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US-Khaz Modan
Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Sunder US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 378
Titan US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 156
B Team US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 152
geargrinders US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 142
Knights of the Runes US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 130
Infusion US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 98
Fallen Empire US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 84
Fire Within None Alliance 0 53
Entente US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 48
Eternal Sacrifice US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 47
vanguard None Alliance 0 47
Freelance Mercenaries US-Khaz Modan Horde 0 46
Solid Water None Horde 0 40
Lakeshire Academy US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 31
Obliv US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 30
Prochoice US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 28
For Twenty US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 27
Jaquesery's Logs US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 22
whitecrow's logs US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 20
Nieb US-Khaz Modan Horde 0 19
NO FEAR US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 18
Chronic US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 15
Manifest Destiny None Alliance 0 15
Grunt Work US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 12
Insomnia US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 12
Cataclysm US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 11
Redux US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 10
Casual Gamers US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 9
Raided M For Mature US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 9
Speciation US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 9
Winter is Coming US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 9
Audacity None Alliance 0 8
Barb's logs None Alliance 0 7
Clan Battlehammer US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 7
DA BEAST GUILD US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 7
Irregardless US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 7
CoCs US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 6
Necronomicon US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 6
Tranquility US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 6
Imperial Redux US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 5
Bane US-Khaz Modan Horde 0 4
Exterminatus US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 4
Heroes of Fate US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 4
Phalanx US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 4
Cataclysm US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 3
Knights of the Runes US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 3
Muffin Men US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 3
Oathsworn US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 3
Solstice US-Khaz Modan Horde 0 3
Sovereign Empire US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 3
Wrath of God US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 3
Solsticë US-Khaz Modan Horde 0 2
Actus Nonverba US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 2
Angrydome#2 US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 2
Apocalypse Ponies US-Khaz Modan Horde 0 2
Apocalyptic Rage US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 2
Brotherhood of Steel US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 2
Council Of The Ages US-Khaz Modan Horde 0 2
Digger Stole my Bike US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 2
Legacy US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 2
Aeonian Order US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
Amnesty US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Ascend US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Aureus US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Ceallachan US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Centuria US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
Disconnected US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
ES US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
FailPug US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
Faith Of The Fallen US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Flippin Kryptonite US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
Flowdan's Lounge US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
Formation US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Friend or Foe US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
Gogogo US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
Guardians of Lore US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
Guild Killerz US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Hawtz US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
Heathen US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Kyui US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Levitas Guild US-Khaz Modan Horde 0 1
LToW US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
Masochistic Tendencies US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
myguild US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
No Name Clan US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
Not Sunder US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
Raising Hackles US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
Reborn US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
Reeki Test US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
Shadow Warlords US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
The Angrydome US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
The Anzacs US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
The Devils Advocates US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 1
The No Shows US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
The Righteous US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Titan US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 1
Trîarii Invîcta US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 1
Void If Removed US-Khaz Modan Horde 0 1
Abomination Squad None Horde 0 0
AcarioX US-Azjol-Nerub Horde 0 0
Ascend None Alliance 0 0
Bank of HG None Horde 0 0
BerryTube None Alliance 0 0
Big Titted Bitches None Horde 0 0
Bonsai None Alliance 0 0
Brotherhood of Steel None Alliance 0 0
Carried v2.0 None Alliance 0 0
Cataclysm None Alliance 0 0
Clan Battlehammer None Alliance 0 0
Community Service None Alliance 0 0
Crepe Crusaders None Horde 0 0
Cresent Blade None Alliance 0 0
Cult None Alliance 0 0
Dak None Alliance 0 0
Damelon Personal None Alliance 0 0
Deez None Alliance 0 0
Deranged None Alliance 0 0
Des logs (Discerned Reality) None Alliance 0 0
Discerned Reality None Alliance 0 0
Discerned Reality None Alliance 0 0
Discontinue None Alliance 0 0
Disturbing Lack of Faith None Horde 0 0
Disturbing Lack of Faith None Horde 0 0
Dragons of the Abyss None Horde 0 0
Embyr None Alliance 0 0
Entente None Alliance 0 0
Envy None Alliance 0 0
Epic Fail None Alliance 0 0
Fairy Tail US-Azjol-Nerub Alliance 0 0
Fallen Angels None Alliance 0 0
Famous Rebellions None Horde 0 0
Flippin Kryptonite None Horde 0 0
Glitched (KKFB) None Alliance 0 0
GlitchedRG4 None Horde 0 0
Guildless Wonders None Alliance 0 0
Heresy None Alliance 0 0
Heresy None Alliance 0 0
Incursion None Alliance 0 0
Innuendo None Alliance 0 0
Irregardless None Horde 0 0
Jaded None Alliance 0 0
Kingslayers None Horde 0 0
Kingslayers Log By Vest None Horde 0 0
Kiorakins None Alliance 0 0
Learn This or Wipe None Alliance 0 0
Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Lunatic Fringe None Alliance 0 0
Lunatic Fringe None Alliance 0 0
Mawh logs None Alliance 0 0
Midnight Carnival None Alliance 0 0
Muffin Men None Horde 0 0
Murica None Alliance 0 0
Necronomicon None Horde 0 0
New Horizons None Horde 0 0
Nitsha None Alliance 0 0
NO FEAR None Alliance 0 0
No Fear - old None Alliance 0 0
Not Interested None Horde 0 0
panic None Alliance 0 0
Peano arithmetic None Horde 0 0
pescado US-Khaz Modan Horde 0 0
Pillage and Plunder None Alliance 0 0
Poisn None Alliance 0 0
Prototype 10 None Alliance 0 0
QinxiLFR None Alliance 0 0
Ragnarok None Alliance 0 0
Reborn from Ashes US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 0
Recruiting Data None Alliance 0 0
Rift None Horde 0 0
Ritual None Alliance 0 0
Royal Misfits US-Khaz Modan Horde 0 0
Serendipity None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Warlords None Alliance 0 0
ShardRebels None Horde 0 0
Shattered Hand None Alliance 0 0
Silent Crusaders None Alliance 0 0
Silverdawn None Alliance 0 0
Silverdawn None Alliance 0 0
Silverdawn None Alliance 0 0
Slaps guild None Alliance 0 0
Solar Eclipse None Alliance 0 0
Starhealers Log None Horde 0 0
Super Tramp None Alliance 0 0
Sánctuary None Alliance 0 0
Tempus None Alliance 0 0
The Celtic Legion None Alliance 0 0
The Defiance None Horde 0 0
The Devil's Advocates None Horde 0 0
The Ixkin None Horde 0 0
The Second Sons None Horde 0 0
TrialGaming None Horde 0 0
Tribute None Alliance 0 0
Twisted Shadows None Horde 0 0
Vanguard None Alliance 0 0
Vanguard of War None Alliance 0 0
Warpath US-Khaz Modan Alliance 0 0
Warpath None Alliance 0 0
West Kingdom None Alliance 0 0
Wraithsteel Legion None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

12 Monkeys, 200 Yards From Drawesome, A Random Guild, Actus Nonverba, Actus Nonverba, Adrenaline, Adrenaline Take Two, Aeonian Order, Aequitas, Aequitas, Aezeroth Underground, Agents of the Kirin Tor, Agents of the Kirin Tor, Agents of the Kirin Tor, Agents of the Kirin Tor 2, Aggro United, Aggro Unlimited, Alliance Elite, Almost Serious, Alpha Omega, Alpha Omega, Alpha Omega Resurrected, Amer's Log, Amers Log, Amnesty, Angels of Chaos, Angelus Mortis, Angry Poo Poo, Anriis Pro Club, Apocalypse Ponies, Apocalypse Ponies, Apocalypse Ponies, Apps, Arth's log, Ascend, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension, ascension cata raids, Ascention2, Ashes of the Phoenix, Askalon and Alts, Audacity, Audacity, Audacity, Audacity, Audacity, Audacity, Aureus, Aureus Ooks it in the Dooker, Aztroll-thenub, Battlecat's Logs, Bedlam, Behave, Bettyrage Log, Blackheart, Blackheart, Blacklist, Blacklist, Blacklist, Bleach, Bleach, blight, BloodLine, Bloodlust, Bloodlust, Bloodlust, Bloody Paws, Bloody Paws, blíght, BoneHunters, BP, BriansLayout, Broken, Brotherhood of Steel, Brothers, Brutality, Bunny of Vengeance, c C c, Caffeine, Caffeine, Carnage Unveiled , Carnifeex, Carpe Diem, Carried, Carried, Carried, Casual Gamers, Casual Gamers, Cataclysm, Cataclysm, Cataclysm, CDG G3, Celyena, Centuria, Centuria Midnight raid, Centzon Totochtin, Cereal Killers, Chicks and Bouncers, Chronic, Chronic, Chronic, Chronic, Civilized, CK, Clan Battlehammer, Convergence, Council of the Ages, Coup de Grace, Coup de Grâce, Coup de Grâce, Coup de Grâce G5, Covenant, Cowpocalypse - 10M West Coast, Crazies, Crimson Dominion, Crimson Mist, Crucible, Cruoris, Crustacean, Cæser, Daermon Na shezbaernon, Dakuwan, Damaged Repair Bots, Damaged Repair Bots, Dark Embrace, Dark Embrace, Dark Embrace, Dark Embrace, darkassault's log, Darkest before Dawn, Darkest before Dawn, Darkkush, Darkness Disciples, Darkness Falls, Darkness Falls, dattaross, Dawn of the Phoenix, Dawn of the Phoenix, Dawn of the Phoenix, Dawn of the Phoenix, Death at Dawn, Death At Dawn, death row, Death Threat, deathnnuts, deaths promise, Deathzstarz's logs, Dedlyhunter A/O, Defenders of Eternity, Defensor Sceptrum, Delirium, derp, Despicable, Despicable, destiny unbound, Detrimentum Imperium, Develyn, Devil's Rejects, Devils Rejects, DF, dggdsfe, DirtyDozen, Discerned Reality, Discerned Reality, Discerned Reality, Disco, Disconnected, Disconnected, Discordia, Discordia, Divine Sanctuary, Dizzy's logs, DKR, DKR, DKR, Doc Green, Dorrah The Explorer, Downz, DragonSpawn, Drinsanity, dumbrock, Eat's Parses, Ebonheart, Ebonheart, EGO, Eight Seconds of Fury, Elysium, EM, Embyr, Embyr, Embyr, Embyr, Enc Logs, end game, End Game, End-Game, Enfy's logs, Enraged Ficus, epic asylum, Epic few, Epic Sun, ES Guild, eschtest, ETERNAL KNIGHTS, Eternal Sacrifice, Eternal Sacrifice, everpug, Exhort, Exitium, Exodus, Extra Calculus Questions, F T W, Faction of Doom, Fafnir's fairy little princess, Fail, FAILFLEET, Fallen Angels Alliance, Fallen Dargons, Fallen Dragons, Far Beyond Fantasy, Farnir, Fat Panda, Fat Panda, fealess, Fear & Loathing in WoW, Fear and Loathing in WoW, Ferrum's Guild, Fiction, Finished Product, Finished Product, Fire and Shadow, Fire and Shadow, Firefly, Flame scythe, Flame scythe, Flame Scythe, Flippin Kryptonite, Flippin Kryptonite, Floatentotm, Flowdans Lounge, Focus Hammer, Foldtests, For Twenty, Forbidden, Forty Seven Ronin, Friend or Foe, Fright Club, From Hell, From_Hell, Furor, Furtherance, gcguild, Gimped, Gimped, Gimped, Gimped, Gimped, Gimped, Glacios, Gliran, Glissa's Logs , Glitched, Glitched, Glitched, Glitched, Glitter Sparkle Pony, Gnohawk's Nonexistant Guild, Go Hard or Go Home, green mtn majik company, Group 2, Group Therapy, Guild Killers, HailsRMe, Halcyon, Hand of Oblivion, Hard Mode, He Man Woman Haters Club, Hemmorforge, Heresy, Hllr Guild, Honed, Honor and Mercy, honor and mercy reckless, Honor and Mercy: Baby Ducks, Horde Premade, Horrible Horde, House of Deez, House of Lords, Hoyes, hunters lodge, hxc, I Was Framed, I Was Framed, I'm All By Myself, iCarly, Ides of March, Imaginarium, Imperium, Infiltrate, Infinity, Infinity Codex, Infusion, Infusion Test, inked, inked, Insomnia, Insomnia, Internet Superstar, Invíctus, Irregardless Guild, Jaded, Jaina's Army, Jersey Nation, Jo's Logs, JUICE, JUICE, Just Pull, karmik, KB - Valk, Keyalish, Killer Bunnies, Killer Bunnies, Killer Bunnies, Kindred Spirits, kio, Knight Blades, Knight Crusaders, Knight Templars, KNIVES, KoV, KoV, kushiiel, kuth's world, Kyle n Vlad, Lambda's Logs, Law and Order, Law and Order, Law and Order, Lawli#1, LAWLWHUT, Legacy of the Kirin Tor, legends, Legends of the Fall, Legends of the Fall, Legends of the Fall, Legends of the Fall, Legion, Les Trois Amis, Levitas, Lex Talionis, Linonia, Liquid Fire, Livewire, Liz Land, Log For Ansam, Log Stats, LOLOLOLOLOLOL, Lords of War, LToWaltderps, Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, Lunatic Fringe, Lunatic Fringe, Lunatic Fringe, makeout club, Mayhem, MCST, Me and My Alts, Megaextratactical, mewmew, Mid Day Raider, MidKnight Raiderz, midnight carnival, Midnight Carnival, Midnight Carnival, Midnight Requisition, Minion Super Death Squad, Minions, Misery, MoarDotZ, Money Cars Clothes Hoes, Monkeypox, MoP Squad (GLI), mordoslogging, Muhrdock, Muri's Mayhem, Mutiny, My Own, mystery, New Horizons, Nightwalkers, No Limit, NoFearAzjolNerub, non-black niggers, noname, none, not actually a guild, Not Known Immortals, Noth and Heigan, Octahedron, OLD, olsenandnic, Omega Blades, Omniscient, one of us , Onlyslightlyused, Onslaught, Order, Order of the Stick, Orion, Orion, ostw, outPlayed, Overgeared Jerks, Pachelbel, pandemonium, Pandemonium, Pandemonium, Pandemonium, Pandemonium, Para Bellum, Para Logs, Paradigm, Paradigm, Personal, Phalanx, Phalanx, Phoenix, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Rising, Pillage and Plunder, Ponies for all, prestige, Prestige, Prestige, Prestige, Priesthood, Primoris, Primoris, Priory of Sion, Project Axiom, Projekt Mayhem, Prophecy, Prototype, Provenance, Provoked, pug, PUG, Pug Thuggin, PuppyPunch, Purple People Earters, Purple People Eaters, Ragnarök, Ragnarök, Raiders of the Lost Orc, Raiders of the Lost Orc, Raiders of the Lost Orc, Raising hackles, rapture, Rapture, Rapture, Rapture, Rapture, Ravenwood, Ravenwood, rawr, Reciprocity, Redux, Reflex, Reflex, Reflex, Reflex, Rehab, REHAB, Reign of Chaos, Ret, retribution, Retribution 10 man, Retribution PUG, Revenant, Revenant, Rift, Roadkill, Rose Personal Logs, Sacraament, sacrament, Sacrament, Sacramentt, Save Meh, Save Meh, Scotch and Awe, Scotch and Awe, Search and Destroy, Seek and Destroy, Seireirei, Serendipity, Serendipity, Serenity, Serial Killers, Serrif old logs, Serrif's random logs, SES Logging Inc., Shadow Warlords, Shadow Warlords, Shadows Embrace, shadowstalkers, shag guild, Shaken not stirred, Shaken Not Stirred, sharoon, shattered society, Shattered Society, Shava, shmo joes, Skullspitter, Slaman's Logs, Sleeping Forest, Slink's Guilds, slurpaderp, SnD, SOJU, Sons of Infamy, Soul, Soul, Sporkmanguild, Sprek, SSMAFiA, steelglory, Stone's Priv Logs, Stormtroopers, Submission, Sufferance, Superdowns, supertroops, Sword of the Spirit, Syl's Guilds, Talind's Logs, taylorguild, TDL, Telaso, Telaso, Telasos logs, temping fste, Tempting Fate, Tempting Fate, Tempting Fate, Tempting Fate, Tempting Fate, Tenpug, Tension, Test, Test-Hunter_Logs, Test203, Testing..., Testingstuff, The 10 Queens, The Angiris Council, The Art of War, The Buffalo Club, The Dark Legion, The Dark Legion, The Dark Legion, The Dark Legion, The Death Bringers, the defiance, The Devils Advoacates, The Devils Advocates, The Devils Advocates, The Devlis Advocates, The Epic Few, The Epic Few, The Exiled, The Fabulous Fighting Mongiieesooses, The Flying Dutchman, The Horde, The House of Lords, The Insighters, The King's Own, The Kings Own, The Muffin Men, The Nerubian Knights, The Nerubian Knights, The Nerubian Knights, The Righteous, The Vanquishers, The Vanquishers, The Vanquishers, The Vanquishers, this is sparta!, This Time With Feeling, This Time With Feeling, This Time Without Feeling, Thralls Exe., THWAP, Tisha's Logs, ToC 25 PuG, Tranquility, Tranquility, Triarii Invicta, Tribuanl, Tribunal, Twilight Shadows, Twisted Twilight, ultimatum, Ultimus Inceptum, Uma, Unchallenged, UNCOMMON VALOR, Undaunted, Under the Influence, Under the Inluence, Unknown, Unknown Origins, Unknown Origins, Unknown Origins, Abomination squad, Adrenaline, Aeonian Order, Aequitas, Afterschool Specials, Agents of Karma, Almost Serious, Alt Overflow, Apocalyptic Army, Asche zu Asche, Australas, Awesome Possom, Azeroth Adult Swim, Azeroth Underground, Azjol Secret Service, Baked Potatoes, Bald Taco, Band of the Hawk, best guild, Blackened Vanity, Blame The Healer, Bleach, Blessed Blade, Blitz Krieg, Blood and Thunder, BLOODY SWORDS, Bonafide eThugz, Bow Chicka wow wow, brb, Brimstone, Brotherhood of Steel, Built Horde Tuff, Buy My Ghost, Bytches with Blades, C h a o t i c, Carnage Unveiled, Centuria, Cheshire Knights, Clan Battlehammer, CMC, Cold Blooded Killers, Come At Me Bro, Contract Killers, CSI Stormwind, Cure Eclipse, Darken, Darkness Disciples, Death United, Deliciously Dangerous, Deliciously Dangerrous, Delivering Death, Deviled Hamburglers, Devils Horde House, Diablos Asylum, DINGers Anonymous, Disturbing Lack of Faith, Divine Ultima, Down With The Sydrome, Dragon Blades, dragons breath, Dragons End, Dragons Fang, DRAGONS OF JUSTICE, Dragons Of The Abyss, DragonSpawn, Druid Campfire Stories, DRUNKEN WARRIORS, Dust to Dust, Dysfunctional Fåmily, DÖÖM, Fallen Legends, Falling Angels Alliance, farming for bread, Fat Panda, Fear And Loathing, For Greater Glory, For Us Cool Kids, Formation, Four In Legion, FREEDOM KNIGHTS, Friend or Foe, Friendship is Magic, full house, Get Crit On, Go Hard or Go Home, Gods of Wandering, Grand Theft Kodö, Guardians of Heaven, Guardians of the Night, Hardcore Parkour, Harpagmos, Harvesting Hate, Haven, HELLS REJECTS, Hemorrforge, Heroes of the Seven Suns, High, Hoarding Money, Hoots McOwly, HordeDynasty, HORDEFORCES, In Case of Emergency, Infusion, Insomnia, Intertwined, Justified Diligence, Kiss our Darnassus, Kitties of Destruction, Knight Blades, Knights of the Runes, Legacy, Legion, Lethal Energy, Lets Get Nerdy, Lords Of Justice, Låst chaos boundary, Mamma Talltree, Marilyn MonRobots, Mercenaries Før Hire, Mischievous Misfits, Murlok Militia, MY BAD, MY OTHER CAR IS A POS, National City, Necronomicon, NO FEAR, No Politics, One of Us, Phantom Legion, Pixel Punks, Pocket Gnomes, Praise The Sun, Pretentious, Pumpkin Muffins, QTLOL HAS DOWNS IRL, Raging Raiders, Rapture, Reckless Endangerment, Red Like My Rage, Red Mage, Reflex, Reign of Chaos, Relentless Assault, Rest in Pieces, Retaliation, Riven, Rollin With My Gnomies, Royal Storms, Seek and Destroy, Seraphim Invictus, Serendipity, Shadow Wars, Shard, Shatterbone Clan, Shattered Society, Shirayuki Tsubasa, Sikos Funhouse, Silent Crusaders, Skeleton Krew, Slay Mates, Smokers Corner, SnOwMaN, SoD, Solar Eclipse, Something Awesome, Sons of Plunder, Soul Dusters, Speciation, Squashed, Storage I, Stroke Of Mercy, Super Tramp, TBC, The Darken Blade, The Death Bringers, The Devils Advocates, The Elite Forces, The Fallen, The Flying Dutchman, The Guild Of Champions, The HoC, The Iscariot, The Junkyard, The Killing Disasters, The Knights Templar, The Lords of Azeroth, The Minjas, The Nova of Life, The Power of Three, The Prestige, The Righteous, The Shipyard, The Stoppable Force, The Syndicate, The Ünforgiven, To Help All We See, Truckstop Restroom, Two Gnomes One Cup, UNCOMMON VALOR, Unfair Advantage, Unforgotten Shadows, UniQuê, University of Stormwind, Valhalla Knights, Valiant Crusaders, Valley Of Death, Vampire Moose, Vanguard, Vengeance of Steel, Vexatious, Victoria Aut Mori, Vindication, Wants a muffin, War Lords, WARBREAKER, We Belong In A Museum, We Love Hugs, WHATISLOVEBABYDONTHURTME, Whispers Edge, Winter is Coming, WoW Is My Life, Yutendan Fan Club, Zargage, ßåñk Çô, Aberration, Alt F Four, Ancient Discord, animal lovers, Anorak Gaming, Apocalypse, Arm of Avalon, As I Lay Dying, AzerothsPride, Better Q Timez, BlackSun, Blood and Chocolate, Brawlers Guild, Brotherhood of Chaos, Bunnies of Chaos, Bunnies of doom, Cabe Zone, Carpe Diem, Casual, Casual Gamers, Cataclysm, Chains of Destiny, Challenger, Circle of Life, Clan Illusion, Club Penguind, Conspiracy Theory, Cosmic Recluse, Council of the Lichborne, Dark Horizon, Darker Salvation, Darksun Reborn, Demigods, DemonKitties, Despicable, Destruction Crew, Donald Trump, Economists, Embyr, Emerald Dream, Emerald Dreamers, Envy, Enygma, Eternus, Expandable, F T W, Fall of Trøy, Fatality, Final Wolfpack, Forbidden Donut, Gal And Friends, Gear Grinders, Get in the Backpack, GOT EM, GOTCHA, Graw Heavy Industries, Hard Days Knights, Hellborn Silence, Hogger Raiders Inc, Holding the Light, Hopelessly Lost, horde for life, Horders Trust and Co, I was framed, I was Framed Again, Iied Sux, Imaginaerium, In Cadence, In God We Trust, influx of flame, Innuendo, Insidious, Iron Born, J Town Raiders, Jedras Holdings, Jellies, K A G, Keep It Underground, Kings of Will, Kingslayers, Knights of Truth, KungFooPandas, Law and Order, Legacy of Roses, Light Strike, Masterforce, Mayhem, Merp, Midnight Carnival, milton guild if good, Minions Inc, Motorcycle Club, Mybankers, Myra T Fanclub, Naga stole my Penguin, Never Look Back, New Horizons, NO CLUE, No Klue, No rest for the WCKD, Nocturnal Revelries, North, Not Interested, Occams Razor, Odins Remorse, Outcasts of Azeroth, Outland, Para Bellum, Penumbra, Piggy Bank, Pillage and Plunder, Press B to Jump, Prestige Worldwîde, Priory of Sion, PRISM, Protectors of Azeroth, PUGS R US, Purple Thunder, PvP Gamers, Ragnarök, Raid Knights, Raiders of Oomph, Rakkab, Rare Spawn, Reborn from Ashes, Redux, RescueAgncy, Retríbution, Reverentia, Revolution, RiseOfTheLycans, roughraiders, Royal Misfits, Secksi Noob Society, Shadow Warlords, Shadowlordss Of Darkness, Shadows of Light, Shards of Chaos, Shattered Hand, Shåttråth Måfïå, skunx, So Fancy, Solsticë, Spectral Smexyness, Stock Exchange, Strãìghtjaçkét Elitë, Subjugation, Sunder, Super Tramp, Sword and Sorcery, Sánctuary, That Guild, The Alt Life, The Blades of Honor, The Brilliant, The Celtic Legion, The Dairy Duo, The Defiance, The Devils Bankers, The Doomed Shadow, The Expendables, The Hallowed Council, The Holding Company, The House of Lords, The Immortal Blackheart, The Ixkin, The Legion of Turtles, The Lost Legion, The Plebs, The Priory of Sion, The Royal Hordes, The Ruined, The Second Sons, Titan, Titans, Tranquility, Twisted Existence, Under Cutters, Underground Assassins, Unholy Order, Vale of Divine Requiem, Vanguard of Destruction, Vanguard of War, Vanilla Addicts, Vaultavon, Veneratio Verum, Veritas, Vidian Archangels, Void if Removed, Walkers, War Dawgs, Warlords of Madness, wicked world, Winters Knights, Wrath of the Dragons, Yeah U Rite, Utu, Valeo, Valks Heroes, Vanguard, Vanguard, Vanguard Elites, Variance, Vehemence, Veni Vidi Vici, Veni Vidi Vici, Veni Vidi Vici, Venture Industries, veritas, Veritas, Veritas Too, vicious intent, Vicious Intent, Vicious Intent, Vidian Archangels, Virtue, Virtue, Vision, Vision, Vision-Khaz Modan, Vision-KM, Vitalized, Vivec, VoW NuGruP, VVV, Wakka Wakka, Walker944, War Dawgs, War Dawgs, War Dawgs, warlizard, Warpath, Wartortle, we are good, Whispers Edge, WHo what did, Winter is Coming, WoL derp, Wolves of the Calla, World Boss, Wraithsteel Legion, Wrynns Raiders, Wulfgaez, xxkarnagiehall, xxnemesis, Youth in Revolt, Zapruder, zcxhj, Zeldera, Zivah's Own, Zombie, Zx's Pugs, ÅFK, Ðamnëd

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