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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Choice US-Skywall Alliance 0 402
Therapy US-Skywall Horde 0 352
Audacity None Alliance 0 252
Cemetery Gates US-Skywall Horde 0 245
Light Brigade US-Skywall Alliance 0 216
Second Covenant US-Skywall Alliance 0 211
Damage Incorporated US-Skywall Horde 0 176
Driven To Conquer US-Skywall Alliance 0 86
Blacklisted US-Skywall Horde 0 52
ChaosTheory US-Drak'thul Alliance 0 51
Syndicus US-Skywall Alliance 0 22
Potent Potables US-Skywall Alliance 0 21
Damnation US-Skywall Alliance 0 16
Unity US-Skywall Alliance 0 15
Flashpoint US-Skywall Horde 0 14
Honors Creed US-Skywall Horde 0 12
DÀRK GLORY US-Drak'thul Alliance 0 10
Pandemic (Team 1) US-Drak'thul Horde 0 10
QED US-Skywall Alliance 0 10
Sacred Samophlange US-Skywall Alliance 0 8
Order of the Kraken US-Drak'thul Horde 0 7
Abandoned Knights US-Skywall Alliance 0 6
Amorphous US-Drak'thul Alliance 0 6
Reborn Rage US-Drak'thul Alliance 0 6
Emperadores de Justicia US-Skywall Alliance 0 5
Honors Creed US-Skywall Horde 0 5
Reduxx US-Drak'thul Alliance 0 5
Be Your True Mind US-Skywall Horde 0 4
C H A O S US-Skywall Horde 0 4
Pandemic (Group Pineapple) US-Drak'thul Horde 0 4
Seekers US-Skywall Alliance 0 4
C H A O S US-Skywall Horde 0 3
IDIC US-Skywall Alliance 0 3
Mediocrity in Motion US-Skywall Horde 0 3
Pugs US-Drak'thul Alliance 0 3
Tortured US-Skywall Horde 0 3
ARMX US-Skywall Horde 0 2
Chaotic Flux (Waiting till Nerfs) US-Skywall Horde 0 2
Graveyard Shift US-Skywall Alliance 0 2
Has Issues US-Skywall Alliance 0 2
Obnoxious US-Skywall Horde 0 2
Shootn Blanks None Alliance 0 2
Sionil US-Skywall Horde 0 2
TEN US-Skywall Alliance 0 2
Catatønic US-Drak'thul Horde 0 1
Dissension US-Skywall Horde 0 1
Frequency US-Skywall Alliance 0 1
Killa nOObs US-Skywall Alliance 0 1
Law's Parses US-Skywall Alliance 0 1
Odyssey US-Drak'thul Alliance 0 1
Sacred Samophlange US-Skywall Alliance 0 1
SavageFriends US-Drak'thul Alliance 0 1
Singularity US-Skywall Alliance 0 1
The Mad Tea Party US-Drak'thul Alliance 0 1
The Sundering US-Drak'thul Horde 0 1
THOSE WHO MUST BE KEPT US-Skywall Alliance 0 1
Voldy's Brothel US-Skywall Alliance 0 1
Aila's heals None Alliance 0 0
Almost Sane None Alliance 0 0
Almost Sane None Alliance 0 0
Almost Sane None Alliance 0 0
Almost Sane None Alliance 0 0
Angels of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
Arelles None Horde 0 0
ARMX None Horde 0 0
Asymptote None Alliance 0 0
Aurora None Horde 0 0
Banana Stand None Horde 0 0
BDA None Alliance 0 0
Beamy US-Drak'thul Horde 0 0
BYTM(2) None Alliance 0 0
chaos None Horde 0 0
Chaotic Flux None Horde 0 0
Chosen Ones None Horde 0 0
Corrupted Destiny None Horde 0 0
Crit's logs None Alliance 0 0
Dark Animosity None Horde 0 0
Dark Knights of Light None Alliance 0 0
Death Before Dishonor None Alliance 0 0
Death's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Digital Addiction None Alliance 0 0
Draconus ex Deo None Alliance 0 0
Drak Thul Knights None Alliance 0 0
EoC None Horde 0 0
FW None Horde 0 0
Girls Dont Play WoW None Horde 0 0
Gorillatime None Horde 0 0
Gravity None Alliance 0 0
Gravity None Alliance 0 0
HARMONY None Alliance 0 0
Harvesters of Sorrows None Horde 0 0
HerosOfCarpeDiem None Horde 0 0
highwaymantest US-Drak'thul Alliance 0 0
Holy None Alliance 0 0
Honey badgers None Alliance 0 0
horson None Alliance 0 0
Illuminati None Alliance 0 0
Inglaa None Alliance 0 0
Insaníty None Alliance 0 0
Kings of Doom None Alliance 0 0
Knightsabre None Alliance 0 0
Krian's Logs None Horde 0 0
Lemão None Alliance 0 0
Light Brigade None Alliance 0 0
Lightstryker None Horde 0 0
LoveTheLord None Alliance 0 0
Munabi Tribe None Alliance 0 0
Munckin US-Skywall Alliance 0 0
My Logs None Alliance 0 0
Name Change Later None Horde 0 0
narcotic None Horde 0 0
Neutralized None Alliance 0 0
Ninjashifter's Logs None Alliance 0 0
No Means Yes None Horde 0 0
Nosepicker Paradise None Alliance 0 0
NZT US-Drak'thul Horde 0 0
Old times sake None Horde 0 0
Oporotheca None Horde 0 0
Pandemic None Horde 0 0
Pandemic Group 2 None Horde 0 0
Pandemic Group 4 None Horde 0 0
Paragon Knighthood None Alliance 0 0
Pawns of Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
Perspective None Horde 0 0
Pocky Ninjas None Alliance 0 0
Pocky Ninjas None Alliance 0 0
Powerslaves None Alliance 0 0
Psychosocial None Alliance 0 0
Psychosocial None Alliance 0 0
Pug None Horde 0 0
Pwn's logs None Alliance 0 0
Rated M None Alliance 0 0
Redemptïon None Alliance 0 0
Reduxx None Alliance 0 0
Resurrection None Horde 0 0
Rincewind's Lollipop Lovers None Alliance 0 0
Riot Officer None Alliance 0 0
rouna's log stuff None Alliance 0 0
Ruddy Mysterious None Horde 0 0
Sane None Alliance 0 0
Sanitarium None Horde 0 0
Second Thoughts None Alliance 0 0
Sleepless None Alliance 0 0
Soldiers of Nightfall None Alliance 0 0
SS None Alliance 0 0
sssb None Horde 0 0
swat None Alliance 0 0
The Black Harvest None Horde 0 0
The crazy Ones None Horde 0 0
The Crazy Ones None Horde 0 0
The Dark Carnival None Alliance 0 0
The Devil's Rejects None Horde 0 0
The Dragons Order None Horde 0 0
The Guardians of Light None Alliance 0 0
The sundering None Horde 0 0
Timeless Endeavor None Alliance 0 0
Timeless Endeavour None Alliance 0 0
Twisted Ambition None Horde 0 0
Veritas Et Lux None Alliance 0 0
Weaveworld None Alliance 0 0
wf US-Skywall Horde 0 0
Whyzer None Alliance 0 0
Wicked 2013 None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

, a2k64u93, Abandoned Knights, About Forty Ninjas, Absol, Acquired Taste, AE, Afterlife, Afterlife, Aftermath, Aftermath, Agoraphobics, Alacrity, Allied Death, Almost Sane, Almost Sane, Almost Sane, Almost Sane, Almost Sane, Almost Skilled, Alpha, Alpha, Amicus Credo, Anathema, Ancestry, angelic kingdom, ANT FARM KEYBOARD, Ari, Armed & Hammered, Artemis Fury, Aurkus is Great, Axiom, Azeroth Rangers, Banana Republic, Bane of Prophecy, Bane of Prophecy, Batoi's Pawns, Bennetville, Blitzkrieg, Blood Bath, Blood Inc., Blow, Bob, bourlogggs, Brolympians, Bubblejet, Bânished, C H A O S, C H A O S, C H A O S, Caffeine, Can't Kick Spamming Hemo, Canadasiaco, Cant Kick, Caotic Flux, Capsize, Celestial, Celestial, Cemetery Gates, Chairz Hallowed Be Thy Name, Chaos Theory, chaotic, CHAOTIC, CHAOTIC, Chaotic flux, Chaotic Flux, Chaotic Flux, Chaotic Flux, Chaotic Flux, Chaotic Lunacy, Choice, Choice, Choice, Choice Alts, Chosen Ones, ClanoftheElders, Cleavagé, combatman, Comfortably Numb, Comfortably Numb, Comfortably Numb, Condotta, Convergence, Convergence, Corrupted Destiny, Cotn, cotnpug, Could Be Worse, Coup De Grace, Cowhunter Skywall, Crazy Ones, CriticalError, CriticalError, CriticalError, Cruesadersvictorious, Crusaders of the Night, Crusaders of the Night, Crusaders of the Night, Cult, dakslogs, Damnation, Damnation, Damnation 2, Damnation-whydrood, Dancingstar, Dark Carnage, Dark Carnage, Dark Raiders, Dark Uprising, Darkness Incarnate, Darksilence, Dauntless, Dauntless, Dawn, Death Lotus, Deaths Embrace, DEERRRP, Defiance, Despondency, Despondency, Despondency, Despondency, Despondency, Despotic, Devastation, Devil's Advocate, Devils Advocate, Dey Tukk Err Jobs, Dies Irae, Digital Addiction, Dirge, Disco, Disco, disconnected, Disconnected, Disconnected, Disconnected - Truemark, Disconnnected, Discord, Dissension, Divinity, dizz, Doom, Downfall, Draconus Tersanctus, Dragonlance, drak, Dread Corsairs, Drunken Pirates, DTPUGSRBAD, Dude I was in Rebirth, Dude wheres my Murloc, Dunder Mifflin Paper Co, Elanmorin, Elemental Shammy DPSing, Eleven of Twelve, elwooods, Em3, emo, endorphin, Endorphin, Enigma of Steel, epsilon, Evinian's Logs., Ewoktrooper, excessum perficio, Excessum Perficio, Excèssum Pèrficiò, Exile, Eywa's Deeps, FacepalmInc, Fear Us, Fighting Harpies, Fighting Harpies, Fighting Harpies, Fighting Harpies, Foaming Mug League, foo, foo, For Perfection, FORCE, Fringe Division, Frozen Chosen, Gattss, gauss253, Gay Contest, GBE#300, Genesis, Ghettomagic N Shinzapper, Gildartsa, glich blepska, Glitch, Gone Mad, Goodfellas, Gothos, gothos is a scrub, Graveyard Shift, Graveyard Shift, Grim Art Council, Grp2, Guardians of the Phoenix, guild of heroes , Gus Test, Hag's DashBoard, Halcyon, Hallowed, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Hallowed Be Thy Name - Group 2, Hallowed Be Thy Name 2, Hallowed Be Thy Name Group 2, Hallowed Group 2, hallowed weekends, Happy lazers, Harbingers of Death, Harmony, HARMONY, HARMONY, HARMONY, HARMONY, herman, Heroics/Raids, HI!, hocd, HOCD, Holy Reign, honors creed, Honors Creed, Honors Creed, Horsemen of Apocalypse, House of Bennet, Hybrid Reaction, Hybrid Reaction, Héy, idk, idontknow, Ihealnubs, Illicit, Illuminati, Illuminati, Imperius, Impulse(tydenslogs), Incarnadine, Infinitum Mortem, Inhumane , Insomniacs Anonymous, Instagibbs Applications, insurrection, Internecine, Internecine, Internecine, Iron Edge Syndicate, itzjonny, iver dragond ring, Iziba, Jah Ith Ber, Joi, Just another fasa bank, Keepers of the Mushroom, Keepers of the Mushroom, Keepers of the Mushroom, KEK, KEK, Ketsui, Kilroggs Frosted Flakes, Kilroggs Frosted Flakes, Kink Arcana, Kink Arcana, Kink Arcana - Bubble logs, Kink Arcana Awesomeness, Knights of Nobility, Knights of Nobility, Knightsabre, kyle, Language Barrier, Last Call, Late Shift, Late Shift, Laughing Skull Clan, legendary, Legion of Madfellows, Liberi Fatali, Liberum Malus, Light Brigade, Lil Horde On, Lucid, Lucid, Lunar Likes Logs, Lunar Messing around, Maxpowr, Mehe, Meskhenet, Midnight Council, Midnight Council, MisChievous Intent, MisChievous Intent, MisChievous Intent, Mongoose, Mongoose, Moral Imperative, MS, munabi tribe, Munabi Tribe, Munabi Tribe, Munabi Tribe, Naii Guild Test, Narcotic, NaturalBornKillaz, Negotium Ursi, Nerve, New WOW Order, No MSG, NOGUILD, Nori's World, Norius, Norsegods, Norsegods , Obsidian, Obsidian, Obsidian, Obsidian, Odyssey, Odyssey, Odyssey, Oliei's Dominion, Order of Chaos, Order of Eternity, Order Of The IonCross, Order of the Kraken, Outlaw Renegades, Outnumbered, Oz Nz, pandemic, pandemic, Pandemic, Pandemic, Pandemic, Pandemic, Pandemic group 1, Paradoxum, Parkway Drive, Pawns of Prophecy, Paws for Concern, Peachpitpie, Peoples Front of Judea, Phordex Runs, Phöenix Rising, Pirate Sex Club, Pondering Freedom, POP, Post Meridiem, Premonition, primordial chaos, Protectors, Prox personal logs, prémonition, Psycosis, pug101, Pugs, rage, Raiding Brothers, Raiding Brothers, Raiding Rainbow, Random Meters, Randomguild, Rapture, rawn's dps, Razors Edge, ReAwaken, ReAwaken, Rebirth, Reborn Rage, reckitt, Reckless Renegades, Red Ring Of Death, Redemption, Redemption, Redemption, Reliç, Renaissance, Requiem, Requiem Noctis, Resurrection, Resurrection, Retribution, Retribution, Riders of the Ruined - JT, Righteous Indignation, Righteous Indignation, RollForBlame, rounatest, Ruthless, Sacred Sammies Alt runs, Sacred Samophlange, Sacred Samophlange, Sacred Samophlange, Sacred Samophlange, Sacred Samophlange, Saints Among Sinners, Sammies, Sammies group 2 , Sane, Sanguine Curse, Sanguine Curse, Sanguine Curse, Sanguine Curse, SanguineCurse, savage friends, Savage Friends, Savage Friends, Savage Friends, Savage Friends, savage friends summner, SC2, Sdarkness, Second Thoughts, Second Thoughts, Secret Consulate, Selmaria , SFOD, Shanklogs, shatter resistant, Simplicity, SkyHigh, Skylawl Progression, Skywall, skywall sentinels, Skywall Sentinels , slash RAWR, Snafu, Snafu, Snafu, Snàfu, Soldiers of Nightfall, Squirrels Gone Wild, SSSB2, Stigma, Stilettoz, Styrka, supersports, Swagg Proof, Swordsmen, Syndicus, Synthesis, Tabula Rasa, Tantalize, Tar Valon, Tar Valon, Tar Valon, Tar Valon g1, Tauren Brotherhood, tco, Temp Sammies, test guild, TEST RUN, testshoot, Teutonic Knights, Teutonic Knights, Thats Awkward, The , The Achievers, The Avenging Crusaders, The Champions of Azeroth, The crazy ones, The Crazy Ones, The Crazy Ones, The Crazy Ones, The Crazy Ones (Team 2), The Dark Syndicate, the devil s rejects, The Devil s Rejects, The Disposable Heros, The Heavenly Host, the mafia, the one power, The Protectors, The Pwn Zone, The Sundering, The Sundering, The Sundering, The Sundering, The Sundering, The Unpossibles, Them, thepriceisright, third watch, Third Watch, Third Watch, Those Who Must Be Kept, THOSE WHO MUST BE KEPT, THOSE WHO MUST BE KEPT, Three Hundred, Three O Clock Dinner, ThunderWalkers, ThunderWalkers, Timeless Endeavour, Timeless Endeavour, Timeless Endeavour, Timeless Endevour, timelessendeavour, Timesink, Tir's Logs, Titan, Titan, Top Hat, Top Hat, Top Hat, Tortured, Tortured, Tortured, towelliee, Tuatha, Twisted Ambition, TWMBK, TWSS, UnderRaided, Unforgiven Souls, Unholy Shadows, Unholy Vengeance, unholyvengeance, UP IN SMOKE, Upload Guild, Aculeus Upon Ordeum, Agents of Swords, Alchemist, Angels of the Night, Angry Monkeys, Artificial, Ascendancy, Ashta Killer Association, Birds of Prey, Blood of Heroes, BoA, boondock saints, Brutality, Bushidó, Calm Down, Cant Heal Stupid, Champions of Vengeance, Coast to Coast, Controlled Chaos, Cult of Suffering, Dark Honor, Dark Phoenix, Dark Survivors, Death Hunters, DeathBeforeDishonor, DeathDealerz, Deaths Embrace, Deathstar Warriors, Dia Tribe, dk demons, Dragons Promise, Drak Thul Knights, Dread Wasted, DWB Overflow, Dysfunctional, DÀRK GLORY, Elective Amnesia, Elemental Cola, Embrace The Shadow, End Silence, Endorphin, Epic Drops, esoteric templar, Eternal Allies, Euthanasia, Eye Candy, Fallen Crusaders, Fallen Snow, First Bank of Gnome, Forbidden Love, Forged in Fire, Forging Destiny, Former CRR, Free HKs, freedom is ours, Ghost Story, Great Glorious Grapevine, Guardians of thé Horde, Harbingers, Harbingers of Serenity, Heaven Bound, Hit It and Crit It, Holy Legion, Hordeslayers, HPO, I LOVE VANGUARD, Illuminati, In the Undead of Night, Infiniti, Insert Guild Name, Intlbnk, Invalid Reasoning, It Could Be Worse, Knights of Freedom, Knights of Phoenix Four, Knights of Phonex Four, Knights of the thorn, Lagged Out, Leading Dynasty, Left Right Is Hard, Legion of Madfellows, Libération, Lil Horde On, LORDS OF THE DARK REALM, LoveTheLord, Lucidity, Lux et Veritas, Magnum Opus, Maxwells Deamons, Molten Core Swim Team, Moo Cows, Most Wantëd, Mount Hunters, Mountain Dew, Mox Nix Monkies, Myth Walkers Of Warcraft, Negotium Ursi, No Clue, No Pants Mafia, Not My No No Square, Oaknsheild, OccupyStormwind, Odyssey, Order of Fenris, Order of the Kraken, Organized Chaos, Orgrimmars Finest, Overnight Sensations, Pandaria, Pandemic Warriors, Paraplegic Twister, Paws for Concern, Primordial Chaos, Professionals, Raided R, Revenge Of The Fallen, Rise Against, Rise Of The Fallen Souls, Rising Moon, Rulers Of Azeroth, Rummage, Rummages, Sacred Order, Sanctuarý, Sanitarium, Security, See what happened was, Shadows Edge, ShatterHelm Clan, Silver Blood, Smiling Faces Of Death, Solaris, Solstice, Sprite, Stellar Stellas, Stonefall, Stormrage, SWAT II, Sworn, Talisman, Team Redundant Team, Temporary Insanity, The Active, The Big Bang Theory, The Blacklist, The Border Patrol, The Crazy Ones, The Crusadors, The DARK CARNIVAL, The Death Squad, The Elite Legion, The Four Winds, The Handsomes, The High Council, The Knighthood of Ashrah, The Legions End, The Next Generation, The One Power, The Order Of The Dragon, THE REGULATORS, The rounders, The WOW Enthusiast, Theifs, Til Death Ends, Timelords, Transcendence, Twink Arena Master, Twisted Ambition, two old farts, Udder Chaos, Venerable Warlords, Veritas et Lux, Vermillion, Victrix Mortalis, Vyragosas Bane, WalesBank, Warforged, We Are Legend, WE RUN THIS, We Wipe on Trash, Where my money at, Without Remorse, World Police, Wrath Of The Ancients, Wôrld ôf Warcraft, A FREEZE, Abandoned Knights, Afterlife, Agents of SMASH, Alliance Killers, Alliant, Almost Sane, Amen, Ancient Adventurers, and the Holy Cows, Angelic Kingdom, Annihilation, ARMX, Attack on Titan, Auctioneer, Bad Company, Bad Example, Bad Karma, Bad News Bears, Banana Stand, Bane of Kings, BankAlts, Bankers Vengance, Bankie poo, BANKIN, BanksRuS, BankTellerOne, Bathory, Berries and Cream, Better Than You, Beyond The Gate, Blasphemous, Bleeding Serenity, Blood Demands Blood, Blood Rage, Blood Templars, BloodOath, Bloody Knuckles, Bound by Blood, Buy Low Sell High, Buzinga, C H A O S, Carnage, Carnage Asada, Casual Chemistry, Chaos Legends, Chimera, Choice, Chosen Ones, Clarity, Comfortably Numb, Consumed Nightmare, Core Dump, Corrupted Destiny, Creeping Death, Critical Aftermath, CriticalError, CrÍt Hàppens, Cue Ominous Music, Cute Players of Wow, Damage Incorporated, Damnation, Dark Raiders, Darkness Incarnate, Dauntless, Deadman Wonderland, Death Punch, Debauchery, Delusional, Devils Minions, Dewey Cheatem and How, Dirty Naga, Disbanded, DisciplesOfDisorder, Disconnected, Divine Mandate, Dixconnected, Doomed by Fate, DRACONIC VIVEX, DRT, DrunknKiss, Duck Duck Dead, Elunes Salvation, Emperadores de Justicia, Encrusted Gaunts, Epics And Stuff, Equilibríum, Eternal Hope, F Bomb Inc, Facultas, Fade To Darkness, Fallen Angel, Fates End, Fearless of Skywall, Fiery Fury, Fighting Harpies, Final Fortune, Fist of Xuen, Flagellant Drunks, For the Night Owl, Freaks on a Leash, From Death, Frozen Synergy, Ghettomagic N Shinzapper, Gladiators of Azeroth, Global Addiction, Gnome Jumpers Anonymous, GoldenTimes, Goldshire Bruisers, Graveyard Shift, GU Crew, Gøds øf Prøphecy, Hallowed Be Thy Name, hang em high, Harbingers of Death, Hardly Heroic, HARMONY, Harmony OF The Lost, Heavens Battlefield, Heros for Hire, Hititlikeyoumeanit, Holy Reign, Holy Reign Stinks, House of Night, I Have To Many Alts, I Tried to Quit the Game, If youre dying im AFK, Imperius, Impulse, Infernal, Insaníty, Is Boxing, jolly guild, Keeling Thyme, Keyboard Warriors, Killer Babes, kingofmats, Kink Arcana, Kits R Us, Knights of Sleepy Hollow, Knightsabre, Language Barrier, Last of an Ancient Breëd, Legends Never Die, Legion of Peacekeepers, Legions of Hell, Letters of War, Liberi Fatali, Light, Light Brigade, Living Legends, Lords of Valhala, Magical Mystery, May Be Boxing, Maylina Hates You, Medicinal, Mediocrity in Motion, Members Only, Minis BANK, MisChievous Intent, MLPAllStars, Months Behind, Multiple Death Syndrome, Munabi Tribe, Murder By Moonlight, Nasty Crew, nghitelfkings, Night Rangers, Nights Tavern, nOObs Anonymous, Of Darkness, Oh No Tokyo, Old times sake, Optimize, Order Of Chaos, Order of Exiled Elite, Order of the IonCross, Orderly Chaos, Osmosis, Paint it Red, Paragon Knighthood, Paragons, Paranormal, Path of Righteousness, Paws for Concern, PAY IT FORWARD, Peoples Front of Judea, Phenomenon, Phöenix Rising, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Possibly Boxing, Powerslaves, Praxis, Premonition, Pretty Purple Pwnies, Protectors of loopyland, Proximity, Psychosocial, Purify, Pwnies Gonna Pwn, Pwnies of Equestria, Pwnstar, Questionable Virtue, Radical Dreamers, Rainy Day Kids, Rapture, Rare, Rated M, ReAwaken, Reclaimed, Redemption, Renegades, Renegades Of Demise, Requiem, Resonance, Resurrection, Resurrection Sickness, Ring Wraiths of Lothar, Riot Officer, Rising Moon, Rule Number Eight, Révolution, Sacred Samophlange, sad but true, Saevio, sakage, Sanctums Edge, Sanguine Curse, Savings and Loan, Second Covenant, Second Thoughts, secrets keepers, Section Eight, Seven Day Ban, Shadow Stalkers, Shady Dealer, Shaolin Fist, Shimmering Blades, Silence I Kill Yoù, Silent Valor, Skills FTW, Skywall savoirs, Skywall Sentinels, Sliver of Infinity, Sneech Inc, Social Disorder, Soldiers of Nightfall, Soldiers of Truth, Soul Eater, Soul Eáters, SOULSTONED, Southern Hospitality, Squirrels Gone Wild, Strife, Swagg Proof, SWAT, Syndicus, System Overload, Sèèds Øf Ðèvastation, Tairens Greed, Tanks an Heals, Targaryens, Team Werk, The Avenging Crusaders, The Bank of Madambank, The Blacklist, The Bringers of Light, The Convicts, The Dark Disciples, The Dark Syndicate, The Drunken Order, The Eye Of The Fight, The Hilt is a Lie, The Illuminati, The Iron Alliance, The Knights of Light, The Kukai Foundation, The Legendary, The Lost Ones, The Path of Animosity, The Practical Solution, The Pwn Clone, The Pwn Zone, The Requisitioners, The Ring of Fire, The Saints Of Skywall, The Stormwind Elites, The Trickle Down Effect, The Twilight Axiom, The Unpossibles, The Wolf Hunters, Therapy, Third Shift, Third Watch, This Aint My Main, THOSE WHO MUST BE KEPT, Three Inches Unbuffed, Thunder Bluff Assassins, Timeless Endeavour, Tough Love, Turnbull ACs, Twisted Myth, Two Girls One Flask, UnderRaided, Unholy Shadows, Unlêâshêd, Valley of Heroes, Veterans Monastery, Vigor, Villains, VilliansOfCarpeDiem, Way of the Wicked, We Are Retired, We farm it, Wicked, WTF is CC, Xßlâde, YO SOY FIESTA, Æntourage, Übér, Validus, vapora, Vendetta, Ventrys, viginti tres, Voliostest, Wakka hunter, warkings of azeroth, Warkings of Azeroth, Wars's logs, Way of the Wicked, Way of the Wicked, Way of the Wicked, What NOW, Wheelchair Breakdancers, Wheelchair Breakdancers, Wheelchair Breakdancers, Wheelchair Breakdancers: Team Chaotic, Wheelchair Breakdancers: Team Cooter, Wheelchair Breakdancers: Team E, Whoroweat, Wings of Darkness, Wipe Club, wolfblood, woo, Yakshi, Yessir, yuox, yuox, Yzer's Logs, Ænigma, ÆNIMA

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