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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Geared For War US-Proudmoore 0 222
The Anti Drama Alliance US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 85
Final Fantasy US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 48
Meridian US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 38
High Life US-Proudmoore 0 36
Click to Insert Text US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 28
Resistance US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 28
Ad Infínítum US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 27
Red Light District US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 27
Side Seven US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 27
Sixth AD US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 24
Starforged US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 20
Vecnas Whispers US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 18
Big Hero Six US-Proudmoore 0 16
Forced Revival US-Proudmoore 0 14
Overwatch US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 14
Wardens of Fate US-Proudmoore 0 14
Post Mortem US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 13
Forgot tô Wipe US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 10
Thundering Pantload US-Proudmoore 0 10
Community US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Idiokracy US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Iron Phoenix US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Knights Of Eternity US-Proudmoore 0 9
Odding US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Redeemers of Azeroth US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Acquisition US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Zhentarim US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Agents of the Kirin Tor US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
Fridge Magnet Poetry US-Proudmoore 0 7
Grievance US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
Purge US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
Schïsm US-Proudmoore 0 7
The Anti Drama Society US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
Arrested Development US-Proudmoore 0 6
Hawtness US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Hooligans US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Maniacal Degree US-Proudmoore Horde 0 6
Paramount US-Proudmoore 0 6
Reckless Abandon US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Revival US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
The Beatdown US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Broken Empire US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Game Over US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Months Behind US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Nostrum Libatis US-Proudmoore 0 5
Wild Agenda US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Chaotic Eden US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Get Good US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
INSIDIOUS US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Legion Killers US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Paralytic Charm US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Phõenix US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Shattered Reality US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Suspense US-Proudmoore 0 4
Væ Victis US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
We Get Schwifty US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Blade Vermilion US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Brimfield Collision US-Proudmoore 0 3
Chaotic Ending US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Control Freaks US-Proudmoore 0 3
Divine Hymn US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Dragonsbane US-Proudmoore 0 3
Forgotten Legends US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Fortunes Of War US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
KingsGlaivè US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Methodic US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Redux US-Proudmoore 0 3
Super Troopers US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
The Epitome of Iniquity US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Audeãmus US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
BLOODSHOT US-Proudmoore 0 2
Boogie Knights US-Proudmoore 0 2
Carpe Noctem US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Dawn of the Dream US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Enrage Timer US-Proudmoore Horde 0 2
Eternal Kingdom US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Fractured Dream US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Gold Fruit Gaming US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Immortalem US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Nerf IRL US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Pandemic US-Proudmoore 0 2
Skynet Resistance US-Proudmoore 0 2
Social times US-Proudmoore 0 2
Strange Green Fruit US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Talk Nerdy To Me US-Proudmoore 0 2
Tickle Party US-Proudmoore 0 2
Unkindled US-Proudmoore 0 2
Valkyr US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Aftermath US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Alternal Kingdom Three US-Proudmoore 0 1
Anomaly US-Proudmoore 0 1
Awkwardly Sarcastic US-Proudmoore 0 1
Bloody Reavers US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
BluntTrauma US-Proudmoore 0 1
Buttermilk Biscuits US-Proudmoore 0 1
Carebear Stare US-Proudmoore 0 1
Commotion US-Proudmoore 0 1
Crisis Immortal US-Proudmoore 0 1
Cônûndrûm US-Proudmoore 0 1
Ethos US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Exterminate the Hate US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Fear Factor US-Proudmoore 0 1
Firehawk US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Gaymers United US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Good Morning US-Proudmoore 0 1
Heretics US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Hold The Door US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Is Naughty US-Proudmoore 0 1
Last Pull US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Mature Content US-Proudmoore 0 1
Obsidian Blades US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Pants Patrol US-Proudmoore 0 1
Pendragon US-Proudmoore 0 1
Poetic Justice US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Punishers US-Proudmoore 0 1
SBA US-Proudmoore 0 1
Shadow Dragon Society US-Proudmoore 0 1
Silent Resurgence US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Slack US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Social Gamer Friends US-Proudmoore 0 1
Stonewall Champions US-Proudmoore 0 1
Strangely Ironic US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Strictly Elite US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
TBD US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
The Anti Drama League US-Proudmoore 0 1
The Dark Exile US-Proudmoore 0 1
The Fratican US-Proudmoore 0 1
The Obsidian Imperium US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
The Regiment US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
The Worgen Donors US-Proudmoore 0 1
Three Percenters US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Unashamed US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Unbound Souls US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
United mN US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
What The Fel US-Proudmoore 0 1
Crazzy Raiders US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Echelon US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Incarnate US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Phobia US-Proudmoore 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Sparkle Magic US-Proudmoore Horde 12 19
Bottom Text US-Proudmoore Alliance 3 7
Sparkle Magic US-Proudmoore Horde 0 996
Game Theory US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 842
Infamy US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 740
Serenity US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 712
Dark US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 608
Mattachine Knights US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 447
Eidolon US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 372
The Stonewall Family US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 340
Snoh's Lunch Rush US-Proudmoore Horde 0 314
Kurn US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 299
Wardens of Fate US-Proudmoore Horde 0 289
EPIC None Alliance 0 270
Sacred Fire US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 228
Focus US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 217
Ritual Noise US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 203
Gentlemen & Scholars US-Proudmoore Horde 0 193
US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 179
Epic Fial US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 154
Phoenix Resurrection US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 154
Bubbles Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 151
Booty Bay Had Me Like US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 147
The Midnight Society None Alliance 0 138
Buck Buck Nine US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 128
The Ashen Ring US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 125
Ouroboros US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 107
TC US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 93
shawniqua US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 87
Wachabe's Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 85
Taint of Madness US-Proudmoore Horde 0 78
Smoothmeduso None Alliance 0 75
Narnian Exiles US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 73
Roshambò US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 73
Shinra Inc US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 69
Tendency US-Proudmoore Horde 0 69
Millennium Falcon None Alliance 0 67
Illusionary US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 66
Lybodo's Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 64
Resilience US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 61
Slack US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 60
Unhope's Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 59
Illuminated Darkness US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 58
SCAP US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 56
Mammoth Cainers US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 53
Monstrous Regiment US-Proudmoore Horde 0 52
Caulle's Parses US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 50
Awkwardly Sarcastic US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 49
Forward Resolute US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 49
Kindrèd US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 49
Pielo > You US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 48
Dark Souls US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 47
Extended Warranty None Alliance 0 46
Keyflick US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 46
Eternal Kingdom US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 45
Gods of Anarchy US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 43
Whitehand US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 43
Placeholder None Alliance 0 42
Discontented US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 41
Alliance Brute Squad US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 36
Divine Wind US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 36
ECHELON US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 36
KdT US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 36
Crazzy Raiders US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 35
Dunder Mifflin US-Proudmoore Horde 0 35
New Covenant None Alliance 0 35
Echelon US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 34
Logicäl US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 34
Roots Run Deep US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 34
Bad Example US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 33
Rcee's US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 33
Transcend US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 33
Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 32
Raiders of da Lost Taint US-Proudmoore Horde 0 32
Firehawk US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 31
Phõenix US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 31
Kindom US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 29
Non Combat Pet US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 29
Prestigious US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 29
Amaranth Knights US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 28
All for Juan and Juan for All US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 26
hemingways gun US-Proudmoore Horde 0 26
Dishonor Elite US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 25
jondo US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 25
Placeholder US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 24
Carpe Jugulum US-Proudmoore Horde 0 23
Eternal Kingdom US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 23
LoJ US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 23
The Jonx's team US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 23
Lobsterlogs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 22
Overthrown US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 22
Prestigious US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 22
Enrage Timer US-Proudmoore Horde 0 21
Fiat Lux US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 21
Incarnate US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 21
Vanquisher US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 21
MalicioÜs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 20
Prideless US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 20
Obsidian blades US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 19
Offensive None Alliance 0 19
Basic None Alliance 0 18
Drzues US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 18
Fleur De Lis US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 18
Geared For War US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 18
Tranquilitys Shadow US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 17
Antico Credo US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 16
Harapeko Soul US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 16
Sacred Charge US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 16
Ash US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 15
BoopatheBoopster US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 15
Dungeon Crawler US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 15
Farnz's Logs None Alliance 0 15
Heaven and Earth US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 15
Infinite Loop US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 14
Velocity US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 14
Winterforge US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 14
Beautiful Death US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 13
Frak US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 13
Jokers Asylum US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 13
MY EYES ONLY US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 13
Crazzy raiders US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 12
dntbr US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 12
Game Over US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 12
Raiders Of Da Lost Taint US-Proudmoore Horde 0 12
Southern Wardens US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 12
Wipe Castle US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 12
Anarchy US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 11
BopplezLogs US-Proudmoore Horde 0 11
Frozenborn US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 11
Military Ward US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 11
Pendragon US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 11
Rogue Angels US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 11
Shenanigans US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 11
Taint Invaders US-Proudmoore Horde 0 11
Vampire Penguin Society US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 11
Asmo Guild US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 10
Ghost of Icecrown US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 10
MALICIOÜS US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 10
Pew Pew Crew US-Proudmoore Horde 0 10
The Epitome of Iniquity US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 10
Xandyrr US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 10
Zero Yard Range US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 10
Bad Example US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Commotion US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Dark Endeavor US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Free Bleeders US-Proudmoore Horde 0 9
North Korea Best Korea US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Origin US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Overdose US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Punishers US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Slack US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Temporary Insanity US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
The Chicken US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 9
Abandon All Hope US-Proudmoore Horde 0 8
Colored Zebras US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Equilibrium US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Fiction US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Game Over US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Game Over US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Ivory Tower US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Power Unrestrained US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Raid Naked US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Redivivus US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Twisted Fate US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Zero Remorse US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 8
Blood Faith US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
Del Homosapien US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
Fun With Friends US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
IQ US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
Karma US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
Lionlogs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
mnm US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
NightfaII US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
Personal US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
Phoenix US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
Twisted Fate US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 7
A Gaming Brotherhood US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Age of Alleria US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Altoholic Task Force US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Anarchy US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
BD US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Equilibrium Now US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Kawaii 2 US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Not in the Face US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Ordo Solaris US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Raiding Robots US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Requíem US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Risen US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Strangely Ironic US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Strictly Elite US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Testlogs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
The black Rose US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Vandrella US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
We Breed Geeks US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 6
Acquisition US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Axiom US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Best Korea US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Bubbles Logs None Alliance 0 5
Empyreal US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Federal Extreme Union US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Geared For War US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Goes To Eleven US-Proudmoore Horde 0 5
Hobo Logs US-Proudmoore Horde 0 5
Infinite Loop US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
IQ Weekday Team US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Plovo US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Revival US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Stainless US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Test Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
The Kingdom US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
The Midnight Society US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Thorns of Gold - SiF/TASER US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
Underestimated Few US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 5
bad players being bad US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Black Wolf Mercenaries US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
BootshakerGuilds US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Carpe Noctem US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Cynikal US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
DIAF US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Eternal Kingdom US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
guildnumberone US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Kazard US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Keepers of the Crown US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Lovable Scamps US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Mage logging US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
missajim US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Not in the Face US-Proudmoore Horde 0 4
Paragons of Elysium US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
pug US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Ruined US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Rupted Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
the supreme US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 4
Acheron US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Aedricc US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Amoeba US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Bad Example US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Crashcourse US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Critters US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Divine US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Dumb Luck US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
EternalDarkness US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Failed Attempt-AM US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Harbingers of Death US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Heureka US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
HybridRun US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Infinite Requiem US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Merf US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Ophiuchus None Alliance 0 3
Pacific Gamers US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
PBJellyGames US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
PCR US-Proudmoore Horde 0 3
PinkFairyBrigade US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Reconcile US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Rockharrd US-Proudmoore Horde 0 3
Ruined - Misc US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Sad Personal Logging US-Proudmoore Horde 0 3
Sapphirus US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Scarlet Conservative US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Shienk US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Slack US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Spawn More Overlords US-Proudmoore Horde 0 3
Stormsong2 US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Tainted Love US-Proudmoore Horde 0 3
Titan Forged US-Proudmoore Horde 0 3
United Anarchy US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Verklempt US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Wake US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 3
Xsivs Guild US-Proudmoore Horde 0 3
Archive US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Auto Attack US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Avocado US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Continental Types - Legion US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Derp US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Destruct US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Devera US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
DNA US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Drunk N Disorderly None Alliance 0 2
edge of eternity US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Egalitarian Misanthrope US-Proudmoore Horde 0 2
Fedr US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Foibleslogs US-Proudmoore Horde 0 2
Forward Resolute US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Grim gaming US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Heat US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Hootz US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Icon US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Illadvised US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Incrediboi's US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Legion Killers US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Lilac Logs US-Proudmoore Horde 0 2
Paramount US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Personal US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
POP PH None Alliance 0 2
Popo on the Run US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Punishers US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
RAGE US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Rekt US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
RESPEC None Alliance 0 2
Rise of the Banished US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Siphin US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Social Demise US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Sony Guild US-Proudmoore Horde 0 2
Stephiroth None Alliance 0 2
Stuff Guild None Alliance 0 2
The Pug Life US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
The War Machine US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Thorns of Gold US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
Thorns of Grey US-Proudmoore Horde 0 2
Vigilant's Guild None Alliance 0 2
Ziguenerweisen US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 2
US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
AD- Insomnia US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Adoralyn US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Aequitas Deis US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Amarylia US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
arrested development US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Asylum US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
azathree fire US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Bløødrëign US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Boom Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Brian's Ballers US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Buhbs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Caelestis US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Cedya/Ceddya US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Dark Endeavor US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Dark Intent - Core US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Dark LFR2 US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Dark Path of Shadows US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Discordia US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Distortion US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
dont know US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Egalitarian Misanthrope US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Egrassa US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Empyreal US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Extended Warranty US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Fat Turtle US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Flames of Eternity US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Forgotten Legends US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Glitterxbug None Alliance 0 1
Hard Taco Supremes US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Icy Logs US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Impending Insanity US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Inque's Rankings US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Insidious US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Instability of the mind US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Jaz US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Kagome US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Kawaii US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Landrange US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Last Legion US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Liwet US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
LL US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Logical Progression US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Misfit Fëet US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Monopoly US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Mythelock Trial US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Naedn US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
NAENAE US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Nazgul US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Nebula Vapor US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Non Combat Pet - Blasphemy US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
OdiEtAmo US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Olympus US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
One Up US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Ouro-casual US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Pants Patrol US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Pass US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Pathos None Alliance 0 1
Phoenix Fusion US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
PrettyMuchTheBest US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Prideless US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
PUGs and Stuffs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Pussy Pounders US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Raging War Machine Heat US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Recruit Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
RedEyeRaiders US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Redivivus US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Relativity US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Repentance US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Requíem (Weekday) US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Ricket's Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Self Lovin US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Shanore None Alliance 0 1
Shellshocker's logs US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
SIFERNA US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Smerks US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
SoloExperiment US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Soul Society - Intrepid US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
strife US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
Summer and seasons US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Team Wasabi US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Test US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
tester US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
The Last of Us US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
The Round Table of Iron US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Tibz's Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Tranquility US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Tronyx US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Urklore None Alliance 0 1
Varsity Raiders US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Velocity US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Vertigo's Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Vexed US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Vittorio/Shizem Self Logs US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Warbound US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Wizards and Warriors None Alliance 0 1
Wolvarath US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Works in Theory US-Proudmoore Horde 0 1
XVII None Alliance 0 1
Yong and the Rest of Us US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Zed's Dead US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
Zephyr US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 1
The Midnight Society None Alliance 0 0
6th AD None Alliance 0 0
_JD_'s Logs None Alliance 0 0
_N None Alliance 0 0
A. Nights Logs None Alliance 0 0
aaa US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Accension None Alliance 0 0
Addicted None Alliance 0 0
adf None Alliance 0 0
ADGT None Alliance 0 0
Advent Children None Alliance 0 0
Adventure Time None Alliance 0 0
Aeketh None Alliance 0 0
After Avalon None Alliance 0 0
After The Fall None Alliance 0 0
Aftershøck None Alliance 0 0
Aigis None Alliance 0 0
AK 10 Heroic None Alliance 0 0
Alex None Alliance 0 0
AltoholicsAnonymous None Alliance 0 0
Always Come Correct None Alliance 0 0
Amaranth Demo None Alliance 0 0
Amaranth Knights (Heroic) None Alliance 0 0
Amerok's Logs None Alliance 0 0
amicus None Alliance 0 0
Amicus None Alliance 0 0
Amicus2 None Alliance 0 0
Amyas None Alliance 0 0
An's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Anönymous None Alliance 0 0
Aphus None Alliance 0 0
Apotheosis None Alliance 0 0
Appos Personal Logging None Horde 0 0
aritiel None Alliance 0 0
Aroxan's logs None Alliance 0 0
aryaqt US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Ash's Craptastic Logs None Alliance 0 0
Assura None Alliance 0 0
Asylúm None Alliance 0 0
Australian Pain None Horde 0 0
Avalyne None Alliance 0 0
Baby Dolphins of Terror None Alliance 0 0
baddies None Alliance 0 0
Banzai Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Bané None Alliance 0 0
Based None Alliance 0 0
Bastion Of Cruelty None Alliance 0 0
Bearoozer None Horde 0 0
Best name evar None Alliance 0 0
Bham None Alliance 0 0
BigBag None Alliance 0 0
Bingles None Alliance 0 0
Binzie None Alliance 0 0
Blah None Alliance 0 0
BLAH None Alliance 0 0
BLAH None Alliance 0 0
Blur None Alliance 0 0
Bobs and Tur Carry Hard None Alliance 0 0
Born From The Ashes None Alliance 0 0
Broken Link US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Bromance None Horde 0 0
Bubbles Logs None Alliance 0 0
Bubbles Logs None Alliance 0 0
Burty's Guild of Carrots None Alliance 0 0
Canine Squad None Alliance 0 0
Carpe Noctem None Alliance 0 0
CAVAG None Horde 0 0
Celesalog None Alliance 0 0
Celestial Uprising None Alliance 0 0
Cenie's Test Guild None Alliance 0 0
CG Revolution None Alliance 0 0
Chael's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Chaotic Intent None Alliance 0 0
chibisuka None Alliance 0 0
Chichi's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Cinnamon Challenge None Alliance 0 0
Circle Of Rage None Alliance 0 0
Clique None Horde 0 0
Continental Types None Alliance 0 0
Continental Types None Alliance 0 0
Control Freaks None Alliance 0 0
CoreEmpire None Alliance 0 0
Cosmic None Alliance 0 0
Covenant None Alliance 0 0
Creation None Alliance 0 0
CrispyBudda None Alliance 0 0
CritFaced None Alliance 0 0
CTMA None Alliance 0 0
cuntsrus None Alliance 0 0
Cynikal None Alliance 0 0
DanKusmanDidIt None Alliance 0 0
Dark-LFR None Alliance 0 0
Darkwind Empire None Horde 0 0
Das Rheinguild None Alliance 0 0
Das Rheinguild None Alliance 0 0
Dawning Light None Alliance 0 0
DeadMan None Alliance 0 0
Deerwalk None Alliance 0 0
Defenders Of Peace None Alliance 0 0
delete None Alliance 0 0
Des logs (Discerned Reality None Alliance 0 0
Devileye None Alliance 0 0
dfgd None Horde 0 0
Dime and Trade None Horde 0 0
Dis Elite weekend baddies None Alliance 0 0
Discerned Reality None Alliance 0 0
Discipline of Chaos None Alliance 0 0
DiscombobulatedPhoenix None Alliance 0 0
Dismal Lotus Tea Society None Alliance 0 0
DNA None Alliance 0 0
Donkey None Horde 0 0
donnierrific None Alliance 0 0
Dooble None Alliance 0 0
DopeFish None Alliance 0 0
Dorn None Alliance 0 0
Dou Proudmoore None Alliance 0 0
DPSlogz None Alliance 0 0
Draconic US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Dralenns Parses None Alliance 0 0
Dream Team None Alliance 0 0
Drunk Raids None Alliance 0 0
Dyzek None Alliance 0 0
East Coast Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Eastern Star Society None Alliance 0 0
Echelon None Alliance 0 0
Echelon None Alliance 0 0
Edge of Eternity None Alliance 0 0
eedeeem None Alliance 0 0
Effen None Alliance 0 0
Elitist Bastards None Alliance 0 0
Elysium Anti Drama None Alliance 0 0
Emotional Pastries None Alliance 0 0
Enemyz None Alliance 0 0
Enemyzlogs None Alliance 0 0
Eph and Frands None Alliance 0 0
Ethereal Madness None Horde 0 0
Ethereal Madnesss None Horde 0 0
Ethicia personal ranking None Alliance 0 0
Ethryn Randomness None Alliance 0 0
Eventide None Alliance 0 0
Exiled Merc None Alliance 0 0
Exiled Mercenaries None Alliance 0 0
Extinction None Alliance 0 0
F E T I S H None Alliance 0 0
Faint Smile None Alliance 0 0
FAINT SMILE None Alliance 0 0
Fair Weather Friends None Alliance 0 0
Fairy Tale None Alliance 0 0
Fatal Intent None Alliance 0 0
Fateless None Alliance 0 0
Fateless None Alliance 0 0
FatesDarkHeroes None Alliance 0 0
Feral Aggressors None Alliance 0 0
FETISH None Alliance 0 0
FF None Alliance 0 0
Filler name None Alliance 0 0
flames of eternity - masteryoda None Alliance 0 0
Forced Revival None Alliance 0 0
Forgotten Knights None Alliance 0 0
Formality None Alliance 0 0
Formality None Alliance 0 0
Formula None Alliance 0 0
Fortis None Alliance 0 0
Fortunes of War US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Fortunes Of War None Alliance 0 0
Foul Play None Alliance 0 0
Freebirds None Alliance 0 0
Full Mithril Jacket None Alliance 0 0
Furshizzle's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Fyrillan None Alliance 0 0
galalog None Alliance 0 0
Game Over None Alliance 0 0
Game Over - Insert Coin None Alliance 0 0
Game Over - Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Game Over / Icy None Alliance 0 0
game over pox None Alliance 0 0
gameover miran None Alliance 0 0
Gateway None Alliance 0 0
GDI None Alliance 0 0
Get Kicked None Alliance 0 0
Ghost None Alliance 0 0
gi None Alliance 0 0
Gnar None Alliance 0 0
Gnome Ginkoo None Alliance 0 0
GoW None Horde 0 0
Grimm None Alliance 0 0
Guild of Wasabi None Horde 0 0
Has Aggro None Alliance 0 0
Haven None Alliance 0 0
Hazelog None Alliance 0 0
Heat None Alliance 0 0
Heaven None Alliance 0 0
Helix None Alliance 0 0
Hella Chill None Alliance 0 0
Heroism None Alliance 0 0
Heureka None Alliance 0 0
Highly Illogical None Alliance 0 0
Himawari None Alliance 0 0
History None Alliance 0 0
Hodor None Alliance 0 0
HTS None Alliance 0 0
Huge In Japan None Alliance 0 0
Hulk Hogan None Alliance 0 0
Huojinnlogs None Alliance 0 0
Hyperbolic None Alliance 0 0
Hyrule None Alliance 0 0
I D S I None Alliance 0 0
I Like it Ruff None Alliance 0 0
I Rebels I None Alliance 0 0
I Rebels I None Alliance 0 0
I Rebels I None Alliance 0 0
idk None Alliance 0 0
Ignite None Alliance 0 0
Illusion None Alliance 0 0
Impending Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Impia Vocabula None Alliance 0 0
Incarnate None Alliance 0 0
Incarnate US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Indecent Exposure None Alliance 0 0
Infamy None Alliance 0 0
Insanitarium None Alliance 0 0
INSIDIOUS-Proudmoore None Alliance 0 0
Invidious None Alliance 0 0
iPuG None Alliance 0 0
JadsOwn None Alliance 0 0
Jager Made Me Do It None Alliance 0 0
Jealous Sky None Alliance 0 0
JenatoolsTest None Alliance 0 0
Jessminda's Logs None Alliance 0 0
JP Worgen Chase None Alliance 0 0
Just Me None Alliance 0 0
kageprivate None Alliance 0 0
Kasumineko (Private) None Alliance 0 0
Kaylessia's Logs None Horde 0 0
Kilbox None Alliance 0 0
Kinarra None Alliance 0 0
Kiss of the Bodhisattva None Alliance 0 0
Kraken niglet logs None Alliance 0 0
Kungfuchick None Alliance 0 0
Late Knights None Alliance 0 0
LateNightOnyx None Alliance 0 0
leflog None Horde 0 0
Legion-of-Exiles None Alliance 0 0
LegionofExile None Alliance 0 0
Leviathon's Logs None Alliance 0 0
LFR and PUG runs None Alliance 0 0
Logicäl None Alliance 0 0
Logs None Alliance 0 0
logtest None Alliance 0 0
Lone wolf None Alliance 0 0
Lost Boys None Alliance 0 0
Love and Peace None Alliance 0 0
Low Self Esteem None Alliance 0 0
Luckydo None Alliance 0 0
Lunacy None Alliance 0 0
Lux None Alliance 0 0
Lythene None Alliance 0 0
Malice None Alliance 0 0
Malice - Uprising None Alliance 0 0
Malice - Uprising None Alliance 0 0
Malice Team 2 None Alliance 0 0
Malice Team Brue None Alliance 0 0
MALICIOÜS None Alliance 0 0
Maraku's Raids None Horde 0 0
Matsudai LFR None Alliance 0 0
Mattari None Horde 0 0
Mattari None Horde 0 0
Mengle None Alliance 0 0
Merfs one man crew None Alliance 0 0
Merland None Horde 0 0
Mike Oxlong US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Milo None Alliance 0 0
Misfit Feet US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Misfit Feet None Alliance 0 0
Mojo None Alliance 0 0
MondMine None Alliance 0 0
Monnex LLC None Alliance 0 0
Monster Sarcasm Rally None Alliance 0 0
Moonstuffe&Hotstuffe None Alliance 0 0
Morsewind test None Alliance 0 0
mudkipPM None Horde 0 0
Mulak's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Munder Difflin None Horde 0 0
musahi None Alliance 0 0
My Logs None Alliance 0 0
My Logs None Alliance 0 0
My Own Logs None Alliance 0 0
MyFakeGuildForLogData None Alliance 0 0
mylog None Horde 0 0
mylogs None Alliance 0 0
mypetpuled None Alliance 0 0
Myrosb Logs None Horde 0 0
Mythical None Horde 0 0
Nard None Alliance 0 0
Narrïa None Alliance 0 0
Nazgul None Horde 0 0
Nazgul None Horde 0 0
Nazuul None Alliance 0 0
NCP - Replacements None Alliance 0 0
Nec's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Nerfy's Diary None Horde 0 0
Nightress None Alliance 0 0
No Donuts None Alliance 0 0
No Nubbness None Alliance 0 0
Non Combat Pet None Alliance 0 0
Non Combat Pet - Awarefu None Alliance 0 0
Non Combat Pet - Dropbears None Alliance 0 0
Non Combat Pet - Endeavor None Alliance 0 0
Non Combat Pet - PTAS None Alliance 0 0
Northern Lights None Alliance 0 0
Northern Lights None Alliance 0 0
not in the face None Alliance 0 0
Nox-lock logs None Alliance 0 0
NyteVysion Team 1 None Alliance 0 0
nëg None Alliance 0 0
OAK None Alliance 0 0
Odding None Alliance 0 0
offensive None Alliance 0 0
Offensive None Alliance 0 0
OFT None Horde 0 0
Oil Beef Hooked None Alliance 0 0
Oil Beef Hooked None Alliance 0 0
Onduel None Alliance 0 0
ONSEN None Alliance 0 0
Onyx None Alliance 0 0
Open Late None Alliance 0 0
OWP None Alliance 0 0
Paradøx - Team Crimson Wolves None Alliance 0 0
Paradøx - Team Jade Viper None Alliance 0 0
Paradøx Team Death None Alliance 0 0
Paragons of Originality None Alliance 0 0
Paralytic Charm None Alliance 0 0
Parse None Alliance 0 0
Pathogen None Alliance 0 0
Pew Pew None Alliance 0 0
PF Go Guys None Alliance 0 0
Phantom Vanguard None Alliance 0 0
Phenomrom None Alliance 0 0
Philosophy of Soul None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Down None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Fusion None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Rising None Alliance 0 0
phoenixfusion None Alliance 0 0
Pif test guild None Alliance 0 0
Pink Insanity None Alliance 0 0
placeholder None Horde 0 0
Plagued None Alliance 0 0
Poe's Pocket None Alliance 0 0
PoP None Alliance 0 0
Porn's Logs None Alliance 0 0
PrammerTime None Alliance 0 0
Prestigious None Alliance 0 0
Pride of Proudmoore None Alliance 0 0
Pronstars None Alliance 0 0
Proven None Alliance 0 0
Proven None Alliance 0 0
Proven None Alliance 0 0
puffs logs None Alliance 0 0
Pug Runs None Alliance 0 0
Pup N Suds None Alliance 0 0
Pure Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Radical None Alliance 0 0
Rage Quit None Alliance 0 0
RagTag None Alliance 0 0
Raid Naked None Alliance 0 0
Rain's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Ranking is Hr4d None Alliance 0 0
RDB None Alliance 0 0
Reawakened None Alliance 0 0
Rebel Templars None Horde 0 0
Recidivus None Alliance 0 0
Red Team None Alliance 0 0
Redeemers of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Redud None Horde 0 0
Reisaku Personal None Alliance 0 0
Relativity 2 None Alliance 0 0
Renaissance None Alliance 0 0
Renascentis Test Logs None Alliance 0 0
Rent A Raider None Alliance 0 0
Reservoir None Alliance 0 0
Respec None Alliance 0 0
Respec None Alliance 0 0
Riggz Test Logs None Alliance 0 0
Righteous Divebombers None Alliance 0 0
Rise None Alliance 0 0
Rise PvP None Alliance 0 0
Risen None Alliance 0 0
Risen None Alliance 0 0
Rising Sun None Alliance 0 0
RNG and Gear None Alliance 0 0
RoA -LateShow None Alliance 0 0
ROA BBG None Alliance 0 0
RoA Bev None Alliance 0 0
ROA KGB None Alliance 0 0
RodLT None Horde 0 0
RogueGodX None Alliance 0 0
Roots Run Deep None Alliance 0 0
Rrohdes Chicken Shack None Alliance 0 0
Rubicon None Alliance 0 0
Rules None Alliance 0 0
Ryou None Alliance 0 0
Saebriels Logs None Alliance 0 0
Samcro None Horde 0 0
Sandboxx None Alliance 0 0
Sanguine None Alliance 0 0
SasasLogs None Alliance 0 0
SB Refugees None Alliance 0 0
Scarlet Conservative None Alliance 0 0
Secret Orders None Alliance 0 0
Sev None Alliance 0 0
Sevendash None Horde 0 0
Shadoworrior None Alliance 0 0
Shadows Of The Fallen None Alliance 0 0
shammyjake None Alliance 0 0
Sheeza Logs None Alliance 0 0
Shrael None Alliance 0 0
Side Seven None Alliance 0 0
Siggi None Horde 0 0
Silent Ascension None Alliance 0 0
sixth AD None Alliance 0 0
Sixth AD Team Cupcakes None Alliance 0 0
Smappyvilles None Alliance 0 0
SoB None Alliance 0 0
Sobriety Optional None Alliance 0 0
Social Demise None Alliance 0 0
Sofa Kings None Alliance 0 0
Solar None Alliance 0 0
Solar None Alliance 0 0
Something Wicked None Alliance 0 0
Sonic Death Bacon None Alliance 0 0
Sorry None Alliance 0 0
Soul Society-Uprising None Alliance 0 0
Soulless US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Space Monkeys None Alliance 0 0
Squad Two US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
SS None Alliance 0 0
stasis None Alliance 0 0
Stonewall Family - Inactive None Alliance 0 0
Stormsong None Alliance 0 0
Strictly Elite None Alliance 0 0
Superb Elites None Alliance 0 0
Tabbed Out None Alliance 0 0
Tacomanster's Logs! None Alliance 0 0
Taengo None Alliance 0 0
Taint and Spank Deux None Alliance 0 0
Taint N Spank None Horde 0 0
Talas None Alliance 0 0
Talint's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Tastefully Offensive None Alliance 0 0
Tastefully Offensive None Alliance 0 0
Tastefully Offensive None Alliance 0 0
Tauren Trippers None Alliance 0 0
TC None Alliance 0 0
Team Bromance None Horde 0 0
Team Furry None Horde 0 0
Team Rocket None Alliance 0 0
Team Trouble None Alliance 0 0
TempForLogs None Alliance 0 0
tentolog None Alliance 0 0
Terror Australis None Horde 0 0
Test US-Proudmoore Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
Test123 None Alliance 0 0
testtestt None Alliance 0 0
THE BLACKHEARTED None Alliance 0 0
The Chaos None Horde 0 0
The Demonic Reich None Alliance 0 0
The Devils Rejects None Alliance 0 0
The Golden Rule None Alliance 0 0
The Haven None Alliance 0 0
The Holy Vehm None Alliance 0 0
The Holy Vehm None Alliance 0 0
the machai None Alliance 0 0
The Machai None Alliance 0 0
The Midnight Society None Alliance 0 0
The Old World Order None Alliance 0 0
The Outkast Few None Alliance 0 0
The Pantless Raiders None Horde 0 0
The Perfect Empire None Alliance 0 0
The Remix to Ignition None Alliance 0 0
The Round Table of Iron None Alliance 0 0
Tiancai's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Timelust None Alliance 0 0
tKo None Alliance 0 0
To Be Determined None Alliance 0 0
To Be Determined None Alliance 0 0
To Be Determined None Alliance 0 0
To Be Determined None Alliance 0 0
To LOVE Ru None Alliance 0 0
TOG-TPR None Horde 0 0
topologs None Alliance 0 0
Training Dummy None Alliance 0 0
Training Dummy None Alliance 0 0
Training_Dummy None Alliance 0 0
Tredici None Alliance 0 0
Umybox Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Unholy Demise None Alliance 0 0
Unusual Suspects None Alliance 0 0
Utopian None Alliance 0 0
Vellite None Alliance 0 0
Venture None Alliance 0 0
Vindictive None Alliance 0 0
Viral None Alliance 0 0
Viscuraslogs None Alliance 0 0
Vox Silentii None Alliance 0 0
Wachovia None Alliance 0 0
War Taint None Horde 0 0
War Taint (RnR) None Horde 0 0
WDN None Alliance 0 0
We Got It This Time Guys None Alliance 0 0
Weekalogs None Alliance 0 0
wekslogs None Horde 0 0
Well Played 2nd None Alliance 0 0
Werrg None Alliance 0 0
WGITTG None Alliance 0 0
Whiskychaser None Alliance 0 0
Wipe It Up None Alliance 0 0
Wipes on Trash None Alliance 0 0
Wipes on Trash None Alliance 0 0
Wiping as Intended None Alliance 0 0
Wldflwr None Alliance 0 0
woltestlol None Alliance 0 0
Wowcoholics Anonymous None Horde 0 0
Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Wrath of Athena None Alliance 0 0
Wreckless None Alliance 0 0
Xandyrr's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Xeff None Horde 0 0
Yoloswag None Alliance 0 0
Yoshinoya None Alliance 0 0
Yuna's Log None Alliance 0 0
Zan's log None Alliance 0 0
Zarethorne None Alliance 0 0
zeroremorse None Alliance 0 0
Zilthland None Alliance 0 0
Zilthland None Alliance 0 0
Zykial None Alliance 0 0
ZYR None Alliance 0 0
Zzang None Alliance 0 0
zzz None Alliance 0 0
| Rebels | None Alliance 0 0
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Destruct, Deterministic Chaos, Deviant Exiles, DevilsCut, Devious, Di Veteris Adventum, Diamonds Edge, Dicey, Didnt Do It, digthosebewbies, dirty deedz, Disciple, Disciples of Cloister, Discipline of Chaos, Disconnected, Discontented, Discordia, Dishonor Elite, Disintegration, Disrespect, Diverse Dimensions, Divination, Divine Mutiny, Divinê, DNA, Do It For The Lawlz, Do Nothing Club, Does This Look Infected, Domestic Discipline, Dont Laugh at My Giraffe, Dont Release, doomdayz, dot com, Double Edged, Down and Dirty, Down for Maintenance, Down To Nothing, Draco Draconis, Dragon Ascendant, Dragon Ball Z, Dragonades, Dragonbane, DragonBlood, Dragonfall, Drama Killed My Guild, Dramatis Personae, Dream Project, Dreaming of Eald, Dreams, Drunk and Disorderly, Drunken Evil Monkeys, Duelicious, Dunder Mifflin, Dwarven Bank, dwarven legion, Dyslexic, DárkNights, Därk Union, Déjà Vu, E Thugz N Harmony, Early Birthday, Easily Confused, Easily Distractéd, East Azeroth Trading Co, Eastcoast Marauders, Eazy Company, Edge, Edge of Eternity, Edge Of Infinity, Edge of Sanity, EDM Elites, Eff Eff Ess, Egalitarian Misanthrope, Eggroll Holders, Eight Bit, EK Justicar, Elemental Reign, ElementFour, Eleutheria, Elevator Boss, Elitist Nerds, Elwynn Forest HOA, Elysian Guard, Elysium Fields, Elysium Pet Leveling, Elysiums Gate, Embers To Ashes, Emendo, Emeritus, Empress Vaults, Empyreal, Empyrean, End of the Living, Endeavor, Endless Dream, Endless Kingdom, Epic, Epic In Bed, Epic Vengeance, Epicdemic, Equal Opportunity Gaming, Equality, ERROR Guild Not Found, Esdbank, Essential Gaming, Eternal Fury, Eternal Rest, Eternal Retribution, Eternal Vendetta, Ethereal, Etherion, Ethix, Euphoria, Eurotrip, EveNation, Eventide, Eversong, Everyones Grudge, Evilgenius, Evolved, Evrotas, Ewokalypse Now, Exalted With Jeeves, Excellence, Exergy, Exiled, Exitious, expertise capped, Extended Warranty, Extreme Hoarders, EXTREME SLEEPOVER, Eyther itae LàEstri, F SOCIETY, Faces Da Morte, Failed Attempt, FAINT SMILE, FAIRY TAIL, Fallen Heroes, Fallen Lords Of Kalimdor, Fallen Shadows, Falleñ, Fat Sac, Fatal, Fatal Intent, Fate, feelsbadman, Fellowship of the Moose, Fiend Club, Fifty Shades of Pink, First in Hell, Fish Vendor, Fission Chips, Fistimus Prime, Five Stacks, Flames Of Eternity, Fluff Monkey, Fluffy Wizard Hats Club, FLY FISHING, Focus, Followers Of Helix, For Hire, For Khaz Modan, For the Fun AND the Gold, Forbidden Gods, Forged by Fire, forgot, Forgotten Faith, Forgotten Heroes, Formula, Fort Briggs, Fortis, Forward Resolute, Four Twenty Blaze It, Fractured Resurgence, frak, Free Agent, FreeBeer, Freebirds, FREECANDY, Freelance, Freelance Raiders, FreezeFlame, Frequency, Fresh, FRIENDS TO THE MAX, Friendship Bread, FriendshipLegion, Frigid, From Ashes, From Six to Midnight, From Statefarm, From the Ashes, Frost Buddies Jr, Full Moon Raiders, funofkillings, Furious Pantaloons, Fuzzy PJs Make Me Tough, Galifreyan Exhiles, Game of Pwns, Game of Thrones, Game On, Game Theory, Gaming N Flaming, Gamma Burst, Gasoline Dreams, Gather Co, Gay and Proudmoore, Gaymers Alliance, Gaymers Incorporated, Gentle Giants of Azeroth, Gentlemen, Get Farmed, Get Good Dot Com, Get Shwifty, GF Left Me For A Duelist, Ghast Punx, ghey and lovin it, Ghosts of Icecrown, Gidozas Fortune, gild bnak, Gilded, Girls Who Play Draenei, Girls Who Play Wow, Git Good Gaming, Glacial Uprising, Glittery Unicorns, Glorious Purpose, Gnomesayin, Gnomosexual pwntography, Gold Capped, Gold Legion, Golden Order, Golden Wolf, Gone Fishin, Gone Røgue, Good Enough, Good Vibes, Goáuld, Grammer Natzes, Gran Pulse, Grand Poobah Gaming, Grand Theft Kodo, Grave Matters, Green Arrow, Gringotts Vault, Grow A Pair, Gryphon Master, Guardians of the Exiled, Guardians of the Legacy, Guardians of the Moon, Guerrilla Giggles, Guild Error, Guild Whiro, Guilde Des Assassins, GURLIDINPOPNOCOOLDAYOWNS, Hail Skroob, Halaa Back Girl, Halcyon Affinity, Halfs Personal Space, Hallow, Hallowed Heroes, Hannah Montana Sleepover, Harapeko Soul, Hard Candy, Hard Switch, Has Aggro, Haven, Hawtmess, Heart Breaker, Hearths Out For Harambe, Heaven and Earth, Heavily Medicated, Hegemonic, Heirs of Lîçh Kîñg, Heirs of the Lost Legion, Hello Kitty Fight Club, Hells Heroes, HeManWomanHatersClub, Heroes and Villains, Heroes Beach, Heroes of the Fallen, Hic Sunt Dracones, Hidden Blade, High AF, High On Peacebloom, High Society, Himawari, Hirsute Feline Emporium, History, Hold The Line, Holy Guardians, home is were its at, Honk If Your Hordie, Hooligan Brigade, Horde, Horde Bank, Horde is Better, horde mafia, Horde Murder Society, Horde of Gaymers, Horder Patrol, Hott Mess Express, HoTz DoTz Body Shotz, Hour of Will, House of Crimson Order, House of Gamers, House of Jenkins, How Much Will That Be, How Neat is That, HSBC, Humble, Hypnotic, I AM NOT A BANK ALT, I D S I, I Got Confused, I Rebels I, icecream bikini girls, Icecrown Citadel, ICED, Icon, Identified As Trouble, Ignition, Illumina, Illuminated Darkness, Illusion, Illusionary, Imminence, Imminent Hailstorm, Immortal Night, Immortal Souls, Immortal Vengeance, Impending Insanity, Imperial Alliance, Imperial Army, In Hard Work We Trust, Inappropriate, Inception, Incoherent Screaming, Incredible Edible Anuz, Incursio, Indecent Exposure, Infidels, Infinite Horizon, Infinite Loop, Infinitium, Infinitum, Infiníum, Injustice, Innovation, Insatiable, Insidious, Insidíous, Instability of the Mind, Instance, Instinct, Institute of War, Intemperance, Intervention, Into the Pit, Inventory Expansion, Inverted, Invicta, Invoke, Invîctus, IPA, Ironborne, Ironbrand, Irrelephant, is a Hoarder, Is Famous, IS NOT THE FATHER, Is The Captain Now, Isometric, Issued For Destruction, Its good to hate, Its Miller Time, Jack Trippers, JAGUARS, Jealous Sky, Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs, Joker and the Thief, Jokers Asylum, Juggernaut, Just Playin with maself, Justified Malice, Jägermeister, Kalamari Damaci, Karnage, Keepers of Insanity, Keepers of the Crown, Keepers of 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