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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Expiation US-Aggramar Alliance 0 964
Anduins Legacy US-Aggramar Alliance 0 525
All Most Righteous US-Aggramar Alliance 0 522
Night Council US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 484
Exodus US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 326
Andrew US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 270
Ninjutsu US-Aggramar Horde 0 153
Circle of Dark Scholars US-Aggramar Horde 0 128
Shen en Calhar US-Aggramar Horde 0 121
The Committed US-Aggramar Alliance 0 92
Legion of The Unforgiven US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 72
WhackDonalds US-Aggramar Alliance 0 66
Used Napkin US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 65
IronWolves US-Aggramar Horde 0 64
Group Therapy US-Aggramar Alliance 0 53
ShadowDragonNinjaPirates US-Aggramar Alliance 0 46
Risen US-Aggramar Alliance 0 45
TGest US-Aggramar Horde 0 41
Honkeymagoo's Logs US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 38
Prime US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 35
Power to the Peaceful US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 33
Zero US-Aggramar Alliance 0 28
Exiled Inc US-Aggramar Alliance 0 26
The Collective US-Aggramar Alliance 0 24
censorship is cancer US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 23
Distorted Perceptions US-Aggramar Horde 0 23
Eternium US-Aggramar Alliance 0 23
Legendary US-Aggramar Alliance 0 17
The Death Note Society US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 16
The Remnant US-Aggramar Horde 0 15
Delusions of Grandeur US-Aggramar Horde 0 13
Inappropriate US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 12
Defiled1 US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 11
Drunken Monkey US-Aggramar Alliance 0 11
Hedonistic Dissonance None Alliance 0 11
Chaos Unison US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 10
Cleave US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 10
Ignition US-Aggramar Alliance 0 10
Censorship is Cancer US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 9
Descent Into Madness None Alliance 0 9
MypugsGG US-Aggramar Alliance 0 9
Resurgence US-Aggramar Horde 0 9
Exalted Order US-Aggramar Alliance 0 8
Bis's Stuff US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 7
Exalted Order US-Aggramar Alliance 0 7
LogiTestowe US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 7
Kayden US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 6
Big Richard Club US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 5
Butter! US-Aggramar Horde 0 5
Fairytale US-Aggramar Alliance 0 5
Defiances(real) US-Aggramar Alliance 0 4
Expatriate Asylum US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 4
Laurelin None Alliance 0 4
Noir US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 4
Rage Quit US-Aggramar Horde 0 4
WEAPONIZED AUTISM US-Aggramar Alliance 0 4
Yup US-Aggramar Alliance 0 4
Brat Brigade US-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
Caution US-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
Chill Pug US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 3
Council Of Atonement US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 3
Foederati US-Aggramar Horde 0 3
Insurrection US-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
Kings Glory US-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
raidzelogs US-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
Skook Gaming US-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
The Tribe US-Aggramar Horde 0 3
Untouched US-Aggramar Alliance 0 3
Ursus 2 US-Aggramar Horde 0 3
Egor US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 2
Evil Deeds Inc Group 1 US-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
Ignition US-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
KrypticLogs US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 2
Lucid US-Aggramar Horde 0 2
Order of the Raven US-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
test-c US-Aggramar Horde 0 2
The Haunted US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 2
Twilight Accord US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 2
Unstable Bloodlines US-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
Yukizawa Logs US-Aggramar Alliance 0 2
Adonus' Logs US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 1
Boc US-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Catalyst US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 1
Covetous US-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Crossfire US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 1
Defiled US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 1
Dynasty US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 1
Exalted Order US-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
ForTheHorde US-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Havoc US-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Inebriated US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 1
Kazowees Private Brew US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 1
Mildly Offensive US-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Phoenix Dawn US-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Poe US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 1
Rage Quit US-Aggramar Horde 0 1
shfub US-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
SOO US-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
t4j US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 1
the real outlaws US-Aggramar Horde 0 1
The Super heroes US-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
The Worst US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 1
Truth US-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Used Napkin US-Aggramar Horde 0 1
Vlos Drathir US-Aggramar Alliance 0 1
Wrãthchild's logs US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 1
All Most Righteous None Alliance 0 0
Alludeslogs None Horde 0 0
Altaholics United None Alliance 0 0
Althalus US-Aggramar Alliance 0 0
American Knightmare None Horde 0 0
Anarch None Alliance 0 0
Anduins Fist None Alliance 0 0
Aptitude US-Aggramar Horde 0 0
Arise None Alliance 0 0
Ascendancy None Horde 0 0
asher None Alliance 0 0
ATM US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 0
Awesome Guild None Alliance 0 0
Azurasky None Alliance 0 0
Best in Both Slots None Horde 0 0
Best In Both Slots None Horde 0 0
Biguglymage None Horde 0 0
Bones None Alliance 0 0
Cake None Horde 0 0
censorship is cancer None Alliance 0 0
Censorship is Cancer US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 0
Chaos Unison None Alliance 0 0
Chaotic Requiem None Alliance 0 0
Chubbs Chubby's None Alliance 0 0
Circle of Nobility None Alliance 0 0
Clutch None Horde 0 0
Collateral damage None Alliance 0 0
Corrupted Soul None Horde 0 0
Covetous None Horde 0 0
Cyanate None Alliance 0 0
Dead Legends None Alliance 0 0
Defiances None Alliance 0 0
Dellinau None Alliance 0 0
Dithell None Alliance 0 0
Easy Company None Alliance 0 0
ELLteam None Alliance 0 0
Emerald Knights (Dynamic) None Alliance 0 0
Emerald Knights (G) None Alliance 0 0
Endless None Alliance 0 0
Epitome None Alliance 0 0
Epitome None Alliance 0 0
Erminesolo None Alliance 0 0
Evil Genius None Horde 0 0
Exiled Inc None Alliance 0 0
Extravaganza None Alliance 0 0
fighting mongooses None Horde 0 0
Foe Hammer None Alliance 0 0
Fresh Start None Horde 0 0
Frostdude'sGuildLog None Horde 0 0
G2 None Alliance 0 0
Hate None Horde 0 0
Heathen None Alliance 0 0
Hell's Glory None Alliance 0 0
Heroes of Cybertron WOL US-Fizzcrank Alliance 0 0
How Do I Play Boomkin None Horde 0 0
Ilsewitch None Horde 0 0
Imbibed None Alliance 0 0
Indecisive None Alliance 0 0
Insert name here None Alliance 0 0
Ishmaels Lock Fish None Alliance 0 0
Jansport - Reforged None Alliance 0 0
Jezaebel LFR None Alliance 0 0
Jezaebel LFRs None Alliance 0 0
Keep Moving Forward None Horde 0 0
Ki None Horde 0 0
Knight Stalkers None Horde 0 0
Knights of Honor None Alliance 0 0
Kom's World None Alliance 0 0
Koriolis Personal None Horde 0 0
Kraptastic None Alliance 0 0
likejelly None Alliance 0 0
Lore House None Alliance 0 0
Malediction None Horde 0 0
Maledictus None Horde 0 0
Malla Glennen None Alliance 0 0
Marauders None Horde 0 0
Marauders (Fizz) None Horde 0 0
Marisol None Alliance 0 0
Maxvvel None Alliance 0 0
Mesk's Logs None Horde 0 0
Midnight Mafia None Alliance 0 0
Midnight Mafia None Alliance 0 0
Mists of Pwndaria None Alliance 0 0
mookie None Alliance 0 0
My Lifes Getting Better None Horde 0 0
Nappylogs US-Aggramar Horde 0 0
NF None Horde 0 0
Obmit's PUG None Alliance 0 0
Order of the Raven None Horde 0 0
Pactum Fides None Alliance 0 0
Pantheon None Alliance 0 0
Paradise Lost None Alliance 0 0
Parke's posse None Alliance 0 0
Partoftheproblem US-Aggramar Alliance 0 0
Potatoe Was Here None Alliance 0 0
Potatoe Was Here2 None Alliance 0 0
Prodigy None Alliance 0 0
Prodigy None Alliance 0 0
QBG None Alliance 0 0
Rage Quit 10 man None Horde 0 0
Raids for Fun US-Aggramar Alliance 0 0
Ralsh None Horde 0 0
Real Life Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Reforged None Alliance 0 0
Reforged None Alliance 0 0
Remnants None Alliance 0 0
Renvala None Alliance 0 0
Revolutionists None Alliance 0 0
ROG-Exodus None Alliance 0 0
Royalty - MoP None Alliance 0 0
Scout Rogul US-Fizzcrank Horde 0 0
Seekers of Truth None Alliance 0 0
Seraphim None Alliance 0 0
Seraphim of Mourning None Alliance 0 0
Sereñity None Horde 0 0
Shadowqt's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Shay None Alliance 0 0
Shen en Calhar None Horde 0 0
Shiggy Diggy None Alliance 0 0
Slayers of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
Spaceballs the Guild None Alliance 0 0
Supremacy None Horde 0 0
sureptitious None Horde 0 0
temppleasedelete US-Aggramar Alliance 0 0
Termite Squad None Alliance 0 0
testguild None Alliance 0 0
testguild None Alliance 0 0
The Armory None Alliance 0 0
The Broken Wing None Horde 0 0
The Darkness Within None Horde 0 0
The Defiant None Alliance 0 0
The Defiant None Alliance 0 0
The Emerald Knights None Alliance 0 0
The Enclave None Alliance 0 0
The Gentlemens Club None Alliance 0 0
The Gravediggers None Alliance 0 0
The Horsemen None Horde 0 0
The Unfavorables None Alliance 0 0
Three Hour Tour None Alliance 0 0
Thunder Buddies None Alliance 0 0
Topos None Alliance 0 0
Unbroken None Horde 0 0
Undivided Faith None Horde 0 0
Untamed Heritage None Horde 0 0
Victorious Secret None Alliance 0 0
VlosDrathir None Alliance 0 0
Wendy None Alliance 0 0
Whackdonalds None Alliance 0 0
Youre a wizard Harry None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

--, A Step Above, A Trusty Few, Absolute Corruption, Absolutum Dominium, Aevard, AFI, AFI, AFK coffee break, Agent of Chaos, Alexstrasza Refugees, All Most Righteous, Altaholics United, althalus, am coolio fo sho, Amellais, Amnesty, Animosity, Animosity, ANTHEM, Apocalypse Later, Apocalypse Later , App Requirement, Aptitude, Arcane Addiction, Arise, Army of One, Ascendancy, Ascendancy, Ascendence, Ascendence, Ascendence, Ascent, Audentis Fortuna Iuvat, Back in Business, Back in Business, Banana's Logs, Bane, Battle of Serenity, Bayng Yew, Bb, Beltway Bandits, Blackfathom Geeks, Blankies, Blasphamey, blerh, Blood Crusade, Blood Crusade, blood feast, Blood of the Horde, Bloodkite's Logs, Bloodshed, Bloodshed, Bloody Rage, Blowemup, bobjones, bottums up, Bowda's Logs, Brat Brigade, bucket, Burn the Fleet, Burning Blades, Butter, Butter2, Can't Heal Stupid, Canucks, CANUCKS, Carnage, Carnage, Carnage, Carnage, Carnage, Carnage, cataclysmic Aggressors, Cataclysmic Aggressors, Cataclysmic Rage, Cataclyst, Catalyst, Catalyst, Censorship is Cancer, Censorship is Cancer, Chairmen of the Horde, Chairmen of the Horde, Chaos Inç, Chaos Raiders, Chaos Raiders, Chaos Unison, Chaos Unison, Chaos Unison, Chaotic Requiem, Chaotic Requiem, Chaotic Requiem, Chaotic Requiem, Chikara, Chikara, Chikara, Children of Wrath, CiC, Circle of Dark Scholars, Circle of Nobility, Circle of the Dragon, Clogged Arteries, Clutch, common cause, Common cause, Company of Chaos, Company of Chaos, Concopa, Conquest, Control Alt Elites, Cool Wipe, Covetous, CoW, CoW, CoW10m2, Crasheffect, Cretins, Crucible, Cunningstunt, Cyanate, Dalaran Visitor Center, Dark Destiny, Darkfall, Darknes Within, Darkness and Disorder, Darth Vaders Raiders, DC, Death Note Society, Deathwing's Demise, DeathWings Demise, Decoded, Defiances, Defiances, Defiances, Demise, Demon Seeds, Desecration, Dissidence, Divine Oblivion, dns, Do a Barrel Roll, Does it Matter, Dracoliches, dragons rage, Drahkon, Drunk Wedding in Vegas, DRunkanddisorderly, Dynasty, Dynasty, Dynasty, E D I, Echoes of Valor, Edge of Insanity, EDI, Effervescent Beverages, Effervescent Beverages, Elysian Fields, Elysian Fields, Elysium, Elysium-R, Emerald Knights, Enclave, End Game, END OF DAYS, envy, Epic Chaos, Epic Chaos, Everything Ends, Evil Deeds Inc, Evil Deeds Inc, Evil deeds inc., Evil Deeds Incorporated, EvilDeedsInc, Ex Creations, Exalted Order, Exalted Order, Exalted Order, Exalted Order DOS, Exigence, Exodus, Exodus Group 2, Exodus1, Expatriate Asylum, Fae Victus, Fancy, Fat Kids on Cupcakes, Fatal Touch, Fate's Legacy, Final Armageddon, final order, Final Order, Final Warning, finesse, Finesse, Finesse, Flashback, Flayneld guild, Foed10man, Foederati, For Science, For the People, Forgotten Ones, Forgotten Ones, Forgotten Ones2, Forgotten Protectors, Fortitude, friends wif benifits, Frigate, From the Ashes, From the Ashes, From The Ashes, From The Ashes, From the Ashês, Fun Lovin Criminals, furgers, Fury of the Phoenix, futurism, General Tsos Chickens, Ghost Riders, Goat World, Greivance, Grievance (current), Guard of The Throne, Guild Against Humanity, Hades Army, Hades Forsaken, Hades Forsaken, Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata, Halcyon, Hanropp, Haro's Logs, Havoc, HD 25, HD gkpd run, Healer Taking a Crit, Heathen, Hellfire and Ice, Hells Glory, Hells Glory, Hema, Heroes of Cybertron, horde deez, Horde deez, Horde Deez, Horde Deez, Horde Deez, Horde Deez, Horde deez 1, HORDE LEATHERco, HouseoftheGoldenLotus, Hunt, Huntax Logs, I Kwit School for Wow, I wish you were recruiting a Rogue, Idealism, Iggby, ignition, immorality, Immorality, Impact, Impact, Imperium, Imperium, Imperium_Fizzcarnk, ImperiumFizzcrank, Inappropriate, Inappropriate, Incursio, Incursio, Incursio Tres, Incursio Tres, Incursio Tres, Inexorable, Inner Circle, insomniac, Insomniac, Insurrection, Intrepidity, invision, Ionic, Iron Cross Knights, Iron Cross Knights, IronWolves, IvonethLogs, Jharod Testing, Jharod's Unguilded Reports, JimBob, JimBobs Logs, jpaltlogs, Jron's Reports, Just Outta Jail, Just The Tip, Kaed guild, Kai Warriors, KAP, Kendrik's Guild, Khaos, KillingTime, Kindred, Kindred, kindred spirits, Kindred Spirits, Kinetic, Kings Glory, Kings of Sláinte, Kings of Sláinte, Klassic, knights of fury, Knights of Honor, Knights Radiant, La Famiglia, Ladygaga Logs, Left for Dead, Legalize Peacebloom, Legendary, Legendary Souls, Legendary Souls, Lethal Intent, LFR, Loco's Logs, Log Guild, Logging Guild, LogUpload, Lords and Ladies, Lords of Aggramar, Lords of Sin, Loremasters of Azeroth, LucidDream, Lunch Box, Lunch Box, Lux Aeternum, made of scars, Maios, Malditoloco DPS, Malla Glennen, Mallaglennen, marauders, Marauders, Marauders, Masuul 10, Masuul's Run, Me and Myself, Meat Party, MeGaLoMaNiAcS, Meliora, Memento Mori, Midnight Requiem, Mischief And Mayhem, Moctezuma Revenge, Mortalem, mrgl mrgl, Muffin Bigade, Murloc Mafia, My Beef is Strong, My Beef is Strong, My Little Pwny, Mysala, Mystery, Mystical Chaos, Myth of the Scar, mythology, Mythology, Mythology, nada, Natural Horde Killers, Natural Horde Killers, Navarr1, Nazgul, Nazgùl, Nazùl, Nemesis, Nemesis, neo's logs, Nevermore Aggramar, NFD, Nferiors Logs, Nightshadows, Nightshadows, Nightshadows, Nocturnal Elitists, Noir, Noir, Nothing Fancy, obliterate, Ocelot Unit, Ohn Joo, Ominous Latin Phrase, On Porpoise, Order of the Raven, Order of the Raven, Order of the Raven, Order of the Raven, order of the turtle, Order of the Turtle, Ordered Chaos, Origin X, Panda Paws, Paragon, Part Time Heroes, Paul's Random Pugs, Paul's Thursday Run, Pause for the Cause, personal, Personal Logs, Phlynx, Piraterne fra moon, Popcorn, Power to the Peaceful, priestpie, primal chaos, Primal chaos, Primal Chaos, Primal Chaos, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy 2, Prodigy3, Project Prozac, Project Prozac, propro10s, Publíc Enemy, pug, PuG, pug 2, Pug1, Pug2, pug202, PuGsRs, Pwncakes & Rofls, Qualinesti Blood Guard, Qualinesti Blood Guard, Quality Control, Rack City, Rage Quit, Rage Quit, Rage Quit, Raging Lunatics, Raiders of Azeroth, Raiders of the Ancients, Random Guild, Random Stuff, Realm of Heroes, Recluse, Reclutched, Red CovÉn, Reforged, Reign Of Glory, Reign of Glory Team, Reincarnate, Relax, Relentless, remnant, Remnants, Repent, Repent, Requiem Noctis, Required for Uploading, Revenant, Reverance, Rich Clan, Rise Of The Phoenix, Riven, Rocksy, RoH, Rollin with my gnomies, RoyalitesRecord, Royalty, Royalty - Main, Runicwolf, RÉQUIEM, S P Q R, Saints of Dalaran, Sanctum, Second String, Second String, Second String, Second String, Second String, Second String, Second String, Seekers of Truth, Seekers Of Truth, Self, Sematic, Seraphim of Mourning, Serene Chaos, Seventh Seal, Shadow Eclipse, Shadow Followers, ShadowDragonNinjaPirates, Shadowlog, Shalets, Show Us Your Crits, silent, Silenti, Silenti pug, Sinister, Sinister, Sixisgood, Slayers of Darkness, Slayers of Darkness, Slayers of Darkness, Slayers of Darknesss, slenderssologuild?, Snakes on a Plainstrider, Snakes on a Plainstrider, Snakes On A Plainstrider, Socially Inept, Solo 10, Southern Tenacity, Southern Tenacity, Stabbin with hobo knives, Stars Verdict, Stars Verdict, straight outa startholme, Straight Outa Stratholme, StraszaTV, Suffer, Sunnydale Raiding Co, Supremacy, Supremacy, Sweatbox Gladiatõrs, Swords of Light, sworn enemy, Sworn Enemy, Sworn Enemy, Sworn Enemy, Sworn Enemy, Sworn Enemy, Sworn Enemy 2: Sworn Harder, Sylvanas death jesters, Synapse, Syndicate, Syndicate, Tabdottab, TalcoreFraps, Team Secks Panther, Terminally AFK, Test, Test Beta, test guild, Test-B, Test-Foederati, The _Remnant, The Broken Wing, The Company, The Dark Blood Gods, The Dark Blood Gods, The Defectors, The Divine Inquisition, The Eleventh Plague, The Enclave, The Enclave, The Fallen Order, The Fire Heals You, The Game, The Hate crime, The Haunted, The Haunted, The Humongous, The Kindred, the last hope fighters, The Late Night Raiders, The League of Legends, the legion of lost Souls, The Lost battalion, The Lost Battalion, The Lost Battalion, The Lost Council, The Lost Gods, The Miser, The Reckoing, The Remnant, The RemnantTwo, The Seventh Seal, The Seventh Seal, The Seventh Seal, The Seventh Seal, The Seventh Seal, The Seventh Seal, The Short Buss, The Stick Gang, The Twilight Mercenaries, The ULTIMATIUM, THE Ultimatum, theGrand, thepads logs, There and Back Again, There and Back Again, Too Soon Executus, tribulation, Tribulation, Twilight Accord, two, uglypunx, Unbroken, Unbroken, Undertow, Undying Legends, United, United, United Raidze, Unrivaled, Unstable Bloodlines, Unsung Heroes, Uprising, Ursus, Ursus, Ursus, Ursus, US Military and Friends, a day to remember, A Few Good Pixels, Absõlute Insanìty, All Most Righteous, All The Way Turned Up, AllianceHeroes, Allright Done, Altaholics United, Anduins Legacy, Apex Predators, Archaic Storage House, Arena Battlemasters, Ascendance, Ascendancy to Downfall, Ashes of Aggramar, Asterixen, Astral Eclipse, ATKFFa, Avengers of Darkshore, Azeroth Survey Corps, BadTouch, Based on a True Story, Berger, Biggie Chief and da Boyz, Blackjack N PleasureBots, BlIlIIlG Damage, Blood Crusade, Blood of Heroes, Blood Song, Blood Wolf, Bloodsworn, Bloody Axes, BláckSun, Blúnt Trauma, Bone Storm, Bottums Up, Brie, brothers of steel, Brutals Bank, Buffed Naked, Burn the Fleet, Calamity PvP, CANUCKS, CARPE INVICTUS, Caustic, CelticDawn, Chairmen of the Horde, chaos controls, Chaos Raiders, Chaos Unison, Cheers To The Hord, Children of Chewbacca, Children of Kronos, Chilltown, Circle of Dark Scholars, Classic, Claws and Blades, Click Buttons, Clockwork Nine, Cloud Riders of Aggramar, Cocoon, Communist Soviet China, Conspiracy to Kill Me, Contract Killaz, Cosmic Assassins, Cronic Disorder, CruiseControl, D E A D L Y, Dalaran Jade, Dark Dragon Elites, Dark Dreams, dark inferno, Dark Legion, Dark Wolf, Darkfall, DarkKingdom, Deadlys Army, Decessus, Delirious, Delta Nu Delta, Demon Knight, Demonic, Disciples of Vengeance, Dissidence, Distorted Perceptions, Do Not Disturb, Double Dees, Drop It Now, Drunk and Loving It, Drunken PvP, Duh bank, Dìvërgënt, Elemental Legion, Elysian Fields, Emerald Knights, Esoteric, Eternal Legion, Everyone But Leo, Evisceration Plauge, Exalted Order, Exalted with Jeeves, Exiled Inc, Exodus, Expendables, Experience, Expiation, Explorers of Azeroth, Exterminate, Extra Storage, Facepull Inc, Faded Renegades, Fallen, falling empires, Falling Up, Fates Legacy, Faux Pas, Fayt, Fellowship of Azeroth, Feral Kitten Brigade, Fight the Moonlight, Final Armageddon, First Class Gaming, Foo, Forgotten Knights, French Corp inc, Friendly Friends, Friends wif Benefits, Gaming for Good, Giant Communist Robots, GnomePunterz, Gnomies Never Say Die, GOAT, Golden Aegis, Good Bad and Ugly, Guardians Reign, Guilty Conscience, Hades Forsaken, Half Baked, Hand of Salvation, Hated Disorder, Heathen, Hellbound Legion, HELLBREAKER, hey im cute, holy dragon knights, Horde Deez, Horde Hounds, Horde Judges, Hoshi no Tama, House of Flatulence, House Of The Phoenix, HouseoftheGoldenLotus, hunter kings, Hyacinthum Phoenix, I AM AN ADULT, I Like Nööbs, I Voted For Arthas, iF yoU diE donT crY, Illidan Vanguard, Illidans Corruption, illuminate, immortal persians, Imperium, Infamous Nightmare, Infestation, Inphamous, Insert Gold Here, Intensity, intent, Iron Cross Knights, IronWolves, IRunHard, is Aussie, is chemically imbalanced, IS OPTIMUS PRIME IRL, Is Something Great, ißank, JFK was flagged for PVP, Judication, Just For Show, Kaum Zugelassen, Khaotica, KilledYou, KILLER PANDA SQUAD, Kingdom Knights, Kitten Squad, Knapsalot, Knight Stalkers, Knights of Amnesia, Knights of Elune, Knights of Lordaeron, Knights of Spamaloot, Knights Of The Old Code, Known by All, Kotodama, Kraptastic, Legend, Legendary, LegendsOfUnity, Legion of Cerberus, Level Up, Lex Talionis, Loremasters of Azeroth, Louder Than Hell, LoW KeY, LTP Learn To Play, Lucian Stole My Bike, Lunch Box, Macho Men, Mad Gods, make love not warcraft, Malediction, Malevolent Dissent, Mana Buns, Manic Expressions, MAXIMUM, Maximum Naughtinus, Merciless, Metallicblood Stain, Methodical Insanity, Midnight Shadows, Midnight Society, Mind Yo Manas, Minion of Apolyon, Minions of Clefthoof, Ministry of Silly Walks, Molten Core, Months Behind, Morbid Angels, Muffins for Hire, My Best Disguise, My Lifes Getting Better, MY SERVERS DOWN, Mystics, mywa, mywalo, Mìght and Magíc, Natural Horde Killers, Nerf Herders, Netflix n Chill, Nevers End, Night Raid, No Honor, No Reward is Worth This, No Time For Endgame, noobstix, Nooby Toons, Now Bring me The Horizon, nudist colony, Nuketester, Obliterate, Ominous Latin Phrase, Omnipotent, Once Forgotten, One Eyed Willy, One Knight Stand, Operation Impending Doom, Order of the Amethyst, Order of the Raven, Ordo ab chao, Organized Crime, OutKast, Overrated, Panda Hunters, Pantheon, Paradise Lost, Parental Guidance, Part of the Problem, Part Time Heroes, Peas N Carrots, Pharaohs, Ppl Eating Tasty Animals, Primal Chaos, Professions R US, Prostyles, Public Enemy, Pug and Pray, PullsWithoutNotification, Pumpernickel Avengers, Pwn, Pwnbrokers, Pwned, Racks City, Rage Quit, Raging Lunatics, Raid Master, Raiderz, Raids For Fun, rambo, Red CovÉn, Red Dragon Knights, redheaded stepchildren, Repent, Requiem Noctis, Return of the Phoenix, Rhino Squad, Riding til Dawn, Roadhouse, Rogue Special Forces, Romance Explosion, Royal Vengeance, Royalty, Ruthless Intervention, Sacred Few, Sanctum, Section C, Seekers of Knowledge, Seekers of Truth, Senatus, Serene, Sereñity, Shadow of Intent, ShakaChulu, SILENCE We Kill You, Slayers of Darkness, SMC, Snakes on a Planestrider, Solar Eclipse, Solars Illegitimate Kids, Southern Tenacity, Stance Dance Revolution, Stand and Fight, Starshadow, Steel Legacy, StormRiders, Strongholds Vault, Supremacy, Sworn Enemy, Syndicate, Synergy, Tainted Chivelry, TCF, The Aggramar Army, The Aggramar Project, The bloodshred horde, The Broken Wing, The Bureau, The Butchers, The Coven of War, The Crimson Companions, The Dark Lord, The Desirables, the devils puppits, The Dogs of War, The Eleventh Plague, The Enclave, The End of the World, The Euphoric Gentlemen, The Evil Empire, The Fallen Heros, The Fighting Hellfish, The Final Hour, The Final Verdict, The Food Bank, The Forsworn, The Hand Of Fate, The Hitchhikers, The Holy Alliance, The Horsemen, The Huntsmen, The Iron Horde, The Knights of Lordaeron, The Knights of Takisis, The Last Prophecy, The Lollipop Empire, The Lost Battalion, The Makhai, The Mile Hyjal Club, The Order of Holy Light, The Original Horsemen, The Overachievers, The People United, The Prophets of Z, The Remnant, The Sacred Ring, The Shattered Blade, The Starter Guild, The Stick Gang, The Super heroes, The Targaryens, The Templar Knights, The Tribe, The Vile, The Walkiing Dead, The Worst Guild Ever, The Zóhan PvP, Thehuntéds Guild, This is my bank yo, Thunder Bluff 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