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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Hordes Fist US-Mok'Nathal Horde 0 446
First in Hell - Raid Group 2 (10) US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 163
Double Tap US-Silvermoon Horde 0 113
Mystic Heroes US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 90
Unkempt US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 89
The Shadow League US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 72
Unhinged US-Silvermoon Horde 0 70
Jesters US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 65
Ataraxia None Horde 0 60
Clouded Minds US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 50
VTX US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 46
pugsly None Alliance 0 43
Convergence None Alliance 0 39
Alpha Pug None Horde 0 30
Ascending Phoenix None Horde 0 29
Supersqueeze US-Silvermoon Horde 0 27
Veni Vidi Dormivi US-Silvermoon Horde 0 27
Insømnia US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 25
Mya US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 22
ßazinga US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 21
carefactor zero US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 19
Wolfblade US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 19
Scratch n Sniff US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 17
Mael's Dex Logs US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 16
Creative Anarchy US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 15
fury US-Mok'Nathal Horde 0 12
Cola Cult US-Silvermoon Horde 0 11
Pinnacle US-Mok'Nathal Horde 0 11
Cola Cult US-Silvermoon Horde 0 10
Shienk's US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 10
Angelo and Nads US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 8
First in Hell US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 8
Havoc Nation US-Silvermoon Horde 0 8
Milkshake Factory US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 8
Relic US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 8
Colors of Chaos US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 7
Disband US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 7
Parasomnia US-Silvermoon Horde 0 7
Amber Gold US-Silvermoon Horde 0 6
BloodPact of the Chosen US-Silvermoon Horde 0 6
Charmander's Personal Logs US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 6
Fidelity US-Silvermoon Horde 0 6
Progression US-Silvermoon Horde 0 6
Alpha Pug None Horde 0 5
Harlequin US-Silvermoon Horde 0 5
Laras Reports US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 5
Shadows US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 5
Évolution None Horde 0 5
BoM US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 4
Celestial Mischief US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 4
certavi US-Silvermoon Horde 0 4
Divinity US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 4
Eleventh Hour US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 4
Elysium US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 4
Exodus US-Silvermoon Horde 0 4
House of Zug US-Silvermoon Horde 0 4
Hunter Pulled US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 4
Nepentheum None Horde 0 4
Nerf US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 4
Zeitgeist Consortium US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 4
Alternate Endings US-Silvermoon Horde 0 3
BlackBlades US-Silvermoon Horde 0 3
Cola Cult - Orange US-Silvermoon Horde 0 3
Curthonislogs US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 3
Faint Apparition US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 3
Minions US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 3
Prmetheus US-Silvermoon Horde 0 3
Pulse US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 3
Saga US-Silvermoon Horde 0 3
The Illuminati Inc US-Silvermoon Horde 0 3
The Royal Court US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 3
We Just Kill Shit US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 3
Zebra Crossing US-Silvermoon Horde 0 3
Apathy US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 2
Atypical US-Silvermoon Horde 0 2
Bounty Hunters US-Silvermoon Horde 0 2
BPOTC US-Silvermoon Horde 0 2
City of the Sun None Alliance 0 2
DA US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 2
DPS US-Silvermoon Horde 0 2
DREAM Disband US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 2
endeavor US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 2
First in hell US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 2
Imaginiel US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 2
Intrepid US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 2
Kugeln Des Todes US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 2
Minion US-Silvermoon Horde 0 2
Misguided US-Silvermoon Horde 0 2
Rainbow Fever Posse US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 2
Ramrod US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 2
Rebirth II None Alliance 0 2
Resurrected US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 2
Sedulous US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 2
Serénity US-Silvermoon Horde 0 2
STAND IN FIRE US-Mok'Nathal Horde 0 2
Symmetry US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 2
The Broken US-Mok'Nathal Horde 0 2
The Oath US-Silvermoon Horde 0 2
Zozo23 US-Silvermoon Horde 0 2
Aces of Azeroth US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Adventure Time US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Allikatae's Log US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Alts For The Win US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Ascendence US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Ataraxia US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Attrition US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Black Dragon Elite US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
BlackBlades US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Children of the Horde US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Clouded Minds US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Creative Anarchy US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Dark Matter US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Dead Rabbits US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Deathwing Hit My House US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Divinity_25 US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Drak's Guild US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 1
Elysium US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Evidence of Evolution US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 1
Faint Apparition US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Faint Apparition US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Faint Apparition US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Felloon US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
G2 US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
ggw US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
gjmatt US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 1
Gnoxious US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Good Karma US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 1
Impending US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 1
Insurgency US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Kal's Guild US-Mok'Nathal Horde 0 1
Karma US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Katana's Edge US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 1
Laelyn & Co US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Naked Pillow Fights US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Ni Hao US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
On Break US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
OR - Team Ascendance US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Plovo US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 1
raknith US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Saga US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Summit US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
The Harrowed US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Tig US-Mok'Nathal Horde 0 1
Unrestrained US-Silvermoon Alliance 0 1
Vigil US-Mok'Nathal Horde 0 1
Virus US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Walrustipper US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Wolves of the Silvermoon US-Silvermoon Horde 0 1
Abaiyleeparty None Alliance 0 0
Ambient None Alliance 0 0
Anarchy Redone None Alliance 0 0
Apex Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Apex Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Asgard None Horde 0 0
Asgard None Horde 0 0
Aspiration None Horde 0 0
Azeroth Playmates None Alliance 0 0
Beards None Alliance 0 0
Bjohn Flex None Horde 0 0
Blame Derishi Club None Alliance 0 0
BloodPact of the Chosen None Horde 0 0
BPoftheChosen None Horde 0 0
Brawg's Logs US-Silvermoon Horde 0 0
Carefactor Zero - Ace None Alliance 0 0
Cathedral None Alliance 0 0
Caustic None Alliance 0 0
Cefiro None Horde 0 0
CHAMPION LOGS None Alliance 0 0
Chosen None Horde 0 0
Clouded Minds None Alliance 0 0
Cola Cult Cherry None Horde 0 0
Collaborative Friends None Horde 0 0
Coonpants None Horde 0 0
Cursed None Horde 0 0
Dark Singularity None Alliance 0 0
darkmoon None Alliance 0 0
Davorian US-Silvermoon Horde 0 0
DEBUG None Alliance 0 0
Decendants of Lorderon None Alliance 0 0
Deception None Alliance 0 0
Deneb nine None Alliance 0 0
Devine Defiance None Alliance 0 0
Dirty Horde None Horde 0 0
Disband None Alliance 0 0
DivinityX None Alliance 0 0
DogsAreCoolerThanPeople.jpg None Alliance 0 0
DoL None Alliance 0 0
Draconic Covenant None Horde 0 0
Dru's Fun Time None Alliance 0 0
Drunken Karaoke None Alliance 0 0
dv None Horde 0 0
Eeks Awesome Adventure! None Alliance 0 0
Elysium None Alliance 0 0
Emergence None Alliance 0 0
Emergence None Alliance 0 0
Enclosed in Brackets None Horde 0 0
ennoble None Alliance 0 0
Esoteric None Horde 0 0
Esoteric None Horde 0 0
Excise None Horde 0 0
Exodus None Horde 0 0
Forgotten Legacy None Horde 0 0
Forgotten Legacy 2 None Horde 0 0
Forlorn Hope US-Mok'Nathal Alliance 0 0
Fury None Horde 0 0
Fury None Horde 0 0
Fusion None Horde 0 0
Grand Theft Kodo None Alliance 0 0
Great Old Ones None Alliance 0 0
Half Primal Rage None Alliance 0 0
Harten's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Hell Awaits US-Mok'Nathal Horde 0 0
hell guards None Horde 0 0
Heroes of The Quaff None Alliance 0 0
Hexonyx US-Silvermoon Horde 0 0
Hexonyx US-Silvermoon Horde 0 0
HexOnyx Silvermoon None Horde 0 0
History of the D None Alliance 0 0
Ilterendi None Alliance 0 0
Indecisive None Horde 0 0
Insom None Alliance 0 0
Insurgency None Horde 0 0
Intrepid None Alliance 0 0
Jesters None Alliance 0 0
Kaidyn - UB None Alliance 0 0
Khaos None Alliance 0 0
Khaos None Alliance 0 0
KhaosII None Alliance 0 0
Knight of the Sins None Horde 0 0
Lake Effect None Horde 0 0
Last Pull None Horde 0 0
Living the Dream None Horde 0 0
Lords of Lunacy None Alliance 0 0
Meowmeow None Alliance 0 0
Meritocracy None Alliance 0 0
Meritocracy None Alliance 0 0
Mistress of Retribution None Alliance 0 0
Monolith None Horde 0 0
Nerfed None Alliance 0 0
Noggaholic None Alliance 0 0
Noir Like Films None Alliance 0 0
none None Horde 0 0
Obsidia None Horde 0 0
Obsidia None Horde 0 0
Odyssey2 None Horde 0 0
Old Skool None Alliance 0 0
One Tier Behind None Alliance 0 0
Order None Alliance 0 0
P A I N C A K E S None Alliance 0 0
P A I N C A K E S None Alliance 0 0
Paradigm None Horde 0 0
Parasomnia None Horde 0 0
Phamë's logs None Alliance 0 0
Placeholder None Horde 0 0
Potato None Alliance 0 0
Profane None Alliance 0 0
Psychos and Unicorns None Alliance 0 0
Pug and Play None Alliance 0 0
Radioactive None Horde 0 0
Range is bored rawr None Alliance 0 0
Renegade None Horde 0 0
Revelation None Alliance 0 0
sabs heroes None Alliance 0 0
SaD None Alliance 0 0
SaD None Alliance 0 0
Saga None Horde 0 0
Saiyan None Horde 0 0
Sedulous None Alliance 0 0
Sedulous None Alliance 0 0
Sedulous None Alliance 0 0
Separation Anxiety None Alliance 0 0
Skyfang None Horde 0 0
Spotlight None Horde 0 0
Squared Away None Alliance 0 0
Steadfast None Horde 0 0
Steadfast None Horde 0 0
Steadfast 1 None Horde 0 0
Still Alive None Horde 0 0
Still Alive None Alliance 0 0
structural defect None Horde 0 0
Summit None Alliance 0 0
TAG None Alliance 0 0
Tahlay private None Horde 0 0
Tay None Horde 0 0
Tayan None Horde 0 0
TC_test None Alliance 0 0
Team Resistance None Alliance 0 0
Temporary Insanity None Horde 0 0
Temporary Insanity None Horde 0 0
Tenacious None Horde 0 0
Terms None Alliance 0 0
Terms of Enrampagement None Alliance 0 0
The Bounty Hunters None Horde 0 0
The Corporation None Alliance 0 0
The Lavender Menace None Horde 0 0
The Short Yellow Bus None Horde 0 0
thepug None Horde 0 0
toe None Alliance 0 0
Toggris None Alliance 0 0
Tollo Logs None Alliance 0 0
Unchosen None Horde 0 0
Under the Moonlight None Horde 0 0
United Brotherhood None Alliance 0 0
United By Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Unkempt None Alliance 0 0
Unleashed Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Unresolved Conflict None Horde 0 0
unrestrained None Alliance 0 0
Unrestrained None Alliance 0 0
Unrestrained None Alliance 0 0
Vinroth None Alliance 0 0
VTX-Cornpo None Alliance 0 0
We wipe on trash None Alliance 0 0
Where We Goin None Alliance 0 0
Yggdrasil None Horde 0 0
Zombie Paradigm None Alliance 0 0
Zunjo None Horde 0 0
ßountyHunters None Horde 0 0
ßountyHunters None Alliance 0 0
Гундан-Термоштепсель None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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(TJ), divorcecourt, Dmar's Log, Dmarsucks, DoL, Don't Nerf Me, dons guild, draconic covenant, Draconic Covenant, Dragons From Hell, Drea's personal log, Duct tape Brigade, Duct Tape Brigade, Dumuzid's Parses, Duskwing, Echelon, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclispe, Eldritch Court, Eldritch Court, Electric Dream Machine, Elevator Boss Champions, Elite Knights of Light, Eloqent Violence, elysium, elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Endeavor, Endeavor, Endeavour, Endlings, Ennoble, Enrampagement, Entropy, Entropy, ephy, Epic Falling, Errorism, Essences, Eternal ascenion, Eternal Ascension, Eternal Ascension, Eternal Ascension, Eternal Darkness, Eternal Darkness Grp 2, Eternal Darkness Late Night, Eternityshattered, Evidence of Evolution, Evilution, Exile, Exodus, Exodus, Expendables, Exploited, Exploited, Extended Maintenance, Extended Maintenance, Extended Maintenance, eye screem, Fade Away, Faint Apparition, Faint Apparition, Faint Apparition, Faint Apparition, Fallen Angels, Fate Sealed, Fedorable, Felreaper, Femme Fatale, ff, Fidelity-C, FIH Group 2, First in Hell, First In Hell, First In Hell Group 1, FLARE, FMU, Fonzie be praised, Forgotten , Fortuna, Free Purps, Friends Without Benefits, Friends Without Benefits, Frodo's , From Ashes, From Order Comes Chaos, Full Metal Herbalist, Full Metal Underwear, Furball , Fury, Fury/Cel, fury@mok, fusion, Fusion, Fusion, Fusion, Fusion, G E N E S I S, G1 10 Man, Gears of War, General Goods Vendor, Ghastle, glorious heroes, Glowingsuns Elite, Glowingsuns Elite, Gnomes, GoC, Goldman Stacks, Good Karma, Good Karma, Good Karma, Good Karma, Good Karma, Good Karma, GoRedSox, Grand Theft Kodo, Grand Theft Kodo, Gravs Logs, Group 2.0, Group Therapy, Guild of the Hunter!, Guildless Parse, Guildléss, GuildNameHere, Guilty as Charged, Guilty as Charged, Half Life, Hallowed, Hangin with my Gnomies, Hangin with my Gnomies, Hate Murlocs, Have Stone Will Travel, Haven, Havok, Hawks Talons, Healers United, Hellequin, Hellrisers, Heroes of Eternity, Hex, Hey You Guys, Highland Shadows, Highland Shadows, HIghland Shadows, Highland Shhadows, HMS Dawntreader, Holy Ex, holyx, House Of Zug, Hunter Pulled, ICCpro, Iconic, Idoneus, IFC, iheartponies, Immortal's Log, Immortalis Incarnae, Immortality, Immortality, impending, Impending, Impending, Impending, Indecisive, Infallible, Infallible, Infected, inferno, INFERNO, Infinite, Infinite Sanctum, Infinite Sanctum, InFuryBorn, Inhibited Remorse, Inner Realm, Insane Stupidity, insidious, Insomnia, Insomnia 10, Insømnia, Intrepid, Intrepid2, Intrusive, Island of Misfit Toys, Isy's Stats, jackncoke, Jagged Edge, Jagged Edge, Jesters, Jesters, Joarothius, Joses Used Pinatas, Joshua Vogt, Julzyface, just for dps testing, Just Me, Karate Choppers, Karrina logs pugs for fun and profit, katanas Edge, Kaz's Hell, Khaos, Khaos, Kill Da Murlocs, Killer Inc, Kilzuun's Guild, Knights of Calibur, Knights of Honor, knoss personal log, Knuckulz, kotg, krasni's 10, land of east, Last Pull, Late for Raid, Late For Raid, Laundromat Cleave, Leftovers, legendary misfits, Legendary Misfits, Legends of Alliance, Legends of Alliance, Legends of Alliance, Legion of Bacon, Legion of Honor, LFG, LFG, lfr11, Lithium, lolvl, Low Expectations, Low Expectations, Lucid, Luminous, lxlilxl Personal Runs, Machination, Machination, Made, Made, Madness, Marianett, Martyrs and Mercenaries, Martyrs and Mercenaries, Martyrs and Mercenaries, Martyrs and Mercenaries, Meitha, Mewtwo, MGM raiders, MGM Raiders, MGM Raiders, Mighty Ducks, Mikarrhea, Mimic, MimicPug, Minimewendy, Minimum Wage, Minion, Minion, Minions, Minions, Minions, ministry of happy, Mirace, Misfits, Inc, Mobius, Mok'Pug, Molten Flan Babies, Momentum, Mundoran, My Beef Don't Die, My Beef Strong, myownparse, MYTHBUSTTERS, Myths & Legends, Màhem, Màyhem, Narayan, Narcoleptic Insomniacs, Narcoleptic Insomniacs, Necromantics, Necromantics, nepentheum, Nepentheum, NEPone, Nerf, Nerf, Nerfed, Nerfed, Nerfed, Ni Hao, Ni Hao Puggers, Ni Hao Puggers, niandrios, nightwatchers, Nightwatchers, nightwish, No Contest , No Contest - US Silvermoon, no dad not the belt, No Guts No Glory, Noggaholic, None, None, Numen, Obsidia, Obsidia, Obsidia, Ody, Odyssey, Of the exodar vanguard , Omen, OMEN, OMEN, Opposition, Opposition, Organized Chaos, origin, Origin, Over The Hill Game, OverRaided, P a r a g o n, Paally, Paint it Blacker Rhymes edition, Pandorum, Pants Party, Paradigm, Parasomnia (Weekend), parasomnia10m, parse, partyinvegas, PeepQ, Pendulum, Penguin Liberation Front, People, Pepper's Run, Personal Logs, personal-killiertroll, Pervikuss, Pet's, Pink Fuzzy Death Bunnies, Placeholder, Plasma Storm, PlayedTest, Plovo, pluse gaming, Pn, Poetas Dei, Poetas Dei, Possessed Dreams, Prawnshell, premiere, Primal Rage, private, Privateguild, Profane, progression, Progression, Progression, 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Seriatim, seska, Seventytwo Hour Ban, Severance, Shadow Drifters, Shadow Knights, Shenanigans, Shenanigans, Ship of Fools, Short Bus Heroes, Shôrt Bus Hero, Sick by Definition, Sick By Definition, Silent Escape, Silvermoon Rejects, silvertest, SiN, Sinister Soulz, SkeletalWaltersBlackBlades, slohituns logs, Solid, Solipsis, Solipsis, Solipsis, Solipsis mil, Something Sweet, SON OF A LICH, Son Of A Liche, Sonofaliche, Speshulsguild, Spiritwild, Spork and Beans, Squared Away, Squared Away, Sraointe Bràithrean, SSDD, Steadfast, Steadfast, Stormy Ascent, Stryder's Raid, stryders team, Summit, Supa Soak That Horde, Super Kerpow, superguild, SwiftyPUG, SYMMETRY, SYMMETRY, Sze Wei, TAG, Tainted Souls, Talladega Knights, Tamed Miley Cyrus, Tarlon, Taunt Range, Tay1, Tay88, Tayan, Team Defiance, Team USA Fuck Yeah!, templars might, Ten Inglorious Monkeys, Tentative, Terms, Test, Test, Test1, TestGuild, The Blood Farm, The Brethren Court, The Broken, The Broken, The Chosen Few, The Council of Ten, The Dark Crew, The Defectors, The Departed, The Dreamwatch, The Fall into Shadow, The Fallen Council, The Forsaken Raiders, The Forsaken Raiders, The Forsaken Raiders, The Forsaken Raiders, The Incognito Network, The Killing Hand, The Lost Heroes, The Lucky Ones, The Mayans Predicted Us, The Priory, the real tbom log, The Relentless, the rise of the dragoon, The Rise of the Dragoon, The Roamers, The Sixth Dragonflight, The Stands in Shit Allstars, The Tribe, The Tribe, The Unbound Soldier, The Union, The Yay People, Three Inches Buffed, Tim Cooper, Timteabowforprez, TMI raiding, TMI Raiding, TOC25PUGGING, Ton of Freshness, Total Depravity, Total Depravity, Total Dominance, Total Dominance, Total Dominance, Tree Hit My House, treemendus, Triumvirate, True Blood of Malkier, True Blood of Malkier, True Blood of Malkier, truebloods, tsüki, Twilight Alliance Gamers, Twilight Alliance Gamers, Twilight Crusade, two rogues dont make a right, Tyd' World of Logs, Tyræl, Underappreciated, undergeared, Understand, Unhlyknight's person, Union of Lost Souls, United by Chaos, Unkempt, Unleashed Chaos, Unrestrained, Unspoken, Unspoken Bond, Abyss Gaming, Aggressive Behavior, Aidant Crusade, Almighty Blackstones, Altaholics Anonymous, Anarchy, Anechoic Chamber Maids, Axe To Mouth, Bad Influence, Bad Wolf, Bender is GREAT, Bipolar, Blackout, Blood of Ages, Blood Syndicate, BOHICA, Boss, BraveHeart, Bring Your Own Drama, CakeOrDeath, Candy Mountain, Carnival of the Dâmned, Caustic, Cereal Killers, Classic, Colors of Chaos, Come and Get Your Love, Corpse Run, Crimson Corpse Camp, Cursed, Da Family, Dark Knights of Surmia, Dark Singularity, Dark Trinity, Days of Old, Deaths Gate, Deception, Defenders of Alliance, Disillusion, Down Time, Dragon of the North, Dragon Scrolls, Drunk In Public, Duct Tape Brigade, Døømsday, Eclipse, Electric Dream Machine, End of Days, End Of The Horde, Ennoble, Escaping Demize, Evil Petting Zoo, Fellowship of the Bling, Fierce, Fifth Degree, First in Hell, Forgotten Faithful, Forlorn Hope, Free Purps, Freemerchants Society, Fury, Fôrce, Gamer Girlz, Gears of War, GlobalPeopleLikeGermans, Guilded Hilda, Halal Snackbar, hale koa, Hand of Chronos, Haunted, Havoc Nation, Hello Kitty Pool Party, Highland Shadows, Hit It and Crit It, HORD MARINECORPS HMC, Hordecore Harassment, Hordes Alliance, I Am Not A Bank Alt, Illuminati, Imperial Army of Mushi, Insanity At Our Best, Irkalla, JustBecause, Katanas Edge, Keep It Secret, Knife In The Dark, KNIGHTS OF CALIBUR, Last Pull, LiveOnThisPlanetAnymore, LOLUMAD, LORD OF DESTRUCTION, Lords of Orgrimmar, Lost Haven, Lost Soulz, Me not that kind of orc, Midnight Templars, Moraband, Natural Disaster, Nights for the Fallen, Omega Legion, Omega Mu Gamma, One Nation, Oo Touch My TraLaLa, Order of the RedDragon, Pastry, People òf Walmart II, PLZ HELP ME FIND MY DAD, PRO, Pwnie Express, Raiders of a Lost Cause, RAIDERS OF THE HORDE, Rattlehead, Rehab, Requìem, Resilience, Resurrected, Reviction, Rising Storm, Røyale, Savage Lethality, Selective Engagement, Silent Assassins, Soldiers of War, Something Wicked, Soul of the Blade, STOP HAVING BORING TUNA, Storage Keeper, Stormy Ascent, Stubborn Hard Heads, Swat Team, Sweet Tabard Elite, Tappa Kegga Bru, Terms of Enrampagement, The Broken, The Chosen Few, The Darkside, The Hand of Thulsa Doom, The Holy Republic empire, The Knights Radiant, The merciless, Third Shift, ThrallzBallz, Too Epic For Your Tabard, Troll it Up, Twistd Angels of Azeroth, Vent stalkers, Vigil, WarriorsOfTheAlliance, What Are Glyphs, Winners dont do pugs, Zeph and Aly Bank, Çhristians of WöW, Abandoned, Abyssal Moon, Aces Of Azeroth, Acropolis, Allegiance of Ironforge, Alliance Armed Forces, Allies Den, Altoholic, Alts for the Win, Amberzerg, Ambient, Amnesty, Anagnorisis, Aperture Science, Apex Gaming, Apocalyptic Order, Arcanists, Army of the Dark Queen, Arthritic Chicken Wings, Aspiration, Atypical, Aurora Dragons, Ausnation Refugees, Avalanchee, Awkward Penguins, Bank of Nalu, Bank of Shiu, Banned, Beard Factory, Bears Bones and Batman, Beastslayer, Berrys Things, BlackBlades, Bladed hearts, Blades of the Soul, Blazing Dragons, Blood and Sand, Blood of the Fallen, BloodBath n Beyond, Bloodlust Tribe, BloodPact of the Chosen, BOHICA, Boned, Brewcrew, Burst Of Chrysanthemum, Cake and Pie, Calamitous Intents, Catalyst, Causes Endless Sleep, Celestial Mischief, Channel Four Action News, Chaotic Order, Children Of Gallifrey, Chimaera, Chosen, Church Of Raptor Jesus, Clan Wulf, Clarity in Chaos, Club Awesome, Cola Cult, Condemn, Convergence, Council of Elrond, Couples Therapy, Creative Anarchy, Crimson Blades, Crit Sandwich, CrowdControl, Crux, Crüxshadows, Cuddly Bear Squad, CURSE, Daes Daémar, Daft Punks, Dark Venom, Darkmoon Faire, DarkPassengers, Dawn of Havoc, Dead Parrots, Deathwing, Default, Defenders of Stormwind, Demon Guardians, Deneb Nine, dethstrike, Devious Brotherhood, Devoid, Diablos New Asylum, Dirty Horde, Disband, Dishonored, Disposable Heroes, Disturbed Khaos, Do Not Disturb, Dominium Exterminii, Dragoon Knights, Dreaming Gets Drastic, Drugs Inc, Duck Commanders, Durotar Yacht Club, Dwarvish Might, Eclipse, Eclipsed Silvermoon, Elevator Boss Champions, Eleventy Billion, Elysium, Embrace Of Madness, Emergence, Eternal Dragins, Eternal Legend, Eventide, EViL EMPiRE, Exile, Extended Maintenance, Exálted with McDonalds, Eyes of the Beast, Faint Apparition, Fairy Tåil, Fallen, Fallen Aces of Azeroth, Fallen Angels, Family Union, Fate Sealed, Feign Life, Female Fists of Fury, Fight Everyone, Finally Dead, First Class Cuties, Flatline, FourBanger, Foxes in Socks, Foxy Fluffs, From Ashes To New, Gear Vault, Get Rich or Die Farming, GGT, Gnomosexual, Gods of a Dark Moon, Guilty Pleasure, Guns and Coffee, Gurthalak, Hacked, Hammer of the Emperor, hardinbanks, Hashtag, Heathen Horde, Hell Guards, Hells Fury, Heroes of Shadow Glen, Hex, Hexonyx, Highlând Shadows, Hit Squad, Hitmen Of the Horde, Honey Badgers, Horde of the Isles, House Do Urden, House of Affliction, Humble, HäVOK, Icon, Iconic, Imbued, Imminent Demise, IMMORTALITYY, INFERNO, Infinite Sanctum, Insurgency, Intrepid, Irkalla, Is Super Effective, JFK Didnt LOS, Killer Inc, Kings of the West, Kiss Me Im Irish, Knights Of Atlantis, Knights of Draenor, Knights of Order, Knights of Westfall, Krazy Knitting Kulb, Kris Kross Applesauce, Lake Effect, Late For Raid, Lawful Vengeance, Le Bon Temp Roule, Leader of the Pride, Legends Of The Horde, Legion of Avengers, Legion of The Phoenix, Lessqqmorepewpew, Level Up, LFR Heroes, LiveOnThisPlanetAnymore, Locked n Loaded, Lunatic Cafe, Machination, Made In Mexico, ManaPauses Bank Alt, Manifest Destiny, Masquerade, Masterwork, Meitha, Mercy Screams, Mezmorize, Midnight, Milk and Wookies, Minion, Minions, Ministry of Happy, Moon Warriors, Mælstrøm, Naked Empire, Narcoleptic Insomniacs, Natural Born Raiders, Nature Raiders, Nefarious Intent, Nerf, Nightwatchers, No Contest, No Guts No Glory, No Light Before Coffee, Nolimit Soldierz, Noodles, Nox Aeterna, Oasis, Obsidia, Obsidian Flame, of the Pwn Dem Tribe, OHGRAKS, Olio de Oliva, Organized Chaos, P A I N C A K E S, Pantheon, Penguin Liberation Front, Pew Pew Newbs, Phood Fighter, PitchBlack Republic, Pity The Fool, Playing with Fire, Pleasuregoats, Priest Trainer, Primal Rage, Primal Scream, Prism, Probably Drunk, Psycho Empire, Psycho Incendiaries, Pulse Gaming, Purple Cuddle Bunnies, Purple Monkeys, Random Chaos, Renowned, Rescue Rangers, Resistance, Results May Vary, ROADHOUSE, S S D D, Sacred Blood, Sacrificial Vengeance, Sacrosanct, Sadistic, Saga, Saiyan, Samite Healer, Sanitarium, Sayonara Shinigami, Scorpion Pirates, Sealed Vitality, Seekers of Destiny, Separation Anxiety, Shadows of War, Silver Panic, SMOKE DABS, Solidarity, Solipsis, Solum, Something Sweet, Soul of the Blàde, Soul of the Bládë, Soul Of The ßlade, Southshore Lifeguards, Spawn of Cthulhu, Square One, Srs Business, Still Alive, Stone Wolves, Stormwind Counting House, Suger Cookiez, Suicidal Tendencies, Suits, Sunder, Super Awesome Guild, Suícíde Kíngs, Swollen Ostrich, Sylvanas Fan Club, T H C, Tantric Trio, Tea Appreciation Society, Team Super Awesome, Temporary Insanity, The Betrayed, The Bloody Crusaders, The Charmed Ones, The Clash at Demonhead, The Coffer, The Corporation, The Crimson Hand, The Elite Archangels, The Elite Dragon Guard, The Elite Guardians, The Elite of The Horde, The Frozen Vanguard, The Goblin Exchange, The Gruel Cannons, The Hallowed Council, The Hand of Chaos, The Harrowed, The Hills Have Thighs, The Illuminati Inc, The Killing Hand, The Lost Heroes, The Madness, The Roamers, THE SEMPER FI GANG, The Toilet Bowl Rockers, The Unbreakable, The Unsung Heroes, The Vanguard, Thieves and Beggars, Thirty Second Fleet, Thuganomics, Time Lords, Tiras, Too OP For You, Toxic Avengers, Trade Goods, TriForce, Troll Kingdom, TruffleShuffle, Twisted Perception, Tyrant, Under the Moonlight, Unending Sorrow, Unhinged, United Pugs, Unkempt, Unkempted, Unrestrained, Valhöll, VALOR, Vanity, Vengeance Reborn, Veni Vidi Dormivi, Venture Credit Union, VII Sojourn, Vindictus, Vital, VTX, Wa wittle Waptors, Warlords of Azeroth, We Chillin, We Dont Quit, We Have Candy, We pwn the night, Whisperwind, White Knights of Azeroth, WhiteKnights Elite, Winters Demise, Wolves Of The Horde, Xfinity, Yggdrasil, Your Face, Zexious Maxious Profitus, Zombie Response Team, ßazinga, Évolution, Vanquisher, Varz, Vermilion Rebirth, Vex, Vex, Vex, Vex, Victorious Secret, Vigil, Vigil, VIGIL2, Vinum et Feminae, Violent by Nature, Violent Past, Volition, VTX, VTX, w2d, Walk the Plank, Wanted, Warchild, Warchild, Warriors inc, Warriors of Ansalon, Warriors of the Sun VII, Warriors of Valhalla, wat, We Don't Die We Multiply., We wipe on trash pulls, We Wipe On Trash Pulls, We Wipe On Trash Pulls, Weird Alts, Werewolves of Lordaeron, WhiteKnights Elite, Will of Domination, Will to Dominate, Will to Dominate, Willaf, Wizengamot, Wolves of the Silvermoon, Work, wumpscuts guild of one, Wut?, xanbeta, Xire Is A Ninja, Yes I Am Amazing, Zaackk, Zadkiels Sexy Party Time, Zenith City, Zombie Paradigm, Zombie Response Team, ßountyHunters, Ðarkfallen, ÜnderÄchiever, ÜnderÄchievers

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