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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Matador US-Madoran Horde 0 617
Ascension US-Madoran Horde 0 481
Renovatus US-Madoran Alliance 0 394
Hordecore US-Madoran Horde 0 390
SPQR US-Madoran Horde 0 301
Fortuitus US-Madoran Alliance 0 287
Rendition US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 213
Shadows of Silence US-Madoran Alliance 0 74
W A R-Psilocyn None Alliance 0 56
Stuck's Log US-Madoran Horde 0 46
True Blood by Loafer None Alliance 0 43
Insomnia US-Madoran Alliance 0 38
Nefarious US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 30
Omega US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 30
Team No Pants US-Madoran Alliance 0 30
Lost Marbles US-Madoran Alliance 0 24
Midnight Sunrise None Alliance 0 24
Forte US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 22
Killing Time US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 20
TenPercentMoreDelicious US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 20
Tolero US-Madoran Alliance 0 15
So It Begins US-Madoran Horde 0 13
Third Times À Charm US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 12
Sad Panda US-Madoran Alliance 0 10
SKey Gaming US-Madoran Horde 0 10
Karazhan Chess Team US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 9
Legion of the Undying US-Madoran Alliance 0 9
linadp US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 9
Zeds Dead Baby US-Madoran Alliance 0 8
Derision US-Madoran Alliance 0 7
Shadowfall US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 7
Insomnia US-Madoran Alliance 0 6
Knights of rampage US-Madoran Horde 0 6
The Knights Penumbra US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 6
The Sacred Guardians US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 6
The Illuminatus US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 5
The Next Chapter US-Madoran Alliance 0 5
Graphic Content US-Madoran Alliance 0 4
Instantly Forgiven US-Madoran Horde 0 4
Reckless Ascension US-Madoran Horde 0 4
The Golden Order US-Madoran Alliance 0 4
This Mortal Coil US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 4
Afterlife US-Madoran Alliance 0 3
Amicus Fortis US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 3
Blackout US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 3
Censored US-Madoran Alliance 0 3
Crashing Dawnbringer US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 3
Devils Brigade US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 3
Khaos US-Madoran Alliance 0 3
Trauma US-Madoran Alliance 0 3
BlackSheep Squadron US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 2
Masuus Fan Club US-Madoran Alliance 0 2
Might & Honor US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 2
Muppets From Hell US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 2
Never Enough US-Madoran Alliance 0 2
Raging Blood Bulls US-Madoran Horde 0 2
SOLDIER US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 2
W A R - Whiskéy US-Madoran Alliance 0 2
What Does Dog Think? US-Madoran Alliance 0 2
Wild Knights US-Madoran Alliance 0 2
Abom logs US-Madoran Alliance 0 1
anapsuxis ozge US-Madoran Alliance 0 1
Azeroth Sentinel Shaboom Edition US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 1
DeaTHRow DyNasTY US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 1
Demise US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 1
Doctors of Philosophy US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 1
Drunk Tanks US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 1
Evolved US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 1
Forgotten US-Madoran Horde 0 1
Gentlemen of Leisure US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 1
Graphic US-Madoran Alliance 0 1
Graphic Content US-Madoran Alliance 0 1
Guardians of the Nimloki US-Madoran Alliance 0 1
Killers in the mist US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 1
Lunar Dawn US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 1
Reaper Knights US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 1
Serpentine None Alliance 0 1
string theory US-Madoran Horde 0 1
Tacos n Tequila US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 1
The Same Buttons US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 1
alts None Alliance 0 0
Alts of Dawnbringer None Horde 0 0
and my imaginary friends None Horde 0 0
Animus Vox None Alliance 0 0
Apotheosis None Horde 0 0
Avatars of War None Horde 0 0
B Team None Horde 0 0
B-Team None Horde 0 0
baylife None Alliance 0 0
Baylife None Horde 0 0
Beaver Dropkick None Alliance 0 0
BlackSheep Squadron None Alliance 0 0
Boaz None Horde 0 0
Checkmate None Horde 0 0
courage None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Death's Log None Alliance 0 0
Deathrow Dynasty None Alliance 0 0
Demise None Horde 0 0
Devils Brigade None Alliance 0 0
DiedThere BeenThat None Horde 0 0
DiedThereBeenThat None Horde 0 0
dividing by zero None Alliance 0 0
Dividing by Zero None Alliance 0 0
DKB None Alliance 0 0
Doodie's Guild None Alliance 0 0
EdgarcisLogs None Alliance 0 0
Edge Of Evil2 None Horde 0 0
Ehpik None Alliance 0 0
Element None Alliance 0 0
Empathica US-Dawnbringer Horde 0 0
Escapees From Reality None Alliance 0 0
Exiled From Hell None Alliance 0 0
Fishy None Alliance 0 0
Frenetic Sheep None Alliance 0 0
Frostmourne None Horde 0 0
Graphic Content None Alliance 0 0
He Gassen US-Madoran Horde 0 0
healsmart US-Madoran Alliance 0 0
Heavens Darkness None Horde 0 0
Hobolegend None Horde 0 0
How You Get Ants None Alliance 0 0
Impulse None Horde 0 0
Invicta None Alliance 0 0
Isen None Alliance 0 0
Jokers Wild None Alliance 0 0
Jokerwld None Alliance 0 0
Karazhan Chess Team 4 None Horde 0 0
KCT RT2 None Horde 0 0
KCT RT4 None Horde 0 0
KCT Team 2 None Horde 0 0
KCT-Chyvu None Horde 0 0
Keima None Horde 0 0
Kennald's Logs None Horde 0 0
kila-personal None Alliance 0 0
Killing Time None Horde 0 0
Knights of Ni None Alliance 0 0
Let Bullet Fly None Horde 0 0
Looking for Raid None Alliance 0 0
Massive Minions None Horde 0 0
midnight forerunners None Alliance 0 0
midnight sunrise None Alliance 0 0
Midnight Sunrise - E None Alliance 0 0
Might and Honor #2 None Alliance 0 0
Misanthropy None Horde 0 0
Nightshade serenade None Alliance 0 0
Nilksguild None Alliance 0 0
Not Happening None Alliance 0 0
Ohyeah None Alliance 0 0
Pactum Amicitae None Alliance 0 0
Personal Agenda None Alliance 0 0
Personal Logs- Tierra None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Fire None Horde 0 0
Priestgiblet None Horde 0 0
Primal None Alliance 0 0
PRIMAL None Alliance 0 0
R e l o a d e d None Horde 0 0
rage quit None Horde 0 0
ranchs None Alliance 0 0
Redeemed None Alliance 0 0
Renovatus None Alliance 0 0
review None Horde 0 0
richard None Alliance 0 0
rising sun None Alliance 0 0
Rising Sun None Alliance 0 0
Run's House None Alliance 0 0
RWS None Alliance 0 0
Sad Panda None Alliance 0 0
Sad Panda None Alliance 0 0
SadPanda None Alliance 0 0
Sadzka's Guild US-Dawnbringer Alliance 0 0
Shad's Runs None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Titans None Alliance 0 0
Sixes and Sevens None Horde 0 0
Skitz None Alliance 0 0
So Drol None Alliance 0 0
Spiologs None Horde 0 0
Sui Generis None Alliance 0 0
syndicate None Alliance 0 0
Syndicate None Alliance 0 0
Taxidermied Hedgehogs None Horde 0 0
Team Nice Dynamite None Horde 0 0
Terra Nova None Alliance 0 0
Terra Nova None Alliance 0 0
Test Guild None Alliance 0 0
The Crazy EightyEight None Alliance 0 0
The Dirty Horde None Horde 0 0
The Fallen Union None Horde 0 0
Third Times A Charm None Alliance 0 0
Thirteenth Floor None Alliance 0 0
Titans of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
TribalDragons None Alliance 0 0
Tribe None Alliance 0 0
True Blood None Alliance 0 0
Unbound Brotherhood None Horde 0 0
Unique None Horde 0 0
Utopian Nightmare None Alliance 0 0
Vanquishers None Alliance 0 0
W A R None Alliance 0 0
W A R None Alliance 0 0
Winds of Wrath None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

.., A Violent End, A Violent End, Aeternum, AFK REBORN, agath, Agents of Apocrypha, AGNT/RM, Amicitia Orbis, Amicitia Orbis, amped, Anapsuxis, Anapsuxis, Anapsuxis-Fuzzy, Anarchy, And My Imaginary Friends, and The Action News Team, And The Horse You Rode In On, Angel's Wrath, Angels of Chaos, Anomaly, Apotheosis, app, App, Arachnid, Aralae, Arctic Knights, Armageddon, Armed Ascension, Armored slaves, Armored Slaves, Army of Titans, Arsonistt's Logs, Art of War, Art of War, AS, AS Logia, Asylum, AtomiK, Audacity, Avatars Of War, AW, Awesomeness, Axiom, Azeroth Sentinels, Azeroth Sentinels, Azeroth Sentinels, Azeroth Sentinels, Azeroth Sentinels, Backlash, Barrens Chat Debate Team, Battousaimaniac, Beastmode, Betrayal, Betrayal 25's, BlackLotus, BlackSheep Squadron, blackwolfs reign, Blood of Kings, bloodbonded, Bloodbonded, Bloodlord Syndicate, Bloodlust, Blueirony, Bluesprey, Bluesprey's, Bohica, boondock sainrs, Boondock Saints, Boondock Saints, BootyBay Gentlemens Club, Bowflxx, Braddor, Bravehearts, Breagan Dearthe, Burn Phase, Burn Phase, Bushido, Caligo Hora, Caligo Hora, Casualty, Casualty, Casualty, CDC, CDC, Censored, champions of icecrown, Checkmate, Chocolate Starfish, chompkins, Circle of Yonagi, Classic Raiders, Classy, Clockwork, Clogs, COA, Coercion, Coldrage Knights, Coma Eternal, Conviction, Cowgo Moo, Crimson Dawn, Critter Protection Squad, Crown Royal, CryHavoc, CryHavoc, Ctrl Alt Elíte, dadadsdas, DADT, Danks guild, DARK ILLUMINATI, Dark Lotus, Dark Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, Dark Soul, Darkest Dawn, Darkest Dawn, Darkest Dawn, dasdsadsa, Dawn Blades, Dawn Blades, Deadly Calm, deadly strikes, Death and Eternity, Death is Temporary, Deathrow Dynasty, DeathrowDynasty Team 2, Dedicated Few, Defender of Souls, Defenders of the Celest, Defiant, Delta Nine, Delta Tau Xi, Delusion, Delynn's Testing, Dem's log, DEMISE, demonix, devils brigade, Died There Been That, DiedThere BeenThat, Dieu Le Veut, Disciples of power, Disciples Of Power, Disconnected, Dividing By Zero, Divine Crusade, DL- Personal, Domus Amicus, Dora, Dora The Explorer, DPS, Dragons of Melnibone, DTBT, DTBT, DTBT, Duds, durktrakbek data , Eat Crit and Die, Ebon Hollow Knights, Ebon Hollow Knights, Edge of Evil, Edge of Tomorrow, EilaTest, Eldes, Ellie/champu run, Elwynn, Emphatica, Empirical, Enchanted, End Result, End Result, Eraids, Erendira's Massive Force of Brutality, Escapees from Reality, Eshelon's Militia, Espada, Espada, Espada, Espada, Evolved, Ex Inferis, Ex Inferis, exigent, Exigent, Exile, Expelled, Expelled, Expelled, Eyes of the Night, Failed Experiment, Fat Kids Cant LoS - OLD, Feeble Minds, Fish n Chips, Fluffy Death Squad, Fluffy Death Squad, flux, Flux, Forbidden Shadows, Forbidden Shadows, Forbidden Shadows, Forbidden Shadows, Forte, Forte, Fr3nchy, Freecandy's Stats, Friend or Foe, Friend or Foe, Frozenwing's stats, fsu, Fzx, Führer, Gallows Fall, GameSlaves, Gbsdcaqbjkgd, Gears, Gnomish Mafia, Gob Squad, God's Hellions, goo goo, Graphic Content, Graviora manent, Great Lords of War, Grim Tidings, Grim Tidings, Guardians of the Nimloki, Guardians of the NimLoki, Guild of Calamitous Intent, Guilds Are For Losers, Hazardous, He Gassen, Healing , Heavans Wrath, Heavens Darkness, Helix, Heroes Burden, Heroes of Death, Hobolegend, Honor Before Death, Honorbound, Horde Warlords, Hordecore, Hostile, Hour of Chaos, Huge In Korea, Huge logs, Hydra, Hydra, Iconoclast, ihateguilds, Immortalis, impossible dream, Impossible Dream, Impossible Dream, Impossible Dream, Impossible Dream, Impulse, In Real Life, In Real Life, In Real Life, Inception, Inception, InceptionAlt, Infinite, Instantly Forgiven, Into Hell, IOWA, is awesome, Is Awesome, Jado's Guild, Jado's Guild, Jester, JFK Didn't LOS, Jimz ICC25, Joe mamas flapjacks, Joker's Wild, Jokers Wild, Jolly Rogers, JUANNY, Karamatsu, Kardiac, KCT, Keepers of the Dracolich, Keima, KEWL, kguild, Khao, Khaos, Khaos, Khaos, Khris, Killing Time, Knights, Knights C&M, Knights of Ni, Knights of the Holy Fire Group #2, ko, Kool Whip, Kreator, La Fin Du Monde, La Morte, La Morte, lastvisitor, Lateralus, Lateralus2, Lateralus@, lawlcat logs, Legend, Legend, Legio Fenix, Legio Fenix, Legàlos, Let Bullets Fly, LFR Test Log, LIL DIRTY DEVILS, Limit Break, Liths Guild, logans heroes, lolsauce, lonely, Looking for GUILD, Lords of Order, Loregasm, Los Papis, Lost Marbles, Lowser's Logs, Lumina Data, Lunar Dawn, Lunar Dawn, Lunesta, Lup's Guild, Maddots, Madoran marauders, Madoran Marauders, Madoran Marauders, Madoran-Khaos, Magical Menagerie, Malevolent, Malfarious WOL, Malice, malicious intent, Malicious Intent, mantris, Massive Minions, Masuus Fan Club, matador, Matloks Minion, Member FDIC, Mentality, meowmixerz, Merryl, Merxes KotHF, Methril, MichaelCera, Midnight Mafia, Midnight Rising, Midnight Sunrise, Midnight Sunrise, Midnight Sunrise, Midnight Sunrise, Midnight Sunrise 3, Might and Honor, millers toons, Minchin's logs, Mollokan KotHF, Momento Mori, Momento Mori, Momento Mori, Monica's Toons, Morituri, MR, Mr Ranjeet the Analysis, MS test, Muppets from Hell, Muppets From Hell, My files TG, My Sweet Guild, Nakama, Nakama, Nakama, Neckbeards Anonymous 2, Nefarious, Nefarious, Nightwish, Nightwish, Nikalai, Ninjas, No Expectations, No Guild, No MidiClohrians, nomoreplay, NonPublic storage, Nope, now with more troll, NubCakeBakery, Obliveonem incido, Obliveonem Incido, Obliveonem Incido, Of One Mind, Of the Light, Off The Air, Offnights, okay nerds, Okay Who Pulled, OMGITSAHORDEKILLIT, Onyxia Gives Epic Head, Operation Mindcrime, Operation Mindcrime, Operation Mindcrime - Madoran, Otche's WoL, other logs, Ovi's Guild, Pain and Suffering, pandemic, Pandemic, Pandemic, Pandemic, Pandemic, Pashia, Peregrinus, Peregrinus, Peregrinus, Perpetuus Mos, Personal Agenda, Personal Agenda, Personal Agenda, Phoenix Fire, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Strategy, Pi, pkp, PnS, Point Click Loot, Polaris, Polaris, Pollo de la Muerte, Pollo de la Muerte, Pollo de la Muerte, Pollo De La Muerte, Pookhr, Power of None, Premonition, Premonition, Prestige Worldwide, Primal, PRIMAL, PRIMAL, Primus Inter Pares, private, Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy, PromedeusLog, PuG Madness, PUGnation, Pulse, Purified, Purified, PVEDPS, QT's Only, Quam Serena, Quam Serena, Quantum Friends, Quarantine, quasi stellar, Queen Industries, Raging Blood Bulls, Raid Ethics pug, Raiders of the Lost Orc, Raiders of the Lost Orc, Random, RBRaids, RCMP, RCMP, Ready Check, Reaper Knights, Reckless Ascension, Reconstructed, Reconstructed, Reconstructed, Reconstructed, Recording for pugs., Redeemed, Redeemed Group 3, rednecks r us, Reformation, Remnant, Renatus, Renatus, Renatus, Rendezvous, Renovatus, Republic, Republic, Republic, Republic, Restrained, Result's End, Revenge, Revolution Deathsquad, Rides the short bus, Rising Sun, Rising Sun, Rococo, Roojguild, Roughnecks, Roughnecks, Rum Runners Return, Rum Runners Return, Running With Scissors, Running With Scissors, Running With Scissors, Sabernova, Sacrosanct Exercitus, Sad Panda, Sad Panda, Sad Panda, Sad Panda, Saltine Assault Team, Same Buttons, sample for records, Schism, Schism, Scitter, Scitter, Sebbys, Sectum Sempra, Semper Fidelis, Sentinel, Serendipity, Serenity Now, Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Deady Sins, Sevenswords, Severus, Shadow Titans, Shmug, Silence, Silks, Silver Hand, Sinners of Saints, Sixes and Sevens, Skarzog's Logs, Slew of a Few, Sloubi, Solace, Solace, Solace, solace 2, SOLDIER, Solidity, Somethingsomething, Soul Slayers, SPQR, SPQR, SPQR, SPQR, Squeeze Box, SStank, STOP MOM IM RAIDING, STOP MOM IM RAIDING, Stormrage, Stormy Monday, Strength for all, Størmrage, Subsistence, Swiftbane Test, Swifts logs, Swifts logs, Synchronicity, Synergy, Tacos N Tequila, Taken, Terra Nova, test, testt, TFA, TFG, That eightys guild, The Arbitors, The Becoming, The Bloody Stump Brigade, The Chosen, the Circle of Yonagi, The Conquerors, The Conquerors, The Crimson Guard, The Dark Legion, The Dirty Horde, The elite script, The Evil League of Evil, The Fallen Union, The Forty Thieves, The Gnomads, The Gnomads, The Gnomads, The Gnomads, The Gnomads FR, The Gnomads ICC II, The Golden Order, The Illuminati, The Lords of Madoran, The Mything Links, THE NOMADS, The Once Forgotten, The Once Forgotten, The Once Forgotten, The Raiding Crusade, The Reckoning Massacre, The Same Buttons, The Silver Hand, The Sky Crawlers, The Teutonic Order, The Teutonic Order, The Third Heat, The Third Heat , The Twisted Squid, The Vermillion Blade, Third Times À Charm, Third Times À Charm, This Mortal Coil, THUNDERCLAP, Timbos Data, Titans of Azeroth, Titans of Azeroth, Torment, Tornado Alley, Toxicity, Trauma, Trauma Group 3 ICC 10 man, Tree's guild, Tribe2, Trustees, Try Hardz, twin evils, Tácos n Tequilá, U Know U Want To, Ultima, Ultimate Fate, Ultionem, Ultionem, Unbound Brotherhood, Unbound Brotherhood, Unhomed, Unified, Unified, A Palo Seco, Afterdark, Aftêrmath, Amazondotcom, Animus League, apathy, Avatars of War, Avendesora, BadRomance, BankofAlt, Baroque Works, Beep Beep Imma Jeep, Big Ole Noobies, Blacksheep Squadron, Blackwolfs Reign, Blood Ravens, Bloodbath, BloodSworn, Bound By Blood II, Brain Bleach, Can I Have a Bag Please, Cant Stop Wont Stop, Cervezas N Burritos, Chippermonkey, Clan Fang, Claptncrunch, Classic Roast, Collaboration, Crafters Union, Crown the Empire, Death Gods, DeaTHRow DyNasTY, Demise, Devils Brigade, Disciples of Power, Downs Fights Syndrome, Draconic Covenant, Ebon Hollow Knights, Elite Status, Emphatica, Enchanted, Enron Energy, Exarchs Horizon, EZ Gaming, Fat Kids Cant LoS, Fellowship of the Horde, Flashback, Forsaken Destiny, Fortius que Fidelius, Freelance, From The Depths of Hell, From the Shadows, GameSlaves, Gnerd Rages, Graystoke, Guardians United, Halls of Valhalla, Hello Critty, HELLS FURY FOR THE HORDE, Heroes of the Alliance, Hidden Prophecy, HKMA, Horde Leaders, Hordemption, Hostility, House Baratheon, house of tricks, Hypnotized Myndz, I AM A HOLY PALADIN, Infinite Chaos, Infinitys Limit, Ironreign, It Hurts When I Crit, It Only Hurts When I PVP, Jazz Hands, Karazhan Chess Team, Key Party Club, Killer Pandas, Killers in the Mist, Killing Time, Kins Of Azeroth, Knights of Ni, Legend, Legends of Dawnbringer, Legions of Azeroth, Like Minded Gamers, Locus Of Control, Mastication, Midnight Rising, Monks of Funk, Moo, Muppets From Hell, Nation of Gold, Nefarious, Night Watch, No Expectations, Nocturnal Emissions, O Reary, Obscure, Oh look my bank, Old Number Seven, Onórach, Pain Extractors, Power Runners Company, presence of mind, PRIMAL, Primal Urgency, Primal Vault I, Pringles, PVO AZEROTH GUARDIANS, Reapers of Justice, reapers of the horde, Rednecks R Us, Renatus, Rendition, Retro, Revenge of the Cid, Rise Of The Avengers, Rise of the Brotherhood, Royal Legion of Azeroth, savage honor, Sectum Sempra, Semper Fidelis, Sentinel, Service, Seven Swords, SIC Prophecies, Silent Altoholic, Silent Assassins, Sixes And Sevens, SOLDIERS OF AZEROTH, State of Mind, Strength For All, Students of Hogwarts, Symmetrical Insanity, Tears of the Infamous, Ten Times Better, TenPercentMoreDelicious, The Bank of Avril, The Darker Side of Ni, The Doctor Is In, The Forbidden Rising, The Gnomads, The Guild of Heroes, The Hordekillers, The Knights Penumbra, The League Of Shadows, The Mything Links, The Nazgul, The Once Forgotten, The Other Drunks, The Sacred Guardians, The Unsung Heroes, The Wolf Pak, The Zodiac Knights, TheDarkHeroesOfAzeroth, TheIlluminatus, This Mortal Coil, Travlers Inc, Tribe, Twilight Souls, Valhalla, WarMachine, We Are Family, We are MVP, We Be Trollin, We Got This, We Raid Because, Weetaded, Wheres My Mommy, wowcrashers, Yupiat Hunters, A Beautiful Death, A Violent End, Adla, Adversaries of Korrok, AFK REBORN, Albatross, Alliance Of Horde Slayer, Amaranthine, Amicitia Orbis, Angels of Destruction, Animus Vox, arcane fury, Armed Ascension, Ashes to Ashes, Athena, Bane of the Horde, Bank of Notechis, Bank Rogue, Baylife, Beyond Redemption, Bio Break, Bloodbonded, BloodPact, Burn Phase, Business Time, Censored, Chaos Sworn, Checkmate, CIA Assassins, Collateral Damage, Creepybank, Crimson Vanguard, Dabuu, daguildwithpeople, Dark legens, Dark Side of the Moo, Dark Star, Dark Trilogy, Deadly Sinners, Decadence, Deemed Worthless, Dilapidated Cloth, Divine Vengeance, dog iz ded long liv cat, Dominus, EBO, EHE, Element, Empirical, Eternal Shadow, Eternal Vigilance, Evil Panda, Eyes of the Night, Fairy Tails, Fallen Hero, Father and Son Raids inc, Fellowship of the Allian, First World Problems, Fly You Fools, Frenetic Sheep, Friends Of Fantasy, FUSION, GiJoes, Graphic Content, Guardian Wolves, Guardians of the NimLoki, Harvester Of Sorrow, Hell Bound Horde, hello i ma gdli, Hells Satans, HFCU, Hunting Season, Hysteria, Illuminatus, Immortalis, Impulse, Inquisitive Idiots, Inverse Logic, Isle of misfit toys, Jolly Rogers, Khaos, Kill em All, Kismet, Kiss Øur Darnassus, Knights of Mediocrity, Knights of the Holy Fire, Kreuzritter, Le Coeur Noir, Leaders of Aliance, Legiion Of Death, Legion of the Undying, Lethal Threat, Lethality Gaming, Liars and Thieves, Littlest Pet League, Loot, LUCK, Madoran Marauders, Magical Menagerie, Matador, Midnight Sunrise, Misanthropy, my money, Mythic Warlords, Native Elementals, Night Crusaders, Night Watch, Nobles, Off the Air, Order of the Sword, Out For Blood, Pause, Pet Peeves, Pinoy Unlimited, Polarity, Pollo de la Muerte, profana corruptionem, Pvp Swagg, QTs only, Quantum Friends, R e l o a d e d, Rabid Rabbits, Raging Blood Bulls, Raiders of EMP, Reality, Realm Raiders, Red Like Roses, Redeemed, Reformation, Regression, REIGN, Renegade Angels, Renegade Minds, Resurgam, Righteous Affliction, Rising Crusade, Rising Sun, Rogue Corps, Runs With Scissors, Ruthless Crusaders, Sacred Vendetta, Sea of Tranquility, Serenity, Serpentine, Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Sins of Madoran, Shadow Skullz, Silent Hunters, Silver Haze, Sky Rocket, SlaughterHouse, Slaytanic Wehrmacht, Sneaky Paraplegics, Southern Comfort, SPQR, Strange Crew, Streams of Silver, Sui Generis, SWAT, Sweet Treats, syncmaster, Templars Might, Testament, The Avengers, The Cold Cellar, The Corsairs, The Crazy EightyEight, The Dark Legion, The Fallen Union, The Güild, The Knights, The Resistance, The Wicked Moon, TheThreeBs, Titans of Azeroth, Tornado Alley, Tornado Alley Too, TRADE CATA, TRADE CLASSIC, TRADE DEALS, TRADE MOP, TRADE TBC, TRADE WOD, TRADE WOTLK, Troll Faces, TwistedFiction, U NV US, Vendetta, Volatile, Volition, W A R, W A T C H M E N, Warborn, WarcraftPets, Warrior Corps, Warrior of the Horde, We Do IT Frum behind, words are hard, Wylde Tymez, Xtremists, Yolo, Your Mom Has a Guild, Yucky Mucky, Øbsession, Øverloaded, Utopian Nightmare, Utopian Nightmare, Utopian Nightmare Weekend, Vaccus Virga, Vaccus Virga, vanquishers, Vanquishers, Vanquishers, Vinco Vici Victum, Vinco Vici Victum, Vindictive Legion, virus, Virus, Virus, Virusnow, VV, W A R, W A R-Psilocun, Wanted Undead or Alive, Wanted Undead or Alive, Wanted Undead or Alive, Wanted Undead or Alive, WAR, Warcraft Pets, Warriors of Honor, We Cant Have Nice Things, weerdio, What Does Dog Think, WildatHeart, Wings of the Phoenix, Worgen, Worgen in the Woods, Wow addicts wanted, Wow Addicts Wanted, WoW Addicts Wanted, Wruitran Logs, Wuzong, wyrmhealupload, xForbiddenxShadowsX, XioPuG, Zeddsdead, Zombieland Rejects, Zombieland Rejects, Zombieland Rejects, Åt All Costs, Énçhàñtéd, Øbsession

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