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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
The Reign US-Drenden Alliance 0 192
Ook You In Da Dooker US-Drenden Horde 0 25
To Death or Glory US-Drenden Alliance 0 15
Sacrosanct US-Drenden Alliance 0 8
Gambit US-Arathor Alliance 0 7
Focused Aggression US-Drenden Alliance 0 6
Kami no Bushido US-Arathor Alliance 0 5
Essence of Death US-Drenden Alliance 0 5
Sentinels of Eternity US-Drenden 0 4
A X I O M US-Arathor Alliance 0 3
The Mourning US-Drenden 0 3
Vanguard of the Lion US-Drenden 0 3
Baddies Inc US-Arathor Horde 0 1
Phenom US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Limelight US-Drenden Horde 0 179
Epic Holdings Inc US-Arathor Alliance 0 170
Crux of Humanity US-Arathor Alliance 0 166
Why Tempt Fate US-Drenden Alliance 0 146
Profit None Alliance 0 111
Eclipse US-Arathor Alliance 0 106
H O L L Y W O O D US-Arathor Alliance 0 69
Requiem US-Drenden Horde 0 66
Veterans of Valor US-Drenden Alliance 0 66
Engineering Madness US-Drenden Alliance 0 50
Ancestros de la Alianza US-Arathor Alliance 0 49
Da Boondock Saints US-Drenden Alliance 0 42
Just a Flesh Wound US-Drenden Horde 0 34
Progeny None Alliance 0 33
LogicalAsher US-Arathor Alliance 0 32
Focus US-Arathor Horde 0 24
Envy US-Drenden Alliance 0 21
Heresiarch US-Drenden Horde 0 21
Dsylxeic US-Drenden Alliance 0 19
Emerald US-Drenden Alliance 0 19
Journey To Nowhere US-Drenden Horde 0 19
Halcyon US-Arathor Alliance 0 17
The Left Claw US-Drenden Alliance 0 17
Black's Beta Bonanza US-Arathor Alliance 0 16
Tantreyetal PUG US-Arathor Alliance 0 16
Chain pull US-Drenden Horde 0 15
Saakks logs US-Drenden Alliance 0 15
Len's Logs US-Drenden Horde 0 12
kay's 10 man US-Arathor Alliance 0 11
poshibwee US-Drenden Alliance 0 10
Carpe Cerevisi US-Arathor Horde 0 9
Halcyon US-Arathor Alliance 0 9
Wipes on Trash US-Arathor Alliance 0 9
Ascent US-Arathor Alliance 0 7
BND US-Drenden Alliance 0 7
Nocuous US-Arathor Horde 0 7
Tsu Tain Guu Faitaa US-Drenden Horde 0 7
Andromedae US-Drenden Alliance 0 6
Bucket List US-Drenden Alliance 0 6
Short Bus Crew US-Arathor Alliance 0 6
Chosen of Valhalla US-Arathor Alliance 0 5
Jerks Statistics US-Drenden Alliance 0 5
Knight Watch US-Drenden Alliance 0 5
Knights of Ancient War US-Arathor Alliance 0 5
Raidbros US-Arathor Alliance 0 5
Shamanamanalogs US-Drenden Horde 0 5
Bad Karma US-Arathor Horde 0 4
Baddies INC US-Arathor Horde 0 4
Contagion US-Arathor Alliance 0 4
Deci Logs US-Arathor Horde 0 4
Kitten Soup US-Drenden Horde 0 4
logs US-Drenden Horde 0 4
LOGS LOGS US-Arathor Alliance 0 4
Phoenix Knights US-Drenden Alliance 0 4
Royal House of Azeroth US-Arathor Alliance 0 4
A Guild None Alliance 0 3
Adwarfdk guild US-Arathor Alliance 0 3
Blacks Beta Bonanza US-Arathor Alliance 0 3
Halcyon US-Arathor Alliance 0 3
Mars Investigations US-Arathor Horde 0 3
One hundred proof US-Arathor Horde 0 3
Savage Darkness US-Arathor Horde 0 3
The Epic Phylactery US-Arathor Alliance 0 3
AgLogs US-Arathor Horde 0 2
Batteries Not Included US-Drenden Horde 0 2
Bublë US-Arathor Alliance 0 2
Chucktesta US-Arathor Alliance 0 2
Cielo's Pugs US-Arathor Alliance 0 2
Corv US-Drenden Horde 0 2
General Chat US-Arathor Alliance 0 2
Intent US-Drenden Alliance 0 2
Lich Slapped US-Arathor Alliance 0 2
Ligature US-Drenden Alliance 0 2
logical US-Arathor Alliance 0 2
Relax US-Arathor Alliance 0 2
Revolution US-Arathor Alliance 0 2
Singular US-Arathor Horde 0 2
Team Venture US-Drenden Horde 0 2
The Mercenary Syndicate US-Drenden Alliance 0 2
The Mercenary Syndicate US-Drenden Alliance 0 2
The Underground US-Arathor Alliance 0 2
Vixit Fan Club US-Arathor Horde 0 2
Zuni Dojo US-Drenden Horde 0 2
A guild of only one US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
Ascentapps US-Arathor Alliance 0 1
Bad Karma US-Arathor Horde 0 1
Blacks Padding Emporium US-Arathor Horde 0 1
Brand New Day US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
Derp US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
Don't Criticize Me US-Drenden Horde 0 1
Drama Society US-Drenden Horde 0 1
Drama Society US-Drenden Horde 0 1
DS US-Drenden Horde 0 1
Fighters of Foo US-Arathor Horde 0 1
Forgotten Identity US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
Halcyon US-Arathor Alliance 0 1
Hex's logs US-Arathor Horde 0 1
House of Lions US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
Hug Me US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
il None Alliance 0 1
Infamy US-Arathor Alliance 0 1
Infractus Animus US-Arathor Horde 0 1
Inno's Logs US-Drenden Horde 0 1
Meow US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
Midwest Mountaincore US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
nightingale prime US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
Obsidian US-Arathor Alliance 0 1
Ominous Latin Name US-Arathor Horde 0 1
Phenom US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
Phøbia US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
Rekt US-Arathor Alliance 0 1
Reverrred US-Drenden Horde 0 1
Serious Business US-Arathor Horde 0 1
Seventh Column US-Arathor Horde 0 1
Sleepy US-Arathor Horde 0 1
Soul's 10 man US-Arathor Alliance 0 1
Strata US-Arathor Alliance 0 1
The Unholy Crusaders US-Arathor Horde 0 1
Vitality US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
Voidzones Give Buffs US-Arathor Alliance 0 1
With Feeling US-Drenden Alliance 0 1
Works for Skittles US-Arathor Alliance 0 1
Aara None Alliance 0 0
adorno None Horde 0 0
Aetherial Circle None Alliance 0 0
Aevitas Validus None Horde 0 0
Aglogs None Horde 0 0
Akail's Guild None Horde 0 0
AlvaraApplicationGuild None Horde 0 0
ApoKalyPse None Alliance 0 0
Arathor Bankers Union None Horde 0 0
ARBOR KNIGHTS US-Drenden Alliance 0 0
Axiom None Alliance 0 0
Bad Karma None Horde 0 0
Basic None Horde 0 0
BissoPug None Alliance 0 0
Cairdeas None Alliance 0 0
chek None Horde 0 0
Clutch Time None Alliance 0 0
Codez42 None Horde 0 0
Collectors Edition None Alliance 0 0
Collectors Edition None Alliance 0 0
Concept None Horde 0 0
Concept None Horde 0 0
Core Three None Horde 0 0
Crusade of the Pantheon None Alliance 0 0
Cthuhlu None Alliance 0 0
DarkEvolutions None Horde 0 0
Deadlokdemo None Horde 0 0
Death Omen None Horde 0 0
deathsweetembrace None Horde 0 0
Dire Worgens None Alliance 0 0
Dissension None Alliance 0 0
Dolm None Horde 0 0
Elements of the Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Envy None Alliance 0 0
Epitaph None Alliance 0 0
Equilibrium's logs None Alliance 0 0
Essence of Death US-Drenden Alliance 0 0
Eternal Solstice None Horde 0 0
Event Horizon None Alliance 0 0
exeunt omnes None Alliance 0 0
Exodus None Alliance 0 0
Fear Soloing None Alliance 0 0
Fearless Raiders None Horde 0 0
Fist of Fate None Horde 0 0
FLEX RAIDING None Alliance 0 0
focus None Horde 0 0
Focused Aggression None Alliance 0 0
Friendship is Magic None Alliance 0 0
Frozen's WoL None Alliance 0 0
Fury None Alliance 0 0
Gambit None Alliance 0 0
Gold team None Alliance 0 0
Guild Of Guilded Gall None Alliance 0 0
Hesher is Bad None Horde 0 0
Heshers None Horde 0 0
Horde's Finest None Horde 0 0
How I Mine for Frost Trap? None Alliance 0 0
IDAT None Alliance 0 0
Immortalized None Alliance 0 0
Inconceivable None Horde 0 0
Inconceivable None Horde 0 0
Inhuman None Alliance 0 0
Inno's Logs None Horde 0 0
Insurrection None Alliance 0 0
INTP None Horde 0 0
is Malicious None Horde 0 0
Just Another Guild US-Drenden Alliance 0 0
Kingdom of Light None Alliance 0 0
Kookiemnstr None Horde 0 0
L E G E N D S None Horde 0 0
Last Stand None Alliance 0 0
Legends None Horde 0 0
LFR None Horde 0 0
LFRHeros None Horde 0 0
Ligature None Alliance 0 0
Liquer Board None Horde 0 0
Lost Faith None Alliance 0 0
Luka logs None Horde 0 0
Madness None Alliance 0 0
Malevolent Intent None Alliance 0 0
Mell's Guild None Horde 0 0
MH US-Drenden Horde 0 0
Might and Magic None Alliance 0 0
My Runs None Alliance 0 0
Odyssey None Alliance 0 0
PhatysLogs None Horde 0 0
Phenom None Alliance 0 0
Prestige World Wide None Alliance 0 0
Prestige World Wide None Alliance 0 0
Protectors of Wiggles None Alliance 0 0
Raids Naked None Horde 0 0
RaidTime None Alliance 0 0
Ravenclaw None Alliance 0 0
Replica None Alliance 0 0
Req None Horde 0 0
Requiem None Alliance 0 0
Requiem None Alliance 0 0
Roll for Blame None Horde 0 0
Satans Logs None Alliance 0 0
Savage Darkness None Horde 0 0
Savage Darkness MoP None Horde 0 0
Screwlewse None Horde 0 0
Serenity in Darkness None Alliance 0 0
Shark Throwing Bears None Alliance 0 0
Shattered Skulls None Alliance 0 0
Sinister Bloodline None Horde 0 0
Sinners N Saints None Alliance 0 0
Skill None Alliance 0 0
Skunk None Alliance 0 0
Sodom None Alliance 0 0
Special Operations None Alliance 0 0
strikers None Alliance 0 0
Sublime None Alliance 0 0
Survivors of Cataclysm None Alliance 0 0
SédiTiouS None Alliance 0 0
Tainted Circle None Horde 0 0
taters n onions None Alliance 0 0
Team Rockafire Explosion None Horde 0 0
test None Alliance 0 0
test guild None Alliance 0 0
test logs None Horde 0 0
testing123 None Horde 0 0
The Elitists None Alliance 0 0
The First Legion None Horde 0 0
The Freelancers None Horde 0 0
The pastafarians None Horde 0 0
The Reign None Alliance 0 0
The True Horde None Alliance 0 0
There Might Be Blood None Horde 0 0
ThunderGuild None Horde 0 0
Titans of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
TMBB2 None Horde 0 0
Toorealls log None Alliance 0 0
Treason None Alliance 0 0
Treason1 None Alliance 0 0
Two Dollar Horde None Horde 0 0
Ulduar Boss Bug Testing None Horde 0 0
underdogz None Horde 0 0
VA None Horde 0 0
Valorious Underlings None Alliance 0 0
Vanquished None Alliance 0 0
Vicarious Atonement None Horde 0 0
vixên None Horde 0 0
Whirr None Alliance 0 0
Windowsxp None Alliance 0 0
Wrath None Alliance 0 0
xAkail's Guild None Horde 0 0
Yats testing mwahaha None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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Phoenix, korz, Kyznxx, Legacy, Legacy, Legacy, Legacy Of Arathor, Legault, Legends of Glory, leggos, Legion of Honor, Lenny's Only, LenPug, Lethargic's Logs, Lichbane, Light of Dawn, Limelight, Limelight, lizzie, lnsomnia, log, LooneyMud, Lords of Middle Earth, Lords of the North, Lost Faith, Lost Faith, Luka logs, Luminosity, LynnyGuild, Mac's log, Madness, MagicBox, MagicBox, Mal-Drenden Log, Malevolent Intent, Malevolent Intent, Max, Medieval Fighters, Medieval Fighters, Medieval Fighters, Midnight Marauders, Midnight Ravage, Midwest Mountaincore, Midwest MountainCore, might and magic, MInions of Massacre, Misanthropic Society, MisFitToYs, morrison hotel, My Guild, Mypremoguild, Mystic Dawn, Mystic Militia, Mystical, Nagaronian, nailbangers, NBR, Nemesis, Nephilim, Nephilim, Nephilim, Nephilim, Nephilim, Nex Victum, Nex Victum, Nocuous, Nocuous Pug Runs, Nomeansno's Numbers, Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied, nykittas logs, Obsidian, Obsidian, Obsidian, Obsius Ordo, Oh Noes the Kraken, OLN, omg a trex, Ominous Latin Name, one hundred proof, One Knight Stand, One Knight Stand, Operation Impending Doom, Ouch it burns, Outer Darkness, Outlaws, p u g, Palmia's Coffers, Panda Express, Panth Alts, Pantheon, Pantheon, parse, parse guild, Peak, Peanuts, Perseverance, Personal, Personal WoL, personal101, Phat Loot Tuesdays, Phenom, Phenom, Phoenix, Phoenix Elite, Phoenix Knights, Phoenix Knights, Phoenix Knights, Plays Naked, possibly, possibry, Praetoriate, Premonition, preseasoncombatlog, Priests of Discord, PRIMAL RAGE, PRIMAL RAGE, Prophecy, Protectors of Wiggles, Prætorian, psychobillies, Publicity, pug, Pug, pug it, Pug It, PUGS, Pulse, Pulse, Punjabi Stank, Purdy numbers, Purgatory, Pvp Junkies, PVP Junkies, PW:S Testing, Pwnin aint easy, Quattroporte, Quattroporte, Quattroporte, Quest, Quiet Chaos, Raid Rejects, Raid Rejects, Raid Rejects, Raiders Training Dummy, RandomChart, Raptor Rush, rebirthed, Reborn, Recruitment, Redbug, Regulators, Regulators, Reloaded, Req, Req Altaholics, Req reapp, Requ, requiem, requiem, requiem, Requiem, Requiem, Requiem, Requiem, Requiem Current, Resistance, Resistance, ResistanceGroup3, Ressuection2012, resurrection, Resurrection, Resurrections, Revelation, Revenge In Motion, Reverred, Reverred, Revolution, rezpekt, rezpekt, rezpekt, Rhoar, Richenda, Righteous Aura, righteous indignation, Righteous Vengeance, Rising Sun, Rising Sun, Risk, Risk, Risperdal, Ritual, Roll for Blame, Rowy's Guild , Royal House of Azeroth, Ruins of Oblivions, Run To The Door, Ruthless, Ruthless, Rydette, RyuOnato, Sacrosanct, Sacrosanct, Samo Mi, Sanctum, Sanctum, Sanctum of the Valkyrie, SanctumofSouls, Sanctus, Sanctus Bellicus, Sassy, Satan's Footwear, Savage Darkness T2, Schnozzberries, Schnozzberries, Schnozzberries, Schnozzberries1, school of rice, Scissor me Timbers, Scissor Me Timbers, Scissor Me Timbers, SCORCHED Group 2, seabeck, Shattered, Shattered, Shattered, Shattered, Shattered Skulls, Shattered Skulls, Shattered Skulls, Shattered Skulls, Shattered Skulls, Shattered Skulls, ShatteredSkulls, Shenaniganzz, shtiheads, Shunn, SIEGE, Sigil, Sigil, Sigil, simplicity, SiN, SiN, SiN, Sin Dorei Templar, Sinewsnight, Sinister Bloodline, Sinners and Saints, Sleepless Knights, Slidera, Sloathe Log, Snake's Test Guild, Snoro, Solace, Solace, solo, Soulbane, SpecialOp, spellsteal, Spirit Dynasty, Spirit Dynasty, Spiritusvini, Splogs, Squeaky Toy Vendor, Squeekville, Srsly, Still learning, stop's logs, Strata, Strata Beta Grp, Strome!, Stumpshammy, Sublimity, Summer's Guild, Summit, Sunny Side Up, Superior, Swagger Incorporated, swagswag, Syerene, symphoniclogs, Tainted Circle, Tatersaladz, tempest scythes, Tempparses, Ten Man Raiders, Terminatus, Terzhullis, test, test, Test-1, teste logs, testguild, testguild, Testing, Testing Realm, Thanie's Guild, The Ascended, The Black Pearl, The Blacklisted, The Conclave of Shadows, The Continuum, The Corenne, The Corenne, The Correne, the creed of chaos, The Epic Few, The Epic Few, the epic phylactery, The Epic Phylactery, The Epic Phylactery, The Flow of Darkness, The Guild, The Horde Elite, The Immortal Crown, The Legandary Knights, The Legendary Third, The Legendary Third, The Legendary Third, The Mourning, The Mourning, The Nightfreaks, the ninth gate, The Onslaught, The Outsiders, The Procrasti Nation, The Procrasti Nation, The Procrasti Nation, The Procrasti Nation, The Reign, The Reign, The Rejects, The Seventh Tower, The Short Bus Crew (group 2), The Silver Legion, The Underground, The Unholy Crusaders, The Wildcards, The Wrath, TheBlackCompany, TheBlackCompany, ThekeepersofTwilight, Theshortbuscrew, Thisyl' Test Guild, Three Six O Mafia, Three Six O Mafia, Three Six O Mafia, Throw away, Tiffani, Timeless, Timeworn, Titans of Azeroth, Titans of Azeroth, Titans Of Azeroth, Tmp g, to death or glory, to death or glory, To Death or Glory, TPN, trade chat, Tramuh, Treehouse, Trial and Error, Troid'sCrazyCrew, trublade, TSS 2, TSU TAIN GUU FAITAA, Twilight Asunder, Typical Toons, uglie, Uith-Vanquish, Underdogz, Underdogz, Underdogz, Unforeseen, Unholy Faith, Unnatural Selection, Unseen wrath, Unseen Wrath, Unseen Wrath, Unseen Wrath, Unseen Wrath, Unseen Wrath, Unseen Wrath, Unseen Wrath2, Uprising, urface, A Murder of Crows, alliance raiders, Altars of Madness, Always Smooth, Amitié Conquérant Toute, ancient defenders, Angra Mainyu, antath, apocolyps, Arced Crusaders, arya, Bad Co, Bad Karma, Beast, Behind The Curve, Belligerent, Best In Slot, Blaze It, blood warriors, Bloodline, Bläck Ops, Bullies Inc, Candy Mountain Crusaders, Chaos Crew, Chedder Puffs, Chosen of Valhalla, Chäotic Virtue, Coded Silence, Contagion, Core Three, crazy good, Crisis, Crux of Humanity, Cònquest, Da Lost Ones, Dark Minds, Dark Side Of The Moon, Daywatch, Dead Squirrel Society, Death Hawks, Deathless, DeathSweetEmbrace, Desecration, Desire, Divine Storm, Do Not Want A Guild, Dragonslayers United, Drdirtys Pleasure Palace, Eastwick, Elite, Epic Again, Epic shadow ninjas, Evisceration, Exeunt Omnes, Exiled Inc, Failure, Fairy Tail, For Nostalgia Sake, FRIENDS UNITED, Friendship is Magic, From Six To Midnight, Fuzzy bunny deathsquad, Fèar, Gankis, Geek Squadd, Generic Latin Name, GodMode, Gold and Glory, Goldenz, Guardians Of The Moon, Halcyon, Hat Shop, Healing Torment, Hello Kitty Cuddle Club, Heralds of Destruction, I can has Bank Space, idkwhattonamemybank, IgnisVindicta, Immortal, Immortal Legion, Immortalized, Imperial Order, In Porthole We Trust, Infractus Animus, Inhuman, Inner Sanctum, INSIDIOUS, Insomniacz, Invidious, IRISH MAFIA, Ironfist, Ironman Challengers, Jack Of All Trades, kain omega, Kingdom of Light, Knights of Crimson Blood, Knights Of High Council, Knights Of Redemption, L E G E N D S, L E G I Ø N, Legendary Crusaders, Legendary legion, Leigon of the Phoniex, LFR, Lich Slapped, Live FREE DIE HARD, Logical, Lords of Middle Earth, Lords of Oblivion, Lords of Vengeance, Lore Stryders, MagicRocks, MASSACRE, Midnight Marauders, Mighty Python, MInions of Massacre, Mulisha, Murlocs Ate My Baby, My server was full, Nagas in Paris, Nargothrond, Naughty Knights, Neilina Drools, Next Gen Stratz, Nocuous, Obsidian, of Darkness, Oh Me So Hordie, One hundred proof, Order Of The New Dawn, Ordo Silens Umbra, Our Finest Hour, Phenom, Popcorn and Columbo, Pretty Pink Pwnies, Pug It, Pwnin Aint Easy, R A I D, RageQuit, Raging Eternity, Raging Jerks, Raiders of the Storm, Random violence, Raptor Rush, Raven Myst, Ravenous, Red Typhoon, Refuge, Rekt, Resurrection, Revolution, Rise of Champions, Rock City, Sadly Mistaken, Satanik Ninja ßunnies, Savage Mafia, Serenity in Darkness, Shadow Rangers, shadowdragons, Shadows Of The Night, Shattered Skulls, Shinra Electric Power Co, SHOCKFORCE, Silver Light Sanctuary, small but furious, Soldier of Misfortune, Sole Survivor, South of Heaven, spartens of doom, Special Education, Spit Blood, SédiTiouS, Tactical Raiders, The Conclave of Shadows, The Crimson Armada, The Darker Twilight, The Divine Hypocrisy, The Faded, The Forgotten Legion, The Green Dragons, The Insane Asylum, The Iron Council, The Iron Legion, The Mafia, The Order of Blood, The Posse, The Seventh Tower, The Shadowglen Saints, The Short Bus Crew, The Silver Sun, The Underground, The Unholy Crusaders, Timeworn, Titans Of Azeroth, Tornheart Gladiators, Treason, Trolls for Tots, Twinky and the Brain, two ghouls one cup, Undead Poets Society, Underdogz, Underground Elite, Undisposable Heroes of X, Unemployable Knights, UnRaTeD, Vae Victus, Void, Volen undead, VäloR, We are One, Wednesday, whiite lives matter, Window Lickin Good, Winning, X Raided, Year of the Dragon, Zombie Apocalypse, ùbúntú, A Midsummer Nights Dream, abbsolution, Absolute Carnage, Aevitas Validus, Alternate Guild, an Outlaw, ARBOR KNIGHTS, Arcane Fury, Arthas Inc, At least we have stables, Axiom, Azeroth Angels, Bad Intentions, Bank Alt Ftw, Bank Alt Two, Battle of Azeroth, BigMac Central, Broads Fault, Brothers of Honor, BubbleHearthAirlines, Bucket List, Cairdeas, Chain pull, Chaotic Obsessions, Clan Hekate, Cool Cats, Curse, DARBYS RANGERS, Dark Phoenix, Dark Titan Offensive, Darkmoon, Darkmoon Faire Freakshow, Deep, Delta Nu Delta, Demons Of Hell, Drenden Huff, Dsylxeic, E Thugz, Elders of Cenarius, Endeavor, Endgame Raiders, Engineering Madness, Envy, Error Loading Guild Name, Eternal Knights, Euphoria, Evolutions End, Exalted with Mcdonalds, Fact, Fair Warning, Faith of the Fallen, Fall Out, FamilyOfDeath, farmed, FaTË, FDIC, Fluffy Bunny Death Squad, Foreseen, Forgotten Identity, Forsaken Scions, Frosty Forever, Fury, GG, Gimptard Fury, Gordian Knot, Greed, GroovyGreyHairedGeezers, Guardians of Valhalla, Halcyon, Hand of Naaru, Hardcore Slackers, Heart of Winter, HeartSeeker, Hello Kitty Fight Club, Hells Honored Knights, Heresdingo, Heresiarch, Heroic Killers, Honored, Hordes Finest, Hostility, Humane Society, Hype, I am not a bank alt, I Am Not A Guild Bank, I LIKE GIRAFFES, ImaBank, In it for the Perks, Insurrection, INTP, Invaders from Stonemaul, Invictus, IS BETTER THAN U XD, It Holds The Shinies, Junk Box, Junk in the Trunk, Karnage, Kings Crown, Klaatu Barada Nikto, Knights of Brohan, Knights of Pythias, Kung Fu Pandas, La mort de main, Legs of glory, Light Dwellers, Limelight, Limitless, LORDS OF DEATH, Madness, Make money take Money, Merclocs Incorporated, MMO Players, Moral MIdgetry, Mustache Rebels, Narcoleptic Insomniacs, Northern Lights, Obelisk, Oh I Hate Murlocs, Oh Noes The Kraken, one hundred proof alts, Outer Darkness, Phoenix Knights, Plunder n Booty, Profit, Raiders of the Fridge, Reality, Rebellious, Regulators, Reign, Requiem, Riot, Schnozzberries, Scions of Tiamat, Shadow runners, Shadows Of Fate, Shattered, Skeleton Crew, Social Anxiety, Spartans, Stacks on Deck, Sublime, Supermen Of Warcraft, TaTa Brigade, Team Venture, Tears of the Sun, the beasts, The Blacklisted, The Blood Guardians, The Boondock Saints, The Carried, The Combined, The Dream, The Eighty Eights, The Horde Elite, The Infinite, the legendaries, The New Order, The Pantheon Order, The pressures on, The Procrasti Nation, The Rejects, The Skeleton Army, The Usual, TSU TAIN GUU FAITAA, U Cant Fix Stupid, Undefined, Undercut, Unity, Untamed Wild, Unwanted Soldiers, unwÄnted, Ursus Rising, Vis Veres, WALLSTREET INC, Warlords of Drenden, We Are Legendary, We LoVe To PuLl AgGrO, Whitest Kids You Know, Why Tempt Fate, Winter Is Coming, Witness Me Senpai, Your Dead Meat, Ðéviàte, Vadec, Valor, Valor, ValoR, VaLoR, Valrock, Vanquish, Vanquished Grp2, Vel's Logbook, Vendetta, Vestige, Veterans of Valor, Veterans of Valor, Veterans of Valor2, Vicarious, Vicarious Atonement, Vigilance, Vigilance, Vigilance, Vile Prophets, viluths logs, Vintage, volatile minds, Vulnerable, Välor, Välor, VäloR, VäloR, VäLoR, VäLoR, Wall Street, wanna Fix Stupid, WAR, Warcraft Warriors, Warhorse, Warlocks of the Sunspire, Warlocks of the Sunspire, We have ä tabard, Wednesday, What A Toon, Whiskers & Ale, Whiskers and Ale, Whiskers And Ale, Why Tempt Fate, Wicked Knights, Wiggum, Window Lickin Good, Window Lickin Good, Wipes on Trash, Wipes on Trash, WoL Parse, Wolves of Odin, Wounderful, Wraith, Wraithsteel Legion, Wrath, Wrath, Wrath, Wrath of Sylvanas, Wrathsteel Legion, WTF is this, XARGUSE, Yakshi, Ze Bank, Zealey, zz, Zzanathor Zon'Ozz, Ðominance

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