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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Occams Razor US-Garona Horde 0 364
LoE US-Garona Alliance 0 328
DHARMA Initiative US-Garona Alliance 0 192
Dog Faction US-Garona Alliance 0 163
Fellowship of the Ping US-Garona Alliance 0 151
A New Hope US-Garona Alliance 0 120
The Resurgence US-Garona Horde 0 78
Noctum US-Garona Alliance 0 76
Daemonfey US-Garona Alliance 0 70
Sylvanas For Warchief US-Garona Horde 0 68
TFA (reborn) None Alliance 0 65
Daemonfey US-Garona Alliance 0 62
Focus Fire US-Garona Horde 0 58
Risen US-Garona Alliance 0 49
Cry Havoc US-Garona Horde 0 38
Everyday We Shufflin US-Garona Alliance 0 35
Evileye US-Garona Alliance 0 28
Twilight Circus US-Garona Horde 0 27
Tiny raid log US-Garona Alliance 0 25
Edge US-Garona Alliance 0 20
iGuild US-Garona Alliance 0 20
The Empire US-Garona Alliance 0 20
jatha's logs US-Garona Horde 0 19
LOST US-Garona Horde 0 19
The Squirtle Squad US-Garona Horde 0 15
REZ PLZ US-Garona Horde 0 11
Hotchat US-Garona Alliance 0 10
in texas US-Garona Alliance 0 10
BnV US-Garona Alliance 0 9
Onslaught None Horde 0 8
Apex US-Garona Alliance 0 5
Jin's Logs US-Garona Alliance 0 5
PAE US-Garona Alliance 0 5
Origins US-Garona Alliance 0 4
Ter Novo US-Garona Alliance 0 4
Thunderballs US-Garona Alliance 0 4
Focus US-Garona Alliance 0 3
The Empire US-Garona Alliance 0 3
Ujelly US-Garona Alliance 0 3
Coalition US-Garona Alliance 0 2
Cro Threadstrongs Legion US-Garona Horde 0 2
Doubt In Faith US-Garona Alliance 0 2
Fatal Union US-Garona Horde 0 2
Fury of Furies US-Garona Alliance 0 2
Inconnu US-Garona Alliance 0 2
Raiders Anonymous US-Garona Alliance 0 2
Sacred Alliance US-Garona Alliance 0 2
Shamike's Logs US-Garona Alliance 0 2
The Revenge Society US-Garona Alliance 0 2
Absolute Eminence None Alliance 0 1
Addiction US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Apex US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Archaic US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Continuum Shift US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Convergence US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Deadly Sins US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Demolition US-Garona Horde 0 1
Everclear US-Garona Alliance 0 1
fecklarr US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Inconnu US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Knights of the Old Horde US-Garona Horde 0 1
Legacy US-Garona Alliance 0 1
LoETemp US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Lords of Eternity US-Garona Alliance 0 1
MrPazoBK US-Garona Horde 0 1
Mythlor US-Garona Alliance 0 1
One Gnome One Chopper US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Ordo Serpentis US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Personal Logs US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Reach US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Remnants US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Sedition US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Sold Out US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Stu's Beta US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Titan's guild None Horde 0 1
Wasted Potential US-Garona Alliance 0 1
Zeeri US-Garona Horde 0 1
Act IX None Horde 0 0
Act IX None Horde 0 0
Antipathy None Alliance 0 0
Apex US-Garona Alliance 0 0
Apex None Alliance 0 0
Avenged Slaughterhold None Alliance 0 0
Bad None Alliance 0 0
Bloodbath N Beyond None Alliance 0 0
Boondock Saints None Alliance 0 0
Bound By Nothing None Alliance 0 0
BreakingBad None Alliance 0 0
Brigade None Alliance 0 0
Brigade None Alliance 0 0
Carls Van None Alliance 0 0
Ceni US-Garona Alliance 0 0
Coalition None Alliance 0 0
Council of the Dedicated None Alliance 0 0
Crit It and Quit It None Alliance 0 0
Crit It And Quit It None Alliance 0 0
danbrownie None Alliance 0 0
Darkest of Days None Alliance 0 0
Darkest of Days None Alliance 0 0
DeathBecomesUs None Horde 0 0
Die Screaming None Alliance 0 0
Drachefaust None Alliance 0 0
Drachefaust None Alliance 0 0
dragon bane None Alliance 0 0
EE None Alliance 0 0
EE None Alliance 0 0
Empire Bravo None Alliance 0 0
Entropy None Alliance 0 0
Every Day We Shufflin None Alliance 0 0
EvilEye None Alliance 0 0
Evileye Backup None Alliance 0 0
Faatowl None Alliance 0 0
Focus None Alliance 0 0
FrostDK None Alliance 0 0
Grey Wolves None Alliance 0 0
Grun Private None Alliance 0 0
Hatefree's WoL None Alliance 0 0
Hellcifer None Horde 0 0
Honor Guild None Alliance 0 0
House of Ramith US-Garona Alliance 0 0
House of Ramith US-Garona Alliance 0 0
iGuild None Alliance 0 0
Jamming None Horde 0 0
Jun's Guild None Alliance 0 0
kawo None Alliance 0 0
Kifimbo Logs None Alliance 0 0
Koalapocalypse None Alliance 0 0
LBB None Alliance 0 0
LBB None Alliance 0 0
LFR None Alliance 0 0
Lucid None Alliance 0 0
Lunaris None Alliance 0 0
Macto Madidus None Alliance 0 0
MentorGarona None Alliance 0 0
My own guild None Alliance 0 0
Myself None Alliance 0 0
No Regrets None Alliance 0 0
Noctum None Alliance 0 0
Nomadic Revellers None Alliance 0 0
Obscurity Deux None Alliance 0 0
Ok Who Pulled None Alliance 0 0
Order of the Restless None Horde 0 0
Organised Chaos None Horde 0 0
Pappasans logs None Alliance 0 0
Probably Harmless None Alliance 0 0
Radiance US-Garona Horde 0 0
Reach None Alliance 0 0
Reborn None Alliance 0 0
reckoning None Alliance 0 0
Reckoning None Alliance 0 0
ReportingLocal None Alliance 0 0
Rip Chick Riot None Alliance 0 0
Rose knight regiment None Alliance 0 0
Serious Uprising None Alliance 0 0
Serious Uprising None Alliance 0 0
SEVERED None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Legion None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Wolves None Alliance 0 0
shadowtest None Horde 0 0
Shattered Blades None Alliance 0 0
Show Me Your Crits None Alliance 0 0
Spectrum Rage US-Garona Horde 0 0
Stratagem None Alliance 0 0
Suspicious None Alliance 0 0
Test None Horde 0 0
Test Post Please Ignore None Alliance 0 0
Testing None Alliance 0 0
Testmyluck None Alliance 0 0
The Empire None Alliance 0 0
The Lucky Strikes None Alliance 0 0
The Revenant None Alliance 0 0
TheLateShow None Horde 0 0
There Can Be Only One None Alliance 0 0
Tool None Alliance 0 0
Veterans of the Wrathgate None Alliance 0 0
Veterans of Wrathgate None Alliance 0 0
Vortex None Alliance 0 0
Zen None Alliance 0 0
Zeph None Alliance 0 0
Zodiaktwo's log None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

10 Man Core, 2 Beer Clear, A Dedicated Few, A Modest Proposal, A New Hope, A New Hope, A raid, AaCritlogs (Epitome/Shell Shock), Abandoned Fate, Absolute Eminence, abyssal, Ace, Act IX, Adult Content, Aequitas y Veritas, agents, Agents, All For One, Allpro, Almost Prof, Almost Professional, Almost Professional Group 2, AlmostProfessionalLogs, Alt Reckoning, Amras Lions, Antipathy, Antipathy, Antipathy, apex, Apex, Apex, Apex, APG2, Archaic, Armed and Hammered, Bajiquan personal, Band of Blood, Band of Blood, Bane, Bane, Bane, BDS, Bedge, Best of Friends, Big Ole Critties, Bigtease's raids, Blackoutz, Blight, Blight!, Blind Fate, Blitzkríeg, Blood and Valor, Blood and Valor, Blâck, Boondock Saints, Brigade, Brigade, Brigade, Brigade, Bunbunz Awesome Log, Capone, Carpe Cervisia, Casualties of WoW, Cat Faction, Chamia's SA, chaoseffect, Cheese, Cheives, Clan Silver Beard, Clan Slamdance, Cognitive Dissonance, Cognitive Dissonance, Cognitivte Dissonance, Come Honor, Conflict, Conquest, Convergence, Cookies, Corner, CoV, cr0x, Craóibh Dearg, CrossRoads, crucible, Cry Havoc, Cryptic, Cursed Founding, Cyclone, DA HUI, Damsel's Guild, Dark Imagination, Dark Omnia, DB, DBPrime, Dead Cell, Dead Cell, Death Becomes Us, Death Becomes Us, Death N honoR, Death N Honor, Decimaetion, Demir Personal, Demolition, Demonlition, Designer, designer Label, DF, Dog Faction, DOhzer, Doom of the Just, Doom of the Just, Doom Of The Just, DPS Logs, Drachefaust, Drachefaust, Drachefaust, drachefaust., Dragon Bane, Dragon Bane_, DragonBane2014, Eclectic, edge, edge gdkp, Edgejr, Elitist Pug, Emerald, Epic Fail Raiders, Epidemic, Esoteric Conclave, Esoteric Conclave, Eternity, Eternity, Eternity, Exiled Disciples, Faatowl, Fair Enough, Fair Enough, Falladon, Fallen, Fellowship of the Ping, Focus, Focus, Focus, Focus Fire, Focus Fire, Focus Fire, Focus Fire, Forbidden Truths, Forbidden Truths, Freelancer, frezrbrnt, Frostbeard, Fàllén, fôrged in fire, Fôrged in Fire, Garona Pug, GDKP, Gearscore is Skillscore, Gearscore is Skillscore, Get Some, Godfathers of WoW, GRF, Guardians of Dark Empire, Guild Of Me, Guildie, Hadouken, Haste, Haste, Herfaffrr, hero of the swarm, Heroes League, Hoffsteaders, Hooches GUild, I AM A STEGOSAURUS, Immersion, Immersion, Immersion, Imperium Sine Fine, In Da Dawghouse, In Da Dawghouse, in texas, In Texas, Inconnu, Inconnu, Insomñia, Intrigue, IRT- Incident Response Team, IwaLog, Jackals, Jersey Shore, Kam's personal logs, Keepers of Azeroth, Kick the Bear, killing in the name, Killing in the Name., KittyLogs, klinks, Knights of Omen, Knights of the Code, Knights Of The Code, Koalapocalypse-L.E., Kraken, KTB, Kuervoh's Parses, Kwirb's Raid Team LBB2, laderhosen pissed, lag monsters, Lag Monsters, Lamh's Logs, Latîn's Logs [Just Crusade [Elune]] , Laughing Skull, Lazy Nation, LBB G4, Leafy Greens, Leagends Never Die, Legacy, Legacy, Legendary Soldiers, Legends Never Die, Legion of the New Age, Legion of valor, Legions of the Phoenix, Legâcy, Legâcy, Legâcy, Let Us Mystify, Lethal Nation, LFR, LFR All Stars, Light, lookin cute feelin cute, Lords of E, Lords of Eternity, Lords of Eternity, Los Burritos Banditos, Los Burritos Banditos, Los Burritos Banditos R2, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST, LOST, Lost Soulz, Lost Soulz, Lowered Expectations, Lunacy, Macto Madidus, Macto Madidus, Malichka, Mana Fest, Maybe If You Drop A Few, MAYHEM, Mediocrity, Mediocrity, Mediocrity, Mediocrity (Real), Member FDIC, Mercsreports, Mercss>you, misanthropy, Monolith, Monstrous Chaos, Mors DPS, Mostly Harmlëss, My Personal Info, BUZZ OFF, MyLogs, NC Seventeen, New Beginning, New Beginning, New Genesis, nineball of garona, No Guild, No Refunds, Noctiva Persona;, Noctum, Noctum, Noctum, Noctum, Oasis, Obscure Reference, Obscurity, Old Dawgs, OneEyedCarrot, Onslaught, Onslaught, Ordo Serpentis, Origins, Ouroboros, PakRat, Pattons3rdArmy, Personal Nimtrix, Plutonium, Plutonium, PoD, Ponylogs, Primal, Priorysion ICC 10, PrivateLogger, Pro Tanks, Probably Harmless, Probably Harmless, Probably Harmless, Probably Harmless, Prophecy of Darkness, Prophecy of Darkness, PSG, Psycho Squirrell Patrol, PuG, Puggy pugs data, PugLog, Pugs, Purgatory, Purgatory, Purgatory, Purgatory, Purgatory, Pørn Star, Que Sera Sera, Rage of Alexstrasza, Rage of Caelestrasz, Raiders Anonymous, Raiders Anonymous, RaidLogs, Random Pugs, Random Unwashed Masses, Rapture, Reach, ReallyAwesomeGuild, Reborn, Reborn, reckoning, Reckoning, Reckoning, Reckoning, Rehab, Reign of Kings, Reigning Champions, Resurgence, Resurgence, Risen, Ronycolemans Ring, Royal wasters, Rísen, Sedition, Sedition, Serious Business, Serious Business, Serious Business, Serious Business, Serious Uprising, Seriously Undermedicaated, seriously undermedicated, SF, Shadow Legion, shamheal, Shell Shock, Shell Shock, Shell Shock, Shogun, Shogun, Show me your crits, Shõgun, Shõgun, Shõgun, Shõgun, Smurfed, Snake Knights, Snarf and Rancid Inc, Snaxom, So Lost, Sold Out, Sold Out, Soulbound, soulzero, Spacex, Spectrum Phoenix, Spectrum Rage, Spectrum Rage, Spectrum Rage, Spectrum Rage, Spetsnaz, Sprelf's PuGs., Spéctre, Stat testing guild, Steve, Still Shadow, Streith's Guild, StreithCombatLog, StricklandProPain, Syrithus, Tactical Carnage, Tactical Carnage, Tactical Carnage, Taiga, Taunka Tough, TDK Gaming, Team Sparkle, TEEHEE, Test, Test, Test Guild, tests, TFA/Agents, The Afterlife, The Berbs, The Casuals, The Empire, The Empire, The Empire, The Foot Clan, The Free Agents, The Insane Asylum, The Last Legion, The Leet Cheese, The Leet Cheese, The Reservoir Dogs, the resurgence group 2, The Revenant, The Revenant, The Silver hand, The Silver Hand, The Silver Hand, The Silver Hand, The Silver Horde, The White Dragons, The Wooden Spoons, The Wretched, The Wretched, THEM, think, thor's shit, Tirma's Pet, TLDR, TLS, TnT-Trials and Tribulations, Tree Huggerz, Trifecta, Troika, Troika, Troika, Tyious Logs, Umbrella Corporation, Umbrella Corporation, Unholy Trouble, Unity, Unity, Untold Prophecies, A Modest Proposal, A PAIR OF FLOGGERS, Absolute Eminence, AbsoluteZero, Act IX, Adult Content, AfterDark, Agents, Agonist, AH Spec, Aimless Souls, All Alone, All Class, Alliance Muffin Champs, anagram, another volcano, Antipathy, Apathetically Mediocre, Apex, Asuang Cartel, Avenged Slaughterhold, Avenging Heroes, Avoid Stalemate, Bad Mojo, BadFamily, Bane, Bank of Hullnyx, Bank On Us, Bankalt Rent to Dam High, Big Ole Critties, Binary Nuance, Blacktear Rebellion, Blind Fate, Blood of Azeroth, Blood Supremecy, Blood Warriors, Blue Box, Brigade, Bros, Buzz Cuts, Carls Van, Casual, Cemetery Gates, Champions of Bloodmist, Charleston, Chiefs Mess, Clan of the Roc, Clan Silver Beard, Clandestine Circle, Cobblepots, Code Of Compassion, Cold Darkness, Complexity, Consortium of Bank Alts, Crisis Core, Crit Happens, Cuties, Daily Show, Dark Energy, Dark Imagination, Dark Raiders Termination, DarkBane, Dawn Of A New Age, Dead to Rights, Defenders of Azeroth, Defenders of Winterfell, Delightfully Annoying, Delta Force, Demon Machine, Demonic Brotherhood, DHARMA Initiative, Dispel Stupid, Distørtiøn, Divinity, Dont Rob Me Bro, Doom, Doom Inc, Doom Of The Just, Doom Squad, Double Ds, Drachefaust, Dragon Breathers, Dragon Sanctity, Dragons of Destiny, Dragons Of The Outland, Dragonsbane, Drawing Animals, Drunken Monkey Clan, Echo of Chaos, Elders of Azeroth, Elysium, En Vino Veritas, Epic Beard Man, Epic Epidemic, Epicurean, Epitome, Eternal, Eterñal Siñs, EverClear Community Bank, Evercore, Everyday We Shufflin, Eye Are Ess, Fantasy Factory, Fear Factor Horde, Fellowship of the Ping, Final Few, Fire Storm, Focus, freakin casual, Full Metal Jacket, Fuzzybunz and Friends, FàlléN, Geek Central, Goatse, Graveyard Shift, Grey Wolves, Grr, Guardians of Darkness, Guild of War, Guns of the Navarone, H O M U N C U L U S, Hard Mode, Hardcore Casuals, Harmonized Chaos, Haste, Hell Yeah, HELLA CUTE, Hellen Keller vs Highway, Home Bound, Hooligan Crew, hope eternal, Horde Defenders, Horde Masters, Hordees, HordeWarts, HOW TURN BIG LETTERS OFF, I Herd U Liek Murlocs, Ignis in CordeProtulerim, Immortal Lords, In Da Dawghouse, in texas, Insane Outcasts, J and D Trading Company, Jujutsu, Keepers Of Azeroth, Kill It In The Face, Knights of Hell, Knights of Rohan, Knights of the Old Horde, knights of the rose, Knights of Vengeance, Krunked, La Resistance, LadyHawks, Laid Back, Lazy Nation, Legendary Agenda, legendary heros, Legendary Soldiers, Legions of the Phoenix, Legâcy, Leovanna, Let Us Mystify, Lethal Tendencies, Live Horde or Die, Loneki, Lords And Ladys, Lords of Cataclysm, Lords of Eternity, Lords of the Night, LOST, Lost Souls, Luminatus, Lunaris, Made You Look, MADMAN MAFIA, Mages Rule, Make You Suffa, Malicious Intent, Meaty Madness, Mercenaries, Mercenary Star, Mercurial, Midnight Maulers, midnight riders, Mines Bigger, MKB, Molten Core Swim Team, money money money, Mortal Combat, Most Wanted, mtb, My Mother Had Me Tested, My Treasure Your Trash, Myth, N M W T B T, Natural Darkness, Nerd Herd, Nerf Girls Pls, Ni Hao Farmers, No Quarter, No Sanctuary, No Sympathy For Fools, Noctum, Not for Prophet, Obliteration, Obscurity, Omens, Onyxia, Order Of Holy Templars, Order of the Restless, Origins, Over Achievers, Over Nine Thousand, P R I S M, Pets R Us, Phantom Lords, phoenix fusion, PitchBlack, Platinum Pioneers, Plutonium, Pondera, Power Coupling, Proprieta Di Roma, Psycho Squirrel Patrol, Pulse, Puppies and Rainbows, Purge, PvPs for NubZ, RaidingParty, Random Rewards, Reach, Real Horde Wear Pink, Recon Corps, Recreation, Refocus, Reign in Pain, Reivers of Elwold, Remnants, Right to Arm Bears, Roc Reborn, Rohan Warrior, Ronin, ruinous, Saviors of Azeroth, Schutzstaffel, Seriously Undermedicated, Seven, Sha of Bacon, Shadow Crusade, Shadow Dragons, Shake and Bake, Shao Stole My Ricecooker, Shattered Alliance, Shell Shock, Shift, Shõgun, Sic Semper Tyrannis, Silent Redemption, Sinner ñ Saints, Skyfall, Slapfight, Slayers Of Margok, Snakes Knights, Social Rejects, Solaris, Sold Out, Song of Shadows, SONS OF CHAOS, Southern Comfort, SpankingsDropLegendaries, Stands In Everything, Stygian Currents, Subpar, Sunset Shadow, Superior By Nature, Sylvanas for Warchief, Syndicates, Sûicide Sqûad, Tactical Alliance Force, Tanuki Tea Time, Taos, TARDIS, TEEHEE, Templar Knights, That Naga Stole My Bike, The Burning Blade, The Curse, the Cursed, The Deans of Men, The Diddlers, The Dragon Lords, The Empire, The Final Chapter, The Forgotten Souls, The Frostbitten, The Gathering Storm, The Holy Few, The Horde Defiant, The Horde Militia, The Insane Asylum, The Ironhammer Clan, The Last Chance, The Lucky Strikes, The Muhahahas, The Outkasts, The Rascals, The Red Branch Knights, The Revenant, The Revenge Society, The Shadow Knightz, The Squirtle Squad, The Unoticed Barrel, The Vigilant, The Voodoo, The Warsong Pride, The Whíte Dragons, Thrones of WOW, Time, Timey Wimey Stuff, Titans Vengeance, Trade Chat Heroes, Tree Huggerz, Tres Amigos, Troika, TurnDownForWhat, Twilight Circus, TwÍsted, Umbrella Corporation, Unholy Tacos, United States Marines, Unrest, unsungheroes, Valiant Blood, Validated, Vantage, Vehemency, Veritas Vos Liberabit, Veterans of Garona, Veterans of Wrathgate, Vikings, Waffles, warriors within, wasdwaGUYS I CANT MOVE, We Are Death, We Have Dental, Whole Sick Crew, Will Pvp For Food, Wolfpack Horde Squadron, wôrds under my name, ye yevon, Zero Fs Given, Zug Zug, Ðamnation, Vae Victus, vendriltest, VeurrLogs, Vindicated, Viscalante's Old Raid Content, Vitality, Voluminoso, Voluminoso, warlords, Warlords, Warlords Fury, Warsong Outriders, Wickedawesome, Will Pvp For Food, Without Remorse, WoL Guild, Wombat, xenatar, XMP, Yor's dps logs, Your Moms a Horde, YSoSrS, Zaronys Logs, Zoi Dia Thanatos, Zoi Dia Thanatos, Zoi Dia Thanatos, Zoi Dia Thanatos, Zoi Dta Thanatos, Zug Zug, Zug Zug, Zug Zug, Zug Zug, ZzootsReports

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