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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Persevere US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 139
Audere est Facere US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 70
Oppression US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 52
Old Farts US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 27
Eternal Balance US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 22
The Midnight Society US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 18
T K US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 16
Tea Baggers Union US-Lightbringer 0 16
Displaced US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 15
The Fallen Renegades US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 13
Resident Kabuki Theatre US-Lightbringer 0 11
bruh US-Lightbringer 0 10
Eternal Blazon US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 10
Affliction US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
Dark Days US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
Noodle Juice US-Lightbringer 0 9
The Chosen Juans US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
Dominion Raiders US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
Too Old for This US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
Symbiósís US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 7
Asylum US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 6
Depths of Tartarus US-Lightbringer Horde 0 6
Legendary US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 6
Tempered Steel US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 6
The Golden Elm US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 6
DoJ US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
Invalid Target US-Lightbringer 0 5
Nosferatu US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
Vigilantia US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
Forced Into This US-Lightbringer 0 4
Gotham US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Legendborne US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Alter Ego US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Bork US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
CREAM US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Dawnbreakers US-Lightbringer 0 3
Fairy Tail US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Filthy Kasuals US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Harambe US-Lightbringer 0 3
Immortal Kings US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Senpai US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Unemployed Felons US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
AnLa Shok US-Lightbringer 0 2
Apocalypsé US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Behind The Curve US-Lightbringer 0 2
Crimson Embers US-Lightbringer 0 2
Devious US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
EPIC BISON US-Lightbringer 0 2
Gears of Warcraft US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Guardians US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
It Ends In Blood US-Lightbringer 0 2
Ninja Farmer US-Lightbringer 0 2
No Sympathy US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Olde World US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Party All The Time US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Psychosocial US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Reprobates US-Lightbringer 0 2
Vicious and Delicious US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Dark Watchers US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Devil May Cry US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Happy Hour US-Lightbringer 0 1
Icon US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Manifest Destiny US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Mediocre Expectations US-Lightbringer 0 1
Militia Gaming Dynasty US-Lightbringer 0 1
Ninetynine Problems US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Riven US-Lightbringer 0 1
Silverdragon Claw US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Soup Kitchen US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Squeaky Toys US-Lightbringer 0 1
TenThousandDays US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
The Thought Police US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
The Unforgivable Sins US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Wicked Claw US-Lightbringer 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Six Minutes To Release US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1035
Eternal Reign US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 941
KoT US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 875
Faded Chaos US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 538
X R A T E D US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 428
Pyschosocial None Alliance 0 382
Legions US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 302
Inertia US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 248
Eternal HeII US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 174
Windshrike US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 167
NinjaPirateZombieRobots None Alliance 0 155
The Evolved US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 139
Animus Invictus US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 134
Hellbound Hearts US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 128
prototype None Alliance 0 115
Token None Alliance 0 113
Revelation 10 US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 101
Rising Dawn US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 100
Derpa US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 95
Leggo My Aggro US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 89
Wolves of Legend US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 83
Liquid Mettle US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 81
Divine Agony US-Lightbringer Horde 0 79
Penumbra US-Lightbringer Horde 0 79
Remnant US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 76
Renati US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 73
Total Aggression US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 61
Halcyon None Alliance 0 59
Inbound US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 57
Vorpal US-Lightbringer Horde 0 54
Gotham US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 53
TLMidnight None Alliance 0 53
Revenants US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 51
Affliction None Alliance 0 50
Eternal Blazon US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 50
Flagrant None Alliance 0 50
~Tectonic Plates~ US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 49
Risen Anarchy US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 45
Centered US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 42
Skillz US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 41
The Light None Alliance 0 39
Nocturnål None Alliance 0 37
ME US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 36
Too Old for This US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 33
Set Sail to Fail US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 29
Mccrip US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 28
Tainted US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 27
G4-Raids US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 26
HURT US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 26
Bean Sprouts US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 25
Ely US-Lightbringer Horde 0 25
Thirteen Thirty Seven US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 24
Gears of Warcraft US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 23
Persevere Weekly US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 23
Where US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 23
Cute and Cuddly Pigs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 22
Fallen US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 22
No Options US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 22
Knights of Turalyon US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 21
Verified Logs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 20
Gakh US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 19
Olde World US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 19
Eternium US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 18
Frets US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 18
The Coalition US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 17
Dark Union US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 16
Guardians US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 16
Mail Enhancement US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 16
Pink Posse US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 16
The Fallen Renegades US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 16
Vicious and Delicious US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 16
Tempered Steel US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 15
CREAM US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 13
Fruari Mortificatio US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 13
Immortal Might US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 13
Aroari's logs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 12
Asphyxiation US-Lightbringer Horde 0 12
Crimsðn Rain US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 12
Riven US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 12
Top Hat Mafia US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 12
/wpsg/ US-Lightbringer Horde 0 11
Forced Into This US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 11
Immortal US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 11
Persevere Team 5 US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 11
Sacred US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 11
Proven Legacy US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 10
Pandorá US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
1337 US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
Brimstone US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
Crazily None Alliance 0 9
For Science US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
Halfway Decent US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
No Sympathy US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
Nyx US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
Odin US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
Resident Kabuki Theater Logs None Alliance 0 9
Seishi US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
Siltar's Logs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
Strips for Silver US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
The Knights Watch US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 9
ER PuG US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
Jerrystone US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
Prowler's US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
Punch and Pie US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
The Yakuza US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 8
All Nighter US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 7
Han Shot First US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 7
Herd Mode US-Lightbringer Horde 0 7
Humpylove US-Lightbringer Horde 0 7
Lowered Expectations US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 7
Null Ref US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 7
PR US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 7
Resident Kabuki Theatre US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 7
Two Things Certain US-Lightbringer Horde 0 7
Inbound US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 6
Lotus US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 6
No Big Deal Osa#1 US-Lightbringer Horde 0 6
Sleezy-Outcasts US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 6
Tempered steel US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 6
Tupan Techno US-Lightbringer Horde 0 6
Tupan Techno(Reform) US-Lightbringer Horde 0 6
Valinae None Alliance 0 6
Cobra Command US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
Credo in Lege US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
Evil League of Evil US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
Halcyon US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
No Big Deal US-Lightbringer Horde 0 5
On The clock None Alliance 0 5
Rude Awakening US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
Saganance US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
Sith US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 5
Cold Pizza US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Huulemspewpew US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Insanity US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Keosi US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
needs hugs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Neutralized US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
pokabud! US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Psychosocial US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Roll for Blame US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 4
Anitabigdk US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Breakdown US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Crimson Crusaders US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Dark Union US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Dawn of Voljin US-Lightbringer Horde 0 3
Dominion Raiders US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Drakory US-Lightbringer Horde 0 3
Envyus US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
formyownuse US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
In Search of Sunrise US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Inertia US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
itsatrap US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Jocho US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Memory of Draenor US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Metal Moolitia US-Lightbringer Horde 0 3
Nerds Attack US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
No Sympathy1 US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Stormwind Nocturnals US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
The Exodus US-Lightbringer Horde 0 3
VKP US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
WoW for Fun US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 3
Ad Idem US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Aegis of Enmity US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Aegis of Enmity US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Aeterna Incendia US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
All You Can Eat US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Apotheosis US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Bloodguilt US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
BSW US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Death Notice US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Fat Kids OP at Seesaw US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Five Finger Death Punch US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Glow US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Hyperspace Bypass US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Jaizon None Alliance 0 2
Justformetoo US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Killeret US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Knights of the Valiant US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Maho's Hohos US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Mystic US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Pug US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Raid or nah US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Rising Legends Warmane US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
sannith US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Strips for Silver US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
TenThousandDays None Alliance 0 2
Tranquility US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Virtue US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 2
Warborn None Alliance 0 2
Addax US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Affliction US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Ailora's Logs(1337) US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Aktus Log US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Alpha And Omega US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Arelles US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
blood sweat and tiers US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Bouncyz US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Casual Alts US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Catia US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Concero US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Dads of Warcraft None Alliance 0 1
Divine Chaos US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Doubtful's Logs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
DXELOL WORD OF LAWS US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
East Coast Raiders US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Eternal Reign~ US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
ex nihilo US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Filthy Kasuals US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Forgotten Legacy US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
From Dusk Til Dawn US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Hardcore Casual US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Immortals US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Kintori PUG US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Legendary US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Leggo My Aggro US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Lose Your Life US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Ninja Farmer US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
No Sympathy US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Nocturnål None Alliance 0 1
NSFW US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
NTCHRIST US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Ouroboros US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Overrated US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Owlcapone Logs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Personal Logs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Pixelated US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
procrastinat logs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Quiznoes US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
RA US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Random US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Rapscallion US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Reclaimed US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Riddle of Steel US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Sanctuary US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Sniper's Logs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Social Warfare US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Spanko US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
SRS FACE US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Syferis logs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Team Reach Around US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Ted Sucks US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Tempered-Steel US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
The Evil League of Evil US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Time Out US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Toons Gone Wild None Alliance 0 1
Tranquility US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
urio US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Vorpal Rabbits US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Vorpal trial US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Walmart Security US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Weakenedsoul US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Weekend Raiding LB US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
who the fuck is that? US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Wickedclaw US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
Wyrmcult US-Lightbringer Horde 0 1
Z Guild US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 1
#waggle None Alliance 0 0
*Poisoned* None Alliance 0 0
Absolute Virtue None Alliance 0 0
Abyss None Alliance 0 0
Achievement in Progress None Alliance 0 0
Ad Idem None Alliance 0 0
Aegis of Enmity None Alliance 0 0
Affliction None Alliance 0 0
Affliction None Alliance 0 0
Affliction-DD None Alliance 0 0
ahree personal None Alliance 0 0
Air None Alliance 0 0
All Nighter None Alliance 0 0
All You Can Eat None Alliance 0 0
Alter Ego None Alliance 0 0
Alterego None Alliance 0 0
Amici None Alliance 0 0
Apocalypsé None Alliance 0 0
app None Alliance 0 0
Appointed is Rich None Alliance 0 0
arcslogs None Alliance 0 0
Areydan's Weekly Raid Groups None Alliance 0 0
Asylum None Alliance 0 0
Audere est Facere None Alliance 0 0
Back For More None Alliance 0 0
Bad Intentions None Alliance 0 0
Bathed in Blood None Alliance 0 0
Bendy Straws None Horde 0 0
Biti's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Blackpewpew and Friends None Alliance 0 0
BlackWatch None Horde 0 0
Blades of the Flame None Alliance 0 0
Boom Goes The Dynamite None Alliance 0 0
Bring Me A Shrubbery None Alliance 0 0
Bunnylove - Spurious None Alliance 0 0
BYOE None Alliance 0 0
Calazeren logs None Alliance 0 0
Calm Down Marcus US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
Carpe Cerevisi None Alliance 0 0
CDFLlogs None Alliance 0 0
Cecil's Logs v2 None Alliance 0 0
Celestial Dynasty None Alliance 0 0
Celestial Dynasty Euthor None Alliance 0 0
Centered None Alliance 0 0
Cereaza Town None Alliance 0 0
Chain Reaction None Alliance 0 0
Citadel of Assassins None Alliance 0 0
Classix None Alliance 0 0
Cloak and Meta None Alliance 0 0
ClothofGold None Alliance 0 0
ConclaveOConspiracy None Alliance 0 0
Crit Got Real None Alliance 0 0
Cutiepie None Alliance 0 0
Da Test Guild None Alliance 0 0
Dark Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Dark Stalkers None Alliance 0 0
Darkest Before The Dawn None Alliance 0 0
darqness None Alliance 0 0
DDays None Alliance 0 0
Deep Dish Extra Sauce None Alliance 0 0
deeps US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
Defenders None Alliance 0 0
Degeneration None Horde 0 0
Delusions None Alliance 0 0
Democrittus None Alliance 0 0
Dirk None Alliance 0 0
Distinct Advantage None Alliance 0 0
djalogs None Alliance 0 0
Doko None Alliance 0 0
DYZFUNKz None Alliance 0 0
Edited None Alliance 0 0
Eight Fingers Down None Alliance 0 0
Eludo's Log None Alliance 0 0
Elysian None Alliance 0 0
Emily's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Emmislfr None Alliance 0 0
End Result None Horde 0 0
Ended None Alliance 0 0
Endgame None Alliance 0 0
EndGame None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Ethereal None Alliance 0 0
Evil League of Evil None Alliance 0 0
Evil League of Evil None Alliance 0 0
exiled alliance None Alliance 0 0
Exiled Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Exiled Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Explicit None Horde 0 0
Explicit None Horde 0 0
Extreme Measures None Alliance 0 0
Exìle None Alliance 0 0
Faded Chaos - Shogun None Alliance 0 0
Faded Chaos - Shogun Team None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Paragon None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Paragon None Alliance 0 0
Fat girls cant LoS None Alliance 0 0
Fatal Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
FCMagePew None Alliance 0 0
FFS None Alliance 0 0
FFS None Alliance 0 0
FFS Raids None Alliance 0 0
Fire and Fury None Alliance 0 0
Fire And Fury None Alliance 0 0
Fire Fury G7 None Alliance 0 0
Firestone None Alliance 0 0
Flat Earth Society None Alliance 0 0
Flexos None Alliance 0 0
Fluffy Bunnies of Doom None Alliance 0 0
Force Recon None Alliance 0 0
Forgiven None Alliance 0 0
Forty Two None Alliance 0 0
Fresh Orange Paint None Horde 0 0
From Behind None Alliance 0 0
Frstypwn Logs None Horde 0 0
fucking tib None Alliance 0 0
Furrbies Unite None Alliance 0 0
GDS None Alliance 0 0
Gnut None Alliance 0 0
Grin's Big Log None Alliance 0 0
Guardians of Olympus None Alliance 0 0
hackreals None Alliance 0 0
Hardcore Casual None Alliance 0 0
Hawtsaki None Alliance 0 0
Hax None Horde 0 0
Hazana's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Hellbound Hearts US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
hemps logs None Alliance 0 0
hemps logs None Alliance 0 0
High Voltage None Alliance 0 0
Hollow Point Marshmellow US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
HotFixed None Alliance 0 0
Hugginslog None Alliance 0 0
I'm Awesome None Alliance 0 0
Illogical None Alliance 0 0
Immortal Might None Alliance 0 0
Incognito None Alliance 0 0
Invictus Sanctum None Alliance 0 0
Is Kind of a Big Deal None Alliance 0 0
Islanzadi None Alliance 0 0
IsoLogs None Alliance 0 0
Izzy's Raids None Alliance 0 0
Jynd's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Kdfleet None Alliance 0 0
Keary None Alliance 0 0
Keepers of The Night None Alliance 0 0
Keromaku None Alliance 0 0
Kerwinius None Alliance 0 0
Khuur Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
Knights of the Silver Hand None Alliance 0 0
KnightsoftheSilverHand None Alliance 0 0
Krugis None Alliance 0 0
Legendary Carnage None Horde 0 0
Legions None Alliance 0 0
Levels Faster None Alliance 0 0
LFR All Stars None Alliance 0 0
LFR All Stars None Alliance 0 0
Lightbringer's Vault US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
Lillÿ None Alliance 0 0
LittleRedGods None Alliance 0 0
Lonely Hearts Club Band None Alliance 0 0
Lotus None Alliance 0 0
Lotus None Alliance 0 0
Lucid Dream None Alliance 0 0
Mahsa None Alliance 0 0
Malifix Personals None Alliance 0 0
Many Wasted Knights None Alliance 0 0
Max Threat None Alliance 0 0
Max Threat None Alliance 0 0
Ministry of Mayhem None Alliance 0 0
Mono's Private Logs US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
Monsters of Folk None Horde 0 0
Mulligan None Alliance 0 0
My_Logs None Alliance 0 0
Myth None Alliance 0 0
Mÿstic None Alliance 0 0
Mÿstic None Alliance 0 0
Nmmx Logs None Alliance 0 0
Nocturnål None Alliance 0 0
NoZ NoZ None Alliance 0 0
NoZ's test run None Alliance 0 0
Obsidian Sky None Alliance 0 0
Omega Cyberthrust IX None Alliance 0 0
One UP None Alliance 0 0
One Up - Bangatron None Alliance 0 0
Paradigm of the Silent None Alliance 0 0
Party All The Time None Alliance 0 0
Personal Agenda None Alliance 0 0
Pestilence None Alliance 0 0
Phase Four None Alliance 0 0
phatranks US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
Pizza's personal raid logs None Alliance 0 0
Poisoned None Alliance 0 0
Prevalence None Alliance 0 0
Prevalence None Alliance 0 0
Prevalence None Alliance 0 0
Prodigy None Alliance 0 0
Professional Baddies None Alliance 0 0
Prototype None Alliance 0 0
Pseudonym None Alliance 0 0
Pulp Fiction None Alliance 0 0
Purrfection None Alliance 0 0
Questionable Sanity None Alliance 0 0
Questionable Sanity None Alliance 0 0
Ragnarok None Alliance 0 0
Raided M None Alliance 0 0
Regression None Alliance 0 0
Regression None Alliance 0 0
Releklogz None Alliance 0 0
Remnant None Alliance 0 0
Renshai None Alliance 0 0
Resurgence None Alliance 0 0
Retribution None Alliance 0 0
Risen Anarchy None Alliance 0 0
Risen anarchy 25 (suijin logs) None Alliance 0 0
Risky Business None Alliance 0 0
Rock A Little Harder Now None Horde 0 0
Saeclum in Favilla None Alliance 0 0
Secret Idiots None Horde 0 0
Seishi-Shanobi None Alliance 0 0
Selflogginghuehuehue None Alliance 0 0
Sencka None Alliance 0 0
Set Sail to Fail None Alliance 0 0
Set Sail to Fail None Alliance 0 0
severus None Alliance 0 0
Seyocean's Logs None Alliance 0 0
SFS None Alliance 0 0
Shade Tree Mechagnome None Alliance 0 0
Shade Tree Mechagnome None Alliance 0 0
SimonarGuild None Alliance 0 0
Skyshatter None Alliance 0 0
Slayers of Khaos None Alliance 0 0
slusk None Alliance 0 0
Social Warfare None Alliance 0 0
Social Warfare None Alliance 0 0
Social Warfare None Alliance 0 0
Solbourn Solo None Alliance 0 0
Sookster None Alliance 0 0
SpacebaIIs the Guild None Alliance 0 0
Sparkkz None Alliance 0 0
Spurious None Alliance 0 0
Stinkyfarts None Alliance 0 0
Sylvesta None Alliance 0 0
Sylvesta None Alliance 0 0
Systematix None Alliance 0 0
szam's None Alliance 0 0
Tango Down None Alliance 0 0
Tectonic Plates None Alliance 0 0
Tectonic Plates None Alliance 0 0
Tectonic Plates None Alliance 0 0
Teddy Bear Raiders None Alliance 0 0
temporary US-Lightbringer Horde 0 0
TenThousandDays None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
TEST US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
Testing logs None Alliance 0 0
TestLogs None Alliance 0 0
TGE Late Group None Alliance 0 0
The 501st None Alliance 0 0
The alt run of WINNERS & CHAMPIONS None Horde 0 0
The Anti-Fun Police US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
The Blood Legion None Alliance 0 0
The Disposable Heroes None Alliance 0 0
The Golden Elm None Alliance 0 0
The Gore Magala US-Lightbringer Alliance 0 0
The Knights Watch None Alliance 0 0
The Lightsworn None Alliance 0 0
The Lightsworn None Alliance 0 0
The Lightsworn None Alliance 0 0
The Tent None Alliance 0 0
Theres always time for Wartortle None Alliance 0 0
Threat Level Midnight None Alliance 0 0
toons gone wild None Alliance 0 0
Toons Gone Wild None Alliance 0 0
Total Eclipse None Alliance 0 0
Tranquility None Alliance 0 0
trial guild None Alliance 0 0
Twenty Percent None Alliance 0 0
Twisted Mind None Alliance 0 0
Two Camels in a Tiny Car None Alliance 0 0
Unburdened None Alliance 0 0
Underwörld Sanctum None Alliance 0 0
Undoing None Alliance 0 0
vaalaa None Alliance 0 0
Valor None Alliance 0 0
Vecdran's Guild None Horde 0 0
Venom None Alliance 0 0
VS The World None Alliance 0 0
Waffles None Alliance 0 0
War Born None Alliance 0 0
We Raid With Helmets None Alliance 0 0
WeekendGlow None Alliance 0 0
Whytelight None Alliance 0 0
Wooooo None Alliance 0 0
XiT Strategy None Alliance 0 0
Yang Pang Gang None Alliance 0 0
Yourmomsbox None Alliance 0 0
Zander None Alliance 0 0
Zero Hour None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

malleus maleficarum , *Remedy*, 1337, , A Divided Guild, A Murder of Crows, AB Road Fighters, Abbi's RKT, Abnormal, Abomination, Absolute-Dragons, Abyss, Abyss, Abyss, Achievement in progress, Ad Idem, Ad Infinitum, Addax, Addax, Advent, Advent, Advent Fury, Aegis Draconis, AEOM, Aeterna Incendia, Aeterna Incendia, Aeterna Incendia, Aeterna Incendia, Aeternus, Aetherium, Affliction, Affliction, Affliction, Affliction, Affliction-10man, Affliction10, afg, Agamo, aint im clean tho, All Eyes On Me, All In, Alliance of Angels, alter Ego, Alts and Pugs, Alâi, Ambien Abusers, Ancient Legends, Ancient Legends, Angel, Anointed - Lightbringer, Antisocialites, AotHW, Apartment Number Fifty, Apocalypse Please, Apocrypha, Apollo's Logs, Application, Apptest, aranock(1337), arcaniss, Arcaniss logs, Arcindrea, Ark of Ascent, Armed Forces, Ascension, asdf, Astuur, Asylum, Atenius logs, Atrocitas, Attention to Detai, Aura, Auriellea, Avast, Axiom, Axiom, Azeroth Warriors, Bacon, Bacon, Bad Habitz, Balbacua, Band of Heros, Bearded Clam Fighters, Benevolence, Berkals, Beyond the Ashes, Beyond the Unknown, Binary, Binding Epidemic, Bio Hazard, Bio Hazard, BL, Black Magic, Black Magic, Black Magic, Blades of the flame, Blades of the Flame, Blood Legion, Bloody Sundae, Bloody Sundae, Bloody Sundae, BOHICA, Boodia, Booty Pop, Braugh, Brendon'sLogs, Brethren, Brimstone, Brownlogs, Budgie Smugglers, By Fire Redeemed, CailGuild, Calculated Risk, Call It What You Want, Candy Mountain, Cannibal Corpus, Caskets fit for Kings, cathogin, Cats Meow, Caucasian, Celphtitled, Centered, Chalz, Changes, Chaotic Vengence, Chaotica, Chief Runningwater, citidel kings, Classic, Classic, Classixx, Clockwork, Close Enough, CoC _Triphire, complexity, Complexity, Complexity G2, Complexity group2, Complexity R3, Conclave of Conspiracy, Conclave of Conspiracy, Convergence, Convergence, Cool Kids Club, Core, Council of Thoyr, Council of Tirisfal, Credo in Lege, Crit Got Real, Crits and Giggles, Crits and Giggles, Cross-Continental, Crusaders, Crusaders, Crystal Soul, ctsuhako, Curacumba, Cypher, D.O.J G2, Dadzbog's Log, dagmond, Dagron's Biceps, Dancing Fools, Dark Legacy, Dark Reckoning, Dark Reckoning, Dark Stalkers, Darkcloud, Darkcloud, Darthlisa, Daskeylogs, Dawn, Dawnbreakers, Dead Parrots Socïety, Dead Parrots WoLogs, Dead Terrorist Resort, Dead Weight, Deadly Force, deadmans coin, Decagon, Deception, Defenders of Justice, Defiance, Dellinau, Denied, Deprave's WoL, derpderp, Designated Riot Zone, Deus Vox, Devastation, Devastation, Dextera Diabolus, Dharma Initiative for Azimancer's Logs, Dieji, Dirty, disconnected , Distinct Advantage, Divine Agony, DnR, DoJ, DoJ, DoJ, DOJ, Dominus Nex Angelus, Dominus Nex Angelus, DPS Test, Driven, Druidimus, Dysfunction Junction, E L I T E, e x i l e, East coast raiders, East Coast Raiders, East Coast Raiders, Eborn's Guild, EC2, Eclaire's Super Test Guild, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Edge of Madness, Edge of Madness, El's pug, Electus Pauci, Electus Pauci, Electus Pauci_Vin, Elevated, Ellaslogs, Elunes Shadow, Elysian, Elysian Conclave, Elysian Conclave, Elysian Conclave 10man, Eman, Eman, End Guys, End Result, Ender, Enternal Warcraft, Epic Bison, Epluribusunun, ER, Esrever's Personal Logs, Esrie's Guild, eternal hell, Eternal Hell, Eternal Republic, Eternal Republic, Eternal Republic, Eugenics, Even Farther, Even Farther, Even Farther, Evitus Stultus, Evitus Stultus, Evolved-Mord, Ex Nihilo, Ex Nihilo, Ex Nihilo, Ex Nihilo, Ex Nihilo, Ex Nihilo, Ex Nihilo, Ex Nihilo/ for Kwimen, Exalted, Exalted, Exiled, Exodus, Exodus, Explicit2, Exune, Exìle, Faces da Morte, Faded, Faded, Faded Chaos, Faded Chaos, Fail Whale, Fallen Dawn, Fanzy, far, Fatbat, Fates Demise, fear, Felbourn, ffaattyy test, FFS, fiction, Fiction, Fiction, Finman Test, Fire and Fury, Fire and Fury, Fireandfury, Flops Funhouse, Fluffy Bunnies of Doom, FMRefugees, Forged in Blood, Forlorn Legacy, Forlorn Legacy, Forlorn Legacy, Forth Level of Gondor, Four Horsemen, Fralors Guild, Freelance, Freelance, Freelance, Friday pugs, Friends with Benefits, Frigid, From Behind, Frost, Frostheart Council, Furious, Fury of an Empire, Gate, Gcibite, Genesis, Genesis, Gin Joints, Glitter, Glitter, Go Big or Go Gnome, Go Big or Go Gnome, Gods, Goesinya, GOFY, Golden, Golden Daggers, Goliqt Logs, Gotham2, Grand Theft Kodø, Greatly Exaggerated, gregsergesr, Guild of Matt, Guildless Reporting, Hagun's Logs, Hakks Logs, Halcyon, Han Shot First, Hard Corps, Hard Corps, hatelorex, Havoc, Hax, Haxx, Haxx, HCWT, hellbound angels, Hellbound Angels, Hellbound Angels, Hellbound Angles, Hemorrhage, Herd Mode, Herd of Nerds, Herd of Nerds, HIGHarchy, HighTestSmokers, Hipcrime, Hit By A Comet, Hite's Guild, HMFIC, Hollow Point Marshmallow, honor and glory, HonorLess Target, Hoofers and Friends, Hordecore, Hotrod, Houki, House of Order and Chaos, How I Mine For Fish?, HugZone, hunterrape, I have seen the Lion, idnt, Imaginary, Immanence, Immortal, Immortal CYSBIB, Immortal Might, Immortal Might, Immortal/Team Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal, Immortal/Team Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal, Immortal/Team Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal, Immortal10m2, In search of sunrise, Inbound, Inbound, Incurro Diem, Inertia, Inevitable, Infenso, Infenso 2, Infinite Stratos, Innocence, Insanators, Insanity, Insidious, Insufficient Gear, Insurrection, Intrigue, Invalid Target, Iocaine Powder Pals, Iocaine Powder Pals, IPP, Ironforge National Guard, Isologs, iterate's pugs, Ithilas Personal, jackdanisbad, jaded, JAFW, Jarkkl, Jarkkl, Jerrystone, just a flesh wound, Just a Flesh Wound, Just a Flesh Wound, Justforme, Justin Smith, Kagamine Logs, Kaibosh, Kalgram's WOLs, Kam's Report, Kamsguild, Kamshafts Inc., Karma, Kat's Logs, Keepers of The Night, Keith's, Kill Switch, Killer Veggies, KinaLoveShack, Kinsen, kkliks, Knights of Misfortune, Knights of the Alliance, Knights of the Alliance, Knights of the Temple, KoA, Koolwhip, KoT, last refuge, last refuge, Last refuge, Last Refuge, last rites, Last Rites, Late for Dinner, Late Group, Latter Day Soldiers, Latter Day Soldiers, Latterday Soilders, Laurel Knights, lavamarbles' logs, Lazy Peons, LBRuin, Lecrucio, Legendary, Legendary, Legendary, Legendary, Legendary Carnage, Legendary Carnage, Legendary Defenders, Legions, Legions10, Legitimate, Level, Level, LFE, Lich King Disciples, Lightbringer, Lightbringer PUG, Lights Final End, Lights Final End, Lights Final End, Lights Final End, LightsFinalEnd, LilyLogs, Lonely Heart's Club Band, Lost Fires, Lucid, Lucid, Lucid, Lucid, Lucid, Luck as a Constant, Machine, Madmoose, Maginitis, Mahsa, Makin Friends, MaltosBaltos, Manifest Destiny, Max Threat, Max THREAT, Mayvral, MBTest, Mediocre At Best, Meh, Meh, Melt In Your Mouth, Mewoman, midnight phoenix, Migration, Mistaken Identity, Misunderestimated, Miz's Minions, Molt Runs/ER GDKPS, Mostly Harmless, Mostly Harmless, Mraws Warriors, Mulligan, Mulligan, Mulligan, Mulligan, Mustache, mutany, mutiny, My Guild, My Logs, MYGUILD, Myown, Mythanar, Mythic logs, N/A, nameless, Narrano, needed a parse, Needed Change, Negative Raiding Group, Nerds Attack, Neuro's Logs, NeurosLogs, NeutralizedDos, Newo 10 Man, Newo's 10 Man, Nihilist Assault Group, Nine Shot, Ninja Farmer, Ninja Farmer, No One Lives Forever, No Sympathy, Noble Spirits, Noble Spirits, Nocturnal, Nocturnal, Nocturnal1, Nocturnál, Nomadic Knights, Nosce Te Ipsum, Noss&Gcis House of Fun, Novus, Novus Lupi, Nox Eternus, NSFW, Nullref, Obsidian Sky, OhNoes, Old Farts, Om Nom Nom, Ominous Latin Words, OR, Order of Oberon, Order of The Lionheart, Ordo ab Chao, ordo maleficarum, Ordo Malleus, Origami Suicide, Origami Suicide, Osa #1, Out of Combat, Outbreak, Outdoor Raid Boss, Over-Rated, overgeared underskilled, Overrated, Overrated, Overrated Lightbringer, Paradigm Shift, Paranoid, Party all the time, Party all the time, Party All the Time, Party All The Time, Pathal's Personal, Pathal's Personal, Pay it Forward, PerbelardLogs, perpetual, Persevere, Personal Data, Personal Logs of My Performance, Piinky, Pillars of the Temple, Pillars of the Temple, Pillars ot Temple, Pixelated, Pixelated, Pixelated, Plug Pull, Pokemon Gym Leader, Polla, Pope a dope, Potentially PROgressive, Prestige, Prestige, Primal Sanctum, Private Crispx, Private Logs, Probaddies, Project Måyhem, prospectory, Psychosocial, PugRaid, PuGs, Pugsalot, Pugss, pugstatic, RA Trial, RA_GDKP, raeslin, Ragnarok, randomguildname, Randomness, Randoms, Randomz, Ready Check, Real Life Tuesdays, Rebawho, Red Jacket, Red Light District, Redundancy Team Squad, Reincarnation, Reincarnation, Reincarnation, Reincarnation, Reincarnation Reborn, Relic, Relic, Remedy, REMEDY, Remnant, Remnant, Remnant, Remnant, Remnant, RemVul, Renati, Renroval Logs, Repaxan pugs, Repins, Reports, Requiem, Requiem, Resident Kabuki Theatre, Resident Kabuki Theatre, Resident Kabuki Theatre, Resident Kabuki Theatre, Resident Kabuki Theatre, Resident Kabuki Theatre, Resident Kabuki Theatre, Resident Kabuki Theatre, Resident Kabuki Theatre, Resurgence, Reverence, Riktus Personal Logs, Ring of Steel, Rise of Night, Risen anarchy, Risen Knights, Rising Dawn, Rising Dawn2, Rising Phoenix, Rising Storm, Risinglegned, Riven, RNG, Rock a Little Harder Now, Rodos Test, RoF, Rohl, RothelgangHizzle, Royal Knights of Azeroth, Ruin, Ruin, Ruin, Ruin, Ruin, Ruin Needs Parses, RuinLightbringer, Råge, Sadistic Minds, Saeclum In Favilla, Salvation, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, SBF, Scrub, Secret Agent Clan, Secret Agent Clan, Secret Agent Clan, Seedamin, Seems Legit, Seishi, Seishi, Seishi, Seishi - Monks, Semi-Serious, Severance, SfS, Shabadoo, Shade Tree Mechagnome, Shade Tree Mechagnome, Shade Tree Mechagnome, shadetree mechagnome, shadowstep falconpunch, Shit pug logs, Silent But Deadly, Silent Legion, Silver's 10-man, Sinister, Skoobys Guild , Sleeping Knights, Smerfss logs, Smerfss logs, Sneakysteve, So yeah parsers are cool, Sodality of the cairns, Sodality Of The Cairns, solo, Something Epic Guild, somnium, Somthing Epic, Sopiraha, Soup Kitchen, Spaceballs the Guild, Spamspug, Spiritshockz' logs, Squeaky Toy, Squeaky Toys, SRS FACE, STATIC Raiding, Steel Knight Sentry, Stormheim Militia, Stormseekers, Strength Beyond Strength, STRIPS, Strips For Silver, Strips For Silver1, sulfuron, Sunrunners, Supernova, SWC, Synchronized Chaos , szam's, Söulmana, Sÿnÿster, T K, Taekwondo, Tango Down, TBD, TBL, TBL, TC, Team Barat, Team Destiny, team gumby, TEAM M, Team Pro, Team Pro, Team Pro, Team Squishy, Tears and Ashes, Tears And Ashes, Tears And Ashes, Tears And Ashes, Teck, Tectonic Plates, Teddy Bear Raiders, Tee Many Martoonies, Temporal Guard, Ten Thousand Days, Tenacious, Tenthousanddays, Test Parses , Test2swag, Tester, TGE, Thane of Whiterun, Thatoneguild, Thats My Purse, The Antietam Brigade, The Apocolypse, The B Teäm, The Blood Oath Syndicate, The Carpets Lava Betch, The Centurions, The Coalition, The Crimson Coven, The Daedric Army, The Disposable Heroes, The Evolved, The Evolved, The Exiled, The Exiled, The Exiled, The Exiled, The Exiled, The Exiled, The Exiled, The Exiled (Wartt & Flacid's 10m), The Exodus, The Fàmily, The Golden Elm, The Insanators, The Kirin Tor Initiative, The Knights Templar, The Knights Templar, The Knights Templar, The Knights Who See Knee, The Lightsworn, The Lings, The Obsidian Order, The Obsidian Order, The Obsidian Order, The Raid Group (TRG), The Tet Corporation, The Trust, The Trust, The Trust, The Trust, The Trust, The Widow Makers, The Widow Makers, The Øutcasts, The Øutcasts, thecookiemonstathing, TheOverrated, Theurgie, Think Tank, Third Circle, Thirteen Thirty Seven, Thirteen Thirty Seven, Thirteen Thirty Seven, thrashers, Threat Level Midnight, Thunderfury, Time Out, Time Out, Tkguybelow, Token, Tolv's Fake Guild, Toons Gone Wild, Toons Gone Wild, Toss, Trade Chat Heroes, Tranquility, Tranquility, Tranquility, TranZfiXed, Trax's Logs, Truculent, Truculent, Truculent, Truculent, Truculent/Spanko, Trust Me Im Rank One, TT, TT-Sanctume, TT7, TT7, TT7, Tupan Techno2, Turalyons creed, Twists of Fate, Two Camels, Uberleet, Uberleet, Ultimate Alliance, Unabashed Noobery, Unabashed Noobery, Unabashed Noobery, Unabashed Noobery_tousaka, Unfriendly, Unfriendly, Ungrateful Dead, Ungrateful Dead, Ungreatful Dead, Unguilded, Unknown Prophets, Unorthodox, Untaunted/Elliaana, Urban Decay, A Buried Jinx, A Storm Also Rises, About to Get Dirty, Absolute Dragons, Abyss, Active Mitigation, Acts of War, Ad Idem, Adept, Aegis of Enmity, Aeternus, AFK, After Dark, Against All Authority, Agents of Yeshua, Aggression, Alea Jacta est, All Nighter, All You Can Eat, AllianceLivesMatter, Alone, Alpha Dogs, Altoholic I am, Altosk, Always Sunny, Amene, AMP, And The Sunshine Girls, Angel, Animus Invictus, Annihilation, Antagony, antialliance, Apocalypse, Apotheosis, Apparition, Archetype, Ariels, Army of the Howling Wind, Articulate Derision, Assassin Order, Astral Guardians, Avatars, Avengers of Teldrassil, Average Joes, Away, Axis, Azeroth, Azerothian Punk, Azeroths Wrath, Bad Intentions, BadCompany, Bank of Bwe, Bank of Ty, Bayou Tigers, BDC, Bellicose, Belly Dancers, Big Booty, Bio Hazard, Biohazardous, Bite My Shiny Metal, Black Magic, Blades of Hell, Blame The Hunter, Blizzard Of Oz, Blood of the Old Gods, Blood Sweat and Tier, Bloodletters, bloodreign, Bloodreignz Bank, Bloody Sundae, Boyz in DaHorde, Brimstone, Bring Your Own Food, Broccoli as Fúck, Brocean, Brothers of War, Burning Tree of Life, Burst Salvo, Cahoots, Calculated Chaos, Calm Down Marcus, Carbon, Carpe Cerevisi, Carpe Imperium, Cats on Fire, Celtic Dawn, Centered, Chain Reaction, Chains of Destiny, Chaos Council, Chaos Crew, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Noobs, Children Of Azeroth, Classic, Claudiasan, Cobra Command, Coffee Addicts, Collectively Confused, Come Honor, Complete Mayhem, Completely Offensive, Concero, Confederates, Confessions, Constantine, Corrupted Conscience, Crazed Wombats, Credo in Lege, CriCreoleCream, Criminally Sane, Crit My Pants, Cross Continental, Crown The Empire, Crucible, Cult Classics, Cupcake Cartel, Curious Things, CUTIES ONLY, Cønquest, Damask Holdings, Dances with Wolves, Dark Army, Dark Paradox, Dark Savages, Dark Stalkers, Dark Union, Darkened Legacy, Darkest at Dawn, Darkest Before The Dawn, DarkHorse, Dawn of the Apocalypse, Dawn of Voljin, Daycare, Dead Ahead, deadly dragons, Deadly Penguin Squad, Death By Design, Death Hand Elite, Death Notice, Death Raider, DeathDealers, Deaths Curse, Deathwings Shadow, Deceit, Deeper than Traps, Defenders Of The Mug, Degeneration, Demonic Horde, Depravity, Descendant, DeskChair Warriors, Determination, Digital Aftermath, Direwolves Pub, Dissonance, Distaste, Divinations of Time, Divine Brotherhood, Divine Empire, Divinus Vox, Dollars, Dopplepopalis, draenor slayers, Draenorian Warlords, Dragons Blood, Dragons of Light, Dreamers, Duplicity, Dysfunctional Grunts, E P I X, East Coast Raiders, Eastern Kingdoms, Eats Crayons, Echo Of Lost Ages, Echoes through Eternity, Eclipsed Light, Eden, Elaborate Deviance, Empty Threats, Empyrean, Entitled, Entourage, EnvyUs, Epic Again, Equity, Equivalent Exchange, Esdeath Ga Kill, Eternal Flame, Eternal HeII, Eternal Reign, Eternal Republic, Eternal Vengeance, Ethiopian Underground, Evolution, Ex Nihilo, Exhilaration, Exiled alliance, Exiled Alliance, Expedition, Explicit, Exsilium, Extraordinary Mentalgen, Extreme Measures, Exálted, Faded Chaos, Fallen Paragon, Family Jewels, Fated Templars, Fates Demise, Faze, Fearless Legion, Feathermoons For Lovers, Feminist Dwarves, Ferocity, Fight for Honor, Finalboss, First Armored Division, Five Kings, Flawless Victory, FloorTanks, Fog of War, For the Hodor, For The LORD, Forbidden Shadows, Forgiven, Forgotten Hope, Forlorn Legacy, Fornicariis, Forsaken Dawn, Four Horsemen, Functional, Funky Fresh Boyz, Fury of an Empire, Fáiry Táil, G u a r d i a n s, Galvanized, Gatrs bottom beaches, Gears of War, Genesìs, Gin no Mikazuki, Glaive Force One, Glow, Gods, Gods Among Men, Godz Among Men, Graveyard minions, Gray Dragon, Greed, Grievous Raiders, Gringotts of Florida, Group Carry, Guardians of Eternity, Guardians of Olympus, Guardians of the Heart, Guild Master Dethrone, Gulag, Halloween Monsters, Halo Warcraft Evolved, Han Shot First, Handsome Devils, Happy Fish, Harbingers of Serenity, Hardcore Casual, Haute Club, heart of courage, Hearts And Stuff, Heavens Venom, Hellbound Angels, Hellbound Hearts, Hello Kitty, Hennlol, Herbers Inc, Herd Mode, Herd of Nerds, High and Mighty, High Avatar of the Horde, Highlander, Hingle McCringleberry, Hiten Mitsurugi, Hoarders Haven, HOLY STRIKE, Home, Honesty, Honor Tides, Horde In Denial, Horde Regression Therapy, Hordeagasam, HouseOfTheRisingSun, Hurt, Hyperspace Bypass, Hypnotique, Hòrny Nerds, I Am A Murloc Mrgrgrglgl, I Believe in Harvey Dent, I have No Clue, I J A G, I Like Pie, I Popped Her Trinket, idnt, Illidari, Illuminaughty, Imma Altoholic, Immortal, Immortal Heroes, Immortal Might, Immortal Space Monkeys, Immortals, immortalz, Impact, Implied at Best, Inbound, Incite, Indecisive, Indecisive Nitwits, Inertia, Inevitable, Inglenook, Insanity, Insomnìa, Intensity, Interesting Times Gang, Internet Friends, Invective, Invictus Sanctum, is Epic, Its Miller Time, Jabbas Palace, Junk in the Trunk, Kali Compton, Karate and Friendship, KARMA, keep portland beered, Keepers of The Night, Keepers of the Nine, Keepers of Time, Kingdom of the Phoenix, Kings of Kings, Kitten Squad, Knights of Anarchy, Knights of Misfortune, Knights Of the Light, KoT, Kyoudai, Last Dynasty, Last Refuge, Latter Day Soldiers, Laurel Knights, LeeroyBreakends, Legacy of Vek, Legal Tender, Legalize Peacebloom, Legendary Agenda, Legendz, Legion Dèl Diablo, Legion of Heroes, Legion of Unholyknights, Legion Sanctuary, Legions, LFR All Stars, Lich Kings Disciples, Liquid Mettle, Live Free or Try Hard, Lose Your Life, Low Flows, Mage Trainer, Magic The Gathering, Mail Enhancement, Make Azeroth Great Again, Make Friends in Dungeons, Makndabakn, Master of All Trades, Masters of Jarn, Mature Content, Mature Conteñt, Max Threat, May Dragons Fly, Maytrix, Memento Mori, Men of Valor, MetaCortex, Mid or Feed, Midnight Drunk Club, Midnight Rising, Minions of Gaknar, Mischief and Mayhem, Mischief Managed, Misfitz of Eden, Mislead, Money Maker Mike, Monsters Inc, Mountain Dewers, Moving Day, Mutany, My Closet, My Secret Stash, Mystic Misfits, Mythïc Vïsïön, Môô, Mÿstic, Nameless, Narcissistic Cannibals, Nawty Secrets, Nerds and Noobs, Nerds Attack, New Adventures, Nightmarish Adventures, Nirv, No Big Deal, No Buff Required, No Moral Compass, No Options, Noble Spirits, Nomadic, Nomadic Knights, Nothing Stupid, Novus Sanctum, Now You Know, Nox Arcana, NSFW, Nyx, Oasis, Oathsworn, Obscure Radiance, Obsidian Sky, OK Who Pulled, Olympus, Omega Cyberthrust IX, One man guild, OneWordPretentiousGuild, Oozing wounds, Oprahs Windfury, Order of Chaos, Order of One, Order of the Drake, Ordo Hereticus, oRELENTLESSo, Oreville Reddenbachers, Origami Suicidë, Out n About, Outcasts United, Outlanders, OUTsiders, Panda world, Pandemic Legion, Panzer Platoon, Para Bellum, Paralysis, Patch Behind, Pathogen, Pax Per Bellum, Peachy, Peanut Butter Jelly Time, Penumbra, People, Perfs Wall Street, Pervs Inc, PhD, Phenomenon, Pillars of the Temple, Pink or GTFO, Pixelated, Plane of Plenty, playersofwarcraft, Pony Slaystation, Pooflinger INC, Post Tenebras Lux, Powerz of Infinity, Pride before the Fall, Private Vault, Professional Baddies, Prototype, Proven Legacy, puffbuffpass, Pure, PvP Central, Pwncakes N Rofls, Quatri Mensuram, Questionable Sanity, RageQuit Empire, RagingVengeance, Raided R, Raiderz Inc, Random Guild Name, Rank One, Rawr Fury, RawWarriors, Real Talk, Reclaimed, Regulators Mount Up, Relentless Alliance, Relisters Anonymous, Relocated, Remnant, Renati, Revenants, Revenge Of Horde, Revitalize, Rhapsody, Riders of Gondor, RIP In Pieces, Rise Of The Immortals, Risen Anarchy, Rival, RNG Hates Me, Rock Lobsta, Rockjaw, Roll for Blame, Royal Knights of Azeroth, Rude Awakening, Ruinous, Rumor Has It, Ruse, S A D B O Y S, Sacred, Saganance, Sailor Scouts, Saints Of Anarchy, Sanctuary, Scarecrows Revenge, Scarlet Zealots, Scripted, Secret Agent Clan, Seishi, Sentient, Serra Sanctum, Seventh Sanctum, Shadow Ørder, Shadows edge, Shattered Council, Sherlock Holmes, Shådow Legion, Silence, Silent Legion, SilentStorm, Sinners Like Me, Six Minutes To Release, Slash Win, Social Warfare, Softcore Raiders, Solardragon Guard, Soliloquy, Sons of Thunder, Sorrows Company, Soul Cleave, Soul Collectors, SoulReapers, SpacebaIIs the Guild, Spacebar, Spurious, Stack and Die, Stand Back I Got This, Starfleet Dental, Stars Minions, STATIC Raiding, Sticky Finger Bandits, STK, stoned, storage, Storage Room, Stormheim Militia, Stormrage Refugees, Stormseekers, Storybrooke, Straight Outta Goldshire, Strange Brew, Straw Hat Pirates, Strips for Silver, Stuck on Chess, Successfully Atempted, Symbiote, synKronized, Systematix, Tartarus, Task at Hand, Tater Raiders, TAUNT, Tears for Tier, Tectonic Plates, Tee Many Martoonies, Temper, Temporary Guild Name, Temptation, Terror Inc, The Abyss, The Avenged, The Avengers, The Beast Within, THE BEST GUILD EVER, The Blood Oath Syndicate, The Blue Méth Group, The Blue Octopus, The Brewmasters, The Coalition, The Defiant, The Empire Wipes Back, The Eternal Avengers, The Eternal Legion, The Evil League of Evil, The Evolved, The Exodus, The Faceless Ones, THE FIERY PHOENIX, The Forge, The Fractured, The Golden Covenant, The Golden Lotus, The Gore Magala, The Hammer of the Gods, The Homless Toones, The Huddle Inc, The Hunt, The Insomniacs, the knights of darkness, The Late Shift, the Light of Dawn, The Lightsworn, The Lost Boyz, The Lost Fleet, The Maurading Kittens, The Mercenaries, The Midnight Angels, The Midnight Pheonix, The Misfits, The Nation, The Nigel Thornberries, The Ordeal, The Otternauts, The Quesaritos, The Real GhoulBusters, The Rising Phoenix, The Scurge, The Seniors, The Shadows, The Trust, The Unforgìven, The Ungodly Kings, The Vanguard, The Vengeance, The Violent Light, The Wrecking Crew, TheGoldCorporation, TheKingsPosse, Them, TheOutsiders, Third Circle, This is money time, Thoramiers Holdings, Threat Level Midnight, Through Ashes We Rise, Tiers of Blood, Time Lord of Gallifrey, Time of Death, TKWP, To No Avail, Token, toons gone wild, Tortuga, ToT Raiders, Total Aggression, Touch my Tralala, Toxic Synergy, Tranquil Seizure, Tranquility, Travelers of Azeroth, Tree of Life, Triple Care, Trolls Of Anarchy, trueblue, Trust Me Im Rank One, Tupan Techno, Twilight Army, Two Camels in a Tiny Car, Typographical Rorre, Typographical Rorre II, Undoing, Unexpected, Unicorn Dreams, Unpopular Demand, Unrestrained, UnStopAble, Vaguely Homicidal, Valar Morghulis, Valiant Knights, Vengeance of Azeroth, VeniVidiVici, Venì Vìdì Vìcì, Verified Logs, Veritus, Violent Army, Vocare Ad Regnum, Volens et Potens, Vortex of AWESOMENESS, Vox Immortalis, Wait for Shorty, Wanna Touch It, Warcraft Alliance, Warlords of Witchcraft, Warriors Templer, Wave Of Destruction, We Aim to Misbehave, We Kick Puppies, WELFARE EPICS, West Wind Brigade, Whisky Tango Foxtrot, Who called in the Fleet, Winters Coming, Wipe, Wiping with Style, Withstand the Flames, Wizards of Org, Wolf Pakk Gaming, Wolves of Legend, Wont Fix Stupid, WoW for Fun, WoWs Most Wanted, Wrank Juan, Wrath of Wrynn, Wreckless, Wrynns Knights, Wyrmcult, XD, XRagers, Yara Alcar, Yoties, You Are Not Repaired, you dont know me, Z Guild, Zuni, Álpha Ómega, Ä Guild Has No Name, Ætheral, Æxiled, UV, Val's Fun Times with Conventional Weapons, Valar Morghulis, Valar Morghulis, Valar Morghulis, Valhalla Awaits, valor, Veritas et Aeuqtias, Viaticus Finis, Vibe, Vibe10, Victory Road, Vindicatum, Virtue, Vocare Ad Regnum, Vodkaguild, Volcanic, Volcanic, VS the World, Vu's Personal Test, Vyrna, Vôdka Red Tauren , Wallet, Walmart Security, We Dont Die, We Used To Be Horde, We wear wolf shirts, Whatever It Takes, Wheelchair Assassins, Wheelchair Assassins, WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot, Whisper Society, Who called in the Fleet, wicked intentions, Wicked Intentions, Wipes on Trash, Wol's kalgram, Wrecked, XYZ, YangPangGang, Youngatheart, yoyo, Yverin, Zanthorn Logs, Zaralls info, Zenblast Solo, Zendrac Intelligence, Zig's Logs, Zig's Logs, Ziggitys, zxtest, Ðefiance, Ðefiance, Повидлоо, ‎NinjaPirateZombieRobots

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