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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Tactical Vengeance US-Dragonblight Horde 0 643
Benevolent Thuggery US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 597
Triarii US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 387
chaosphere US-Fenris Horde 0 290
Holy Crit US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 186
Ascendance US-Dragonblight Horde 0 156
DLog US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 149
Resonance US-Fenris Horde 0 134
Satellite US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 133
Trample US-Fenris Horde 0 124
Dissonance US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 108
Veterans US-Fenris Horde 0 94
Reborn US-Fenris Horde 0 92
Doom None Horde 0 71
Keepers of Ulduar US-Fenris Horde 0 68
End of Justice US-Dragonblight Horde 0 65
Luna Wolves US-Fenris Horde 0 58
Vengeance None Alliance 0 58
Canberra Raiders None Alliance 0 53
Revelations US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 49
Rebirth US-Fenris Alliance 0 44
First World Problems US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 35
Nocturnal Order US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 35
Terminus US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 34
Mythic US-Fenris Alliance 0 33
FbooUstCersK US-Fenris Horde 0 32
Irrational US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 32
minkx None Alliance 0 32
Mythic US-Fenris Alliance 0 31
shadow Lords US-Fenris Alliance 0 24
Emerge US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 23
Murloc Slavery Inc US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 20
Reborn US-Fenris Alliance 0 20
My Guild US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 18
The Mayhem Project US-Dragonblight Horde 0 18
Vanadis US-Dragonblight Horde 0 18
PUGLog US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 17
Moon US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 14
Skeletor US-Dragonblight Horde 0 13
Afflction US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 12
Incompetent AI US-Dragonblight Horde 0 12
Stormborne US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 11
Mirrodin US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 10
Silent Ascension None Alliance 0 10
SoS US-Dragonblight Horde 0 10
End Game Theory US-Fenris Alliance 0 9
Rififi US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 9
Checkmate US-Fenris Alliance 0 8
In For Blood US-Dragonblight Horde 0 8
Righteous US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 8
Supremacy US-Fenris Alliance 0 8
Too Legit To Crit US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 8
Damage Incorporated US-Dragonblight Horde 0 7
International Criminals US-Fenris Alliance 0 7
Rae's logs US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 7
Soteralog None Alliance 0 7
Anla Shok US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 6
Deus ex Crux US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 6
Fellowship of the Thing US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 6
Holy Crit US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 6
makes this look good US-Fenris Horde 0 6
Oh Snap US-Fenris Horde 0 6
Tabula Rasa US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 6
Lawl Abiding Citizen US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 5
Ooh Shiny US-Fenris Alliance 0 5
Reckoning US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 5
Satellite US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 5
Severed Ties US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 5
Agg US-Fenris Alliance 0 4
Clothing Optional US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 4
Deaths Disguise None Alliance 0 4
Enigma US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 4
Exigence US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 4
Groundstroke US-Dragonblight Horde 0 4
Moncholo US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 4
Pugs US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 4
The Outcasts US-Fenris Horde 0 4
Dhampyr US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 3
Diabolic US-Dragonblight Horde 0 3
Edeas Orphans 25 US-Fenris Horde 0 3
Frustration US-Fenris Alliance 0 3
Hand of Pain (10 Man) US-Fenris Horde 0 3
mlogs US-Dragonblight Horde 0 3
Monkey Business US-Dragonblight Horde 0 3
Outbreak US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 3
PugNelli US-Fenris Horde 0 3
Satellite US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 3
wrogowie hordy US-Fenris Alliance 0 3
Army of Heaven US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
Deaths Disguise US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
Epidemic Solo Log US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
Insomnia US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
Lords of Beta US-Dragonblight Horde 0 2
Public Players US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
Satellite US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
So Much junk US-Fenris Alliance 0 2
The Outcasts -TA & HWNN US-Fenris Horde 0 2
Twist of Fate US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 2
Unrivaled US-Dragonblight Horde 0 2
Y SO SRS US-Fenris Alliance 0 2
Andefiled US-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
Askew US-Fenris Alliance 0 1
Beautifull way to die US-Fenris Alliance 0 1
Beefy's minions US-Fenris Horde 0 1
Closeshave US-Fenris Horde 0 1
DB_PuG US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Debacle US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Desecration US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Double Ds US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Edeas Orphans US-Fenris Horde 0 1
Exodus US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
FlackoLogs US-Fenris Alliance 0 1
Incision-Y US-Fenris Horde 0 1
Ind Run US-Fenris Alliance 0 1
Its Just A Game US-Fenris Alliance 0 1
Lethal Souls None Horde 0 1
Likes Turtles 2 US-Fenris Horde 0 1
Mythical US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Orgrimmar Credit Union US-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
orura US-Fenris Horde 0 1
Perpetual US-Fenris Alliance 0 1
Perpetual Dream US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Prophets of Malice US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Ruin US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Sad But True US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
saviths logs US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Scuffle's Logs US-Fenris Alliance 0 1
Shark Week US-Fenris Alliance 0 1
Suspect Zero US-Fenris Alliance 0 1
Tauren Tippers US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
Thats A Big Twinkie US-Fenris Alliance 0 1
The Coven of Darkness US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 1
The Dark Side US-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
The OCK US-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
Tonic US-Fenris Alliance 0 1
with Pancakes US-Dragonblight Horde 0 1
abcde None Alliance 0 0
Agronn None Alliance 0 0
Ameliorate None Alliance 0 0
Angry None Alliance 0 0
Arise None Alliance 0 0
Army of Heaven None Alliance 0 0
Army of Heaven None Alliance 0 0
Army of Heaven US-Dragonblight Alliance 0 0
Asa Logs None Alliance 0 0
Asharti None Alliance 0 0
Barnacles None Alliance 0 0
bazinga None Alliance 0 0
Beep Beep I'm a Jeep None Alliance 0 0
Blood Brothers None Horde 0 0
Brotherhood Of Golgoth None Horde 0 0
Checkmate None Alliance 0 0
CleaveLogs None Horde 0 0
Col Eil Cel None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Fury None Alliance 0 0
Crits or GTFO None Alliance 0 0
Crusaders of Apathy None Alliance 0 0
Crusaders of Apathy None Alliance 0 0
Crux None Alliance 0 0
Crux alts and Casuals None Alliance 0 0
Cäke None Horde 0 0
Dark Citadel None Horde 0 0
Dark Crucible None Alliance 0 0
dark side None Horde 0 0
Darptaestguild None Alliance 0 0
Death Row None Alliance 0 0
Debacle None Alliance 0 0
Debacle MoP None Alliance 0 0
Did We Rank Bro? None Alliance 0 0
Disciples of the Light None Alliance 0 0
Doom None Horde 0 0
Duckies None Alliance 0 0
Dysfunctional None Alliance 0 0
Dysfunctional None Alliance 0 0
E U L O G Y None Alliance 0 0
Eagan's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Eaglethunder None Alliance 0 0
Edeas Orphans None Horde 0 0
Elspeth - Frustration None Alliance 0 0
Elspeth's Logs None Alliance 0 0
ErlayaDB None Alliance 0 0
Every Man For Himself None Alliance 0 0
Every Man For Himself None Alliance 0 0
Evil Angels None Horde 0 0
Evil Angels (Team 2) None Horde 0 0
Evil Gerbils None Alliance 0 0
Ex Cineribus Resurgam None Alliance 0 0
Exigence None Alliance 0 0
Exiléd None Alliance 0 0
Finnegans Wake None Alliance 0 0
Fleetwood None Alliance 0 0
Freakinferal None Alliance 0 0
Frustration Main Group None Alliance 0 0
Get In The Van None Horde 0 0
Gods of Valhalla None Alliance 0 0
Graveyard desciples None Alliance 0 0
Green's None Alliance 0 0
Griff Logs None Alliance 0 0
Guilty by Association None Horde 0 0
Gurka Dirka Dirka None Horde 0 0
Gwardia Przymierza None Alliance 0 0
hamburglar None Horde 0 0
Hand of Pain US-Fenris Alliance 0 0
Inefficient None Alliance 0 0
Innovation None Alliance 0 0
Intervention None Alliance 0 0
IWhiskey Tango FoxtrotI None Horde 0 0
Klavine None Alliance 0 0
Lenne None Alliance 0 0
Lextasy runs None Horde 0 0
LFR None Alliance 0 0
LFR None Alliance 0 0
litlred None Alliance 0 0
Loth's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Luna Wolves None Horde 0 0
Luna Wolves None Horde 0 0
Maxidormas None Alliance 0 0
Mayor Carlos Danger None Alliance 0 0
Midnight None Alliance 0 0
Midnight None Alliance 0 0
Midnight None Alliance 0 0
Nite Tyme None Alliance 0 0
no None Alliance 0 0
Octane None Alliance 0 0
Oonga Booga None Horde 0 0
Overdose None Alliance 0 0
Panda LFR Runs None Alliance 0 0
Pants Party None Alliance 0 0
PDawgize None Horde 0 0
Peons for Hire None Alliance 0 0
Perpetual Dream None Alliance 0 0
Personification None Alliance 0 0
Probably Drunk None Alliance 0 0
Prominence None Alliance 0 0
PUGs None Alliance 0 0
Pugz None Alliance 0 0
Quintessential None Alliance 0 0
Raidiculous-DC None Alliance 0 0
Realm of ïllumination None Alliance 0 0
Reeven's logs None Alliance 0 0
Rickey Cricket None Horde 0 0
Riders of the Storm None Horde 0 0
Rythym of the War Drums None Alliance 0 0
Sabotage None Alliance 0 0
Satellite None Alliance 0 0
Scorpion None Alliance 0 0
Severed Ties Wellsdizzle None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Shuangy's Personal None Alliance 0 0
Square One None Horde 0 0
stash of all stashes None Horde 0 0
Strawberry Nubcakes None Horde 0 0
SxyPeach None Alliance 0 0
Taegen Guild None Alliance 0 0
Tauren Riders None Alliance 0 0
TaurenRiders None Alliance 0 0
tempurpedicbear None Alliance 0 0
termites None Alliance 0 0
The Dark Side None Horde 0 0
The Deceivers None Alliance 0 0
The Misfits None Alliance 0 0
The Outcasts None Horde 0 0
The Outcasts-TA None Horde 0 0
The Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
The Pirate Horde None Horde 0 0
The Relevance US-Dragonblight Horde 0 0
The Sunniest Guild None Alliance 0 0
The Unmentionables None Alliance 0 0
totemchaos None Alliance 0 0
Triarii None Alliance 0 0
Turks None Alliance 0 0
Under Construction None Horde 0 0
Unholy None Horde 0 0
Unrivaled None Horde 0 0
Unrivaled log's None Alliance 0 0
UR Attila None Alliance 0 0
valkyrie None Horde 0 0
Varians Heroic Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Varians Heroic Raiders None Alliance 0 0
Velocity None Alliance 0 0
W R A T H None Alliance 0 0
wassbi None Horde 0 0
WDA None Horde 0 0
Wheelie None Alliance 0 0
Worst Case Scenario None Horde 0 0
Wrath of Hell None Horde 0 0
wrogowie hordy US-Fenris Alliance 0 0
ZappyShappy None Alliance 0 0
ZergDPS None Horde 0 0
озверин None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

--, 12-21-12, 1ndecisive, , A Nightmare To Remember, AB, Absolute, Aces and Kings, Adamant, adoreeambreetestsubjects, ADP (Rel's Logs), Aegis of Honor, Aesir, Affirmative Action, After Ours, Aggroholics Anonymous, Alliance Pest Control, Alt runs, Altsrus, Ameliorate, Ameliorate, Ameliorate, Anarchy Rising , Angelface son, Anguish, Anguish, Anguishy, Antebellum, Antimatter, Aphorism, Aqua's Logs, Army of Heaven, Army of Heaven, Army of Heaven, Army of Heaven, Assassination Squad, Asylum of the Fallen, Asylum Of The Fallen, Attila UR, Aumentare di Phoenix, awesomeguild, Axis Of Anarchy, bad habits, Banana, Band of The Red Hand, Baned, Bearlogs, Belatone, belews, BlackDragons, Blah, Blah, Blaine, blkdrgn pug, Blood Bath and Beyond, Blood Stained Angels, Bloodbath and Beyond, Bloody Oath, Bloody Oath, Bloody Oath Mate, Boomtankheal, Bowies in Space, BRB Ice Cream Truck, BrianCoen, Brigata di Morte, Broken Relics, BrotherhoodOfGolgotha, Brucetree is Awesome, Buebue, Bumsex, Cade, Calculated, Canada, carl, catastrophe, Catastrophe, Catastrophe, Catharsis, Cepo, cerpin, Ceyle Dps Test, CF Raiders, CFTest, chan log, Chaotic karma, Chaotic Legion, Chaotic Legion, Chaotic Legion, Chaotic Legion Beta, Chaotic Semblance, Chaotic Semblance, checkmate, checkmate, Checkmate, Checkmate, Choking Hazard PTR, Chronological, Chronological, Chökìng Házárd, Cipher, Cipher, Clan Battlehammer, Clown College, Cobras Lair, commonwealth, Complex, Concussion, Contemptuous Assembly, Contemptuous Assembly, Cool, CoreLog, Counterbalance, Craving, Crimson Fury, Crimson Fury, Crimson Fury, Crits or GTFO, Crits or GTFO, Crown of Souls, Crusaders of the Light, Crux, Crux, Crux, D Girls, Daerith, Dances With Worgen, Dances With Worgen, Dark Covenant, Dark Bane, Dark Covenant, Dark Crucible, Dark Crucible, Dark Destiny, Darkness Army, Dawn Vigil, Daybreakers, Death by Design, Death Praised, Death Symphony, Deathfiend, Deaths Disguise, Deaths Disguise, Deaths Vendetta, debacle, Debacle, Debacle, Debacle, Debacle1, DeC, Decay, Decay, Decuria, dednetnI sa ginkroW, Defiant, Defiant, Degopwn, Deklinjr, Den of Iniquity, Desecration, dethslog, Deus ex Crux, Deus Ex Crux2, Deåths Disguise, Diabolic, Diabolic, Diabolic, Diabolic, Dialup, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Disciples of the Light, Disillusioned, Disney Girls, Dissension, Dissension, Dissension, Dissension, DK Ranking 101, DND, DND, dods, Dom's awesomeness, Dominate, Doodie, dragon legion, Dragon Legion, Dragonblight, Drawn Together, Drunk, Dunderbaks, Dust, dynamic10.1, Dyzy, E C H E L O N, Easy Raiders, Echoes of Fenris, ECR, Edeas Orphans (Temp), Edei's Guild, Edge of Reason, elliendar parse, Elysium, Elysium, End Game Junk, End Game Theory, End Game Theory, End Game Theory, End of Justice, End Of Justice, Endgame Players, Endgame Players, Endless, EO Outcasts, Epic, Epic2, Essence, Essence, Essence, Essence, Eternal Ascension, Evil Angels, Evo2, Evolution, Evolution, Evolved, Evolved of Fenris, Exiled2, Exiled2, Exiles ofAzeroth, exiléd, Exiléd3, Exo, EYe for an eye, F i L T H, facepalm, Facepalm, Fail, Failnaxx, FairyTail, fckme, Fearless, Fenris, Final, Final, Final, Final Judgement, Finality, First Attempt, Flexy Flex Logs, For Science, For the record, Forgotten Legion, ForgottenLegion, Forsaken Bloodlines, ForsakenlockLFRdpstest, Freakinferal, Fred, Frozentruth, Full Spectrum, FULL SPECTRUM, fun is your hat, fusionlogs, G test, GeneticallySuperior, GeneticallySuperior, Get in the Van 2, Gho1977, Gimpi, Ginger4Hire, Glorious Legacy, Glorious Legacy, GMT Eight, Gnomargeddon, Gnomargeddon, Goblinity2, Gray Dawn, grim, Grim Promise, Guardians of Mythology, Guild, Guild Log Bank, Guild of Ancantus, Halanu, Halanu Test, Hand of Pain, Hand of Pain, Hands of John Sunday, Harper Hall, Harper Hall, Harper Hall, Harper Hall, Healing Test, Heather, Hello Kitty Club, Hemillysguild, Here Be Dragons, Heretics, Hipolytas, hitsaguya, Holy Khaos, HOLY KHAOS, Honeybadgers, HoP, Hope Rides alone, Horde Darkness, Horde in Disguise, hot test, House of Paratus, House of Paratus, House of Paratus, How About No, Hugebiceps, Hundreds, hybrid, Hybrid, IC, Ice, ideal, Iforged, Ikon, Imkatey, Immortal Dusk, Immortal Misfits, Immortal Misfits, Imperfect, In For Blood, Incompetent, Incompetent, Incompetent, Incursion, Indecisive, Indecisive, Indecisive2, Indecisivee, inefficient, Inefficient, Inefficient, Inefficient, Inefficient, Inefficient3, Infectious, Inferno, Inglorious, Ingredius, Ingredius, Innovation, Insidious Divine, Insom, Insomnia, International Criminals, Intervention, Intervention 2, Intervention 2, Intervention2, Interventions, Inversion, Invidious, Iraqi Vets, Iron Skillet, Its Just A Game, Itsumo Nakama, IWhiskey Tango Foxtrot|, Jabari Safari, Jaber's Logs, Jaquas, JFK wasnt LOS, jim bob billy, joebob, Judak, JustNeedToKnow, JustTesting, Kannubis and The Outcasts, Keepers of Kolvir, Kenzu, Kiff, KillingBlow , Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts, Kitty Time, Kiz, Knights Arcane, Knights of the Blade, Knights of the Dragon, Know Your Role, Know Your Role, Korrekz Krew, Kyrious Personal WoL, L2P, Last Rite, Last Rites, Last Rites, Last Rites, Last Thought, Last Thought, LastBastion, Lawl Abiding Citizen, lawl abiding citizen , Learn to Play, Leet EST Pandas, Legendary Incomptence, Legends Told, Legion, Less is more, Less is More, Lickmybubble, Likes Turtles, Likes Turtles 3, Likes_Turtles, Liliana , LLcK, Lock Down, LockDown, logs of awesome, logsnshit, Loottrain, Lords of Darkness, LordsofDarkness, Lullaby, Luna Wolves, Luna Wolves, lWhisky Tango Foxtrotl, Malcontent, Mari Test, Masters of the Universe, Matt's Guild, May Contain Peanuts, May Contain Peanuts, Melloz, Mercyguard, Methanol, Might, Might, Military Ward, MIRACLE BOIZ, Monday Alt Group, Monkey Business, Moonlight Elites, Morphalot, Mortal Espada, Morte Subita, mozo, mudkipz, Murders and Acquisitions, My Guild, My Guild, my logs crit, My personal crap, My POV, My Raid, MyEssenceLogs, N E M E S I S, Nacturnal, Naked Raiders, Nephilim, New Universe, New Universe, Niast, Niblock, Night Shift, nightcrawlers, NightOwls, No Soup For You, Not Aye Captain, Novus Orsa, OAASBTYM, Oblivios, Obscenity, OCK, Octane, Odinswrath, Ogre Milk, Oh Em Gee No Wai, Oh Look Cupcakes, Omega Raiders, OmegaRaiders, Omen, Omen, Omerta, Only On Tuesdays, Ooh Shiny, Ooh Shiny, Ooh Shiny, orbituary, Order of Chaos, Organized Chaos, Ornir's Placeholder, Osiris, Osiris Creed, Osiriss, Our Own Saviors, Outbreak, Outbreak, Outcasts, Outlaws of Fenris, Pain Vendor, Pain Vendor, Pain Vendor, Pain Vendor, Palladium Protectorate, panda, Panzer, Paradigm Shift, Paragons of Entropy, Parse, Parse, Pegasus, Personal, personal logs, Pew Pew, PewPew, Pharmazuppy., PHOCUS, PHOCUS, Pitseleh, polio, Popular Peoples Front, Ports and Freestyle, Poweraiders, Praise the Fallen, Praise the Fallen, Primitive, Primitive, Pro Tip, Prominence, Prominence, Protean Syndicate, Pug, Puggies, Puggish, pugmeters, Pull and Pray, Pull and Pray, Purepk, Put up or Shut up, PV, QQ Again, QQ Again, Quarantine, Quint Raiding, Quixotic, Raid Data, Raidiculours, raidiculous, Raidiculous, Raidiculous, raidpugscheck, Random, Random Valentria, Rangers, Rawr, Realm of ïllumination, Reapers Revenge, Reborn, Reborn1, Reborn2, reckless, Redux - Fenris, Reid Manning, Relentless Gladiators, renaluv-fenris, Reported, Reqium, Resolve, Retaliated, Return of the Dragon, Revelations, Revelations, Revelations, Revelations-DB, Rick James, rickety crickety, Riders of Dragonblight, Riders of Dragonblight, Riders of the storm, Righteous, Riot Act, Risen, Risen, Risen Nightmare, Risk, Rival, Robber Barons, Robber Barons, Robot Mafia, RojerDPS, Root Canal, Roshambo, rowguild, Rubber Bunnies, Rucession's Logs, Ruin, Running Amok, Rythym of the War Drum, Sadzka, Saion, Sanctuary of the Goddes, Sanctum, Sanctum, Sanctum of Exiles, sat lite, Satellite, Satellite, Scarface, Scire Quod Sciendum, Scire Quod Sciendum, Scum and Villainy, Seclusion, Seekers, seepage, Selshoran, Selz, seraphic law, Severed Ties, Severed Ties, Shadow Alliance, Shadow Sanctum, Shadow Sanctum, Shadows of Winter, Shamadose , ShamanOP, Shaq Attack, Shark, Shark Week, Shark Week, Shark Week, Shattered into Darkness, Shattered Wings, Short Bus, Short Bus, shota and drunk, Sic Semper Tyrannis, Sic Semper Tyrannis, Sic Semper Tyrannis, SijinGuild, Sim, Simulacra, SkepsisApp, skinny jeans make you look fat, Snoochie Boochies, Snow Goons, Snowgoons, Sodoh, Sometime Around Midnight, Son of Peleus, Sons of Liberty, Sopo, Sound of Madness, Soylent Green, Soylent Green, Space Pirates, Spetznitz, Spetznitz, Spetznitz, Spetznitz, Spetznitz, Sporkin From Behind, Square One, Squushy, St. Crispin's Day Legion, Stein DS25 PUG, strawberry nubcakes, Strawberry Nubcakes, Strawberry Nubcakes, Strawberry Nubcakes, Strike, Strike, Strike, Sub Rosa, Sublimation, Sultans of Swing, Suntzu, SunTzu, Supremacy, Surreall's fabulous pugs, swag, SyCoCyS, Synergism, Synpug, Synthetic, Tabula Rasaaaa, Tarrauko_Tests, Team Awesome, Team Killer Xtremists, Tempest, Templar di Morte, Temporary Log Junk, Terror, Terror, test, Test, Test for application, Testament, TestDPSel, Testing, Testing, Testing Ground, Testingg, Tetsuo, TG, The Benevolent, The Benevolent, The Chabute Tribe, The Clubhouse, The Dark Side, The Dark Side, The Deceivers, The Dude, The Edge of Reality, The Elites, The Fallen Angels, The Fallen Angels, The Fallen Angels, The Final Heroes, The Great PUG, The Grey Wardens, The Lost Kings, The Misfits, The Obsidian Order, The Og, The Outcasts, The Outcasts - Team America, The Phoenix, The Phoenix Knights, The Pirate Horde, The Squids, The Sunwell Uprising, The Toreador, The Truly Forgotten, TheFallin PuG, thenewexiled, theock2, Thlanan, Thralls Chosen, Thralls Chosen, Thuggin, Timeless, TKx, TKx, TKx, To Be Continued, To Be Continued, Toasty, ToF, TofF Blue, Tonic, Torn Asunder, Torrent, Total Idiocy, Towards Glory, Towards Glory, TowardsGlory, Township Rebellion, tragick ruin, Trakalas, TRC, Triton, True Unrivaled, TryHardz, Tubamaster, Turks, Twelvth Knight, Twilight Assasins, Twilight Horde, Twilights Dynasty, Twist of Fate, Twist of Fate - Blue, Two Kool Four Skool, Tyranny, U Got Horde, ULTRAVIOLENCE, Umbra, Undead Fury, Under Raided, Undergeared Elites, Undertow, Undertow, Unity, Unknown, Unwoven Reality, UR doin it WRONG, A Life Corrupt, A Team, A Tribe Called Quests, Adamant, Affiance, After This Hit, Ambrosium Veritas, Ancestral Alliance, AndtheWellsFargoCenter, Anesthetized, Angels Guardians, Anguish, Ankle Biters, AntiHoss, Arena Battlemaster, Assassins From Hell, Aumentare di Phoenix, Away Team, Azeroth DeathBringers, Bankability, Bankmobile, Banks are Us, BBC Thunder Bluff, Behemoth, Belligerent, BlackDragons, Blades of the Fallen, Blood Vanguard, BloodDragon, Bring On The Night, Brotherhood of Golgotha, Brothers of War, Burning Fury, Cake or Death, Casual Fridays, Celtic Pride, Champions of The Horde, Chaotic Legion, Cheysuli, Clearly Not An AH Mule, Comfortably Numb, Condottiere, Conflicted, Crux, Da Fanatics, Dancing Bears, DarkforceRising, DarkPheonix, Dawn of the Knights, Dead Cash, Death Kittens, Deathblow, Debacle, Defiant, Demonic Reign, Demonic Whispers, Deus ex Crux, Deus Ex Machina, Diabolic, Diverged, Do You Believe In Magic, Dont Drink and Dps, Dragon Fire, Dragon Hemp, Dragonriders of War, Dragons Heart, Dragons of Light, Dream Raiders, Dunedain Financial LLC, Durarara, Dysfunctional, Dúnedain, Easy AZ, Emeritus, Emporium, End Of Justice, Enigma, Equilibrium, Escape The Fate, Every Man For Himself, Excellence, Exigence, Exiles, Far Horizons, Fat kids love twinkies, Fates End, Fayeblossoms Pet, Fearless, Fellowship of the Thing, Fidelis, First World Problems, For the Herd, Forged, Freaks, Friendship Express, Frowning Jesters, Gates of Hell, GEARZ, Gee Tee Eff Ohh, Go Horde or Go Home, Goblin Swarm, Goblinity, GODFATHER, Goibon Uden Lo, Grim Guzzler House Band, Guards of Honor, gunslingers of stormwind, Harbingers of Light, Heavens Angels, Heroes of Warcraft, High Rollers, Hisuiryuu Tsuki Seika, Holy Crit, Homeland Reserves, honor warriors, Horseshoes n handgrenade, House of Shadows, Hump Day, I Have A Fandom Problem, II Game Over II, Incompetent, Innovation, Insane Bank, Insert This, Insomnia, Intent, Iridescent, Iron Flame, Irrational, Is Boxing, Izh bank, Justified, KangaScrew, Katipuneros, Killer Bunnies, Kings of Warcraft, Kitastrophe, Knight Of The Booty Bay, Knighthood, Knights of Legends, Last Thought, Legendary Horde, Legion of Angels, Legion Of Illidan, Legion of Valor, Lethal Souls, Light of Hope, Lost And Fading, Masters of the Universe, Meow, Midnight Angels, Mindless Violence, Minions of Lo Pan, Ministry of Demons, Monkey Business, Monster Khaos, Mordhaus, Morituri, Mortal Kings, My Own N i g h t m a r e, Mythic Mischief, Necro Rune Bone Shield, Nekro Mongurs, NightCræwlerS, Nightowls, Nineteen, NOCTURNAL ORDER, Noobs Gone Wild, Nostra Project, Numb, Nutsy, Obscure, Octane, Odins Wrath, Omicron, One Piece, Order of the Eternal, Outbreak, Overdose, Perpetual Dream, Pies R Us, Plauseable Denyability, Premonition, Primal, Prodigy, Purcefooche, Pwny Slaystation, Quintessential, R E D N E C K, RCMP, REAPERS REVENGE, Rebels, Reckoning, Recompense of the Fallen, Recurring Nightmares, Redemption, Redskull, REGIMENT OF CHAOS, Requiem, Return of the Dragon, Revelations, Riot Act, Rivaled, Robber Barons, Rulers of Paradise, Rythym Of The War Drums, S A C R I F I C E, Sanctuary of the Goddess, Sanctum, Sanford and Son Salvage, Sanguinis in Aqua, Sassafras, Satellite, Seek and Destroy, Serenity in Chaos, Seventy Ways To Die, shadow coven, Shadowglen Exiles, Shadows of Fate, Shadows of the Holy, Shadows of Winter, Shadøw Bøxing, Shattered Wings, Shattrath S and L, Silver Dragon, Sleepless Knights, Southern Comfort, Space Pirates, Special People Club, Sphyrna, Stabbed With Scissors, Suicidë is Painless, Symphony of War, Systematic Chaos, 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