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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Colossus US-Greymane Alliance 0 872
Solution US-Greymane Alliance 0 583
The Unnamed US-Tanaris Alliance 0 385
Terrible Friends US-Greymane Alliance 0 334
Dharma Initiative US-Tanaris Alliance 0 305
Obdura None Alliance 0 187
The Unnamed US-Tanaris Alliance 0 131
Anubis US-Tanaris Alliance 0 109
TheUnnamed None Alliance 0 104
Solution - V US-Greymane Alliance 0 90
Theorycrafters US-Greymane Horde 0 75
xjs US-Greymane Alliance 0 67
Negligence US-Greymane Alliance 0 65
Core of Greymane US-Greymane Alliance 0 63
Unflawed None Alliance 0 49
Blacklisted US-Tanaris Horde 0 48
Bane None Alliance 0 41
Agronauts US-Greymane Alliance 0 38
Secession US-Tanaris Horde 0 37
Late night somethingorother US-Tanaris Alliance 0 33
The Almighty Texans US-Tanaris Alliance 0 32
Kael's Logs US-Greymane Alliance 0 29
Veil of Shadows US-Greymane Alliance 0 28
Solace US-Greymane Horde 0 27
Chàos Unleashed US-Greymane Alliance 0 25
The Afflicted US-Greymane Horde 0 25
Victorious Secret US-Greymane Alliance 0 24
Excellence US-Tanaris Alliance 0 19
Jaded US-Tanaris Horde 0 19
Necronlogs US-Greymane Alliance 0 19
Cheers US-Greymane Horde 0 18
Daedalus US-Greymane Alliance 0 15
Eternal Alliance US-Greymane Alliance 0 15
Fahrenheit US-Greymane Alliance 0 15
Forcelogs US-Greymane Alliance 0 15
Cultivating Your New Experience US-Greymane Alliance 0 14
Despotism US-Greymane Alliance 0 14
Improvise US-Greymane Alliance 0 14
nymb US-Tanaris Alliance 0 14
Winterborne US-Greymane Alliance 0 14
Winterborne None Alliance 0 13
uda uda US-Greymane Horde 0 11
Diracs awesome home US-Greymane Alliance 0 10
pantheon US-Tanaris Alliance 0 10
Slainte US-Tanaris Horde 0 10
Cptkilljoy US-Greymane Alliance 0 8
Endzs US-Greymane Alliance 0 8
Cast's Logs US-Tanaris Alliance 0 6
OPG US-Tanaris Alliance 0 6
Sil's Stats US-Greymane Alliance 0 6
Council of Nine US-Greymane Alliance 0 5
Enduring Vision US-Tanaris Alliance 0 5
Logs of a DK US-Greymane Alliance 0 5
Sanshy Logs US-Greymane Alliance 0 5
Test US-Tanaris Horde 0 5
Dark Tempest US-Greymane Alliance 0 4
GoA US-Tanaris Alliance 0 4
iPutOnMyRobeAndWizardHat US-Tanaris Horde 0 4
Pandamonium US-Tanaris Alliance 0 4
Rice Cakin' US-Tanaris Alliance 0 4
Solution Gig US-Greymane Alliance 0 4
The Dark Legacy US-Tanaris Horde 0 4
Undertow US-Greymane Alliance 0 4
Azeroth's Brotherhood US-Greymane Alliance 0 3
BolognaLand US-Greymane Alliance 0 3
Enduring Vision US-Tanaris Alliance 0 3
Jawa's Personal Log US-Greymane Horde 0 3
Sol Invictus US-Tanaris Horde 0 3
The Unforsaken US-Tanaris Alliance 0 3
The Unnamed via Turbine US-Tanaris Alliance 0 3
Usual Suspects US-Greymane Alliance 0 3
Winterborne US-Greymane Alliance 0 3
Antaya US-Greymane Alliance 0 2
Brohurn US-Tanaris Alliance 0 2
Creshendo (solo) US-Greymane Alliance 0 2
Eternal Avatars US-Greymane Alliance 0 2
Pals For Life US-Greymane Alliance 0 2
Regiment US-Greymane Alliance 0 2
Rubber Room Psychos US-Tanaris Horde 0 2
Scapegoat US-Greymane Alliance 0 2
The Bracelet Brotherhood US-Greymane Alliance 0 2
Absolution US-Tanaris Alliance 0 1
Accidentprone US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Apok's Logs US-Tanaris Alliance 0 1
backspace US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Bells and Whistles US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
BITTER HEART US-Tanaris Alliance 0 1
Brology US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
cclogs US-Tanaris Horde 0 1
Comatorium US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Cynlogs US-Greymane Horde 0 1
Dark Iron Brigade US-Greymane Horde 0 1
Doubletapped Huntard Hell US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Flagged for Rename US-Tanaris Alliance 0 1
Il Divo US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Kelnir None Alliance 0 1
Lordaeron Rangers US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Luckydo None Alliance 0 1
Lunarion Log Parade US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Mercury US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Mercury US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Method US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Of Blood and Honor US-Tanaris Alliance 0 1
OStemp US-Tanaris Alliance 0 1
Overrated US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Phoenix US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Primal Chaos US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Quintessence US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Raid Against the Machine US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Resurrection US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Reverence US-Greymane Horde 0 1
Righteous and Wicked US-Tanaris Alliance 0 1
Satyriasis US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Selflogs US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
SerenityGreymane US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Sofe's Logs of Fun US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Solution US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
SSDD US-Tanaris Horde 0 1
Statler and waldorf US-Tanaris Alliance 0 1
Symphony of Agony US-Tanaris Horde 0 1
Tals Logs US-Tanaris Alliance 0 1
Terrible Friends US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
The Aftermath US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
WCS US-Greymane Horde 0 1
Whisper in the Dark US-Greymane Horde 0 1
Whitney Houstons 8 Ball US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Zunji's Logs US-Greymane Alliance 0 1
Ваншот US-Tanaris Alliance 0 1
627 US-Greymane Alliance 0 0
86ed None Alliance 0 0
86th None Alliance 0 0
A Piece of Toast None Horde 0 0
Alexander The Mage OMG None Alliance 0 0
All the Single Ladies None Alliance 0 0
AMERICA LOGS None Alliance 0 0
Anchal-logs None Alliance 0 0
Antlog-Miid None Horde 0 0
aquua None Alliance 0 0
Ash's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Aspect None Alliance 0 0
azeroths brotherhood None Alliance 0 0
BASEDGOD None Alliance 0 0
BearCuties None Alliance 0 0
Blastbeatx - Eighty six - Logs None Alliance 0 0
Burning Warlords None Alliance 0 0
CARE BARE STARE None Alliance 0 0
carpal pummel None Horde 0 0
Cast's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Cerberus None Alliance 0 0
Cerberus (25) None Alliance 0 0
Ceri's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Chaotic Temptation None Alliance 0 0
Chuck None Alliance 0 0
Coexist None Alliance 0 0
CoN None Alliance 0 0
CoN2 None Alliance 0 0
Council of Nine None Alliance 0 0
Crimson None Alliance 0 0
Ctrl Alt Freedom None Alliance 0 0
CueyLaOHorde None Horde 0 0
datlogs None Alliance 0 0
Distinction None Alliance 0 0
DrassxThebeastfromtheeast None Alliance 0 0
Edge_of_Madness None Alliance 0 0
Eighty Six None Alliance 0 0
El Diablo None Horde 0 0
Endeavor None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Asylum None Horde 0 0
Eternal Avatars None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Avatars None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Satire None Alliance 0 0
EternalAsylum None Horde 0 0
Excellence None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Empire None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Empire None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Empire None Alliance 0 0
Foe's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Fragment US-Tanaris Alliance 0 0
Ganked None Alliance 0 0
Gardoric None Alliance 0 0
getin None Alliance 0 0
Gratefully Dead None Alliance 0 0
Guadalcanal None Alliance 0 0
Happy Hour None Alliance 0 0
hereforparty None Alliance 0 0
Hurthou None Alliance 0 0
Immortalis None Horde 0 0
Immortalis None Horde 0 0
impervious None Horde 0 0
Impervious None Horde 0 0
Impervious None Horde 0 0
ImperviousCG2 None Horde 0 0
Imperviouss None Horde 0 0
imppervious None Horde 0 0
Incognito US-Tanaris Horde 0 0
Ironforge None Alliance 0 0
Just Pull None Alliance 0 0
Just The Tip None Alliance 0 0
Katarzyna None Alliance 0 0
Khayelynn's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Khurgen Logs None Alliance 0 0
Legion of Insanity None Alliance 0 0
LMFAO None Alliance 0 0
Long None Alliance 0 0
Lords of Darrowshire None Alliance 0 0
Luminary None Alliance 0 0
Malicious Intent None Alliance 0 0
Marcy Projects None Alliance 0 0
Mayhem None Horde 0 0
Mortality None Horde 0 0
MTCO None Alliance 0 0
MyOwnGuild None Horde 0 0
Mysschivious logs None Alliance 0 0
mystidruid None Alliance 0 0
Nhoi's logs None Alliance 0 0
None None Alliance 0 0
Norst None Alliance 0 0
Ooey Logs None Alliance 0 0
Original Sin None Alliance 0 0
Origins None Alliance 0 0
Paradigm None Alliance 0 0
Perseveree None Alliance 0 0
Pinnacle None Alliance 0 0
Priceless None Alliance 0 0
Private None Alliance 0 0
Prophets of Rage None Alliance 0 0
Prost None Horde 0 0
Rawhide Prime None Horde 0 0
Rebirth None Horde 0 0
Rhaejin's Rage None Alliance 0 0
Samsara None Alliance 0 0
Samsara None Alliance 0 0
Sandbomb's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Satyriasis Group 2 None Alliance 0 0
Second Wind None Alliance 0 0
Senqt da Bawws None Horde 0 0
Silver Dragons None Alliance 0 0
Solitude None Alliance 0 0
Solution None Alliance 0 0
Solution - mysti None Alliance 0 0
Something Better None Alliance 0 0
Spirit Horders None Horde 0 0
Symphony of Agony None Horde 0 0
TDS None Alliance 0 0
Team Lauren None Alliance 0 0
Team Seven None Alliance 0 0
Temple of Lost Souls None Alliance 0 0
TempusFugit None Alliance 0 0
TempusFugit None Alliance 0 0
The Burning Beast None Horde 0 0
The Dark Legacy None Horde 0 0
The Dark Legacy None Horde 0 0
The Dark Side None Alliance 0 0
The Evil Within None Horde 0 0
The Exiled Few None Alliance 0 0
The Exiled Few None Alliance 0 0
throwaway None Horde 0 0
Thé Aftermath None Alliance 0 0
Titan None Alliance 0 0
Titan None Alliance 0 0
To the Pain None Alliance 0 0
Tokroka's Logs None Horde 0 0
turbo None Alliance 0 0
Two Shot None Alliance 0 0
Tyae Openraid & LFR None Alliance 0 0
Unofficial-Eighty-Six None Alliance 0 0
Unyielding None Alliance 0 0
Unyielding None Alliance 0 0
UnYielding None Alliance 0 0
veil of shadows None Alliance 0 0
Vest's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Vivid None Alliance 0 0
Vivid None Alliance 0 0
Vivid None Alliance 0 0
vui None Alliance 0 0
Warforged None Alliance 0 0
Wave of Mutilation None Alliance 0 0
Wrought from Ruin None Alliance 0 0
xin None Alliance 0 0
Youateone None Alliance 0 0
Àlexander The Mage OMG HE HAS LOGS! None Alliance 0 0
Вайп на треше None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

#2QT, A Piece of Toast, ab, Acacia, Acacia, Actual Jaded, Adjective Noun, Adrenaline, ads, aerodeath, Afflicted, Affliction, Afterlife, aftermath, Aggrovation, AggroVation, Ahm's Logs, aisuoxe, Aldured Radiance, Alirrath, Allons Y, Alpha, Alt'Oholics, Altered States, AMBUSH, Amtah Only, Anathema, Ancient Empire, Ancient Empire, Ancient Empire, Ancient Empire 2, Ancients of Greymane, Ancients Of Greymane, And Hell Follows, AoA, AotD, Arcanus, Arch's Guild, Arella, Arisen, Aristocracy, Art of Aggression, Assimilated, Astalderea, At All Costs, Ataxia, Attica, Avengers of Azeroth, Average, Away From Keyboard, axiom, axiom, axiom, Axiom, Axiom-Tanaris, Azeroth Security, Azeroth Security, Backpackers of Greymane, backspace, Badassery, Banana Hammocks, Band of Brothers, Banished, Bank Alts, Bastion, Bear Butts are Bigger, BetterThanBeta, bigandnasty, Bigmacd, Binary Solo, Binary Solo Sienn, Binary Solo, The Bear Run, Binary Solo, The Bear Run, Binding, BITTER HEART, Bitter Heart , Blackrock Brigade, Blackrock Brigade, Blitzkrieg, Blitzkriegs, Blood and Cupcakes, Blood and Honor, Blood and Honor, Blood and Honor, Blood Asylum, Bloodmoon Brigade, Bludgeons, Born Of Osiris, Bouma's, Bracelet Bloodline, BreakingPoint, Browncoats, bubblebotted, Buddy, Burn Phase, Burn Phase, BurningBeast, Business Time, Business Time Temp, Caliber, canichiefs, canichiefs, Canichiefs, Casual Chaos, Cata Tests, Cata tonic, Catatonic, CBZ, CC_Logs, CD, Ceaseless Violence, Celandir, Celtic Rush, Cerberus, Cerberus, Cerberus, Cerberus, Cerberus (Late), Certs, Chamber of Secrets, Chaos Theory, Chaos Theory, ChaosCrew, ChaosCrew, ChaosCrew, Cheedleguild, Cheers, Cheers, Chillin Like Villains, Chomper's Fury, ChondriusCom, Chosen, christina, Chrome, CI, Clan Imbrium, Clandestine, Clandestine, Climax, coalition, Coalition, Colossus , Combat Evolved, CoN, CON, CoN-Fluffy, Connix, Conquers of Azeroth, Cookies, core, Core, Core, Core, Core, Core, Council of Nine, Council of Nine, Council of Nine, Council of Nine, Council of Nine, Coup D Etat, Crimson Phoenix, Cry Havoc, cucuys uploads, Daethgrippr, Damageplan's Meters, Dark ir on Brigade, Dark Legacy, Dark Legiøn, Dark Presence, Dark Raiders, Dark Tempest, Dark Wolves, Darkwolfe, dasho, Dawn, death squad, Death Waits, Death Waits, Deaths Advocate, Deaths Symphony, Defiance, Defiance, Defiance, Defiant, Depths of Lunacy, Derp of the Herp, Despotism, Destination Unknown, Detox, Devolution, DI Anathem, Diesel, Ding, Disasterpiece, Display of Power, Distinction, Distinction, divide, Divide, Divide, Divide, DIVIDE, Divided, Divided, Does Not Exist, DPS test, dpsdoit, Draconian Assassins, Draconian Kings, Dragon Whales, Dragons of Darkness, Drakor, Drunken Perfection, DrunkenPerfection, Dummy, Dyers Eve, Dyers Eve, dyerseve, Dëfiance, Echo_Tali_Log, Edge of Madness, Egregious Nepotism, Eighty Six, Eilahir log, Eloriene, elriapersonal, Elven Fate, Emerald Dream, Emerald Dream, Encrypt, Enfuego's Guild, enhancepowah, Entity, Epitome, Equinox, Estlin, Eternal Alliance, Eternal Asylum, Eternal Satire, Evaluation, Evasion, Ex chosen, Execution, Execution, Execution, Execution, Exousia, Expertise, Fabled, Failboat, Failsafe, Failure, FakeGuildOfArctos, Fallen Prophecy, Fallen Prophecy, FALLEN PROPHECY, Fallen Prophecy1, fallen temple, Fallen Temple, Fancy Lads, Fans Logs, Fasyr, Fatherjanus, Fear and Loathing, Fear and Loathing, Fear and Loathing, Fear and Loathing, Ferocious Kittens, Ferocious Kittens, Finger Lickin Good, Finger Licking Good, finn's logs, fixd Report, Flaming Gnomer, Fleur et Amis, folkwolf, Forgotten One, Forgotten ones, Forgotten Ones, Forgotten Ones, Foxing Furries, Fracture, Fraggle Rock, Freakshow, Freakshow, Freakshow, Freakshow, friends and foes, Friends and Foes, Fuddermuffin, Fuey's Logs, Fun times, fuzzy bunny club, Fuzzypugs, Game Over, GameOver, gerken, Get Off My Lawn, Ginnzo Guidos, Glory and Virtue, gorthorians, Gorthorians, GorThorians, Gorthorians(Real), Graffy's Logs, Gravitas, Graz's log, Green Arrow, Greymane, Greymane, Greymane Pugs, Group Two, Guardian of the Alliance, Guild Aradner, Guildless, guiltyascharged, GUIs, Gupak Pugs, h dummy, H2P Groups, Hallowed Souls, Hanger Babies, Hanira, Happy Funtime Guild, Haran and it's puggers/guildies O.o, Hard to Please, Harsh Generation, Harsh Generation, Harsh Generation, Hazelnutt, Head of the Spear, Hellfire Club, Hellfires Angels, Hells Fury, Herc's Logs, HG, HHSOI, Hide Ja Husbands, Honen, Howling Rage, Howling Rage, Hurpadurpa, hydra, Hyperion, Ikoll_Parses, Illuminatï, illumináti, illuminäti, illuminäti, Illys Pugs, Imbalance, Immortalis, Immortalis10's, ImmortalisEtAeternum, Imperious, Imperium, Imperium, In the wind, Incandescence, Infestation, Intensity, Inundation, Invictus, iPOMRAWH, isaiahh, issues, Jaded, Jaded, Jaded, Jarpy, Jin DInasty, JRGuild, Judgement, Judgement, JustPugIt, justthetip, Kaltes Gruft, Kealor's lfr, Keep What You Kill, Keepin' Up With The Kids, killbillw, killbillw, killing time, Killing Time, Kinetic, Kirsten's PuG Logs, Kitchen Table Knights, KLV, Knight of the Blood Rose, Knight of the Dark Order, Knights, Knights of Destruction, Knights Of Light, Knights of Metal, Knights of the Blood Rose, Knights of the valley, Knights of the Valley, KolderLogs, L E G A C Y, Last Bastion, Last Chance, Last Chance, Last Chance, Last Remnants, Last Resort, Last Resort, Last Resort, Le Pacte de Loups, Left Out, Legion of Insanity, Legions, Leviathan, LFR Random, Living Is Optional, Living Is Optional, LMFAO, Logs for Gwen, Lost Khaos, LP Dragonz, lul., macs pack, Majestic Dragons, Major Misplacements, Mamas Bank, Manifest Chaos, Martyrdom Parade, Maxtom's Guild, Mayhem, Mayhem, Mayhem, Mayhem, MayhemofGreymane, Medmerd, Merciful Demise, method, Method, Method, Method, Method, Method, MGX, MGX, MGX, MGX, Mind Ya Business, Mine, Mith's Guild, Moiraine, monolisk, Moonlighters, Mootown Records, Mortality, Mortality, Mutiny, My guild, My Logs, My Parses, MyOwn, narwhals, Necronomicon, Neiidessia, Nemesis, Nerva, nevermore, Nevermore, Newhunter, newmage , Nightfall, Nikolos, Nill's Run, Non Compos Mentis, Norai, Obsidian Oath, Obsidian Oath, Old Republic, Omen, One Inch of Pvpness, OQBandConquest, Order of Crimson Dragon, Order of the Blackhand, Original sin, Original Sin, Original Sin and Its Pugs, origins, Origins, OS, OS and its Pugs, Osiris, Osiris Guild, Osiris Guild, OVER NINE THOUSAND, Overrated, Palestine, Pantheon, Pantheon, Paradigm, Paradigm, Passive Aggressive, Patiently Raiding, Pebs, perservere, Perseverance, Personal Hell, Pestilence, Phase 3, Phase Three, Phase Three, Phase Two, Phase Two, Phate, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix1, Phx Rising, Pinnacle, Pirate Ninjas, Pluralistic Network Team, PNC, praemium, Prelude, Prelude, Priceless, Primal Chaos, Prodigy, Project D, Project D, Project D, Project D, Project D, Prost, Prost, Prost, Proxzylogs, puddlz test, PUG, Pug Stuff :O, Pugs, Pulse, Pulse, Punch N Pie, Punishment, quintessence, Quintessence, Quintessence, Quintessence, Quintessence, Rael's Personal Logs, Rafu, Ragnarok, Raid Against the Machine, Raided M, Rainbow Mercenaries, random, Rarity is Best Pony, Ravens / VS, Ravens of Killara, Ravens of Killara, Ravens of Killara, Rax's Derp Logs, Reaggan, Realm Of Shadows, REBORN, Recluse, REGIMENT, Reign, Reign, Renegade Alliance, Repressed, Resurrection, Resurrection, Reverence of Greymane, Riders of the Short Bus, Righteous and Wicked, riros machete, Rising Sun, Rocket Surgery, Saedei Says, Samsara*, Samsonhouse, Sanctified, Sanctuary and Solitude, Sanctuary and Solitude, Satyr, Second Nature, Seraph Slayers, Seraph Slayers, Shadows of the Past, Shake N Bake, Shargahns Call, Shargahns Call, Shargahns Call, ShazMeters, Shenaniganzz, Siege, Silence I keel yew, Silent Judgement, Silken Blades, Sin, Sin, Sin, Sinergy, Sinister Urges, Sixty seconds to wipe, skittle, Slacker Must Awaken, Slash G Kwit, Sleepwalkers, Slightly Underestimated, Slingblader, Slot, Sofelogs, SOI, Sol Invictus, Sol Invictus, Sol Invictus, Sol Invictus G2, Sol Invictus G2, Solace, Solace, Solace, Solace, Solace, Solace, SOLDIERS OF ALLIANCE, Solidarity, Solidarity, Solitude, Solutions Rejects, Soul Asylum, Soulfire, Souly, Sound of inevitability, Sound of Inevitability, Sound Of Inevitability, Sounds of Greymane, Space Travellers, spirit horders, SSDD, SSTW, ST, Starcaller's logs, Straight Hate, Strategery, Sua Sponte, Suchiz personal log, Sugs Logs, Superheros of Hardcore, Surreal, Swing my ding dang like WOAH, Symmetry of Zero, Symphony of Agony, Synicz, Synthesis, TA, Talisman, Tanaris Bads, tanned ass, Tao of Odin, Tao of Odin, Tao Of Odin, TaoofOdin, Tbs, Team Rawkit, Teh Anonymous, Teh Epi, Teksloggingguild, temp, Tempus Fugit Too, ten, Tenacity, Tenacity, Tenacity, Terrible friends, test, Test, Test, Test, Test, test lfr, Testguild, Testttttttttt, TF, The Afflicted, The Afflicted, The Afflicted, The Aftermath, The Bridgeburners, The Bridgeburners, The Chosen Few, The Dark Legacy, The Dead Limericks, The Flying Vee, The Free Companies, The Free Companies, The Great Sea Company, The Grey Wardens, the Guild, The Guild, The Guild, The Guild2, The Legendary, The Legion, The Lions Main, The Misfits, The Pickle Farm, The Pickle Farm, The Project, The Proletariat, The Red Pill, The Revenant Juggernauts, the stolen souls, The Third Heat, The Unforsaken, The Unforsaken, The Unforsaken, The Unforsaken, The Unforsaken, The Unforsaken PG, The Unnamed, The Valerian Knights, The Worgen Nightmare, The Áftermath, This is a test, This is a test, Three Hour Tour, Tiger Monkeys, Titan, titsmgee, TO BE ONE ASK ONE, Toba_Guild, Toomzz Personal, Tops Warcraft Crusaders, Tough Guys Wear Pink, Traherne Logs, True Blood, TU app, tu25, tu250, Tunnamed, Turtleneck and Chain, Two Shot, TwoShot, Tygrezz, Tygrezz, Unbreakable, Unbreakable, Undeath, Undercroft, Undertow, Undertwo, Undying, unfogiven, UnnamedAM, Unstable, Up and Under, Up and Under, Up and Under, Affinity, Anarchy Divine, Ancients Of Greymane, Anomolies Of The Corrupt, Arch Angel, Art of Aggression, Asphyxiated Death, Avengers of Azeroth, B A N K, Balloon Knot, Bank of Alturus, BBH CONCILUS, BeenThereDoneThat, BetterThanBeta, Blackrock Brigade, blood champions, Blood of the Fold, Blood Warriors, Bloodlust X, Bomb Squad, BRB AT THE MALL, Breath of The Dying, Brotherhood of The Vale, Brothers of Azeroth, Browncoats, canichiefs, Chaos guardians, Chaos Marauders, Chaotic Dragons, Chosen, Citizen of Gilneas, CLAM DOWN BRO, Clan Stabity Stabity, Climax, Combat Evolved, Conclave, Corporal Punishment, Council of Ricks, Cry Havoc, Cryptic Symbolism, CSI Goldshire, Cudi Flow, Cëlëstiål Sÿndicåtë, DAD I am FOOTBALL TEAM, Dark Dimension, Dark Iron Brigade, Dark Rangers, Dark Tempest, darksoul, DeadlyShadows, Demented Clan, Deranged, Descendants of Chaos, Despotism, Destiny of Fate, Dimensions, Disassembly Required, Divine Kurruption, Dogs Go Woof, Dreams Dust N Stuff, Drunken Midgets, Drunken Perfection, Drunken Raiders, Dëfiance, El Diablo, ELWYNN FOREST WARRIORS, Emissaries of Honor, Emobabys Guild, Empire Of The Gods, En Vino Veritas, Endless Starlight, Enigmatics, Eternal Asylum, Exemplar, FABLE, Faded, Fallen Empire, Fallen Temple, Famous Last Words, Fear and Loathing, FeelsBadMan, FOR THE HORDE, Forged, Forgotten Memories, Fort Briggs, FreeBourne, Functional, Future Industries, Fuzzy Bunny Squad, Fåiry Tail, Game Not Included, Golden Dragons, Good To The Last Pull, Gourmet Souffle, Grand Potato Clan, Green Arrow, Harsh Generation, Hells Angels MC, Hells Elves, Heroes of the Forgotten, Heros of Orgrimmar, Hide Ja Husbands, Highlanders, Highspeed Squirrel Squad, Holistic, Horde Brigade, horde will die, House Stark, HughJackmanFanClub, I Like Money, I Play Golf, I R Dead Club, Ichor, Id Mana Tap That, Il Divo, Im a Online Predator, Immortal Knights, Immortals, Impervious, Improvise, Insert Cards Here, Internet Hate Machine, Jacks Junkyard, Jeeves in Space, Jesus got Soulstoned, Jhamoon Bank, Junior Campers, kampungkitani, Ketarded Rids, Khron, killer squirrels, Knight and Daze, Knights Betrayal, Knights Insurrection, Knights of the Flame, Knights of the Old Realm, Knights of the valley, Krazy Train, Kung Fu Pandas, Lady of Ebon Hold, LadyHawks, Last Resort, Lexicon, Light Lotus, likes other male trolls, Loli Fight Club, Loyal Blood, Manifest Chaos, Mayhem, Measure Twice Cut Once, Method, Mischief Makers, Moments of Heroism, Morag Tong, Mouthbreathers Anonymous, Murder Incorporated, Murder of Ravens, must have more, My Name is Prosperity, Mystery Keepers, Nagas gave me RAIDS, Negligence, Neverland Pirates, NinjaZ, Nocturne, NorthCentralPositronics, Nothing Left, Obscenity, Omen, Order of Operations, Orgrimmar Mob Squad, Owned, Oz, Panty Raid, Penumbra, Phantom, Phase Three, Pony Slaystation, Power, Precursor, Prelude, Primal Chaos, Primero Banco de WoW, Purged by Pain, Quintessence, Quixotic Crusaders, RAGE AGAINST THE PANDAS, Rags to Liches, RavenWood Rangers, Rawhide Prime, Reanimation, Reap the Benefits, Rebels, Rebirth, REBÔRN, Retribution, Revenge of Jaedenar, Reverence, Revolutionary, Riros Machete, rollin in the dough, Runas Army, Salvation, Sanctuary, Seamless Glory, Seriously Casual, SIackers, SIGKILL, Silver Dragons, Sing Song and Friends, Sinister Urges, Sixty Seconds To Wipe, Solace, Solution, Spare Change, StarCourt, StarGazers Of Azeroth, Starlight, Stigmata, Størm, Switch Off Safety, Symmetry of Zero, take over control, Talon, taste the rainbow, Team Seven, Team Warfare, Ten Fifty Five, Terrible Friends, The Afflicted, The Bank Alt, The Bloody Elves, The Chamber of death, The Chosen Few, The Conspiracy, The Crimson Disciples, The Dead Limericks, The Demented Legion, The Elite Republic, The Furiez, The Holy Judgement, The Inner Circle, The Killers Within, The Legendary, The Legion, The Lunatics Network, The Mystical Ones, The Nights Watch, The Pickle Farm, the Power Of Strength, The Rising Phoenix, The Silvan Rangers, The Third Heat, the Underdogs, The Way of the Ninja, The Weathersbys, Thralls Last Warlords, Thunderforged, Tigers, Tops Warcraft Crusaders, Torrent, Total Damnation, Twinked, Twisted Toons, Tyrannis, Uda Uda, Unbroken Souls, Unfaìr Advantage, Unholy Saints, Uninvited, Usual Suspects, Veil of Shadows, Virginity is Divinity, Välhalla, Warriors, Well Fed, Wells Fargo Wagon, Winter is Coming, Winterborne, Wizards First Rule, World First, WowCraft, Wrath of Cthulhu, Wyld Stallions, WállStreet, YouHateUsCauseYouAnus, Your Mom, Adventuring Supplies, Ameliorate, Ancient Keepers, Angry Dragons, Appalachian Nation, Azure Exodus, bankofgold, because the internet, BeerFest Clan, Binary Solo, Blacktooth Grin, Blood and Bravery, Brazzers, Casually Crazy, Cerberus, Chaos in Motion, Contrast Ratio, Covenant Of Gods, Crazyleggs, Creeping Death, Crimson Honor, Dark Liberty, Dark Wolves, Das Boot, Death by Horde, Death tollz, Deaths Fantasy, Deaths Head Legion, Decimation, Defiant Dynasty, Destined for Destruction, DHARMA Initiative, Dignity, Dragons of M, DreamWeavers, DynastyLoot, Dárksidérs, Echoes of the Lost, Eighty Six, Elven Fate, Enraged, Epic Noobz, Excellence, Fat Girls Are Fun, Fated, Fels Angels, Free Reign, Fuerza del Sur, Gangster Guild, Ganked, Get Off My Lawn, Ghost Hunters Inc, Global Liberation, Gnomeland Home Security, Guardian of the Alliance, Headless ThompsonGunners, Hell Beasts, Heman Alli Haters Club, Heroes of Lunacy, Impure Intentions, In Horde We Trust, iPutOnMyRobeAndWizardHat, Is a Subatomic Particle, Is Cooler Than You, Jaded, Just Us, Justice Society, Kings Of Horde, Kitchen Table Knights, Knightmare Legion, Knights of Destruction, Knights of Westfall, Knights of Whiteforge, Knobami, Last Impression, Last Remnants, Le Pacte de Loups, Lebowski Urban Deceivers, Legion of Dragons, Lettuce Gnomes, Liberation, Lloyds of Stormwind, LMFAO, LockDown, Lumberjack Credit Union, Majestic Dragons, Marines, Martyrdom Parade, mine all mine, Motley Core, Neutral Exchange, Night Watch, NimbusGaming, Noob R Us, NuNell, One Up, Order of the Angry Dragn, Pandemic Legion, Paradox Flux, Paragons, Perfectly Chaotic, Persevere, PNC, Point Blank, Poisoned Souls, Profane, Proto Pals, Pursuit of Valor, Raid Runner, Renegade Alliance, Revenge of the Horde, Rock Lobster, Rubber Room Psychos, Scrubs, Secession, Siege, Silly Boys IRL, South of Heaven, steakhouse, Strictly Platonic, Super Duper, Superbluffmode, Symphony of Agony, Taboo, Talonstrike, Tao of Odin, Team D, The Avengers, The Chosen Ones, The Dark And Chosen, The Exiled Sentinels, The Forgotten Scourge, The Grey Wardens, The Hunt, The Twilight Brigade, The Unnamed, TheBankOfFrank, Tiger Monkeys, time to fly, Trollution, Two and a half Drazhars, Uncle Sams Lost Soldiers, Vermin of Death, Vindicated, Walkers n Wheelchairs, Wild Geese, ßLack Chaos, UT, Valjevo, Velvety Smooth, Veritas Aequitas, Vicarious, Victorious Secret, Vikikes Runs, Vindictive, Violation, Violation, VoliiBaby, Warforged, Warforged, wat, Waterloo, Wave if Mutilation, Wave of Mutilation, We can hit buttons, we promise, We Gucci, We Have Life On Farm, We Ninja Emblems, We Three Kings, Weekly LFR, Where the wild things are, WHLoF, Winterborne, Winterborne, Winterborne (Cynical Private), Wired, Wolverines, WoW, Wreak Havoc, Wreckquiem, WreckWoL, Wrynn's Raiders, Wye, Xiphir, xyzguild, YAY, YoLo, YOLO, YOLO, Youn's Logs, Zapriest, ZOMFG, ZukieSykes, Àlexander, Карзун, Комсомольцы, Триумвират

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