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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Pantheon US-Misha Alliance 0 970
VEX US-Misha Horde 0 428
Epicism US-Rexxar Alliance 0 376
The Dark US-Rexxar Alliance 0 247
SteadyHand US-Rexxar Horde 0 148
Prophecy (Worshipper) None Alliance 0 116
New Era US-Misha Horde 0 84
consilio et armis US-Rexxar Alliance 0 59
abyssus US-Rexxar Horde 0 58
Cake or Death None Horde 0 55
Kupo None Alliance 0 49
Swagger US-Misha Alliance 0 49
Coupe De Grace US-Rexxar Alliance 0 48
The Motion Picture US-Rexxar Alliance 0 46
JBL US-Rexxar Horde 0 38
In Somnis Veritas US-Rexxar Alliance 0 35
Personallogs US-Rexxar Alliance 0 31
Remorse US-Misha Horde 0 28
Yarg US-Rexxar Alliance 0 25
Corpse Run US-Rexxar Horde 0 24
Legendary Exiles US-Rexxar Alliance 0 24
Shadow Group US-Misha Alliance 0 21
Kashiim Rexxar US-Rexxar Alliance 0 19
The Exiled US-Rexxar Horde 0 17
Dunk Squad US-Misha Alliance 0 16
Delirium US-Rexxar Horde 0 15
Equinox US-Misha Alliance 0 14
Kal's Adventure Time US-Misha Alliance 0 14
Crit Happens US-Rexxar Horde 0 13
Loot Crew US-Rexxar Alliance 0 13
coa2 US-Rexxar Alliance 0 12
Good Omen US-Rexxar Alliance 0 12
Gravemind US-Rexxar Horde 0 12
Mercenaries Of The Horde US-Misha Horde 0 12
Ninja Hit Squad US-Rexxar Alliance 0 12
A Horde Dazed Knight US-Misha Horde 0 11
Progression US-Rexxar Horde 0 11
Progression Pug US-Misha Horde 0 11
Rise From the Ashes None Horde 0 11
Inertia US-Rexxar Horde 0 10
Nightstalkerz US-Misha Alliance 0 10
Avaledan US-Rexxar Alliance 0 8
GoE US-Misha Alliance 0 8
Progenitus US-Rexxar Horde 0 8
VEX US-Misha Horde 0 8
Ancient Blood US-Rexxar Horde 0 7
Fallen Heroes US-Misha Alliance 0 7
Snuggles US-Rexxar Alliance 0 7
Some Kinda AOE US-Rexxar Alliance 0 7
Intent US-Rexxar Horde 0 6
Brotherhood of the Blade US-Misha Alliance 0 5
One Step Further US-Rexxar Alliance 0 5
slow children at play US-Rexxar Alliance 0 5
The FaIIen US-Misha Alliance 0 5
Farm Status US-Rexxar Horde 0 4
just bloodlust2 US-Rexxar Alliance 0 4
Napoleon Complex US-Rexxar Alliance 0 4
RWD US-Rexxar Alliance 0 4
The Cuddly Apocalypse US-Rexxar Horde 0 4
AFK Powernap US-Rexxar Alliance 0 3
Amor's OpenRaids US-Misha Horde 0 3
Apocalypse US-Misha Horde 0 3
Evolve - Misha US-Misha Alliance 0 3
Grimm's Logs US-Rexxar Alliance 0 3
GUMMY SHARKS US-Rexxar Horde 0 3
Hordeon Minions US-Rexxar Horde 0 3
InLovingMemory US-Rexxar Horde 0 3
midnight ramblers US-Misha Alliance 0 3
Swagger US-Misha Alliance 0 3
Truthiness US-Misha Alliance 0 3
Arkhadia US-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
Golden Apple Corps US-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
IGHO US-Rexxar Horde 0 2
Insanity Included US-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
just bloodlust US-Rexxar Horde 0 2
Kashiim's Logs US-Misha Horde 0 2
Misha Pug Groups US-Misha Alliance 0 2
Nex's BOT PUG! US-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
OverWatch US-Misha Alliance 0 2
Power Word Win US-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
Problems US-Misha Alliance 0 2
Pugging US-Rexxar Horde 0 2
Small Union Of Pals US-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
Solidarm - Personal US-Misha Alliance 0 2
Stands in Bad US-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
synofmisha US-Misha Alliance 0 2
TAoW Pugs US-Rexxar Alliance 0 2
Test Logs LOL SRSLY US-Rexxar Horde 0 2
The Exiled US-Rexxar Horde 0 2
Unhallowed US-Misha Horde 0 2
Unhallowed Group 2 US-Misha Horde 0 2
Your Sistas a Horde US-Rexxar Horde 0 2
A Murder of Crows US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Addict Mode US-Rexxar Horde 0 1
Amelais Guild US-Misha Alliance 0 1
Army of the Dragon None Alliance 0 1
COA US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Decerto US-Misha Alliance 0 1
Derp Nation US-Rexxar Horde 0 1
Epicism US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Epicism US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Epicism US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Fizzlebomb's WoL US-Rexxar Horde 0 1
GrandsLogs US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Grey's raiders US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Greys Logs US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Lilleths Crew US-Rexxar Horde 0 1
lmperium US-Rexxar Horde 0 1
LordofAlpha US-Rexxar Horde 0 1
mainland US-Rexxar Horde 0 1
ONEMANARMY US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Parses US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Personal US-Rexxar Horde 0 1
POPPIN' US-Misha Alliance 0 1
Protectors of Honor US-Misha Alliance 0 1
Pypper US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Rain Makers US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Rapture US-Rexxar Horde 0 1
Rapture US-Misha Alliance 0 1
Relax US-Misha Horde 0 1
Running with Daggers US-Rexxar Alliance 0 1
Shadow of Death US-Misha Alliance 0 1
SOD US-Misha Alliance 0 1
Spaarxx Nation US-Rexxar Horde 0 1
Steel Dawn US-Misha Alliance 0 1
Temp Logs US-Rexxar Horde 0 1
uhhjustferlogs US-Misha Horde 0 1
Ultima Ratio Regum US-Misha Alliance 0 1
Unhallowed None Horde 0 1
A Murder of Crows None Alliance 0 0
Advanced Campfire None Alliance 0 0
Apex None Alliance 0 0
Archetype X None Alliance 0 0
Arlaytan None Alliance 0 0
Army of the Dragon None Alliance 0 0
ashlar None Alliance 0 0
AX Corps None Horde 0 0
Axis None Alliance 0 0
Babyarm None Alliance 0 0
Before the Storm None Horde 0 0
Before The Storm None Horde 0 0
Big Dämn Heroes None Alliance 0 0
BigSteve's Logs None Horde 0 0
Blue Moon None Alliance 0 0
Brethren of Blood None Horde 0 0
Bug Man None Horde 0 0
chandie None Alliance 0 0
Chrispwns Logs None Horde 0 0
Classless's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Conquest None Alliance 0 0
Cortada log None Alliance 0 0
Coupe de Grace None Alliance 0 0
Craved's Logs None Horde 0 0
Crit Happens None Horde 0 0
DAK None Alliance 0 0
Dead By Dawn None Horde 0 0
Death None Alliance 0 0
Desecration None Alliance 0 0
Dirty Deeds None Alliance 0 0
Disease Free None Horde 0 0
Draconic Warriors None Alliance 0 0
Dragin Tales None Alliance 0 0
Dragonspire None Alliance 0 0
Drunken Master None Alliance 0 0
Dunk Squad None Alliance 0 0
Easy Like Minds None Horde 0 0
Escape from Reality None Alliance 0 0
Ethereal None Horde 0 0
Ethereal None Horde 0 0
Exodus None Alliance 0 0
Facerollers None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Farm Status None Horde 0 0
Farm Status None Horde 0 0
Farren None Horde 0 0
Fearless Arms None Alliance 0 0
Fierce Pandas None Alliance 0 0
final hour None Horde 0 0
For Crits and Giggles US-Rexxar Alliance 0 0
For the logs None Horde 0 0
Forever Alone None Horde 0 0
Forsaken Hope None Alliance 0 0
Forsaken Kings None Alliance 0 0
Forsaken Kings None Alliance 0 0
Fx Logging None Alliance 0 0
Gals pugs None Alliance 0 0
GhostBusters None Horde 0 0
Gravemind None Horde 0 0
Greed is Good None Horde 0 0
Heart of the Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Hells Fury None Alliance 0 0
Hells Minions None Horde 0 0
Henchy's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Hounds of Tindalos None Alliance 0 0
Ibundead None Horde 0 0
Insance Society None Alliance 0 0
Insidious Infidels None Horde 0 0
Is Disfunctional None Alliance 0 0
Is Disfunctional None Alliance 0 0
JustBloodlust3 None Horde 0 0
Kingdom of Heaven None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Tyme None Alliance 0 0
Lego My Aggro None Alliance 0 0
logs None Horde 0 0
Loner US-Misha Horde 0 0
Lost Weekend None Horde 0 0
Mercenaries for Alliance None Alliance 0 0
mithrios None Horde 0 0
My Logs None Alliance 0 0
Nameless US-Misha Alliance 0 0
Nastynate's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Nerd Raged None Horde 0 0
Nightbane2 None Horde 0 0
Ninja Hit Squad None Alliance 0 0
Nolb None Alliance 0 0
Notorious None Alliance 0 0
OM NOM NOM NOM None Horde 0 0
Order of Sacrifice None Alliance 0 0
Penance Unleashed None Alliance 0 0
Posè None Horde 0 0
Prime None Alliance 0 0
Prime None Alliance 0 0
ProgressionPug New None Horde 0 0
Proletarian None Alliance 0 0
Prophecy (Telaven) None Alliance 0 0
PUG LFR For application purposes None Horde 0 0
Pulse None Alliance 0 0
Pure None Alliance 0 0
Radical Dreamers None Alliance 0 0
Radical Dreamers None Alliance 0 0
Raid Against the Machine None Horde 0 0
rapture None Alliance 0 0
Rapture None Alliance 0 0
Rebellious None Alliance 0 0
Redux US-Rexxar Alliance 0 0
Repentance None Alliance 0 0
Repentance None Alliance 0 0
Rise from the Ashes None Horde 0 0
Rise from the Ashes None Horde 0 0
Rise from the AshesAeriea None Horde 0 0
Sacred Legion None Horde 0 0
Sanity None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Company None Alliance 0 0
ShadowCompany None Alliance 0 0
Shadows of the North None Horde 0 0
Sivart None Alliance 0 0
Sky's personal parses None Alliance 0 0
Smeister's WOL Guild None Alliance 0 0
Some kinda AOE None Alliance 0 0
Soul Society None Alliance 0 0
Stands in Bad None Alliance 0 0
Steady Hand None Horde 0 0
Storm Born None Alliance 0 0
Subtletea's Logs None Horde 0 0
SwaggerGuild None Alliance 0 0
Templars of Darkness None Horde 0 0
Test guild None Alliance 0 0
The Conclave of Shadows None Alliance 0 0
The Exiled None Horde 0 0
The FaIIen None Alliance 0 0
The Galactic Empire None Horde 0 0
The Omega Syndicate None Horde 0 0
The Order of the Owl None Alliance 0 0
The True Horde None Horde 0 0
Time Well Wasted None Alliance 0 0
Titans of the Horde None Horde 0 0
Truthiness None Alliance 0 0
Unjustified Cruelty None Horde 0 0
Valkyries of the Horde None Horde 0 0
Vendetta None Horde 0 0
Walk with the Wind None Alliance 0 0
warlord crusaders None Alliance 0 0
Weapon of Choice None Alliance 0 0
Wildarms None Horde 0 0
worldoflogstuffs None Alliance 0 0
ZERG None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

10mans and pugs, A C M E, A Muder Of Crows, A Murder of Crows, A Murder of Crows, A Murder Of Crows, A Murder Of Crows, A Murder Of Crows, abc123, Absolution, Absolution, Absolution, Absolution, Absolution, Absolution - Enn, Abyssus, Abyssus, Abyssus, Abyssus, Abyuss, Achein's Logs, Addict Mode, Aegis-Frawst, AfterLife, Against All Odds, Against All Odds, Aguildname, Alpha Kenny One, Aluminum Falcon, Amicus, Amicus, Amicus Infinitum, AmurderoFcrowS, anarchist expedition, Anasterian, Ancient Blood, Angels of Death, Angjolei, Anguish, Anomaly Faction, Anonymous, Another Bad Dream, Anxieties, Anxiety, Apex, Apocalypse, Apocalypse, Apocalypse, App, App Guild, Apøcalýpse, Apøcalýpse, Aquoia logs, Army of Souls, Ars Exitium, As Above So Below, As Above So Below, Ascendance, AthenasWrath, Attitude Problem, Awaken, awesome, Azeroth Savings and Loan, Bacon, Bad LFRs, Bad to the Bone, Baileys Raids, Balanced, Balanced, Bankaroth, Bells Fargo, Benevolence, Big Damage, Blades of True Valor, blahblihblah, Bloopsbleep, Blue Moon, brd, Bridge Burners, Bruce's Logs, Bruph, buttons, Cabal of the Dark Lady, Cabal of the Dark Lady, Cabal Of The Dark Lady, Cake or Death, Cant Heal Stupid, CANTPRO LOGS, Carpe Diem, Casualties of War, cause i can, CEA2, Celtic Wolf, censored, CH, Challenge Accepted, Champion, Chibz, Chinese Gold Farmers, Choller, Chriiss, Cina's logs, City of Ancients, Clandestine Theoretics, Cloudwatchers, COA, Concero, Concero, corey's, Corpus Sine Pectore, Corpus Vile, Corruption, Coupe de Grace, Coupe De Grace, Coupe De Grace, Coupe De Grace, Cowboys From Hell, Crestfall Misha, Crit Happens, Cro's Apple Crushers, Cronic Needs Therapy, Ctrl Alt Destroy, Cult of the Faceless One, Cult of the Faceless One, DAMN, Dances With Wolvar, dans logs, Dark Passengers, Dark side of the moon, Dark Sky, Dark Society, Dark Soul, Darkblood Coven, Daybreak, DBD, Dead By Dawn, Deadclowns, Deadly Panda Squad, Death Adder Knights, Death Adder Knights, Death in Fire, DeathEaters, Deaths Light, Deepblue Proxy, Delirium, Delirium, DELIRIUM, Demands Respecd, DemDereStats, Demonic Origin, Denied, Denied, Denied, Denied, Denied, Desecration, Devil dogs, Devil Dogs, Devilz Rejects, Devilz Rejects, Devilz Rejectz, dickbutt, Digital Underground, dirty deeds, dirty deedz, Dispersion, Dispersion, Distortion, Distortion, Divine Fusion, DKA, Dolus Nomen, Dont Release, Doomskull, DPSIMP, Draconic warriors, Dragon Slayer, Dragon Slayer, Dragonauts, dread, EBFD, Eddy, Edge of Chaos, Edge of Chaos, Edge of chaos(10), effin around, El Dorado, Eldren, Elpaladini's Magic Fun Land, Elwynn Police Dept, Elwynn Police Dept, Empire of Dirt, Empire of Dirt, End Game Content, Epic Knights Templar, Epicism, Epicism2, Epicsim, Equinox, Equinox[L2], Escape From Reality, Eury - Personal, Eve of Destruction, Evolve, Evolved Not Created, Exitium, Failure to Proc, Farm Status, Farm Status, Farm Status, Farm Status, Farm Status, Farm Status, Farm Status Grp 2, FearlessArms, Fh Group3, FH2, Fiasco, Final Assault, Final Assault, Final Hour, Finally a Pug, fired, FL, Fluffy Bunnies From Outer Space, Flush, Flush, Fog of War, Forged, Forget Your Sanity, Forget Your Sanity, Forget Your Sanity, Forgotten Legends, Forgotten Legends, Forgotten Legends, Forgotten Ten, Forsaken Hope Reborn, Forsaken Kings, Fractured, Fred, French Canadians, FridayNightCrew, Friends United, From Behind, Frostreaver, FUEL, GAH, GAH, Game over, GaURi, Gbankninja, genesis, Ghostbusters, ginkou, Gniguuwatt Fan Club, Go time, Goar, Gods of Thunder, Grano Salis, Grano Salis, Gravemind, Gravemind, Gravemind, grawp's one man army, Greed is Good, Greed is Good, Ground Zero, GTL Yeah Buddy, Guardians of the Crown, Guild of Elites, Harbinger, Harmonia, Harvesters of Sorrow, Hastega's Logs, Haus der Könige, Heart of the Phoenix, Heaven Sent, Heist, Hex's Guild, Hikari, Holy Expedition, holybra, Honor Guard, Hordelords, Hordes Last Stand, Hurricane, Hysteria, I N T E G R I T Y, I'mhorribleplzforgiveme, II, IIN, Illegal Character, Illumination, Illuminous, Imbris, Immortals Rising, In Somnis Veritas, in the mountains, In Theory, Inertia, Inertia, Insanity Included, Insanity Included, Insanity Included 2, Insatiable, Insidious Infidels, Insomnia, Interritus, Irish Justice, irssinnig WOL, Is Bad, Is Disfunctional, Jaded, JibJabbaKeist, Kami and Co, Kazuo822, kepnitreel, KG, Khaos Knights, Kilarah's Random Logs, Killer Bunnies, Killer Bunnies, killerguild, Kingdom of Heaven, Kings Guard, Kings Guard, Kings Guard, Kings Guard, Kings of Old, Kirstiaguild, Kittays Logs, KNIGHTMARES, Knights Honor, knights of erebus, Knights of Erebus, Knights of the Dark Sun, Knights Of The Light, Knights of the Templar, Krynn Temp Reports, Kupo, lauraluu, League of Shadows, Legend Makers, LFR bads, Lich Slapped, Lightbringers, LmaoGDKP, Logs, looki, Loot Crew, Loot Crew, Los Guapos, Lost Minds, lovemoma, Machina, magnitude, Malleus Maleficarum, Man Up, Man Up, Mark of Whatever, max asdas, me, Meep, meh, mercenaries for alliance, Mercenaries For Alliance, Mercenaries of Alliance, Mercernaries of the Horde, Messing With Sasquatch, MGK, Midnight Puggers, Midnight Ramblers, Midnight Ramblers, Miskatonic University, Momentum, Monkey, MoordotsGuild, Moosen, Mortality, MPM, Murder of Crows B-Team, My little guild, Mystic Bond, Nandus Twink, NARG, Ne Plus Ultra, New Era, New Era, Nice's Logs (Unhallowed), Nightstalkerz, Ninefold Dragons, No One Left Behind, None, Northshire Hathaway, not you, NRGmisha, OCTAVARIUM, of swords and wards, Old Spice, OM NOM NOM NOM, Omega Sydicate, Omega Syndicate, OMG WOOT YAY, Omnomnomnom, On the Brink, One Step Further, oOo, Oppresion, Oppression, Oppression, Oppression, Oppression, Optimized, Oracion Seis, Orange's logs, Order of Legends, Out Of Spite, Outsiders, Outta the Hordinary, Oxy-test, p99, Padrédan, Panda Express, panda punchers, Panda Punchers, Panda Punchers, Pandemonium, Pandemonium, Pantheon, Paradigm Shift, Paranormal Society, Pariah, Pees in Moonwells, Personal, Personal Issues, Personal Usage, Persuasion, Phalanx, Phalanx, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix Dawning, Phoenix-Misha, PhoenixLTD, pn, Poor Impulse Control, poreass, Pow Right in The Kisser, PowKisser, PP, PP 2, Prestige, Prestige, Prestige, Primacy, Primus, private, Procratinazors, Progression, Progression, prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy, prosaic, Proven, ProvenKingKillers, Prætorian, Pseudo Serious, PUG, pugicc, puglogs, PuGs Rock, Pulse, Pulse, Pulse, Pulse, Pulse, Pulse, Pure, Purple, Purple of Misha, Purplepurple, PvP Flagged, PvP Flagged, PvP Flagged, PvP Flagged, PvP Flagged, Pyre, Radar-Logs, Radical Dreamers, Radnom, Raljah FYS, Randgris, Rando's Guild, Rapture, Rapture, Rapture, reality, Reality, Rectile WoLs, Red Light District, Red Light District, Reflection of Madness, Reformation, Refugees of Misha, Refugees Of Misha, Rendezvous, Rennoc's Log Files, Repent, Repentance, Revelations, Revived, Rexxar, Ridiculism, Rise from the Ashes, RoW, RR, Rule of Wrist, Rule of Wrist, Rydavim's Log Guild, Sacred Legion, Sanctified, Sarcasm, SDS, Sefarious, Serenity, Serious Business, Set Sail To Fail, Set Sail To Fail, setest, seudo, Sex Panthers, Shadow, Shadow Group, Shadow Wolves, Shadowcompany, Shadowcompany, Shadows Gather, ShadowXY, Shame about that, Shatere and Alts, Shen An Calhar, shinpaku alliance, Shinsen Gumi, Skill, Skill, Skyfo, Skyfo, Small Union of Pals, smashing, smashing, Smashing, Smurfs Inc, Smurfs Inc, Smurfs Inc., Solacè, Special Patrol Group, Speed Runs, Stad's Logs, Stance Dance Revolution, Stands in Bard, Steady Hand, Steel Dawn, STORM, Storm Born, Storm Born, Supremacy, swag, SWAGGER, sweet1, swift alliance, Swift Alliance, Synergy, Synergy, Sythegore Reborn, Sythegore Reborn, Sythegore Reborn, Sythegore Reborn, Sythegore Reborn, TD - Total Destruction, Team Killface, Temporary Logs, Tenacity, test, test, Test, Test Guild, Test guild 345, testbane, Testguildd, Testy Testy Testy, The Abidjan Anger Management Committee, The Art of War, The best, The Blood Hunters, The Blood Hunters, The Broken Tower, The Conclave of Shadows, The Dead Rabbits, The Eschaton, The Exalted, The Exalted, The Exiled, The Exiled, the exiled , The Exiled 2, The Facepalm Brigade, The Fallen Heroes, The Forgotten Fury, The Forgotten Ten, The Holy Knights, The Holy Knights, The Knights of Valor, The Merchants of Death, The Minstry, The Nexus, The One Knight Stand, the rebellion, The Royal Elite, The Shadow Council, The Stinks, The Super Best Friends, The Super Best Friends, The Super Best Friends, The Winds of Plague, Third Times a Charm, Third Times A Charm, Thorotte, tian's logs, Time Well Wasted, Tinytimmay, Tinytimmay, Tinytimmay's logs, Tinytimmay's logs, Token, total destruction, Total Destruction, Total Destruction, Total Destruction, Total Destruction, total destruction Legacy, Total Destruction Misha, Trash DPS, Trial, Trilleon, Truthiness, Truthiness, Twisted Fait, Twisted Fait, Twisted Serenity, Twisted Serenity, Twizted, Twizted, Two Step Further , Ulterior Motive, Ultima Ratio regum, Ultimate demise, Underdogs, Unending Justice, Unending Justice, Unforgiving, UNhallowed, UnhallowedGRP2, union, Unique Killers, Unity, Unjustified Cruelty, Unknown Soldiers, Unrequited, UnRivaled Raiderz, Unwelcome Sav, Unwelcome Saviours, Unwelcome Saviours, Unwelcome Saviours, A Little Piece of Heaven, Addicted To Chaos, An Garda Solas, Animal Rage, Asgard, ATM, Avventura Puttanesca, Banka Plz, Bellus Lilium, Blood Bath And Beyond, Bloodshot, Chaotic Beauty, Close Enough, Cornerstone, CP Savings and Loans, Creatures of the Night, Crowd Control, Cult of the Lucid Dream, Dark Side of the Moon, Deadofdooms Guild, Deaths Touch, Denied, DevilDogs, Devilz Rejects, Devoted Chaos, Distinct, DOC HOLIDAY, Dopè, Dragons, DREAM Exodus, Enchanted Supply Co, Equinox, Eradicators of Warcraft, Exalted with Repair Bots, Famøus, Fear, Felix Felicis, Fighters of the Nightman, First Natl Bank of Dad, Forged, Forged by Fire, Forsaken Kings, Friends of the good, FTW, GenericGuildName, Gnome Alone, Gnomie Homies, Gnomish Tendencies, Guardians Of Valor, Halcyon, Hard Mode, Hells Raiders, Horde Are Expendable, Horde Coast Choppers, Horde Scum, HordeCore, Horizon, I AM NOT A BANK ALT, ibankedurgold, Immortal Heroes, Immortal Legends, Iron Fists, Is a beast, is Beast, jeff kaplan, JustForFun, Kallbank Alt, Kick bot Lol, Killer Bunnies, Kindred Spirits, Kings and Queens, kings of the dead, Kings of Valor, Knights of Anarchy, Knights of Negitivity, Knights of the Light, Knights of the old World, labfng, Legendary Pursuit, Lego My Aggro, Lionhearts Pride, Lords of Eire, Lords of Havoc, Mac Bank N Trust, Mercenaries Of The Horde, Mighty Alliance, MILLENNIUM, Mischief Managed, Momentum, Monster Hunters, Mortal Instruments, Mâsked Løgic, Necrosis, Needs Therapy, Nether, New and Improved, Nightstalkerz, Nocturnâl, Not In A Guild, Noxxromulus, Oath of Faith, OMG Pwnies, Order Of The Blade, Order of the Bloody Rose, Order of the Golen Lotus, Organization XIV, Outlanders, Pandalicious, Part Pinoy, Penance Unleashed, Phoenix Tears, Precious Moments, Progression Pug, Protectors of Honor, Pyre, Queen Annes Revenge, Rank One But Bad, Rapture, Reapers of Pain, Remorse, Republic, Rise Again, S W A T, Sage Magyk, savage dawn, Shadow Alliance, Shadow Group, Shadow Guardians, ShadowMaster, Shameless Affliction, Shining Star, SkraT AttacK, Sofa kings, Sons Of Redwood, Sons of Thunder, Soulmates, Stalwart, Summer Solstice, Surrounding Darkness, SWAGGER, Tar Valon, The Ancients Gods, The Bank of Moondude, The Blood Hunters, The Clans Bank, The Dead And The Broken, The Dopplegangers, The Elder Council, The Forgotten Fury, The Fortress, The Gods of Thunder, THE GREAT HORDE WARRIORS, The Inquisition, The Insáne Asylum, The Intrepid, The Knights Solare, THE LAST DRAGONZ, The League, The One Knight Stand, The Order Of The Lotus, The Pack, The Pi Guys, The Reaper, The Sentella, The Unmentionables, Thunderbuff Brothel, tickle the bean, Titans of War, Titians of Horde, total destruction, Truthiness, Twisted Fatë, Two Bit Horde, Unhallowed, unknown assassins, Unknown Soldiers, Vendetta, Veritas Æquitas, WarDogz, Weapon X, Wells Fargo, Wicked Sensation, Wickedspikes, Wild Stallions, Windowlickers Anonymous, Wing It, Wing It Fails, worldofwarcraft, Wrath Of The Gods, Wyvern Watch, Åütãrkïs, Ðawn Of The Mythiçs, Acid Reign, Addict Mode, Advanced Campfire, AFK Im Wasted, All For Brothers, Alliance Militia, altisetphaage, Angelic Shelly, Another Late Night, ApocalypticLegionEOD, Arbitrage Inc, Ashes Reborn, Attitude Problem, Attorney At Law, Azeroth Knights, Bane, Bank of Claíre, bankbeme, Banktacular, BarneysBankers, Because I Dont Respect U, Before the Storm, Benevolence, BiS, Blessings of Death, Blood and Ice, Blowin Crit Up, Bláck Hánds, Bravely Ran Away, Bropocalypse, Burning Insanity, Cabal of The Dark Lady, Capsule Corp, Champions of Valhalla, Chaotic Unity, Church of Raptor Jesus, Cloudwatchers, COA, ComingHonorFace, Common Misconceptions, Cookies are the Devil, Corpse Run, Corrupt Fury, Council of Six, Creed of the Horde, Crit Happens, Cynicism, Dark Passengers, Darkblood Coven, Darker Dominion, Darkness Rising, Dawned Iron, Death Fears Me, Death Group Eight, Defile, Destroyer of Worlds, DethKlok Metalocalypse, Detox, Devil Dragons, Devils Rejects, Diplomatic Measures, Dipset, Distorted Perception, Dogz of War, Dragon Slayer, Dragons kiss, Drunk Bacon Gods, Dryeardlues, Easy Like Minds, El Dorado, Elwynn Police Dept, Elysium Brotherhood, Every Knee Will Bow, Fallen Angels of Heaven, Fights Like A Girl, Final Crusade, Final Ownage Elite, First Natl Bank of Dad, FOR THE ALLI wait HORDE, Fractured, Frodo, Fubar, Fun Bucket, Game Over, Gold, Golden Apple Corps, Good Omen, Gravemind, Guardian Angels, guardians of the shadow, Guild Name Prohibited, Guild of Elites, Gwens Bank, Gücci, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Hardknocks, Harrowing Dawn, Has An Angry Beaver, Heavens Hammer, Hells Minions, Hey The Kings Back, Hold the Door, Honor Guard, Hordeon Minions, Hounds of Tindalos, I Dont Care, Idiosyncratic Routine, Imperial Dragons, Impossible Soul, In Somnis Veritas, In The Fax Machine, InLovingMemory, Insanity Included, Insanity Wolves, Intent, IRON HORDE, Jade Dragon Mentors, Jelly Spotters, Just the Two of Us, Kadagar Minions, Kingdom of Heaven, Kings, Kirisute Gomen, Knights Of Two Shadows, Knights of Tyme, Lactose Intolerance, Last Stand, Late Night, Laughing Coffin, Legend Makers, Lets Get Stupid, Leverage, Loin Heads, Lords of Dishonor, Lost Weekend, Loves Pootang Pie, Masters of Recovery, Members Only, Mend, Mentally Challenged, MentalWard, Messing With Sasquatch, Middle Class, Midnight Assassins, Mobius Continuum, MoP Bitz, Morituri te salutamus, Mortal Friends, Moves like Lagger, Murloc Brigade, Murlocks of Draenor, My Crit Dont Stink, NAILED IT, Nameless, Necessary Evil, Nefarious, Nightbane, Nine Hundred Eleven, No Skill, No Strings Attached, Noble Team, Noggenfogger Fanatics, Non Combat Pet, Not A Bank Alt, Not Now Babe im Pvping, not so round table, OCTAVARIUM, of Manticore, Omega Syndicate, One Step Further, Oober, Parade of Wolves, Paradise, Peer Reviewed, PENTAKILL, Praise the Sun, Prestige, Pretty Girl Boys, Pretty Pink Pwniés, Progenitus, Progression, Pulse, Pure, Pure PVP, PvP Flagged, R I O T, Radiance, Radio Rejects, Raiders Club, Rampart, Rebellious, Red, Red Light District, Redemptïön, Reign of Champions, Revelations, Rise from the Ashes, Romance of the Zebra, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Rule of Wrist, Sanitarium, Saves The Day, Shadow Wolves, ShadowCompany, Shadows of the North, Siege, Silence Calls The Storm, Sisterhood of the Lîght, Small Union of Pals, Smokers In Exile, Soul Society, Souls of Darkness, South of Sanity, Stacks n Stacks, Stance Dance Revolution, Stands in Bad, Stargate Secret Service, Stark Harbingers, Storm Born, Swords and Sorcery, Sythegore Reborn, Sÿmbòlïc Khåôs, TEAM KILLFACE, Tempest Maelstrom, Templars Of Darkness, Tenacity, The Baneblades, The Barrens is my Ghettô, The Cursed Ones, The Debauchery Tea Party, The Dragons Tongue, The Eschaton, The Exiled, The Faceless Killas, The Fallen Heroes, The Fel Shinigami, THE FORESAKEN, The Forgotten, The Galactic Empire, The Hidden Leaf, The Hidden Leaf Village, The Hunters Mark, The Legions Despair, The Lego Movie, The Management, The New Kingdom, The Promised Kingdom, The Ranzou Fan Club, The Resilient, The Rustled Jimmies, The Spawn, The Tormented, The Trolls Next Door, The Undefeated, The Voices Of Evil, The WOW Factor, The Ðread Pirates Clan, TheBankersAlts, THERE WILL BE BLOOD, Thunder Katz, Thunderhorse, Time Well Wasted, Tinpan Alley, Tormented Souls, Trash Mob, Twilights Mischief, Twisted, TwoWeeksNotice, Ultimate Demise, Under The Bridge, Unholy Union, Unique, Valhalla Awaits, valiant scyndicate, Venom Potency, Vicarious, Wafflemao, Warcraft Titans, We are the real Horde, Whiteclaw Clan, Wicked, Witty Guild Name, Wolf Parade, YARG, Your Mom Epic Mounted Me, ZERG, Zénith, Èpic, Valkyries of the Horde, Veni Vidi Mori, venom potency, Venom Potency, VeraYuizaki, Vex, Vicarious, Vigor, vigoratus, Villain, Villain, Vince , We Sloe Killas, We Sloe Killas, We Sloe Killas, We Wipe on Trash, Weapon of Choice G2, Weapon of Choice group 2, Weazel, Whatever The F*ck We Call This Group, wicked, WIcked, Wing it, Wipe Hour, WoL for Phoenix, Wråth, WRÅTH, Xuenmaster, Yarg, YARG, YARG, YARG, YARG, YARG, YARGBeta, YargBetaParses, Yet Another Insanity, Yozi, Zangzadam's Logs, Zerg, Zero Return, Zug Life, Zug von Teegbeutel, Zxas, zzztesting

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