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US-Kul Tiras
Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Mysty Valley US-Bladefist Alliance 0 674
Lexington US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 611
Chakra US-Bladefist Alliance 0 504
Hymn US-Bladefist Alliance 0 312
Dark Sky Privateers US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 162
NMITD Kit US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 84
Legacy US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 69
Vile Intent US-Bladefist Alliance 0 68
WTF Inc US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 66
Seraphym US-Bladefist Alliance 0 65
Shinigami US-Bladefist Alliance 0 61
Vicarious None Horde 0 59
Dat Maelstrom US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 54
We Got This US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 53
Indes WoD US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 51
Security None Alliance 0 51
The Knights Who Say Ni None Alliance 0 50
Cataclysm US-Bladefist Horde 0 41
The Mercenaries None Alliance 0 37
After Six US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 35
Insurgency US-Bladefist Horde 0 35
The Drunken Misfits None Horde 0 34
Facta non Verba US-Bladefist Horde 0 32
Cyns Logs Lol US-Bladefist Horde 0 28
Night Fall US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 27
ßrotherhood of ßlood None Horde 0 26
SaashayLogs US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 24
Zombiemode None Horde 0 24
Order of the storm US-Bladefist Alliance 0 23
UNITY US-Bladefist Alliance 0 23
Out for a rip US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 22
Unleashed US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 22
Im With Stupid US-Bladefist Horde 0 17
Legendary Soaks US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 17
Loyalty US-Bladefist Alliance 0 17
Java's Insanity US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 15
Twisted Fury US-Bladefist Alliance 0 15
Unleashed US-Bladefist Horde 0 15
Novus Initium US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 14
Outspoken US-Bladefist Alliance 0 14
Friction Addiction US-Bladefist Alliance 0 12
Indesertus US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 12
Dume US-Bladefist Alliance 0 11
Stab US-Bladefist Alliance 0 11
Nephandi US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 10
Hymn US-Bladefist Alliance 0 8
Intel Inside US-Bladefist Alliance 0 8
May Cause Dizziness US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 8
Not tonight on CD US-Bladefist Alliance 0 8
Pue's Logs US-Bladefist Alliance 0 8
Agents Of Øblivion US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 7
Maegoree's Logs US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 7
Cataclysm US-Bladefist Horde 0 6
ayaw US-Bladefist Horde 0 5
Dark Queen Lackeys US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 5
Masons of Valor US-Bladefist Alliance 0 5
No Mercy in this Dojo US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 5
Sinister US-Bladefist Horde 0 5
Synenergy US-Bladefist Alliance 0 5
The Third Faction US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 5
Crimson Wrath None Horde 0 4
Crimson Wrath US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 4
DamnzLogs US-Bladefist Horde 0 4
Death by Design US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 4
Goon Squad US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 4
Katatonic US-Bladefist Horde 0 4
Random Pugs US-Bladefist Alliance 0 4
Slapchop US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 4
team phoenix US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 4
ArchAlt US-Bladefist Alliance 0 3
Galli's Pug Logs US-Bladefist Alliance 0 3
Maelstrom US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 3
Personal - NV US-Bladefist Alliance 0 3
Titans US-Bladefist Alliance 0 3
Yoohoo US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 3
Adepto Curvus US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 2
Brotherhood of Blood US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 2
Contrived US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 2
Dat maelstrom None Alliance 0 2
Elitist Derps US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 2
GoGo Bank Alts US-Bladefist Alliance 0 2
Insert Here US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 2
Iron Cross Warriors US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 2
is an epic mount US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 2
Keg Killers US-Bladefist Alliance 0 2
Nerf Herders US-Bladefist Alliance 0 2
of Deaths Legion US-Bladefist Alliance 0 2
Warriors of the Dark US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 2
Wulgslogs US-Bladefist Horde 0 2
Blood of War US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Broner Patrol US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
Clan du Claw US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Curse US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Dissidence US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Drunk in Public US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
four wheel terror US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Guild of Tulok US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
Helmets and Juiceboxes US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
Hymn US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Indesertus 2 US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
Insurgency LNR US-Bladefist Horde 0 1
KeyboardTurners US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
Knights of Lordaeron US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
lifeness US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Lightly Roasted US-Bladefist Horde 0 1
Loyalty US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Minotaure US-Bladefist Horde 0 1
My Horse is Amazin US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
Mysticgamer US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
NyteVysion Team 2 US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Pandoxia US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Paradox US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Pixel Made This US-Bladefist Horde 0 1
Plague US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Runz US-Bladefist Horde 0 1
Sera US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Staburface US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Syren's Logs US-Kul Tiras Horde 0 1
Test Guild Please Ignore US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
test12 US-Bladefist Horde 0 1
Testinggg US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Thantos US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
The Dysfunctionals US-Bladefist Horde 0 1
The Order of Chimera US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
The Phoenix US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Unyielding US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Warriors of Dark US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Zion US-Kul Tiras Alliance 0 1
Ènvy US-Bladefist Alliance 0 1
Abarak None Horde 0 0
Absit Invidia None Horde 0 0
Aca's logs None Horde 0 0
Addicted None Horde 0 0
AfterSixPsyc None Alliance 0 0
Agents of Øblivion None Alliance 0 0
Alex Bladefist Logs None Horde 0 0
Alumuna None Alliance 0 0
archathens None Alliance 0 0
Armored Boulevards None Alliance 0 0
AskMrrobot None Horde 0 0
Bad Tpyists Untied None Alliance 0 0
BalhaleLogs None Horde 0 0
Bladefist Mafia None Horde 0 0
Blue Mana Group None Horde 0 0
Carry Me None Horde 0 0
Cataclysm Raid Team 3 None Horde 0 0
Check and Mate None Alliance 0 0
Chosenknights guild None Alliance 0 0
Clamstackers None Alliance 0 0
Clan du Claw None Alliance 0 0
Coldjuice None Horde 0 0
Condemned None Alliance 0 0
Covenant Knights None Alliance 0 0
Cyn's Logs None Horde 0 0
Cza None Alliance 0 0
Dawn of Defiance None Horde 0 0
definitive1 None Horde 0 0
Definitive: Phase 3 US-Bladefist Horde 0 0
Demonic Heroes None Horde 0 0
Denwa None Alliance 0 0
Dies Irae None Horde 0 0
Distant Promise None Alliance 0 0
Djïnn None Horde 0 0
Dèath Bèfore Díshonor None Horde 0 0
Elegos None Alliance 0 0
Emilytopeka None Alliance 0 0
eviserated None Horde 0 0
Ex Cinere None Alliance 0 0
Exit to Eden None Alliance 0 0
ExTest None Alliance 0 0
Falla'Dorei None Alliance 0 0
Final Final None Alliance 0 0
Fireforge None Alliance 0 0
Forewarning None Alliance 0 0
Forged In Blood None Alliance 0 0
Frueh Blows Goats None Alliance 0 0
Fury None Horde 0 0
FwTest None Alliance 0 0
Goes To Eleven None Alliance 0 0
GoodMourningBlackFriday None Alliance 0 0
Griffin's logs None Horde 0 0
GuildofDoogies None Alliance 0 0
Hell's Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Horde House None Horde 0 0
Horde House None Alliance 0 0
Horde House - Rae's Parse None Horde 0 0
Hordified Heroes None Horde 0 0
Horor logs None Alliance 0 0
Identified as Trouble None Alliance 0 0
Indesertus None Horde 0 0
Inhale None Horde 0 0
Insert Here None Alliance 0 0
INSIDIOUS None Horde 0 0
Insurgency 2 None Alliance 0 0
Insurgency KT None Horde 0 0
Insurgency Weekend Group None Horde 0 0
InsurKT None Horde 0 0
Jaded Democracy None Horde 0 0
Kaimarah None Horde 0 0
Kato's None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Sheldor None Alliance 0 0
knights of the templers None Alliance 0 0
legions exiles US-Bladefist Alliance 0 0
LFR None Alliance 0 0
LFR None Horde 0 0
Luminaeus None Alliance 0 0
Maelstrom None Alliance 0 0
Majestic None Alliance 0 0
Malicious None Alliance 0 0
Mastarjuice None Alliance 0 0
My Hunter dps None Alliance 0 0
Myrmidons None Horde 0 0
Necrology None Horde 0 0
Nonbeliever's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Novus Initium None Horde 0 0
of Deaths Legion None Alliance 0 0
onlyme None Alliance 0 0
ONYX None Horde 0 0
OTG-710 Split None Horde 0 0
Out for a Rip None Alliance 0 0
Outspoken None Alliance 0 0
Passed On Thunderfury None Horde 0 0
Patience None Alliance 0 0
Perks None Alliance 0 0
Personal None Alliance 0 0
Pixel Assassins US-Bladefist Alliance 0 0
Point of Adding Heat None Alliance 0 0
Portobello None Alliance 0 0
PoV None Alliance 0 0
Raeknoth's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Raiders Left Behind None Alliance 0 0
random death None Alliance 0 0
Renegades None Horde 0 0
RoboRaid None Horde 0 0
Saints of Exodar None Alliance 0 0
Saints of Exodar None Alliance 0 0
Saints of Exodar - Raid 2 None Alliance 0 0
Salty Six None Alliance 0 0
Scions of Phyrexia None Horde 0 0
Scottjohnjohn Log's None Horde 0 0
Secret Targaryens None Horde 0 0
Shadows of the Past None Alliance 0 0
Shar's Logs None Horde 0 0
show me your crits None Horde 0 0
Show me your crits None Horde 0 0
SonicandKnuckles None Horde 0 0
stasis None Alliance 0 0
Stunningly's Logs None Horde 0 0
TDG None Alliance 0 0
Team Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Team Recurring Hemorrhoid (TE) None Horde 0 0
Templar Crusade None Alliance 0 0
TFDU None Horde 0 0
The Cohort None Alliance 0 0
The Dark Rift None Alliance 0 0
The Departed None Alliance 0 0
The Dragons Pride None Alliance 0 0
The Knights Who Say Ni None Alliance 0 0
The Lost None Alliance 0 0
The Love Boat None Alliance 0 0
The Real Knights of Order None Alliance 0 0
TheThunderCats None Alliance 0 0
Time Lords of Gallifrey None Horde 0 0
Twiggy's Team None Horde 0 0
Twisted Dynasty None Alliance 0 0
Twisted Empire None Horde 0 0
Twisted Empire None Horde 0 0
Twisted Empire 1 None Horde 0 0
Unspeakable Onslaught None Alliance 0 0
Volition None Alliance 0 0
Wickett None Alliance 0 0
Wilde Hares None Alliance 0 0
Win Bus High Council None Alliance 0 0
Wrizzik Logs None Horde 0 0
Xternity None Alliance 0 0
Xternity None Alliance 0 0
Énvy None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

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midnight raiders, Midnight Raiders, Midnight Raiders, Ministry Of Truth, Mischief, Misfit Puggers, Monday Kitten Lovers, Monday Kitten Lovers, Mootcraw, More Dots, Morshu, Moxie, Mulligan, Multen's Minions, Murkers, My Little Pwny, my mage dps, My Personal Parses, Mylogs, Myrandom, Mything Persons, Namuhillas Discipline, Nascent, NDINZ, nephablo, Nephandi 10 HM, Nerf Herders, Nerf Herders, Nerf Herders, NibsterPTR, Night Fall, Night Fall, night shift, Night Shift, Ninjalooters Anonymous, Noblesse Oblige, nomnomnom, nothingness, Novus Initium, Nytevysion, Nytevysion, NyteVysion, NyteVysion, NyteVysion, NyteVysion, NyteVysion, Nytevysion Team 1, nytevysion team 2 , NyteVysion2, Obsessive, odl bladefist, of Death's Legion, of Deaths leagon, of Deaths Legion, Of Deaths Legion, Of Deaths Legion, oh jeez, Old Timers Guild, Omegalomax, Omen, Omerta, Omnes Reges, On your knees, Once Forgotten, One Percent, Order of Chaos, Order of Futility, Order of the Chimera, Osprey is Gay, OTG, OTG - 710 Split, OTG - FUBAR, OTG - Fubar II, OTG - GONADS, OTG - LI, OTG - NWA, OTG - SICCOS/T.E.S.T, OTG - Sinners and Saints, OTG - SnS, OTG - Zal, OTG TEST, OTG-CRS69, otg-fubar, OTG-LI, Outcast, Outspoken, Outta Control, OZDR, Palisangelic, Pandion Knights, Pantheos, Parabellum, Parabola, Parabola, Paradigm, Paradigm, Paradox, Paradox, Paradox, Paradox2.0, Paragon, Pariah, Passion, Pax, Pen DPS report, Perpetual, Perpetual, phoenix, Pirates of Booty bay, playalogs, Point of Adding Heat, Precision , Prïde, Psychoanalytical, Pug, PUGGY, QQ, Raid Against The Machine, Raid analysis, ray's camel, RDTINFO, Reawakened, Relentless, Remote Controlled, Renaissance, Renegades, Resolute Prestige, Riddle Me This, rise of the horde, Rise of the Horde, Rise of the Horde, Risen Phoenix, Risen Phoenix , Rising Phoenix, Robatmac, Roininish, ROTH, Ryotam, sacred valor, Sacred Valor, Saints of Exodar, Saints of Exodar, Sakry, salus novus, sanity, Sanity, Sapapaya, Scarz, Scions of Phyrexia, selectas, Semi Serious, Servants of God, Set Sail to Epic Fail, Shadow Hand, Shadow Hand, ShamWoW, Shana Pugzorz, She looked lvl 18, Silent Fury, Silent Fury, Simply More, Simply More, Sinister, Sinn Féin, Smithies' r' us, Snoo Snoo Death Club, Soaks, Soul Raiders, Speed Kills BF, Stasis, Stasis, STC, Steel, Steel, Steel, strangers with candy, Strouts hole, Subject to change, Subject to Change, Subject to Change, Subject to Change, Subject to Change, Sugar Rush, SunderCats, Susan Express, Sworn Revenge, symbiosis, Synenergy, Synenergy, Synergy, Synergy, Syynn's GDKP, Talonin/Pyrromir, targetdummy, Tarpalantir, Team Awkward Moments, Team Bro, Team Bro Yo, Team Bro YoYo, team intensity, TempGuild, test, test, Testing purposes, Tharealest check, the angry dead, The Brotato Patch, The Cataclysm Survivors, The Cohort, The Danger Zone, The Dark Side, The Departed, The Drunken Misfits, The Eclipse, The Eclipse, The Faction, The Free Masons, The Greatest Guild Ever, The Guild of Honour, The Hounds Of Hell, The Knights who say Ni, The Last Capital, The Lost Souls, The Love Boat, The Love Shack, The Mercenaries, The Nouns of Adjective, The Order Of The Yeti, The Others, The Phoenix, the reapers, The Reborn, The Unguilded, The Varden, The Waters of Delphi, The Waters of Delphi, The Waters of Delphi B Team, TheUnForgiven, ThirdGroup, THIRDGROUP, Thunder's - PUG Group, Thunder's - PUG Group, Théorem, Tight Garbage, Titans, Titans, Titans 2, To Be Continued, Toaster Strudel, Truant Herd, twentyth hour, Twisted Empire, Twisted Empire, Two Dolla Horde, Typhus, U N F O R G I V E N, Unbreakable, Under Construction, Under the Influence, Under the Influence, Under The Influence, Under Øath, Under Øath, Unforgiven, UnforgivenPuG, Unhollowed, Unhollowed, UnHollowed, UNITY, Unleashed, Unrest, Unyielding, Urgency, A Tribe Called Quest, AcidBlood, Addìcted, Addícted, Aes Sedaii, Aint Got No Pancake Mix, Alaskeroth, Alexisonfire, Alliance Hellions, Allied Salvation, Altaholics Anonymus, Alternate Genesis, Amazing People Only, And Then Some, Arisk, Atonement, Austerity, Avalon, Azeroth Adoption Agency, Azeroth Pet Adoptions, Bank of Hax, Bank of Hymn, Bankers Reapers, Bear Commandos, bladefist bladestingers, Bladefist Mafia, Booty Bay Berserkers, Bottemless Purse, Branded Souls, Cataclysm, cataclysmic lords, Chevaliers de Forgefer, Childish Ways, Clamstackers, Colored Pencils, Creatures of the Night, Crimson Crusade, Crimson Syndicate, Cuz Evil is Fun, Dark Dragon Warriors, Darkness Falls, Death Sentence, Defenders of Brill, Definitive, Demonic Possesion, Despair, Despoiled, Dragonguard Assembly, Dude Hold My Ale, E thugz, Easily Distracted, Elite Knights of Doom, Enemy Number One, Esquire, Eternal Knights, Evil Unrest, Exalted with Mcdonalds, Facta non Verba, Fast Food, Fear, Fiddlers Green Fubar, Final Final, Fluffy Pink Kittens, For Honor and Glory, For The Alliance, Forgotten Realm, Friction Addiction, From The Ashes We Rise, Fuzzy Bunnies of Doom, GG, Gilneas Champions, Gnome Puns Intended, Go Horde Or Go Home, God of Warcraft, gronsdevils, Guild After Dark, Hazard Legion, Heigh Ho Bros, Hello Kitty Isle Advntrs, Hells Legacy, Hollows Vice, Horde and Soul, Horde Ledgends, HoTs Out For Ysera, I Need More Room, Imperial Fleet Of Vader, Infinity plus one, Insanity in Action, Insidious Composure, Insight, Insolent Whelps, It Hurts When i PvP, Journey, KAMAKAZIIS, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kindred Spirits, Knights of the Templers, Knights of the WOW Table, Last Realm, League of Lavish Locks, Legacy of Chaos, Legion of Blood, Lightly Roasted, Living in the Past, Loyalty, Ludacrisp, Lunar Vendetta, Lêgacy, Majestic, Malevolence, Mayhëm, Merciless Avengers, Ministry of Silly Walks, Moms of Wow, Mudsprocket Rumrunners, Mutiny, Mything Persons, Mything Storage Space, Myths of Pandaria, Nemesis, Nerd Cleave, Nights of the Ebon Haze, Ninjas By Day, No Pants Wednesdays, No Surrender, none, NYC WARRIORS, NyteVysion, Obsessive, of Deaths Legion, Order of the Apocalypse, Order Of The Storm, Orgrimmar Secret Service, Outspoken, Pale Horse Riders, Paradigm, Petco, Petoholics Anonymous, Pie, PoV, Purged, Qûëstïøn Mårk, Reckless Abandon, Refer Madness, Relentless, Renegades of Gallifrey, Revival, RothHole, Rush, Saints of Exodar, Salty Six, Seasonz in the Abyss, Shinigami, Sinful, Singularity, Sinister Gamers, SmiggyTech, Souls Vengence, Spiral, Spiritus Sancti, Squires of Øblivion, Stainless, storin muh stuff, Stormwind Militia, Subversion Two, Super Best Friends Club, Super High Me, Team Bro, Team Phoenix, The Army of Wu, The Foot Clan, The Guys Of Wow, The Human Centipede, The Insane, The Iron Clan, The Iron Saints, The Knights Who Say Ni, The Neverending Basement, The Order of Scoundrels, The Spreading Taint, The Undesirables, The Waters of Delphi, Theres Heaven Heres Hell, Titan Slayers, Top Off, Trench Coat Angels, Turmoil, Twilight Shadow, TwinK NatioN, Twisted Mayhem, Two Dolla Horde, U N I T, ugazi, Underlings, unholy death, Unique, UNITY, Unleashed, Unspeakable Onslaught, Vengeance, Vertigo, Verve, virðuligr, Volentem, Warchief, WARRIORS, We have Alts, We raid naked, We work for gold, Who Paid for that Floor, Wind Up Horde Wreckers, WRESTLEMANIA, WTF Mom Im Raiding, Wárlørds øf the Hõrdè, Yakkity Yak Gaming, You Got Owned, You Gotta Be Kiting Me, A Soular Myth, Abandon All Reason, Agents of Øblivion, All the Way to the Bank, Alliance Massacre, AllYourMoneyRBelongToUs, Altar Boys, Alter Ego, Altercation, Angels Of Light, Antidote, Apocalypsè, Apollyon, Apparition, Auctions For Days, Axiom, Badgercondas, Bankings Inc, Bellicose, Bladefist Mafia, Blades of Law, BLOOD KINGDOM, blood swords, Blood Wraiths, Bloody Kitten, Blue Sun, BODY SHOTZ, Booty Hunters, Booty Shots, Bring Out Your Dead, Broner Patrol, BrotherHood, Carebear Warfare, Carry Me, Cazual Gamerz, Chaos Undivided, Chaotic Awesome, Children of Thrall, Church of Catbutt, Clan du Claw, Clique or Cliché, Close to the Edge, Covenant Knights, Crimson Path, Crimson Wrath, Crucial Conflict, Dark Descent, Dark Queen Lackeys, Dark Ritual, Decadence, Demis Misguided Youth, DEMON HORDE, Demonic Heroes, Distant Promise, donn cakes, Dont Tread On Me, Drunk Raiders, Drunken hippies, Décêptiøn, Early Avengers, Ebôla Rice, Echelon, Einherjar, Elite Guard, Enforced Fun, Evil Rabbit Empire, Eviscerated, Eye of Divinity, Faces of Change, Faith Plus One, Fall from Grace, Fallen Crux, Fancy Sharpies, Festering Fishmongers, Fierce, Firewind Knights, Fly By Night Air Service, for the fun of it, For the Hoard, Forged From Chaos, Forged in Exile, Forged in Flame, Friendship Before Loot, Fully loaded Crew, Fury, Fuzionomads Guild, gawds of war, Gladiators Only, Globaled, Globo Gym Purple Cobras, Gnomes with Big Sticks, Goes To Eleven, good clean fun, Google, Goon Squad, Griel Mercenaries, Guild of Maydie, Halcyon Affinity, Hand of Valar, Haut De La Vie, Hell Bent, heroes of the knight, Hold My Brew, Holy Hooligans, Horde Critter Killers, Horde Overlords, Hordestrom, Hostis Humani Generis, House Of Night, House Stark, I dont heal Pandas, Indesertus, Inertîa, Inferno, Innkeeper, Innuendo, INSIDIOUS, Integrity, Ipuntgnomes, Is Watching You, JamRock, Jonas Bros Before Hos, Keepers of Knowledge, Knights of Ni, Knights of Sheldor, Knights of the Alliance, Knights of the Forsaken, KT Blade PvP, Kunundrum, L o T u S, LEGACY, Legendary Soaks, Legends Of Legend, Legion of Fallen Angels, Legions Of The Horde, Lexington, Limitless, Linuxlovers, Make Whordes Pay, Malfeasance, Massacre, May Cause Dizziness, Meltdown, midnight KINGS, Mighty Taco Rangers, Ministry Of Truth, Mirrored Universe, Molten Core Swim Club, Muh Monez Owns Me, Necrology, Nephandi, Night Elf Skinning Inc, No Drama, No Mercy in this Dojo, NoDramaWanted, Nymphadoraas Bank, Once Upon a Time, One Lesson A Day, OTG TOO, Out for a Rip, Overlords of Chaos, Pact of Chaos, Panda Xpress, PANDEMIC, Pandy Raiders, Path of Time, Patience, Pink Bunnies of Hate, PostMortem, Prevail, Prïde, Prôtogenoi Reborn, Psychoanalytical, Pwn Them All, Queen Bees, Rainbow Team Alpha, Random Dancing Lobster, REALLYLONGNAMEFORAGUILD, Regiment, Renascentia, Renegades, Resolve, Right Hand of Azeroth, RIKM, Roadhouse Warriors, Saffys Emporium, Sap it and Tap it, Seekers of Knowledge, Sellers Unite, Shadow Vault, Shattered, Shun The NonBelievers, Shut Up Mom Im In Que, Stature of The Gods, Stormwind Heroes, Stormy Weather, Substituted Reality, Super Roblox Force, Supermodel Pillow Fight, TAG Pit Crew, Team Robot, Tempbank of doom, Templars of the Fallen, Tenebrae, That one Guild, The Addictive, The Aquabats, The Bank Of Øutt, The Brethren Court, The Daily Grind, The Evil Crusaders, The FlopHouse, The Forbidden, The gods of all, The Henchmen, the highborn, The Icy Rapture of Doom, The Illuminatì, The Illumìnatì, The Kings Honor Guard, The Lionsguard, The Mercantile Cartel, THE MILITIA, The Myrmidons, The OOM effect, The Other Dark Side, The Others, The Oxymorans, The Phoenix, The Reapers, The Rising Knights, The rpg Thugs, THE SCOURGE REBORN, The Tenth Crusade, The Third Faction, Trial and Terror, Twinkstas, Twisted Dynasty, Twisted Legion, Twisted Raiders, Two by Two Hands of Blue, Under Construction, Underscore, Undisputed, Used as a bank, Utah Krew, Vanilla Addicted, Venomhide, VERITAS ÆQUITAS, Victory not Vengeance, Vigorous Jazz Hands, Wants No Drama, Warlords of Horde, Warriors of Dark, We Has Cookies, Wolves Reign, World Explorers, Xternity, You got Pugged, Zephyr, ßrotherhood of ßlood, ÅXIOM, varthillanscratchguild, Velsir, Vengeance, Veni Vedi Vici, Vení Vídí Vící, Vereve, verve, Verve, Vicarious, Vicarious, Vigil, Vilelated, Voodoo, Wants No Drama, Waters of Delphi, We Punt Gnomes, Wizard People, WlNNING, Wolves of Twilight, WTF Inc, WTF Inc., Xoolloon's Personal Guild, Yakuza, Zdanger, Zinc, Zion Boys, Zombie Pugs, Zombos Zealots, Ænima

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