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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Inner Focus US-Elune Alliance 0 814
Fight US-Elune Alliance 0 298
Undying Resolution US-Elune Alliance 0 265
Socially Awkward US-Elune Alliance 0 264
Logic US-Elune Alliance 0 211
Amnesty US-Elune Alliance 0 189
United Forces US-Elune Alliance 0 174
Lost Chapter US-Elune Alliance 0 98
LNC US-Elune Alliance 0 88
Raider US-Elune Alliance 0 79
Damnation US-Elune Alliance 0 69
Midnight Cartel - Damnarod Core US-Elune Alliance 0 68
Guild Unknown US-Gilneas Horde 0 59
stalk and kill US-Elune Alliance 0 59
StephenlordLFR US-Gilneas Alliance 0 53
Circle of Dawn US-Elune Alliance 0 51
Dark Skies US-Elune Alliance 0 42
Gates of Hell US-Elune Alliance 0 38
Guardians of Fate US-Gilneas Alliance 0 29
Storm US-Gilneas Alliance 0 29
The Straw Hat Pirates US-Gilneas Horde 0 27
Shadowblades US-Gilneas Horde 0 19
Reality Check US-Elune Horde 0 17
Honor System Refugees US-Elune Alliance 0 16
RandomAltPugs None Alliance 0 16
u srs bro US-Elune Alliance 0 16
Devlin Log US-Gilneas Alliance 0 15
Apathy US-Gilneas Alliance 0 14
Igloo's Logs US-Gilneas Alliance 0 14
Dark Aftermath US-Gilneas Alliance 0 13
Dragonlords US-Elune Alliance 0 13
Aggression US-Gilneas Alliance 0 12
Fyl's logs US-Elune Alliance 0 11
Crits and Giggles US-Gilneas Horde 0 10
Midnight Cartel - Core 10 US-Elune Alliance 0 9
Red Skies At Night US-Elune Alliance 0 9
Slatte US-Gilneas Alliance 0 9
Fusion US-Elune Alliance 0 8
Personal Logs US-Elune Alliance 0 8
Unity US-Elune Alliance 0 8
exmode US-Gilneas Alliance 0 7
Hair US-Elune Alliance 0 7
Obsidian Order US-Gilneas Horde 0 7
Forever US-Gilneas Alliance 0 6
Joules School US-Elune Alliance 0 6
The Lords of Aggro US-Elune Alliance 0 6
ANV US-Gilneas Alliance 0 5
Apathy US-Gilneas Alliance 0 5
Hammarfall US-Elune Alliance 0 5
High Guard US-Elune Alliance 0 5
Legends of Tristram US-Gilneas Horde 0 5
NICE US-Gilneas Alliance 0 5
Semper Invictus US-Elune Alliance 0 5
Afraid of Elementals US-Elune Alliance 0 4
DDogs US-Elune Horde 0 4
Eluneminati US-Elune Alliance 0 4
Fear Engine US-Elune Alliance 0 4
Gote's logs US-Elune Alliance 0 4
I Survived Bonechewer US-Elune Alliance 0 4
Just Crusade US-Elune Alliance 0 4
Kdensity's Logs US-Elune Alliance 0 4
Late Knights US-Gilneas Alliance 0 4
Legends of Tristram US-Gilneas Horde 0 4
Legion of the Storm US-Elune Alliance 0 4
lst mechanized infantry US-Gilneas Alliance 0 4
SOK-ENC US-Elune Alliance 0 4
Strike One US-Gilneas Alliance 0 4
Thanos US-Elune Alliance 0 4
xiownthispla US-Gilneas Alliance 0 4
Casually Addicted Live US-Gilneas Alliance 0 3
Chambers of Shaolin US-Elune Alliance 0 3
DOC US-Gilneas Alliance 0 3
End of Legends US-Gilneas Horde 0 3
Git Gud US-Gilneas Alliance 0 3
Hals Logs US-Elune Horde 0 3
Is Angry US-Gilneas Alliance 0 3
ll Twïst Øf Fáte ll US-Elune Alliance 0 3
Nova US-Gilneas Horde 0 3
Obsidian Order US-Gilneas Horde 0 3
Redeye US-Elune Alliance 0 3
Sequoya US-Elune Alliance 0 3
SOK US-Elune Alliance 0 3
AlibiGuild US-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Blizzard of Oz US-Elune Alliance 0 2
Energy US-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
From The Ashes US-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Heretics US-Elune Alliance 0 2
Kiedra's logs US-Elune Alliance 0 2
Midnight Cartel US-Elune Alliance 0 2
Nekon's logs US-Elune Alliance 0 2
Nightfall US-Elune Alliance 0 2
Preggers US-Elune Alliance 0 2
RoE US-Elune Horde 0 2
Team Nefarian US-Elune Alliance 0 2
TheEvilOne US-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
turbo log US-Gilneas Alliance 0 2
Unbreakable US-Elune Alliance 0 2
Antithesis US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Articulated Chaos US-Elune Horde 0 1
Axis US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Axis of Elune US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Betrayers of light US-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Better Part of Valor US-Elune Alliance 0 1
blah None Alliance 0 1
C O A L E S C E N C E US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Casually Addicted US-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Celestial Vanguard US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Chiron US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Circus Ninjas US-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Crit Happens - Allyx's group US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Failsauce US-Gilneas Horde 0 1
Failure US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Fusion US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Fusion US-Elune Alliance 0 1
GearsLog US-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Gildya Boytzov US-Gilneas Horde 0 1
Gv US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Hellfire Empire US-Elune Horde 0 1
KNC US-Elune Alliance 0 1
l SilverDragons l US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Midnight Cartel - Genious 10 man US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Mister Rogers US-Elune Horde 0 1
Nathazar US-Elune Alliance 0 1
NICE US-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Phebi US-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Phoenxlogs US-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Purple Nurples US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Random pugs US-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Rising Storm US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Saoleile US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Team Ysera US-Elune Alliance 0 1
The Illuminåti US-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Unending Legacy US-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
United Order of Virtue US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Unwanted Council US-Gilneas Alliance 0 1
Vae Victis US-Elune Alliance 0 1
Wardemons US-Elune Horde 0 1
Wardemons US-Elune Horde 0 1
WWD US-Gilneas Horde 0 1
zteam of bpov US-Elune Alliance 0 1
__RENAMED__ (Maihem) None Alliance 0 0
Acta Non Verba None Alliance 0 0
Acta Santi None Alliance 0 0
Aggression None Alliance 0 0
Allied None Horde 0 0
angel wings None Horde 0 0
Anonymous None Alliance 0 0
ANV Group 1 None Alliance 0 0
Apotheosis None Alliance 0 0
Aquashadows None Horde 0 0
Ascension None Alliance 0 0
Ascension 2 None Alliance 0 0
Atmosphere None Alliance 0 0
Awsumpossum None Alliance 0 0
Axe to Mouth None Alliance 0 0
Badgering None Alliance 0 0
BamBam None Alliance 0 0
Bamboo Logs None Alliance 0 0
bearblitzer None Alliance 0 0
Blood Oath Clan None Horde 0 0
Blooddrunc None Alliance 0 0
bour logs None Alliance 0 0
Carbon None Horde 0 0
Cataclysmic None Alliance 0 0
Challenge Mode None Alliance 0 0
CheLogs None Alliance 0 0
coffee None Horde 0 0
Conspiracy None Alliance 0 0
COS None Alliance 0 0
Crucify None Alliance 0 0
Córrùptèd None Horde 0 0
Daitka None Alliance 0 0
Damnation -Raid1 None Alliance 0 0
Dances With Worgs None Horde 0 0
Dark's Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
Dawn of the Exiled None Horde 0 0
Dawn of the Exiled None Horde 0 0
Death Befor Defeat None Alliance 0 0
Dimensional Death None Alliance 0 0
Dimensional Death None Alliance 0 0
Dirty None Horde 0 0
Dream None Horde 0 0
Energy None Alliance 0 0
EROW None Alliance 0 0
Eternal None Alliance 0 0
Exiled None Alliance 0 0
FairyTail US-Elune Alliance 0 0
Faitality None Alliance 0 0
Faust None Alliance 0 0
Fearless US-Elune Alliance 0 0
Ferox Invictus None Horde 0 0
Fist of Thrall None Horde 0 0
From Accounting None Alliance 0 0
From Dust None Alliance 0 0
Fullmetal None Alliance 0 0
fury None Alliance 0 0
FURY None Alliance 0 0
Fuzzy's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Genious None Alliance 0 0
Ghanksta None Horde 0 0
Gilded Rose None Alliance 0 0
Girls Gone WoW None Alliance 0 0
Guildless None Alliance 0 0
Harbingers of Dawn None Alliance 0 0
hello None Horde 0 0
Huzzah None Alliance 0 0
Icarus None Alliance 0 0
Info None Alliance 0 0
Instability None Alliance 0 0
Instability - Ash None Alliance 0 0
Invalid Target None Horde 0 0
Kamots and Friends None Alliance 0 0
Kdense's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Keepers of Lite None Alliance 0 0
Keepers of Lite None Alliance 0 0
Kill Order None Alliance 0 0
Knights of the Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Koltara's Logs None Horde 0 0
Kri Powered Logs None Alliance 0 0
La Fin du Monde None Alliance 0 0
La Fin du Monde (lorack) None Alliance 0 0
Lag and Disconnect None Horde 0 0
Last Dragon None Alliance 0 0
Legendary Status None Alliance 0 0
Legends of Tristram None Horde 0 0
Legio I None Alliance 0 0
Legion of the Storm None Alliance 0 0
Levo None Alliance 0 0
lfr all stars None Alliance 0 0
LFR's None Alliance 0 0
Loggin None Alliance 0 0
Lost Requiem None Alliance 0 0
Lost Requiem None Alliance 0 0
LoT None Horde 0 0
Lux Æterna None Alliance 0 0
Maaho None Alliance 0 0
Mac's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Madmido None Alliance 0 0
Mandora's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Mara None Alliance 0 0
midnight cartel None Alliance 0 0
Misojos None Alliance 0 0
Murlocs Ate My Homework None Alliance 0 0
Murlocs Ate My Homework - TR None Alliance 0 0
My Test Guild None Alliance 0 0
Obsidian Order None Horde 0 0
One More Attempt None Horde 0 0
Pandemic None Alliance 0 0
Pandemonium None Alliance 0 0
Pariah None Alliance 0 0
Phantom Pheonix US-Gilneas Alliance 0 0
Pimpin Ain't Easy US-Elune Alliance 0 0
Poison Arrow None Alliance 0 0
Pondeux None Alliance 0 0
Projekt's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Questers Run None Alliance 0 0
Raid None Alliance 0 0
Raiders Anonymous None Alliance 0 0
Random Runs None Alliance 0 0
Refuge None Alliance 0 0
RefugeLogs None Alliance 0 0
Rejects US-Elune Alliance 0 0
Relynna logs None Alliance 0 0
Revenge of the Fist None Alliance 0 0
Rising Storm None Alliance 0 0
Ryrys None Alliance 0 0
Saving Grace None Alliance 0 0
shams logs None Alliance 0 0
Shitty Sick US-Elune Alliance 0 0
sk Izola None Horde 0 0
SOK10 None Alliance 0 0
Soulbound Clan None Alliance 0 0
Spaceballs: The Raid None Alliance 0 0
Spec Ops None Alliance 0 0
SSH None Alliance 0 0
stalk and kill None Alliance 0 0
Teeare None Alliance 0 0
Tempted Killers None Alliance 0 0
The Kindred None Alliance 0 0
The Lords of Aggro None Alliance 0 0
The Nerd Herd None Alliance 0 0
The Space Llamas None Alliance 0 0
The Valiant None Alliance 0 0
The_Continuum None Alliance 0 0
Things None Alliance 0 0
Traelin's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Type's log None Alliance 0 0
Unyielding Loyalty None Alliance 0 0
UWL None Alliance 0 0
Vanquish None Alliance 0 0
Varsity None Horde 0 0
Vindication None Alliance 0 0
Wanderlust None Alliance 0 0
Weekend Warriors None Alliance 0 0
Why do I need a guild None Alliance 0 0
Wings of the Fallen None Horde 0 0
Winter Is Coming None Alliance 0 0
Wipes on trash None Alliance 0 0
With Majesty None Alliance 0 0
Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Wrayth None Alliance 0 0
Z's Logs None Alliance 0 0
ZZ None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Alier, *Energy*, 123, 1andonly1toon, < Afraid of Elementals >, , ??a, __RENAMED__ (Maihem), A Neo Creation, A quick VoA pug, A Time to kill, Abyssal Seraphim, Acta Non Verba, Acta Non Verba, Acta Santi, ActusReus, Addicted, AdultSwim, Aegis, Aegis Doxa, Aegis Doxa, Aesthetic Vengence, African Baby Flippers, aggression, Aggression 2, AIG, Ajani Guild, Alexxander's Logs, Alibi, Alliance First Battalian, Alliance of Azeroth, Almost Kings, Almost Kings, Alph's Guild, Alpha, Alucardi Pugs, Amthebesta, Andalon's Personal WOL, ANIME CLUB, Anonymous, ANV, AoED, apathy, Apathy, Apathy, Apathy, Apathy, Apathy, Apathy, Apathy, Apathy, Apathy, Apathy NOT THIS ONE FUKERS, Apocalypse Ponies, Apotheosis, Apotheosis, Appirrition, APPSguild, Arced, Arcis, Arnel_Guild, Arr's 10man run, Ascendence, Assassins for Hire, Assorted Sock Brigade, Asterota, Aureus Sol, automatedteller, AV, Aveleya's Logs, AVTeam, Axiom, Axis, Axis, Axis, Axis Guild, Axis Gulid, AxisElune, azeroth assassins, Azeroth Assassins, balt, Bang for the Buck, Barnac's place, BCS Raiders, Bdub Vanquish, Betrayed, Better Than You, Better Than You, Better Than You, Big Brown Beaver, Bigbirdherd, BlackDeath, BlackLabel, Blank, Bleh, Blood and Glory, Blood and Glory, Blood Oath Clan, Blood Oath Clan, blooper, Blurrpally, Boneassisain/Brootherhood of Steel, Boundless, BPOV - AVTeam, Bring out your Dead, Bring Out Your Dead, Brotherhood of Steel, Brunx's Reports, Brutal, Bunch of Pug Raids, CA, CA Alt 10M, caffeinated, Calamitous Intent, canadian, Casually Addicted, Casually Addicted, Cata, Cataclysmic, Catalyst, Catalyst, celestial mennace, Celestial Vanguard, Celestial Vanguard, Chart Toppers, Chart Toppers, Check The Attic First , Chutes and Ladders, Circle of Dawn, Citadel pugs, CJ, Cloud Nine, Coalition, Committed, Committed, Committed, Committed, Common Affliction, Common Affliction, CONDEMNED, Coup De Grâce, Cowtcularness, Crazy's Guild, Critterlicious, Crucify, Ctrl Alt Elite, Ctrl Alt Elite, curl, da, Damage Test, Damn, Damnation, Dano, Dark Hand of Chaos, Dark side of Elune, Dark Side of Elune, Dark Skies, Dark Skies, Dark's Personal Logs, Darkphoenix, Darkz Legion, dawn of the exiled, Dawn of the Exiled, Dawn of the Exiled, DD, Deadwind Souls, Death Befor Defeat, death by design, Death by Design, Death Jesters, Death Jesters, Deaths Crusaders, Delicious Cake, Demagog, Demagogue, DenofMord, Depleted Uranium Shells, Deserter Buff, Desperate Measures, Devoted, Diabolus Manus, Die By The Sword, Die By The Wanderlust, Diertz, Dimensional Death, Dimensional Death, Dire Requiem, Disciples of Rage, Disenchanted on the Spot, Distinct Advantage, Divine, DnA, Dont stand in fire, Dont Stand in Fire, Dragonfury, Dragonlords, Drel's Guild, Driven, Drusba, Dulanic, Dusk, Eakness, Ebonfist Personal Log, Echelon, Eclipse, Eclipse, Eclipse, Ehlani's Parses, Ekchuah, Electric Boogaloo, Elite Few, Elunatic, elune elite, Eluneminati, Elysian, Elysian, Emerald Dream, Eminence, Empire of The Fallen, Empire Of The Fallen, End of Legends, End of Legends, End of Legends, End of Legends, Energy, Energy, Enigma, Enitzu's Logs, EoL, Epic, Equilibrium, Eternal, Ethereal Templars, European Devils, Evils record during pugs, exiled, Exodus, Exodus, FA, Fadaar's Logs, Failed, Fataltouch, Feeding My Addiction, Felsteel Warriors, Ferox Invictus, Few of a Kind, Few of a Kind, Few of a Kind, Few of a Kind, Few of a Kind - Firelands, Few of a Kind old, Fight Log, Fist of Thrall, flatline, Flatline, Flytherius, FoaK, FoaK-Rawr, Fonzie, Forbid, Forbid, Forbid, Force of Will, Forever, Forever, Forever, Fortune, Fortune, Friends of Hagrid, From Accounting, From Dust, Frozen, Frozen, Frozen, Furrysparda, Fusion, Fuzion, Gankenstein's Logs, Gavin's Records, GDKP , Ghansta, gildya boytzov, Gildya Boytzov, gilguild, Gilneas, Gilneas Pugs, GosuLogs, Green Blades, Grimlins of Gilneas, Grog o War, Group 2 of Coolness, Guardians of fate, Guardians of Fire, Guardians of Fire, Guardians of Mordor, Guild Of Vase, Gunks guild of Gunks, Hand of Elune, Happy Ending, Happy Ending, Hard Liquor, Heal Thy Armor, Hellfire Empire, High Guard, holidayonice, Holmsly, Holy Crit, Homeless, Homeless, HOTA, House of daggers, House of Pendragons, How Much Wood?, Huzzah, Hãdes Bank, Icon, Ierp is my hero!, IF, In Dulce Decorum, Inception, Incursion, Infamous, Infamous, infectious, Infectious, Insanity, Inc, Instance Clarity, Intrigue, Intrigue, INTY, InvalidTarget, InvalidTarget, Invicta, IO Inches Unbuffed, iRaid, Ironclad, Ironswift WoL, Ironwood Guild, Is Serious Business, Is Shifty, Isiannnnn, It Was Epic, Jailard, jailors of the dåmned, Jailors of the Dåmned, JC Illfurry, Jets Logs, Journey, Journey2, Judges, Just a Flesh Wound, Just Another Guild, Just Crusade, Just Crusade, Just Crusade, Kashy's Log Fun, Keepers of Lite, Keepers of Lite, Keepers of the Funk, Kind of a big deal, Kind of a Big Deal, Kind of a Big Deal, Kind of a Big Deal, kkennt, Knights of Gilneas, Knights of the Coin, Knights of the Realm, Knights of the Realm, Knights of the Realm, Kristens awesome logs for Manamonster, La fin du monde, La fin du Monde, La Fin Du Monde, Last Attempt, Last Stand, Late Knights, Late Knights, Late Knights g1, Legacy of Knights Fury, Legends of Blood, Legends of Punishment, Legends of Tristram, Legends of Tristram, Legends of Tristram, Legends of Tristram, Lehnsherr, lfr, LFR Arenn, lightbringer alliance, ll Mythica ll, LMAO, Logs, Lolwut, Looking For Radishes, Lost in Time, LoT, lst Mechanized Infantry, Lunacy, Lunacy, Lunchbox, lustmee, Magnuslogs, Marcus, Martyr, MBN, MBN, MBN, MC-Palleon10, McGlopkins Gang, ME, MeatWadDeathSquad, Mentu's Logs, Mes_Personal, Mes_Personal, Method, Method, Method, mid life knights, Midnight Cartel, Midnight Cartel (Elune), Midnight Cartel - Bruenor Core 10, Midnight Cartel - Choe/Rhev Core10, Midnight Cartel - Coriin Core 10, Midnight Cartel - Lilvyy's Core 10, Midnight Cartel Broadnuke's Core, Midnight Cartel-Choedankal, midnight cartel-galrath core 10, Midnight Chili Run, Midnight Legacy, Milece's Fake Guild, Minorichu, Miraleigh, Misc. Logs, Mischief Managed - Team Onyxia, MM Core 2, Moist Hat, Moist Hat, Monkey, Monkey, Monkeys, MoonRaven, Mother Russia, Murder Inc, Murlocs Ate My Homework, My Runs, myGuild, Myth, Myth, Myth, Necro, NEMESIS, neoy, Nerjis Guild, Never Trust Robots, Nex per Incendia, Next Chapter, NICE, Night Runners Group2 , Nightfaii, Nightsights, Nimbus Nine, Nine Lives, No Quarter, No Quarter, No Quarter 2, No Quarter 2, Nobles of Blood, Noctambulists, Noctambulists, notaguild, Nyandeaths guild, nyghtfall, Nyghtfall, Nyghtfall, Nyghtfall, Nyghtfall, Obliterate, Obscure Reality, ODG, ODG, Offensive, Okami, Omegapudding's fun house, Omen, One More Attempt, Oprah, Orde of Rje, Order of the Aardvark, Order of the Red, otr, Outliers, Oxlade, pain, pain, Pandemic, parses, Passive Death, perceptionsofglory, Perfection, Perps, Personal LOG kudegra, Personal Reports. [Latins Logs], Pestilence Personified, Phoenix Fury, Phoenix Fury, Phoenix Raiders, Phoenix Raiders, Pirates without Borders, Plan B, Plat, Platinum, Platinum, Platinum, Poison Arrow, Poison Arrow, Poison Arrow, Poison-Arrow, Polymorf, Power Word Awesome, Private, private logs, Private Logs, Prodigy, Profugus Existere, proof of damage, Prophets, Provoked, psycho therapy, Psychosis, Psychosis, pug inc , Pug1, Pugs, Purgatorial, Purity, Purple Nurples, Purple Nurples, Purple Nurples, Puu, Pwneria's Logs, Pwntotz, Pyrotux Logs, Pyryte, Quake With Fear, Quantum, Quebec Alliance, Questers Run, Questers Run, Questers Run, Rafflewaffle, Rafflewaffle's logs, Raider, Raider, Raiders of the Lost Bacon, RaidersoftheLostTavern, RaidersoftheLostTavern, Rak Beta Test, Random guild, Randomness, rawr, Razing Apocalypse, Reality Check, Red Sox Nation, Redefined, Redemption, refuge, Refugees of Luclin, Regulators, Regulators, Regulators Logs, Reign of Blood, Reign of the Exiled, Reign of the Exiled, Reign Of The Exiled, Reincarnated, Reincarnated, Relentless, Remains of Light, Remnants of Konfusion, Requiem of Hellscream, Reset, Reset, Resilience , Resolve, Retributed, Revenge eared, Revivification, Revolution, Revolution, Right Clique, Rise of Mayhem, RisingStormTest, Rormoon, Royal Cerastae, Royal Cerastae, Running With Scissorz, RWS, S M O K E, S&G, Said, Sakkara, SanjFrost, Sapphire Dream, Saving Grace, sawg, Scarlet Knights of Elune, Scarlet Legacy, School of Rock, Schultz, Scrubs, Search For Traps Pookie, Seekers of Lore, Segmentation Fault, Semper Invictus, Semper Invictus, Semper Invictus, Sentinels of Elune, Sequoya, Serenity, Serious and Profound, Serious and Profound, SF LIVE, SFLIVE, SFLiveLogs, SFLiveLogs, Sicvis Pax Parobellum, Silastic Armorfiends, Silastic Armorfiends, Silent Vendetta, Sinful Temptations, SirSizzle, skil, Slackers, Smoke's Logs, Soii, Sojou's Logs, SOK - LNC, SOK-LNC, Soul Tap, Soul Tap, Soulbound Clan, Soulsaints, Sparda, Sparda, Sparda, Special Teams, squish zone, Star of Elune, Stargazer, Stargazer Clan, Stargazer Clan, Stasis, Stasis (Main), StealthWOL, Stephenlord, Stephenlords, stewiesguild, Storm, Storm, Storm (Stephenlord), Storm Gilneas, Stormborn, Streich's Crazy Pug, StudyGroup, Subtlety, Sundergog, Sunwell saviors, Sunwell Saviors, Superpenguins Crusade, Suppression, Swag, Swine Flu, Sylent, Synergy, Sythegore Reborn, SZ Cataclysm Heroics, Tainted Core, Tardnation, Team Donks, Templar Knights, Temporary, Tempted Killers, Tempted Killers, Ten Seconds Till Enrage, Ten Seconds Till Enrage, tesst, test, Test, Test, Test Logs, Test1, testing WoL, Testmas, testss, The Blacklist, The Continuum, the Covenant, The Dark Legacy, The Deadwind Souls, The Deadwind Souls, The Defiant, The Drop Bears, The Harbingers of Dawn, The Illuminåti, The Kindred, The Nexus, The Order of Chaos, the order of orpheus, The Order of Orpheus, The Order of Orpheus, the origin, The Origin, The Origin, The Origin, The Origin!, The Redlite District, The Silver Triads, The Spiral Path, Third Shift, Throrr, Throrr_Fight, TigerJ Has Friends, Time Lords, Timeless Defenders, Tiphus stats, Titans Exodus, Titans Exodus, Titans Exodus, Titans Exodus, tna, Top Five Dead Or Alive, Torgil 10 Man, Torree, Trackin Myself, Trauma, Trojans PuGs, troublemaker, Twinpeaks (Sparda), Twisted Alliance, Twisted Alliance, Uld10, Ultimatum, Ultimatum, Unbound, undying resolution, Unending Legacy, Unfustified Wrath, Uniques, united forces, Unityalt, Unrepenant, Unrepentant, Unrepentant, Unspoken Fury, Unsung Heros, Unwanted Council, Unyielding Loyalty, Unyielding Loyalty, Unyielding Loyalty, Unyielding Loyalty, Unyielding Loyalty, Absolute Legends, Abyss Walker, AceInTheHole, Acta Santi, Afraid of Elementals, Aggro Magnets, Alkaline Trio, Allonsy, Altera Vita, Amnesty, ANBUU, and my imaginary friends, Angels of the Night, Another Brik in the Wall, Antithesis, Aussie Shankers, Authorized Personnel, Awakening, Axes of Azeroth, Axis, Bank of Thal, Blades Of Gold, Blizzard of Oz, Bluesunrise, Boosted, Bully, CCbank, Chambers of Shaolin, Children Of Loki, Choice, Church of Andalontology, Cocidius, Communist Manifesto, Critical, Critterlicious, Crucified, Crucify, Cursed Honor, Damnation, Dark Syndicate, Dawns Light, Death By Nyan Cats, Death Cookie, Desolate Destruction, Deuces Wild, Deviate Resurrection, Disenchanted On The Spot, Diviniti, Dodekatheon, Dont Stand in Fire, Dragons Inc, DunderMifflinPaper, Dynásty, EAD, East Kalimdor Coffee Co, Elegy, EluneDelights, Elìte, Empathy, Escaper, excalerbs, Fable, Fear Engine, Fellowship Of The Bling, Fifty Shades of Greymane, Fight, flying eagles, Forbid, Forsaken Nightmares, Freedom Call, Funky Fresh Boyz, Fusion, Futile Ambitions, Gamons Gayboys, Gates of Hell, Gesundheit, Gloriae Romae, God Of Olympus, Grand Theft Raiders, Guardians of Legend, Guardians of Mordor, Guild of Awesome, Guild of Blankspace, Guilt Trip, Gunslingers, Hades Death Crusade, Halberds Wings, Hannibals Warriors, Happy Ending, Hecate, Hello Kitty, Heroic Legends, Hidden Agenda, Hoarders of Gold, Honorable Intentions, House of Grog, House of Pendragons, Hyperinflation, I Personnal Account I, Iconic, Inner Focus, Insanitarium, Insanity Inc, Insurrection, Invalid Target, iPug, iRaid, Is It Dead, Is Your Nemesis, IYou Got NeuderedI, Içon, JCs Shadow, Juggernnauts, jêdi mind tricks, Kellys Heroes, KICKAPOO, Killer Instinct, Kingdom of Hearts, Kitten Squad, Knights Templar, Krazy Knights Klan, KS Gaming, Law N Order, Lawllipop Legion, League of Misfits, Legacy Raiders, Legion, LetsBeBadGuys, Life, Like Clockwork, ll Twîst Øf Fâte ll, Lords Of HordeTown, Lost Chapter, Lost in Time, Lucia Plague, Lunar Nightstalkers, Major Payne Academy, Massivism, Mclovins Army, Me Godzilla You Japan, Mercs For Hire, Midnight Cartel, Midnight Oath, Midnight Runners, Might For Right, Millenium, Mischief Managed, MoonChild, Moonlight Crusaders, MOTHER RUSSIA, Murlocs Ate My Homework, My Server is Down, NADAsoft, NightfaII, No Glory No Honor, Noctambulists, of Ulm, OldSchool, Order of Shadows, Order of the Chicken, Packmules, Patch Day Heroes, Patent Pending, Paupers Coffer, Perpetual Affinity, Phoenix Fury, Poke, Pony Slaystation, Portals, Primerica, Purple Nurples, Pwnology, Questers Run, Québec WoW, Raid Corp, Raid Knights, Raiders Anonymous, Rampage, Red Dragonz, Red Skies at Night, Regulators, Reign of Terror, Reign of the Exiled, Rejects, Renegade, Rhapsody of Fire, Rise of Mayhem, Said, Savings and Loans, Saviors Of Azeroth, Saxifrage, Shades of Darkness, Shadow Seekers, Shady Company, Shattered Skies, Short Stops, Sik Nation Gaming, Smashalupagus, Sonic Death Monkeys, Sorrows End, Soul Tap, Southpaw, Stale Donuts, stalk adn kill, Stasis, Storm Demons, Stormwind Credit Union, Stormwind National Bank, Stormwind Trust, Strange, SUKS, Superpenguins Crusade, Suppression, Swag, Sweet Sensations, Sêrenity, Tattered Souls, Team Rocket, Tenacious D, The Bank of Orpheus, The Big Bang Theory, The D Team, The 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