Theory, Theory, Theory, Theory, Theory, Theory, Theory, TheRegulators, TheShadow, thirtyfifth cav, Threat Level Midnight, Threat Level Midnight, Three Inches of Blood, Time is Too Short, Timeless Heroes, Tinker Town Mafia, TOO-Qwarx, totalabuse, Tottem, Try out, TTM, Tuna out of the can, TurGuild, Twinkielock's Guild, TwistedOne, Tylogpost, Ugly in the Morning, Unbridled, Unbridled, Unbridled, Unbridled, Unbridled, Unbridled, Unholy Vengeance, Unholy Vengeance , Unintentional Success, United Revolution, University of Suramar, Unnoticed, unpleas test, Unpleasant, Unpleasant - LFR, unreasonable, Unreasonable10s, Unreasonable2, A Guild, Acropolis, Ad Nauseam, Admirals Of Anarchy, AdultPlayHouse, Alliance Union Bank, Ancient Hall Of Heroes, Anemia, Ascendance To Excellence, Asgard, Asguardian Legion, Ashbringer Legacy, Bank Space, Baptised In Blood, Blood and Sands, Blood Nights, Bloodbath and Beyond, BoundSouls, Burning Sensation, Bushido Code, cataltbank, Champions of the Horde, Chaotic Plague, Cheers, Children of the Horde, Citadel, CobraKai, Collateral Damage, Come Honour, Conjured Sin, Corps de Métiers, Corrupted Mulisha, Crimson Order, Dark Cure, Dark Dynasty, Dark Requiems, Day Walkers, Dead Rabbits, Death comes Regardless, Dragon Den, Dream Catchers, Dulcis Domus, Dàrk Kàrnivàl, Elusive, Eternal Retribution, Everything Must Die, Exiles, Fears Bank, Fellowship of the Swords, Fight or Flight, Final Stand, Forgotten Ones, Frost Bank, Full Circle, Game of thrones, Geeks and Things, gnomes for breakfast, Grand Theft Griffin, Group Thérapy, Group Two, Hack The Planet, Halls Of Valhalla, Havoc, Hello Kitty Fight Club, High Definition, HOMICIDAL KILLERS, Hordeland Security, Is Horde for Life, IZ BAD, Jacks of all Trades, Jesters of Azeroth, Kinship, Kitty Cat Death Squad, Knights of Dinner Table, Knights of Endymion, Knights Of Vanguard, Legendary Crusade, Light of the Kurenai, Limited Edition, Lucky Clover, Manachatsu, mercenaries for hire rb, Mercenary Union, Mexican Power, Midol Fan Club, Might of Wolfren, Misplaced Loyalty, Mortifera, Mounts are Life, my big pwner, My Little Pwnys, My personal guild, MyServerlsDown, Nazørlash, No Imagination, Not Prepared, Nuclear Fusion, OCCUPIED STORMWIND, Occupy Stormwind, Offspring, Okamii, One Eyed Jack, Onyxian raiders, Order of Illuminaltus, OutLaws, Pandaemonium, Pink Panty Raiders, Pirates be here yarr, Possessed, Pretzel Logic, Promiscuous Equines, Quintessence, Ravenloch, Ravenloch Armory, RBGS AND STDS, REFORGE TO VANILLA, RegisterForSave, Remission, Roll for Blamé, Roxy Fan Club, Ruthless, Sanctuary, Savage Grace, Screams of the Past, Semper Fi Raiders, Serenity, Servers Are Down, Seventh Heaven, Shadows, Slaves Of Hideous, Slayers, Smokin Hott Bank, Something Pretentious, Stellar, Stercus Accidit, Stormrage Savages, Syndicate, Søuthern Comfort, Talk Nerdy To Me, Team Handsome, Temp guild of the Whale, The Aggro Monkeys, The Bankies, The Blood Wolves, The Corps of Azeroth, the dirty circle, THE ELITE, The Horseman, The Killer Bunnies, The Knïghts Templar, The Land Before Time, The Other Guys, The Ravens Nest, The unchallenged, The UNTOUCHABLES, The Wanted, Thunderstorm Inc, Tranquil Infinity, Treasury Department, True Allies, Truebloods, Twas The Night Before, Twilight Cult Clan, Underachievers, United Horde Inc, Unnecessary Necessities, Unum imperium, Urban Warfare, USMC, Valkyrias Legacy, Vengeance Gaming, Verloren, WAR DOGS, WASDWASD CANTMOVELOL, We Are Twinks, We are what remaíns, We Ate Gilbert Grape, Wisdom, You Killed My Turtle, Yuggoth Cultures, Absolute Rule, Account Bank, Aced, Achievement Horde, Aegis of Reckoning, Affinity, Allmacht, Anomaly, Aperture Harmonic, Apex, apocolypse, Asana, Azeroth Bankers Union, Band of Wandering Moron, Bank Of The Irish Mob, BankerUnion, Bastarrd Squad, Beings of Nature, best buddys for ever, Blood and Beyond, Blood Promise, Blood Stained Legion, Bloodbath, BODY BAGS ALL DAY, BoonDock Saints, Braindamage, Broken Bodies, Bros Before Hozen, Capulum est Mendacium, Castaways, Casual Sects, CFT, Chair, Clarity, Cloak of Shadows, Company of Noobs, Copacetic, Crushers of the Relm, Cuchulain, Cult of Hilary, Dark Moon, Dark Phoenix, Dawn of the Midnight Sun, Dazzle, Death II Humans II, Deaths Brigade, Decimators of the Weak, Defiant Ones, Deprived, Descent To Darkness, Destroyers of the Wheel, Dictators, Dirty Sandwiches, Disciples of Carnage, Discord, Disposable Heros, Divine Intervention, Divine Unity, Dont Blink, Doofinators, Drunk Irish Twinks, Dux Fortuna, Dysfunctional Misfits, Echelon, Elite Guardians, EmeraldStorm, Endless Destruction, Epic Chaos, Euphanasia, Faerie Radikals, Fallen Legends, Fate of the Alliance, fear, Fel Heart, For Tonight We Die, Forsaken Demonic Knights, Fragment, From Chaos, Future Industries, Genies Bottle, Graveyard Shift, Great Awesome, Guild of One, Hammer of Storms, Heartless Vengeance, Hells Anglers, Hidden Sunset, Hogwartz, HoJ, Holy Legion, Homeless Shelter, Honor and Peace, Hordeaholics Anonymous, Hordes Assassins, I MADE THIS FOR YOU, Immortal Order, Immortal Spirit, Immortals, Improvise, In Horde We Trust, Indestructible, Ineffable, Infinite Darkness, Insight, is awesome, ItCameFromBehind, Its Business Time, JENKINSISFORHELMETKIDS, Juggzernaut, Jumungie Clones, Kindred, Kingdom Hearts, Knights of Darnassus, Knights of NI, Knightsoftheoldrepublic, Legends of Death, LFProfits, Licentia, Light and Shadows, Logic, lone wolves, Lost Kingdom, Lost Prophets, Lost Vengeance, Malum Discordiae, Maniacal, mats and items, Mediumtide, Member FDIC, Mists of Pandaria, Mountain Dew Saves Lives, Multifarious Inc, My House of Rotten, My Vaults, Mythic Misfits, Nentir Vale, NEVER DORMANT, Night Shade, Nightmare, Nights Watch, No, No Pressure, NOOB KREW, Northshield, Not Broke No Mo, Odd World, Odins Legion, Omega, One, one eyed pete, One Job, Onehit Secret Service, only for the leetest, Onslaught, Open Horizon, Oracular, othaY, Ouroboros, outcast, Outland Angels, Parks and Rekt, Phoenix of the Cosmos, Pie Vendor, Platonically Promiscuous, Popol Vuh, Praxis, PS I Shiv You, Quantum Mustache, Rabble Rousers, Rats of Nihm, Raven, Ready Set Wipe, Rebels o da Sacred Heart, Redeemed, Relativity, ReleaseTheGnomes, Retorta Mentes, Roflmoa, Rolling Thunder, Samurai Dragon Slayers, Scarlet Souls, Severance, Shadowfangs Fury, Six to Midnight, Snuffleupagus, Social Life, Sons of Thunder, Soulbôund, Special Sauce by Kate, Stay Free, Steve and the Rat Birds, Subversion, Suramars Finest, Suícide Squad, Tardis Travelers, Taremu, Tattered Legends, The After Party, THE ALL MiGHTY, The Art of Ruin, The Asylum, The Bloodgrin Clan, The Bronze Talon, The Chaotic Ascension, The Commoners, The Dark, The Dark Advocates, The Dark Exile, The Defenders of Azeroth, The Displaced, The Douche Bag Bois, The Faithless, The Forsaken Coalition, The Grownup Guild, The Horde Slayer, The Knights of Khryl, The melee order, The Misfits, The Naysayers, The Obsidian Order, The One, The Pwny Xpress, The Sixth House, THE STIG, The Suramar Survivors, The ThirtyFifth Cav, The Three Kingdoms, TheElement, Thirteen Devils, Three Inches of Blood, Time is Too Short, Timeless, Tiny Pony, Too Legit, Tragedy, trial of blood, Truly Outrageous, turtles rule, Twilight Absolution, Unreasonable, Unum Imperium, USSR, Usual Suspects, Vampiric, Vanguard, Vindictive Reborn, Warcraft Wolf Pack, wheres my caravan, Whirlwind, Who Is John Galt, Who Slays, Wickedly Sensitive Crew, Winter Contingency, Wormy, X Guild, USAFSpawn, Val, Vanguard, Vel's logs, Vengeance Reborn, Verloren, verminnard, Vezzelinia, Vich's Guild, Victorious Secret, Victorious Secret, Victory, Vilified, Vilified, Vindicated, vindictive, Vindictive, Vindictive, Vindictive, virfake, Virgos, Virtuous, Vitality, Vitality, Vitality, Vitality, Vitality, Vitality, voodoojuju guild, votu, Votu, Votuu, Vuljit's logs, Waffles, Wagasa, Wanted Ted or Alive, Wanted Ted or Alive, Wanted Ted or Alive, Wantedtedoralive, Watchmen, Waytobeasts guild, We Be Guilty, We Cant Heal Stupid, We got problems, Weeaboo, Whats Your Gearscore Bro, where's fluffy, Whites Runs, Who is Patrick Moore, Who Tanks Muru, Why Do You Cry, WIJG, Winter, Winter Contingency, Winter Contingency, WoL Test, Wolves of War, Wolves of War - Temp, WOW Aholics, WOW Aholics, Wtf Awesomeness, Wyld's guild, X Raided, Xarc, Xu, YKMT, Ymrasu, You Killed My Turtle, Zeelakk, ZUGGERNAUTLOL

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