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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Fallout US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 528
Production Company US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 286
Power Shift US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 265
Multa Nocte US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 165
The fighting Irish US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 149
Absolute US-Moonrunner Horde 0 116
Paradigm Shift None Alliance 0 72
Hizoku Inc US-Gnomeregan Horde 0 48
Apotheosis US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 30
Vapor US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 29
Riddle of Steel US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 28
Per Incendia US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 24
Absolutum Dominium US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 22
Business Time US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 20
failsport JV US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 18
Lethal Reunion US-Moonrunner Horde 0 15
Horix logs US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 14
Oppenheimer US-Gnomeregan Horde 0 14
Paradox US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 14
The Relief Beef US-Moonrunner Horde 0 14
Gwen US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 10
Icecrown US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 9
Oil US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 9
Phoenix Rising US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 9
Poached US-Moonrunner Horde 0 9
Untold Retribution US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 9
Clever Latin Name US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 8
Marshmallows US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 8
Saints&Sinners US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 8
Red Tear US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 7
Remnants of Apocalypse US-Moonrunner Horde 0 7
Unlèashed US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 7
failsport US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 6
Ðefiance US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 6
Chosen None Horde 0 5
Citizens of Stormwind US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 5
Dissention US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 5
The Eternal Blade US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 5
arogantest US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 4
Guild Name US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 4
Knights of Konquest US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 4
lfr25 US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 4
Sovereign US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 4
Absolute US-Moonrunner Horde 0 3
Defiance 25 US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 3
Demented US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 3
Hakarra US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 3
KotS US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 3
RNG US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 3
Sanguinary US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 3
beads for salfa US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 2
Blodhemn US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 2
Jacobkelm None Alliance 0 2
Lemon Cheesecake US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 2
Mews Logs US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 2
Mob Mentality US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 2
Nights Watch US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 2
Pug Test US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 2
Raids Like a Boss US-Moonrunner Horde 0 2
Saints and Sinners US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 2
Silent Creepers US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 2
Test US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 2
Alpha Omega US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 1
Blodhemn US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 1
Crodar US-Moonrunner Horde 0 1
Darkspear Collective US-Gnomeregan Horde 0 1
Dot Matix US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 1
IA Day Star US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 1
Kekkers US-Gnomeregan Horde 0 1
Kill Team US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 1
Misère US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 1
Multa Nocte US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 1
Raids Like A Boss US-Moonrunner Horde 0 1
Silent Resurgence US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 1
SyntheticLog US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 1
toe tappers US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 1
Ungrateful Undead US-Moonrunner Horde 0 1
Vapor US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 1
Vindication US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 1
Way Too Far US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 1
Absolute None Horde 0 0
Aero's Hoe's None Horde 0 0
Angelic Horizon US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 0
Angelic Horizon None Alliance 0 0
Associated Independents None Horde 0 0
Avatars of War None Alliance 0 0
Belsenef None Alliance 0 0
Blah None Horde 0 0
Bloodlust None Horde 0 0
CalvinTest None Alliance 0 0
Catalyst None Alliance 0 0
Catching Fire None Alliance 0 0
DNR Co. None Alliance 0 0
Dolzzy's Log None Alliance 0 0
DonkeyKong None Horde 0 0
Downlo's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Dragons Templar None Alliance 0 0
Dream Team None Horde 0 0
Dyn None Alliance 0 0
Earendil Riders None Alliance 0 0
Emethan None Alliance 0 0
ENERGY None Alliance 0 0
Ermahgerd None Alliance 0 0
Ermahgerd None Alliance 0 0
Failsport None Alliance 0 0
fallout None Alliance 0 0
Fallout None Alliance 0 0
Fallout None Alliance 0 0
Floppout None Alliance 0 0
Forged in Fire None Alliance 0 0
Ghost Division None Alliance 0 0
Glaratus None Horde 0 0
Go Bucks None Alliance 0 0
Grimskull Confederacy None Alliance 0 0
guild name None Alliance 0 0
Guild Name None Alliance 0 0
Guildinator None Horde 0 0
Havoc None Alliance 0 0
HonoredExiles None Alliance 0 0
hunterTests None Alliance 0 0
Infamous Legends None Alliance 0 0
Infernal Affairs None Alliance 0 0
Insomniacs None Alliance 0 0
Its Just A Flesh Wound None Horde 0 0
Kegerator None Alliance 0 0
Kieler's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Kindred Spirits US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 0
knights of konquest None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Konquest None Alliance 0 0
Knights Who Say Ni None Alliance 0 0
KoR None Alliance 0 0
Kots None Alliance 0 0
KotS None Alliance 0 0
KS None Alliance 0 0
La Dios None Horde 0 0
Laromendis None Alliance 0 0
Likadee Split None Alliance 0 0
Lodossus None Alliance 0 0
Lullu None Alliance 0 0
Makhaita's Logs US-Moonrunner Horde 0 0
Malicious Intent None Alliance 0 0
MarAndSay None Horde 0 0
Metamorphosis None Horde 0 0
Mob Mentality None Alliance 0 0
Nights Watch None Alliance 0 0
No Guild None Alliance 0 0
Orbo None Alliance 0 0
Order of Golden Fries None Alliance 0 0
Origin None Alliance 0 0
Outcasts of Dalaran None Alliance 0 0
owes None Alliance 0 0
Palå None Horde 0 0
PersonalLogs None Horde 0 0
Phoenix Rising None Alliance 0 0
PI None Horde 0 0
poopsauce None Alliance 0 0
Practice US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 0
Pugs and Pans None Alliance 0 0
Raiding Guild None Alliance 0 0
Rapture None Alliance 0 0
Relic Raiders of Azeroth core 2 None Alliance 0 0
Revelry None Alliance 0 0
Revenance US-Gnomeregan Alliance 0 0
Serious Business - Wistiria None Alliance 0 0
Shit Guild #1 None Alliance 0 0
Silent Reality None Horde 0 0
Sin v3.0 None Alliance 0 0
Solitude None Alliance 0 0
Solitude None Alliance 0 0
Soul None Alliance 0 0
Soulmates None Alliance 0 0
spin None Alliance 0 0
Stronghold None Alliance 0 0
T O P None Alliance 0 0
The Aggronots None Alliance 0 0
The Forgotten Kingdom None Horde 0 0
The killer crusaders None Alliance 0 0
the legion None Alliance 0 0
The Night Crew None Alliance 0 0
The Relief beef US-Moonrunner Horde 0 0
The Timewasters None Alliance 0 0
The Timewasters None Alliance 0 0
Thrustlord Eagle None Horde 0 0
Tianmu None Alliance 0 0
Too Legit To Crit None Alliance 0 0
totallunacy None Alliance 0 0
TrueBlood None Alliance 0 0
Vox Populi None Alliance 0 0
Waiting for Nerfs None Alliance 0 0
We Got Your Six None Alliance 0 0
Wrath of the Ancients None Alliance 0 0
Zriins Guild US-Moonrunner Alliance 0 0
Виктор None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

---, 123, A L T U R I T Y, a tout le monde, A Tout Le Monde, Aavarus's Logs, Abhaile, Aboslute 2, Absolute, Absolute, Addicted, Aesir, AFK BOWFLEXING, Aftermath, Aftermath, Alexstrasza Defenders, Alpha Dog, Alpha Omega, Amaterasu, Animal Instincts, Animal Instincts, Animal Instincts, Arrez, Aspect, Ayy lmao, Bad Bad Rubber Piggies, Bakurestsu Tenshi, Banker's Hours, BankMasters, Battlerapers, Beautiful Destruction, Bedlam, beezy, beldor, BGSC, Biff Up, Blades of Telshira, Blodhemn, Blodhemn, bloodlust, Blue Flamingos, Bodhneslin, Bohica, Brewing Storm, Brotherhood of Shadow, Budlightning, Bullet Proof, Bullet Proof, Bullet Proof, Bullet Proof, Business Time, Capital Punishment, Capital Punishment, Carbon, Carbon, carontianoseveriware, Cell, Cell, Cell, Certain Glory, Chaotica, Chaotica, Chasing The Dragon, Chemicell, Chemicell, chi rho, Clothing Optional, Cobra Command, Cobra Kai, Cohcrit, collective, Collective, Come To Papi, Conquest, Cornerstone, Crux, Dagobah, Danger Zone, dareena, Dark Asylum, Dark Infinity, Dark Knight Crusaders, Dark Knight Crusaders, Dark Vision, Darketh Udder, Darray, daybreak, Daybreak, DB, Dead Weight, Deathshead, Deathshead, Deathshead, Decerto, Decerto, Dedicated Few, Defiant, Demented, Destiny Warriors, Destructive Subconscious, Devastation, Deviance, Deviance, Devonwtfwoot, Dirty Secret, Disgruntled Employees, Divine Twilight, Dodge This, Doom, DPS Testing, Dragonblight, dragons blood angels, Dragons Templar, Dragons Templar, Dragons Templar, Dragons Templar, Dream Team, Dream Team, Drop Bears, Drop Bears, Drop Bears, Drop Bears, Drop Bears, DropBearsSclub, Dubz, Dynasty, Earendil Riders, Earendil Riders, Earendil Riders, Earendil Riders, Eastern mayhem, Eastern Mayhem, Ecce Signum , Ego Boost, Einherjar, elite dragonslayers, Elk's Test Guild, elysian fields, Emperion Order, Endeavor, Epidemic, EQ, EQ Logs, Eq10DKW, Equitas, Equitas, Equitas, Equitas, Eternal Resolve, Eternal Resolve, Eulogy, Euphoria, Evolution, Evolution, Evolve, expermential deviation, Face, failsport, FailsportPug, FallOut, FALLOUT, Fatal Nemesis, Fatal Nemesis, Fatal Nemesis, Fatal Nemesis, Fatal Nemesis, Fatal Nemesis, Fatal Nemesis, Fatal Nemesis, Fatal Nemesis, Fatal Nemesis 2, FatalNemesis, Fatties, FAÏL ÏNC, Fire and Ice, Fired From Life, Fired From Life, Fired From Life, Fired From Life, Firenova Guild, Fizzlers, Fluffy Panda Destruction, Forged in Fire, Formidable, Forsaken Kings, From Such Films As, From the ashes, From the Ashes, From the Ashes, From the Ashes, From the Ashes, From The ashes, FtA 10A, Ghostbears, GLP, Gnomer Pugs, Gods of War, Gods of War, Gods of War, Grimshady Roycei, Grp2, Grp2, Grp2, Grp2, Guardians of Azeroth, GuildHunt, Happy Banana Squad, Happy Banana Squad, Has Backup, Havoc, Hazardous, Hazardous, HE, Heh, Herd Of Nerds, Here's Your Sign, Heresy, Heresy, Higgs' 10man, Hizoku Inc, Hizoku Inc, holy elites, Holy Elites, Honored Exiles, Honored Exiles, Honored Exiles, Horde Mafia, Hordez Hustlaz, House of the Rising Sun, Huge Damage Bro, Icecrown, Icecrown, Ichidkiller, immortal smoke, Immortals, In Memory, inc, INCLUSION, Incursion, Incursion, Incursion, Induce the Noose, Infamy, Infected, Infernal Affairs, Infernal Affairs, Infernalist of Affairs, Infinitum, Innkeeper, Inquisition, Inquisition, Insert Clever Name Here, Intervention, IRaid, Iron Wolves of Korangar, jb, JeebuzPugs, Just Da Tip, Justice PANDA, Justlickit, K R I T I X, Kegerator, Killer Instinct, Kingdom Hearts <3, Knights of Konquest, Knights of Konquest, Knights of Morningside, Knights of the HighTable, Knights who say Ni, KoK, KoR, KoR, KoR, KotS, Krazy logs, Krazy Logs!, Krazyito, Kwazilla, LARP, Last Stand, Last Ständ, Late Night Crew, Late Night Crew, Lawlz, League of Shadow, Lethal Reunion, Lethal Reunion, LFR, LFR, likadee split, likadee split, Likadee Split, Likadee Split, Limitless, Lions of Lordaeron, liquid, log analysis, Loot Monkeys, Loot Monkeys, Lost Souls of the Horde, Lucid Dream, Lucid Dream, Luna, Luna-Lasa, Lung Tham, majere, makedonija, Malicious Intent, Mark of the Wyld, Mark of the Wyld, Mentilliness, Metanoia, Mews' Logs, Mice X Addiction, Military Veterans, Minions of Evil, Minions Of Evil, Minions of Serp, Misere, Misere, Misere, Misere, Miss Jane, Misère, Misère, MM Group 2, MMWoL, Mob Mentality, Mob Mentality, Mob Mentality, Mobile Oppression Palace, Moist Cornbread, More Cowbell, Mortalis, Multa Nocte, Multa Nocte, Murpalina Guild, Mustang Squad, MyGuild, Myro's logs, Mystic Souls, Night Watch, Nihilum, Noctis Incursio, Noctum Infernus, Nocturnal, Nom Nom Raiders, Nothing interesting, Nourish's Raid test, Novyun, NS-Phoenix Rising, Nubbles n Friends, Nugatory, Oblivion Independance, Oblivion Independence, ohmahgod pennies!, Oil, OMEGA, Oppenheimer, Order of Golden Fries, Order of Golden Fries, Order of Golden Fries, Order of the Lotus, Order of the Lotus, Order of the Lotus, Order of Twilight, Oryx, osew, Out of the darkness, outroot, Pandas Test Guild, Paradigm Shift, Paradigm Shift, Paradihm Shift, Paradox alts, Paradoxx, Paragon, pauls random guild, Per Incendia, Per Incendia, Per Incendia, Per Incendia Team2, Perdition, Perdition, Perdition, Perdition, Perdition, perfect entity, Perfect Entity, Permafrost, Permafrost, Personal tester, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Rising, placeholder, Plan B, Plan B, Pototos, Power Shift, Power Shift, Power Shift, Prime, Private/COSW, Psychotic, Pugz, Pugz r Us, Pugz R Us, Pure Hate, PwnHammer, PwnHammer, PwnHammer, PwnHammerGnomer, Quazy Logs, Ragnarok, Raid Alts United, Raid Club, Raid Data, Raiders of the Mist, Raiders of the Mist, Raiders of the Mist, Random Logs, Recorrupted, recruitment, Red October, Red October, Red October, Redline, Redux, Reign over Chaos, Relapse, Relic raiders of Azeroth, Relic Raiders of Azeroth, Relic Raiders Of Azeroth, relic raiders of Azeroth , Relic Raiders of Azeroth Group 3, Relief Beef, Relief Beef, Remnants of Apocalypse, Resentless, Reservoir Dogs, resMR, Resolute, Resolute, Resurrection, Resurrection, Resurrection, Retaliation, retardation, Return of the Phoenix, Revelation, Revelation, Revelation, Revenge, Reymentality, Risen from Darkness, Risen From Darkness, Risen From Darkness, Risen From Darkness, RNG Alts, Robert Chinchilla, ROCKCORP, Rogue Logs, Rootyhill Boys, RotP, Royalty, S W A T, S W A T, Sains and Sinners, Saints and Sinners, Saints and Sinners, Sanctity, Sanctuary, Sanitarium, sarcious, Scheherazade, Scooby Snacks, Seal Team Six, Seeds of Evil, Selfless, Serious Business, Serious Business, serkova's logs, serrikardstuff, Severed Ties, Shangri La, SHARKS WITH LASERBEAMS, Sharply Surreal, Shazaam, shifters, SIGNAL SEVEN, Silent Creepers, Silent Creepers, Silent Creepers, Silent Reality, Silent Reality, Silent Resurgence, Sin, SIN, Sin , Sin (Group 2), Sin - Group 2, Sing2, SinLFR, Skooter's Logs, Skylark, snowsoul, soedrin, Solitude, Something Relevant, Something Relevant, Sore mo ii kamo, Soul, soulless, Soulmates, Souls of Valor, Souls of Valor, Souls of Valor, Souls of Valor, SoulsOfValor, SoulsOfValor, Sovereign, Space Unicorns, Spiritus Invictus, Spiritus Invictus, Spork Knights, SR NOF, SR of MR, SR.WoL, Stars in the Night, StarShadow Alliance, StarShadow Alliance, Stormwind Crusaders, Sword Art Online, Swords of the Alliance, Swords of the Alliance, Sylynkz Guild, Sânctuâry, Taunt, TBD, Team Knightwolf, Temet Nosce, test, test, Test, Test Guild, Test Runs for Senterra, Tests and Pugs, TestViper, The Branded Few, the Browncoats, The Brute Squad, the dark side, the dark side, the dark side, the dark side, The Dead Babies, The Deathbringers, The Eternal Blade, The fighting irish, The fighting Irish, The Good Bad and Ugly, The Holy Handgrenades, The Holy Handgrenades, The Hopeful Few, the killer crusaders, The Knights Who Say Ni, The Last Hope, The Night Crew, The Pride, The Relief Beef, The Relief Beef, The Scarlet Rose, The Shattered Path, The Shattered Path, The Sneaky Pirate, Thermogenesis, Thramm's Guild, three bros dojo, TNT, TNT-Zah, Too Legit to Crit, TotalLunacy, Tragdor, Trash, Trash, tri/ guild, Tyrants, Tørment, Umbra Immortalis, Unanimous, Uncirculated Currency, Uncirculated Currency, Undaunted, Unforgiven, Unforgiven/Moonrunner, Unlsh, Unruly Super Beasts, Adrift, Against the Storm, All Night Long, Alpha Dog, Angelic Horizon, Angels of Northshire, Animal Instincts, Apocalypse, Army of the Horde, Ascendance, Ataraxia, Bag Of Daggers, Bank of Pandaria, Banksy, Batemans Followers, Battalion, Battousai, Behold the Shadow, Blackdeath, Blanket of Blades, Blood Brotherz, Blood For Blood, Brave Hearts, C O R E, Candy Cane Strippërs, Clan Ice Claw, Cobra Command, Corrupted Pawns, Cruelty, Crypt of Knights, DAMA, Darkspear Collective, daywalkers, Dead End Friends, Deadly Focus, Death Knight Slayers, Defenders of the Hordê, Demented, Demonic Horizon, Dings are for the Horde, dragon keepers, Dragons Templar, Dream Team, Eat Smash N Run, Exodar is Down, Exècution, Fellowship of the Dragon, Final Horizon, Flames of Destiny, Forbidden Warfare, Fortress of Solitude, frickin weird, Full Force Concussion, Fàllen Týranny, gargwellfair, Generic Guild, Gnomeregan Outriders, God Complex, Gotham National Bank, Guardians of Azeroth, Hand of Blood, Hellokittypewpew, Hollywood Knights, Horde Your Liquor, Hordez Hustlaz, House Stark, I Touch my Guildmates, IceCrown, Icecrown Reborn, im a classy pizza, Immortals, Improper Conduct, INCLUSION, Indefinitely, Kegerator, Kindred Spirits, Kings of Fortune, Kithic, Knightforce, Knights of Konquest, Laid Back, League of Casual Misfits, Legendary Brotherhood, Lions Pride, LITCHbornBEASTS, LITCHEbornBEASTS, Living Myths, Lucid Dream, Lusting For Blood, Maybe Memories, Mea Culpa, Misguided Saints, Mob Mentality, muramasa, my realm is down, NerdRage, No Name, No Worries, Noob Combo, Northrend Outlaws, Omega Warriors, Omelette Du Fromage, Oppenheimer, Orange Tofu, OUR SERVER IS DOWN, Outlaws of the Alliance, Paradox, Perdition, Pirate Skulls and Bones, Pokemon VS Digimon, Pro Found, Purgatories Legion, Purge, Pushy Kat DPS, rare spawn, Rearend Brutality, Relentless Aggression, Relic Raiders of Azeroth, Rise of the Phoenix, Rising Tide, Rocky Horde Picture Show, ROYALTY, Saints and Sinners, Save the Day, Seekers of Truth, SERVER DOWN, Short Bus Allstars, Slash Gee Quit, Slaying Horde, Soap, sorry we fail, Soulmates, Stormwind Crusaders, Stormwind Guards, Strickland Propane, Stuff, Super Adventure Club, Sword Art Online, Sânctuâry, T O P, Terminus, the angels of death, The cake was a LIE, The Druds, The fighting Irish, The Gold Syndicate, The Heroics, The Horde Castrators, The Knights Of Ebony, The Lost Derps, The Midnight Crusaders, The Nagrand Knights, The Night Crew, The Ninth Symphony, The Order of Stormscale, The Roborovski Knights, The Roughnecks, The Shattered Path, The Stormwind Warriors, ThereIsNoSpoon, Toothpastes Guild, Total Eclipse, Twilight Crusaders, ULTIMATUM, undisputed win, Unlèashed, UnSc, Untold Legends, Vapor, Vengeance Through Blood, Violent Destiny, we dem boys, WellsFargo, Wowganks, Wu Tang, Wunnybumblers, X Marks the Spot, Zombiekillers, A Constant Amidst Chaos, Absolute, Absolutum Dominium, Afro Bank, AllOutGaming, Altercation, Alternative Reality, Always on Duty, Ancient Protectors, Ancient Toast, Anlashok, Asylum of Exiles, Average at best, Back in the days, Bacon, Bank of Murph, Bank Toon, BeastlyChronic, Beautiful Assassins, Blodhemn, Blood Oath Guardians, Blood Sweat and Tier, Bored Gamers Network, Breed, Bringers of Light, Brotherhood of Goetz, Brothers Gimm, BS is us, Burns When I PvP, Business Time, Button Mash Like A Boss, catalistically pwned, Catching Fire, Cell, Cervisiam Venter Legio, Challenge Accepted, Champions of Dark Moon, childish acts, Collective Assault, Cookachoo Crew, CônTrÂBânD, Dark Horde, Dark Knight Crusaders, Dark Outcome, Dark Tide, Darketh Udder, Dat Loot Guild, Day of the Dragon, Destruction INC, Digital Underground, Disgruntled Employees, Distortion, Divine Twilight, Dragon Lords, Dragons of War, Dream Weavers, Drop Bears, Durotar Sheriffs Dept, Eastern Mayhem, Eats Gnomes, Elysian Fields, Endless Fate, Epic Elite, Epic Fail, Equitas, EternalPVP, Evolved, Excuse My Beauty, Executus, failsport, Fallout, Fallén Angélz, Fing Awesome, Finger Of God, Fire and Ice, First Borns, Flawless, Foo Fighters, Forest for the Trees, Forgotten Midnight Aria, Freaks Unleashed, Ghost Company, Glory Seekers, Gold FTW, golden knights, Guild Name, Gutbuster Brigade, Handz Of Fate, Hello Kitty Fight Club, Hells Light, hellzbears, HEPL, HnS, Hold My Brew, Horde Core, Horde Mafia, Hounds of Creegus, Hørde, I Get High off Honor, i love myself, Immortal Fury, Immortal Warlords, Indignation, Infamous Legends, Inferiority Complex, Infernal Affairs, Insomnia, Iron Fist, Kashmir, KISS, Krigsvargar, Krusty Krab Crew, Krusty Krab Krew, L F I L F, Lagspike, Last Rites, Last Ständ, League of the Horde, Legacy of War, Legion of the Dragon, Legácy, Let Death Reign, Lethal Reunion, Lore, Malevolent, Marshmallows, Master Summoner, Meds for Mcguinness, Memories and Mayhem, Metalheads, Midnight Invasion, Midnight Justice, Mighty Big Bunnies, Militant, Minions of Kalvtrax, Morning Dew, My Pants, needs more bagspace, NerdyDirtyTattooedCurvy, No really we try, Noble Phantasm, Nocturnal, NoobTown, O hell no, Obliviøn, Oh My, Old Blood Empire, Olympian, On The Moon, Ong Bak Warriors, Onyx Dawn, Order of Golden Fries, Order Of The Shadows, Order of Twilight, Orgrimmar Cable Company, Overclocked, Paladins rule, Peak Of Insanity, Pebble in the Eye, Praefectus Mortalis, Prime, Pseudonym, Pulled Again, Raids Like A Boss, Regress, Relapse, Relentless Brutality, Remnants of Apocalypse, Renegaides, Riddle of Steel, Risen from Darkness, RNG, Rolling Thunder, Rolling Thunder Knights, Royal Knights of Azeroth, Rum Guzzlers, Run with Scissors, S T O R A G E, Saints and Sinners, Saphire of The Sky, Shadow Ninjas, Shadow Walkers of Chaos, Sharply Surreal, Silent Creepers, Sinners United, Smoke Rest Play, Sparschwein, Splendid Good Time, State of Mind, Summit, Summon Me, Super Friends, Synërgy, Taint, Tardis, TeenageMutantNinjaTauren, The Deadly Crusaders, The Disciples of Azeroth, The Eternal Blade, The Eternals, The Fading Light, The Hopeful Few, The Known Resistance, The Lamertons, The Legacy, The Old Farts Club, The Reapers of Light, The Relief Beef, The Rum Runners, The Three Amigos, The Tilted Guild, The Timewalkers, The Valar, TheSealsWhoFartFlames, Till the last drop, Time of the Dying, Twiztid Karma, TwiÑks R Us, Tørment, Unforgivable, Victorious Secret, Vindication, Voice of Reason, We Horde for Money, Winchester, Winter Solstice, WobbleGobble, World Wide Killers, WoWQuebeC, Wrath of the Ancients, Yin, Your Mommas Guild, Vapor, Vendor Trash, Verbal Justice, Vereor, Vigilance, Vile, Vindication, VintageKnights, VintageKnights, wangs, Warriors Pride, Watso Logs, Way Too Far, We Got Your Six, We Like to Wipe on EZ Stuff, Weeb Overlords, Well Do It Live, Wen Deez, Whack An Ally, Whatguild, Wicked, Wicked [new], Will Raid for Food, WOWSTAT, WUMN/SR, Yang, Yatzee, yur_ded, zomgtest, Ðefiance, Ðextro (PuG), Ðoa, Ðêlêo Prâvûs, Öblivion, Ünity

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