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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Toxicology US-Icecrown Alliance 21 88
Moral Panic US-Icecrown Horde 19 56
Sacred Ashes US-Icecrown Alliance 16 78
Serbian Knight US-Icecrown Alliance 12 127
The Drunk Shack US-Icecrown Horde 8 28
Afterlight US-Icecrown Horde 8 15
Shoes US-Icecrown Horde 7 138
Misato Logs US-Icecrown Horde 5 174
Wsquared Logs US-Icecrown Alliance 5 50
SoulShatter US-Icecrown Horde 5 9
Velocity US-Icecrown Alliance 3 51
IndoReborn US-Icecrown Alliance 3 3
Outbreak US-Icecrown Alliance 1 2
Arise US-Icecrown Alliance 1 1
Reminiscence US-Icecrown Alliance 0 704
Searing Blade US-Icecrown Alliance 0 626
Ruin US-Icecrown Alliance 0 576
Moo US-Malygos Horde 0 428
Reign in Power US-Icecrown Alliance 0 372
Dark Horse US-Icecrown Alliance 0 365
Controlled Substance None Alliance 0 284
Blades of Rage US-Malygos Alliance 0 200
Axiom US-Icecrown Alliance 0 197
Vandals US-Icecrown Horde 0 166
The Oblivion None Horde 0 150
The Order of the Phoenix US-Malygos Alliance 0 132
Advent US-Icecrown Alliance 0 119
Shadowmoon Knights US-Malygos Alliance 0 109
Incursio Noctis US-Icecrown Alliance 0 78
Night Shift US-Icecrown Horde 0 77
Ayaro's Logs US-Icecrown Alliance 0 75
Wicked Ways US-Icecrown Horde 0 72
Dev Null US-Malygos Alliance 0 70
Oceanicx US-Icecrown Alliance 0 70
Reforged US-Icecrown Horde 0 54
Insight US-Icecrown Alliance 0 51
Veterans of the Phoenix US-Malygos Horde 0 50
Dead Mans Party None Alliance 0 49
WayneCorp US-Icecrown Alliance 0 49
ETF US-Malygos Alliance 0 48
Short Bus Ganksters None Alliance 0 44
Soulbound US-Malygos Alliance 0 42
Equitas US-Malygos Alliance 0 40
Bashin Ordur US-Icecrown Horde 0 38
MOVE US-Icecrown Alliance 0 38
Revenge US-Malygos Alliance 0 38
TL_Frozzy US-Icecrown Horde 0 37
Cynic US-Icecrown Alliance 0 36
Xiphoid Process US-Icecrown Horde 0 36
Templarios US-Icecrown Alliance 0 35
Paradigm US-Icecrown Alliance 0 33
Carpe Diem US-Icecrown Alliance 0 32
Oceanic US-Icecrown Alliance 0 32
Knights of Bohemia US-Icecrown Alliance 0 31
Knights who say Ni US-Icecrown Alliance 0 30
sky inferno US-Icecrown Horde 0 30
Moments US-Icecrown Alliance 0 28
Ten Years After US-Malygos Alliance 0 25
Azbestos US-Malygos Alliance 0 24
Frozen Sails US-Icecrown Alliance 0 24
Spartans US-Icecrown Alliance 0 24
Liars and Cheats US-Icecrown Alliance 0 23
We Know US-Icecrown Alliance 0 23
Casually Inclined US-Icecrown Alliance 0 21
Trial By Fire None Horde 0 20
Evocati US-Icecrown Alliance 0 19
Seven Dawns US-Icecrown Horde 0 19
Dominion US-Icecrown Alliance 0 18
Elitist Effect US-Malygos Alliance 0 18
Invaders US-Icecrown Alliance 0 17
SRS BZNS US-Malygos Alliance 0 17
Oceanic US-Icecrown Alliance 0 16
Clan Bonsai US-Malygos Alliance 0 15
Gwag US-Icecrown Alliance 0 15
Nerfed US-Malygos Alliance 0 15
Darkleaf US-Icecrown Horde 0 14
evillogs US-Icecrown Alliance 0 13
Frozen's Data US-Icecrown Alliance 0 13
La Carica dei 104 US-Icecrown Horde 0 12
The Sons Of Odin US-Icecrown Alliance 0 12
Draconus Noir US-Icecrown Alliance 0 11
Forbidden Order US-Icecrown Alliance 0 11
Survival US-Icecrown Alliance 0 11
Zalara US-Icecrown Alliance 0 11
by The Light US-Icecrown Horde 0 10
Defiance US-Icecrown Alliance 0 10
Rapture None Alliance 0 10
Sacred US-Icecrown Alliance 0 10
Pure US-Icecrown Alliance 0 9
wolfhealz US-Malygos Alliance 0 9
Daddy AF US-Icecrown Horde 0 8
Dead Hunter Society US-Icecrown Alliance 0 8
Ebola Logs US-Icecrown Alliance 0 8
Furious Pantaloons US-Icecrown Alliance 0 8
Pinnacle US-Icecrown Horde 0 8
The Royal Family US-Icecrown Alliance 0 8
Wyrmfoe US-Icecrown Alliance 0 8
Ability US-Icecrown Alliance 0 7
Alt Vindi US-Icecrown Alliance 0 7
Fried Rice US-Icecrown Horde 0 7
Revenge 2 US-Malygos Alliance 0 7
Snartt US-Icecrown Horde 0 7
US-Icecrown Alliance 0 6
Bladezz of Wrath US-Icecrown Alliance 0 6
Dernier Try US-Icecrown Horde 0 6
Garuda US-Icecrown Alliance 0 6
Inc US-Malygos Alliance 0 6
Sindikat US-Icecrown Horde 0 6
studytime US-Icecrown Horde 0 6
Udba US-Icecrown Alliance 0 6
Demon Kin US-Icecrown Horde 0 5
ETHICS & Co. US-Icecrown Horde 0 5
Friendz with Benefits US-Icecrown Alliance 0 5
Mitosis US-Malygos Alliance 0 5
Niston's Data US-Icecrown Alliance 0 5
Regression US-Icecrown Alliance 0 5
Shock US-Icecrown Horde 0 5
Styloz Log's US-Icecrown Alliance 0 5
This Pugs for You US-Icecrown Alliance 0 5
Colourz's data US-Icecrown Alliance 0 4
Compound US-Icecrown Alliance 0 4
Distorted US-Icecrown Alliance 0 4
Iniquitous US-Malygos Alliance 0 4
lovelogs US-Icecrown Horde 0 4
SELECT geeks FROM WoW US-Icecrown Alliance 0 4
Severed US-Malygos Alliance 0 4
Talisman US-Icecrown Alliance 0 4
Wolf Pack Deus US-Malygos Horde 0 4
Balera Brothers US-Icecrown Alliance 0 3
Blades of Wrath US-Icecrown Alliance 0 3
Butter Bank US-Malygos Alliance 0 3
Deus Invictus US-Icecrown Alliance 0 3
Idpsutanks Logs US-Icecrown Horde 0 3
Infinitie US-Icecrown Horde 0 3
Light of Lights US-Icecrown Horde 0 3
Malowned US-Icecrown Alliance 0 3
Revenants of the Lost US-Icecrown Horde 0 3
Scittly US-Icecrown Alliance 0 3
Sinister fate US-Icecrown Alliance 0 3
Bad Luck US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Caustic US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Clan of the Red Dragon US-Malygos Alliance 0 2
Collective Regime US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Darklords US-Malygos Horde 0 2
Deathwing US-Icecrown Horde 0 2
Dracoliches US-Malygos Alliance 0 2
Exucutioner None Alliance 0 2
Favourite Nightmare US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Flying Karate Jesus US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Fortis US-Malygos Alliance 0 2
Hyped logs US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Impure US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Legion of Thrall US-Icecrown Horde 0 2
LFR DPS Logs US-Malygos Alliance 0 2
Logging Your FACE US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
merlin US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Nightmare US-Malygos Alliance 0 2
Nightmare US-Malygos Alliance 0 2
Provocative US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Reforged US-Icecrown Horde 0 2
Silver Pack US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Singular US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Sons of Odin US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Stratagem US-Icecrown Horde 0 2
Ten Years After US-Malygos Alliance 0 2
The Paragon US-Malygos Alliance 0 2
Theory US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
This is America US-Icecrown Horde 0 2
TORTA TORTA TORTA US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
Vengeånce US-Icecrown Horde 0 2
Vindicatum US-Icecrown Horde 0 2
Vindicatum US-Icecrown Alliance 0 2
US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Anamul's Logs US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
At the Price of Oblivion US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Banned and Censored US-Malygos Horde 0 1
beastz US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Blades of Wrath US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Blood Dawn US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Carpe Diem US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Censure US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Cynic US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Demise Weekend Group US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
E U T US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Enzo's Logs US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Equitas US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
Eternal Guardians US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Friggs Logs US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
guild US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Guildifiedsin US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
Ibyish Clan US-Malygos Horde 0 1
kallidor US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Katerra's Logs of Pwn US-Icecrown Horde 0 1
Lightbearer US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
Ma Deuces US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
Maldazzar & Co. US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Men of Letters US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
my guild records US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Oblivious US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
Out Of The Ashes US-Icecrown Horde 0 1
Personal US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Planned Parenthood US-Icecrown Horde 0 1
Praetorium US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Pulse US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
Ravage US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Reagan Smash US-Malygos Horde 0 1
Reagan Smash US-Malygos Horde 0 1
Reigns of Freedom US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
REIN US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Revenge US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
Scales of the Dragon US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Strickly Elite US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Synergy US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
Synergy US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
The Requim US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Tipplesplitters US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
Ultima Ratio US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Undwehelming US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Veene Log US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Ville's Logs US-Malygos Alliance 0 1
Wasted Epics US-Malygos Horde 0 1
Wish You Were Geared US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Wolf Pack US-Malygos Horde 0 1
World of Records US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Xandyrr's Logs US-Icecrown Alliance 0 1
Addiction None Alliance 0 0
Apathy None Alliance 0 0
Ascendent None Alliance 0 0
Ashamed to Play WoW None Horde 0 0
Average's logs None Alliance 0 0
awry None Horde 0 0
Bacon US-Icecrown Alliance 0 0
Bad Luck None Alliance 0 0
Bad Luck None Alliance 0 0
Baelin None Alliance 0 0
BAMF None Alliance 0 0
Banefire None Alliance 0 0
BEWITCHED None Alliance 0 0
Blessed Alliance US-Icecrown Alliance 0 0
Blood of heroes US-Icecrown Horde 0 0
Blood of Heroes US-Icecrown Horde 0 0
Calladoctor Eats Cats None Alliance 0 0
Casually Addicted None Alliance 0 0
chug bug None Alliance 0 0
Conundrum None Alliance 0 0
Creeping Shadows None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Ravens None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Ravens None Alliance 0 0
Cult of Crazy Killers None Alliance 0 0
Dark Angelz None Alliance 0 0
Dark Angelz None Alliance 0 0
Darn the Goats None Alliance 0 0
Deaths Brood None Alliance 0 0
Decorum None Alliance 0 0
Destined Souls None Alliance 0 0
Determined None Horde 0 0
DI None Alliance 0 0
Disciples None Alliance 0 0
Distorted None Alliance 0 0
Dottington None Alliance 0 0
Dreadbeard Hates You None Alliance 0 0
Dream Nation None Horde 0 0
Drexra None Horde 0 0
Dropouts None Alliance 0 0
Duality None Alliance 0 0
Dungeon Crawl None Horde 0 0
Elitist Effect None Alliance 0 0
ETF None Alliance 0 0
excel excel None Alliance 0 0
Exoliah's Logs None Horde 0 0
Fail Safe None Horde 0 0
Fearus US-Icecrown Alliance 0 0
Forest Dps log None Alliance 0 0
forevermore None Horde 0 0
Fortis None Alliance 0 0
Fortis 2 None Alliance 0 0
Grinsom Pug None Alliance 0 0
Heaven None Alliance 0 0
Hell None Horde 0 0
Hell None Horde 0 0
Horizon None Horde 0 0
Hyjal Kids Hyjal Wife None Alliance 0 0
Høly None Alliance 0 0
I need logs None Alliance 0 0
Ifrit US-Icecrown Horde 0 0
In For the Kill None Alliance 0 0
insurrection None Alliance 0 0
ispackinheat None Horde 0 0
jaws_logger None Alliance 0 0
jinx None Horde 0 0
Jinx None Horde 0 0
Joy US-Icecrown Alliance 0 0
Joy US-Icecrown Alliance 0 0
K1 (EC) Furious Pantaloons None Alliance 0 0
Keepers of Eternity None Alliance 0 0
Kitteh Hatin Terrorists None Alliance 0 0
Korrasi None Alliance 0 0
KrookdLogs2 None Alliance 0 0
La Cosa Nostra None Alliance 0 0
Laughing at Murder None Alliance 0 0
Legends of legend None Alliance 0 0
Legion of Thrall None Alliance 0 0
lfmarenapartnersforgundi None Horde 0 0
LFR's None Alliance 0 0
Looney Toons None Alliance 0 0
Lying Liars None Alliance 0 0
Mak Gora None Horde 0 0
Mak Gora None Horde 0 0
Mak Gora None Horde 0 0
Metric None Horde 0 0
Miellia None Alliance 0 0
Mitosis Group 2 None Alliance 0 0
Morbid Curiosity None Alliance 0 0
My So Called Guild None Horde 0 0
myth None Alliance 0 0
Natural Expansion None Horde 0 0
NES None Alliance 0 0
Nightmare None Alliance 0 0
Nightmare None Alliance 0 0
nights of old US-Malygos Alliance 0 0
Not Mitosis None Alliance 0 0
Obscenity None Alliance 0 0
Often Misquoted None Alliance 0 0
Olima's Logs None Horde 0 0
Onslaught None Alliance 0 0
Order of Blackstaff None Alliance 0 0
Pain in the Azeroth US-Icecrown Alliance 0 0
Paradigm Shift None Alliance 0 0
Parsecs Ahead None Alliance 0 0
Penumbra None Alliance 0 0
Peons No More None Horde 0 0
Peons No More None Horde 0 0
Polarity None Horde 0 0
Praetorium None Alliance 0 0
Pure US-Icecrown Alliance 0 0
Qtvee's Log None Alliance 0 0
Quality Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Rebel Knights US-Icecrown Alliance 0 0
Red Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Redemption None Alliance 0 0
Reigns Of Freedom None Alliance 0 0
REIN None Alliance 0 0
Resurgence None Alliance 0 0
Sacred Fire None Alliance 0 0
Sacred Fire None Alliance 0 0
SB None Alliance 0 0
Second Nature None Alliance 0 0
Seventh Cavalry None Alliance 0 0
severed None Alliance 0 0
ShinSenGumi None Alliance 0 0
ShinSenGumi None Alliance 0 0
Shock None Horde 0 0
Shock None Horde 0 0
Show Me Ur Critz None Alliance 0 0
Silent Requiem None Alliance 0 0
Snarky Whisper Squad None Alliance 0 0
SpikeFlail None Alliance 0 0
Spriggan's Files None Alliance 0 0
Stars of Orion None Alliance 0 0
Strickly Elite None Alliance 0 0
Strunker's Rag Tag Crew None Alliance 0 0
Super Robot Monkey Team None Horde 0 0
Super Twy Only Guild None Alliance 0 0
TDPrivate None Alliance 0 0
Team Rocket None Horde 0 0
Team Rocket None Horde 0 0
Tenuvien None Alliance 0 0
The Awakened None Alliance 0 0
The Duck Pond None Horde 0 0
The Hollow Men None Alliance 0 0
The Insomniacs None Alliance 0 0
The Myrmidons None Horde 0 0
The Paragon None Alliance 0 0
The Paragon None Alliance 0 0
The Undivine US-Icecrown Horde 0 0
timeless None Horde 0 0
Timeless None Horde 0 0
Torrid None Alliance 0 0
Twisted Fates None Alliance 0 0
Uhof's logs None Alliance 0 0
Vets Latenight None Horde 0 0
Volition None Alliance 0 0
Vvolf None Horde 0 0
Weasel Hellhouse None Horde 0 0
Wellivan's log None Alliance 0 0
wengs deepz None Alliance 0 0
Wicked Ways None Alliance 0 0
Winds of War None Alliance 0 0
WingStripe None Alliance 0 0
Winni None Alliance 0 0
With a Twist None Alliance 0 0
Wizards and Warriors None Alliance 0 0
Yeebus Test None Alliance 0 0
Zavera None Horde 0 0
ZED None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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