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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Big Deal US-Lothar Alliance 0 401
Crimson Machine US-Lothar Alliance 0 392
Helms Elite US-Lothar Alliance 0 262
Sophos None Alliance 0 185
Aperture US-Grizzly Hills Horde 0 170
Final Encounter US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 152
Carried US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 81
No Remorse US-Grizzly Hills Horde 0 76
The West Wing US-Grizzly Hills Horde 0 66
Rebellious Act US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 44
Sigil None Alliance 0 20
Mission Accomplished US-Lothar Horde 0 19
Good Game US-Lothar Alliance 0 14
Mind Games US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 14
Mors Ante Infamiam US-Lothar Horde 0 14
Forinir US-Lothar Alliance 0 13
The Children of Midian US-Lothar Horde 0 11
Fringe US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 10
The Immortals US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 10
Derivative US-Lothar Alliance 0 9
Silent Lucidity US-Lothar Alliance 0 9
theTLB US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 9
Tornado Of Souls US-Lothar Horde 0 9
Crimson Twilight US-Lothar Horde 0 8
Maleficarum US-Lothar Alliance 0 8
Troll US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 8
FlipnOldSchool US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 7
Immortals (Demi Gods) US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 7
Sanctus Covenir US-Lothar Alliance 0 7
The Ancient Crusade US-Lothar Alliance 0 7
The Legacy US-Lothar Alliance 0 7
Vindicated US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 6
Burn the world US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 5
Silver Banners US-Lothar Alliance 0 5
Soul Prodigy US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 5
Resonance US-Lothar Alliance 0 4
Ten Man Myriad US-Lothar Horde 0 4
Test Guild US-Lothar Alliance 0 4
Anathema US-Lothar Alliance 0 3
Forever Alone US-Lothar Horde 0 3
Hevens Paladin Army US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 3
Once A Month US-Grizzly Hills Horde 0 3
Reborn from Ashes US-Lothar Alliance 0 3
Ziggurat US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 3
Audacity US-Grizzly Hills Horde 0 2
Bean US-Lothar Horde 0 2
Collision Course US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 2
Good Game US-Lothar Alliance 0 2
Iron Dwarf Army US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 2
Its A Wipe US-Lothar Horde 0 2
Judgement US-Lothar Horde 0 2
Lights Out US-Lothar Alliance 0 2
Maleficarum US-Lothar Alliance 0 2
Midnight Special US-Lothar Alliance 0 2
Monstrosity US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 2
Nothing Personal US-Grizzly Hills Horde 0 2
Old Farts US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 2
Servants of the People US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 2
Shut Yo Pie Hole US-Grizzly Hills Horde 0 2
SquigglyPandaTree US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 2
The Bit Players US-Lothar Alliance 0 2
TLB WooC US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 2
Zhi US-Lothar Alliance 0 2
Back Scratchers US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 1
Big Deal US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Clan Moor US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Disbanded Knights US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Doom Crickets US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Drunk Raiders US-Lothar Horde 0 1
Edge US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Forinir US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
FreeLancer US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 1
GDR's GDKP run US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Helms Elite US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Insert Witty Name Here US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 1
Labrynth US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Legacy of the Forgotten US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Lucid US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 1
Raids Naked US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Sellswords LLC US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Sheex/Muzlit US-Lothar Horde 0 1
Snat US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 1
Supremacy US-Grizzly Hills Horde 0 1
Tastes Like Burning US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 1
Terrible US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
The Daily Show US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
The Professionals US-Lothar Horde 0 1
Trial by Warfare US-Grizzly Hills Horde 0 1
Undermind None Alliance 0 1
Unique Equipped US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 1
Untouched Revenge US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
Untouched Revenge US-Lothar Alliance 0 1
whatyamacallit US-Grizzly Hills Alliance 0 1
1221 None Horde 0 0
9 crimes None Alliance 0 0
Addictions-tst None Alliance 0 0
Alliance Knights None Alliance 0 0
Alphas None Horde 0 0
Althalos None Alliance 0 0
At Death's Door None Horde 0 0
Avengers of the Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Azeroths Least Wanted None Alliance 0 0
Battle of Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Battle of Heros None Alliance 0 0
BBW 2013 None Alliance 0 0
Bissahs logs None Alliance 0 0
Blade and Spell None Alliance 0 0
Bro Do U Crit? None Alliance 0 0
Caps Raiding None Alliance 0 0
Carried again None Alliance 0 0
Cash Money Millionaires None Alliance 0 0
Celestial Progression None Alliance 0 0
Champions of the Horde None Horde 0 0
Cosby Sweaters None Horde 0 0
Council of Thrones None Alliance 0 0
Critical None Alliance 0 0
Cursed None Alliance 0 0
D R T None Alliance 0 0
Damage None Alliance 0 0
Dark Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Dente None Horde 0 0
Dippin Sticks None Alliance 0 0
DPS None Horde 0 0
El Toro Loco None Horde 0 0
El Toro Loco None Horde 0 0
Element Of Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Element of Fear None Horde 0 0
Ender None Horde 0 0
Ender None Horde 0 0
Energy None Alliance 0 0
Energy None Alliance 0 0
Energy - Ivory None Alliance 0 0
Energy - Slate None Alliance 0 0
Equivalent Exchange None Alliance 0 0
Exodus None Alliance 0 0
Exsequor None Alliance 0 0
Fire What Fire None Horde 0 0
Flames of Rebirth Group 2 None Alliance 0 0
Flip The Switch None Alliance 0 0
Go Team BGB None Alliance 0 0
Grey Council None Alliance 0 0
Grump None Alliance 0 0
Hand of Fate None Horde 0 0
Hellcats of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
hellhounds None Alliance 0 0
Indignation None Alliance 0 0
Infernal Regions None Alliance 0 0
jademage None Alliance 0 0
judgement None Alliance 0 0
Judgement None Alliance 0 0
Karckas Stats None Horde 0 0
kats meow None Alliance 0 0
Kats Meow None Alliance 0 0
Kindred Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Kindred Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Kings of Chaos None Horde 0 0
KOMD None Alliance 0 0
Lady Bois US-Lothar Alliance 0 0
Lady Bois Lothar None Alliance 0 0
Lastima Grande None Alliance 0 0
Lights Out None Alliance 0 0
Limited Lifespan None Alliance 0 0
Lips Like Wine None Alliance 0 0
Lost Order of Akalabeth None Horde 0 0
Lucy Heals None Alliance 0 0
Mind Games None Alliance 0 0
MindsMarbles None Alliance 0 0
Minoke's Madhouse None Horde 0 0
Moltenlogs None Alliance 0 0
Monarchy None Horde 0 0
Monstrosity None Alliance 0 0
Monstrosity None Alliance 0 0
Moo Moos Power Wagon None Horde 0 0
novusorsa None Alliance 0 0
Obliteration None Alliance 0 0
Obliteration None Alliance 0 0
Obliteration None Alliance 0 0
Octavarium None Horde 0 0
Owthpela None Alliance 0 0
Packrats None Alliance 0 0
Paradise Lost None Alliance 0 0
PersonalLogs None Alliance 0 0
Preheet's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Primal Onslaught None Alliance 0 0
Private None Alliance 0 0
Prodigy None Alliance 0 0
PugsRUs None Alliance 0 0
Reprisal None Alliance 0 0
Resurrection county None Horde 0 0
Rissia None Alliance 0 0
Ronin None Alliance 0 0
RudoLog None Alliance 0 0
Rue Gaia None Horde 0 0
Sacred Flame None Alliance 0 0
Servants of the People Zazi None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Company None Alliance 0 0
Shóckadin None Alliance 0 0
Sinpree None Horde 0 0
Solo Yolo US-Lothar Horde 0 0
Sophos None Alliance 0 0
squeeb None Alliance 0 0
The Blue Pill None Alliance 0 0
The Children of Midian None Horde 0 0
The Warriors None Alliance 0 0
Tornado of Souls - Team Max Penetration None Horde 0 0
Tragically Malicious None Alliance 0 0
two pumps and an apology None Alliance 0 0
Unchained None Horde 0 0
Unstable Experiment None Alliance 0 0
Variable N None Horde 0 0
Vindicated None Alliance 0 0
Witness None Alliance 0 0
X Men None Alliance 0 0
Xtrm None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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Dead, Burn the world, Bácardi, Bácardi, Bácardi, Carpe Diem, cash money millionaires, Catalyst, Cayliani, Celafix Logs, Champions of the Crusade, Charlie Raid, chaøs, Chaøs, chopjai, Clan, Clan Moor, Clan Moor, Classically Trained, Clearly Free, cleyank, Clor'sGuild, CM, Cognition, Coia, Colbert Nation, Comeback, Cookies Report, Corporal Punishment, Cosby Sweaters, Cosby Sweaters, CoT, Council of Thrones, CptBillyBob, Crafters of Light, Critical, Critical, Critical, Crusader's Accord, Cthös's Cool WWS, Cyclone, dafrostyazn, Daily Show, Dark Aura, Dark Aura, Dark Aura, Dark Horse, Daylight, Deadcomm, Deadly Drunks, Deadly Intent, Death Dealers, Defîance, delicious cave mold, Demo, Demologs, Destrianas Pug, Destrucive Deviants, Detona, detriment, Detriment, Detriment, Detriment, Devils Idle Playthings, Devilz Rejectz, DIAF, Dieza's, Ding Kings, Dinner, Dinner, Disbanded Knights, Disciples of Thrall, Doomraker, Dopeboys, Dpstestguild333, Dragon Riders, DRT, DRT, DRT, DRT, DRT, drunk Raiders, drunks, Dubz, Dungeon Friends, Edge of Ruin, El Toro Loco, El Toro Loco, Element of Chaos, Element Of Chaos, Element of Fear, Element of Fear, Element Of fear, Elite Prophecy, Elitists, Emissaries of Fate, Empire, Empire, Encore, energy, Energy, Energy, Energy Silver Team, Entrepreneurs of the Keg, Entropi, eogas, epic, Epic Fail, Epitome, Epitome, Eternal Chaos, Eternal Chaos, Eternal Lotus, eternity, Etheral Legacy, Ethereal Legacy, Evil Blessings, Evolution, exodus, Exodus, Facepull, Facepull-Live, failturds, Fair and Impartial, Fallen, Fallen, FC Project Mayhem, FC Project Mayhem, fear, final encounter, Final Encounter, Final Encounter, Final Encounter, Final Stand, Fire and Steel, Fire and Steel, Fire is Bad, Fire Is Bad, Flaming War Kittens, Flash Point, flashpoint, Flask to Mouth, Flip the Switch, Flip The Switch, flipnoldschool, FlipnOldschool, FlipnOldschool, FlipnOldSchool, FoL, Followers of Bob, Forsakens Finest, FRANKLING, Free Tacos, Free Tacos, Freelancer, Fringe, Fringe, Fringe, Fringe, Frînge, Fusion, Fuzzybacon's lollogguild, Fuzzybacon's lollogguild, gdisband, Generations, Get Outta the Fire, Get Outta the Fire, Gilneas Rock City, GITM, Giz, Good Game, Gorillaz in the Myst, Goverment Bailouts, Grammaton, Grammaton, Graveyard Knights, Graveyard Knights, Grind, Grizzly Hills Pug, Guid, Guild, Guildwen, Hachi, Had, Hallucination, Hamitude, hand of fate, Hand of Fate, Hatred is Contagious, Hawt Fire, Head Trauma, Hello Kitty Island Adventure Squad, Hellscream's Rage, Hellscreams Rage, Hellz Hellions, Helms Elite, Helms Elite- BWA, hijvinstutle, HonorInDeath, Horde who say Ni, HordeGDKP, Hordeland Security, hunted, Hyjal Kids Hyjal Wife, Iberia, Ice Monkeys, ihatebp, Ilid's logs, Illuminati, immortal soulhunters, Immortal Soulhunters, Immortal Soulhunters, Immortalis, Immortalis_2011, Immortals Elite, Inceptive, Incompetent, Incompetent, Inebriated, Infernal Regions, Into the West, Into the West, Into The West, Into the West - Bop, Into the West - Bop, Invincible, Invincible, Invincible, Isaac Satterfield, It's A Wipe, Jarl, JOEY BAG OF DONUTS, Jokar, Jokar's Personal, Judgement2, Jus Stand Thurr N Dah, kalig-lothar, Karazhan Chess Team, KE 10, Keep Calm its Pixels, Keepers of the balance, Keepers of the Balance, Keepers of the Green, Kiavdia Test, Kilo Echo, Kindred Chaos, Kindred-Chaos, Kings Of Chaos, Kit test log, KlamitiaLothar, Knights of Ironforge, Knights of IronForge, Knights of Magic, Knights of Myth Drannor, Knights of the Archangel, Kralyd Argaloth Pug, Kreigers, Kurki, Kyrie Eleison, Land of Misfit Toons, Laraven, last chocobo standing, Last Hope, Last Laugh, Last Vision, Last Vision, LAWL Patrol, Lawn Party at Funwell, Lawn Party at Funwell, Lawyers Guns and Money, Lawyers Guns and Money, legacy, Legacy, Legacy, Legacy of the Forgotten, Legacy of the Forgotten, Legacy-US-Horde, Legendary Endeavors, Legendary Heroes Brasil, Legendary Heroes Brasil Team Six, Legion of the Wicked, Legion of the Wicked, Legion of the Wicked, Legion of the Wicked, Lialight's raid runs, LIBERATION, Lights Out, Lights Out - 25man, Like A Boss, Liquid, Llogs, LoA, Lothar Swingers Club, Loxz, Lyelu, M's Logs, Madavios, magemage, Majestic Blade Brigade, Malice, Malice, malice in wonderland, Mankriks New Wife, MaS, Masada, Massacre, Massacre, Massacre, Maturity, Maturity, McGuild, Meat Sausage Alliance, Mercenaries Alliance, Metal Milita, Metal Milita, Meyhem, Midnight Shadows, Midnight Shadows, Militant Order of Lothar, Misanthropy, Misanthropy, Misanthropy, Misconception, Misfits, Misfits of Illidan, Missing Image, Missing Image, Mission Accomplished Grp 2, Mission Impossible, MMOS Before Hoes, Monquas, monstrosity, Monstrosity, Mooks happy fun time, Mors Ante Infamiam, Mors Ante Infamiam, Mors Ante Infamiam, Mountain Bloodlust, Mr. Wiggles Waggle Wagon, Municipal Waste, My Gearcheck Bounced, My Logs, Myguild, myguilds, Mystic Dragons of Light, Möb, N W A, Negative zero, Negative Zero, Nelphad, Nemesis, Nemesis, New World Order, nfd, Ninja Turtle Club, No tomorrow, Nomonym, Notarealguild, Nothing Personal, Nothing Personal, nèrve, Nèrve, Obliteration, Obliteration, Oblivion, Octavarium, Of Blood And Bone, Ohbie's Raiders, Old English, Old Farts, Old Farts Raiders, Ominous Intent, On a Boat, One For All, One Shot, OniHelix, Oort, Oort, Osmium, Over the Hill, Ozee, ozzo, Paleale Personal, Pam's Guild, Parses, Part Time Pros, Peer Pressure, Perfect Dodge, Personal Jihad, Personal Logs, PH, Phoenix Horizon, Phoenix Horizon, Phoenix Horizon, Phoenix Horizon , Plan Bee, Plan Bee, Plomo, PN Corndogs Inc, Pollo loco, Pooj, Power Word Drunk, Power Word Drunk, Prioria, Private, Prominent, Prophesize, prototype, prototype, Proxima, Proxima Centauri, PUG, Pugging is fun, Pugz, Punishment, Punishment, Punishment, Purple Pony Crew, pzdoph's logs, RA Me, Raedahn, rags logs, Raided-R, RaissGuild, Rapture, Rapture, Rapture, Rapture, Rawlii, Reason, rebirth, Rebirth, REDEMPTlON, Reforged, Reign, Reign, Reincarnation, RELIANCE, Relliknam's Parses, Reservoir Dogs, ReservoirDogs, Resonance, Reynholm Industries, Right's Fail Logs, Ring Around The Pansy, Rispir Awesome, rocco, Rockstar, Ronin, Ronin, ronin squirrel, RoninLac, Royalty, Rue, Rug's Schtuff, Sab, Sabotage, Sacramentum, Sacramentum, Sacred Storm, saintnik, Saints of Azeroth, Sanctum, Sanctum, Sanctum, Sandy Pantiez, Sapbrannigan, SD Express ToS, Self Log, Servants of the People, Servants of the People, Shades of Gray, Shadow Company, shadow raiders, shadowslogs, Shadws of Gray, ShaunT's Logs, Shocked, Shorty's Misc Logs, Siling and her Immortals, Silver Banners, Sindata, Slackers, Slackers, Snotwhat, snîckerfritz, Soldier of Apocalypse, Soldierz, Solo wol, Sons Of TheFrozenThrone, SOTP, Southern Style, Southern Style, Stands in Fire, Stands in Fire, Stands in Fire, Stargate Knights, STC, Stormwind Philharmonic, Strickland Propane, Swingers, Sylar, Synergy, Synergy, Synergy, Synergy Boss Fights, Synergy Logs, SÖCIETYÕFDEATH, TAG, TAG, TAG One, Taint, talner, talner, Talon of the Phoenix, Talonic, Talonic, Talonic, TamKoM, Tastes Like Burning, Tastes Like Burning, Tastes Like Burning Raid 2, TBP FIAS, Tenacity, test, Test, testguild, Thaelrax / Baelthalus, the abyss, The Ancient Crusade, The Ancient Crusade, The Argonauts, The Ascendance, The Bit Players, The Black Watch, The blue pill, The Blue Pill, THE BLUE PILL, The Daily Show, The Daily Show, The Daily Show (Group 1), The Deathnights, The Defiant, The Elder Scroll, The Electric Mayhem, The eminent, The Eminent, The Eternal Brotherhood, The Floor is Lava, The Followers of Bob, The Followers of Bob, The Followers Of Bob, The Horde Legacy, The Hunted, The Immortals, The Immortals, The Immortals Updated, The Immortäls, The Immortäls, The Last Donut, The Legacy Grp 3, The Lost Prophets, The ones who hate runescape, The Orgrimmar Hunt Club, The Other Guild, The Power to PWN, The Remnants, The Requiem, The Resistance, The tribe of israel, The Unbound, The Valiant, The Valiant, The West Wing, thetlb(alt), Things [Ought to] Go Boom, Three Die Six, Three Die Six, Timeless, Timeless, Timeless, Timeless, Timeless Group 2, Tornado of Souls, Tornado of Souls, Tornado of Souls - Team Regulators, Tornado of Souls - Team Sexy, Total Aggresion, Total Aggression, Total Aggression, Total Aggression R1, Totalaggression, Trial By Warfare, Trinity, true hellraisers , Tupac needs a battle rez, Turbo Turtle, Two Bros Guild, two pumps and an apology, Two Pumps and an Apology, Tylair, Tyler, Unbreakable Madness, Undermind, Undermind, Undermind, underoath, Underscore, Underscore, Underscore-MOP, Unrivaled, Unspent Talent, Unstable Affliction, UNSTABLE AFFLICTION, Unstable experiment, Unstable Experiment, Uprising, Abyss, Agents of Shield, All That Remains, Alliance Dungeoneers, Altoholics, Ancient Champions, Angels of the Lord, Audacity, Avalanche, Bank of Eastern Kingdoms, Batteries Not Included, Bears of Grizzly Hills, Big Bad Wolves, Blades of Honor, BloodsailBuccaneers, BofA, Braggin Rights, bunchastuff, Carried, Chaos Theory, Cho Snaz, ColdPlay, Continuum, Counterfeit Bills, Covenant, D Y N A S T Y, Da G Bank, Dark Kaos, Deadly Intent, Death and Axes, Defeat and Retreat, Defiant, demonology, Dont Fear The Reaper, Dragon Fury, Dragon Guard, Drake, Dunkin Donuts, Dyers Eve, Easy Riders, Elemental Rain, Energy, Eternal Warlords, EUPHORIAN CONTORTIUM, Eventide, Exiles of Purgatory, Exôdus, Fair and Impartial, Final Encounter, Flip the Switch, Fortius Quo Fidelius, Freedom Delivery, Fruition, GH TRADING CO, Girls Dont Play WoW, Gives You Hell, Gladiator Training Camp, Guardians Of The Night, GuildGoneWild, Guildzilla, Heart Of Texas, HEAVENS PALADIN ARMY, Heck, Heir of the Sun, HellCats of Azeroth, HEY IM GH, HONORABLE KNIGHTS, horde kings, HRH Squirrel Squad, høarders anønymøus, ICC MONKEYS, Illidans Uprising, Infamy, Innkeeper, Invincible, Kewl Kids Klub, Kingspade, Knights of Destruction, Knights of the Archangel, L And J Trust, Lawyers Guns and Money, Legendary Agenda, Legendary Endeavors, Logical Dementia, Mankriks New Wife, Massacre, Medivh Cheats, Mercy, mhm, MidgetChulos Minions, Missing Image, Mountain BloodLust, MrBank, My Server is Down, Mystères, Nemesis, Nivean Fighters, No Remorse, No Vacancies, Noldorin Exiles, Nothing Personal, Omerta, Oops My Bad, OurFNGuild, P and L Trust, Penchant For Death, Pinnacle, Pirates of Balls Deep, Plug Uglies, PNCBank, Pwncakes and Rofles, Rat Bassterds, Raze, Rebellious Act, Reynholm Industries, Rotten to the Core, Royalty, Scruffy Nerf Herders, Sheep and Destroy, Silent Hill, SmokinHotChicks, Something Clever, Soul Prodigy, Stay Awhile and Listen, Sweet Temptations, Tau Zero, The Alliance will Die, The Black Watch, The Blue Knights, The Contractors, The Defenders Of Light, The Eleventh Plague, The Evil League of Evil, the for ever guild, The Grand Raiders, The Horde Syndicate, The Horder, The Immortäls, The Imperial Remnant, The Insane Asylum, THE ORDER OF SHADOWS, The Penguin Squad, The Requiem, The Ruffian Posse, The Scarlet Crusade, The Thirteenth Tribe, The West Wing, Titan, Trap House, Trial by Warfare, TwoDollarHorde, Tyrannical Demons, U MAD BRO, vampire knight, Vista, Warriors Of The Sun, When In Doubt Hearth Out, WhintersKnights, WOLF PUPS, Work Free Smoke Place, WowZZers, X Men, A Room In A Cave, Abandon All Hope, adam fitz is amazing, Ahn Qiraj Avengers, Alliance Knights, Alliance Patrol, Alliance Resistance, Alphas, Altered, Angels Of Mayhem, Animosity, Anticipation, ANZAC Alliance, Apathetic, Aqua Team, ARC ANGELS, At Deaths Door, Bad Monkey, Bankers Alt, BankofKel, Bath Salt Revolution, Blessing, blingblingmoneychaching, Blood Bath and Beyond, Blood Craze, bloodmist, Blue Velvet, Body Massage, BOPE, Bring Out Yer Dead, Bringerz of Death, Bro Do You Even Crit, Canadian Bacon, Casin Cu Calas, Champions of the Horde, Champions of Ysera, Chaotic Tranquility, Clan of The Golden Lion, Coalition of X, Cosa Nostra, Crafters Of Light, Crimson Twilight, CST inc, Da Yoopers, Daily Obsessions, Dark Crusade, Dark Vindication, Dawn, Daylight, Decuria, Defîance, Depleted, Derivative, Detriment, Devils and Angels, DIAF, Diseased and Ungrateful, District Twelve, Divine Heresy, DO WORK, DOS Command, Double Zeroes, DPS, DPS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, dragonbreath, Dragons Wrath, Dread Gang, DRT, DárkNights, Dílseacht Síoraí, EasyRiders, Edge Of Fate, Edge of Insanity, Element of Fear, Ender, Enraged Pacifist, Entrepreneurs of the Keg, Entropi, Epic Damage, Epic Heroes, Epic Knights of Alliance, Eternal Reign, Eternal Retribution, Evil Dead, Fallen, Family Members, Fear and Loathing, Fifty Shades, Fire and Wonder, Firestormers, Flagellum Dei, Flagon of Mead, Flaming War Kittens, For the Kynd, Forever Alone, Forgotten Blades, Gnome Wraths Outgrabe, Gnomes for Dinner, GO HARD OR GO HOME, Gods Of Metal, Gold Rush, Gringots Wizarding Bank, guildless, HABITUAL CRIMINALS, Hardcore, Hazard, Hearthen Hellfire, HELLS HAMMER, Hellscreams Wrath, Helms Elite, HeteroSexualSuperFriends, Holier Than Thou, Honor, Hordes Angels mc, Huffington Hell Jumpers, Hunters United, Ice Monkeys, idée fixe, Iron Hoard, Ironforge Self Storage, is a stapler, its bloodlusts bank, Its Called Bloodlust, Jewelryman, Jones, Judgement, Jungle, Karazhan Chess Team, Kindred Chaos, Kingdom of Damnation, Knights of Cydonia, Knights of Myth Drannor, Knights of The Mist, Last Responder, Leapin Lemurs, Legacy of the Forgotten, Legend of Old Greg, Legendary Knights of War, Legends of Awesomeness, Lesson In Hate, Lights Out, Lords of Aggression, LORDS OF JADEN, Lothar Bank and Trust, Lune Chéri, Maleficarum, Massivism, McButtsnorts, Meeting Stone, Mega Lame, Merciless Ambition, Midnight Shadows, Midnight Special, Might, Mischief Society, Mission Accomplished, Momentum, Monarchy, MOO MOOS POWER WAGON, Morehead Crusaders, My lil Pwnies, Mystery Men, Naked Dancers, Necro Chronicle, Nerf Shamans, Nesingwary Game Preserve, No Fun Allowed, No Mercy, No Remorse, Nobody Home, Not the Droids, Oath of Honor, Obliteration, Occupy Trade Chat, OKT, Onyxian Warlords, Order of Glory, Order of the Hammer, Our Bank, OUTWORLD, Pack rat, Pajowa Elites, Pants Optional, Paper St Soap Co, Paradise Lost, Pennys make Cents, Phantasm, Power Word Drunk, Prognosis Negative, Pwnography, Quebeker, Raging Clue, Raid Executers, rank one goon squad, Reborn from the Ashes, Reign, RELIANCE, Renegade Outcasts, Resonance, REST N PEACE, Revolutìon, Revolutïon, ROFLcoptermaddogs, Rolling Thunder, Rêhäb, Rêhäb Twinkies, Safire stuff, Second Army, Semi, SERIOUSONEWORDGUILDNAME, Shades of Death, Shinigami, Silent Assassins, Silent Lucidity, Silver Banners, Silvermoon Clan, Slackers, Slayers of the Droconic, Some Assembly Required, Sophos, Soul Reapers, Soul Surrender, Starbucks, Startin Trouble, Stormchasers, Submit or Die, Suicidal Optimists, Suriname, Swiss Guard, Sword and Sorcery, SÖCIETYÕFDEATH, Talonic, Team Platypus, Teamfight, The Argonauts, The Ascendance, The Azaroth Destroyers, The Bit Players, The Bomb Squad, The Children of Midian, The Courage of Honor, The Crimson Eventide, The Fighting C Bs, The Fire Nation, The Followers of Bob, The GNOMENACE, The Heros Of Azeroth, The Horde Killas, The Horde Legacy, The Iron Legion, The Legion of GoDz, The Lothar Kings, The One Percent, The OTHER Legion, The Pandaren Kights, The Professionals, The Raiders, The Reckoning, The Red Queen, The Replacements, The Revengening, The Rusted Ones, The Shadow Knights, The soul keepers, The Swapblasters, The Unknown Minion, The Äbyss, thefluffs, TheNeighborhood, This Love This Hate, Timeless, Top Gear, Tornado of Souls, Trim, U WANNA TOUCH DA EAR, Underachievers, Undermind, Undying Allegiance, Unleashed, Untouched Revenge, Vanguard, Victory in Death, Vigil, Volatile Rum, We got banks, WHO LET THE DOGS OUT, Window Lickers Brigade, wocao, Wraiths of Twilight, Übermensch, 宫保鸡丁, Valar Morghulis, Validus Amicitia, valk's log, Vanguard, Veni Vidi Vici, Vicious Intent, Vicious Intent, Vicious Intent, Vicious Intent, Vicious Intent, Vicious Intent, Vicious Intent, Vicious Intent, Vicious Intent, Vicious Intent, Vicious Intent, Vick, vindicated, Vindicated, Vintage, Vintage, Vintage, Vintage, Vinx, Viral, Viral, Volatile Rum, Volatile_Rum, Volition, voltie, Vonthag, Vortex Storm, Vote to Kick, Vote to Kick, VR-Mard, Walrus Lime Pie, Walty Guild, we ankh in fire, Weathered, Weathered, Werken, Window Lickers, Window Lickers Brigade, Wise, Wise, WoL, woltester, Wong Fei Hung, World of Warcraft Brasil, World Of Warcraft Brasil, WoW BRASIL G3, WoW Brasil G6, WoW Brasil Grupo 2, Wows Most Wanted, Wraith of twilight, Wraiths of Twilight, yo, z force, zero negative, Zero Negative, Zivaltia, Zodiac, ZuggZugg, änonymous, Ünderráted

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