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US-Echo Isles
Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Forsaken Dreams US-Draenor Alliance 0 393
Grimhorn Tribe US-Draenor Horde 0 378
Endure US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 337
EndGame US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 325
Trial and Error US-Draenor Horde 0 254
Praetorian Guard US-Draenor Alliance 0 225
Piu's Milk None Alliance 0 207
The City Watch US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 182
Burning of the Crusade US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 163
DPS Vendor US-Draenor Horde 0 163
Eye of the Tiger US-Draenor Horde 0 129
Hit That Crit US-Draenor Horde 0 128
omega US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 118
Reign of Darkness None Alliance 0 114
Revolution US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 101
Unmitigated Badassery US-Echo Isles Horde 0 95
SoItGoes US-Draenor Horde 0 89
Revolution US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 73
crew US-Draenor Alliance 0 60
MostlyHarmless US-Draenor Alliance 0 48
Ascendancy US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 46
SpuriousPsi None Alliance 0 46
surikin US-Draenor Alliance 0 34
HOHA US-Echo Isles Horde 0 33
Hyperion US-Draenor Alliance 0 31
Mostly Dead US-Draenor Alliance 0 28
Fifth_Legion US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 25
Unleashed Fury US-Draenor Alliance 0 25
All Elements US-Draenor Alliance 0 21
Flaw of Mortality US-Draenor Alliance 0 21
Infliction US-Draenor Horde 0 21
Dropped Stitches US-Draenor Alliance 0 18
Manifest Destiny US-Draenor Alliance 0 18
Rebels of Azeroth US-Draenor Alliance 0 18
Hoss US-Draenor Alliance 0 17
Prestige US-Draenor Alliance 0 17
Faceroll US-Draenor Alliance 0 14
Revenant US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 14
Zero's Logs US-Draenor Alliance 0 13
Limitless Possibilities US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 12
Angelus Mortis US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 11
Grim's logs US-Draenor Alliance 0 11
Reforged US-Draenor Alliance 0 10
Devv US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 9
Dirty Dancers US-Draenor Horde 0 9
Faceroll US-Draenor Alliance 0 9
Remnants of Death US-Draenor Alliance 0 9
spotless US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 9
awnil US-Draenor Alliance 0 8
Hot Sauce US-Draenor Alliance 0 7
Sentinels of Shadow US-Echo Isles Horde 0 7
Awful Guild US-Draenor Alliance 0 6
In Paramount We Trust US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 6
Manifest Destiny US-Draenor Alliance 0 6
Nebula US-Draenor Alliance 0 6
Hellkites US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 5
Spirits Of Power US-Draenor Horde 0 5
Yuni's logs US-Draenor Alliance 0 5
AntiSocial US-Draenor Alliance 0 4
Click US-Draenor Alliance 0 4
Ktjn Logs US-Draenor Horde 0 4
Little Urban Achievers US-Draenor Alliance 0 4
Regemiah US-Draenor Alliance 0 4
The Roflmuffin Power US-Echo Isles Horde 0 4
Torchwood US-Draenor Horde 0 4
Aths logs. US-Draenor Alliance 0 3
E N I G M A US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 3
Epic Exiles US-Draenor Alliance 0 3
Group Two US-Draenor Horde 0 3
ignition US-Echo Isles Horde 0 3
Paradigm US-Echo Isles Horde 0 3
PUG US-Draenor Alliance 0 3
Reeses US-Draenor Alliance 0 3
CtrlAltElite US-Draenor Alliance 0 2
Disdain US-Draenor Alliance 0 2
Machin Shin US-Draenor Alliance 0 2
Magic And Mayhem US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 2
Malevolence US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 2
Relapse US-Draenor Alliance 0 2
Sammich Shop US-Draenor Alliance 0 2
SuperGuild US-Draenor Horde 0 2
The Journey US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 2
The Resistance US-Draenor Horde 0 2
Titans of War US-Draenor Horde 0 2
All Elements 3 US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Aurum US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Averno US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Azumith US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Blood Brothers US-Draenor Horde 0 1
Blood Brothers US-Draenor Horde 0 1
Dark Alliance US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Dio's Rainbows US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Drama Llama US-Draenor Horde 0 1
Dreadnaut US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Elenova US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Extinction Services US-Draenor Horde 0 1
Götterdämmerung US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Hordecore US-Echo Isles Horde 0 1
Hunter Trainer None Alliance 0 1
It's US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Lithium US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Little Urban Elites US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Meh US-Echo Isles Horde 0 1
Milk None Alliance 0 1
Misfit Toyz US-Echo Isles Horde 0 1
MOTA US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Neminis's amazing team US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Nil Desperandum US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Obsolete US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
PALIDRONS - Nagrarok US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Paradox Draenor Alternate US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Pirates and Ninjas US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Planet Unicorn US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Raidz US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Raidz US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Rankerz US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Relentless US-Draenor Alliance 0 1
Show Me Your Crits US-Draenor Horde 0 1
Sinergy US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Sinister US-Echo Isles Horde 0 1
stupid sexy flanders US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
Torrential Downpour US-Echo Isles Horde 0 1
Trial and Error US-Draenor Horde 0 1
Twilight Revival US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 1
wolrecorder US-Draenor Horde 0 1
2.5 None Alliance 0 0
Accountability None Horde 0 0
Adept None Alliance 0 0
All Elements None Alliance 0 0
Alzar's Logs None Alliance 0 0
BigWiggles None Alliance 0 0
Brew Bandits None Alliance 0 0
Burn the world None Alliance 0 0
Captamericaa None Alliance 0 0
charliecxie None Alliance 0 0
Chocolate Disco None Alliance 0 0
Cinder Works None Alliance 0 0
Clawshrimp and Co None Alliance 0 0
Clawshrimp and Co None Alliance 0 0
CtrlAltElite None Alliance 0 0
CuteLogs None Alliance 0 0
Darkfire None Alliance 0 0
deckape None Alliance 0 0
Derplogs None Alliance 0 0
Devil's Den None Horde 0 0
Devils Den None Horde 0 0
dilwyn None Horde 0 0
Discord None Alliance 0 0
Ditrak None Horde 0 0
Down None Horde 0 0
Dreadnaught None Alliance 0 0
Drews logs None Alliance 0 0
Dunder Mifflin None Alliance 0 0
Echoes of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
Einherjars None Alliance 0 0
Ellings None Alliance 0 0
Erdluf US-Echo Isles Alliance 0 0
Erudite None Horde 0 0
Eternal Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Exile None Alliance 0 0
ExplodingSheep None Horde 0 0
Faceroll Inc None Alliance 0 0
Faceroll Inc None Alliance 0 0
FD None Alliance 0 0
Flaw of Mortality (Core 2) None Alliance 0 0
Forgotten Souls None Alliance 0 0
Forgotten Souls None Alliance 0 0
Genesìs None Alliance 0 0
Hades is Terrible None Horde 0 0
Happy Funk Band None Alliance 0 0
Happy Funk Band None Alliance 0 0
HappyGoLuckyKillingCo None Alliance 0 0
Horseshit None Alliance 0 0
Infinite Order None Alliance 0 0
Insec None Alliance 0 0
Jeron's logs None Alliance 0 0
Kaelystra's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Kaelystra's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Kencaid None Alliance 0 0
Kenick's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Kings of Kajamite None Horde 0 0
Kolts Logs None Horde 0 0
lang None Alliance 0 0
Lightbane US-Echo Isles Horde 0 0
Lipstick on my Dipstick None Alliance 0 0
lost reflections None Horde 0 0
Maelstrom None Alliance 0 0
Maelstrom None Alliance 0 0
Manifest Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Manifest Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Manifest Destiny None Alliance 0 0
Momentum None Alliance 0 0
Mostly Dead 2 None Alliance 0 0
My Gear Is Red None Horde 0 0
My Upper Torso None Alliance 0 0
Nasty None Alliance 0 0
New Era None Alliance 0 0
nohealforyou log None Alliance 0 0
Onxy Imperium None Alliance 0 0
OUTLAW None Horde 0 0
Palidrons None Alliance 0 0
Pandaren Special Forces None Alliance 0 0
Paradox None Alliance 0 0
Perfect Sandwich None Alliance 0 0
Prompt Critical None Horde 0 0
qake None Alliance 0 0
RaiderHater None Alliance 0 0
Rebels of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Reforged None Horde 0 0
Reincarnation None Alliance 0 0
Reluctance None Alliance 0 0
Rise of the Titans None Alliance 0 0
Rising Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
RPness is Rising None Horde 0 0
Santa's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Scipio Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Scooby's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Shadows and Dust None Horde 0 0
Shift Logs None Alliance 0 0
Short Stuff None Alliance 0 0
show me your crits None Alliance 0 0
Sodality of the Constant None Alliance 0 0
someguild None Alliance 0 0
Spirits of Power None Horde 0 0
Sustenance None Alliance 0 0
Synergy None Alliance 0 0
Temperance None Alliance 0 0
TheLight None Horde 0 0
Thrift shop None Alliance 0 0
Tony None Horde 0 0
Twilight Honor Guards None Alliance 0 0
Unconquered Remnant None Horde 0 0
Urban Legend None Alliance 0 0
Vals Logs None Horde 0 0
Venie logs None Horde 0 0
Vitality None Alliance 0 0
Weeping Angels None Alliance 0 0
Xulafu Logs None Alliance 0 0
Yuni's logs None Alliance 0 0
Zilaro's None Alliance 0 0
Zimbabwe None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

-Genesis-, 3V, - Suggapowa, , A Bad Idea, a guild bank is a rip off, abcs, Absolution, Abyss, Acropolis, Acropolis, Acropolis, Acumen, Adept, Adept, Adept Inadequacy, Adept Inadequacy, Adept Inadequacy, AdeptEI, Adult Entertainment, aequalis, Aequalis, Akiyan of Echo Isles, Alford, All Elements, All Elements 2, Allied Forces, Allopurinol, Ancient tradition, Andyf, Angry Dragons, Angry Dragons, Anti Reality, AntiSocial, Apparition, Art of War, Art of War, Ascent, assassins for hire, Astrofails., Aurum, Autopsy, Averno, Awesome ones, Axe Lords, Azbane, Azimuth, Azimuth, Bad Omen, Bad Omen, balls, bankster, bansky, Battle Scars, Battleguards, Battleguards, Beancup, Beenie, Beeze, Bellatorum Unita, Blacklisted, Blackwatch of Azeroth, Blackwatch of Azeroth, Blood and Cupcake, Blood and Cupcakes, Blood And Cupcakes, Blood Brothers, Blood Brothers, Blood Brothers, Blood Brothers, Blood n Guts, BLOOD n GUTS, Blood Reign, Bloodshed, Blue Marble, Booze Hounds, BoozeHounds, Born to Die, BR/BWA, bring out your dead, Brute Squas, BruteForce, burnswhenIpee, Cake, Cake or Death, Captain's Misadventures, Carnage Report, Casa da Mãe Joana, Casual Chaos, Casual Chaos, Casual Chaos, Casual Chaos, Catalyst, Caustic, Caustic, cc, CDisco extra, CenPugs, Champions of Valor, Charmed and Dangerous, Charmed and Dangerous, Chivalrous & Company, Chocolate Disco, Chocolate Disco, Chocolate Disco, chocolatedisco, Clan of the CarpalTunnel, Clawshrimp & Co, Clawshrimp and Co, Clawshrimp and Co., cognoscenti, Combustible, Complete, Conclave, ConcussioN, ConcussioN, Confusion, Consequence, Consiquence, Contrition, Cradle of Filth, Critter Protection Soc, Cryptomnesia, Cryptomnesia, ctrlaltelite, CtrlAltElite, Cursed, Cursed, Cursed, Cursed, Cursed, Cursed, Cynical, Daes Damar, Dailie Grind, Daingnich, DaNomie, Dark Alliance, Dark Evolution, Dark Matter, Darkfire, Darkstorm, darlington's logs, Dasbearbellybetch, Dasuria Guild, Dazed n Confused, Death's army, DeazalLogs, Dedication, Defenders of Modan, Defense of the Ancients, Defense of the Ancients, defiance, Del, Desendants of Kratos, Destinis Lords, Destruction, Devil's Den, Devils Den, Diakonos, Dicta's Logs, Dictionary, Die In A Fire, DIESEL, Discombobulated, Disturbed, Divide and Conquer, DL, doomhammer's march, DownundeR, Drae of Ascent, DraenorUnited, Dragonlordsei, Drakko Down, Drakko Down, Drama Lama, Drama Llama, dreadnaught, dreadnaut, Dreadnaut - Night Run, Dredguild, Driven, Driven, Ducks and Drakes, e l y s i u m, E L Y S I U M, E L Y S I U M, Easily Amused, Eden Aurorae, egomonsters, Eleventeen, Eleventh Hour, Eleventh Hour, elysium, ELYSIUM, End Game, End Game, End-Game, endgame, Endgame, Endure, Endure's Drunken Adventures, ESTA MUY BUENO, Eternal, Euphoric Visions, Event Horizon, Event Horizon, Excel, Excel, exile, Exile, Exile, Exile, Exile-Vel's group, eXtinction services, F*I*S*T*, Faceroll Inc., Facerollinc, Fallen Kings of Exile, Fangtasia, Fats, FD, Ferrik's junk, Fifth Legion, Fifth Legion, Fire In The Bowl, FIST, FIST, Flare's Guild, Flares' Guild, Flyingninjamonkeysofdoom, Focused Fun, Follow Me, ForceBrute, Forgotten Souls, Fractured Fairytales, Free radicals, Free Radicals, French Canadia, Fubarr, Fuel To The Fire, Full Throttle, Genesis, Genesis, genry test, Gleithan, Gods of Draenor, Gold Farmers Union, Gong Show, Gostun, Grievance, Grimhorn Tribe, Grimiore of Chaos, Grimoire of Chaos, Grimoire Of Chaos, Group 2, GrrLogs, Guardians of the Moon, Guild of Shadows, GundamWing, Gødless, HaduTest, Hand of the Alliance, Hands of Justice, Harvesting Your Soul, Hashmere, HavocTide, Heathen Dogs, hellkites, Heroic companions, Hit That Crit, HOHA, Holy Dynasty, Homeless, Honor Guard, Honors Light, Horde on Horde Action, Hordecore Pwnography, Hordesreasy, Hordi Culture, Hoss, Hoss, Hoss - Morikana, Hostile Takeover, House of Trauma, Hype, Hypernite, I INSOMNIA I, I like to pug alot, I Popped Her Trinket, Ignited, Ignition, Ignition, Illidari Mercenaries, Imaginaryheh, Imaginaryheh, ImmØrtals, ImmØrtals, ImmØrtals, Infliction, Interstellar Overdrive, Interstellar Overdrive, Invalid Target, irratemonkey, Is Over Nine Thousand, Is Over NineThousand, Jaded, jasalts, Jersey, Jinxed, Jokers Wild, jons typing class, jradz , Just Another Guild, Justified Aggression, Kaffeinated Overload, Kambythet, Kandji Style, Kegs Tapped, kerbang, Kern, Kharma, Kharma, Kharma_, KILL MODE, Killing Tyme, Kitchroom, kittendps, Klebs, Knights of Fortune, Kool and the Gang, Kreltharon's Personal Flogs, kronastab, Kt's TnE Log, Kumpanya, L Dark Shock L, La Famiglia, Last ForGotten Hero, Last One Standing, lawltamirah, Legacy, Legacy of Fallen Heroes, Legendary, Lentil Soup, Lif, LifeAlert, Lightspeed Sorority, Like WoW, Lithium, Lithium Dragh, Lithium., Little Urban Elites, Little Urban Elites -- Casual Weekend Run, littlekro, Local Drunks, Local Drunks, Local Drunks, Logs123, Logslogs, LoL U Mad Brah, LOL U Mad Brah, Loveabuul, Ludicrous Speed, Lumps, Luwnas Lovely Logs, Machin Shin, Magic and Mayhem-Morning Group, MakeLoveNotWarcraft, Malediction, Malediction, Malevolency, Malwyn, Marginal Heroes, Marginal Heroes, Matrix, Me, MechMoloc, Meh, MG, Midnight Eclipse, Midnight Eclipse, Mighty Blades of Azeroth, Minions of the Alliance, Minions of the Alliance, Ministry of Abnormality, Ministry of Abnormality, Misanthropic Destiny, Misery, Misery, Misfitz Manor, MnM-Aaran, momentum, Momentum, Momentum, Momentum, monk is great, Monty Python Crusaders, Moody, Morgalm, Mostly Dead, mostly harmless, MostlyHarmless2, Mouthbreathers, Murloc Coastrunners, Muscle Tribe of Danger and Excellence, Mushroom Jazz, My Life for Aiur Backup, my logs, My logs, MyGuild, NAILED IT, Neav's Logs, Needs Logs, Nefârioüs, Neu, New Undercity Battalion, Newfoundland Outlaws, Nighthaven, Nightmare, Nil Desperandum, Nil Desperandum, Noble Disdain, Nocturnal Vigilance, Nomnoms, Not Quite Dead, Nothing But Trouble, Octopals, Octopals, ODAD, Og, Ohkay, Omega, Omega, Ominous Latin Name, Ominous Latin Name, Omnipotent, oober, OphililTest, Orange You Glad, Original Outlaws, Origins, Oroku, Out of Mind, Outliers, Outliers, Outside Alliance, Over raided, Pain is temporary, Palidrons, para, Para alt , Paradigm, Paradigm, Paradigm, Paradigm, Paradox, Paradox, Paradox, Paradox, Paradox, Paradox, Paradox, Peginus that rock literally, Penguins Rock Literally , Penis Protectors, Personal, Personal, Personal Meter, Personal Spriest Dump, Pharaohs of Present, Picked Last in Dodgeball, Popular Misanthropy, primal instinct, protshotz personal log, proud carrots, Proud to be rednecks, Psychosis, PTR dps testing, Pug, Puggernaut, Puggernaut Dot Com, puggernaut_test, Puggin from Behind, Pure Pwnage, QQTrain, Rabbit's WOL, raids without pants, Raidz, Randagerim's DPS Parses, RAU, RebelsAzeroth, Reckless Abandon, Rectangle's logs, RedLegion, Reforged, Reforged, Reforged, Reforged, Reforged, Reforged, Refuge Denied, Regemiah, Reign, Reign Lite, Reign of Darkness, Reincarnation, Reise Nicht Ziel, Relentless, Relentlesss, Renewal, Renewal, Repeat Offenders, Reports For Me, Resiliant, resurgence, Resurgence, Resurgence, Resurgence 2, Review, Revolution, Reìncarnation, Rhymes with Orange, Ricks, Rio - PUG, Rise of the Guardians, Rise of the Titans, risky move, Rocks Your Socks, Role Models, Romo's fake Guild, Royal Pain, Rulers of the Universe, Rèquiem, Rêquiem, Sadistic, Saevitiam, Sanctified, Sanctuary, Sanctuary, Sanctum, Sanctum, sanitarium, Savvy, Savvy, savvy2, Savvy_3, Savvy_Allwyn, Savvy_Sylvara, Schrodinger's Cats, Seed Of Life, Separation Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, Seventh Sign, Shams Pugs, Shimipan Fan Club, Shirts Better than Socks, shock's logs, Shocks, Short Bus All Stars, Short Bus All Stars, Show me your Crits, Shut Up and Color, Sign of the Times, Silent Ranks, Singularity, Sinister, sleepwalkers, slightly unstable, Sodality of the Constant, Solo Cholo, SoP 10/alt, SoS, SOTC - Team O, soulplox guild, speckled tastyfish, SPHINCTUS RUNS DIS SHET, Ssmity, Sulfuron Slammers, Supremacy, Sustenance, Synergy, T&E, Takin It Too Srsly, Tantrum, TEAM CANADA, Team Snooki, Team Swift, Teddy Bear Raiders, Teddy Bear Raiders, Ten man, Ten Man, Test Guild, Tester, Testing, TestWoL, TGS, The, The, The, The, The, The (Kazan), The Agency, The Allegiance, The Brewfest Best, The Chosen Legacy, The City Watch, The Corsicans, The Crimson Sunrise, The Dark New Day, The Decline, The Depression Squid, The Dogs of War, The Dragoon Clan, The Flaw of Mortality, The Forgotten Ones, The Forgotten Order, the forsaken, The Forsaken, The four skinners, The Green Tinge, The Grim Legion, The Knights of Azeroth, The Newfoundland Outlaws, The Newfoundlands Outlaws, The Order of Treblid, The Revolution, The Sadye and Frank Show, the sauce, The Touchables, The Wanderers, Thorfu's, Toni's Log, Township Outlawz, Toxicfrost, Trackingtosee, Trial & Error, Trial and Error, Trial and Error, Trial And Error, Tridons guild, Trigun, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, Tue, Twin's Parses, two point disco, Unconquered Remnant, Underworld, undivided, Undivided, Undivided, Undivided, Unleashed, Unleashed Fury , unlikely legends, Unlikely Legends, Unlikely Legends, Unmitigated Badassery, unprovoked / battlescars, Untold Refugees, Up All Knight, upallknight, Urban Legends, A Bloody Mask, Ace, Achievoholics Anonymous, Agito, All Elements, All For The Gains, Alliance Avengers, Alliance Border Patrol, allianceheroes, AntiSocial, Army Of the Apocalypse, Artificial Perplexity, Ascension, Ashes to Ashes, Auction House Mules, Azul Bank, Backpedaling to GLAD, Bad Intentions, Banished Gods, Bank of Aelyndra, Bank of Ironforge, bankofamerica, Banqu De Lenzi, Baptism By Blood, Battle Looters, BawlinBattleMasters, BC Buds, Benchwarmers, Birth of Oblivion, Blacklist, Blacksmith Hammer Squad, Blades of the Nightwing, Blissful Ignorance, Blue Recluse, Blueberry Muffin Cult, BRB Mums On Fire, Brew Bandits, Bump of Chicken, BÂMF, Cache, Canadian bacon, Canadian Creed, Candy Land, Casual Chaos, Caustic, Cha Ching, Chances Are We Are Pro, Choped Suey, Cinder Works, Clan of the CarpalTunnel, CODE, Coexist, Committed, ConcussioN, Conquest of Azeroth, Cornerstone, Corrupted Minions, Crimson Blades, Crimson Rising, CtrlAltElite, CtrlAltElitez, Cursed, Dark Souls, Dark Templars, Dark WarLords of Doom, Darkfire, Darkstorm, Deadly Giggle Bunnies, death within, Decus Praesidium, Defiance!, Deja Vu, Despise, Destruction, Dirty Dancers, Divine, Do Doo Do Doo Doo, Dont Block the Mclovin, DownundeR, Draconium, Draenor Elites, Drama Llama, Dropped Stitches, Durotar Trading Company, DZ Inc, EatMorChiknz Harem, Emerald Dream, Emerald Ring, Endless Fury, Epic Exiles, Equinox, Eternal Guardians, Eternal Serenity, Euros Pub, Exalted With KFC, Eye of the Tiger, F D B, Facepalm, Faceroll Inc, Fallen Ancients, Fatal Tendencies, FBI, Fluffy Juggernaughts, Forged in the Styx, Forgotten Souls, Forsaken Window Lickers, Freaks Without Leashes, Fresco, Furious Dreamers, Fusion, Gluttony, Gnome Punt Intended, gods of pornstars, Gods of warcraft, Goldshire Gang, Grimoire of Chaos, Group Two, Happy Endings, Happy Funk Band, HappyGoLuckyKillingCo, Has Melted, Heirs of the Sun, Hells angel Heavens Scum, Hells Empire, Help, Hit That Crit, Homeless, Hordes Finest, House of a thousand corp, I Do What I Want, I Got Nothin, I Have Issues, I Popped Her Trinket, I Synergy l, Icefalcon, Incendium, Incendiums Brave, Infenso, InnerCircle, Innominates, Insignificant Rule, Interstellar Overdrive, Is Naughty, is probably high, JediKnight, Joyous Finale, Judgement, Just For The Tabard, Justice League Azeroth, Kern, Kharma, Kitehbankers, Knight of the Blood Oath, KnightsØfTheßløødØath, Laughing Rat Salvage Co, Legacy of The Fallen, Legion Response Team, Legions of Darkness, Little Urban Elites, LoL SuX, Lords of Winter, Loyal To None, Lunacy, Magically Delicious, Manifest Destiny, Melbank, Members of DTN, Mieow, Ministers of Death, Mojo Risin, Money Bags Inc, Moo Tropolis, Morning Glory Dew, Mortality, Mostly Dead, MostlyHarmless, Mushroom Marauders, My Crit Dont Stink, My Dirty Little Minions, Mythos, Mötley Crüe, Next Generation Heroes, Night Prowlers, Night Raiders, Nightmare On Nelf Street, Nirvanah, noddin my head like yeaa, Noobs en Fuego, Nother one bites da dust, Obsolete, Of Wolf and Man, Old Style Raid, On The Rocks, Only Nearly Dead, Order Of Draenor, Order of The Lost Blade, Overpower, Packet Loss, Pakmuel Stole My Kodo, Paper Staxs, Paradigm, Paradigm Shift, Parascidic, Pax Arcadia, Perfect, Perfect Sandwich, Phantom Chaos, Pie Vendor, Powers of the Horde, Prestige, Prompt Critical, Psychosis, Pulse, PvP Trainer, Ravens Order, Rawr, Reanimated, Rebels of Azeroth, Reforged, Reincarnation, Remnants of Death, Renaissance, Renewal, RESTRICTED, Retro, Rise of the Guardians, Rise of the Titans, Rival Akyro, Robitussin, roflstompers, Sammich Makers, Sanctuary, sdswdew, SEAL Team Six, Semi Pro, Sentinels of Azeroth, Seven days, Shadows and Dust, Shakedown Street, Shattered Souls, Short Bus All Stars, Short Bus AllStars, Short Stuff, Show Me Your Crits, ShredNation, SilverBlood, Sinister Fury, Skulls N Bones, Sleepwalkers, Sodality of the Constant, Sons Of Anarchy Ðraenor, Sudden Doom, Supremacy, Sylvanas Panty Raiders, Team Carbon, TEAM JORY, Tempore Finis, Testament, Tetris Heroes, Thats Waht She Said, The Baddie Bunch, The Bank of Mieow, The Bluth Company, The Boonetangers, The Crimson Dragons, The Cóven, The Dark New Day, The Elven Empire, The Fantastic Four, The Flaw of Mortality, The Gatherers, The Judge Men, The Legacy, the lightning loins, The Losers Club, The Murder Train, The Nights Watch, The Resistance, The Righteous Divine, The Scarlet Hand, The Shadow Kingdom, The Slayers Legion, The Squirtle Squad, The Tauren Tippers, The Valiant Order, The Wanderers, The Warehouse, TheBrewCrew, They Nerf It We Kill It, Threat Level Midnight, Thunderbluff Steakhouse, Titans Of War, Together We Stand, Torchwood, Trade Chat Heroes, Trade Chat Superstars, Trial and Error, Trinity, Trouble, Turtle Bank, Twilight Honor Guards, Twilight Seraphim, UnBreakable, Unconquered Remnant, unfading starshine, unforgiven, unified alliance, United Bank of Draenor, Unrelenting, Vanguards of Draenor, Vault Sixty Six, Veritas Vincit, Vigilante, Virginity is curable, Walshys Practice Noobs, Was in a Pool, We popped her trinket, WHAT, Wicked Knights, Will PWN You, Worst Behavior, WoW MaFia, You Had Me at Shoveltusk, Zenith, Zeros to Heroes, Acceleration, Actions And Motives, Adept, Alter Ego, And Three DPS, and two stealthed rouges, Angelus Mortis, Anti Reality, Arcanight Champions, Argent Dawn, Art of War, Ask Me About My Hat, Azimuth, Bad News Bearers, Bank of Tomorrow, banky, BDiketBank, Bear Nesessity, Bellatorum Unita, Benevolent, Blood and Cupcakes, Blood For Blood, BLOOD n GUTS, Brotherhood Knights, BURN EM DOWN, Burning Knights, Byzantine, Cake, Casual Intentions, Caution May Spray, chaos in motion, Chaotic Shadovv, Climax, Commanders 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