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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Treachery US-Korgath Horde 0 201
Didactic US-Korgath Alliance 0 78
Muse US-Korgath Alliance 0 60
Bumberton Brothers US-Korgath 0 49
Absolute Best US-Korgath Alliance 0 40
Victoria Noctem US-Korgath Alliance 0 35
Distinct US-Korgath Alliance 0 29
Placeholder US-Korgath 0 29
The Format US-Korgath Alliance 0 25
Organized Khaos US-Korgath Alliance 0 24
Fatal Paradox US-Korgath 0 19
Cynical US-Korgath 0 17
Absolute US-Korgath Alliance 0 13
Geeksquad US-Korgath Alliance 0 13
Gentlemens Club US-Korgath 0 12
Crimson Banditos US-Korgath Horde 0 11
For Pwny US-Korgath Alliance 0 11
Project Horde US-Korgath 0 11
Omerta US-Korgath Horde 0 10
Ëx Inferno US-Korgath Alliance 0 10
Agony US-Korgath Horde 0 9
Moist with a hard T US-Korgath Horde 0 9
Keep Calm and Raid Naked US-Korgath 0 8
Pound Town US-Korgath Alliance 0 8
The Revolutionaries US-Korgath Alliance 0 8
Goldshire Gangsters US-Korgath Alliance 0 7
Ice US-Korgath 0 7
Memento US-Korgath Alliance 0 7
Mostly Harmless US-Korgath Alliance 0 7
Blacklist US-Korgath 0 6
Cause and Effect US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
Eastside Bloods US-Korgath Horde 0 6
Ex Inferno US-Korgath Horde 0 6
Fable US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
Hodor US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
Insert Catchy Name Here US-Korgath Horde 0 6
Power US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
Real Korea US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
Spite US-Korgath 0 6
Ambition US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
AutoTuned US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Civil Disobedience US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Nine Inch Males US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Dread US-Korgath Alliance 0 4
Knights of the Light US-Korgath 0 4
No Worries US-Korgath Horde 0 4
The Gentlemans Club US-Korgath Alliance 0 4
Veritas Lux Mea US-Korgath Alliance 0 4
Demolished US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Fully Engorged US-Korgath 0 3
Graveyard Shìft US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
LIGHTS US-Korgath 0 3
Prejudice US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
War Ensemble US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Zero penetration US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Ashen US-Korgath 0 2
boat shoes and scotch US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Brotherhood US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
BTM US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Deadwind Dingers US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Deliverancé US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Equilibrium US-Korgath 0 2
Excluded US-Korgath 0 2
Halfway House US-Korgath 0 2
Leap of Faìth US-Korgath 0 2
lnexorable US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Nocturnum US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Null and Void US-Korgath 0 2
OMG Icecream Truck BRB US-Korgath 0 2
The Killer Peasants US-Korgath 0 2
Thy Art Is Murder US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Washington Redskins US-Korgath 0 2
Annihilation US-Korgath 0 1
Artum Inritus US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Blacklisted US-Korgath 0 1
Bliss of Solitude US-Korgath 0 1
Cant Stop Wont Stop US-Korgath 0 1
Chronic Chronicles US-Korgath 0 1
Club the Guild US-Korgath 0 1
Criminal Instinct US-Korgath 0 1
Doghouse US-Korgath 0 1
Fat Kids Win at See Saw US-Korgath 0 1
Fruit Vendor US-Korgath 0 1
Kryptic US-Korgath 0 1
Molotov US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Once Lost Souls US-Korgath 0 1
Smooth Jazz US-Korgath 0 1
Strawhat Army US-Korgath 0 1
The Breakfast Club US-Korgath 0 1
The Refined US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Indignation US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Nox Oriens US-Korgath Alliance 0 1221
War Party US-Korgath Horde 0 403
Tainted Morals US-Korgath Alliance 0 367
Loot Train US-Korgath Alliance 0 258
Ascension US-Korgath Alliance 0 225
Dark Legion US-Korgath Horde 0 194
Adrenaline US-Korgath Horde 0 131
Scarface US-Korgath Alliance 0 127
Violet Tragan US-Korgath Alliance 0 127
So Its Mutiny You Say US-Korgath Alliance 0 103
Impetus US-Korgath Alliance 0 92
Off The Grid US-Korgath Alliance 0 89
Dread US-Korgath Alliance 0 84
Greg's logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 81
Experiment IV US-Korgath Alliance 0 77
Infêrnø US-Korgath Alliance 0 66
Ruin US-Korgath Alliance 0 63
the Homeless Shelter US-Korgath Alliance 0 63
ChewToy US-Korgath Alliance 0 58
Nightwatch US-Korgath Horde 0 58
- Angel US-Korgath Alliance 0 56
Vitium US-Korgath Alliance 0 56
Distinct None Alliance 0 54
Get Well Soon US-Korgath Alliance 0 54
Impurus Casuals US-Korgath Alliance 0 47
Legendary US-Korgath Alliance 0 42
Nox Oriens [ascendance] US-Korgath Alliance 0 41
Blame It On Lag US-Korgath Alliance 0 40
Reparations US-Korgath Horde 0 40
Grown Ups US-Korgath Alliance 0 38
Superfly US-Korgath Alliance 0 34
Broken Release Button US-Korgath Alliance 0 33
PWSS US-Korgath Alliance 0 33
Draconic Savant US-Korgath Alliance 0 32
Heat US-Korgath Horde 0 32
Excluded US-Korgath Alliance 0 31
Shafted US-Korgath Alliance 0 31
Gentlemen's Club US-Korgath Horde 0 30
ChuchLogz US-Korgath Alliance 0 29
Astrictus US-Korgath Horde 0 28
Brotherhood US-Korgath Alliance 0 27
Divine US-Korgath Alliance 0 27
Chea Bro Chea US-Korgath Alliance 0 26
Dark Tendencies US-Korgath Alliance 0 26
Vader's Fist US-Korgath Alliance 0 26
Graveyard Shìft US-Korgath Alliance 0 24
Prejudice US-Korgath Alliance 0 24
Goldshire Gangsters US-Korgath Alliance 0 23
Insert Catchy Name Here US-Korgath Horde 0 22
Light US-Korgath Alliance 0 22
Blacklist US-Korgath Alliance 0 21
Hold Dat L US-Korgath Alliance 0 20
House Sole US-Korgath Alliance 0 20
Tetslogs US-Korgath Alliance 0 20
Alarrick US-Korgath Alliance 0 18
Existence US-Korgath Alliance 0 18
Light None Alliance 0 17
Rias Logerinos US-Korgath Alliance 0 17
Soloz Strip Club US-Korgath Alliance 0 17
AfterLife US-Korgath Horde 0 16
Edge US-Korgath Alliance 0 16
Blacklist US-Korgath Alliance 0 15
Mein US-Korgath Alliance 0 15
Elspeth's Logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 14
Londyn's Logs of Awesomeness US-Korgath Alliance 0 14
Edge US-Korgath Alliance 0 13
Pound Town US-Korgath Alliance 0 13
Get Dbl Soon US-Korgath Alliance 0 12
Potential US-Korgath Alliance 0 12
This Dragon Heals US-Korgath Alliance 0 12
USS Enterprise US-Korgath Alliance 0 11
Vox Radix US-Korgath Alliance 0 11
Ambition US-Korgath Alliance 0 10
Dark Origin US-Korgath Alliance 0 10
Dream Crushin US-Korgath Alliance 0 10
High Caliber US-Korgath Alliance 0 10
Palmtreelogz US-Korgath Alliance 0 10
Schnupper US-Korgath Horde 0 10
The Felsworn US-Korgath Alliance 0 10
We Tried US-Korgath Alliance 0 10
Ailron's Logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 9
Primeval US-Korgath Alliance 0 9
Echoes Of Time US-Korgath Alliance 0 8
Epoch of the Reborn US-Korgath Horde 0 8
Make It So US-Korgath Horde 0 8
Memento US-Korgath Alliance 0 8
Apocalypto US-Korgath Horde 0 7
Discord US-Korgath Alliance 0 7
Dreamers US-Korgath Horde 0 7
Fierce Allegiance US-Korgath Alliance 0 7
High Caliber 2 US-Korgath Alliance 0 7
Organized Khaos US-Korgath Alliance 0 7
Predestined None Alliance 0 7
Apawcalypse US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
BIG HOLE PENETRATORS US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
Bliss of Solitude US-Korgath Horde 0 6
Dont Laugh At My Giraffe US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
Drunk Misfits US-Korgath Horde 0 6
Organized Khaos US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
Resurgence US-Korgath Horde 0 6
Test US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
Visage US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
Xilea's Logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 6
Bads in Exile US-Korgath Horde 0 5
Club the Guild US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Elevator Allstars US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Enlighten US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Fiiftycal US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Franklinzz Impetus US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Frozen US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Ggodess US-Korgath Horde 0 5
horrible times US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Imperial Vengeance US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Insomniax US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Jellyfish Pirates US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Lockdown US-Korgath Horde 0 5
Segolene's Logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Silent US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Vaders Fist US-Korgath Alliance 0 5
Boyardee US-Korgath Alliance 0 4
BS US-Korgath Horde 0 4
Cookie Monsters US-Korgath Horde 0 4
Dossou's Logs US-Korgath Horde 0 4
Exvius US-Korgath Alliance 0 4
Medals US-Korgath Alliance 0 4
PLAY US-Korgath Alliance 0 4
SILENT 10MAN US-Korgath Alliance 0 4
The Exiles US-Korgath Alliance 0 4
Ultimam Vindictum US-Korgath Alliance 0 4
Bad Karma US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Bad Wolf US-Korgath Horde 0 3
Charts US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Corrupt US-Korgath Horde 0 3
Corrupted Collective US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Deadfear US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Devils Paradise US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Diagnosis US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Didactic Grp 2 US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Didactic v2 US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
E D US-Korgath Horde 0 3
Emaias The Mighty US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Fourth Dimension US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Gentlemens Club US-Korgath Horde 0 3
Good Nuff US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Group A US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Group A - Brooms US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Healzrforus US-Korgath Horde 0 3
If All Else Fails US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Malice US-Korgath Horde 0 3
Malum Factum US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Nefarious US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Potential US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Raiding with Scissors US-Korgath Horde 0 3
Ritual US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Saf's Logs US-Korgath Horde 0 3
Scoops Häagen Dazs US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Sleight of Hand US-Korgath Horde 0 3
Stylin Log's US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Teckkno US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
The Crazy Eighty Eights US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Those Who Fight US-Korgath Horde 0 3
Up in Smoke US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
WaitWhat US-Korgath Alliance 0 3
Anduulogs US-Korgath Horde 0 2
BlackPearl US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Brood Awakening US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Catch TwentyTwo US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Diagnosis US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Didactic US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Durnk's Durnken Raids US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Elspethtyrel US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Envy US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Excèssum Pèrficiò US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Failboats US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Fidelitas US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Good Fellas US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Grimm US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Group A - Seal Team Tang US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Just Do Work US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
kittens logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
LFR test US-Korgath Horde 0 2
LogginAndFloggin US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Maringer's Logs US-Korgath Horde 0 2
My Logs - Primalhealer US-Korgath Horde 0 2
Nox Incurro US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Open Raid US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Pandora US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
PostDramatic Syndrome US-Korgath Horde 0 2
Prosaic US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
PuG US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
rabbitlogs US-Korgath Horde 0 2
Raiding With Scissors G2 US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
SelfieLogs US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Turncoat US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Turncoat US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Venerate None Horde 0 2
visage LFR logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
Zelden US-Korgath Alliance 0 2
AantuLogs US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Al's group US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Anomaly US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Anything Goes US-Korgath Horde 0 1
BAMF US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Besim US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
BlackedOut US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Boostedds Logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Burning Sensations US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Callmemaybe US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Carried By Bads US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Critical Combo US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Davos' Logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
delandros' parse US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Drama Dread US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Dread Final logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Dread+ US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Easily Overlooked US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Echoes of Time US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Ellyat US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Emínent US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Eradication US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Ex Post Facto US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Exist US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Exo's Guild US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Feedback US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Friends US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Get Ryel Soon US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Gold Digger US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Harnessed Rage US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Hatelock US-Korgath Horde 0 1
HELLA CUTE US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Hips US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Hit it US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Imperion US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
In the Shadows US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Inhibitor US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Inhibitor US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
its elementary US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Keenan and Kelthuzad US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Kill Chit Don't Die US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Knights of the Holy Fire US-Korgath Horde 0 1
KOB US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Laugh Logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Lazeil and alts WOL US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Ludus Magnus US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Malum Factum 2 US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Mechanics Optional US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Memento US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Milq US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Morons And Slackers US-Korgath Horde 0 1
NadoParses US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Namilogs US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Nelieltu US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Placeholder US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Plan B US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Predestined US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Propaganda US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
PuG US-Korgath Horde 0 1
pugs are the ugly kind of cute None Alliance 0 1
Raiders Of The Lost Orc US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Random Logs US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Random's Logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Razzmatazz US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Re Lapse None Alliance 0 1
Rissien US-Korgath Horde 0 1
RWS US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Scatterrz logz None Alliance 0 1
Season Twelve Glads US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
secretlogman US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Sequentia US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Sequentia US-Korgath Horde 0 1
solologs US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Sonic Death Monkey US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Spikess world US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Staticggg US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Tacticlogs US-Korgath Horde 0 1
Tests US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
The Backseat US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
The Bar US-Korgath Horde 0 1
The Corporation US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Thefunplace US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Toxicology US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Tremor US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
VIVID US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
Wired None Alliance 0 1
Wizards Asylum US-Korgath Alliance 0 1
#stupidlol None Horde 0 0
*Feedback* None Alliance 0 0
Absolute US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
Abstract None Alliance 0 0
Acid Reign None Alliance 0 0
Admiral Hohos None Alliance 0 0
Aegis Falling None Horde 0 0
Aenema None Alliance 0 0
After Shøck None Alliance 0 0
Afterlife (Black) None Horde 0 0
Afterlife Backup None Horde 0 0
Agoles Logs None Alliance 0 0
Agony None Horde 0 0
Agony None Horde 0 0
Ali's Logs - Korgath None Alliance 0 0
Ambition None Alliance 0 0
Amplified None Alliance 0 0
Amy's Logs None Horde 0 0
Ancient Crusade None Alliance 0 0
Androld None Alliance 0 0
Apo None Horde 0 0
Apocalyptò None Horde 0 0
Apterous None Alliance 0 0
Ari's logs None Alliance 0 0
Arilina None Alliance 0 0
Armond's logs None Alliance 0 0
Artum Inritus None Alliance 0 0
asdjfk None Alliance 0 0
Ataraxia None Horde 0 0
Awesome Sauce Squad None Alliance 0 0
azril None Horde 0 0
Back from the Ashes None Alliance 0 0
Bad Karma None Alliance 0 0
Bad Karma None Alliance 0 0
BALLZDEEP None Alliance 0 0
Bam's Logs None Horde 0 0
Battlemasters None Alliance 0 0
Big Daddy Z None Horde 0 0
Binari can't log None Alliance 0 0
Blame it on Lag None Alliance 0 0
Bloodbath And Beyønd None Horde 0 0
bloodlust None Alliance 0 0
Boombizzle None Alliance 0 0
Bow Ties Are Cool None Alliance 0 0
Brightstar None Alliance 0 0
BRO None Horde 0 0
bromli's bitches None Alliance 0 0
Bush League None Alliance 0 0
Button Mashers None Alliance 0 0
C'thun Stomach Allstars None Alliance 0 0
Cabalistic None Alliance 0 0
Cabalistic None Alliance 0 0
Candy Van None Alliance 0 0
Cant Stop Wont Stop None Alliance 0 0
Cape None Horde 0 0
CC None Alliance 0 0
Cerberus None Alliance 0 0
cheami None Horde 0 0
Chic None Alliance 0 0
Chic None Alliance 0 0
Clockwork Thugs None Alliance 0 0
CMC None Alliance 0 0
Constant Velocity None Alliance 0 0
Conviction None Horde 0 0
Conviction 2 None Horde 0 0
Credence None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Crisis Diverted None Alliance 0 0
Crits Gone Wild None Alliance 0 0
Ctrl Alt None Alliance 0 0
Dark Axis None Alliance 0 0
Dark Side None Alliance 0 0
Dark Side None Horde 0 0
Dark Side None Horde 0 0
Dark Side None Horde 0 0
Dark Side None Horde 0 0
DarthaniansRunts None Alliance 0 0
Dead of Night None Horde 0 0
Deadly By Design None Alliance 0 0
Death and Taxes None Alliance 0 0
Decepticons None Horde 0 0
Defective None Horde 0 0
Delirium None Horde 0 0
Delírium None Horde 0 0
Denied None Alliance 0 0
Depravity None Horde 0 0
DeskClock None Alliance 0 0
Diabeetus None Horde 0 0
Diablo None Alliance 0 0
Didactice10 None Alliance 0 0
Die Trying None Alliance 0 0
Die Trying (Sky Team) None Alliance 0 0
Distinct None Alliance 0 0
Divine Intervention None Alliance 0 0
Dnt None Alliance 0 0
Dont Laugh At My Giraffe None Alliance 0 0
Dracula None Horde 0 0
Drama None Alliance 0 0
Dranoric None Alliance 0 0
E X I L E None Alliance 0 0
Easily Amused None Horde 0 0
Easily Overlooked None Alliance 0 0
Edge None Alliance 0 0
Edge Gamers None Horde 0 0
efex None Alliance 0 0
efeX None Alliance 0 0
efeX 2 None Alliance 0 0
Enlightenment None Alliance 0 0
Enyalius None Alliance 0 0
Ex Inferno None Alliance 0 0
Ex Inferno US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
Ex Inferno None Horde 0 0
EXCUSE ME? None Horde 0 0
Exemplar None Horde 0 0
Exordium None Alliance 0 0
Fail Boat None Horde 0 0
Fat Kids Win At See Saw None Alliance 0 0
Feedback None Alliance 0 0
Firefly None Alliance 0 0
Flash (BC) None Alliance 0 0
Fortes None Alliance 0 0
Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat None Alliance 0 0
Fpop None Horde 0 0
Freemasons None Alliance 0 0
Fuski Runs None Alliance 0 0
Gandorian None Alliance 0 0
Geeksquad None Alliance 0 0
Gentlemens Club None Horde 0 0
Gettin Greasy US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
Glory through Death None Alliance 0 0
Golden Idaho Potatoes US-Korgath Horde 0 0
Gollyday Logs None Horde 0 0
Grakev None Alliance 0 0
Grimm US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
Griz's Runs None Horde 0 0
Group A - Seal Team A None Alliance 0 0
Guild a Bear None Alliance 0 0
Guild A Bear None Alliance 0 0
Guild of Le Polar None Alliance 0 0
Guild of Nothing None Horde 0 0
Harten's Logs None Horde 0 0
Hasterating None Alliance 0 0
Hazë None Alliance 0 0
Heals Don't Crit None Alliance 0 0
hey im farmer None Alliance 0 0
I Like Turtles None Alliance 0 0
Ibex None Horde 0 0
Ice None Alliance 0 0
Idoneus None Horde 0 0
If All Else Fails None Alliance 0 0
Ilsat's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Immortalis None Alliance 0 0
Imperial Vengeance None Alliance 0 0
imperion None Alliance 0 0
Indignation None Alliance 0 0
inhibitor None Alliance 0 0
Inhibitor None Alliance 0 0
Iniquity None Alliance 0 0
Intent3 None Horde 0 0
Invalid Target None Alliance 0 0
iToons None Alliance 0 0
itsMagic None Alliance 0 0
IWantWater None Alliance 0 0
J's Logs None Horde 0 0
Jagten None Horde 0 0
Jambia None Alliance 0 0
Jawbot None Alliance 0 0
JP Worgen None Alliance 0 0
Jungle Patrol None Alliance 0 0
kadragon None Alliance 0 0
Kappa None Alliance 0 0
Keeper of the Bank None Alliance 0 0
KeyofLogs None Alliance 0 0
Knights of the Shadow None Alliance 0 0
Knights of the Shadows None Alliance 0 0
Korgath None Horde 0 0
Krypton's Most Wanted None Horde 0 0
Landrange None Alliance 0 0
League of Beckz None Alliance 0 0
Legacy US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
Legacy of Exiles None Alliance 0 0
Legion of the Phoenix None Horde 0 0
Lethal Intentions None Alliance 0 0
Light None Alliance 0 0
Light None Alliance 0 0
Light None Alliance 0 0
Light Enough to Carry None Alliance 0 0
LIGHTS None Alliance 0 0
Lionsheart None Alliance 0 0
Livid None Alliance 0 0
Livid None Alliance 0 0
Log of Niflheimret None Alliance 0 0
Loot Train None Alliance 0 0
Lords of Aggro None Horde 0 0
Lowrank's logs None Horde 0 0
Lucid None Alliance 0 0
luminality None Alliance 0 0
Luminous None Alliance 0 0
Lunchbox None Alliance 0 0
LusEsq None Alliance 0 0
Manic None Alliance 0 0
Manic None Horde 0 0
Mayhem None Horde 0 0
Meganigs None Horde 0 0
Memorium None Alliance 0 0
Midnight Tokers None Alliance 0 0
Midnight Tokers None Alliance 0 0
Minjìe None Horde 0 0
MirLogs None Horde 0 0
Misc None Alliance 0 0
Mocorongos None Alliance 0 0
Modest None Alliance 0 0
Moist With a Hard T None Horde 0 0
Molotov None Alliance 0 0
Molotov None Alliance 0 0
Molotov None Alliance 0 0
Monkshop None Alliance 0 0
MoogleMoogle None Alliance 0 0
Moq None Alliance 0 0
Morphs logs None Horde 0 0
Murder and Retribution None Horde 0 0
Murder and Retribution None Horde 0 0
MurlocslayerLogs None Alliance 0 0
Muse None Alliance 0 0
Muse None Alliance 0 0
MY LOGS None Alliance 0 0
MyThnkTank None Horde 0 0
Natural Selection None Horde 0 0
Nia's Logs US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
Nicefeetgirl None Horde 0 0
Ninja Pirates from Space None Alliance 0 0
No AFK for the Wicked None Horde 0 0
No Drama Llamas None Alliance 0 0
No Worries None Horde 0 0
No Worries None Horde 0 0
Noire None Alliance 0 0
northkorrea None Alliance 0 0
Notaustinpersonal None Alliance 0 0
Nothing Personal None Alliance 0 0
Nothing Personal None Alliance 0 0
Nox Incurro None Alliance 0 0
Obsidian Fist None Alliance 0 0
Obsidian Fists 2 None Alliance 0 0
Okunni logs None Alliance 0 0
Organic None Alliance 0 0
Otter None Alliance 0 0
Otter US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
Otter None Alliance 0 0
Outlaws None Alliance 0 0
P R O D I G Y None Alliance 0 0
Particle Log's None Horde 0 0
Personal Logs (Achertite) None Alliance 0 0
Phamous personal None Horde 0 0
Phonix's Logs None Horde 0 0
Piffy's Magic None Horde 0 0
Polluted's Dps None Alliance 0 0
Positive Reinforcement US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
Post Traumatic None Alliance 0 0
Potential None Alliance 0 0
Pug City None Alliance 0 0
Pugging For Life US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
Purple Reign None Horde 0 0
PWK Spec Ops None Alliance 0 0
Pwn's logs None Alliance 0 0
Radiance None Alliance 0 0
RageQuit2 None Horde 0 0
Raiders of the Lost Orc None Alliance 0 0
Raiders of the Lost Orc None Alliance 0 0
Raiding With Scissors None Horde 0 0
Randomly Selected None Alliance 0 0
Ready Check None Alliance 0 0
Ready Check None Alliance 0 0
Realm of Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Reason None Alliance 0 0
Red Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Redacted None Alliance 0 0
Redacted None Alliance 0 0
Refraction None Alliance 0 0
Relentless Nightmare None Alliance 0 0
Relentless Nightmare None Alliance 0 0
Repression None Alliance 0 0
Res Ipsa Loquitur None Horde 0 0
Rhobo None Alliance 0 0
Ritual None Alliance 0 0
Rotlo None Alliance 0 0
Rowdy Gunslingers None Alliance 0 0
SabALogs None Horde 0 0
Safelogs None Horde 0 0
Salty None Alliance 0 0
Save the Moosies None Alliance 0 0
Sb None Horde 0 0
Scooter's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Second Attempt None Horde 0 0
Sequentia None Horde 0 0
Sequentia None Horde 0 0
Serene None Alliance 0 0
Serenity None Alliance 0 0
Sereníty None Alliance 0 0
Sha Troopers None Horde 0 0
Shake N Bake None Alliance 0 0
Shattered Mercenaries None Alliance 0 0
shfub None Alliance 0 0
shfub None Alliance 0 0
silent None Alliance 0 0
Silent None Alliance 0 0
Silent Team None Alliance 0 0
Simplexity None Alliance 0 0
Simplexity None Alliance 0 0
Skittles None Alliance 0 0
smerff None Alliance 0 0
Smexy None Horde 0 0
so fresh None Horde 0 0
somuchdeath None Alliance 0 0
Sovereign None Alliance 0 0
SoyLogs None Horde 0 0
Sparring None Alliance 0 0
Sparring logs None Alliance 0 0
Spike Spartan None Alliance 0 0
Spikedoggy None Horde 0 0
Spotlight None Alliance 0 0
Standard Nerds None Alliance 0 0
Status Quo Ante None Alliance 0 0
Status Quo Ante None Alliance 0 0
Superfly None Alliance 0 0
Superfly None Alliance 0 0
Superfly None Alliance 0 0
Supermeng None Horde 0 0
Suzyq None Alliance 0 0
Syn's logs None Horde 0 0
synthetic None Horde 0 0
Team Wi None Horde 0 0
Teradan Logs None Alliance 0 0
Test Guild US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
TestGuild None Alliance 0 0
The Batman None Alliance 0 0
The Crazy 88's None Alliance 0 0
The Drift None Alliance 0 0
The Exiles MoP None Alliance 0 0
The Revolutionaries None Alliance 0 0
The Rolling Stones None Alliance 0 0
The Super Best Friends None Alliance 0 0
The Unit None Alliance 0 0
Thebloom Logs None Horde 0 0
Thee UnBlessed None Alliance 0 0
TheLastCall None Horde 0 0
Theory of the Legends None Alliance 0 0
Theory of the Legends None Alliance 0 0
Theory of the Legends None Alliance 0 0
TM None Alliance 0 0
Tnewor Rises None Horde 0 0
Tranquil None Horde 0 0
trees amazing logs None Alliance 0 0
Triggered US-Korgath Horde 0 0
Tøxic Entity None Alliance 0 0
Unequivocal None Horde 0 0
Unrest None Alliance 0 0
Unrest None Alliance 0 0
Vaders None Alliance 0 0
Vaeli's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Via Veritas Vita None Horde 0 0
Victoria Noctem None Alliance 0 0
Vigilantes None Alliance 0 0
VLM None Alliance 0 0
VoA None Alliance 0 0
Vraulls logs None Horde 0 0
Vulmonk None Alliance 0 0
Vyrt None Horde 0 0
War Ensemble None Alliance 0 0
War Ensemble 2 None Alliance 0 0
War Paint None Alliance 0 0
We do It all None Alliance 0 0
We Do It All None Alliance 0 0
we do the bad deeps None Horde 0 0
We tried(group 3) None Alliance 0 0
WE two None Alliance 0 0
whereslust None Alliance 0 0
Willyum US-Korgath Alliance 0 0
Worldstar None Alliance 0 0
Worldstar None Alliance 0 0
Worldstar None Alliance 0 0
Wrong Strat US-Korgath Horde 0 0
Wumbo Squad None Horde 0 0
Xugos None Alliance 0 0
yifenz None Alliance 0 0
Zeratuls Homies None Alliance 0 0
Zichore's Logs None Horde 0 0
Ëx Inferno None Alliance 0 0
Толстый None Alliance 0 0
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Chaos, Eternal Reign, Eternal Reign, Eternal Reign, Eternal Vigilance, eveladra, Everyone wins!, Evolution, ex inferno, Ex Inferno, Ex Inferno, Ex Post Facto, Ex Post Facto, Exhilaration, Exquisite Demise, Extreme Unction, Extreme Violence, Fail Boat, farrapos, Fatal Paradox, Fearless, feesh, Felsworn, fern, Festina Lente, Fiber, Firework, Fist of entropy, Flag Up, FLAMING PANDA, Flex, For the love of money, Forces of Angband, Forged In Fire, Forlorn, Formidable, Forplay, Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat, Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat, Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat, Fortes Fortuna Advicut, Fortune, Freemasons, Freemasons, freewind log, From Hell, From Hell, fruitisgod, Full Potato, furytest, Gaiasis loves you, Garrosh's Legion, GDKP, Geeksquad, Geeksquad, Gentlemens Club, Get On My Level, Get On My Level, Get Well Soon, Get Well Soon , Get Well Soon 10 man Grp 1, Get Well Soon 10 man Grp 2, Get Well Soon 2, Get Well Soon 2, Gnømercy , GOA, Goldshire Gangsters, Goldshire Rosters, goldshiregangsters, Gollydaylogs, GOML, Goobypls, GOOD GRAVY, good mens, Good Team, good times, Good Times, goodmens, Googs Inc, goonsworn, Goreguutz, Got em, Got Nerfed, GP, Grab Some Bench, Grand Theft Kodos, Greed is Good, Grimm, Grims Pug Runs, Gristle1, Grizley's runs, Grobin's Guild, Groteskill_pandaria, grown ups, Guerreiros Casuais, Guild of Nothing, Guild of Nothing, Guild of Uunix, guildless, Guildless, guildoffink, GWS10m, Haines Ten, Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata, Handsome Man Brigade, Handsome Trolls, happy hour, Happy Hour, Hard Mode, HardcoreCasuals, Hashtag Jus Sayin, Hate, Hate Fortress, Hazë, Hazë, Heals Dont Crit, Heavens Wrath, Heavy , Heavymetals logs, Heid's Logs, Hell Scream, HELL SCREAM, Hella Flush, Hellhawk Fanclub, hellosdfsdfsd, HELLSCREAM, Hellsing Society, Hellsing Society, Henry Zhaos Textbook, Heroes after dark, Heroes After Dark, Heroes After Dark, Heroes After Dark, Heroes After Dark, Heroes After Dark Korgath, Herpderp, hieneken, High Caliber, High Caliber-Sephiroth, High Maintenance, High Maintenance 2.0, High Voltage, Hired Killers, hirokorgath, Hit it and Quit it, holypaly, Home, Honey Badger, Horda e Progresso, hordeballs, HossKorgath, Hostile, Hostile, Hostile, hotpocket logs, House Sole, How Do They Work, Howla, hrar, hrar, Humantank, Hunger Games, hungry, huwefhfew, Hyjalkids Hyjalwife, Hypnotic, Hyponotize, Hømicide, I HEARD U LIKE LOGGIN SO I PUT A LOG IN UR LOG SO U CAN LOG WHILE U LOG, I III III VII, I Just Woke Up, I lIl IlI VIl, Icand's Guild, ICNH, Idahowins, Idoneus, Idoneus, If All Else Fails, Iggy Pop Bane Blade, Iime Log, ilikecookies, Illumina, illuminati angels, ilyatur, Im a wizard , ima hamsandwich omnomnom, Imperial Standard, Imperial Vengence, Imperious, Imperious, Impulsiv3, Impulsive, Inactive, Incentive, Inception, Inconceivable, Indignation, Indignation, Inept, Infamous Guild, Infinite Jest, Inglouriøs Båsterds, Inhibitor, Inhibitor, Inhibitor, Ink, Inquietude, Inquisition, Inquisition, Insanely Delicious, Insert Catchy Name Here, Insert Catchy Name Here, Insert Catchy Name Here, Insomniax, Insomniax alt, Instincts, Instincts, Intense Intents in Tents, Intent, Intolerance, Inumbrate, Invasive, is clearly awesome, Is Drunk, isis, It Doesn't Matter, It Doesnt Matter, Itachi Logz ftw, itoons, iToons, Its about the Logistics, Ivy's App Guild, Iwi, J Three Four, Jaded, Jaywalker, Jersey Shore, Jesus Loves You, Joegreezy, joobers, Judgemannnn, Juice, Juiseds Random WoLs, Jungle Patrol, Just Beat It, Just Do Work, Just Do Work, Justanotherrandom, JustHim, JVend, kaizen, Kaizen, Kaliea's Logs, kamp, Kangolio , KangolWoL, Karma, Karma, Keep Calm and Raid Naked, Keeper of the Bank, Keeping It Cute, Kerberos, Kesla, Khoazilla, Killing Time, Killing Time, Killingdeth, Kilzum, Kinhus, Kiss our darnassus, klr, KluainHPS, Konquest, kool kitten klub, Korgath, Korgath Pro Paladins, Kuppycake ^_^, kutzilla, Kynnstar, Laffy, Last to Walk, Laus Deo, Law Of Defiance, Le Olde Logs, Legendary Few, Legion of Doom, Legion of Doom, Legion of Doom, Legion Of Doom, Legion Of Doom, Letalis, lettlo, LFR, lfr antic logs, LFR logs, Liberation, Liberation, Life to Lifeless, LIGHTS, Lilshycii, Lilshycii, Log for Application, Logic, Logs, Logs for Fluor, Logs for Haines, logs wut, lol, LOL DIS MAH GILD, Londyns Logs, Londyns Logs, Loot an Scoot, Loot Vendors, Lords Alliance, Loyal, Lumi's Guild of Parses, luna's log, Lyroy, Machaera, Macshiv's Logs, madlib's pugs, Majordomo's Sushi House, Majordomos Sushi House, Make It Dead, Make It So, Malum Factum, Malum Factum, Malum Factum, Malum Factum - THOR, Malum Factum Team BAMF, Maniacal, Mannypacman, Marauders Inc, Masca, Masses to Ashes, Matheney R Us, Mayhem, Mayongs Parses, Medical Grade, Meh, Memento, Menace, Merciless, Merciless, METTLE, meus mendum, Meus Mendum, Meus Mendum Test, Miami Homicide Villains, mine, Mine, minhhoang, minihamster, MirLogs, Misunderestimated, Modus Vivendi, Mohotslogs, Molotov, Momentum, Moneyshot69, Monkeyjoe's 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Oméga, Oméga, Oméga, Once Lost Souls, Once Lost Souls, Onner's logs, Orange Juice, Original Gangsta, Otter, Ovhell, P R O D I G Y, Pacem Para Bellum, Pacem Para Bellum, Pain, Pain, Pains WoL, PaladinArmy, Pantheon, Paradigm, Paranormal, Parse, Passive Aggressive, Pathetic, Pendragon, pepekon, Personal logs, Personal Logs, Personal WoLs, pete's parses, PGBK, Phonix Private Logs, Pirate Club, Placeholder, Pladow, Pocky, popular, Popular, Popular, Popular Table, Porkchops and Paintchips, Post Traumatic, PostDramatic SyndromeG1, pr0d2, PraysLogs, Preservation, prevail, Primal Retribution, Prime, Priority, Priority, Priority, Priority, Pro Lucror, Process, Process, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prosaic, Proverbial Fire, Pug Run!, Puggin like a champ, puggy, Pugs, Pugs, Pugs 101, Purphazee, purple reign, Purple reign, Pursuit of Loot, Putricide log, PVE Certified, QQ Heres a Tissue, Quantum, quid pro bro, rabadaglan, Rad Bromance, Radiance, Rage Quit, Rage Quit, Rage Quit, Raiders of the Lost Orc, Raiders Of The Lost Orc, Raiding with Scissors, Raiding With Scissors, Raiding with Scissors (Group 2), Rakez, Random, Random Logs, Random Logs, Random Precision, Random Precision, Random Pug, randomguild, Ray, RC, Real From day one, Reason, Reason, Reason, Reason, Reason, Reason, Rebirth, Recruit, Red ur Dead, Redef2, Redefine, Redline, RedLine, Reflexion, Reign, Reign, Reign2, Relentless Havok, Relentless Nightmare, Relentless Nightmare, Renagade's of Funk, Reparations, Res Ipsa Loquitur, Resilient, Resolve, Resolve, Resolve, Resolve, Resolve, Resolve123, Resurgere Ex Cineriubus, Resuscitate, Retpaladindeeps, Revalation, Rewiinds Log's, Riptide Heals, RoA, Rofltusks Pugs, Roflzen, Romrin and Nal Logs, Roulette, Round Two, Rowdy Gunslingers, Rum, RWS Group 3, Safe, Sainte Poutine, Sainte Poutine, Saleen, sam crow, Sample, Samschoice, Sanctus de Noctum, Sandwhich Heavy Portfolio, Savacious Logs, Save the Moosies, Scions of Destiny, Scions of Destiny, Scoops Häagen Dazs, ScyDC, Second Attempt, Second Attempt, Second Attempt, Secrecy, Senpai Noticed Me, Seraphim, Seraphim, serene, Serene, Serene, Sex Panther, Sha Troopers, Shadow Priest, shakudo, Shaman's Guild, ShatteredSouls, shayo, Sheepshot, Shift, ShiftFakeg, Sic Volvere Parcas, sigh@guildless -Karz-, Sign My Mousepad, Silent, Silent - Korgath, Silla Test, Simplexity, Simplexity, Simplicity, Sinful Requiem, Sippin Haterade, Skig, Skild, Skinnable, Skizm Pugs, Skyreach, slaughtor, slickback personal, Slight Ego, Slippy Toad, Smexy, Smoke N a Pancake, Snew app, Snikkle, So very temporary, Sockdrawer Booty Call, Softcore, Solipsis, Solédad, sonzzy times, SoV, SoV, Spicy, SPQR, ST, ST, ST, ST, Starwulf logs, Stat's guild, Static, Stillflexin, Stole My Bike, STOP MOM IM RAIDING, Strange, Stratus, StubbzGuild, Stuff, Suck it, Sup Fresh Our Turn, Supafly, Super Friends, Super Friends, Superfly, Swaggoo G, Swamp Ninjas, Swishee, Synthetic, system shutdown, System Shutdown, T Guild, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, Talent, Taranigs Family Outings, Task Force, Tasty, Tbag pugs, Team Discount, Team Discount, Team Discount, Team Lowerping, Team Panda Express, Team Spice, Team Tasty, Team Tasty, Team Wi, Team WI, TeamJacob, TeamJacob, Teckbest, Temp, Ten, Tenshu, Terrible, test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test Guild, Test Guild, Test Guild, Test Guild, Test Guild, test parse, TEST TIME, Test1414134143, testguild, Testguildapplogs, Testies, Testis, Testos, Tetchy, TF0, TFO, TFO, TFO AZN RAID, Thatz What She Said, The Blue Team, The Decepticons, The Endgame, The Exiles, The Exiles, The Format, The Fridge, The Ginyu Force, The Goat House, The Green Team, the haines guild, The hEros of Thanatos, The Immortal Brotherhood, The Jolly Rogers, The Judges, The Midnight Plague, The Moist, The Moist, The Naked Fear, The Naked Fear, The Naked Fear, The Naked Fear, The Naked Fear, The Naked Fear, The New Era, The Onyx Brotherhood, The order of the ebon hand, the password is matress, THE POON FLAP, the potency project, The Pug Logs, The Refined, The Suffering, The Sundering, The Sundering, The Sundering, The Sundering, The Sundering, The Syndicate, The Taco Gestapo, The Teku, The Two Coupons, The Unit, The Unit, The Unit, The Úlairi, Theboxer, ThemHips, Themoneyshot, Theory of the legends, Theory of the Legends, there_and_back, theroulette, TheSafetyWordIsBearMount, THEx, Theygoboom, THISISSPARTA, Thugz N Puddi, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy's logs, Tigurius, Tinaturner, Titanià, Toj's Guild, Top Guild NA, Toxicology, Toysoldier, Toysoldier, TPK, Trauma, Trauma Two, Tremor, Trials and Tribultaions, Tricks of the Old Ranger, Triple Entente, truelygreen, ttestt, Turncoat, Twisted Affliction, Twolling, TZZ89, Undecided, Undecided, Undecided, Undecided, Undecided, Undecided, Unique Individuals, Unlimited Blade Works, UnlimitedsWc, Unreal, Uprise, A Decent Guild, About That Life, Abrogators, ABU AMMAR, Achievement Hunters, Acid Reign, Adjective Noun, Aegis Falling, Aenema, Affiliation, AfterLife, Against All Reason, Age of Apathy, Agents of Shield, Agrevails Minions, Aku Soku Zan, All About That Bass, All By Myself, All or Nothing, Alt Savings and Loan, Altaholics, American Males, Amigos, Amnesia, Anarchism, Anarchy, Ancient Crusade, Angels of Death Clan, Angels Of Undercity, Angelus Mortis, Annihilàtion, Aphotic, Apocalyptic Pride, Approach, Arcadium, Arcane, Archangel Disciples, Ascendancy, Asleep By Dawn, Aspect, Astrictus, Atheist, Atlantis, Atrocity, Auction House Slaves, Audacity, Auxillium, Avengers, Average, Azeroth Game and Parks, Baby Love Bunnies, Backup Option, Bad Dudes, Bad Karma, Banana Hammock, Band of the Hâwk, Bang, BANK, Bank O Bunny, Bank of Pandaria, Banker Coalition United, Bankers for Life, Bankforce, BankNeeded, Banks Big, Banks of WoW, Banque, BASEMENT WIZARDS, Beatings, Beautiful Oblivion, Bee Sting, Behemoth, Better Than You, BGS BANK, Big Rigs, Bitcoin, BlackedOut, Blackheart Resurrection, BlackHearts, Blacksheep, Blacktongue, Blame it on Lag, Blood, Blood and Rank, Bloodbath And Beyønd, Bloodlust, Bloodspiral, Bobby Buckets, Booty Bay Surf Club, Bound By Blood, BOW DOWN, Brain Neutral Raiders, Broken Release Button, Broken Shadows, BROOKYLN ZOO, Bropocalypse, Bros Night Out, Bros of the Round Table, BroSquad, Brutality, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, Bubonic Chronic, Burning Sensations, Buttsoap, By The Water, Cabalistic, Cannabîs Cup, Cant Kill A Twink, CaptainClutch, Carlos Spicey Wieners, Carly Rae Jepsen FanClub, CarpeNoctem, Casual Encounters, Casual Gamers, Casually Hardcore, Casuals, Cata, Cats Gone Wild, CC, Cerberus, Chaos Incorporated, Charon, Chaøtic Memøries, Cheese and Crackers, Choke, Christian Crusaders, Chronic PvP, Circle Of Tyrants, Clan of Chaos, Coalition of Vengeance, Codex Down, Comatose, Complicated Simplicity, Constructive Criticism, Control Alt Elites, Convicted, Conviction, Coo Coo Cachoo, Cookie Monsters, Core Values, Corrupted Collective, Could Be Worse, Crackas With Attitude, Cracks Bank Account, cram it up your cramhole, Credence, Creed, CrimsoN ButterFlY, Crit Happens, Crits Gone Wild, Cross, Crush, Crux, CRY ME A RIVER, Crìt Happens, CSI Undercity, Cue the Credits, Cutthroat Committee, Cyanide and Cydonia, Cyanide Solution, D E A D, D G D Eseven, Daily Alibi, Damage Network, Dargonkin, Dark Brethren, Dark Hours, Dark Intent, Dark Legion, Dark Lord of All, Dark Origin, Dark Side, Dark Tide, DarkBloodz, Darkmoon Derelicts, Darths Empire, Dauntless, Dawn of Reprisal, Daylight Dies, Dead of Nightwatch, Deadly By Design, Deadly Stabbed, Deadman Wonderland, Death Angels, Death Call Tribe, Death Cleave, Death Count, Death Wardens, Deaths Scythe, Decerto, Decree of Brutality, Dedicated, Deez Nutz, Defenders of the Cross, DEFENSE OF THE AV CAVE, Defiance, Defrost, Delicate Shades, Delirium, Delírium, Dementis, Demonic Origin, Depravity, Deprived Insanity, Dethrone, Detrition, Deviant, Devoted, Dharma PvP, Diablo, Diagnosis, Die Move, Disciples of War, Disco Bandits, Discord, DISCOSTICK, Divine Evil, Divine Heresy, Divine Light, Divine Mortality, Do You Even Science Bro, DOIN STUFF FOR GOLD, Domesticated Primates, donkey knuckers, Dont Laugh At My Giraffe, Dont look behind you, Draconic Savant, Dragon Lovers, DRAGONSLAYERS IRL, Drano Max, Dread is Dead, Dread Wedding, Dream Crushin, Dreamers, Drexel Dragons, Drunk and Disorderly, Drunk Misfits, DualGods, Dudez a Plenti, Dungeon Kings, Dwarven District, Dysfunctional, E Pluribus Unum, E X O D U S, Earthbound, Easily Amused, EasilyOverlooked, Eat Grenade Stupids, Eat What You Kill, Edge, Edge Gamers, efeX, Effective, eHarmony, Ehren, Elekks of Carthage, Elite Guard, Elite Guardians, Elusion, Endless Ambition, Endurance, Enternal Abyss, Entropy, Enyalius, Epoch of the Reborn, Epsilon, Equinox, Eradication, eREKTshin Resurrection, Error Guild Not Found, Espresso, Eterna Vita, Eternal Chaos, Ethereal Raiders, Everyone Welcome LAWL, Everyone Welcome lol, Everythings Eventual, Evil Geniuses, Evil Minions, Evolutionary, Excalibur, exceptional, Excèssum Pèrficiò, execution, Exiled Ancients, Exiled Elites, Exiled Warriors, Exilium, Exist, Existence, Experiment IV, Extralife, Exulzion, Face Down, Facing Forward, Faction Change, Faded Reality, Fair Haven, Faith in Arms, Fallacy, Fallen Empire, Fallen Militia, Famously Anonymous, Farmers Mafia, Farside, Fat Kid Loves Cake, FBGM, Feather Sanctum, Feedback, fighters of the moon, Fills The Gaps, filthy casual, First Blood, Five Sunders, FlatLine, Flawless Tenacity, Flying V, For Harambe, Forces of Angband, Forgotten Kings, Forlorn, Forsaken Bone Mill, Forsaken Vengeance, Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat, Fourth Dimension, Fracture, Frail fkn dweebs, Freedom Moose, Freelance, Friendzone, Fringe Division, Fringe of Darkness, From IT, Frostwolf Clan, Frozen, FULL MURPED, Furious Button Smashers, Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute, G O D M O D E, Garbage, Genesìs, Gentlemens CIub, Gettin Greasy, GFI, Gigabyte, Girls Bravo, Girls With Low Morals, Git Gud, Glory Before Death, Gnome Depot, Go Down, Goblin Punters, Gods of Anarchy, Gods of Mischief, Golden Idaho Potatoes, Good Vibrations, Gorshalach, GOT HIM OUT OF STEALTH, Gotei Thirteen, Gotta Go Fast, GRAMMAR POLICE, Grats, GREENHOUSE, Grimm, Group A, Grown Ups, Gucci Burr, GUCCI CLUB, Guild A Bear, Guild of Commerce, Guild of Nothing, Guts n Glory, gwonam, GWS Allstars, Gênésîs, Half A Chicken, Half Baked Theorys, Hallowed Covenant, Han Shot First, Happy Hour, Hashtag Woo, Heavens Devils, Heavens Market, Helix, Hellacious Heroes, Hells Misfitz, Hellsing Society, Hesitation, HEY CUTIE, hey im farmer, hey im fmb, hey im not mvp, High Caliber, High Contrast, High Society, Hit Point, Hold Dat L, HoneyBerryz, Honorable Intentions, Horde Bandits, Horde Extremists, Horde on Phonics, hordenation, Horderly, Horror, Hostile, Hostile Intent, Hotter After Midnight, House of Harpell, House of Sargeras, House Sole, How to Catch a Predator, Huge Brown Sack Vendor, Hugh G Rexions, Hunger Games, Hunting Wabbits, Hybris, Hype, Hèllscream, 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Advantage, United Bank of War, Unknown, Uprise, Uprising, USS Enterprise, Vaders Fist, Vae Victis, Valar Morghulîs, Vanguards, Velox Evito, Venatus, Venerate, Vengeful Dogs, Via Veritas Vita, Victory or Valhalla, Vile Syndicate, Villains, Vindictive, Violent Pwnography, Violet Tragan, Virgins, Virus, Vis et Venia, Vis Major, Vital, Vitium, Vivid Gaming, VoA, VOID, Voided Shadows, Voracity, Vox Radix, War Council, Warsong Battalion, We Are Wolfs, We Brought Snacks, We Cross Swords, We Do It All, WE DRINK RITALIN, We Know Girlz, We Picked Charmander, we punch taints, We PvP, We Raid Naked, We Smoke n PvP, We Tried, WE TRiPPY MANE, Were Addicted, WestCoast, Whalers on the Moon, Whispering Eye, Winter is Coming, Winter ls Coming, Wired, Wizards Asylum, Wont Be Beat, Worldstar, Worst Behavior, WoW Leveling Guild, WTB cauldron, wubalubadubdub, Xenocide, Yakuza, YOLO SQUAD, You Are Not Repaired, You Dont Even Know, You Mad Bro, Zackyy and Friends, Zeko Main Team, Zero Interest, zesty, Zêrg, 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