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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Heaven n Hell US-Goldrinn Horde 0 78
The Knights Who Say Ni US-Goldrinn Horde 0 44
Chaotic US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 38
Einherjar US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 24
Conselho das Barcas US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 12
Haldol US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 12
Nemesis US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 10
Crimson Cartel US-Goldrinn Horde 0 9
Oracles of Fate US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 9
Forgotten Knights US-Goldrinn 0 7
Knights of Olympus US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 7
PRIÐE US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 7
Discípulos de Durotan US-Goldrinn 0 6
Millenium US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 6
Legendary Heroes Brasil US-Goldrinn 0 5
Plunct Plact Zum US-Goldrinn Horde 0 5
KingsGuard US-Goldrinn 0 4
The Deserters US-Goldrinn Horde 0 4
Álcool Finder US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 4
Hallowed Howl US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 3
Incubus US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 3
Ordem dos Templarios US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 3
Talk to the hand US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 3
World of Warcraft US-Goldrinn 0 3
Baconn Voador US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
Pro Wipers US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
Rednecks US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
Retaken US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
Take It Easy US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
Acrux US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Bloody Heavens US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Death Before Dishonor US-Goldrinn 0 1
Edguild US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Final Heaven US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Garotos Marotos US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
INSANITY US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Perseverance US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Straycats US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
WoW Legion US-Goldrinn 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
loggs US-Goldrinn Horde 5 30
Extremus Vis US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 546
Corbus US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 319
Terra Rasgada US-Goldrinn Horde 0 104
Arautos de Goldrinn US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 67
Ordem dos Templarios US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 48
Illuminatus US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 36
NoName US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 36
Exilition US-Goldrinn Horde 0 34
Death Note US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 29
Edguild US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 24
warborn US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 24
Sapphire Guard US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 23
Gehenna US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 18
Brazilian Dynasty US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 17
Senhores de Azeroth US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 17
Heróis da Horda US-Goldrinn Horde 0 16
Nova Era US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 12
Álcool Finder US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 12
Corja dos Anciões US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 11
Einherjar US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 11
Álcool Finder - Wisky US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 11
Knights of Old Republic US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 10
Pro Wipers US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 10
Rednecks US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 10
Retaken US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 9
Keyd Team US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 8
Blood Squad US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 7
Bittersweet US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 6
Cavaleiros que dizem Ní US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 6
Elite da Tropa US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 6
Sapphire Guard - WAT? US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 6
shapire guardian-United US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 6
Chaotic 2 None Alliance 0 5
Endlings US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 5
Gentlemen US-Goldrinn Horde 0 5
KeydTeam-Legacy US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 5
The Sunreavers US-Goldrinn Horde 0 5
Tropic Thunder US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 5
Brazucas US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 4
Cenuras Awesome Gayfags US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 4
Chaotic US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 4
jcval US-Goldrinn Horde 0 4
Kxorrão US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 4
Quirow US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 4
Sounds of War US-Goldrinn Horde 0 4
Bloodfire US-Goldrinn Horde 0 3
Forgotten Knights US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 3
Logs Mizuni US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 3
Praticamente Inofensiva US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 3
Sentinelas Core 3 None Alliance 0 3
super sentai US-Goldrinn Horde 0 3
Психиатрическая Клиника US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 3
Anarchy US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
Guardiões US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
In Darkness US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
melovlogs US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
Nifel US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
Pedreiros do Prazer US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
The Tirana US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 2
Andruz US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Bonde do Wipe sem Freio US-Goldrinn Horde 0 1
Brazilian Dynasty US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
CAVALEIROS QUE DIZEM NÍ US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Core KeK US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Death Dimension US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Discípulos de Durotan US-Goldrinn Horde 0 1
Domus Lux US-Goldrinn Horde 0 1
FAIRY TAIL - Solta Hero US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Fanatic US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Fanatic - Illidan´s Army US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Fenda do Bikini 2 None Alliance 0 1
GAMER US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Ignus Divine - Raposa Sarada US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Imortais US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Insomnía US-Goldrinn Horde 0 1
JEGUE BAUER US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Justice of Elune US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Legião Negra US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Logsation US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Nemesis US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
SSB - Eike Batista US-Goldrinn Horde 0 1
StudioRush US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Suprema Ordem Grupo 1 US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Suprema Ordem Grupo3 US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Tela Quente US-Goldrinn Horde 0 1
TheBikas - Core One US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 1
Unleashed Rage US-Goldrinn Horde 0 1
ACME None Alliance 0 0
ACME None Alliance 0 0
Alcool Finder None Alliance 0 0
Alternity None Alliance 0 0
Arcadians None Alliance 0 0
Arcadians None Alliance 0 0
Bahamuth None Alliance 0 0
Base None Alliance 0 0
Baskerville Raids None Alliance 0 0
Bestdps None Alliance 0 0
Blood Squad None Alliance 0 0
Brazilian Dynasty None Alliance 0 0
Brazilian Dynasty None Alliance 0 0
Brazilian Dynasty None Alliance 0 0
Brazilian Knights None Alliance 0 0
Brothers None Alliance 0 0
Caixao e Vela Preta None Alliance 0 0
Censurados None Alliance 0 0
Core do LuLu None Alliance 0 0
Core Friboi None Alliance 0 0
Core Matando e Upando None Alliance 0 0
Core Mercenarios None Alliance 0 0
Core Rum None Alliance 0 0
Core-Mercenarios None Alliance 0 0
Cueca de Anao None Alliance 0 0
Cursed None Horde 0 0
Dc Squad None Horde 0 0
Deadly Sins None Horde 0 0
Deadly Sins None Horde 0 0
Death Dimension None Alliance 0 0
Deep Down None Horde 0 0
Destruição Total None Horde 0 0
Domus Lux None Horde 0 0
Dorgas Manolo None Alliance 0 0
Drachentöter von Azeroth US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 0
dragoes de azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Dream Team None Alliance 0 0
Dream Team None Alliance 0 0
eettttfff None Alliance 0 0
Einherjar None Alliance 0 0
Elurion US-Goldrinn Alliance 0 0
Epic Level None Horde 0 0
Epidemic Magentus None Horde 0 0
Equipe Rocket None Horde 0 0
Ereborn None Alliance 0 0
Esarus Core None Alliance 0 0
Faceless Mongrel None Alliance 0 0
Faier's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Fanatic None Alliance 0 0
Fanatic - Darksiders None Alliance 0 0
Fear Family None Alliance 0 0
Felisha None Horde 0 0
Fenda do Bikini None Alliance 0 0
Fenrir - Einherjar None Alliance 0 0
Fires of Heaven None Horde 0 0
Fires of Heaven None Horde 0 0
FK1 None Alliance 0 0
Forgotten Knights None Alliance 0 0
Frozen Sunset None Alliance 0 0
FuriouS None Horde 0 0
GAMER None Alliance 0 0
Gamer core tartarian None Alliance 0 0
Garra None Alliance 0 0
Gentlemen None Horde 0 0
GNV - Gas Natural Veicular None Horde 0 0
Golden King None Alliance 0 0
Gordos Nerds Virgens None Horde 0 0
Gordos Nerds Virgens None Horde 0 0
Guerreiros de Asgard None Alliance 0 0
Guild do Thorok None Alliance 0 0
guildadofab None Alliance 0 0
Hardcore Extreme None Alliance 0 0
Haww None Horde 0 0
Haww None Horde 0 0
Head & Shoulder None Alliance 0 0
Headeshoulder None Alliance 0 0
Holy Avengers None Horde 0 0
Horde Pride None Horde 0 0
Horsemen black None Alliance 0 0
hurricane None Alliance 0 0
Ignus Divine None Alliance 0 0
Ignus Divine - Esarus None Alliance 0 0
Imperium None Alliance 0 0
In Darkness None Alliance 0 0
Infinity None Alliance 0 0
InfinityBR None Alliance 0 0
InfinityBR None Alliance 0 0
Insanos None Alliance 0 0
Irmãos Metralha None Alliance 0 0
isnotrealguild None Alliance 0 0
Jolena None Alliance 0 0
Jovens Nabs None Alliance 0 0
Jovens Nabs None Alliance 0 0
Jovens Nabs - Filtro None Alliance 0 0
just relax None Alliance 0 0
Jáqtáqfique None Alliance 0 0
Keyd Team - Eternium None Alliance 0 0
Khriz None Alliance 0 0
Killer Bunny None Alliance 0 0
Kings and Queens None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Hell None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Olympus None Alliance 0 0
La Resistencia None Alliance 0 0
Laionel None Alliance 0 0
lancers None Alliance 0 0
Legado de Glória None Alliance 0 0
Legendários None Alliance 0 0
Logsz None Horde 0 0
Lolqt None Horde 0 0
Lótus Negro None Horde 0 0
magi None Alliance 0 0
Maickell US-Goldrinn Horde 0 0
Mendigos None Alliance 0 0
Mercenários None Horde 0 0
Minha Guilda Imaginária pra Testes None Alliance 0 0
Moita Quente do Amor None Alliance 0 0
moppo None Alliance 0 0
Muitodemange None Alliance 0 0
Nemesis None Alliance 0 0
Nightmare Paragon None Alliance 0 0
Nightmare Paragon None Alliance 0 0
No Way None Horde 0 0
Nova Era None Alliance 0 0
Nozdormu Timewatchers None Alliance 0 0
Ordem de Prata None Horde 0 0
Os Gladiadores None Alliance 0 0
Os Reis do Camarote 25 None Alliance 0 0
Outlaws None Alliance 0 0
Papoulas None Horde 0 0
Plunct Plact Zum None Horde 0 0
Plunct Plact Zum None Horde 0 0
Plunct Plact Zum None Alliance 0 0
R E N E G A D Ø S None Alliance 0 0
Ragnarøk None Alliance 0 0
Raid of Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Raid The Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Raids Pugs None Alliance 0 0
Rayearth None Horde 0 0
Redenção dos Profanos None Alliance 0 0
Reis do Camarote 25 None Alliance 0 0
Renascidos das cinzas None Horde 0 0
ROD None Alliance 0 0
Sapphire Guard None Alliance 0 0
Sapphire Guard None Alliance 0 0
SDFG None Alliance 0 0
sentinelas None Alliance 0 0
Senzala da Lu None Alliance 0 0
Sex Bob-omb None Alliance 0 0
SG - Virou 10m (2/14H) None Alliance 0 0
Sha da Tarde 2 None Alliance 0 0
Shinigamis None Horde 0 0
Soul Guardians Core Brothers None Alliance 0 0
SoulGuardians - Core BrezzRuga None Alliance 0 0
SoulGuardians - Core Obstinate None Alliance 0 0
SPARTA None Alliance 0 0
Stormwind Army None Alliance 0 0
Street Fighter None Alliance 0 0
Suprema Ordem None Alliance 0 0
Suprema Ordem None Alliance 0 0
Suprema Ordem - Core Xii None Alliance 0 0
SWA - Core1 None Alliance 0 0
Take It Easy None Alliance 0 0
Talk to the hand None Alliance 0 0
Talk to The Hand None Alliance 0 0
Talk to the hand - Dktex None Alliance 0 0
Taverna do Dwarf None Alliance 0 0
Taylong None Horde 0 0
Tchau Faustão None Alliance 0 0
Team Dragon None Horde 0 0
teste None Alliance 0 0
Teste Reserva None Alliance 0 0
The Bikas None Alliance 0 0
The Last Warning None Alliance 0 0
The Last Warning (core) None Alliance 0 0
The logs of the Rogue None Alliance 0 0
The Path of Darkness None Horde 0 0
The Sunreavers None Horde 0 0
The Sunreavers None Horde 0 0
Tilt BR None Horde 0 0
Tpod None Horde 0 0
TPoD None Horde 0 0
Twilight Crusaders None Alliance 0 0
Umbro Pactum None Alliance 0 0
Umbro pactum 2 None Alliance 0 0
United Legends None Alliance 0 0
Unwanted None Alliance 0 0
Valinor None Horde 0 0
Velhas Virgens None Horde 0 0
World of Elysium None Alliance 0 0
WOW Brasil None Alliance 0 0
WOW Brasil - Core 3 None Alliance 0 0
Álcool Finder None Alliance 0 0
Álcool Finder - Cachaça None Alliance 0 0
Álcool Finder - Tequila None Alliance 0 0
Álcool Finder - Whisky None Alliance 0 0
Аскалон None Alliance 0 0
Ветры степей None Horde 0 0
Крик Души None Horde 0 0
Рыцари Катаклизма US-Goldrinn Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

25man, 3231, ACME, ACME, ACME, Aexan, Aggrofobia, AlcatraZ, Alex, Alliance BR Renascida, Alone, ALT+F4ᵃ, Angels Of The Night, Animaniacs, Another Life, Another Life, Arcanjos de Azeroth, Archadia, Arruaceiros do Asfalto, Avenger Shield, Awei, Balu, Bandola, Beholder Caolho, Beta do Battant, BitterCore2, Black Sheeps, Blackomen, BllackWollves, Blood Bound, Brazilian Dynasty, brotther, Brutalkiller, Capsule Corp, Carambola Saviors, Compendium, Core 3 - Suprema Ordem, Core Insano - Insanos, Core Thundercats, Core1, CORPAÇU, Creating Legends, Crimson Cartel, crtn, CyberGuilda, Da Silva, Dambludor Urucubaca, darksiders, Dellebran, DevilsLog, DFF, Dinastia, Do not Disturb, Do not Disturb 2, Dragões de Éter, Dragões Fuin Fuin, Dëath Notë, Egtactics Alphers, Einhenjar, Elit Temporis, Entourage, Epic Level, Epidemic [Grupo Thundercats], Epidemic-Dragon Council, Eternity Base, EV - G. Eli, Eviiiiiilseed, Exilition, Explora, Exploradores, Exploradores-, FAIRY TAIL DA TAUNT, Fanatic, Fanatic, Fanatic, Fanatic - Azeviche, Fanatic - Endlesspain, Fanatic - Equipirada, Fanatic - Knights who say Golesmas!, Fanatic - Raist Core, Fanatic TBL, fanatic-knights who say golesmas, Fanfarlo WoL, Final Céu, Final Heaven, FK3, FleronLogs, Futurama, GaviaO, Gentlemen, Gordos Nerds Virgens (GNV), GRES Unidos de Orgrimmar, Grim Angels, Grupo do Raist, Guardioes, Hackers Team Six, Hail to the King, Hard Mode, Hard Mode, Heaven n Hell, Herois da Horda, Hexford, Hitchhickers, Hogwarts, Holy Avengers, Horda Sangrenta, Horde Pride, Hurricane, Ignus, Ignus Divine, Ignus Divine - Esarus, Ignus Divine [2], IM G2 Teste, Imperio, Inception, INCONNU, Incubus, Incubus, Infinity, Infinity, Infinity, Innervision, INSANITY, Insanos, Insanos - 3, Irmãos Metralha, Jedi, Jormungar Egg Sac, Justice, Justice of Elune, Justice of Elune, Justice of Elune, Kamikaze Team, kawton, KdT, Kelorn, Keyd Team, Keyd Team (Niflheim), KeydTeam - Fênix, Killer Bunny, Lannister, Last Try, Leboy logs, Legado de Glória, Legado de Lothar, Legendary Heroes, Legião, Liga da Justiça - [ZaleyCone], lming, Logs Of Chars, lol, LoL, LowLeveL, Lukretias, Lumina Adprobator, Lunga, Luz MLP ~Touhou =3, Lótus Sangrenta, Mad Dogs, Magus fodahs, Maih, Mataboss Wipatrash, MataBoss Wipatrash, Memento Mori, My Guild, My own, Nemesis, Niflheim, Nightmare Paragon, Nightmare Paragon, NigthmareParagon, No Mercy, nostress, Nova Era, Nøstress, Oh NOES, Orbitus Deeps, Ordem de Prata, Ordem dos Templarios, Ordem dos Templarios, Outbreak, Pacto da Morte, paradigma_grp2, Paradigna WowHelp-TR, Party Breakers, Plunct Plact Zum, Primeiro comando, private, Private fun logs, protetores da aliança, Pugs, Ragnarøk, Rastord, Ravenloft, Red Dragons, Rednecks, RenegadeS, RenegadeS, Requiem, Requiem New, Resistência, Revenge, Revenge, Rinnegati, rogue noob xd, Runyd, Sangokushi Taisen Rei , Secret Cow Level, Sem Dedo, Sem Dedo, Senhores de Asghard, Senhores de Asghard, Sentinelas (zell burro), SG - SA, Shamans, Silvio Santos Blindado (Core2), Stark, Strahd, Suprema Ordem, Suprema Ordem, Suprema Ordem Core1, Suprema Ordem Grupo 4, supremaordem, Survivors of Dead, Søns øf Anarchy, Taunt, Team Avalon, Team Luck, Team Nyanko , Teremok, test, teste123, TesteFleron, Testing, The Oblivion, The Path of Darkness, The Sect, The Sunreavers, The Sunreavers, TheClan, United, A l c a t r a Z, A Legião, A Ordem, A Ordem da Fenix, ACME, Alliance BR, Alliance of Brothers, Alpha Team, Amor Vincit Omnia, Anarchy, Angels of Death, Aniquiladores PVP, Anti You, Arautos de Goldrinn, Arcadians, Arcanjos de Azeroth, Archadia, Arctic Monkeys, Armada de Voljin, Armada dos Pacificadores, Armagedøm, Arrogance, Arroz e Feijao é Bão, Ascent, Asgard, AssassinS, Azeroth bank, B E P O, B L A C K, Backyard, Bad Banking, Bahamuth, Bandidos, BASTARDOS INGLORIOS, BBQ with Beer, Black Brotherhood, Black Knights, Black Lótus, Blaze of Glory, Blaze Society, Blessed Damned, Blood Lords, Bloodlust, Bohemios da Horda, Bois da Horda, Bonde dos Tetão, Bora pro Bar, Brabuleta, Brazilian Dynasty, Brazucas, Brazuka Bastards, Broken Beat and Scarred, Brotherhood of NOD, Brothers of War, Café com Azeroth, Call of Cthulhu, Campeões da Aliança, Capsule Corp, Capão Redondo, Casa da Moeda, Cavaleiros do Zodíaco, Cavaleiros que Dizem Ní, Caçadores de Aventuras, Celestial Being, Celestial Guards, Chaos, Chuck Norris Incoming, Clã Lobo do Gelo, Clã Trovão BRavo, Concílio das Sombras, Conselho dos Aspectos, Coração de Mãe, Corre Que Ja Corri, Covil do Lobo Mal, Crimson Thunder, Cruzados, crystals of the Horde, CursedCowboys, Damned, Danger, Dark Titans Demise, Darkness, DARKSIDERS, DarkSouls, Darth Vader, Deadly, Deadly Sins, Death Dimension, Death Guidence, Death Legion, DEZ REINOS, Diabos Mutantes, Dignity, Discidium, Discípulos de Cenarius, Do Not Disturb, Dont Panic, Dragon of Horde, Dragon Warriors, Dragons Slayers, Dragões Celestiais, Dragões de Éter, Dragões do Trovão, Dragões Fuin Fuin, Dragões Púrpura, Dream Team, drestructive meteor, Drunken Horde, Duna, Dynasty, Dëath Notë, Eldritch, Elit Temporis, Elite da Tropa, Endlings, Ensiferum, Escola de Magia Hogwarts, Escola de Peixe, Escudo de Azeroth, Esquadrão Classe A, Estrela da Morte, Eternal Alliance, Extremus Vis, Faca no Murloc, Faceless Mongrel, Falcons Legion, Fanatic, Fatal Fury, FireBall, Flamingos Flamejantes, For Great Justice, Forge of Blood, Forjados, Frozen SunSet, FunBrasil, FuriouS, Fúria de Durotan, Fúria Íntegra, Game of Cones, Game of Thrönes, GAMER, Gamon Bolado, Giants of Azeroth, Glitter, godLike, Gods of Bacon, Gold Of Soul, Golden King, GOLDENdupe, Good News Everyone, Gordos Nerds Virgens, Grinding For Living, Guardians of Valkyr, Guardiôes De Azeroth, Guardiões Celestiais, Guardiões da Luz, Guardiões da Luz Sagrada, Guardiões de Arathor, Guardiões de Ysera, Guerra de Artesanato, Guerreiros Herrantes, Hakuna Matata, Hammer of Grommash, Hannibal, Hard Team, Heavy Metal, Hell Raisers, HellScream, Heralds of Azeroth, Herdeiros de Sargeras, Herdeiros do Trono, HEROES de TOL BARAD, heroes of the alliance, Heroes of the Ally, HERÓIS DA ALIANÇA, Heróis de Guerra, Hidden Basement, Ho Tel, HolyArmy, Home Sweet Home, Honour and Loyalty, HOPE, Hora de Aventura, Horda Dos Canalhas, Horda Sangrenta, Horda Templária, Horde Defilers, Horde May Cry, Horsemen Black, Hurricane, I Am Legend, I Pee In The Moonwell, Ignus Divine, immortal, Immortal Kings, Imperadores, Imperio, Imperiuns, Império Celestial, In Darkness, In Flames, Inception, Indulgence, Insanidade Suprema, Insanos, Irmandade do Aço, Irmandade Sombria, Iron Horde, Iron Horde Renegades, Is Offline, Junkyard, justiceiros da aliança, Justiça de Wryinn, Kamikaze For Hell, Kamikaze Team, KEK, Killer Bunny, Kings, Knights of Armageddon, Knights of Ni, Knights of the Blood, Knights who say golesmas, La Resistencia, Lancers, Last One, League of Baxinhos, Legado de Lothar, Legendarios, Legião, Legião Renegada, Lendas de Azeroth, Lenhadores Suados, Leoes da Alliança, Liga da Justiça, Lion Heart, Lobos Mercenários, Lolgrimar, Lords Of Destruction, Los Remos, Lâmina de Ébano, Lórellin, Lótus Negro, Lótus Sangrenta, Mad Dogs, MadHouse, Mafia of Death, Magic Master, Makay, Manicômio, Martelo de Ørgrim, MASSACRE, MAXIMOS, MAÐNESS, Memento Mori, Mercenarios, Mercenários, Modimus Anvilmar, Morituri, Morro do Macaco Molhado, Mundo Mágico de Oz, My Blue Heaven, Mão de Ferro, NEFALENS, NekoCompany, Ninja Turtles, No More Drama, NoRules, Nozdormu Timewatchers, NøStress, Oathkeeper, Obscurum, Old Attic, Old is Cool, One for all All for one, One man Wolfpack, Oops, Oraculo, Oradores dos Sonhos, ordem da alianca, Ordem da Chama Dourada, Ordem da Lua Crescente, Ordem da Luz, Ordem de Prata, Ordem do Leão Dourado, Ordem Sangrenta, Os Batedores, Os Cavaleiros Dø Zodiaco, Os Mais de Mil, Os Mercenários, Os Quebra Horda, Os Seis Caminhos, OwNedStyle, Pacto da Morte, Pacto de Ferro, Pacto de Ventobravo, Ponta de Lança, Power Of The Ally, Praticamente Inofensiva, Pride of Alliance, Priorado de Sião, Prodigy, Protetores da Aliança, Proudmoore Haters, PUNHO DA HORDA, Purgatory, Put A Keep Are You, PvP Killers, Quebra Horda, Reborn, Reign of Fire, Reino de Álfheim, RENEGADØS, Requiem, Resistência, Respawn, Riders of Azeroth, Riders of Taramis, Riders on the Storm, Rise of The Dark Sun, Rosa dos Quatro Ventos, Sanatório, Sapphire Guard, Saviors of the Light, Saxon warriors, Scorpions, Se eu morri foi o lag, Seguidores do Leão, SEGUIDORES DO VOLJIN, Selama Ashal Anore, Sem Frescuras, Semeadores da Discordia, Senhor dos Pastéis, Senhores das sombraS, Senhores de Asghard, Senhores do Novo Mundo, Seventh Cavalry, Shadow Council, SHINIGAMIS, SICARIOS DEL SILENCIO, Sickle of the Valar, Silver Sword, Silvio Santos Blindado, SIR of ASGARD, Slash Kick, Smurfs de Trago, Sociedade de Aço, Societies of Friends, Soldados da Aliança, Sons of War, SoulGuardians, STIFLERS, StormWind Heroes, Suicide Squad, Suprema, Suprema Ordem, Syblings, Syntaxy, Só Mato Boss Nerfado, Talaricos, Tauren Kowai, Team Dragon, The Alliance, The Blacklist, The Expendables, The Fellowship, The Golden Army, The Guild, The Last Warning, The Light, The Myrmïdons, The Path of Darkness, The Rise of Gods, The Rock Game, The Sunreavers, The Tea Party, The Vandel Buster, THE WALL, The Warlords of Illidan, The Winds of Winter, TheCønes, Thug Life, Thunder Cloud, Tilt BR, Time Of Revenge, Tiranos Da Aliança, Traidores da Aliança, Trovão de Ferro, tvGamerLife, Tá Nascendo Barba, Unforgiven, United Legends, Uprising Lords, VADE MECUM, Valhöll, Vanguarda Real, Velhas Virgens, Velho Vício, vencedores wow, Vendedores de Reagentes, Vendo Fusca Batido, Vicious Inside, Wanted PVP, War Society, Warborn, Warcry, Warlords of Chaos, Warlords of Dark, Warsong Outriders, Wastelanders, We Have a Job, We Play MITAMENTE, Wolfclan, World of Elysium, WorldofDivas, WOW Brasil, Wyvern, Yersirah, You are my epic mount, Your turn to pick, Zerg MØde, Zhentarim, Zombie Nation, ZUERA NEVER ENDS, Ímpeto de Sangue, Ïnsånitÿ, Vae Victis, Velhas Virgens G0 @ Hebe, Velhas Virgens G3, Veni Vidi Vici, Vicious inside, Viuvas do LK, Voice of the Deeps, Warborn, WarChasers, We Have Cookies, Wow Brasil, WoW Brasil, Wow Brasil - Por Terenas, yonoyama, YseraRebirth, Лямбда, Орден света, Рапчер

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