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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Down For Life US-Uldaman Horde 0 378
Requiem US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 350
Nexus US-Uldaman Alliance 0 221
Broken US-Uldaman Horde 0 194
Pride and Ego None Alliance 0 166
Down for Life US-Uldaman Horde 0 150
Wicked Claw US-Uldaman Alliance 0 145
lets go redwings US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 86
OnlyTheStrongest US-Uldaman Alliance 0 78
Sanctioned US-Uldaman Alliance 0 67
Blackout US-Uldaman Horde 0 63
Sanity lead Astray None Alliance 0 48
Vital US-Uldaman Horde 0 40
Forte US-Uldaman Horde 0 36
The Seven Deadly Sins US-Ravencrest Horde 0 35
Vital US-Uldaman Horde 0 28
Dark Chaos US-Uldaman Alliance 0 23
Gudwin US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 23
Perfect Insanity US-Uldaman Horde 0 23
Test US-Ravencrest Horde 0 22
Vanquishers US-Uldaman Horde 0 22
GravsTest US-Uldaman Horde 0 21
Masochistic Tendencies US-Uldaman Horde 0 19
I leave bitemarks US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 18
Man Up US-Uldaman Alliance 0 18
Reboot US-Uldaman Horde 0 17
Screaming for Vengeance US-Uldaman Alliance 0 17
Ravenfails Finest US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 16
Elysium US-Ravencrest Horde 0 15
The Last Dragonlord US-Ravencrest Horde 0 13
Legend US-Ravencrest Horde 0 12
The Knights Who Say Nei US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 12
senpai's logs US-Uldaman Alliance 0 11
ArmyOfOne US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 8
FrozenArmy US-Uldaman Horde 0 8
GSM None Alliance 0 8
Warrior US-Uldaman Alliance 0 7
US-Uldaman Horde 0 6
Druidzrgimp US-Ravencrest Horde 0 5
The Awesome US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 5
Wtfboom US-Uldaman Horde 0 5
Inversion US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Midcore Gaming US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Nexus T2 US-Uldaman Alliance 0 4
Noobzter US-Uldaman Horde 0 4
Serenity US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 4
Slave Pit US-Uldaman Horde 0 4
Two Pumps and an Apology US-Uldaman Horde 0 4
Candy and a Van US-Uldaman Horde 0 3
Candy and a Van US-Uldaman Horde 0 3
Edge of Agression US-Uldaman Alliance 0 3
Insomnia US-Uldaman Horde 0 3
Juicy Booty Bay US-Ravencrest Horde 0 3
Limelight US-Uldaman Horde 0 3
Order of Corrupted Souls US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Stuck On Uldaman US-Uldaman Horde 0 3
Tanksu US-Uldaman Horde 0 3
Tempus US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
The Immortals US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
The Knights Who Say Nei US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 3
Xeno's random logs US-Uldaman Horde 0 3
Afterlife US-Uldaman Horde 0 2
Afterlife US-Uldaman Horde 0 2
Archive US-Uldaman Alliance 0 2
Eternal Army US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
Infinite US-Uldaman Horde 0 2
Into Oblivion US-Uldaman Alliance 0 2
Moonlight Crusaders US-Ravencrest Horde 0 2
One Thousand DPS Club US-Uldaman Horde 0 2
Rebirth US-Ravencrest Horde 0 2
Roll For Blame US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 2
savadious US-Uldaman Alliance 0 2
Stuck on Uldaman Late Night US-Uldaman Horde 0 2
West Coast Raiders US-Uldaman Alliance 0 2
Zareck US-Uldaman Alliance 0 2
8bof US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Alter Ego US-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Arts LFR Run US-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Ashes of Oblivion US-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
Aurora US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Blackout US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Candy and a Van US-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Critical Anomaly US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Deliverance US-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Fusion US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Immortal Warlords US-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Infinite US-Uldaman Horde 0 1
ITargetables US-Uldaman Horde 0 1
legion US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Lumi's logs US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Midnight Mayhem US-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Miscreation US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Nidhogg US-Uldaman Horde 0 1
not my main anymore None Horde 0 1
Novae US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Overwatch US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Paradigm Shift US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Phare's Phun Logs US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Pride and Ego US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Ravenfails Finest T2 US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Revelation US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Shadows of Emerald Isle US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
SLAgrp2logs US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Snert's Captain Log US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Tearz Logs US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
The Guardian Project US-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
The Immortals US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
The Order US-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
The Privileged Few US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
The Seven Deadly Sins US-Ravencrest Horde 0 1
Treebear's pug US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Tyranny US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Vantage US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Veni Vidi Vici US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Veritedeum US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Watch This US-Ravencrest Alliance 0 1
Who Put That There US-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
A League of Their Own None Horde 0 0
AAmeetingonFriday None Alliance 0 0
Aggression Scale None Alliance 0 0
Agnii's Guild None Horde 0 0
Ancient Legion None Alliance 0 0
Angels of Destruction None Alliance 0 0
Audacity1 None Alliance 0 0
Bad Medicine None Horde 0 0
Balith tests None Alliance 0 0
bankingz None Horde 0 0
Bankochitt None Horde 0 0
Bankochitt None Horde 0 0
Bastion None Alliance 0 0
Bring the Pain None Alliance 0 0
Broxigars Axe None Horde 0 0
Cabal of four horsemen None Horde 0 0
Child of Cenarius None Alliance 0 0
Clandestined Clams None Horde 0 0
Confusion None Horde 0 0
Crimson Moon Rising None Alliance 0 0
dadad None Alliance 0 0
Dalmverns Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
Dark Angels None Horde 0 0
Deviant None Horde 0 0
Ding None Alliance 0 0
Doesnt Afraid None Horde 0 0
Doesnt Afraid None Horde 0 0
Doesnt' Afraid None Horde 0 0
Down For Life None Horde 0 0
Dragonwraith None Alliance 0 0
Dragonwraith - Blackteam None Alliance 0 0
Drak Thul Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Edge of Aggression None Alliance 0 0
Endless None Alliance 0 0
Evolve None Alliance 0 0
Exclusive None Horde 0 0
Exile None Alliance 0 0
Fabulous Flamingos None Horde 0 0
Fake AFK None Horde 0 0
Forgotten Descendants None Horde 0 0
Forgotten Descendants None Horde 0 0
Fuck the system None Alliance 0 0
ghost force US-Ravencrest Horde 0 0
Ghost Force Test None Horde 0 0
HEADHUNTERCREW None Alliance 0 0
House of RedRuM None Horde 0 0
In Bad Taste - Team Dangerdann None Horde 0 0
Infinite None Horde 0 0
Infinite 1 None Horde 0 0
Inversion None Alliance 0 0
Jaidic's Personal Records None Alliance 0 0
khaikhaik None Alliance 0 0
Kill Skull Pew Pew None Horde 0 0
Last Call None Alliance 0 0
last dragonlord 2 None Horde 0 0
Legacy Of Carnage None Horde 0 0
Lithium None Alliance 0 0
looking for guild US-Uldaman Alliance 0 0
made in pandaria None Horde 0 0
Malevolent None Alliance 0 0
MavLock None Alliance 0 0
Midnight Treason None Alliance 0 0
Mik None Alliance 0 0
Millennium None Alliance 0 0
Miscreation None Alliance 0 0
Miscreation None Alliance 0 0
Misfit Mayhem None Horde 0 0
MLC Alliance None Alliance 0 0
mma US-Uldaman Alliance 0 0
Modus Operandi None Alliance 0 0
My Logging Guild None Horde 0 0
Mylogs_Sandbox US-Uldaman Alliance 0 0
noplz None Horde 0 0
Obliteration None Alliance 0 0
Odwalla None Alliance 0 0
ominous latin noun None Alliance 0 0
Ominous Latin Noun None Alliance 0 0
Order of the Stick None Horde 0 0
Order of the Stick None Horde 0 0
Our Kids Are Terrorists None Alliance 0 0
Ouroboros None Horde 0 0
Ouroboros None Horde 0 0
Owalaz None Horde 0 0
Oz US-Uldaman Horde 0 0
paradox None Alliance 0 0
personallogs None Horde 0 0
Point of Authority None Alliance 0 0
Prominence None Alliance 0 0
Prominence None Horde 0 0
Ransom None Alliance 0 0
rantaloli None Alliance 0 0
Realm Last None Alliance 0 0
Reckoning None Alliance 0 0
Redshirts None Alliance 0 0
Revelation None Alliance 0 0
Rulers Of The Horde None Horde 0 0
Sample log testing None Horde 0 0
Sanity Lead Astray None Alliance 0 0
Second Hand Citizens None Alliance 0 0
Serendipitous None Alliance 0 0
Shareware None Horde 0 0
Sinister None Horde 0 0
Splinter's LFR HERO None Horde 0 0
Sufferance None Alliance 0 0
Talented None Horde 0 0
Talented None Horde 0 0
Talented of Uldaman None Horde 0 0
tbaggers None Alliance 0 0
Team Evi None Horde 0 0
Teen Turkey Tales None Horde 0 0
Test None Horde 0 0
texmex pack None Alliance 0 0
The Covenant None Horde 0 0
The Empire None Alliance 0 0
The Lab None Alliance 0 0
The Last Dragonlord None Horde 0 0
The Rat Pack None Alliance 0 0
The Wrath of Medivh None Alliance 0 0
The-Empire None Alliance 0 0
Thorium Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Thorium Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Titans None Horde 0 0
tjones None Horde 0 0
Tolled Bells None Alliance 0 0
Total Annihilation None Alliance 0 0
Two Percent None Horde 0 0
Two Percent None Horde 0 0
Two Percent None Horde 0 0
UI None Horde 0 0
Unhinged None Alliance 0 0
Unholy Legacy None Horde 0 0
Unsuccessful None Horde 0 0
Wardens of Suffering None Alliance 0 0
Watch This None Alliance 0 0
Without Remorse None Alliance 0 0
Your Moms a Horde None Horde 0 0
Øverlords None Alliance 0 0
ПЫЩПЫЩ пролалки прожималы None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

AAmeetingonfriday, Aftershock, AirBorne, almost harmless, Altruism, Ambition, ANARCHY, ANARCHY, ANARCHY-v2, and His Amazing Friends, Andror, Angel of Darkness, Angels of Destruction, Angels Of Disgrace, Anguish, Ar Tonelico, Architects of Oblivion, arethusa, ArkUldaman, ArtemicaLogs, Aspect of the Horde, asyas logs, Asylum of Anarchy, Atome, Audacity, Audacity, Aurora-Jenkens, Avatar, Azeroths Sacred Legion, Azshara Angels, B&F, Babymonk's personal logs, Batman, Battle rez on MJ, Benedicta, Betrayal, Beyonce's Single Ladies, Big Balls Eddie, Blackout, Blackwing Bank, blahblah, Bleep, Blizzard Mentor Alliance, Blood Helix, Blood Red Skies, Blooded Dragons, Blooded Dragons, BloOdshriNe kNighTs, BloodShrineTeamThree, BloodshrineTeamTwo, Bludger, Bounty Hunters, Bowl Till You Bleed, Bowl Till You Bleed, Bowl TIll You Bleed, BRB conjure, Bring The Pain, Brock's Logs, Broken, Brutal Enforcement, BSK, BSK, Bubble, Buckethead Land, Buffed Test Guild, BysergeLogs, Cabal of Four Horsemen, Cabal of four horsemen , Calamitous Intent, Candy and a van, Candy and a Van, Candy and a Van, Candy and a van 2, Carried, Casually Serious, Caught in Crossfire, Caught In Crossfire, cc, Cedric, Ceelion Logs, Celtic Circle, Certified, Cestus Dei, Chich, Children of Azeroth, Children of Exile, Chronos Malleus, Church of Oblivion, Clovlogs, Clown Show, cnightmare, Coalition, Col Eil Cel, computus denum, CONCLAVE OF SHADOWS, Confusion, Confusion, Consilio et Armis, Consilio et Armis, Cool Whip, Cooler Cats, Cooler Cats, Cooler Cats, Coolest Cat of them all, Critastrophy, Critastrophy, Critical Anomaly, Cry Havoc, Cry Havoc, Cry Havoc, Cuddle Bare, Cult of Destruction, Cupcake Kitten Brigade, Cursori, Cyanide, Cypher, Da Bears Fault, Da Clique Bank, Dai Turtletron Brigade, Damaged Goodz, Dantes Grace, Daps Personal Logs, Dark Chaos, Dark Dissonance, Dark Order of Chaos, Darkhorse, Darkside of the Moonwell, Daytime Raider, Dead Mages Can't DPS, Deadly Creations, Deadly Creations, Death Becomes Us, Death Becomes Us, Deathzstarz's logs, Deep Relief, Defenders of the Light, Defined, Defined, Defying the Standard, Deliverance, Delusions of Grandeur, Delzhoun, Demonpriest, densdrood, Departed, deported, Depths of War, Dimenian, Dirty Rotten Horde, Dirty Rotten Horde, Disavowed, Disciples of Babylon, Disdain, Distracted, Disturbed Individuals, Divergence, Divided We Fall, divided2, Dizz's Logs, Dizzchi's logs, Djynn, Djynn, DMCDPS, Doesnt Afraid, Dominate, Dorav's Logs, Down for Life, Down for Life, Down For Life, Down For Life, DPS Testing, Draakos's guild, Dragaoth, Dragonwraith, Dragonwraith, Dragonwraith, Drow, Dusk till Dawn, Dying As You Purr, Dégats des os, Eat Crit & Die, Ebayed Raiders, Ebayed Raiders, Echo Force, ED, Edge, Edge of Aggression, EF, Eight Bags of Flour, Eight Bags Of Flour, Ein's Logs, Einvigi, Einvigi, Eleutherios, Elite Kitten Squad, Enders, Enders, Enigma, Entropy Manifold, EoA Kill Squad, Ephemereal, Epic Epiphany, Epicly Challenged, Epicly Challenged, essence, Eternal, Eternal, Eternal Winds, Eulogy, Eulogy, Eventide Raiders, Everlasting, Everybody Gets One, Evolution, Evolve, Evolve, Evolve, excelsis, Excelsis, Exile, Exile, Exile, Exile, Exile, Exile Group 2, Exile group 3, Exiled Elite, Exiled Elite, Exitium, F A T A L, Fabled Heroes, Fake Guild, Feral Druid and Ret Pally Deeps, Filthy Casuals, Final Resistance, Fire Swamp Survivors, Fish and Chicks, For apping, forsaken ones, Forte, Forty Two, Fourtwentyraiding, Funks, Furyans Rage, Fusion, Fusion, Fusion, Garp's Logs, GearScore, Gehenna, Gehenna, Genesis, Ghost Force, Glockness, Good Enough, GOOF AND FRIENDS GO BBQ, goonies, Goonies, Goons of Azeroth, Government Coffers, Grumpy Old Horde, GSM, Guild of Ssawwk, Guilded Flagon, guildnamehere, habaladaba, Hajri log testing, handstand log, Harbinger, Harlequin GDKP, Headhunter Crew, Healer Carries Hunter, Hell Monkeys, Hellfire, Hellfire 10m Group 2, Hellfire G2, HFWC, Hijacked Insanity, hippesRus, Hiryu/Xae DPS Tests, Hollow Shell, Honorable, Honorable, Honorable, HONORABLE, Horde Vengeance, htx, Ice logs, Iislador, Illuminance, immortal society, Immortalis, Immortalis, Immortalis, In Bad Taste-Warkittens, Incendia, Incite, InCite, INDEED, Indeed Core 1, Infinite, Infinite, Infinite Group 1, Insanity, insomnia, Insomnia, Insomnia, Insomnia, Insomnia, Insomnia, Insomnia, Intoxication, Inversion, Inversion, Inversion, Inversion, Inversion, Iprot's GDKP , Irish Stout, ixionlogs, jamie/dfl, Jive logs, Juice, kagebunshinnTest, kamlogs, Kickstand Kings, kilio/celtina logs, Kill, kingfish, KingFish, Kiss My Astranaar, Knights of Canada, Knights of Fortune, Knights of Fortune, Knights Of The Realm, Kroman, L O R E, LA, La Familia, La Familia, LA Joy, LA Super Lalas, LaB RaTz, Last Stand, Last Try, Last Try, legacy of carnage, Legends, Legion, Legion of Nifelheim, Legion of the Alliance, Lep's, Les professionnels , lets go redwings, Lexi, Life and Level, Limelight, Limelight DG, Lives on Sesame Street, Lives on Sesame Street, Llucy's logs, Log, Los Guapos, LS, Ludicrous Speed, Mad Whack, Magically Malicious, Magically Malicious, Magically Malicious, Magistrate of Reform, Magnus Inferna, Maint Co, Malevolent, Malicious Intent, Marine, maugut, MAxpower, Me and I, Me So Hordey, Merchants of Death, Merchants of Death, Mik, Millennium, Millennium, Millennium, Millennium, Miscreation, Miscreation , Misfits, Miss Direct, MoD, Mogwai After Midnight, Monolithic, Months ahead, Moon's logs, Moons, MoR, Morbid Saints, Mortuary, My Guild Is Cool, My Logs Guild, my own logs, Myguild, myrlianlogs, Nargothrond, Nebulous Rising, Nebulous Rising, Nebulous Rising, Nerf Herders, Nexus Urby 10, Nightmare, Nights Dawn, NihnWOL, Nillah's crap, Ninjado, Nishiki's Testperiments, Noctis, Noctis Incursio, Nomads, Nordic Alliance, Nordic Alliance, Nostrum Via, Notion, Oath of the Fallen, Oath of the Fallen, Obliteration, Obliteration, Obscurity, ofts, Olympus Quod Terra, Omission, Omission, Optical test, Order of the Temple, Order Of The Temple, Order Of The Temple, Orginized Chaos, Outkast, Oz, Oz, Paestum, papeto's logs, Paradigm Shift, Paradox, Paradox2, Parody, Path of Destruction, PD Logs, peanut butter, Perfect Insanity, PFI, Phare's Phun Logs, Phare's Phun Logs, Phase Two, Phayl, PheidraRawrTest, Phoenix Risen, Pierced For Life, Pirates of Kobol, Pirates Of Kobol, POA, PoD, Point of Authority, Point of Authority, Pokermaster, Posthumous, Posthumous, Praetorians, Priestege, Prominence, Prominence, Prominence, PROTOTYPE, PS1, Punishmént, Purge, PWRS, Random Raid Logs, random_reports, Rebirth, Rebirth, Rebirth, Rebirth Bane Group, Rebirthagain, Reborn, Reckgnoming, Reckgnoming, Reckoning, Reckoning, Reckoning, Reckoning, Reckoning, Reckoning, Reckoning, Reckoning, Red Eye, Red Eye, Red Eye, Red Guard, Reeses, Regulator Gaming, Reign, Relic, Relic, Relic, Relic, Renaissance, Represent, Requiem, Rets, Revelation!, revelationguild, Rhaegors log, Rich's Logs, ripolamorg, Rogue Squadron, Roll For Blame, Roll For Blame, roll for blame 2, Roosterdoc, Ruin, Rumour, Rupture, Saark, Sacred Divinity, Sacred Divinity, Sacred Divinity, Sacred Honor, Sal-Personal, Sanity lead Astray, Sanity Lead Astray, Sansajai's Logs, Satans Minions, SchitzophrenicTendencies, scrubs, Sedition, SennjaTetryl, Serenity - Indy, Seriously Casual, Shadow of Death, Shadow Warriors, Shadowrus, Shadows, Shadows of Emerald Isle, Sharakkor, shastal, Shield of Valor, Shock Posse, sickguild, Silver wolves, Sinister Strike, Sinister Strike, Six Feet Under, SKz, SLA, SOEI, Solace, Soul Punch, SoulFire, STICKYSTICKY, Stinky Steve, Strikeforce, Strikeforce, Stryker, Stuck on Uldaman Late Night, Sufferance, Sufferance, Sufferance, Sunrise Soldiers, Sunrise Soldiers, supremacy, Supremacy, Svayne's Logs, Sweatbox Gladiators, Tainted, Talented, Talented, Talented, Talented, Talented, Talented, Talented, Talented, Talented, Talented, TalentedHealers, Tawt, Tbaggers, Team Awesome, Tekket, Tempar Mental, Tempar Mental, templar, Templar, Temple of Athene, Temple of Athene, Tempus, Ten Man, Terrible, test, Test, Test, TEST!, TEster, Testguild, Testingasdf, Tether's Logs, Thanks for all the Fish, Thanks for All the Fish, The Addams Family, The Ancient Legion, The Covenant, The Covenant, The Covenant, The Covenant, The Covenant, The Crimson Tide, The Crimson Tide, The Deviate Ones, the dragon lord, the elite few, The Forgotten Heroes, the frozen crusaders, The Frozen Crusaders, The Harlequins, The Harlequins, The Harlequins, The Harlequins , The Highlanders, The Immortals, the Immortals Tawesome, The Immortals2, The Invisible Hand, The Iron Rod, The Iron Rod, The Knights of Good, The Knights who say NEI, The Last Legion, The Legion of Doom, The Legion of Nifelhiem, The Legion of the Empire, The Legion of the Empire, The Legion of the Empire, The Migrating Coconuts, The Mystery Team, The New Power Generation, The Nexus, The Night Shift, The Order, The Order, The Pantheon, The PMC, The Rat Pack, The Rat Pack, The Scurvy Pirates, The Shiny Brigade, The Shiny Brigade, The War Gods Own, The Wrath of Medivh, TheAmishGuild, Theappfan Tanking, Thee Unforgiven, Thee UnforgiveN, This Space for Rent, Thorium Raiders, Threat Limit Exceeded, Tide, Tide, Tide, Timeless, TMLEE, Toxin, Toxin, Tradition, Transcendence, trial, Tukanti guild, Tunapanties, Twisted Sin, Twisted Sins, Twisted Symphony, Two Percent, Two Percent, Two Percent, TwoFold, ukkthara log, Uldaman Raiders, Ultra Tenebrae, Unexpected Idolatry, Unguilded, Unleashed Elites, Unobtainium, Uprising, Uprising, A League of Their Own, A Legion of there own, Aequitas Veritas, Alis Terribilem, Ambition, Ancient Legion, AngelsOfDeathHolyPride, Anonymous, Archon, Ascended Ashes, Ashes of Oblivion, At Least We Have Chicken, Awesome Sauce, Azure Vanguards, B A N E, Ban Hammer, Band of the Red Hand, BankOfOrc, Baptized by Fire, Berzerk, BlackOmen, Blood of Azeroth, Blood of Kings, Bloodline, Bloodlines, BlueberryCitrusGreenTea, Bring the Pain, Broken Social Scene, Burger Men, Calamitous Intent Reborn, Casual Murlocs, Caught In Crossfire, Causality, Celerity, Celestial Knightz, Cential Beings, Chains of Fate, Church of Morgan Freeman, CONCLAVE OF SHADOWS, Confusion, Corrupt Legion, Crimson Moon Rising, Crumpets and Tea Time, Crusaders Of The Void, Cynical, Dai Turtletron Brigade, Dancing Gods, Danger Zone, Dark Dissonance, Dark Dragon Riders, Dark Embrace, Dark Horde, Dark Templars, darkspear emsiary, Dawn Breakers, Dawn Moon Gaming, De Oppressor Liber, Dead and Divine, Deadbeat Dads, Death By The Sword, Deaths Descendants, Deeprun Tram Security, Devils Advocates, Die in a Fire, Dishonored, Disillusion, Disillusioned, Distilled, Divine Shadow, Doesnt Afraid, Dragon Warriors, DragonLords, Dripping with Sin, Dusk til Dawn, East Coast Swing, Eat Crit and Die, Electric Love, Elements of The Shadows, Elite Horde Chieftains, Elite Key Turning, Elites of the Darkside, Elysian Dreams, Enormity, Epicly Challenged, Eternal Lunatic, Eternal Nights, Eternal Redemption, Exiled Elite, Exiled Misfits, F A T A L, Fabled Heroes, Fairy Wings, Finale, Flesh Wounds, For Us Cool Adults, For Us Cool Kids, Forged Souls, Fortis quod Versus, FourTwentyRaiding, Frozen Souls, GamersTrust, Geears Goons, Get Merked, Ginnungagap, Give me gold or die, Gladio Morientur, Good Enough, goodboy, Goofy Glitch, Gothic Empire, Grimoire Of Life, Grumpy Old Horde, Haneril, Happy To Be Here, Hates You, Heaven and Earth, Heisenberg Inc, Hellscreams Vengence, Heretics, Hispania, HookersElite, Hope, Horde Vengeance, House of Paain, I Leave Bite Marks, Immortal Paradox, Insane, Insanity Rising, Intrepidity, Inversion, is AFK, is Kind of a Big Deal, its all mine, Jolly Penguin, Juicy booty Bay, Jump, Keepers of Ravencrest, Kill Maim Destroy, Kings of the Brocean, KMFDM, Knights Legion, Knights of Retribution, Knights of the Fallen, Knights of the Horde, KNIGHTS OF VALOR, KorKron of Shadowmoon, L E G E N D A R Y, L E G E N D A R Yx, L U N A T I C K S, La Familia, Land of Avalon, Last of the Time Lords, Lazarus, Leave No Witnesses, Legacy Avengers, Legends, Legion Of The Alliance, Let It Burn, lets go redwings, LinkedbyVertue, LOVE NOT WAR, Magical and Mysterious, Magically Deficient, Magistrate of Reform, Makes You Moist, MARAUDERS, Midnight Treason, Midnight Warriors, Mighty Men, MisfitsRus, MLC ALLIANCE, Monolithic, Most Delirious, Mysteria, Myth and Legend, Native Pride, Natural Born Killers, Naughty by Nature, Noggenfogger Fanatics, Nomura Securities, Non Prophet Organization, Not Recruiting, Notion, Nu World Horde, O A T H, Obliteration, Ole Battle Axe, Ominous Latin Noun, On nine or doesnt matter, One Up, OPed and POed, Order of Shadow Knights, Organized Chaos, Orgrimmar Nursing Home, Outt Force, Paragons, Parental Escape, ParisianDragons, Perpetual Motion, Phad Supply Co, Pit Fighters, Pop a Molly im Questin, Positively Flummoxed, Pridë, PvP Bunnies, R O Y A L, Raiders, Raidz Before Gradez, RAVEN HUNTERS, Ravencrest Mafia, Reapers of Souls, Reborn, Rebourne, Reckoning, Red Hand, Reign Supreme, Relic, Remnants, Remnants of Lordaeron, ReQQuiem, Requiem, Resurgence, Ripcage, Rising Embers, Rock Bottom Dwellers, Ruthless n Toothless, S U P E R M A N, School of Pain, Scrublords, sdwsda, Second Amendment, Second Hand Citizens, Serenity, Seventh Circle of Hell, shadow of legends, Shameless Chaos, Shock Posse, Silent Knightz, Silent Smiles, Skyline in Flames, Slappers, Slide, Snuggle, Soul Patch, Soul Reavers, Souls of Immortality, Southern Devils, Squirrel Safari, Stables Secret Service, Stars of the Alliance, Static, Stay Classy, Stood In Fire, Stop Staring at My Crits, StormWind Nursing Home, Sunset Riders, Taco Bell, Tbaggers, Temperance, Temple of Athene, Ten Flamers in a Row, Texmex Pack, Thanks for All the Fish, The Alliance Vanguard, The Azuran Knights, The Conquest Regime, The Covenant, The Crown Royals, the crusaders, The Disciples Of Pandora, The Empire, The Fallen Crusaders, The Fallen Heroes, The Forgotten Few, The Forum, The Guardian Project, The Hang out, The Highlanders, The Kings Wrath, The Knights Who Say Nei, The Last Crusaders, The Nemean Lion, The Order of Crusniks, The Phoenix Reborn, The Red Orchestra, The Rising, The Romans, The Royal Oak, The Saber Knights, The Serenity Kings, The Shivers Guild, The Uncensored, The US Army, This Is Red Vein, This Is The End, Thorium Raiders, Threat Limit Exceeded, Thæ ßÎãdè Øf mâÑÝ, Tide, Titans, Too Much, trailør park mafia, Tribbles, Triumph, TruBlood, Twilight Crusaders, Twisted, Twisted Symphony, Two camels in a tiny car, Unbound, Unleashed Elites, Unrated, up late, VALKYRIE EXPRESS, VANGARD, Venture, Vincero, Virtus Proper Se, Volatile, Warcraft, Warforged, Warlords of Draenor, Warriors of Rebirth, We are Groot, We Are Legend, We Key Turn II, WHATEVER WE SHAKEWEIGHT, WipeItGood, Wolves of Legends, Worgen and Worgen LLP, World Class, Worth Crying For, Your Moms a Horde, Ünity, Afterlife, All Aboard Da GrapeTrain, ALLIANCE SOILDERS, Alter Ego, Angels of Destruction, Angels of Wrath, Anti Sobriety, Apocalyptic Legend, Apple pie, Auxile, BadMedicine, Because Reasons, Blackout, Blood Anarchy, Blood Bath and Beyond, Blood Ties, Bløødbath and Beyønd, Blünt Fõrce Traüma, Booty Bay Bullies, Boss Status, Brohoof, Broken, Burn The Moose, Bãnks R us, Calamitous Intent, Canadiàn, Candy and a Van, Capital ONE, Castle, Celestial Engineers, Child of Cenarius, Cold Blood, Cooler Cats, Cruithne, Cry Havoc, Dantes Grace, Dark Angels, Dark Guardians, Dawn of a New Rage, Daytime Raider, Deathwatch, Defying the Standard, Depths of War, DERR, DETERMINED, DFL, Ding, Disertori Romani, Divine Annihilators, Docsbank, Dragonwraith, Eat Mor Chikin, Echoes of the Fallen, Edge of Ruin, Eight Bags of Flour, El Cartel De Los Sapos, Enders, Enlightened Dark, Equinox, Equip Bees, Ever After, Everybody Gets One, faker, FFL, Fierce Regime, First Bank of Cyn, Forever Corrupted, Full Blown Gaming, GaryCarryInc, Genghis Klan, Good Company, Graceful Demise, H MINUS, Hellfire, HellzAngels, Helping Horde, Hollow Shell, I got booted from EoA, Immortal Warlords, Immortalis, Incite, Infinite, Insomnia, issohigh, Its Nothing Personal, ItsCanadianEH, Jesters Court, Jesters of Doom, Juice, Kickstand Kings, Kingdoms Outlaws, Knights of the Outlands, Kor Kron Elites, Last Call, Leaders of Azeroth, Les professionnels, Limelight, Lords of Death, Ludicrous Speed, Malevolent, Mali Exempli, Marauders, Masochistic Tendencies, Mega RamRod, Midnight Mafia, Millennium, MitchCorp, Monsters University, Murloc Holmes, Myth and Legend, Mythological Knights, Nephilim, Netflix N Chill Last Nut, New Found Redemption, Nexus, Nuestra Tierra, OHH REERRY, Old Gods of Asgard, Old Republican Knights, Old School Raiders, Orchestrated Chaos, Order of the Stick, Outkast, Overwatch, Packrat inc, Paradox, Perfect Insanity, Prodiculous, Prominence, Pèndulum, Refined Psychosis, Reign, Sanatorium, Sanctus Bellum, Self Sufficient, Set Sail For Epic Fail, Shattered Souls, Shoehorn Butter Horse, Silver Bullet, Silver Wolves, SloMo, Snot Rocket, Spiorad An Díothú, Storm Raiders, Sugar Snaps, Taker of Lives, Talented, Team Lotion, Technical Difficulties, The Cubs Den, the dark angels, The Great Family, The Guilded Flagon, The Hell Slayers, The Immortal Kings, The Joke Is On You, the killing stampid, The Knights Of The Storm, The Lollipop Gnomes, The Night Shift, The Phoenix Elites, The Reboots, The Stormwind Guardians, The Unknown Empire, The WolfPack, Throwdown with BobbyFlay, Thug Life, Tis but a Scratch, ToyStore, Twisted Abyss, Two Percent, Valhalla Vanguard, Victorious Secrets, Virulence, Visalus, Wardens of Suffering, Warlock Bank and Trust, Warlords Clan, Warlords of the Horde, We Out Chea, Weapons of Choice, West Coast Raiders, Whoppins Bank, Wicked Claw, Wicked Tribe, Wiping The Trash, Xenocide, YUNoBuyMyStuff, Ðeáth, Ønslaught, Über National Bank, Ünknown, USHC, USS Enterprise, V's Logs, Vee, Veni Vidi Vici, vexed, Vicious Vision, Virgo's Logs, Virtue, Vital DG, Vordinnak, Watch This, Watch This, We are Groot, We are SPARTA, Werewolves of London, west coast radiers, West Coast Raiders, West Coast Raiders , WestCoastRaiding, Who Invited the Hunter, Who pulled, Who Pulled, Why Buy the Cow, whyaskname, Wicked Tribe, Wicked Tribe, WickedTribe, winegummo, Wipe Scene Investigation, Wipephobia, Without Remorse, Wolfs Dragoons, World Elites, Xalbador's Logs, Xarb, Xei's Uldaman Raids, Your Moms a Horde, Yueng's WoL Account, Zalein's Non-existant Guild, Zen, Zero Gravity, zViPz, Åbsolution, Ængelus De Nex, Ðeáth, Ünknown, ünli

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