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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Winter Wolves US-Drakkari Horde 0 63
I need my logs US-Drakkari Alliance 0 18
Reborn Reavers US-Drakkari Horde 0 12
Japi & TheRapists US-Drakkari Horde 0 6
Legends US-Drakkari Alliance 0 5
Marcelus_Test US-Drakkari Horde 0 5
Uthopic US-Drakkari Horde 0 4
Miamoto Raids US-Drakkari Alliance 0 3
Uthopic US-Drakkari Alliance 0 3
HTL US-Drakkari Horde 0 2
Manuel Maldonado US-Drakkari Horde 0 2
Berserk US-Drakkari Horde 0 1
Insomnio US-Drakkari Horde 0 1
Mismatch US-Drakkari Alliance 0 1
Muther US-Drakkari Alliance 0 1
Unreality(byKen) US-Drakkari Alliance 0 1
VIP US-Drakkari Alliance 0 1
woofwoofbrigaade US-Drakkari Alliance 0 1
Anguirel None Horde 0 0
Concordia None Alliance 0 0
Doomhammer None Alliance 0 0
FlRE None Alliance 0 0
GeForce None Horde 0 0
GozuGomuNo None Horde 0 0
Guerreros Jaguares None Alliance 0 0
Herald of Legions Fall None Horde 0 0
Holding the Line None Horde 0 0
Holding The Line None Horde 0 0
Impositio Magnus None Alliance 0 0
kitty kicking None Horde 0 0
La Resistencia None Alliance 0 0
LM Warcraft None Horde 0 0
Log Horizon None Horde 0 0
Los Amigos del Mana None Horde 0 0
Los FaBuLosOs Cadillacs None Horde 0 0
Mercenarios None Horde 0 0
Monsters None Horde 0 0
Monsters None Horde 0 0
MonstersGuild None Horde 0 0
mortank None Horde 0 0
Ohjiro SoO None Horde 0 0
Perception None Alliance 0 0
poker and hookers None Horde 0 0
Post Mortem None Horde 0 0
PWNED-Core None Horde 0 0
PWNED-LA None Horde 0 0
Reckless Legion None Horde 0 0
Stormrage None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
Uthopic None Alliance 0 0
Vitharr None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

A Bao A Qu, Anarchy, Argentos, Argentos, Ari, atldiego, atldiego, atldiego, Bestrafer, Bestrafer of Cydonia, Bestrafer of Cydonia, Bestrafer of Cydonia, Bestrafer of Cydonia, Bloodhorn, Bloodthirst, Brain, Brain damage, Brain Damage, Brasil Forces, BrasilForces, Cacho, Concordia, Conejos muertos, Crusade of Death, Dawn Of Victory, Desideratus Fatum, Dissidia, Distracion-off, Distraction, Distraction, Distraction, El Circulo, El Circulo, Elite, Elite, Elite Raider, Elite Raider, Elite Raider, EliteRaider, Enfermero, Estigia, Eternal Darkness, EXMAA, Exodus, Fallen Order, Fallen Order, Fire, Firkrag, Forged in the Fire, Forged In The Fire, Forsakens of the Horde, Forsakens of The Horde, Garrimosh, gloxinia, HawkEye, Hell Monkeys, HELLRAISERS, Herlethins, Herlethins, Holding the Line, Holding The Line, Holding The Line, Hopee, HyperioN, Impositio Magnus, infectum, Infectum, Inquisidores, Inquisidores, Insanity, Insanity, Insomnio, IPWNU, Iron Will , Jondalar, Kaos, L0gz0rz, La Compañia de la Mano Roja, La Crauzada Oscura, La Cruzada Oscura, La Otra Guild, La Plaga, La resistencia, Laurind, Legends, Loktar, Los Campeones Supremos, Los Limosneros, Los Tigres Del Northrend, Luchito, Luz Mala, Maelstrom, Merodii & CO, Mjølnir, Monsters, Monsters, Muther, Muthercr, My logs pls, myself, Mythical Rising, Mädness, Mädness, Nihilanth, Nihilanth 10, NutShot, P W N , Paragon, Perfect Enemy, PERFECT ENEMY, Peronal_Murakumo, Post Mortem 10 - grupo 1, prueba, Prueba, Psycho Raiders, Pugeando por mi MainAlt, Pwned 2, Quo, Rage Against The Allies, Rage against the machine, Reborn Reavers, Reign of Gods, Rekium, reroll, Reroll, Reroll, Reroll, Revenge, Rising Force, Rust in Peace, Sacrum, Sacrum, Shadows, Silence, Silence2, steidaz, Sui Géneris, Supreme, Supreme, The Blâck Hand, The Gamon Slayers, The Legion Clan, The Legion Clan, Tijuana Bibles, Titanes Æsir, Titanes Æsir, TLC, tomorrow I will quit, tumama, Under Control, Unreality, Unwipeable, Unwipeable, A Taste Of Chile, AFK, Alba Argenta, Angelicus Inferno, Antares, Arkadia, AsesinoS, Augmented, Backsheep, BANCO II, Band of Brothers, Blackbirds control, Bondiola con Criolla, Bøhemian Rhapsody, Cain Offering, Celestial Being, Chiefs of The Realm, Chronos, Colifatos, Colombian Destiny, Concordia, Condenados, Conejos Muertos, Corpses, CubanFlow, Curatoris Fatum, Cursed, Dark Fenix, Dark Lords, Darkstalkers, Dawn of Victory, Dead Man Chest, Death Gaze, DEFENSORES DE LA HORDA, DeliriuMMaximuN, Demency, Depredadores Naturales, Destroyers Of Boredom, Digital Gangsters, Disavowed, Distraction, Divinos, Drakkari Elite, elegidos para la gloria, Elite Shadows, Elites, Endless Dark, EPIC HANGOVER, Erat Insaniam, Eternal Destiny, Ethernal Øbsesion, Fairy Tail, Farmville, Fenghuang Warriors, Fenix, First Blood, Fiu de Gunt, Furry Fandom, Garrimosh, GgX, GodMode, Guilda Brasil, H y p e r i o N, Herlethins, Holding The Line, Honorless Target, Horde Legacy, Horde Pandaria Champions, Húsares, I am a Warrior, II Break Stuff II, Impositio Magnus, Infectum, infinity luminaire, Inmortal Warriors, Irak is a PvP Server, Iron Crusade, Irreparables, Jinetes del Apocalipsis, Kammasutra, Kings of Gods, Knights of Blood Oath, KNIGHTS OF THE NEW WORLD, La Cerveza, la comarca, La Comunidad Del Anillo, La Otra Guild, La Posta, La Séptima Legión, LagMental, Las Aventuras de Perle, Last of us, Last Quest, Laughing Skull, LEGENDARY, Lets do this interesting, Light My Fire, Live And Let Die, Loading, Lobos Errantes, Log Horizon, Los Amigos del Mana, Los Boludos, Maelstrom, Magdallia, Mancitos y Dragones, Mano de Libertad, Mansa Guild, Mares del Sur, Mercenarios, Metal Heart, Military Zombie, Mismatch, Monsters, My FIST is MONOCHROMATIC, Mädness, Mërcenariøs, Natives, Nebuchadnezzar, Nevermind, New Order of Lordaeron, No soy manko tengo lag, NOOBS, Not In My House, Nuevo Orden Mundial, Numeri Praetoria, nö mercy, Oblivion, Old Friends, Olympus, Orden oscura, Outcast, Pacto Macabro, Paradox, Perfect Enemy, Power Rangers, Rage, Rage Against the Allies, Random, Rekium, Renegades of Drakkari, Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku, Rise of Cthulhu, Rock and Blame Roll, Runaway, Rust In Peace, Sangreal, Sarif Industries, Selen, Senoew Ed Notnom, shadowmourne, Shadows of War, Shidai Hitokiri, Silence, Silver Crusade, Snow whitë and the seven, Soul Dragon, Sovereignty, Soy Un Dinosaurio Rawrr, Stellavasi, Stratovarius, Survivors PvP, Sword Art Online Guild, Tahuantinsuyo, Tea Party, That Lame Guild, The Book of Five Rings, The Clan, The Crimson Crusade, The Dark Pact, The Dark Side, The Inmortal Order, The Kings Of Warcraft, The Legends, The Lost Legion, The Lucid Dream, The NEW crown, The Raptors, THE THUNDERIANS, TheAvengers, Three Feet Tall, Thunder Kings, Titanes Diabolicos, Top Secret, Top Secretz, Treinta cm sin Buffs, Twilight Zone, Ultraxion, Unclan, Uthopic Alts, Valaquenta, Versteckt, VIP, Voljin INMORTALS, Voodoo, Warlords of Stormwind, Warsong Gülch, Winter Wolves, X Laws, xD, Yorozuya, Young blood alliance, ZUG LIFE, Ðiosa De La Luna Negra, Øblivion, Viejos Viciosos, viejosviciosos, ViejosViciosos, ViejosViciosos, VIP, VIPdrakkari, VIPZOFY, Winter Wolves, Wipeland, WoLz, Zulax, Ïmperius, Ðelirium

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