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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Fatal Union US-Kargath Horde 0 452
Shadow and Light US-Kargath Alliance 0 168
Insurrection US-Kargath Alliance 0 122
Electric Sheep US-Kargath Alliance 0 80
War and Peace US-Kargath Alliance 0 72
System Failure US-Kargath Alliance 0 71
Far Riders US-Norgannon Alliance 0 69
Last Realm US-Kargath Alliance 0 64
Contingency Plan US-Kargath Alliance 0 59
Piracy Ltd None Horde 0 59
Laurex US-Norgannon Alliance 0 48
Avatars of Vengeance None Alliance 0 40
Electrotuned US-Kargath Horde 0 39
Exotic Curse US-Norgannon Horde 0 33
Nine Hours Guild None Alliance 0 33
The Clique US-Norgannon Alliance 0 33
Sleep Walkers US-Kargath Alliance 0 31
warlords US-Norgannon Alliance 0 31
Endbringers US-Kargath Alliance 0 28
Collateral Damage US-Kargath Alliance 0 24
Loot Hoarders US-Kargath Horde 0 19
playingwithfire US-Kargath Alliance 0 18
overraided US-Kargath Alliance 0 16
Perfect Alliance US-Norgannon Alliance 0 15
Old and Stumpy US-Kargath Horde 0 14
Reinstated US-Norgannon Alliance 0 14
Piracy LTD None Horde 0 13
Renew US-Kargath Alliance 0 13
Soulbound None Horde 0 13
The Grey Council US-Kargath Horde 0 13
HereinFailNot US-Kargath Alliance 0 12
Fellowship of Azeroth US-Kargath Alliance 0 11
Holy Sanchez US-Kargath Alliance 0 11
Twisted US-Kargath Horde 0 11
A P A T H Y US-Norgannon Alliance 0 10
TST US-Kargath Horde 0 10
Blues Castle US-Kargath Alliance 0 9
Equilux US-Kargath Horde 0 9
TBT US-Kargath Horde 0 9
That Guild US-Kargath Horde 0 9
Titans of Azeroth None Alliance 0 9
Blind Fate None Alliance 0 8
NP+ US-Kargath Alliance 0 8
Onus US-Kargath Alliance 0 8
Outkasts US-Norgannon Alliance 0 8
The Iron Fist US-Kargath Alliance 0 8
Fatal Union Group 2 US-Kargath Horde 0 7
PoniesPoniesPonies US-Norgannon Horde 0 7
Avengers of Death US-Kargath Alliance 0 6
Vass Logs US-Norgannon Alliance 0 6
Analyst US-Kargath Alliance 0 5
Sardonic US-Kargath Alliance 0 5
Bandit's Super Happy Funtime US-Norgannon Alliance 0 4
Dreadnaughts US-Norgannon Horde 0 4
El Phy Congroo US-Norgannon Alliance 0 4
Eleventh US-Norgannon Alliance 0 4
Jabbarwocky US-Norgannon Alliance 0 4
Ominous Latin Phrase US-Norgannon Alliance 0 4
Paradosi US-Kargath Horde 0 4
Wasabi Requiem US-Norgannon Alliance 0 4
Wicked Souls US-Norgannon Horde 0 4
Elysian Dawn None Alliance 0 3
Epoch US-Kargath Horde 0 3
Impervious US-Kargath Alliance 0 3
Indignation US-Norgannon Horde 0 3
Indignation US-Norgannon Horde 0 3
Kill Order US-Kargath Horde 0 3
Lenka US-Kargath Alliance 0 3
motherbombs US-Kargath Horde 0 3
The Fellowship US-Kargath Alliance 0 3
ZXS US-Norgannon Horde 0 3
A P A T H Y US-Norgannon Alliance 0 2
Amicita Cavus US-Norgannon Alliance 0 2
Bloodsworn US-Kargath Alliance 0 2
CÓme at me BrÓ US-Norgannon Alliance 0 2
Eternal US-Kargath Alliance 0 2
Ethos US-Kargath Alliance 0 2
Minutemen US-Kargath Horde 0 2
No Remorse US-Kargath Horde 0 2
ologros US-Kargath Alliance 0 2
Rise US-Norgannon Alliance 0 2
Shadow and Light US-Kargath Alliance 0 2
Synergy Legion US-Kargath Alliance 0 2
Tremere US-Kargath Horde 0 2
Twisted US-Kargath Horde 0 2
Twisted US-Kargath Horde 0 2
A Series of Tubes US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
AVR US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
Catalyst US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
Crimson Blades US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
Crimson Valor US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
Dos Equis US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
DPS For Hire US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Dysfunctional US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
Electric Mayhem US-Kargath Horde 0 1
EternalKrg US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Fancyjuice US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
Formidable1 US-Kargath Horde 0 1
Gateway US-Kargath Horde 0 1
Girls With LowSelfEsteem US-Kargath Horde 0 1
Grateful Dead US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Immortalís US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Insanity US-Kargath Horde 0 1
KD's Bick Dick logs US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
LazyPanda US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Liquor Cabinet Raiders US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Londyns Logs US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Megalomaniac US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
NO QUARTER US-Kargath Horde 0 1
Perseverance US-Kargath Horde 0 1
Players Club US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
point n click US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
Ritual Sacrifice US-Kargath Horde 0 1
SancPug US-Kargath Horde 0 1
Sanctuary US-Kargath Horde 0 1
Tears of Vengeance US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
The Clique US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
The Holy Vehm US-Norgannon Alliance 0 1
Titans of Astiroth US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Wrathchild US-Kargath Horde 0 1
Zythum US-Kargath Alliance 0 1
Phoenix Rising None Horde 0 0
A P A T H Y None Alliance 0 0
abc None Alliance 0 0
Addams Family US-Norgannon Alliance 0 0
Addicted to Rageahol None Alliance 0 0
All Your Logs Belong to Me None Horde 0 0
Allaiva None Horde 0 0
Altered Life None Horde 0 0
Amicita Cavus None Alliance 0 0
Andy's Private Logs None Alliance 0 0
Antithesis-Kargath None Alliance 0 0
ARMY of DARKNESS None Horde 0 0
Band of Rejects US-Kargath Alliance 0 0
Bloodsworn (Team Groove) None Alliance 0 0
Bloodsworn/Groove None Alliance 0 0
boomshack None Horde 0 0
Bound By Blood None Alliance 0 0
Brat Patrol None Alliance 0 0
Broken Promises None Alliance 0 0
Casual Encounters None Alliance 0 0
Casual Encounters (10 man) None Alliance 0 0
Catalyst None Alliance 0 0
Clan Macleod US-Norgannon Alliance 0 0
Clan MacLeod None Alliance 0 0
Coco's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Collateral Damage None Alliance 0 0
Collateral Damage None Alliance 0 0
Collateral Damage None Alliance 0 0
Corruptors of Innocence None Horde 0 0
Cult of Noffletoff None Alliance 0 0
Death in Fire None Horde 0 0
Death Star Orphans None Alliance 0 0
Deathrow None Horde 0 0
Deathweaver None Alliance 0 0
Dragon Tiger Gate None Alliance 0 0
Dragon Toon None Horde 0 0
DSO Evil Twin None Alliance 0 0
Electrotuned None Horde 0 0
Elementally Challenged None Alliance 0 0
Epiphany None Alliance 0 0
Etherial Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Ethos None Alliance 0 0
Exotic Curse None Horde 0 0
Forgotten Legacy None Horde 0 0
Forgotten Legacy None Horde 0 0
Foxhole None Alliance 0 0
GC-New None Alliance 0 0
help None Alliance 0 0
Holy Sanchez Back Up None Alliance 0 0
Hoochy None Horde 0 0
Jaded None Alliance 0 0
junk None Alliance 0 0
Kaellogs None Alliance 0 0
Kargath Thunder Downunder None Alliance 0 0
kashalen None Alliance 0 0
Kestrel None Alliance 0 0
Kharn's Stuff None Alliance 0 0
KMS three None Horde 0 0
KMS two None Horde 0 0
Kobayashi Maru Scenario None Horde 0 0
Kobayashi Maru Scenario None Horde 0 0
Last Resort None Horde 0 0
Legion of the horde None Horde 0 0
Legion Of The Horde None Horde 0 0
Logs None Alliance 0 0
Love Story None Alliance 0 0
Lucidity None Alliance 0 0
Maelstrom None Alliance 0 0
Mal Fortuna Redux None Horde 0 0
Malediction None Alliance 0 0
Malediction None Horde 0 0
mega None Alliance 0 0
Merciless Legion None Alliance 0 0
misbehaved None Alliance 0 0
Misbehaved None Alliance 0 0
Monstra Mihi Pecuniam None Alliance 0 0
Mush None Alliance 0 0
Myrmidons None Horde 0 0
myxlptlk None Horde 0 0
N O V A None Alliance 0 0
Naham Guild None Alliance 0 0
Nonesense None Horde 0 0
Novus Pactum None Alliance 0 0
NQ None Horde 0 0
Obscurum None Alliance 0 0
On A Pale Horse US-Norgannon Alliance 0 0
Ordered Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Pamela Anderson None Alliance 0 0
Personal Use None Horde 0 0
Precision None Alliance 0 0
Pugs None Horde 0 0
Purr WoL None Alliance 0 0
Pursuit of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
quasimotto None Alliance 0 0
Rapport None Alliance 0 0
Rawr None Horde 0 0
Reconstructed None Alliance 0 0
Refraction None Horde 0 0
Resurgence None Alliance 0 0
Revenance None Alliance 0 0
SCE None Alliance 0 0
SDM None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Wolves US-Norgannon Alliance 0 0
Shadow Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Shameless None Horde 0 0
Shiner's Pro None Horde 0 0
Silent Watchers None Alliance 0 0
Silv's None Alliance 0 0
Simple None Alliance 0 0
SomethingFurry None Alliance 0 0
Spider Rules None Horde 0 0
Suga None Horde 0 0
System Failure None Alliance 0 0
System Failure - BLACK None Alliance 0 0
Tasty Treats None Alliance 0 0
Team Valkyrie None Alliance 0 0
TeamPhoenix None Alliance 0 0
Ten Men Army None Horde 0 0
Terrible at Everything None Alliance 0 0
testinglogs None Horde 0 0
testtest None Alliance 0 0
The Clique None Alliance 0 0
The Eleventh Plague None Alliance 0 0
The Eleventh Plague None Alliance 0 0
The Heroic None Alliance 0 0
The Heroic None Alliance 0 0
The Knights Templar None Alliance 0 0
The Lost None Alliance 0 0
Thin's Guild None Horde 0 0
thunder downunder None Alliance 0 0
Thunder Downunder None Alliance 0 0
ToV - FLEX None Alliance 0 0
ToV - Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
ToV- Team phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Twisted None Horde 0 0
Tyw Logs None Alliance 0 0
Unholy Saints None Horde 0 0
Urisan None Horde 0 0
Vent Bunnies And Giggles None Alliance 0 0
voodoodruid None Horde 0 0
VWCS None Alliance 0 0
War None Alliance 0 0
Warlords None Alliance 0 0
WiC None Alliance 0 0
zalnar None Horde 0 0
Zarkoltt's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

12PercentCanadian, A Darkend Path, A P A T H Y, A P A T H Y, A P A T H Y, A P A T H Y, A P A T H Y, A P A T H Y, A P A T H Y, A Series of Noobs, aaa, Absolution, Abyss, Aces Ûp, acid burn, Acid Burn, Addicted to Rageahol, After Dawn, After Dawn, After Dawn, Afterlife, Akeso, Altered Life, Altered Life, Amicita Cavus, Ancestrial Shadows - OLD GUILD, Angry Penguins, Apathy, Apathy, APATHY, apollo729, app, Appetite for Destruction, Aps, Arillius, Armani Inquistion, Ascendancy, Assassins of Azeroth, Assinine, AtD, Avatars of Vengance, Avengers of Death, Avengers of Death, Avengers of Death, AVR, AVR, AVR, AVR, Backlash, Backlash, Bane, Bane, Bane, Bane, Bane of Kings, Beeroismsdpslogs, Bellum Venatus, Beyond Redemption , Beyond Repair, Beyond Repair, Beyond Repair, Beyond Repair, Blackhammer, blahblah, Blind Fate, BlindFate, Blood Noir, Bloodsworn, Bloodsworn - Team O.C., Blue, Blue Sun, Boredom, Bound Bÿ Blood, Brat Patrol, Brat Patrol, Brutality, Butchers Of Azeroth, By The Dark of the Moon, Cabal, Carried by Noffletoff, Casual Encounters, Casual Encounters, Cataclysm, Catalyst, Cave Adsum, Cave Adsum, chain reaction, Channeled Aggression, chaos by design, Charmed N Wicked, Chemical Imbalance, chemical-imbalance, Child Services, Chuck, Chumps Tests, Circle of Chosen Knights, Clan MacLeod, Clan MacLeod, Clan MacLeod, ClanMacLeod, Clean Slate, CoCK, CoDa, Collateral damage, Collateral Damage, Collateral Damage, Cols LNP, Combustable Lemons, Community Service, condemned, Conspiracy, Cookies R Us, Coronary, corruptors of innocence, Coup de Grâce, Crazyz, crimson blade, Cry Havoc, Cryptic, CWW, Dallus, Dalthus' Guild, Damage Inc, Damage Incorporated, Dark Retribution, Darkfire Risen, Daytime Raiders, Daytime Raiders, Deadonarrival, Death and Tacos[Shadow Wrath], Death in Fire, Death In Fire, Death Star Orphans, deathreaper parse, DeathRow, Debuffed, DeBuffed, deceptive, Derahpni234, Destiny, DG2, Die with your Boots on, Die With Your Boots On, disputed, disputed, disputed, Disputed, Disputed, Disputed, Disputed, Disputed, Disputed, Disputed, Disputed, Disputed, Disputed, Donkey Kong Punch, DPS For Hire, DR, Dragon Tiger Gate, Dragon Toon, Dragonbane, Dragons Soul, Draidonslogs, Dreadnaughts, Dressed to Kill, Droogs, Droogs, Ducks of Doom, DWYBO, DëathRõw, El Imperio, Elani's guild, electrotuned, Electrotuned, Electrotuned, Electrotuned, Electus Pauci, Electus Pauci, Elly, Empathy, Empire Rises, Endbringers, EndBringers, Epic Destruction, Epiphany, Equilux, Equilux, Equilux, Ethereal, Ethereal Knights, Ethos, Ethos, Ethos, Ethos - Grey Team, Exalted with McDonalds, execution, Execution, Execution, Execution, Execution, Exotic Curse, Expensive Ham, Expensive Ham, Faeker, Faire for the Horde, Fallen Heroes, Fangs Funhouse, Far Beyond Driven, Fareqwa_LFR_Logs, Fearless Gladiators, Fearless Warriors, FHoTA, FhotA 2.0, Fit, Forgotten Legacy, Forgotten Souls, Formidable, Formidable, Formidable - 2, Fortuna Juvat, Foxhole, Fuel, Furious, Getsome, God smack, GoldenLost, Goldshire Gangsters, Goverment muscle, Grave Dancers Union, Graveyard Raiders, Graveyard Raiders, Graveyard Raiders, Graveyard Raiders, Greatest Guild, Grey Company, Groove's PuG, GUILD, Guild App, Guild of Elders, Hardstyle, harumph, Hasenfratz Extraction, Hates This Game, Heart Mode Only, HellDoggs, Herein Fail Not, Herein Fail Not, Heroes and Such, Heywoods, Heywoods Waypark Raiders, Heywoods WayPark Raiders, History of Vengeance, Holy Sanchez, Horde PUG, Horde Super Models, Horde Super Models, Hotyoassup/Shotdabow App, house forsaken, House of Fallen Daggers, House of Fallen Daggers, House of Fallen Daggers, Hugsguild, ICUP, Igni Ferroque, Igni Ferroque, illidana, Ilzan test, Immortalís, Insurrection, Invictus, Iron Blades, Iron Hammer, IronMaiden, Is Up To No Good, Jabber, jeepio, Jelly, Jenovas Witnesses, Jerusha, Johnson, Just A Game, Just A Game, Kill Order (alts), Kill Squad, Kill_Order, Kobayashi Maru Scenario, Kobayashi Maru Scenario, Kobayashi Maru Scenario T2, Krazed, Lacrimosa, Lacrimosa, Lambs of god, Lambs of God, Larry, Last Realm, Legendary knights, Legendary Knights, Legends, Legends of Antiquity, Legion Entourage, Legion of the Horde, Legion Of The Horde, Legion of Titans, LeoLogs, Let the Wookie Win, Liberty Emperor, Lightflash, Limitbreaker, Limitbreaker, Liquidhearts Testing, Loktar, lolwut, Loremasters, loztsoulz, Lucidity, Ludo Ergo Sum, MACK, MacPac, Malediction, Malediction, Masonator, MeliLogs, Meridian, Meyvns Super Fun Club, Milk and Cookies, Mind Games, Mirrored Reasoning, Misbehaved, Misbehaved, Misc, Modesty, Mog, Mog Squad, Mog Squad, Moose, MoP, Mutiny, My Little Pwnies, My Little Pwnies, My own, Myrmidons, mythbusters, Mythical Warriors, naerlogs, Native Windsong, Native Windsong, Nerd Rage, Neurotic, Next Level, Nine Hours, Nine Hours, Ninth Legion, nj, No Quarter, No Quarter, No Quarter, No Quarter 2, No Quarter 2, No Quarter 2, No Quatar, nomnomnom, Noob Raider's, Noojan, NoQuarter Alt, Norgannon, not in the face, Not in the Face, Not In The Face, Not In The Face, Not My Problem, Novus Pactum, Novus Pactum, novus pactum private, novuspactum1, NQ Bigger, Nulli Secundus LFR, Nullified, Nullified, oblivious, Oblivious, Obsidian, Obsidian Empire, Obsidian Empire, Obsidian Empire, Obsidian Empire, Obsidian Empire Raid 2, Odiiranor, Old People Raiding, Old School Kargath, Old School Kargath, OLP Active, Ominous Latin Phrase, One Shotters, One Track Mind, OoC, Orcanized armed forces, Out of Combat, Out Of Combat, Outkasts, OverRaided, Padded Helmets, Pain Train, Pandamental App, pandamonium, Pandamonium, Paradox, Paradox, Paradox, Parse, pc, Per Dolorem Ad Astra, Perfect Alliance Alt/PuG Runs, Pg, Phantom Legion, Phase 3, Phoenix, Piracy Ltd, Pixels and Ether, Pixels and Ether, Placeholder Guild, Players Club, Plight, Poe's Guild, Precision, Precision, Presence of Mind, Presence of Mind, Presence of Mind, Prestige, Prestige, Prestige, Prestige, PuG, Pug and Pray, Pugwatch, Purgatory, Purged, Purged, Purple Reign, Quanika, quasi, Quilted Northern, R E L O A D, Raid Logs, Raiding Fun Time, Random Guild, Rareformz, Recluse, Reconstructed, Reconstructed, Reconstructed, Reconstructed, Reconstructed, Reconstructed, Reconstructed, Reconstructed, Red Shirt Ensigns, Red Shirt Ensigns, Red Shirt Ensigns, Red Team (WIC), Reinstated, Reinstated, Reinstated, Reinstated , Relax, Relax, Remains of the Fallen, Renew, Renew, Resurgence, Retirement Home, revived faction, Riders of the Weasel, Right Clique, Rise of Righteousness, Rise of the Phœnix, Rogue dps, Rogueinplate, Roving Guns, Runout, Ryderz of the Horde, Sacred Spirits, Sanctum Lux, Satori, Scarlet Illuminati, SCE, SCE, Scotch and Soda, Seats of Oden, Sebboh, selling hugs pst, Seraphyn, sesquipedalian, Seven Deadly Sins, Shadow and Light, Shadow and Light, Shadow and Light, Shadow and Light, Shadow Enclave, Shadow Wrath, Shattered, Shattered Elements, Shattered Elements, Shitty Raid Night, Skywarden, Slaughtership, Slightly Askew, Slytherin, SMASH, SMASH, SMASH, Smashboss, SMÅSH, Snare, Softcore, Softcore, Sojourner, Soldiers of Azeroth, Soulbound, Soulboung, Souls of the Fallen, Souls of the Fallen, Souls of the Fallen, souls of the fallen , Soyeon, SSP, Stature of the Gods, Stature of the Gods, Stendarr, Still Alive, Storm's, Strategery, Sublime, Sublime, Suk And Pals, sunder, Sunshíne, Superbalzos, SUPERFAST JELLYFISH, superniteelf1, Swag Overload, Swag Overload, Swarm, Sweat Sock, Sweatshop Peons, Sweatshop Peons, Sweatshop Peons, Sweet Revenge, Synergy, Synthetic, synthic, Syphil, Tail's stuff, TBT, TBT, TDU, Team Groove, Team Groove, Team Nightmare, Team Nightmare, Team Shocker, Tears of Vengeance, Ten Men Army, Ten Men Army, test, testguild, Testing, testing123, That Guild, The Age of Breakdown, The Bird is the Word, the blood of saints, The Brigade, The Bullpen, The Clique, The Clique, The Clique, The Degenerates, The Expendables, The Fallen Kings, The Grotto, The Hellfire Club, The Heroic, The Holy Vehm, The Iron Fist 2, The Iron Fist 3, The Pale Riders, The Plum Smugglers, The Revengencers, The Risen, The Thirsty Turtles, The Thirsty Turtles - Weekend Turtles (Group 2), the thirsty turtles winning, The Tribunal, The Unleashed, The Unleashed_US, The Vaporizers, The Warriors of Azeroth, Thirst Questers, Thirst Questers, Thunder Downunder, Thunder Downunder, Thunder DownUnder, THunder Dowununder, TI, TiF, Tiferis' Logs, timBUCKtwo, Tinyshockerguild, Tirator, Titanic Swim Team, Titans of Azeroth, Titans Creed, Titans of Azeroth, TLPrivate, Tmpo, tmzz logs, Too Much Value, Toushi's randoms, TOV-Phoenix, Trafalgarlaw, Troublemakers, Troublemakers (é NoiS), Turtles, Twelve Percent Canadian, Twisted, Twisted Mayhem, Twistedtwo, Twisty Maze, Umbrella corp, A New Hope, Ad Infínítum, Adventure Fun Time Crew, Aftermath, Aim To Misbehave, An Order of PF Changs, Ancient Artifacts, Another Personal Bank, Apokstro Banks Co, Assassins Prophecy, Atariel's Legacy, Azeroth Marine Corps, Azure Knights, B Y O F, Bad Phrenology, Banished, Bank and Trust, Bankers Clan, Bellum Venatus, Blackwolves Clan, Blood Noir, Bloodsworn, Boss Nuggets, Bound Bÿ Blood, Broke Bish, Californias Best, Carey, Casual Encounters, Central, Charmed N Wicked, Collateral Damage, Comatose, Community Service, Condemned, Conquest, Corrupted Crusaders, Corruptor of Innocence, Corruptors of Innocence, Crusaders of The Dawn, Dark Asylum, Darkness Falls, Darkness of Azeroth, Deathwing, Destiny, Directionally Challenged, DisturbedOnes, Dont Make Me Angry, Dream Boys, Drunken Saints, DUSK till DAWN, Echo of Time, Electric Sheep, Electrotuned, Emerald Guard, Encore, Endbringers, Endless, Evil Legion, Exiles of Blackrock, ez skins ez life, Far Beyond Driven, Fatal Union, Fate of Shadow, For Sale, For Whom the Bell Trolls, Fracture, Galactic Death Bunnies, Gibblygock, Gladiator, Gladiators N Raiders, Glory And Pride, Gnome Liberation Front, Gnome Or Gnomes, Goat Leg, Gods of blood, Grumpy Old Gamers, Guardians of Fate, Guild of Elders, HELGRIND, Hellsings Best, HELSFIRE, Hit or Miss, Holy Sanchez, House Forsaken, House Of Cards, IM A WHALE OORAAROOAAROO, Im Hungry when is Lunch, Immörtâls, Insurrection, Ironfist, Irregardless, Is Angry, Is Number One, iTs TrIcKeY, Jek Without Pants, Jesus and the Dinosaurs, Just A Game, Just for bank, Kargath Fried Chicken, Kill Order, Knights of Silver Hand, KSI, L O G A, Legendary, Legion of Bloodlust, Legion of Darkknights, Legion of the Horde, Level, Limitbreaker, Lockdown, Loot Hoarders, Lords of Pie, Luminous, LWW, LXIX, Malediction, Mayhem MGMT, Mercenary Knights, Military Madness, Mor Ruhdonkulus, Mystery Inc, Night Angels, No Quarter, No Remorse, Old School Kargath, Old Warriors Never Die, One More Quest, One Shott One Kill, only suffacation, Out Cast, Pantheon, Pariah, Phobia, Phoenix Rising, Pirate Sentai, Popping Cherries are FUN, Protective Custody, Puritania, Raiders of Havoc, Rapacious Depredation, Reconstructed, Red Cell, redneckz, Reforged Warlords, Revenance, Revolution, Riders Of The Red Dawn, Rise of the Unwanted, Royal Enîgma, Runs with Scissors, Sanctum Lux, Sardonic, Seven Deadly Sins, SFE, Shadow and Light, Shamrocks, Shattered, Simple Twist Of Fate, Smokescreen, Snowfall, Sober, Soul Assassins, Spoofy, State of Confusion, Still Alive, Straight Up Pwnage, System Failure, Terrible at Everything, That Guild, The Alliance, The Blazzed, The Brotherhood of Life, The Chosen Few, The Dream of Ysera, The Dungeon Runners, The Five Lords of War, The Grey Council, The Rebel Alliance, The Revengencers, The Sheldon Clan, The Very Confused Dragon, The Warriors Of Azeroth, The Winky Wagon, There Will Be Blood, Thuggery Inc, Thunder Downunder, toejams, Toolbox, Troublemakers, True Blood, Twisted, Valkyrian Knights, War and Peace, Wasted, WE ARE THE LEGENDS, World of Welfare, Zombie Apocalypse, A b y s s, a dime and a dollar, A Mere Sham, Absolution, ADOLESCENCE, Angels Of Anarchy, Animal House, AON, Armed Forces, Assassins at Work, Avatars of Darkness, AVR, Badditude, Bane, Bank of Amurrica, Bank of Gnomes, Bathed in Blood, Beyond Redemption, Blood of Vengeance, Brothers of The Hook, Brute Force, Burn and Die, Cabaleiros da Morte, Cat Herders, CHCNHoldings, Clan MacLeod, Clan of Mjollnir, Coffee House Bandits, Cognitive Dissonance, Corrupted Dreams, Courtiers, Crimson Blades, Dark Clan, Darkest Hour, Death Magnetic, Deception, Delirium, Devil May Cry, Disciples of Andraste, Divine Chaos, DK Mafia, DKLIFE, Donkey Kong Punch, Draconic Legion, Drunks and Dragons, Därk Lucîdîty, DëathRõw, Ebay Bro, Echelon, Elitè Huntèrs, Encomium Moriae, Exalted with McDonalds, Exotic Curse, Far Riders, Fires of Heavens Flames, Fist of Serenity, Flying Dragon Warriors, Forbidden Circle, Forte Knocks, Frau Blucher, Game Theory, Get Off My Planet, Glorious Dragontigers, Gnomeregan, Gold Member, Goonies Never Say Wipe, Guardians of Valor, Hard Like Heroic, Haven, Havoc, Hero on Trash, Hobo Patrol, Horde Elite, Hozen Reavers, Igni Ferroque, Illuminaughty, Illusory, Im Not Dead Yet, Immortal Destiny, Immortal Legion, IMPERIAL GUARD, Indignation, Ipeeinpools, Iron Hammer, Kobayashi Maru Scenario, La Clic a Claude, LALS HORHEYS GELD SR SUX, Legion Hunters, Lemon Squishy Gang, Lordaerons Rebirth, MAD COWS, Mentally Unstable, Method, Misfit Toys, Morbid Angels, Myrmidons, Mysterious Purple Sox, Native Windsong, Nerf, Neverland Ranch Survivor, New Crisis, New Moon, Omega Lithium, Oompa Loompa Gang, ORDER OF AZAZEL, Orgrimmar Chaos, Our Lord and Savior Axed, Outkasts, Pandamonium, Pheonix Rising, Players Club, Profession Leveling Kits, Project Knights, Pursuit Of Darkness, raging raiders, Raiders of Darkness, Raiding without Pants, rambos squad, Reasonance, Rebel Rising rawr, Red Eye Assassins, Red Shirt Ensigns, Reign of the Phoenix, Reinstated, Remains of the Fallen, Remnants of Destiny, Renkei, Requíem, RIDERS OF THE ALLIANCE, Rise of the Dark Phoenix, Roman Superioity, Sacred Vanity, Safe Space, Seats of Odin, Secret Squirrels, Shangs House of Noodles, Silent Knights, Silent Watchers, Sin City Brotherhood, SM, Snare, Sons of Gabriel, Soppi is Totally Awesome, Soul, Soulbound, Storage of Camo, Stuff N Things, SympATHY, Tasty Treats, team paradox, TenInchesUnbuffed, The Addams Family, The Breakfast Club, The Brigade, The Degenerates, The Disciples, The Exalted, The Fel Weasels, The few and the Proud, The Fists of Heaven, The Heroic, THE IMPERIAL GUARD, The Lost, The Marketplace, The Nightstalkers, The Notorious, The Plum Smugglers, The Protectorate, The Rats Nest, The Risen, The Seven Deadly Sins II, The Thirsty Turtles, The Twins, The Zombies, This Space For Rent, Tijuana Bar Fight, TopsyTurvy, Unholy Saints, Union of the smiths, Unity, Uphold The Darkness, Valkyrie, Warlòrds, Wayfarer, We Go Outside, We Stand In Stuff, weeh lyk tew reed, WeHaveFun, Wind Wolf Clan, Without Remorse, Wolfstar Raiders, Âscension, Ðêvils Ðiciplês, Vaiur, Valkyries, varalia, Venimus Vidimus Vicimus , Vicate log, Vicious Circle, Villains of Kargath, Vindictive, Vindictive, Violation, Void, W O R D, Waiting for Death, Waiting forDeath, Warruz, Way of the Warrior, Way of the Warrior, Way of the Warrior, We Wipe on Trash, We Wipe On Trash, Weekly pug, WGO, what is the guild name, What?, Winter is Coming, Winter is Coming, Worldofhot, Wrath Of The Forsaken, Xirion, XlII, Yahrah, Yahyers, You People, Yucie Logs, ZeroHour, Zythum, zànder, ßlack Label, ßlack Label, ßlack Label , Åggression, ÐOMINANCE

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