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US-Kirin Tor
Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
ET2 US-Kirin Tor Horde 6 21
Heroic Crisis US-Sentinels Horde 0 824
Arcana Solarie US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 638
The League US-Sentinels Horde 0 389
Refuge US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 386
Flames of Salvation US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 355
Ungrateful US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 298
Grim Legion US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 281
Twisted Chaos US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 269
TalmaheRa US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 250
Sacred Grove US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 241
Velocity US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 227
Clarity US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 208
Under Pressure US-Sentinels Horde 0 160
Prophecy US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 128
Havenguard None Alliance 0 117
Destruction US-Sentinels Horde 0 84
Portent Alliance US-Sentinels Horde 0 75
UMF US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 70
Absolute US-Sentinels Horde 0 61
Annihilation US-Sentinels Alliance 0 61
TBSG US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 46
Monolith US-Sentinels Alliance 0 45
guild/pug/lfr/anything US-Sentinels Alliance 0 44
Double Shotz None Horde 0 36
Blades of Light None Alliance 0 32
Unholy Legion US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 29
Firehammer Clan US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 27
Solidarm-Personal US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 27
Necromatic Society US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 25
Arracht US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 22
Pfft US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 22
Rista's logs US-Sentinels Alliance 0 21
Marshmallow US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 20
Doomsday US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 17
The Gods of War US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 17
hardeedeeharhar None Alliance 0 16
Virtue US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 15
Bluesilver US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 13
Fusion US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 13
Pig & Whistle Society US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 13
Say No Vanillao US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 13
Bad Kitty US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 12
Steadfast US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 12
Symbiosis US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 11
Hotta US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 10
Deal With It US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 9
Death's Grip None Horde 0 9
Dragons Plunder US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 9
Lichbane US-Sentinels Alliance 0 9
CV US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 8
Missunderstood US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 8
Wise Guise US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 8
Deadly Moss Bods US-Sentinels Alliance 0 7
Hyrulian Knights US-Sentinels Alliance 0 7
Coalition Victory US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 6
CeillidhFU US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 5
Flames Of Salvation (Nul) US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 5
Honorbound US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 5
Not Viable US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 5
Raid Five US-Sentinels Alliance 0 5
Risen from Ashes US-Sentinels Alliance 0 5
The Canadian Goose US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 5
Darkknights Blood US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 4
Elreck US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 4
Fishizzie US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 4
It Will Be Glorious US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 4
Kihaji US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 4
TsulongKirinTor US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 4
Worlds End Regulars US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 4
Yappity US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 4
Catharsis US-Sentinels Alliance 0 3
Dealt With It US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 3
high and might US-Sentinels Horde 0 3
Last Pariahs of Kronos None Horde 0 3
MS US-Sentinels Alliance 0 3
Ras' personal logs US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 3
Test US-Sentinels Horde 0 3
The Free Legion US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 3
Blades of the Ethereum US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 2
Destined Cruelty US-Sentinels Alliance 0 2
Duskguard US-Sentinels Horde 0 2
froggey US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 2
Kaj Did it... US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 2
Log Hoar US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 2
Previously Guildless US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 2
Reprisal US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 2
Reprisal US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 2
Ruffy's Logs US-Sentinels Alliance 0 2
Searing Shadows US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 2
Shatterstorm US-Sentinels Alliance 0 2
SL World US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 2
Trample Info US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 2
Turtle's Late Run US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 2
Zodiac US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 2
Alaskan Loggings US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
Alpha Imperia US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
AltsAnonymous US-Sentinels Alliance 0 1
AotD US-Sentinels Horde 0 1
Arcane Illuminati Deux US-Sentinels Alliance 0 1
Arodox US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
Bayleron US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
Ceivmyg Carennydd G1 US-Sentinels Alliance 0 1
Classic US-Sentinels Alliance 0 1
Crath's Random Combat Logs US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 1
Cry of the Phoenix US-Sentinels Horde 0 1
Da Mojo US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 1
Delirium US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
Elysion US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
Emerald Dragons US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
Epic Winning US-Sentinels Horde 0 1
Fabled Fellowship US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
Fifth Column US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
greymatter US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
Insomnia US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 1
Lucid Dream US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
Maniacal US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
Modus Operandi US-Sentinels Alliance 0 1
numba1stunna US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 1
Paradigm US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 1
Shatterstorm US-Sentinels Alliance 0 1
Spin the Dragon US-Sentinels Horde 0 1
Stuff and Nonsense US-Kirin Tor Horde 0 1
The Event Horizon US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
The Unbroken US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 1
The Untainted US-Sentinels Alliance 0 1
tim tebow US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
Trauma US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
Undaunted US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 1
Vigilant US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 1
Watering Plants US-Sentinels Horde 0 1
Way of the Sword US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 1
Whiterose US-Sentinels Alliance 0 1
Zombie Apocalypse US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 1
A New Horizon None Horde 0 0
Abastion's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Absolue Guild None Alliance 0 0
Acquitted None Alliance 0 0
Acquitted None Alliance 0 0
Ageless None Alliance 0 0
Ageless None Alliance 0 0
Aggressive None Horde 0 0
AI None Alliance 0 0
Antag None Horde 0 0
Antagonist None Horde 0 0
Arisen None Alliance 0 0
Bagster None Alliance 0 0
Bagster None Alliance 0 0
Bane US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 0
Bc None Alliance 0 0
Beta Phi Gamma None Alliance 0 0
Blacksky Company None Horde 0 0
Blades of Light None Alliance 0 0
Bladewing None Alliance 0 0
Blood Scarred Skies None Horde 0 0
Brothers of Destruction None Alliance 0 0
Cake None Horde 0 0
Cake None Horde 0 0
Casual Enthusiasm None Alliance 0 0
Chamber of Forge None Alliance 0 0
Citadel of Chaos US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 0
Clambake Apocalypse None Alliance 0 0
Complexity None Horde 0 0
Complexity None Horde 0 0
Crimson Blood Clan None Horde 0 0
Crimson Blood Clan None Horde 0 0
Crimson Blood Clan - SWC Flex None Horde 0 0
CV TZ Logs None Alliance 0 0
Da Mojo None Horde 0 0
Dark Destruction None Horde 0 0
Dark Reckoning None Alliance 0 0
Darkness Within - Sapphire None Alliance 0 0
Deadlee's Army None Horde 0 0
Deaths Grip None Horde 0 0
Deathwalk Clan None Horde 0 0
Devils Militia None Alliance 0 0
Divine Comedy None Horde 0 0
Donnys R Us None Alliance 0 0
Doomsday None Alliance 0 0
Double shotz None Horde 0 0
Double Shotz None Horde 0 0
DW JADE None Alliance 0 0
Equivalence None Alliance 0 0
Excalibur None Alliance 0 0
Excelcius None Alliance 0 0
Fifth Column None Alliance 0 0
Firehammer Clan None Horde 0 0
Flames of Salvation None Horde 0 0
follow me to your doom None Alliance 0 0
forwolffeathers None Alliance 0 0
Full Circle None Alliance 0 0
Gneesh's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Grp2-Risen None Alliance 0 0
Guardians of the Light - Pandaria None Alliance 0 0
Heroes of Legend None Horde 0 0
Heroes of Legend US-Steamwheedle Cartel Horde 0 0
High and Mighty None Horde 0 0
Honor Amongst None Horde 0 0
Honorbound None Horde 0 0
Insidious Council None Alliance 0 0
iToons None Alliance 0 0
Ive Quit Better Guilds None Alliance 0 0
jfa None Horde 0 0
Jor-Guild None Alliance 0 0
Kynetic None Horde 0 0
League None Horde 0 0
LHC None Alliance 0 0
LheafSentinels None Alliance 0 0
Lichbane US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 0
Malleus - Illum None Alliance 0 0
Malleus Maleficarum None Alliance 0 0
Maniacal None Alliance 0 0
Militis Noctis None Alliance 0 0
Missunderstood None Alliance 0 0
Mysty Eyed None Alliance 0 0
Natural Order None Alliance 0 0
Ninth Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Nix Ever None Alliance 0 0
Nope None Alliance 0 0
Nyx'd None Alliance 0 0
Order Of The Silver Hand US-Kirin Tor Alliance 0 0
Paix None Alliance 0 0
Pandemíc None Alliance 0 0
Perfect Storm None Alliance 0 0
pri US-Steamwheedle Cartel Alliance 0 0
qtDmg None Alliance 0 0
qtDpsqt None Horde 0 0
Raid None Horde 0 0
Reliquary None Alliance 0 0
Remnants of Stormreaver None Horde 0 0
ReRisen None Horde 0 0
sampackdw None Alliance 0 0
Searing Shadows None Alliance 0 0
Seica None Alliance 0 0
SerenityKirinTor None Alliance 0 0
Shackled None Horde 0 0
Shades of Death None Horde 0 0
Slashh&Raistlin None Alliance 0 0
Sovereign None Alliance 0 0
Sovereign Sages None Alliance 0 0
Squishies None Alliance 0 0
Static None Horde 0 0
Sylv None Alliance 0 0
temp None Alliance 0 0
Test Uploading None Alliance 0 0
The Order of Vengeance None Horde 0 0
Thunderbrew Guard None Alliance 0 0
Thunderstorm B None Alliance 0 0
Tmp None Horde 0 0
Topheng's LFR Loafers None Alliance 0 0
Valt's Logs None Horde 0 0
Vitality None Horde 0 0
Vitality None Horde 0 0
Watering Plants None Horde 0 0
Way of the Sword None Horde 0 0
We do the bad deeps None Alliance 0 0
wewt wewt None Alliance 0 0
WoLGuild None Alliance 0 0
Woolyclouds None Alliance 0 0
Zen None Alliance 0 0
Zodiac None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Blood Bourne, ????, A New Horizon, Abaddon, Accelerated, Acceleration, Acceptance, Acceptance, Acies, Acies, Acquitted, Aeternalis, AFJ, AFK Tater Tots, Ageless, Ageless, Ageless, Aion, Alex Guardians, Alkahest, Almost Exactly, Alpha Imperia, Alpha Imperia, Alterac Swiss, AltRun, Anamnesis, Anavey, Ancients United, Ancients United, Annihilation, Anomalies, Anomaly, Anomaly, Anon, Answer to the Hourglass, Anti Matter, Aranei, Arbelos, Arbelos, Argent Exodus, ArgentExodus, Argonauts, arms of alliance, Army of the Dead, Aronisith, asb, Ascent, Ascent, Asylum, Asylum, Auerochse Ascisco, Avast, Avatar, Avengers of Something, Awesome, Axios, Aysu's test, Beholder Vesgo, Believe Achieve, Beta test, Bird is the word, Blackbraid, Blacklisted, Blacklisted, Blackwater Explorers, Blackwater Explorers, Bladefury Crusaders, Blessed Cheesemakers, Blessed of Elune, Blitzkrieg, Blood Bonded, Blood Scarred Skies, Blood Scarred Skies, Blood Scarred Skies, Bloodmoon, BLU, bobs, Boondock Raiders, Booty Bay Bandits, BoWK, brid is the word, Bridgeburners, Bridgeburners, Bridgeburners, Bromance, Bronkar, Browncoats, Browncoats, BSC Legal, Bullitt, Bunnies, Cake, Callendal, Carpe Noctum, Catalyst, Catalyst, Catalyst, Catalyst, Catharsis, Catharsis, CBC, CBC3, Ceillidh's Stuff, Ceivmyg Carennydd, Checkmate, Chronicle, Chunky, Chupacahbrag, cilir's guild, Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Jade Falcon, Clarity, Clawed Omen, Clowns Hate Us, CoF, Come at me bro, Convocation, Corrupted, council of fate, Council of Fate, Council of Fate, Council of Fate, Courts of Chaos, Covenant, Crimson Blood Clan, Crimson Blood Clan, Crimson Blood Clan, Crimson Blood Clan, Crimson Guard, Cry of the Phoenix, Cubia's guild, CURSE, Cute and Fuzzy Bunnies, Cute and Fuzzy Bunnies, Cute and Fuzzy Bunnies, Cute Fuzzy Meow, cuteandfuzzybunnies, CV, Cyrinic Order, Da Mojo, Da Mojo, Da Mojoe, Damnation Army, Damnation Army, Damnation Army, Damsels in Distress, Dark Destruction, Dark Destruction, Dark Reckoning, Dark seldarine, Darkknights blood, DarkKnights Blood, DarkKnights Blood, DarkKnights Blood, darkness within, Darkness Within, Darkness Within, Darkness Within, Darkness Within, Dauntless, DBlolz, Dead or Dreaming, Deal with it, Deal With It, Deathgoar, Decimus, Del, Delirium, Delirium, Demonic Storm, DepravitySWC, Destruction, Detail Logs, Dicks in Briefs, Dirge, Dirty Money, Dirty Money, disbanded, Disbanded, Disbanded, Disbanded, DisbandedKT, Discontent, Dissidia, Dissturror's Ten, Dogma, Dominance, Dotie, Double Shotz, Double Shotz, Double Shotz, Dragon Slayers, Dreambound, Dreambound, Dreizehn, Drk Aspect of the Dragon, DRK Aspect of the Dragon, Drk Dragon of the Aspect, DruidsOfTheFlame, DS-G3, Du Mintai, Dubguild, Dutty's App Parse, Dutty's App Raid, DWGreen, DWjade, dyselon2, Dysfunction, Eclipse, Ego, eijin's logs, Einherjar, Ekklisiastis, Eladis Logs, Electric Mayhem, Elevator Victims, EliteX, EliteX, Elivictus, Embers Everlasting, Emerald Dragons, Emerald Dragons, En, Encore, Encore, End Game, Enigma, Enigma, Entity, Entity, Entity (Official), Epic randoms, Erinnyes, Erishi's Logs, Errant Resolve, Esoterica, Esoterica, Esoterica, Ethos, Evocatii Un Phoenicis, Evocatii Un Phoenicis, Excalibur, Excalibur, Excel, Excelcius, Exiles of Sunrunner, Exordium Ex Terminus, Explicit Material, Extinction, Exíle, Eyes Unveiled, Fable, Fable, Facepalmers Unite, Faceroll, Faceroll Syndicate, FaintHearted, Falcon Knights, Fallen Angels, Fallen Angels, Fallen Avengers, Fallen Legacy, Fallen Legacy, Fallen Legacy, Fated Fellowship, fdsfa, Fear, Fifth Column, Fighters of Elune, Fighters of Elune, Fighting Mongooses, Final Boss, Final Boss, Final Fanatics, Firehammer Clan, Firehoof is bad, Fireskeith, First and Only, flames of salvation, Flames of Salvation, Flames of Salvation, Flames of Salvation, Foopy, Forgotten Empire, Forsaken Blood Pact, Fourleafed, FriedCherry, From Accounting, Frozen Core, Full Circle, Full Square, Full Square, Fun Times With Deirek, Galiidia, gdkp pug , Glass Case of Emotion, Gnome on a Stick, Golden Eagle Legion, GotL, GoTL, Grassroots, Grassy Gnoll Snipers, Grave Assembly, Grosso Modo, Grounding Totem, Guardians of the Light, Guild App, Guildofone, Gwenllian, Halldora test, HavenguardReporter, HC test, Heavens Fire, Hell' kitchen, Hey there, HF, Hidden Legends, Hidden Legends, High and Mighty, Holytrolly, Honey Bunnys 2, Honor Amongst, Honor Amongst, Honor Amongst, Honored Knights, Honour Amongst, Horde Knights, Horde of Logic, Horde to Death, How to potato, Hyperactive, I Am Your Face, I Am Your Face, I Bent My Wookiee, Ice, iholddust, Ile Jeszcze?, Imatest, Inception, Incognito, Incorrigible, Incursio, Independent Contractor, Indestructible, Indestructible, Infinite Fish Crisis, Infinitybr, InfinityBR, Insomnia, Insomnia, Insomnia, Insomnia, Insurrection, Interaptus Angeli, Intrepid, Intrepid, It Will Be Glorious, Jaco, Jaded Souls, Jaded Souls, Javs_LFR Logs, Jezriyah Logs, jimp, Jin's Stats, Jinjinn of Arcana Solarie, Jinolin's Logs, Juicebox Panda Pirates, Juppongatana, Jägerr, Kannagore's Guild, Khrala's Fake Guild, Kingdom of Loathing, Knav, Knights of Legend, Knights of Thoradin, Knights of Thoradin, Knights of Thoradin, Knights of Valor, Knights of X, Knights öf Cerbèrus, KoV, Krwzin, KT Heroes, KT HEROES, Kurli, Kurnoc, La Guardia d Onore, lainee/jasun, lame, Last Stand, Late Night Elites, Late Night Elites, Legacy II, Legacy of Karabor, Legion of Darkness, Legion of Darkness, legion of lo gosh, Legion of the Lost, Leon, Lethal, LFR, LFReports, LHC, LHC, Liberated, Liberated, lichbane, Lichbane, Lichbane, Lichbane, Lichbane, Lichbane, Likewoah, Liseria, LLCK, logsrus, Lordaeron Philharmonic, Lords of War, Lost Twilight, Lost Twilight 25, Lost Twilight Sponce, Lost Wicked Instruments of Storm, Loving Hordes, LT Ionne, Luminosity, Lux Lucis, Lythium Angels, M O, Maastest, MacFarlane's Lantern, Macfarlanes Lantern, MacFarlanes Lantern, Madventure Bros, MaGuild, Malefic, Malfurion's Raiders, Malfurion's Raiders, Malfurions Raiders, Malleus Maleficarum, Malleus-Kilgal, Maniacal - Team Monkey, Matchbox Soldiers, Matchbox Soldiers, Matchbox Soldiers, Matchbox Soldiers, mato, Medical Kit, memyselfandi, Merciless Syndicate, Militis Noctis, Mine, Mine, Minou's Corner, Misfortunate Slaughter, Miskatonic, Mitchell (Lucee), MMILE, Modus Operandi, Modus Pugs, Monolith, Monolith, Morbid Curiosity, Muling About, MustacheDonald, Mwawka, My Little Bronies, myguild, MyGuildLog, Mylittlepwnies, Mystic Shadows, Naeblis, naga inc, Naga Inc, Naga Inc, Next of Kin, Nightmare Paragon, Nightsong Militia, NightWatch, Niteseye's logs, Nix, Nix, Nix Wil, No Person Left Behind, Nobody Important, Nope, Not Viable, Novo, novo ordum mundi, Novo Ordum Mundi, NSA, Nulli Secundus, Nulli Secundus, O man, OEapp, Ogrim's Razor, Omerta, One Night Stand, One Night Stand, OperationMintyHippo, Order of Anarchy, Order of the Blade, Order of the Murloc, Order of the Spider, Out Of Mana, Out of Necessity, Out of Necessity, Outsider's Inn, PA, panda bear, Pandas R Us, Pantheon, Pantheon, Pantheon, Pantheon, Pantheon, Pantheon, Pantheon, Para, Para Bellum, Para Bellum, Paradigm, Paradox, Paranoid, Part From Death, Perdition, Perfect Storm, Personal Logs, Personal Logs, Personal Stash, Pew Pew Moar, Phail Boat, Phere_Sents, Pink Goddesses II, Piplaps WOL report, Plague Dogs, Plague Dogs, PLague Dogs, Play, Poko, Power Hour, Power Hour, Praesidium, Premonitions, Premonitions, Prime, Prime, Primevil, private, Pro, Pro Maioribus Justicia, Pro Maioribus Justicia, Proba, Proba Te Dignum, Proba Te Dignum, Proba Teh Dignum, Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy, Prophecy, PshiftsDW, pub stomp, Pug, Pug, PUG, PUGORAMA, pugs, Pugs, Qat's sub in guild so i can figure this out., Quietus, Quietus, RA, Raesdea's log, Rage of Doomhammer, Rage of Doomhammer, Raid Inc, Raid Logs, Raids without Pants, Raids without Pants, Rainbow Dash!, RandomHDT, Raptus Regaliter, Reality is Broken, Reckless Ambition, Reco, Red Right Hand, Red Right Hand, Red Right Hand, Regnaw's Guild, Reins of War, Relentless Ascension, Relentless Dawn, Relentless Dawn, Remnant, Remnant, Remnant1, Renascent, Renée's Collected Logs, Reprisal, ReRisen, Resolve, Retribution Of Arathor, Revenant, Revenant, RevenantSWC, Reverie, RFA, risen, Risen Confederates, Rissalina, RoboDrunk, Rune in Distress, Sabotage, Saevio de Tempestas, Saevio de Tempestas, Sanitarium Society, Sardones, Savings and Loads Ltd, Scion, Scoundrel, Scoundrel, Scoundrels/Wombat, Scro's Sweatshop, Searing Shadows, Sej's Logs, Sel, Semper Fortis, Serendipity, Shadow Order, Shadow Word, Shadow Word, Shadow Word, Shadow Word, Shadowblood Legion, ShadowWord, Shardins Logs, Shards of Nordrassil, Shattered Ravens, Shenanigans, Shimstestguild, Sho'nuff, Shotsey, Sick, Silver Fern, Silver Guardians, Sins of Anarchy, Sketchsaint, Smershkill, Solamnic knights, Solstice, Solstice, Solstice, Somelogs, somepug, sovereign, Sovereign, Sovereign, Sovereign, Sovereign G2, Sovereign Sages, Sparta, Spectre, Spin the Dragon, Spinning Infinity, SSD, Steadfast, Steadfast, Steamwheedle Cartel, Steel Reign, Strife For Glory, Struttin Chickens, sublime, Subterfuge, SUPER TERRIFIC DANCERS, Symbiosis, Symbiosis, Symbiosis10, Synergy, Synergy, Synergy, Synergy, Synergy, sëvënth sänctüm, tadpole ragequit, Tazbren's Data, TBSG, TBSG, TBSG (hots), Team Awesome, Team Edward, Team Green - Heroic Crisis, Tekhot, Tekket, Temp Name, Tempest, Terranova, test, Test Exodos Guild, Testguild, Testing 1 2 3, Teutonic, Teutonic Knights, That Makes Me Giggle, The Aesir, The B Group, The Chaos Order, The Crown, The Cute Fuzzy Meow, The Dark Seldarine, The Darkstalkers, the demonic storm, The Demonic Storm, The Demonic Storm, The Frozen Core, The Frozen Core, The Gods of War, The Grey Wolves, The Hammer of Magni, The Hammer of Magni, The Hammer of Magni, The Horde Expedition, The Kith, The Knights of Valor, The Lazy Fishermen, The Legion, The Legion, The Legion, The Legion, The Legion, The light brigade , The Light of Dawn, The Normandy Crew, The Order of Vengeance, The Order of Vengeånce, The Righteous Reborn, The Sanguine Council, The Tribe, The Twilight Dawn, The Untainted, The Valiant Accord, The Wanderers, The Warbringer, The Warbringers, Think Twice, Think Twice, Timmeh for President, Top Dawgs, Torment, Totally Raidical!, Tourniquet, Toxicity, Toyah, Tusken Raiders, Twilight Sanctum, Twilight Sanctum, Twisted Destiny, Umbra, Umbra, UMF, Unbroken, Undaunted, Undaunted, Undeniable, Unholy legion, Unholy Legion, Union of Blood, United, unity, Untainted , Acquitted, Adventure Alumni, Among Legends, Angels of Darkness, Annihilation, Antagonist, Anti, Arcane Valor, Army of templar, Arrancar, Audacity, Autopsy Dropouts, Avada KedavrA, Azeroth CU, Baker Street Irregulars, Bank Guild, Battletoads, Bazinga, BE Revolution, Beach Bums, Bilgewater Trade Union, Blades Of Deliverance, Blades of Kalecgos, Blades of Kirin Tor, Blessed of Elune, Blood Scarred Skies, Bloodsworn, BlueDracos, BRazucas, Camel Horders, Cavalcade of the Storm, Council of Fate, Covenant, Crimson Empire, Crimson Requiem, dark knights of vengance, Darkmoon Wolfcult, Darkness Within, Deal With It, Dealt With It, Death and Taxes, Death Army, Deliciousness, Delirious, Demons R us, Dhem Dookers, Did It For Whitney, Dirty Money, Divine Wrath, Doomsday, Double Shotz, Doughnut sprinkles, Dragon Leagond, DragonKnights, Déath Déalérs, Echoes of Eternity, Eloquence, Equalizers, Ethos, Evil League of Evil, eww can you not, Exiles of Darkness, Fabled Fellowship, FEBUS, Fifth Column, Fifty Shades of Raiding, Fighters of Elune, Finally a Pony, Firehammer Clan, for pony, for the horde, Forgotten Empire, Fridge Ninjas, From the Ashes, Fusion, Good Dog Best Friend, Grim Legion, Guardians of Paradise, Happy Box of Violence, Harvest, Headbangers Inc, Heavens Fire, Hegemony, Heroes of Kalimdor, HIT IT or CRIT IT, Honored Knights, Horde Logistics, Hordes Final Deathlordes, House of the Red Skull, Ikarus Fan Club, IMBIBE, IN THE MOUNTAINS, Infinite Ascension, Infringement, Inner Circle, Insomnia, Instinct, Invincible, Iron Waffles, Just Like Your Mom, Kirin Tor Fire Dept, Kirres Companion, Kitty Empire, Knight Templar, Knights of Amber, Knights Of Eversong, Knights of Kegoroth, knights of the blades, Knights of Thoradin, KoT Raid Vault, KT Heroes, KT Twinks, La Guardia d Onore, Laid To Rest, Late Night Elites, Late Night Noobs, legion of Alexstraza, Loki Warriors, Lomani Division, Lootoholics Anonymous, Los Cheevos Hermanos, Lost Twilight, Mages vs Warlocks, MahBank, Materialistic, Merry Marauders, Midsummer Nights Dream, Misadventure Inc, Missunderstood, Modus Operandi, Monster Inc, Morbid Curiosity, Mutiny, Necessary Roughness, Nightstalker Empire, no, No Fat Orcs, No Matches for Mikey, No Trauma Here, Northern Crusaders, Not Viable, Order Of The Light, Order of the Mockingjay, Orgrimmar Death Squad, Ozk Nation, Paradox, Parasite, Perdition, Pig and Whistle Society, PlayersClub, Power Through Brutality, Powerlevel Syndicate, Praesidium, PreviouslyGuildlessAgain, Raid Three Cook, Rebel Alliance, Redrum Inc, Remnants of Stormreaver, Requiem of Souls, Requiém, RequiémLITE, Sacra In Ea Fixerint, Scoundrel, Searing Shadows, Shadow Wolf Company, Shadows of Emerald Isle, Shadows of Old Town, Shadows Of Zen, Solution Bank, SoMany, Sons of Zeus, Stormfist, Stuff N Things, Summer Loot, SuPeR NooBeRs, Superb Chefs Inc, Syndicate, Terminus, The Abomination, The Argonauts, The Candy Shop, The Crimson Fist, The Demonic Storm, The Dragon Slayers, The Dragonflight, The Final Order, The Fist Of The Horde, The Fringe of Dawn, The Golden Brotherhood, The Hallowed Inquisition, The Harlequin Syndicate, The Horde Expedition, The Jade Order, The Librarian, The Maghar Protectorate, The Order of Vengeånce, The Tusken Raiders, Them Dookers, Too Big To Bail, Torment, Traceys Bank and Trust, Trichome, Trinity, Twisted Chaos, UMF, Undecided, Untold Tales, Unwanted, UThirstyBro, Veritas Aequitas, 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