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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Siege US-Saurfang Horde 0 359
Kindred US-Saurfang Horde 0 310
In Another Castle US-Saurfang Horde 0 223
Enigma None Horde 0 109
Carpe Jugulum US-Saurfang Alliance 0 69
Cryptic US-Saurfang Alliance 0 67
Valhalla US-Saurfang Horde 0 60
Antiquus_Saurfang US-Saurfang Horde 0 50
Ballistic None Alliance 0 50
Razors Edge US-Saurfang Alliance 0 43
The Hordes Finest None Horde 0 43
Prestige US-Saurfang Horde 0 36
Dark Phoenix US-Saurfang Alliance 0 32
Endless Reign None Horde 0 32
Noble Empire US-Saurfang Alliance 0 31
Ominous US-Saurfang Alliance 0 31
Gasm US-Saurfang Horde 0 27
NÖCTURNAL US-Saurfang Alliance 0 23
Scìon None Horde 0 22
Out of the Ashes US-Saurfang Alliance 0 21
Frostwolves US-Saurfang Horde 0 20
Guild in Progress. US-Saurfang Horde 0 19
You Had One Job US-Saurfang Horde 0 19
Antiquus US-Saurfang Horde 0 18
EuPHoRiC US-Saurfang Alliance 0 17
Buff Delivery System US-Saurfang Alliance 0 16
Legacy of the Light US-Saurfang Horde 0 16
Radical Dreamers US-Saurfang Horde 0 14
Naughty Volcano US-Saurfang Horde 0 13
Scion US-Saurfang Horde 0 13
Elysium US-Saurfang Alliance 0 12
Huffy's Logs US-Saurfang Alliance 0 12
Athanasy US-Saurfang Horde 0 10
Ajantis US-Saurfang Horde 0 9
The Bushido Project US-Saurfang Horde 0 9
Extra Bag Space US-Saurfang Horde 0 8
Altera US-Saurfang Alliance 0 7
deus famulus US-Saurfang Alliance 0 7
Tovecks funtime US-Saurfang Alliance 0 7
Collusion US-Saurfang Alliance 0 6
Alarion None Alliance 0 5
Banana US-Saurfang Horde 0 5
Blackrose Assassins US-Saurfang Alliance 0 5
centurion US-Saurfang Alliance 0 5
Dark's logs US-Saurfang Horde 0 5
Escendia US-Saurfang Alliance 0 5
Ezee US-Saurfang Horde 0 5
Ignitus US-Saurfang Horde 0 5
Ika US-Saurfang Alliance 0 5
Infámous US-Saurfang Alliance 0 5
Jesus Crew US-Saurfang Horde 0 5
Allure US-Saurfang Alliance 0 4
Elegant Destruction US-Saurfang Alliance 0 4
High Treason US-Saurfang Horde 0 4
Hiroshima US-Saurfang Alliance 0 4
Jack my Swag US-Saurfang Horde 0 4
Pass the Peacebloom US-Saurfang Horde 0 4
Ragsu US-Saurfang Horde 0 4
As Is Tradition US-Saurfang Horde 0 3
Dwarfehs US-Saurfang Alliance 0 3
Evolution US-Saurfang Alliance 0 3
Keyboard Warrior US-Saurfang Alliance 0 3
Kierien US-Saurfang Horde 0 3
Logs US-Saurfang Horde 0 3
Parental Guidance US-Saurfang Alliance 0 3
The Horadrim US-Saurfang Horde 0 3
Trick Shots US-Saurfang Alliance 0 3
Армия фараонов US-Saurfang Horde 0 3
いぢめる? US-Saurfang Alliance 0 3
Antiquus US-Saurfang Horde 0 2
By Design US-Saurfang Alliance 0 2
Chief US-Saurfang Alliance 0 2
dahagakittenlord US-Saurfang Alliance 0 2
Equilibrium None Horde 0 2
Group Two US-Saurfang Horde 0 2
Guild US-Saurfang Horde 0 2
Khahla's Test Guild US-Saurfang Horde 0 2
Kindred US-Saurfang Horde 0 2
Mercs US-Saurfang Alliance 0 2
RAGE US-Saurfang Alliance 0 2
Saurfangers US-Saurfang Horde 0 2
Substitute Raiders US-Saurfang Alliance 0 2
Three Thousand US-Saurfang Alliance 0 2
Zero Pressure US-Saurfang Alliance 0 2
ajantisclassic US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
aobanks US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
App US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Apples US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Application US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Aussie Kicks US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Ballistic US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Big Natural Crits US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
BreakingBåd US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Deadmen walkin US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Disturbance US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Elegant Destruction T2 US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Enlighten's raid US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Fatties with an Agenda US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
hello kitty US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Horde Rejects CT US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Jas Logs US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
JolsLogs US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Labyrinth of Lost Souls US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Libolicious US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Lone Wolf Pack US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Molotov US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Mythylog US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Narco None Horde 0 1
Nascent US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Nickhabib US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
No Fear US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
nox eternus US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Parthos Guild US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Peasant Revolt US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Perfect Insanity US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Personal US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Private US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
PUGS US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Rage Quit US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Recklesnes US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
RetPally US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
runnn its a stampeeeed US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Shadow Paradox US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Standard Nerds - Kelthos Logs None Alliance 0 1
Swarm US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
Tastier US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Tense US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
Three Thousand US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
trost US-Saurfang Horde 0 1
~ Rhythm ~ US-Saurfang Alliance 0 1
None Alliance 0 0
Aegir App logs None Horde 0 0
Aftershock 2013 None Alliance 0 0
Alcs Logs None Alliance 0 0
All or Nothing None Horde 0 0
Anzac Pride None Alliance 0 0
Autonomy None Alliance 0 0
Awe None Horde 0 0
BAD COMPANY None Horde 0 0
BAD COMPANY None Horde 0 0
Baus None Alliance 0 0
bedmo's guild None Alliance 0 0
BLADE None Alliance 0 0
Bulls prvate logs None Horde 0 0
Bunjo Logs None Alliance 0 0
Burn None Horde 0 0
Burn None Horde 0 0
Capra aegagrus hircus None Alliance 0 0
Carrion None Alliance 0 0
Catholic Sisters None Alliance 0 0
Centurion None Alliance 0 0
Chiisy's None Horde 0 0
CHRIS None Horde 0 0
Chris (Kalatia) None Horde 0 0
Daemonic None Horde 0 0
Dandelion Party US-Saurfang Alliance 0 0
dawn of demise None Horde 0 0
Deathswings None Horde 0 0
Deathwatchers None Alliance 0 0
Deathwatchers None Alliance 0 0
DEMONHANDS None Alliance 0 0
Destro Lock <3 None Horde 0 0
Dibella None Alliance 0 0
Disturbance None Alliance 0 0
DMZ None Alliance 0 0
Domino None Horde 0 0
DrpaladinsPrivateLogs None Alliance 0 0
Eclypse None Horde 0 0
el guild None Alliance 0 0
Elegant Destruction None Alliance 0 0
Elyteo US-Saurfang Alliance 0 0
end of days None Horde 0 0
Evil League of Evil None Horde 0 0
Extra Bag Space 2 None Horde 0 0
Ezee logs None Alliance 0 0
Filthy casuals None Horde 0 0
Frostwolves None Horde 0 0
Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Generic None Horde 0 0
Ghost None Horde 0 0
Ghros the Pug US-Saurfang Horde 0 0
Glow test None Horde 0 0
Goldie None Horde 0 0
Gonzman None Horde 0 0
gooby plz None Horde 0 0
Gortia None Horde 0 0
Goyils Logs None Horde 0 0
Grievous' logs None Horde 0 0
Grimoire Hearts None Horde 0 0
Guild In Progress None Horde 0 0
Hallowed Be Thy Name None Alliance 0 0
Handsome Devils Club None Alliance 0 0
Hatred's Logs None Horde 0 0
High Treason US-Saurfang Horde 0 0
HolyNova None Alliance 0 0
Idntknow None Horde 0 0
iGuild None Horde 0 0
Iguild None Horde 0 0
illawarriors None Horde 0 0
Indef None Horde 0 0
Insert Victory Pose None Alliance 0 0
Jake's logs None Horde 0 0
Jinx None Horde 0 0
Kaesia US-Saurfang Horde 0 0
Kasai None Horde 0 0
Kat None Horde 0 0
KneesockReview None Alliance 0 0
Kosindane None Horde 0 0
Laetus Domus None Horde 0 0
Laetus Domus None Horde 0 0
Launch None Horde 0 0
Lazare US-Saurfang Alliance 0 0
Legacy None Horde 0 0
LFM Cuties None Horde 0 0
Lone Wolf Pack None Horde 0 0
Lotion None Alliance 0 0
Lotion None Alliance 0 0
Lunar Solaris US-Saurfang Alliance 0 0
Mahtava None Horde 0 0
Marcus' Logs None Alliance 0 0
Me So Hordee None Horde 0 0
Meekrat None Alliance 0 0
MeRr None Horde 0 0
Messon None Horde 0 0
Mixed Scrubs None Alliance 0 0
Moonlighters None Alliance 0 0
Naughty Corner None Horde 0 0
Naughty Volcano None Horde 0 0
Navatari None Horde 0 0
Nex Mortis None Alliance 0 0
Nex Mortis None Horde 0 0
Nex Mortis None Horde 0 0
Nex Mortis None Horde 0 0
Nixilogs None Alliance 0 0
No Respect None Alliance 0 0
Noble Empire None Alliance 0 0
Noctem None Horde 0 0
Octavios None Horde 0 0
Ominous None Alliance 0 0
OSuds None Horde 0 0
outforblood None Alliance 0 0
Perilous None Alliance 0 0
Personal None Horde 0 0
Personal test Log None Alliance 0 0
Persphone None Horde 0 0
pop pop bang None Alliance 0 0
QualityObsession None Alliance 0 0
QualityObsession None Alliance 0 0
Ragetard None Horde 0 0
Rebirth None Horde 0 0
Rebirth Backup None Horde 0 0
Regenesis None Horde 0 0
Regenesis None Horde 0 0
Rejected Spartan Babies None Alliance 0 0
Rell's logs None Alliance 0 0
Renewedlogs None Alliance 0 0
Requiel None Horde 0 0
Retrolutionx None Alliance 0 0
Rocket Surgery None Horde 0 0
rudebear None Alliance 0 0
Sample Text None Horde 0 0
scion None Horde 0 0
Scion None Horde 0 0
Scrimming with Chris None Horde 0 0
Sewshee None Horde 0 0
shadowpriesty None Alliance 0 0
Shammytammy's logs None Horde 0 0
shouts r1 guild None Horde 0 0
SilkTest None Horde 0 0
Skill banner. None Horde 0 0
slippery sneakers None Horde 0 0
social legion None Horde 0 0
Sole's Logs None Horde 0 0
Sorbocles None Horde 0 0
Sorgi None Horde 0 0
Soul's Alt run None Horde 0 0
Standard Nerds None Alliance 0 0
Steel's Logs None Alliance 0 0
stomps None Horde 0 0
Swarm US-Saurfang Alliance 0 0
Syniscool None Horde 0 0
Tabemono None Horde 0 0
Tastier None Horde 0 0
Terio None Alliance 0 0
Test None Horde 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
testing 2 None Alliance 0 0
The Blood Monkees None Horde 0 0
The Fallen Gods None Horde 0 0
The League Of Hidden Hero's None Horde 0 0
The Snaj the Snaj None Horde 0 0
Theia US-Saurfang Alliance 0 0
TimeLords None Horde 0 0
times demise None Alliance 0 0
Uccilog None Alliance 0 0
Under the Influence None Horde 0 0
Valhalla None Horde 0 0
Verelogs None Horde 0 0
vyzens army nation None Alliance 0 0
Windwalker App None Horde 0 0
wot None Horde 0 0
XarGuild None Alliance 0 0
xenaixa None Horde 0 0
YOLOSWAG None Horde 0 0
Zakon Światła None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Abes, Addictz yo, Adversary, Adversary, Adversary, Advocat Ultima, Aestus Obscuri, Aftershock, Agorophobic, Ahona, Ainokea, Ainokea, Ainokea, Ajantis - Geriatrics, Alestorm, All or Nothing, Altera, Ambassador's Personal Logs, Amy's Logerinos, Angelus, Antiquus, Antiquus, Antiquus Delirium, Antiquus-Delirium, Aperture, Arcs Logs, ArithSunshine, Asasiyun, Ascendence, Ascendo Tuum, Ascendo Tuum - Team Mason, Ascent, Ascent, Ascent, Asstastïk, Athansy, Aussie Kicks, Autonomy, Autonomy, Autonomy, Autonomy, Avoid Scary Stuff, Bad Company, BAD COMPANY, Bait, Ballistic, Ballistic, Ballistic, Basic Campfire, Basic Campfire, Batibot, Batibot, Batibot, Batibot, Bells, Betrayed, Blackrose Assassins, BLADE, Blasphemers, Blasphemy, Blasphemy, Blasphemy, bleedingranks, Blood and Glory, Blood n Gutz, Blood Synergy, Blood Synergy, Blood Synergy, Blood Vengeance, Bob Marley & Co, BOly, buckshotx, Bunjo Logs, By Design, Cali's Logs for Ominous, Can's, Caroline-Saurfang, Carpe Diem, Carpe Jugulum, Carpé Diem, Carpé Diem, Carrion, CB, Centurions, Champions, Chaotic, Chaotic, Chaotic-Saurfang, Chief, chingchong, Chryssandra's Minions, Clear Blue, cocacola, Combatlogs, Common Dreads, Conquest Group 2, CORE, CORE, Corvus Lupus Legion, Coup de Grace, Coup de Grace, cowistree, CptCloud, Crassus, Crytpic, Danleetdeath, Dark Legion, Dark Logs, Dark Phoenix, Dark Redemption, Dark Side, Dark Templar Centurions, Deans logs, i should probably learn how to log to warcraft logs sometime. i wonder how long i can make the name of my guild. Wow you can actually make a name this long? , Death Logs, Death Merchants, Death Metal, Death Metal, Death Metal, Decendents of the fallen, Defenders Of Azeroth, Descendants, Descendants, Descendants, Descendants, deus, Devastation, Devastation, Disciple of Lord Smegmus, Disturbance, Divine Fate, DivineHoly, DMZ, Dragon, DtD, DWN OF DEmise, EBS - Bella's log, Ebs - Team 3, El Eff Dee, El Guild, El Guild, Electric Sheep, Elysium, emersion, emersion, Emersion, Endless Reign, Enid Inàecia, Enterprise, Epic Fail, Epic Fail, Epitaph, Equilibrium, Equinox, Eternal Wolves, Evolution, Evony, Exalted With Your Sister, Exclusive, exclusive's DD's, Exemplary, Extra Bag Space, Eze, ezeek, Fake, Fallen From Grace, Fat Pandas are Fat, FeelMyDots, Ferenebs, FFG Team Conquest, Filthy casuals, Filthy Casuals, Fire is Bad mmkay, Fleck, Fluffy Bunny Brigade, Frenemies, Frutonv, Fury of the Thunderbox, Fury of the Thunderbox, Gameface, Gasm, Genesistest, Glow_logs, Gold is money, Grimoire Hearts, GryymnReaps, Guardians of Saurfang, Guardians of Saurfang, Guild of the Eagle, Guild of Valpantiel, Gypsey, Hallowed be Thy Name, heal test, Hikaru, HL, HolyNova, Horde Rejects, Horde Rejects, Horde Rejects, Hordey Little Devils, IAC, Idntknow, iguild, iGuild, iGuild Group1, IGUILD2, IllidariRemnants, illusion, illusion, Ilterendi, Immortalis, Immortals, Immortals, IMPERIAL, Indifferent, Indifferent, Innuendo, Innuendo, insidious, Insidious, Insidious, Insidious, Insurrexi, INTEGRITAS, Intervals, Intervention, Invalid Character, Invalid target, Invalid Target, Invalid Target, Invictus, Iron Ravens, is Batman, Jares, JarviltinBetaLog, Jemme, Jimbo Jazz, Jomblo Only, Jordan, Jovial, Juggernaught, Juggernaught, Karma, KarmasutraImperative, Katy's Logs, Keyboard Warriors, KizxIndifferent, Klan, Klandar, Klusters Retreat, Laetus Domus, Laetus Domus, Legion of Honor, Lestrange, Lfguild, Locky Logs, Log all the things, logrecordernick, Logs, Logs of Korq, Lone Wolf Pack, Lone Wolf Pack, Lone Wolf Pack, Lone Wolf Pack, Lone Wolf Pack 1, Looney Toons, Lords of the Light, Lotion, Lotion, Lotion - Saurfang, Lotion2, Lotionz, Love, Mage Against the Machine, Mage Against The Machine, Mahtava, Mahtava, Making Herstory, Malaya Log, marshion, MARTELL or CHIVAS, matt, Maur/Meat/Arc, Mental As Anything, mephisto waltz, MetaDeaftonePrae, Molotov, Momentkiller's WoL, Momentúm, Moparoo, MurlocMassochists, Muscle For Hire, Mutiny, Mutiny, MY ALT GUILD, My Logs, Mythological, Mythril, N B K, N B K, Nascent Backup, Naughty By Nature, Nerds Of Steel, Niss logs, noble empire, Noble Empire, Noble Empire, Nomnom, Not Enough Skill, Nox Eternus, Nvrbinlaid, obieforce, Obsidian Knights, Obsidian Knights, Obsidian Knights, Octane, Octane, omgoninousapp, Omnificent, Oomaroo, Ostentatious Guild Name, Out For Blood, Out of the ashes, Out Of The Ashes, Pants Optional, Pants Optional, Pants Optional, Paratus, Pekbatabatuta, Pendek , Persephone, Personal, Personal Logs, Phalanx, Phalanx, Phalanx, Phatness, PHGuild, Photonics, pink eye, Playground Bullies, ponchos logs, Pretty Hate Machine, Primal, Primorus, Primorus, Procs logs, pseudonym, pug, Pug, Pug, PUG, Puggy, PUGRAID, QualityObsession, qweasd, raah, Rabid logs, Rage quit, ragnaros to riches, Ragsu, Ragsu, Raid Squad, Raiders of Saurfang, Random, Random , Random Mayhem, Ravers United, Rebirth, Rebirth, Recklesnes, Renegades of Chaos, Resonance Gaming, Restless, Retro, Reverse Polarity, Rhythm, Ricblock, Risen From The Ashes, Rodos Personal Parses, Runic, Råluk, S Key Gamers, Salibaron, Sanduril's logs, Sarcasm, Sassy Unicorns, Satans, Saurfang, SaurfangGel, Scarlet Reliquary, Scion, Scythe, Secret Fist, Secret Fist-Alt, Serelii, Serenity, SF Pugs, SHADOW PARADOX, Shadows Demise, shehouse, Shift's report, Silverites, Simplicity, Skill Banner, Sleepless Knights, Slipstream, Slipstream, Slipstream, Small Time, Smalltime, SmexyTimez, Social Legion, Solitary, something, Sorbocles, Sorbocles, Sorgii, Sparkle Motion, Splash Attack, Stamina, Stercus Accidit, Stercus Accidit, Storm Hammer, Stuff, Submitsworld, Suit up, Suit Up, SUP GURL IM FULL PURPLEZ, swarm, Syndeð Theðs, System Infantry, Sðulbound, Tarinda3k, Tasty, Team Bloodfang, Team Rocket, Tempus, Tempus, Test, testing, Testing, ThA Guild, The Ascended, The Blood Monkees, The Blood Monkees, The Blood Monkees, The Dark Exiled, The Final Stand, The Forgotten Rise, The Hordes Finest, The Hordes Revenge, The Last Prophecy, The Mercenaries, The new kings order, the order, the order, The Order, The Perth Guild, The Perth Guild, The Plague, The Plague, The Reaping, The Sanctified, The Soprano Crime Family, The Spectres, These Are Not The Logs You're Looking For, They nerf it we kill it, This is a private guild, Three Thousand, ThreeThousand, Thy, Titan, Tranq on CD, Tribute, Triplicity's Personal Logs, Trost, Tsutopia, typh, Under the Influence, Under the Influence, Under The Influence, Under The Influence, Under the Southern Cross, Undisturbed Chaos, Unholysmita, UnitedForces, Unknown Horde, Unknown Horde, Unshackled Kings, Unshackled Kings, Absolution, Adventure Time, Aeonian Gaming, Age Of Retribution, Ajantis, All or Nothing, Almost Mythic, Alternate Worlds, Angels, Ankh Morpork City Watch, Anomaly, anonymous onslaught, Antiquus, Antisocial, Apocalypsed, Arena All Stars, Armagedõn, Ashes Of Battle, Ashes of the Arena, Ashes Of War, Asphyxiate, Auction House Raiders, AUSSIE RULES, Aussies do it Down Under, Australis, Avares, AwesomArmy, Bad Influence, Ballistic, Bank of Noah, BanknStuff, Banko Central, Banter, Batibot, Battle Born, baxwar, Be My Mount, Below the Belt, Big Natural Crits, BIV, Blind Fate, Blood Knights Oath, Blood Pact, BloodE CowHorde, Borean Boozers, BreakingBåd, Broken Vikings, Browncoats, Burning Intent, Butter Mushroom, Cake, Cant Touch This, Carpe Jugulum, Carpé Diem, Casino Roýale, Celestial Exiles, Chalice of Fate, Champions, Chaostheory, ChaoticNeutral, Chillaxed, Chop Suey, CHRIS, Circles from Heaven, Clan Mycowcanski, CookiesNcream, Corvus Lupus Legion, Council of Elders, Crassus, Cross Realm Shutdown, Crowd Control, Cryptic, Daemonic, Dark Affliction, Dark Apocalypse, Dark Matter, Dark Portal Fisters, Dark Progression, Dawn Of Demise, Death Merchants, Deaths Legion, DeathWatchers, DeathWreckers, Debauchery Tea Party, Defiance, Demonic Insanity, Diamond Supply Co, Dirè Straits, Disenchanted, Dog goes Moo, doodles house and co, Dragon Soul, Dragon Sovereign, Easy Mode Gaming, El Guild, ELFinance, Elite Alliance, Elusive Dreams, Endless Reign, Endurance, Enigma, Epic Carnage, Epic Chaos, eptic, EQ Gaming, Erebus, Escendia, Eternal Wolves, Eventide of Elysium, Everyday Merchandise, Evoccation, Ex Oh Gossip Guild, Excommunicated, Exemplary, Exquisite, FaceRoll, Fake Orc Chasm, Famiglia, Family, Family ties, Fate, Fatties with an Agenda, FilthyCasuals, Flames of The Phoenix, Forever Twisted, Forsaken Army, Forèplay, From Chaos, From Scratch, Frostwolves, Game of Thrones, Gasm, Get Rich or Die Grinding, Going Quantum, Golden Tigers, Goldshire Raiders, Gorelords, Got Reported, Grit, Gryffindor, Guild in Progress, Guild of Leatnomes, Guild of Valpantiel, Guts, Hallowed Be Thy Name, hammergodz, Hangin With My Gnomies, Hard Like Heroic, Hardcore Pwnography, HeadStrong, Heartless Brothers, High Rollers, High Treason, HolyNova, Honk if your Hordie, Honour Bound, Hope in the Darkest Hour, Horde Spies, Hornets Nest, House Lannister, Howling, Hyjal Kids Hyjal Wife, I swear its not a bank, Icy Shadows, iGuild, Illuminare, Immortal Outkasts, Incentive, Infinite Heroes, Infinity, Infámous, IttyBittyKittyCommitee, Jack My Swag, Jamie The Twig, Judas, Keepers of The Realm, Keyboard Warrior, KFC, Kings Of The Alliance, Knights Of Krynn, Knights That Say Mrgl, Knights Who Say Ni, Ladies of the Night, Laetus Domus, Lazy Peons, Le Resistance, League Of Losers, League of Shadows, Led Zeppelin, Legion Of Zef, Legions Nightmare, Less Than Perfect, Lesser Best Friends, LiFe, Lockdownz, Looney Toons, Loot n Stuff, Lotion, lucky cat, Made In Australia, Mahtava, Major, Malevolance, Many LuckyDos You Like, Merchantos de la Morte, Might and Magic, Mine All Mine, Minor Misdemeanors, Mongoloids, Mongrels of Valhalla, Murlocs stole my socks, Mushroom, MVP, My Realm Cleaved You, Mystic Guard, Nacho Cheese, Nascent, Naughty Volcano, Neoteric, Nerf Mechanics, New Illusion, Night Reapers, Noggenfoggers, None the Wiser, Nongs of Chicken, North Korea, Not Enough Skill, Nyan Cat, NøC, Obsidian Knights, Once in a Blue Moon, ONIX, Optimis, Oracion Seis, Origins of Escape, Pacific Phoenix, PandaLand, Pandas R Us, Pants Optional, Paradoxically, Parental Guidance, Perfect Insanity, Persephone, Philanthropy, Pinned Down, Pit Stop, Plasma Storm, Plays Cool, Power Fap Gaming, Prestige, Prevail, Promise, Prophetic Order, Pug, Pulp, purified awesomeness, Purple Wraath, Quality, QualityObsession, R o T o L a T o Z, Radical Dreamers, Radioactive Swamp Cow, Rage Quit, Raided R, Raiders Incorporated, Raids on School Nights, Random Heroes, Razors Edge, Ready Or Not, reapers of the dark, Reign In Blood, Release, Replenished, Reprisal, Requiem for a Dream, Resilient, Resonance Gaming, Retry, Rizing Phoenix, Robots in Disguise, Rosenkreuz Orden, Rule of Two, Rule Thirty Four, Ruthless Warriors, sad affleck, Sag Squad, Same, Scarlet Embers, Scarlet Serenity, Schindlers Fist, Scratch and sniffs, Scrub Down, Secondary Protocol, Secret Fist, Serenity, Shadow Legion, Shadow Paradöx, Shadowmoon Garrison, SHAOLIN MONKS, Simplicity, Slashdance, Snowfall, Soldiers of Aslan, Standard Nerds, Straight Outta Hillsbrad, Strength N Honor, Sum Ting Wong, Survey Corps, Suít Up, Syndrome of a Down, Tasty, Team Galactic, Team Professor Lupin, Team Troll, Team Two, Tear Of Elune, Tectality, The Amaranthine Order, The Ashen Vanguard, The Burning Dawn, The Conquerors, The Crimson Raiders, The Dark Angel Chapter, The Dark Side, The December Boys, The Despot, The Drunk Souls, The Eh Team, The Fallen Gods, The Forgotten Rise, The Frontline, the holy legends, The Horde alliance, The Left Hand of Thrall, The Man Clan, The Nameless Order, The Posse, The Reaping, The Redblood Cartel, The Reserve, The Rise of The Fallen, The Sacred, The Shadow Council, The Spectres, The Synergy, The Vanquishers, They Nerf It We Kill It, Thralls Chosen, Thunderbluff Tuff, Thé BróthérHoód, Tilting the Hourglass, TimeLords, Tranq, Transcendence, Transcendent, Transition, Triseck, Trix, Turmoil, Twisted Fate, Twisted Loyalty, Tëabag Vendor, Ucanhastotems Guild, UJelly, Ultimation, Undecided Empire, Under the Influence, Undramatic, Unearthly Delights, Unknown Horde, Unsung Heroes, Untitled, Untold Legends, us graverobbers, VB and Durries, Very Special Forces, Veñdettã, Vicarious, Vorpal Bunnies, Vote Green, Vulgar, Vôid, Wake N Bake, Wallbricks, War Rocket Ajax, Warcraft, Warcrafters, Warlords Of Wow, Wasted Penguinz, We Seek The Grail, WeetBix Warriors, Westpack, Where is the library, Wild Boyz, Wild Ones, Will of the Warchief, Wipe it up, Without Sympathy, World of Warcraft, WOW police, Wrath, Xfantasy, You Had One Job, Zebank, Éndless Fury, Éptic, Valhalla, Validus, Velocity, Vengeance Burns, Vicarious, Vicious intent, Vigilance, vortacity, Vortacity, Warriors of the Realm, Whitepowerox, WhiteT, WhiteT, Whoopietang, Wipe Inc, Wipe It Up, Wipe Me More, WipeInc, wowsers, WoWsers, WOWsers, WuPandaGuild, Xavièr, Yoshanai, YOUGOTCARRIED, ZCT02, zed, Zero Carefactor, Zixxs' logs, ßullcrit

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