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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
FTA Reborn US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 10 20
Mythos US-Feathermoon Horde 0 750
Relinquish The Loot US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 267
Aegis Hestia US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 249
Valkyries US-Feathermoon Horde 0 225
Inevitable US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 159
Paper St Soap Company US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 156
The Happy Few US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 0 119
Legio Fidelis US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 99
Facepull US-Feathermoon Horde 0 93
Bloodlust US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 90
Wolfs Pack US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 66
Eternal Star US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 64
Brutal Noodles None Alliance 0 62
Crit Happenz US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 49
Pegtopia US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 47
Remnants US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 47
Ancient Order of Azeroth US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 45
Dragon Factory US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 0 44
Ravenguard US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 38
Umbral Expedition US-Feathermoon Horde 0 35
Pinnacle None Alliance 0 29
Ako Vendetta US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 27
MesarthimPuGs US-Feathermoon Horde 0 24
Good to go US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 20
Aftermath US-Feathermoon Horde 0 16
Painful End None Horde 0 16
The Core US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 16
Absolution US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 12
Errant Pride US-Feathermoon Horde 0 12
FlyByNight US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 12
Malice US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 0 11
Night Raiders US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 11
The Mirage US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 11
Flamingly Fabulous US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 10
Invictus Animus US-Feathermoon Horde 0 10
Anathema US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 0 9
Viral US-Feathermoon Horde 0 9
Kurguild US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 8
Night Raiders US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 8
deaths dark raiders US-Feathermoon Horde 0 7
Mischief US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 0 7
Frothy mugs US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 6
icc25-twig US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 6
MCA (MC Alliance) US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 6
pures logs US-Feathermoon Horde 0 6
TestGuild US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 6
The Nevermore US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 6
Time Lords Of Gallifrey US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 6
Adapt and Overcome 25 US-Feathermoon Horde 0 5
Bad US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 5
Legends US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 5
Rising Nova US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 5
Solidarity US-Feathermoon Horde 0 5
The Silver Serpent Order US-Feathermoon Horde 0 5
Validus Knights US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 5
A&O 10 US-Feathermoon Horde 0 4
Battle Buddies US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 4
briss raids US-Feathermoon Horde 0 4
Deceitful Arrogance US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 4
Rhona's Logs US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 4
Who Cares US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 4
Drunken Badgers US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 3
GW-X US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 3
HODM logs US-Feathermoon Horde 0 3
Mcpwnalds US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 3
Nethermore US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 3
Right you are, Ken! US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 3
Shh it happens US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 3
Sword and Quill US-Feathermoon Horde 0 3
Taeleena's logs US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 3
Warwaggon US-Feathermoon Horde 0 3
Aduro Somnium US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 2
Asylum US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 2
Azeroth Hunt Club US-Feathermoon Horde 0 2
Cleindori Reports US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 0 2
Fellowship of the Dragon US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 2
Focus US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 2
Guilty US-Feathermoon Horde 0 2
Incursion US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 0 2
Iniquitas US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 2
Momentum US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 2
NBI Progression US-Feathermoon Horde 0 2
Obscurity US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 2
Reborn Too US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 2
Remnants US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 2
Single Ladies US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 2
Tempestas Alio US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 2
The Fel Watch US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 2
The Guardians FM US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 2
The Patriots US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 2
Thunder Bluff University US-Feathermoon Horde 0 2
Validus Knights Team K US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 2
Whispers of Infinity US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 2
Adapt and Overcome US-Feathermoon Horde 0 1
Alkoo's Combat Logs US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Another Late Night US-Feathermoon Horde 0 1
Avenged US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Axiom US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 0 1
Bad Wolf Raids US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Cecil's Logs US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 1
Chaotic Khaos US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Dawn Vigil 10 US-Feathermoon Horde 0 1
Defective Existence US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 1
Forgotten Realm Heroes US-Feathermoon Horde 0 1
Four Corners League US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Frozen Knights US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 1
Good Omens US-Feathermoon Horde 0 1
HH - Jan Uplaod US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
i am protagonist pls no US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 1
Insert Latin Name Here US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 1
Insomniatic Tendencies US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Karma US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Kazkek US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Last Attempt US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 1
Lights Edge US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 1
Lilli tree and Wolves US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 0 1
Lok Tar Ogar US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 0 1
Mystiza's logs US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Paragon Knights US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 1
Phoenix Guard US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Raynes Wreck None Horde 0 1
Remnants of Chaos US-Feathermoon Horde 0 1
Shadow Syndicate US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 1
Shadowfire US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Shattered Echoes US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 1
Solidarity US-Feathermoon Horde 0 1
State Of Confusion US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
The Beast and the Harlot US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
The Eternal Balance US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 1
The Green Crusade US-Scarlet Crusade Horde 0 1
Thunder Bluff University US-Feathermoon Horde 0 1
Thundering Legion US-Feathermoon Horde 0 1
Viral US-Feathermoon Horde 0 1
Zero's Logs US-Feathermoon Horde 0 1
Zip Zap Zoom US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 1
Alanix's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Amicitia None Alliance 0 0
Anathema None Horde 0 0
Angels by night None Horde 0 0
Apathetic None Alliance 0 0
Apathetic None Alliance 0 0
Apathetic None Alliance 0 0
Ashes of tyranny None Alliance 0 0
Ashes of Tyranny None Alliance 0 0
Auctioneer None Alliance 0 0
Bastion of Sanity None Alliance 0 0
Bellidium None Horde 0 0
Bilderberg Group None Alliance 0 0
Blood Pact None Horde 0 0
Blood Vigil None Horde 0 0
Blood Vigil None Horde 0 0
Blunders None Alliance 0 0
Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Chaos Storm None Horde 0 0
Coalescence None Alliance 0 0
Coniglietto Avariato None Alliance 0 0
Creeping Death None Horde 0 0
Crimson Legacy None Alliance 0 0
dabehmsguild US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 0
Damage Inc None Alliance 0 0
Dark Conquerors None Alliance 0 0
Dawn of Twilight None Alliance 0 0
Deceitful Arrogance None Alliance 0 0
Demonic None Alliance 0 0
Dinosaur Party None Horde 0 0
Epidemic None Horde 0 0
Eversong Academy None Horde 0 0
Exsilium None Horde 0 0
FakeGuild None Alliance 0 0
Fel Watch None Alliance 0 0
Felweed Cartel None Alliance 0 0
Forge Camp Sunshine None Alliance 0 0
Forgotten Realm Heroes None Horde 0 0
Forgottén Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Fortuneguild None Alliance 0 0
Free Agents None Horde 0 0
Free Agents (Mahooga) None Horde 0 0
Gnoolife Inc None Alliance 0 0
Good Omens None Horde 0 0
Guys With Knives None Horde 0 0
Halaa Back Ghouls None Alliance 0 0
Harlequin None Alliance 0 0
HemoAtychi None Alliance 0 0
Heroic Hegemony None Alliance 0 0
Heroism None Alliance 0 0
HH None Alliance 0 0
HodgePodge None Horde 0 0
Icon None Horde 0 0
Imperium None Alliance 0 0
In Death We Are Reborn None Horde 0 0
Infinite Horizons None Alliance 0 0
Invìctus None Horde 0 0
Iv's logs None Alliance 0 0
Jayde's stuff None Horde 0 0
Kindred None Alliance 0 0
LaDeDa None Alliance 0 0
Ladies of Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Leg Breaker Express None Alliance 0 0
Legio Fidelis None Alliance 0 0
Legion of Light None Alliance 0 0
Log Uploading Files None Alliance 0 0
McP None Alliance 0 0
McPwnalds None Alliance 0 0
Meleestorm None Alliance 0 0
Msmahoguild None Alliance 0 0
Murloc Mafia None Horde 0 0
Mutiny US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 0
NBI-rejected None Horde 0 0
Nerd Rage None Alliance 0 0
Nerd Rage US-Feathermoon Alliance 0 0
Night Raiders None Alliance 0 0
No Blind Invites US-Feathermoon Horde 0 0
No Blind Invites (B) None Horde 0 0
No Blind Invites (B-Team) None Horde 0 0
Noxilite None Alliance 0 0
Obscured By Clouds None Horde 0 0
Obscurity None Alliance 0 0
oh help me None Alliance 0 0
Omgcupcakes None Horde 0 0
OMGCUPCAKES2 None Horde 0 0
Palgoris's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Paragon None Horde 0 0
Pasche's Guild None Alliance 0 0
PDRune None Alliance 0 0
PK None Alliance 0 0
Poof's logs None Alliance 0 0
Regulate None Alliance 0 0
Rekss OP None Alliance 0 0
Remnants of Twilight None Alliance 0 0
Reverse Swan Formation None Alliance 0 0
Riders of the Night None Alliance 0 0
Rivfaader ma smrdute kure None Alliance 0 0
Runic Shadows None Alliance 0 0
Saltarrian None Horde 0 0
Scarlet Aristocracy None Alliance 0 0
Scarlet Aristocracy None Alliance 0 0
Serenity None Alliance 0 0
sethec None Alliance 0 0
Shamnoms None Alliance 0 0
Sigil None Horde 0 0
Silent Redemption None Alliance 0 0
SLH None Horde 0 0
Solitary None Alliance 0 0
Storm None Alliance 0 0
Telos None Alliance 0 0
The Arcadian Knights None Alliance 0 0
The Arcadian Knights None Alliance 0 0
The Crimson Warriors None Alliance 0 0
The Guildless (Tue 10man) None Alliance 0 0
The Immortal None Alliance 0 0
The Nevermore None Alliance 0 0
TheKuttinEdge None Alliance 0 0
Thruln None Alliance 0 0
Totally Raiding Incorporated None Alliance 0 0
Tribe Called Quesst None Horde 0 0
Tsuki's Logs None Horde 0 0
Twisted by Design None Horde 0 0
Unbowed Unbent Unbroken None Alliance 0 0
Utopian None Alliance 0 0
Validus Knights None Alliance 0 0
Vampiric Counsel None Horde 0 0
Vayyne None Alliance 0 0
VK Pathfinder None Alliance 0 0
Warsong Aces US-Feathermoon Horde 0 0
Weet US-Scarlet Crusade Alliance 0 0
White Kodo Clan None Horde 0 0
WK Fortuona None Alliance 0 0
Your Soul For The Dead None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

/random, 2 Minutes for Roughing, , a guild so i can have a log, AAO, AAO 2nd, AAO 2nd 10 Man Raid, Absolution, AchRaid, AchRaiding, AckisLogs, Adamant, Adapt and Overcome, Adapt and Overcome, Aduro Somnium, AFK DANCE PARTY, Aftermath Pugs, Aladina, Alii Koa, Alliance Special Forces, Allstar Rejects, Amicitia, Amicitia, Amicitia, Amish Mafia, Anabasis, Anathema, Anathema, Andarthodd, angels of twilight, Anger Management, Angst, Angst, Anguished Souls, Animi Causa Acris, Anna's Test, Apathetic, Apathetic, Apathetic, Apathy, Apocalypse, Apocalypse, Archerus, Arena 3s - Anax Kare Sz, Armed to the Teeth, Ascent, asdf?, Ashen Twilight, Ashes from the Phoenix, Assault, Asylum, At Your Own Risk, Ataraxia, Atla's Logs, Audacious, Avarice, avengers of the horde, Aveth, Axiom, Axiom, Axiom, Axiom, Axiom, Azeroth HuntClub, Azure Dragons, Azure Dragons, Azure Dragons 2, Beauxvine's Logs, Bellidium, Bellidium, Bellidium, ber, BetaTest100, bigtiny, Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg Group, Bladesofvengeance, Blood Vigil, bloody tears, Blue Steel, Boneyard Voodoo, Bound By Honor, Bound By Honor, Brash Interlopers, Broken Dreams, bsg, BUFF, BullshitGuild, Cailtest1, Calamítous Intent, Can't Turn Left, Carnival of Fail, Carnival of Fail, Carpe Diem , Causality Violation, Causality Violation, Causality Violation, Celestial Cheysuli, Cerberus, Chaanii, Chainsaw, Champions of Eternia, Channel Four News Team, Chaos Storm, ChocolateCookieCapers, Chosa Serrias, Chrom, Chummers Slummers, Circle of the Phoenix, Circulo Familiar, collision, Common Sense, Consequences, Consequences, CorainTest, Council of Azeroth, Council of Tirisfal, coup de grace , Creeping Death, Crisis, Crisis 25, Cruel Hand of Fate, CSI Ironforge, Dalauls Profile, Damage Incorporated, Damage Incorporated, Damaximon, Dark Cliche, Dark Company, Dark Knight Templar, Dark Knight Templars, Dark Knight Templars, Dark Knight Templars, Dark Omen, Dark Omen, Dark Omen, Darks knights, Darrold's Happy Fun Time, Darsik, Dawn of the Raven, Dawn Vigil , Dawn Vigil 25, Deaths Fury, Deathshadow Mercenaries, deception, Delusions of Grandeur, Demise, Demonic Angels, Destiny, Devil Dogs, Dharma Initiative, DI5, Digglets, Dilligaf, Dirty Rascals, Dissent, Dissent, DissentTemp, Divine Heretics, Divine Storm, Divinity, Diwtay, Diwtay/Sarienn, Dominatio Elite, Domineek's raids, donut night., Dracoplasm, Dragonspell, Drown in a Lake, DV-Backup, Dögma, E Equals MC Hammer, Eastern Standard Raiding, Eazy Company, Ein Heldenleben, Elegy, Endre's Random Stuff, Enelya's Entourage (10), EnhSim, Epidemic, Erockian, Errant Pride, es post facto, Et Tu Brutae, Eternal Star, Eternalsc, Eternus Fidelis, Eve Of Destruction, Evergrace LTD, Evil League of Evil, Evil League of Evil, evil monkey, ex post facto, exiled_legion_logs, Expectations, Facepull, Facepull, Facepull, faderkaderk, Failboat, Failure by Design, Fake Guild, Fallen Angels, Fallen Creed, Fallen Royalty, Fallen Souls, Falling Sands, Famous, Far From Grace, Fara's Combat Logs, Fashionably Late, Fatalis, Fatalis Honorem, Fatalis Honorem, FatalisPowerTripInc, Fates End, Fates End, Fates End, Fellowship of the Cave, femin, ffinity, fidelity, Fidelity, Fiimas, FLAW, Flog, Flores_test guild, FmD, For Gnomeregan!, For Love and Warcraft, Forgottén Heroes, Forsaken Dreams, Fortune, Fortune, Fortune, Foxhole, Freak Show, Free Agents, Free Agents, Free Agents, Freedom Fighters United, Freelance, Freelance Tax Collector, FTL, Fuegoeiskalt, Full on Rogues, Full On Rogues, Future Self, Fuzzy Battle Kittens, Gam's Test Guild, Get in the Bag, glath, GLS2, Gnome Land Security, Gnome Land Security, Gnome Land Security, Gnome Land Security, Gnomunition, Gnoolife/PPP, Goat Tea, Gods of War, guild, Guild of one, Gøds øf war, Gøds øf War, Gøds øf War, HaHa No Zug Zug , Hand of Arrindar, Hand of Arrindar, Happy Dragon Company, Hard Mode, Haven, Hegris, Hells Scream, Hells Scream 13, Hellscreams, Hellscreams 13th, Hellscreams Thirteenth, Hellscreams Thirteenth, High Ground, High Ground, High Ground, High Ground, High Times, Hodgepodge, HodgePodge, Horde Expeditionary Team, Horde Royal Protectors, Hotties R Us, House IIMKI, House of Crimson, House of Crimson, House of Dark Moon, Human Error, Ickay's record, Icon, Illusions of Grandeur, ILNH, Immortalis, Imposed Exile, Impurity, In Death We Are Reborn, In Death We Are Reborn, Incursionn, Indubitably, Inevitable, Inevitable, Inevitable Demise, Infinite Horizon, Iniquitas, Iniquities:P, Inner Circle, Insane Asylum, Insert Latin Name Here, Insert Latin Name Here, Insomniatic Tendencies, Insurrection, Integramus, Integrity, Invictus, Invictus, Invictus Animus, Invictus Animus, Invid Parse, Is Very Happy With You, Itinerant Cattle, Jakesnake, Jenk/Leafy, Jinora's Logs, Jolly Procrastinators, Jus Gladii, Jus Gladii, Just Another Pretty Face, Just Us, Jäede, Kaizen, Kaizen, Karenno, Katos's Personal, Kavort Logs, Keepers of the Realm, Keepers of the Realm, Kenshin's Logs, Kindred, Kindred, Kirameki, Kiss My Athica, Klotomir's Fake Guild!, Knights of Amaranthine, Knights of Amaranthine, Knights of Caerbannog, Knights of Drisonia, Knights of Maximus, KOA, Koma Inu, Kuhal's random logs, Kyesthar, LE, Leeeeeroy, leg breaker express, Legio Fidelis, Legio XIII Gemina, Legion Reborn, Less Than Ideal, Let's Kill Some $#!+, Letalis Argus, Leuthas, Leviathan, LFR, Lincoln Wiped on Opera, Lips of Deceit, Loading, LoD - Tinwhisker, LoDApp, Log Horizon, Lok Tar Ogar, Lok Tar Ogar, Lordaeron Exiles, Lordaeron Underground, Lordaeron Underground, Lords of Havoc, LORE, Lost Raiders, Lumen , Lumen Guild, Lumen Sanctus, Mablet Raids, Macedonian Army, mageguildFTW, Magic Hat No. 9, Mahnfrog, Maladomini, Malady, Malady, Malice, Malus Immortalis, Malus Logs, Marionette Hearts, Maxwell's Data, MCA, MCAlliance, Mcpwnalds, Me Myself and I, Meleestorm2, Merc of horde, Mercantores Justo, Message CR Fifty Two, Midean's temp, Midnight Raid, Midnight Special, Million Dollar Question, Minions of Chaos, Minute Men, Misaan, Misanthropy, Mischief Communty / Alt Run, Mithglyn, Momentum, Momo, Mondayraid, Monument, Morning Glory, Morning Glory, Mouth for War, Mouth for War, Mouth of War, Mow Mow Club, MowMow Club, mt, Muffin Hunters, muffins, Murda Death Kill, Murloc Mafia, MyGuild, Name Pending, Narati's Parses, Narc 10 man, Naughty Secrets, Necrosis, Nei, Nerd Rage, New Moon, New Obscurity, Night Shift, Nightwish, Nightwish, Nightwish, Nine Princes, Ninja Family, NM personal WoL, No Blind Invites, No Blind Invites, No Blind Invites - Beta Team, Nocturnal, Not Mischief, Nox Doodad, Noxilite, Obscured by Clouds, Obsidian League, Obsidian League, Oculus Crepitas, Oderint Dum Metuant, Oderint Dum Metuant, Odins Leviathans, OG Triple OG, Omnipotent, Omnipotent, Ongentho, Oni Fai, opac_AH, Order of Seraphaim, Order Of The Forgotten, Order of Twilight, Overraided, Painful End, Painful End, Panty Raiders, Paper St Soap Company, Paradox, Paragon Knights, Parsing, Patyn, Personal Guild, Pervier Than Thou, PfS, Phoenix Dawn, Phoenix Rising, Phoney guild, Pick Up Group, Pixelslayers, Placeholder, Plague's Logs, Politically Incorrect, Politically Incorrect, Politically Incorrect, PowerTripInc, Praetorian, Praetorian Knights, Praetorian Knights, Pragmatic, Prettprettyprincess, PrettyPrettyPrincess, Primal Contention, Primal Contention, Prime Directive, Prime Directive, Promised Glory, Promised Glory, prototype, Pug Tester, Pumpkins for Sylvanas, Purgatory, Putty Knife, Raid Midget, Raiders of the Lost Art, Rance's WoL Parse, Random Raids I Join, RandomTestData, Rapid eye movement, Rapid Eye Movement, Rapid Eye Movement, Ratchet Yacht Club, Ravenguard, Rawr, Rebelution, Reborn, Reckoning, Record, Recount, Red Room Organization, Reincarnation, Rel, Relentless, Relinquish The Loot, REM, Remnants, Replay, Requïem, Restless Spirits, Resurrection, Resurrection, Riddle of Steel, Riddle of Steel, Riders of Eternity, Riders of the Night, Riders of the Night, Riders of the Night, Righteous Might, Risen from Darkness, Risen From Darkness, Rising Land Security, RN, Rooty Tooty Point n' Shooty, SA, SaltyCondimentCleave, Salvation, Sample, Sanctum of Light, Sanguine Steel, Sanguine Steel, Satori, SavageFear, SavageFear, SavageFear, Scarlet Aristocracy, Scarlet Aristocracy, Scarlet Redemption, Schnieder, Scrubz, SeeD, SeeD, SeeD, SeeD, SeeD Logs, Senorus Tamagous, Sentinels, serragwin, Sevhra's Logs, Shattered Echoes, Shattered Limits, Shattered Limits, Shattered Limits, Shattered Limits, She Gave Me Plagues, Shinuu'sPersonalLogs, Sidewinder Band, Sigil, Silent Majority, Silent Majority, Silent Majority, SIlent Majority, Silent Redemption, Silent Redemption, Silent Redmemption, slap1nut, Slapshock, Slaves to Sin, SMFH, Snipe, Sock Puppet Theatre, Sol Invictus, Sol Invictus, Sol Invictus, Soltha, Soviet Commune, SSDD, Staar Alliance, Stellar, Storm Wölves, Sunset, SwalkerTM, TBD, Team Spirit, Team Tortoise, Tempest, Tempest/Kithelis, tempguild, TempGuild, TempGuild, temporary Corruption Raid, test, Test, Test, Test1, Tested, testing, testing, The aftermath, The Anvil, The Anvil, The Arcadian Knights, The Arcadian Knights, The Arcadian Knights, The Arcadian Knights, The black sheep, The Black Sheep, The Brethren, the crimson warriors, The Crimson Warriors, The Crimson Warriors, The Dark Company, The Deathless, The Doom Brigade, The Eternal Balance, The Eternal Balance, The Fallen Angels, The Fallen Reform, The Fel Watch, The Fel Watch, The Four Horsemens, The Frothy Mug Clan, The Guildless, The Guildless, The Guildless, The Left Corner, The Long Vigil, The Lordaeron Underground, The Lost and Forgotten, The Lulz, The Moffia, The Nevermore, The order of Mjolnir, The Order of Mjolnir, The Order of Mjolnir, The Order of Mjolnir, The Order of Mjolnir, The Order Of Mjolnir, The Order of Seraphaim, The Order of Seraphaim, The Perfect Storm, The Puzzle Box, THE PUZZLE BOX, The Rat Pack, The Rat Pack, The Republic, The Shivering Dawn, The Silver Serpent Order, The Trust, The Undying, the whole axe, TheGelid, TheKuttinEdge, Threads of Fate, Thundering Hammer Clan, Thundering Legion, Timeless, Tirilwen, Travel Gnome, Trem's awesome guild, TRI-3, TrialByFire, Tribe Called Quest, Tribute to Mortality, Tribute to Mortality, trivilis, TRP Logs, twilight angelz, TwilightAngelz, Twin Horizons, twinkles, Tyloras, Umbral Advent, Unbowed Unbent Unbroken, Undefine, Underclock, Undergeared Elites, Undermountain Repo Co Op, Undermountainrepo, Unforgiven, Unison, United States Army, Unleashed, Unleashed2, UnleashedTest, unlikely heroes, A Fishful of Dollars, Adamant, Adapt and Overcome, Adults with Jobs, Afterlife, Against All Odds, All, Altered States of Ebon, Alterior Motives, Ancient Assassins Order, Ancient Blades, Annihilus, Anointed Legion of Valor, Army of Dorkness, Artistic Homicide, Ashes of Azeroth, Assemblage, Asset Protection, Attorneys at Lawl, Azeroth Hunt Club, Azure Dragons, Back Gamon, Balance, Banda del Pollo Diablo, Bank of the BLEH Dragon, bankofall, BankOverflow, Barroom Heros, Bilderberg Group, BlackBriar, Blasphemy, Blood Chalice, Blood Moon Gypsies, Blood Washed Tears, Bloodlust, Blue Steel, Boogie Nights, Bound by Honor, BUFF, Camulus Reborn, Casually Heroic, Celts of Azeroth, Ceramic Bath Tiles, Chaos, Circle of the Dragonlord, Circle of the Phoenix, Collision, Command Prompt, Cosmopolitan, Coven of Elune, Crimson Claw Legion, Crit Happenz, Dark Hand of Death, Dark Horses, Dark Legion, Dark Tides, Darkness Rising, Dawnriders, DEATH WATCHERS, Deaths Dark Raiders, Deaths Refuge, Deceitful Arrogance, Desecration, Desecrator, DinoHookshot RAWRwoosh, Dire Circumstances, Dirty Legionis, Disciples of Mayhem, Dissent, Dk Bikers, dog pound, Doppelgangers, Dragons Insanity, Dragonz Blood, Eclipsed Light, Eidolon, Elektrik Wine, Empire Trading Ltd, Endless Gaming, Errant Pride, Eternal Resolve, Eternal Star, Everlasting, Evolução, Exalted, Eye Are Ess, FableHaven, Facepull, Fairy Tail Ending, Fallen Kings, Far From Grace, Fates End, Fellowship of the Dragon, Filthy Dirtbags, First Vigilant Bank, Forgotten Legends, Fortune, Full on Rogues, G O B, Gee Kay Ai, Gone Fishin, Good Omens, Group Therapy, Guardians of Elune, Guardians of the Empire, Guilty, Guilty Pleasures, Guls Angels, Harbringers of Fate, Heidevolk, Hero of the Storm, Heroic Hegemony, High Interest Savings, Hold My Purse, Honor Among Knights, Hooligans, Hopeless, Hordehalla, Hordivas, House of the Horde, I Dont Roll on Shabbos, I N F A M O U S, I Walk North, Imperium, In Cats We Trust, Ink Nouveau, Inner Circle, Insomniatic Tendencies, Is Damaged, Is That a Tear, Jade Serpent, Jakobs Corporation, Jollibee, JourneysEnd, Kaizen, Karma, Kharma, Kingdom for a Heart, Kiss My Athica, Kodo Where It Counts, Ladies of the Myst, Last Crusade, Law and Horder, Lebowski Urban Achievers, Legend, Legion of Light, Legion Of Lost Souls, Legionnaire, Legions Fury, Lick, Light of the Dark Side, Lords Of Terror, LoreMasters, LOWERCASE, Lunchbox Heroes, Mana Milkshake INC, Mercenaries Of the Horde, Merry Band of Misfits, Ministry of Darkness, Moose World, Murda Death Kill, Mythos, Night Raiders, Nightstalker Association, Nightwalkers, Nihil Ex Nihilo, No Blind Invites, Nocturnal, Nomads, Novus Orbis Librarium, Occultists, Opprimo Vox, Order of Shadows, Order of the Lost, P Diddy Boat Dance, Paper St Soap Company, Pickaxe Prophets, Praetorian Knights, Professional Adventurers, Protectors Of Azure, Psycho Pass, PvP for days, Rapacious Kittens, Real Friends, REAL horde wear PINK, Reckless Abandon, Reign in Blood, Reincarnation, Remedy, Remnants, Reprise, Reverse Swan Formation, Riddle of Steel, Riders of Eternity, Riding on a Smile, Right to BEAR Arms, Rising Nova, Runic Shadows, Running of the Trolls, Sap it before u tap it, Scelestus, Shades of Gray, Shadow Assassin, She Gave Me Plagues, Shinra, Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum, Silent Redemption, Sinister Six, Sisterhood of the Light, Slinky, SmackShack, Snagglebottom Drakes, Snuggleberry Pirates, 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Wolfs Insanity, Zerg Rush, Æffinity, Ímmortãl Rêign, Ð P S, a wild bank appears, Aeternus, Ako Vendetta, Alliance Marine Corps, Assassins for Hire, Aurora Knights, Average at Best, Axiom, Bank Of Tirnen, Bank Space, banks of azeroth, Bankspace Inc, Beautiful People Club, BeepBoomBlam Inc, Bellidium, BK NY, Blades of Light, Blitzkrieg, Broken Sanity, Brothers of Shadow, Burger, Cabinet, Casual Raid Days, Celebrity Mistake, Celestial Assault, Cerberus, Champions of Erebor, Channel Four News Team, Chaos Leftovers, Chaos Reigns, Choosers of the Slain, Classic WoW, Company Standard, Council Of Dragons, Crayon Crew, Crinos Cubs, CrinosCubs Broken Toys, Cruel Hand of Fate, Cult of Bacchus, Cult of the Eternal Fire, Damage Incorporated, Dark Blood, Deadly When Cornered, Deaths Calling, Die Baumbörse, Dire, DragonHawk Down, Dream Team, Duesofnexx, Echos of Past Champions, Eschew Obfuscation, Eternal Storm, Ethereal Zanarkand, Eulogy, Eurotrip, Exsilium, Fates Unbroken, Fear Not Death, Flamingly Fabulous, Forgotten Soldiers, Forgotten Souls, Free Agents, From The Ashes, Furrious Bunnies of Doom, Game of Frozen Thrones, Gnome Run Strikes Back, Gnome Three Racers, Gnome with the Pink Run, Gnomeland Security Inc, Gnomes of Zurich, Gnomes Race for a Cure, Gnomes Race Four Us All, Gnomes Race Too, Gnomes to Eleven, Gnomáfia, Goldshire, Gone Fishin, Greeks, Grim Reaper, Guiding Light, Guilded Champions, Guilty Pleasure, HAND OF RIGHTEOUS MIGHT, Happy Days, Harlequin, Heros of the Alliance, hey im walrus, Holy Avengers, Horde At Arms, House of Brussels, i am protagonist pls no, I want my Chachaheel, Immortalis, Imsh, In Death We Are Reborn, Incursion, Integrity, Ironforge Trade Alliance, Irrelevant, iTwinky, Kalimdor Tribe, Keepers of the Chill, Keepers of the Realm, Kindred, Kingdom Of Crusaders, Kirins Anabasis, Knights of Bruce Campbel, Koban, KT Bishes, Ladies of Destiny, Last Omen, Leaf on the Wind, League of Expendables, League of Majestic Goats, Legends, Legion of Sylvanas, Lightbringer, Loading, Lucid Tranquility, Malice, Mall of Azeroth, MeleeStorm, Ministry of Mayhem, Mischief, Mischief and Mayhem, Moonglade Guards, Morally Bankrupt, Mouth for War, Mutiny, Nathair Sgiathach, Nidavellir Warclan, Night Angels, Nightmare Inc, Oban, Obliterate, Obscured by Clouds, Obscurity, Occams Raiders, Order of the Golden Gear, Order of the Sacred Star, Orgrimmar Credit Union, Painful End, phoenix avengers, Pink Gnome Army, Pink Gnome Power, Project Seventy, Project Seventy Jr, Project Sixteh, Project Sixty, Project Sixty Jr, PvP Pros, Raiders of the Lost Art, Raven Lords, Rebel Rising, Reckless Abandon, Regulate, Reivers, Reloading, Requiém, Resurrect The Sun, River Styx, Ruins Of Sandwake, Ruthless Mercenaries, Salvation, Sanctum of Light, Satori, Scarlet Redemption, Schola Magici Venefici, Secret Service, SeeD, Seethe, Seething Hatred, Seventy Raiders, Shadow of the Dragon, Shadowed Glory, Shadowmagic, Shady Dealer, Shattered Echoes, Shh it happens, Sinners Delight, Skidmarks, Skirmish, Solo The Dragon, souls of undead corpse, Sqbank, Stewards of Hope, Sticky Finger Bandits, Stormwind Garrison, Sunsail Corsairs, Swords of Glory, TARDIS Crew, Target Is Unfriendly, Team Mongoose, Team Ragebane, Temp, Templar Knight, The Alliance Embassy, The Army of Darkness, The Boat Crew, The Browncoats, The Condemned, The Council of Elders, The Coven of Ravencrest, The Daft, The Dark Company, The Dark Rose Knights, The Devils Angels, The Disturbed, The Disturbed Liberation, The Fallen Brotherhood, The Fel Watch, The Four Horsemen, The Glass Conspiracy, The Green Monstah, The Grind, The Heartless, The Inconcievables, The Kinship, the misfits of ironforge, The Murder of Crows, The Nevermore, The Order of Destiny, the slappaho tribe, The Sçarlet Crusade, The Whole Axe, The Wolfrunner Clan, The Zhentarim, TheKuttinEdge, There will be Blood, TheSisters, thyguild, Time Bandits, Transfer, TRIAD, Troll for Initiative, Twilight Dynasty, Twilight Massacre, 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