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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
The Immortal Brotherhood US-Darkspear Alliance 0 36
Over Achievers US-Darkspear Alliance 0 20
Sound US-Darkspear 0 20
Kärma US-Darkspear 0 17
Hyperbole US-Darkspear Alliance 0 16
BAP US-Darkspear 0 13
First Impressions US-Darkspear Alliance 0 10
Trade US-Darkspear Alliance 0 10
Immortal Mercenaries US-Darkspear Alliance 0 9
Entitled US-Darkspear Alliance 0 8
Téam US-Darkspear Alliance 0 7
HAM US-Darkspear Alliance 0 6
Phantoms Army US-Darkspear Alliance 0 6
Sol et Luna US-Darkspear Alliance 0 6
Steel Legion US-Darkspear Alliance 0 5
Knights of the Alliance US-Darkspear 0 4
Mercenaries of Honor US-Darkspear 0 4
Abolition US-Darkspear 0 3
Dreambound US-Darkspear 0 3
Highborne Ascension US-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
LFR Heroes US-Darkspear 0 3
Raids Before Grades US-Darkspear 0 3
Southern Gentlemen US-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Sovereign US-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Burnout US-Darkspear 0 2
Cool Patrol US-Darkspear 0 2
Dark End US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Purple Rain US-Darkspear 0 2
The Royal Knights US-Darkspear 0 2
Warlørds US-Darkspear 0 2
Yak Pak US-Darkspear 0 2
Your A Nerd US-Darkspear 0 2
Blueberry Bandits US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Cardinal Sin US-Darkspear 0 1
Duck Fat Fries US-Darkspear 0 1
Durotards US-Darkspear 0 1
Friend Zone US-Darkspear 0 1
Heavenly Divine US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Mercs US-Darkspear 0 1
Organized Confusion US-Darkspear 0 1
Overground US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Persia US-Darkspear 0 1
Ramen Noodles US-Darkspear 0 1
Sensation Gaming US-Darkspear 0 1
StormRage US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Team Time Cool US-Darkspear 0 1
UnderGrøund US-Darkspear 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
The Church US-Darkspear Alliance 0 900
Ibex US-Darkspear Horde 0 222
Tarren Mill Deathguard US-Darkspear Horde 0 137
Freelance US-Darkspear Alliance 0 93
Baby Love Bunnies US-Darkspear Alliance 0 65
The Crimson Tide US-Darkspear Horde 0 63
Casual Incarnate US-Darkspear Alliance 0 62
Duskfall US-Darkspear Alliance 0 57
Belly Dancers US-Darkspear Horde 0 48
Vox Radix US-Darkspear Alliance 0 38
Powersòfpain US-Darkspear Alliance 0 30
Moon Guardians US-Darkspear Alliance 0 27
LOKI US-Darkspear Alliance 0 23
Twerk Team Heigan US-Darkspear Alliance 0 23
Flux US-Darkspear Alliance 0 21
Friend Zone US-Darkspear Alliance 0 20
Existence US-Darkspear Alliance 0 19
H A T E D US-Darkspear Horde 0 14
Trap Card US-Darkspear Alliance 0 13
Dark End US-Darkspear Alliance 0 11
Steel Legion US-Darkspear Alliance 0 11
A Steamy Romance Novel US-Darkspear Alliance 0 10
Trade US-Darkspear Alliance 0 10
AA is for quitters US-Darkspear Alliance 0 9
Vytis US-Darkspear Alliance 0 9
Chadly's Funhouse US-Darkspear Alliance 0 8
Conquest US-Darkspear Alliance 0 7
Southern Gentlemen US-Darkspear Alliance 0 7
Xpwaste US-Darkspear Alliance 0 7
Doesnt Afraid O Anythin US-Darkspear Horde 0 6
tomorrow we really quit US-Darkspear Alliance 0 6
Anarchy Inc US-Darkspear Alliance 0 5
Arch US-Darkspear Alliance 0 5
Denied US-Darkspear Alliance 0 5
First Impressionz US-Darkspear Alliance 0 5
Gadhelyn US-Darkspear Alliance 0 5
Game Over Now US-Darkspear Alliance 0 5
Internal Revenue Service US-Darkspear Alliance 0 5
testing US-Darkspear Horde 0 5
Btchin's Logs US-Darkspear Alliance 0 4
Dara Mactire US-Darkspear Alliance 0 4
Estania US-Darkspear Alliance 0 4
Holy knight dragons US-Darkspear Alliance 0 4
KSP Lords US-Darkspear Horde 0 4
Mav's Logs US-Darkspear Alliance 0 4
No Game No Life US-Darkspear Alliance 0 4
notice me senpai US-Darkspear Alliance 0 4
Southern Gentlemen US-Darkspear Alliance 0 4
Cupcake Cartel US-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Deathwish US-Darkspear Horde 0 3
Exile US-Darkspear Horde 0 3
GOING HAM LOL US-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Hammered US-Darkspear Horde 0 3
Internet Famous US-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Its Elbron US-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Joker Nation US-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Ludus Magnus 1 US-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Shockwave US-Darkspear Alliance 0 3
Xato None Alliance 0 3
Alinity stuff US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Band of Brothers None Horde 0 2
blood red skies US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Bloodryn US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Caroline US-Darkspear Horde 0 2
Dixin Cider US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
DORDRA US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
ETP US-Darkspear Horde 0 2
Imminent US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Imperial Guard US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Intervention US-Darkspear Horde 0 2
LOKI US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Mercs US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Rallan US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Razzinski Logs US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Test US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Vox Radix GDKP US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
WoL Guild US-Darkspear Alliance 0 2
Absolute Power US-Darkspear Horde 0 1
Chaos Theöry US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Corainarn WoL US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
DeathAndGlory US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Echoes of the Fallen None Alliance 0 1
Exile US-Darkspear Horde 0 1
Friend Zone US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Gads US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Golden Gram US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Infamy US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Iridium US-Darkspear Horde 0 1
KSP Lords US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Mel's logs US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Midnight Reveries US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Moxie US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
my guild is pewpew US-Darkspear Horde 0 1
Never Surrender US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
OrangeFlowerFireTribe US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Order of the Serpent US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Ostvel's Logs US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
OUT OF CONTEXT US-Darkspear Horde 0 1
papdruidlog US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Parallax US-Darkspear Horde 0 1
Phoenix US-Darkspear Horde 0 1
PTR Test US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Random Logs US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Redpeppers US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Roll Warlock US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Saskya'sLogs US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Sound US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
The Fallen US-Darkspear Horde 0 1
Themis US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Valkyrie US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
We Feed Off Tears US-Darkspear Horde 0 1
WOL for guild apps US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
Ânimøsity US-Darkspear Alliance 0 1
1 Parse None Horde 0 0
aaronmx None Alliance 0 0
AdoreewantstheR None Alliance 0 0
AGRO SAMURAI None Horde 0 0
All in the Family None Horde 0 0
Ampistie Logs None Alliance 0 0
Anger and Sarcasm None Horde 0 0
Anger is gay None Horde 0 0
Angry Narwals None Alliance 0 0
Anubis None Alliance 0 0
Asturia logs None Alliance 0 0
At All Costs None Alliance 0 0
Atychia None Alliance 0 0
Battle None Alliance 0 0
BattleCry None Alliance 0 0
BLB Raid group 2 None Alliance 0 0
Bloodlust Theorycrafters None Horde 0 0
Bon Weir None Alliance 0 0
BSD None Alliance 0 0
Burnout None Alliance 0 0
Burnout None Alliance 0 0
Casual None Alliance 0 0
Catfishmatty None Alliance 0 0
Champions of the Ironstar None Alliance 0 0
Cherrysguild None Alliance 0 0
Church None Alliance 0 0
Church None Alliance 0 0
Cool Patrol None Horde 0 0
Cool Socks Gang None Alliance 0 0
Coopins None Alliance 0 0
Core Two None Alliance 0 0
CreamPuffs None Alliance 0 0
Cupcake Crew None Alliance 0 0
Daj None Alliance 0 0
dara mactire None Alliance 0 0
Dara Mactíre None Alliance 0 0
DarrenJB Army None Alliance 0 0
Dated's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Dauntless None Horde 0 0
DBT None Alliance 0 0
Defiance None Alliance 0 0
Dementiä None Alliance 0 0
Demntia None Alliance 0 0
Denied-Yums None Alliance 0 0
Des Decipio None Alliance 0 0
Des something None Alliance 0 0
Deviant None Horde 0 0
Disband None Alliance 0 0
Dkoiz logs None Alliance 0 0
Dëcäy None Horde 0 0
Eidaltemp None Alliance 0 0
Element US-Darkspear Alliance 0 0
Epic None Alliance 0 0
fear itself None Horde 0 0
FIJI None Horde 0 0
Flux None Alliance 0 0
Forged By Blood None Alliance 0 0
Freelance Grp 2 None Alliance 0 0
fuark None Alliance 0 0
future death knights None Alliance 0 0
fz app None Alliance 0 0
Gambit None Alliance 0 0
Gavin's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Get the Gaze Out None Alliance 0 0
Get the Gaze Out None Alliance 0 0
GGLogs None Alliance 0 0
Gpizzel135 None Alliance 0 0
Guinness None Alliance 0 0
H8 Krew None Horde 0 0
Haibabe DPS None Alliance 0 0
Heavenly Divine US-Darkspear Alliance 0 0
Heavy Breathing None Alliance 0 0
Heisenbergs Chem Class None Alliance 0 0
Herm's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Holy Fire None Alliance 0 0
Horrible Times None Alliance 0 0
Icon None Alliance 0 0
Immanence None Alliance 0 0
Impulse None Alliance 0 0
Incubus None Alliance 0 0
Insomni None Alliance 0 0
Iron Brigade None Alliance 0 0
Jackumz None Alliance 0 0
Javvo's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Jay None Alliance 0 0
Jena None Alliance 0 0
Juked None Alliance 0 0
Justin's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Katryn None Alliance 0 0
koly None Horde 0 0
LaVey None Horde 0 0
LE Logs None Alliance 0 0
lesly logs None Alliance 0 0
Lil Beau Peepster's None Alliance 0 0
Limited Edition None Alliance 0 0
LoDL None Horde 0 0
LogOfMan None Alliance 0 0
LOKI None Alliance 0 0
Malakh None Alliance 0 0
Maniacal Darkspear None Alliance 0 0
MASH None Alliance 0 0
Medical None Alliance 0 0
Meowbeasts US-Darkspear Alliance 0 0
Metempsychosis None Horde 0 0
Minks Mansion None Alliance 0 0
Moonglen None Alliance 0 0
Muekii None Alliance 0 0
mylogs None Horde 0 0
Myths and Legends None Alliance 0 0
Never Surrender None Alliance 0 0
Nightshade None Alliance 0 0
Novo Church None Alliance 0 0
Nuke Life None Alliance 0 0
Numidiaslogs None Alliance 0 0
nyc None Alliance 0 0
Panda/Sacred None Horde 0 0
Personal None Horde 0 0
Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
PersonalLog None Horde 0 0
PkmnTrainerAlice None Alliance 0 0
PláyerVsPláyer None Alliance 0 0
Post Mortem None Alliance 0 0
Prognostication of Death None Alliance 0 0
Prophecy None Horde 0 0
Psychotic Kings None Alliance 0 0
Punchmunk None Alliance 0 0
PyrosGuild None Alliance 0 0
qualitativelog None Alliance 0 0
Quickbeam None Alliance 0 0
Random Guild Name here None Alliance 0 0
RED DRAGONS US-Darkspear Alliance 0 0
Red Ribbon None Horde 0 0
regret None Horde 0 0
ruin-ds None Alliance 0 0
Rüfeeo's Logs None Alliance 0 0
sanguis None Alliance 0 0
Sanguis None Alliance 0 0
Scratch's Logs None Alliance 0 0
ShatteredSouls None Horde 0 0
Shocknroll party None Alliance 0 0
Sinisterx None Alliance 0 0
skrug None Alliance 0 0
Slash Who None Alliance 0 0
Slash Who None Alliance 0 0
Slothstronauts None Alliance 0 0
Soultakerz None Alliance 0 0
Stormborn None Alliance 0 0
Struggle is Real None Alliance 0 0
tchnos logs None Alliance 0 0
TCT None Horde 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
tests US-Darkspear Alliance 0 0
Testytest None Alliance 0 0
TGLizard None Alliance 0 0
ThalinTest None Alliance 0 0
That Which Was Taken None Alliance 0 0
The Change None Alliance 0 0
The End Complete None Alliance 0 0
The House Lannister None Alliance 0 0
The sacred Few None Alliance 0 0
The Sacred Few None Alliance 0 0
The Sacred Few None Alliance 0 0
The Unnamed None Alliance 0 0
TheFall3n US-Darkspear Alliance 0 0
TheGreatOne None Alliance 0 0
therussiani3aer None Alliance 0 0
Till Next Time None Alliance 0 0
Tributes None Alliance 0 0
True Gentlemen None Horde 0 0
UnDisputed None Alliance 0 0
Unrealistic None Alliance 0 0
Vads Guild US-Darkspear Alliance 0 0
Vae Victis None Alliance 0 0
Val's Private Logs None Alliance 0 0
ValryuksLogs None Alliance 0 0
Vertebraes logs None Alliance 0 0
Vis Nocturnum None Alliance 0 0
Vivid None Alliance 0 0
Vivid None Alliance 0 0
Wakely None Alliance 0 0
What None Alliance 0 0
WHAT None Alliance 0 0
Wildcats None Alliance 0 0
Woe None Alliance 0 0
YogizYoloGuild None Horde 0 0
yoloswagginsz None Horde 0 0
Ënigma None Horde 0 0
Împerium None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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Guild One Hundred Thirteen, testpurposes, Textbook, TG, That one Pally, That young meters, The Bro Cove, The cahnge, The Chosen, The Church, The Church, The Church, The Church, The Church, The Clan, The Crimson Tide ALT RUN, The crimson tidee, the dark army, The Desecrated Souls , The Dirty Dozen, the empire, The Fallen, The Fallen, The Fallen, The Forgotten Knights, The Greek Leigon, the lil guild that could, The Pirates of Alamo, The Pub, the pug recording, The Redeemed, The Retainers of Dark Legion, The Sacred Few , The Shattered Tribe, The Story of Moses, The Union, Theory, Thunder Gun Express, Tiki, TIKI, TIKI, Time, Time Lords, Tiny, TKO, TKO, Tomatoblend Random, Too legit to Crit, Topsecret, Trade, Trap Card, TREP, True Gentlemen, True Gentlemen, Tryhards, Twisted Fate, Underated and Overstated, Underground, Underworld, Unfadable, Unholy Consecration, Unscathed, Unscathed, A Few Good Men, A Gathering of the Bads, A Legion Reborn, A Material, A P O C A L Y P S E, A R M A T A, A Tier Behind, AA is for Quitters, Above All, Above The Clouds, Abscind, Absolute Dragons, Absolute Power, Absolute Zero, Accidentally Good, Achaemenid Empire, Acnologia, Adequate, Aegis LLC, Aerophobia, Aether, Affinity, AFK, After Hours, AfterDark, aftermathz, Age of Apathy, AGRO SAMURAI, Aid, Aion Flux, Akatsúki, Alinity FriendZoned Me, all day err day, All In the Family, All or Nothing, Alliance Nation, Alliance of Fatal Vision, Alliance Trade Coalition, Alliance Unleashed, AllIDoIsWinn, Ally Army, Ally Hunters, Allysons Army, Almost Challenger, Almost Famous, Alpha Wolves, Alter Novus, Altoholics, Altolition, Always AFK, Always Sunny, AlwaysCamping, Amaranthine, Ambition of the Reckless, Ambition of the Tiger, AmbulanceBeLikeWeWuWeWu, Amerika, amok, Among the Living, An Karanir Thanagor, Anarchy Inc, Ancient Brotherhood, Ancient Uprising, And Acquaintances, Andrewsbank, Angel Grove, Angelic Nightmare, Angels Of War, Anguis Morsu, Anils Army, Animus Brotherhood, Animus Virtus, Another Legacy, Antagonists, Anthem, Antisocial, Anønymous, Apocalyptic Hoax, Apocalyptic Oracles, Apothecary, Arashi, Archon, Arclight Defenders, Ardigma, Are u mad Bro, Are You Mad, Argent Chapel, Arkanos, Armies of the North, Army of Baddies, Articulate Arithmetic, Ascension, Ashes Of Epsilon, Ashran Knights, Ask Me About My Weenar, Assasins, Astra Desdemona, Atelophobia, Atleast We Have The Farm, Atomìc Hamsters, Atrocities, Audacity, Authentic Existence, avast, Awakened Death, Awesome Anonymous, Awkward Takedown, Awoken, Aww Crit, Axeios, AXION, Axis of Awful, azeroth juggernautz, AzMu, AzureWrath, B U B B L E B O Y Z, Baby Love Bunnies, baby love bunniess, Back By Demand, Back Door Shenanigans, Bacon PvP, Bad Logic, Bad Memories, Bad Selection, Bajheeras Army, BANE BROTHERS, Bangarang, bank alt guild, Bank Of Klan, Bank of Lickmysheet, Bank of Pandaria, Bank Robbers, bankalona, Bankfest, Banks For Me, Barry Gibbs Talkshow, Batcave, Battle, BATTLE BAZOOKA BUNNIES, Battle Rezzed, 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Brazzers WoW Edition, Brb Fish Is Drowning, Brb Gotta Twink, BRB Ice Cream Truck, Brb Moms On Fire, BRB STARBUCKS, Brethren At Arms, Brewing Pain, bricks will be shat, BringHordeDeath, Bro I Dont Even Lift, Broken Angels, Bros Before Hoes, Brosynge, BROTHER HOOD OF STEEL, BrothersGrimm, Brozzers, Bruh Im Boss, Brutal Legacy, Brutal Twink Inc, Brutality Will Prevail, Brüderlichkeit, BSD, BSly Gaming, Bud Light, Budaay, Buds Til Disband, Build The Wall, BUT MOM IM MULTIBOXING, ButtChuggers, By Odins Beard, Bytches, Bôss, C R U N C H, Caesars Legion, Calls Shenanigans, Calmed, Campbe, Cant Feel My Face, Captain Morgan, Capwned, CAR RAMROD, Carnage, Carpe Dìem, CashFlow, Casual Incarnate, Casually Hardcore, Casualty, Celestial Force, Celestial Fury, Celtic Pride, Cemetery Of Death, Chalk, Challenge Accepted, Chamallow, Champions Of Darkspear, Chaos, Chaos Bersker, Chaos Factory, Chaos Requiem, Chaotic PvP, Charred Remains, Check Please, CheckNtoCash, cheese, Cheesecake, Chicks Dig Raiding, 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Club, Propitious, PROTECTOR OF THE REALMS, Proud of You, Prëmadë, Prò, Prøøf øf Purçhåse, Psycho Circus, PsYcHoBoY, Psyence, Pulp Affliction, Pulp Afflictionxyz, Pulse, Punísher, Puponauts, Pure Mayhem, Purity, Purple Drank Knights, Pursuit, Putins Bounce House, Putins Play House, PvErection, PvP Gods, PVP GrandMasters, PvP Incorporated, PVP Nerds, PvP or PvE, PvP Power, PVP Sanctuary, PvP Squad, PVPFTW, Pwning Peeps, Pwnology, Pyrocorp, PyroFlux, Pyroleft, Q Q, QQ CaChoo, QQ More, Que Popped, Quiet Chaos, R E V E R E D, Rack City Bish, Rage of Gods, RageBreaks Army, RageQuit Empire, RagingVengeance, Raid Inc, RAID Mercenaries, Raiders of Azeroth, RaiNboW WalKerS, Raining Raiders, Rainsong, Rank One Douches, Rank One Ebolaa, Rank one Raiding, Rank One Trolls, Ransom, Rated R, Rathful Lithnation, Ratslayers, Rattpack, Ravenous, RAW, RAZR, REAL TALK, Reality, Reanimated, Rebel Rising, Rebirth, Rebørn, Reckstorm, Reclusion, Reconcile, Recycle Your Animals, RED CELL, Red Dawn, RED DRAGONS, 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it before U Tap it, Sap ìt before u tap it, Sapor Amo Pullus, Sapped Horde Cant Say No, Savage Regret, Savings and Loan, Scarlet, Scarytime Superior Guild, Sceleratus, Scelestus, Scissor Me Timbers, scribers, Scrüb Côntròl, Seal of Fate, Second Amendment, Second Wind Gaming, Security, Seekers of Revenge, Seizure, Selfie, Serious PVP, Server First World Worst, Seven Zero pt II, SevenSins, Seventeen Fidy, Shades of Light, Shadow Glory, Shadow Law, Shadow Legion PVP, Shadow Ravens, Shadows From Hell, Shadows of Damnation, Shadows of Déath, shagyna, Shampòws Guild, Shark Tänk, Sharks With Lasers, Sharpie, Shattered Aether, Shattered Society, ShatteredSouls, Shield of Aegis, Shinra Inc, ShoGuns, Shoot For The Star, Short Bus, Show Me Your Worth, Show Us Your Noobies, Shöckwave, SI Elite, Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum, Sickle And Shield, Siilences Leveling Giuld, Silent Death, Silent Retaliation, Silverlight Legion, Simply Outplayed, Sinful Nature, Singulariity, Sinister Fears, Siscon, Sixty Four 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Brothers, Strife, Stronk, Struggle Cuddle, Stuck In Queue, Stätïc, Subscriber Only Mode, Suffering, Suicidal Tendencies, Suicìde Squad, sun warriors, Sunfall, Sunkist and Sudafed, super cute irl, Super Panda Fun Squad, Super Scary Death Bunny, Super Smash Glads Brawl, SwagDaddy and Friends, Swaggalicous, Swarm, Swifty, Swifty Fan Club, Swifty Stalker, Sword Art, Sychotic Gaming, Symbol of Kings, Synthetic, Sáp It or Táp It, Sérenity, Table Token, Tactical Edge Gaming, Tactics of War, Talisman, TASTE THE BEAST, Team Cheese Pizza, Team Elite K H O S, Team Macto, Team Redundency Team, Team Secret, Team Seven, Teddy Bears IRL, TellMeWhenQPopsNeedASec, Temp Guild Name, Templars of Steel, Tenacious, Tenebris Exercitus, Terminal Wrath, Terror Complex, Terror Squad, TEXAS FIRE, TEXAS LEGION, TFM, thanks for coming, That Aint Classy, That Seventies Show, That Which Was Taken, The Alliance Empires, The Allîance, The Ancients, The Argonaults, The Ascension, The aTacolypse Has Come, The Banished Ones, The Barbarians, The Bear Force, The Betrayers, The Blood Guard, The Blood Legion, The Blood Order, The Bro Code, The cat vault, The Champions of Death, The Change, The Chosen Army, The Chosen Few, The Church, The Church of RNGesus, The Click of Destiny, The Clique, The Company, The Corleone Family, The Council of Doom, The Council of Five, The Cream Team, The Crew Of People, The Crimson Kings, The Crimson Tide, The Cunning Runts, The Dark Army, The Dark Summit, The Dead Rabbits, The Derp Crew, The Dictators, The Dirty Dozen, The Dogs Of War, The EH Team, The Eminent Insurrection, The Empirë, The Enclave, The Eternal, The Fel Brotherhood, The Flock, The Forgotten Knights, The Fort, The Frozen Chosen, The Gallows, The Golden Lions, The Good Will Guild, The Goomba Squad, The Greek Legion, The Guardian Alliance, The Heavy Hitters, The Hidden Sound, The Highwaymen, The Hitmen, The illuminaughty, The Immortal Empire, The Infamous, The Infinite Order, The Iron Rangers, The Ironstar, The Italian Mafia, The Kings of Versatility, The Last Saint, The Legend, The Legendary Gladiators, The Legion of Boosted, The Lion Guard, The Magnificent, The Marauder Society X, The Memelords of Draenor, The Mercenary, The Midnight Guard, The Money Makers, The Murder Train, The Nation, The Nexus, The Oath, The Organization, The Other Guyz, The Pantheon, The Patriarchy, The Pecan Sandies, The Phantom Troupe, The Players Choice, The Protectors of PvP, The Purge, The PvP Bed, the PvP Legends, The Raven Lords, The Reborn, The Red Shirts, The Retro Champions, The Round Table, The Saînts, The Schmidt Effect, The Seireitei, The Siege, The Simples, The Speakeasy Tavern, The Storm Drakes, The Supervillians, The Thug Squad, The Towels, The Trashbringers, The Unexpected, The Unforgiven Knights, The United Alliance, The Unnamed, The Veil of Darkness, The Victorious Dead, The Vindicate, The Warden, The Wolf and the Lion, The Zanarkand Abes, TheAlliiance, TheCandyShop, TheFirst, There Is No Guild Name, Thieves and Kings, This Calling, Thisisthedogs Guild, Thorin and Company, Thralls Balls, Three Inches Buffed, Three Inches Unbuffed, Three Valor, Thug Life, Thunder Gun Express, Thunder Shrimps, Thunderbrew Tavern, Thé Empire, Thé Wrétchéd, Thë Blàck Knîghts, Tier, Tier Zero, TIKI, Time Lords, Time Warp, Titans Reborn, TKO, TO THE DEATH, Toad, Tokyo Arcade, Tolks Bank, tomorrow we really quit, Tonights Entertainment, Too Many Cooks, Too Slick For Ya, Top Kek, Top Tier, Torment, Tough Hunk of Bread, Toxicity, Training Dummy, Trap Card, Tree of Life, Trial, Tribe of Tobijah, Tribe of Valor, Tribunal, Tribunal II, Tribute, Tributes, Trick Plz, Triple Bacon Assault, Trolling is a Art, Tropical Lime, Trump Nation, Trumps Wall Builders, Trust, Tryhards, Tsing Tao, Tug Hut, Tunnel Snakes, Turd Burglaring Murlocs, Turtle Nation, Tuskin Raiders, Twenty One and Up, TwentyFive to Life, Twerk for Jesus, Twink Economy, Twisted Hatred, Twisted Minds, Twitch Plays WoW, TwitchTV BKRTV, two K crit, Two Orcs One Cup, Two Tired Too Sleep, U Got Horde, U N F O R G I V E N, u no, Ubermensch, ULTIMATE, Unanswered, UNBANN SWIFTY, Underated and Overstated, Underdark, Underestimated, Undergeared, Underground, Undertakers, Underworld, UnDisputéd, Unfadable, Unforgiving, Unfriendly, Unholy Requiem, Unholy Warcry, Unicorns And Pwnies, United in Blood, United We Stand, Universal, Unknown Gladiators, Unknown Immortality, Unparalleled, Unscathed, Up Your Azeroth, Upheaval, UpNya, Urban Myths, Valiant Knights, Valiant Legion, Validus, Valley Of Death, Valued, Vampiric, Vandalism, Vanilla Scoop, Vanity, Vanitÿ, Vanquishers of the Night, VAPENATION, Varian Fel To Pieces, Varians Legion, Vatican, Vecnas Whisperers, Vending Machine, Vengeancé, Vengeful Shadows, Venom, Venom Reborn, Venturious, Vera Fraternitas, Verboten, Veritas Filia Temporis, Versatile Chaos, Veteran of War, Veterans Of Warcraft, Vicious and Delicious, Vicious Gods, Victory at Sea, Vigilance, VII Legion, Vinco Bellum, VIP Only, Virtus, Vis Nocturnum, Viva la Mexico, Vivid, voljin for warchief, Vortex, Vox Nex, Vox Radix, Vytis, Vìsions, W A S T E D, WalkThisWay, Wallstreet, Walmart Task Force, Wannabepvpers, War Drivers, War Forged, War Raiser, Warfare, Warhead, Warpath, Warriors of Mist, Watchers, Way Out West, WAYNETHEMAINBRAINMCLAIN, We Always Lose, we are good, We Are Legend, We Are The Galaxy, We Beta Tested Your GF, We Burst Trash, We Came We Conquered, We Could Carry Less, We DC All Day, We Dem Baddies, We Dem Boyzz, We dont even lift, We Feed Off Tears, We fight on the Roads, we go hard on myspace, We Have Tiger Blood, WE MAKE BANK, We One Shot Trash, We Pee In Moonwellz, We Promote Swifty, We PvP lRL, We Run This, We use CDs on Trash, Weird Little Nation, WELCOME TO WORLD PVP, Well Met, Went the Wrong Way, What, What Would Jesus Do, WhiteRabbit, Why Not Q Indefinitely, Wicked Fate, Wife is sleeping, Wild Hares, Will Raid For Cookies, Winnable, Winter, Winter Harvest, Winter Is Comiing, Winters Coming, Wish I Could Get Glad, With the Quickness, Without A Purpose, Without Question, Wizards of Goz, wobby woo, Wolf Den, World of Bankcraft, World PVPs Finest, World Star Alliance, Worlds Edge, Wow Gods, WoW Most Wanted, WoW Smart, Wraith, Wreckless Carnage, Written in Crayon, Wrâth, WSG Midfield Superstars, WSG PD, WTB GF IRL, WTS Chicken, wutsgudlads, xD, xferring, XII Legion, Xotic Gameplay, Xroads Is My Garrison, Xuen To Win, Yer A Guild Harry, yo bro listen we nasty, Yo Eleven, yo i got a stomachache, Yolo Boyz Ent, You Boys Like Mex E Co, You Call That a Twink, You Cant Milk Those, You Farm or Famiry Die, You kids get off my lawn, You Red You Dead, Your Moms a Horde, Your Moms My Mount, Your Mothers a Horde, Youre Not My Real Dad, YRC Gaming, Ze Boon, Zelnador, Zenkai Theory, Zerg, Zero Gaming, Zero Skill, ZeroToHundred Real Quick, Zerô, ZexLegion, Zone Six Savages, Zug Life, ßaked, ßlood And Sand, ßoondock Saints, ÅbSøLütÊ PøWëR, Åscend, Åt Least We Have Stables, ÆÆ, çårêbêårs, Çòrrupt, Éxiled Champions, Ê N L I S T E D, Ënigma, Ðark Side, Øbsidian, Vadden, Vae Victis, Valandu, Valkhoren, Vangelo, Vendetta, Vendettâ, Verdict, VerebelFake, Veroicone, Versatile Chaos, Victoria ut Fidelis, Viva La Mexico, Vivid, VixesWoL, Vogue, Vogue, VoR, Vox radix, Vox Radix, Vox Radix, Vox Radix, Vox Radix, Vox Radix, Vox Radix, Vox Radix Combined, Walmart Security, We Could Carry Less, We Feed Off Tears, We Feed Off Tears, WFSU, What, who knows, Whoa, Whodatz, Woe, WoL, WOW FOR DUMMIES, Wowbitines, WoWbitines, Wowbitiness, Wrâth, Xensity, Xensity, yifen, Yoggz Logz, Young and Lifted, ze Boon, Ze Boon, ZEBOON, Zedotctor, Zero, Zero, Zero Skill, Zero Skill, Zhedqt, Zordiak Personal, Zug Life, Çrypt Lidørn

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