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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Dark Sun Knights US-Dalaran Alliance 0 85
Black Dragon Elite US-Dalaran 0 33
Gastropod Squad US-Dalaran Alliance 0 23
Faith in Doubt US-Dalaran Alliance 0 18
Dragons Helm US-Dalaran Alliance 0 16
Galactic Guard US-Dalaran Horde 0 16
Reprised US-Dalaran Alliance 0 14
Potential US-Dalaran 0 13
A State of Arrogance US-Dalaran 0 12
Blurred Reality US-Dalaran 0 12
Ghost Walkers US-Dalaran Horde 0 9
Ruletastic Raiders US-Dalaran Horde 0 9
Stay Thirsty US-Dalaran 0 9
Voodoo US-Dalaran 0 8
Six Feet Under US-Dalaran Horde 0 7
The Jointed Sword US-Dalaran 0 7
FairyTail US-Dalaran Alliance 0 6
Geared Up US-Dalaran 0 6
Legitimate US-Dalaran Horde 0 6
Crowd Control US-Dalaran Alliance 0 5
Booty Bay Pirates US-Dalaran Horde 0 4
Checkmate US-Dalaran 0 4
Death by Roses US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
No Limits US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Steadfast US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Empower US-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Kaizen US-Dalaran 0 3
Mortal Instruments US-Dalaran 0 3
Naughty Knights US-Dalaran 0 3
Reload US-Dalaran 0 3
SevenOrksAndYourSister US-Dalaran Horde 0 3
The Exalted US-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Umbra Domini US-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Blanket Time US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Continuum US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Divergence US-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Fairy Taìl US-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Fortress US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Hardcore Fishing Guild US-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Lions Guard US-Dalaran 0 2
Pak Cafan US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Seekers of Ataraxia US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Third Watch US-Dalaran 0 2
Vision of Chaos US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
XII US-Dalaran Horde 0 2
adequate US-Dalaran 0 1
Armani US-Dalaran 0 1
Ascension of the Fallen US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Built Horde Tuff US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
CARN US-Dalaran 0 1
Chaotic Peace US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Clan Seppuku US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Crimson Moon Rising US-Dalaran 0 1
Dolus Nomen Hic US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Failure by Design US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Fighting Mongooses US-Dalaran 0 1
Insomniax US-Dalaran 0 1
kusso US-Dalaran 0 1
Order of Valkyries US-Dalaran 0 1
Reborn US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Riot Knights US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Solid US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Team B US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Thé Unit US-Dalaran 0 1
Zero US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Ouroboros US-Dalaran Horde 0 0
The Sanctuary US-Dalaran 0 0
The Spot US-Dalaran Horde 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Mastadoom raids US-Dalaran Horde 3 225
Rise US-Dalaran Horde 2 7
Natural Affinity US-Dalaran Alliance 0 427
Aftermath US-Dalaran Horde 0 380
8====D US-Dalaran Horde 0 215
Overdozer US-Dalaran Alliance 0 161
Apotheosis Now US-Dalaran Horde 0 158
Heroes of the Command US-Dalaran Alliance 0 150
Kismet None Alliance 0 146
Sons of Apathy US-Dalaran Horde 0 145
PS US-Dalaran Horde 0 131
Aeon US-Dalaran Horde 0 123
Group Therapy US-Dalaran Alliance 0 123
Requiem US-Dalaran Horde 0 108
First Point Aries US-Dalaran Alliance 0 104
Pak Cafan US-Dalaran Alliance 0 94
Drunk N Disorderly US-Dalaran Horde 0 87
Dolus Nomen Hic US-Dalaran Alliance 0 80
Idan's Logs US-Dalaran Horde 0 80
Ouroboros US-Dalaran Horde 0 77
Redemption US-Dalaran Alliance 0 68
Last Laugh! US-Dalaran Horde 0 64
Rocket Surgery US-Dalaran Alliance 0 60
Rocket Surgery US-Dalaran Alliance 0 55
Death Wish Algalon US-Dalaran Horde 0 54
FreeHK US-Dalaran Horde 0 49
Epiphany US-Dalaran Horde 0 45
Sunced US-Dalaran Horde 0 38
LFR Certified US-Dalaran Horde 0 37
Kaizen US-Dalaran Alliance 0 36
Forsaken US-Dalaran Horde 0 29
Black Death US-Dalaran Horde 0 28
Lyth's Logs US-Dalaran Alliance 0 28
Madventure Bros US-Dalaran Alliance 0 28
Minoaz logs US-Dalaran Horde 0 28
Odin US-Dalaran Horde 0 28
Wipes on Trash US-Dalaran Alliance 0 28
Remedy US-Dalaran Alliance 0 27
Death Wish US-Dalaran Horde 0 26
GGEZ US-Dalaran Horde 0 26
Subdue US-Dalaran Alliance 0 25
Wooden Logs US-Dalaran Horde 0 24
JAverage US-Dalaran Alliance 0 23
space patrol US-Dalaran Alliance 0 21
Paw Stars US-Dalaran Horde 0 20
Crimson Moon rising US-Dalaran Alliance 0 18
Legitimate US-Dalaran Horde 0 18
Strange brew US-Dalaran Alliance 0 18
FInal Logs US-Dalaran Horde 0 17
Inglorious US-Dalaran Horde 0 17
Twilight Guard US-Dalaran Horde 0 17
Zbar Reports US-Dalaran Horde 0 17
Guild Logs US-Dalaran Alliance 0 16
Azhar US-Dalaran Alliance 0 15
Reprise US-Dalaran Alliance 0 15
HoR - Heart of Redemption US-Dalaran Alliance 0 14
Just Average US-Dalaran Alliance 0 14
Satori US-Dalaran Alliance 0 14
KYS US-Dalaran Alliance 0 13
Provocatio US-Dalaran Alliance 0 12
US-Dalaran Alliance 0 11
Es' Logs US-Dalaran Horde 0 11
Last Laugh US-Dalaran Horde 0 11
Ohana US-Dalaran Alliance 0 11
test US-Dalaran Horde 0 11
Wretched Union of Souls US-Dalaran Horde 0 11
Angels of the Crusade US-Dalaran Alliance 0 10
Double Agent US-Dalaran Alliance 0 10
Phalanx of Nod US-Dalaran Alliance 0 10
Sinister Onslaught US-Dalaran Horde 0 10
Syn Log US-Dalaran Alliance 0 10
The Last Haven US-Dalaran Alliance 0 10
Era US-Dalaran Alliance 0 9
Nym's run US-Dalaran Alliance 0 9
The Windowless Van US-Dalaran Alliance 0 9
Death Dealers US-Dalaran Alliance 0 7
Hazard US-Dalaran Alliance 0 7
Regimus Nox Noctis None Horde 0 7
Suit and Tie Financial US-Dalaran Horde 0 7
Team Dai Gurren US-Dalaran Horde 0 7
Twelve US-Dalaran Horde 0 7
XII US-Dalaran Horde 0 7
Earth and Wind US-Dalaran Alliance 0 6
LOL U MAD BRAH US-Dalaran Alliance 0 6
Rampage US-Dalaran Horde 0 6
bbbbusy US-Dalaran Horde 0 5
La Croix US-Dalaran Horde 0 5
Midnight Jesters US-Dalaran Horde 0 5
Pretentious US-Dalaran Alliance 0 5
Remedy US-Dalaran Alliance 0 5
The Gentleman's Parlor US-Dalaran Horde 0 5
Acceptable Losses US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
AFK US-Dalaran Horde 0 4
Ascend10 US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Brolex's Playhouse US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Parallax US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Reload UI US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Shadowstrike US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Soul of Snipers US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Spartans US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
The Raving Misfits US-Dalaran Horde 0 4
Widowmaker US-Dalaran Alliance 0 4
Cry Havoc US-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Fae SFU None Horde 0 3
huhudk US-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
II Seventh Circle II US-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Satisfaction US-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Six Feet Under US-Dalaran Horde 0 3
Strawberry US-Dalaran Horde 0 3
VookLogs US-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
With Benefits Algalon US-Dalaran Horde 0 3
Wretched Union of Souls US-Dalaran Horde 0 3
Zolus US-Dalaran Alliance 0 3
Apostasy US-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Baretank/Lytheia Sex Party US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Briznot US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Crusaders of Thanatos US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Geared Up US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Hostile Nation US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Hystèria None Horde 0 2
Innovative Wiping US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Moment of Silence US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Moopy Personal Logs US-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Northwestern US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Rezoe US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Third Watch US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
tmm US-Dalaran Horde 0 2
Unleashed US-Dalaran Horde 0 2
We Dont Skip Leg Day US-Dalaran Alliance 0 2
Anguish US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Antaya US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
azhar US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
BANK OF THE OSAGE US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
beast logs US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Brewmasters US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
CARN US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Chaotic Order US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Clatto Verata Nicto US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Critical Mass US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Deities and Demigods US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Forsaken US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Gravedigger US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
guildguild US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Happy Ending US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Hard Candy US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
In Morte Veritas US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Infinity US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Jocund Din US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Karnage US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Left Hand Voodoo US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Legitimate Normal Team US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Logic US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Mediocre Jerks US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Mercury US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Might and Magic US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
MOS 10 US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Night Haven US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
OffensiveLogs US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Phalanx of Nod US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Phistylogs US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
PIE US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Prestige Worldwide US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Puppeteers US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Rally US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Reload UI US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
REMEDY#1 US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
sildani US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Six Feet Under US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Stop DPS2 US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Sunfire US-Dalaran Horde 0 1
Widowmaker US-Dalaran Alliance 0 1
Aizen US-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Alliance in Defiance None Alliance 0 0
alterßoy None Alliance 0 0
Anguish None Alliance 0 0
Ascend None Alliance 0 0
Berserkers US-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Black Dragon Elite None Alliance 0 0
Blacklight None Horde 0 0
Blurred Reality None Alliance 0 0
Blurred Reality None Alliance 0 0
Bridei None Alliance 0 0
Cayse testing None Horde 0 0
Checkmate None Horde 0 0
Clatto Verata Nicto None Alliance 0 0
codes None Alliance 0 0
Cold Blooded Killers None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Moon Rising None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Moon Rising None Alliance 0 0
CUNT LOGS US-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Daetop None Alliance 0 0
Dawn Slayers None Alliance 0 0
Dead Sexy None Alliance 0 0
Death N Decay None Alliance 0 0
Death Wish US-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Deathrealm None Alliance 0 0
DEFAULT NAME HERE None Alliance 0 0
Deliríum None Alliance 0 0
Desamorix's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Doom None Horde 0 0
Drucefer Logs None Horde 0 0
Eltacomcyummy US-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Eminence None Alliance 0 0
ETM DnD Style None Alliance 0 0
Fears End US-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Final Reckoning None Alliance 0 0
First Bank of Ainmhi None Alliance 0 0
Fit None Alliance 0 0
Focus Up US-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Focus Up US-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Furbies None Alliance 0 0
GracesaLogs None Alliance 0 0
Guardians of Knowledge None Alliance 0 0
hairsys None Horde 0 0
Hammer of Arthas None Alliance 0 0
herpaderp None Horde 0 0
Hobo Assassins None Alliance 0 0
Hobo Assassins None Alliance 0 0
hotzndotz None Alliance 0 0
I Am God None Alliance 0 0
Ingenuity Fail None Horde 0 0
Ivancho's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Jakov None Alliance 0 0
Kaizen None Alliance 0 0
Knight of Other Realms None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Twisted Fate None Alliance 0 0
Last of the Soldiers None Alliance 0 0
Legio Eterna None Alliance 0 0
MaggsWoL None Alliance 0 0
Malecko US-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Manners Maketh Men US-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Metamorphosis None Horde 0 0
Morgause Logs None Alliance 0 0
Mulletina None Alliance 0 0
Myth None Horde 0 0
NA Naple None Alliance 0 0
Nakama None Alliance 0 0
Nakama None Alliance 0 0
Narcolepsy None Alliance 0 0
Natural Affinity None Alliance 0 0
Natural Affinity None Alliance 0 0
Natural Affinity None Alliance 0 0
Night Haven None Horde 0 0
Nos Consensio None Alliance 0 0
Organizm None Alliance 0 0
Ouro None Horde 0 0
Pak Cafan None Alliance 0 0
Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
Raven None Horde 0 0
Reload UI- Course None Alliance 0 0
Ridin Dirty None Alliance 0 0
Sang Grail None Alliance 0 0
sb US-Dalaran Alliance 0 0
Semper Fi None Horde 0 0
serres logs None Alliance 0 0
Shadows of Etermity None Alliance 0 0
Sinistre None Alliance 0 0
Solid State None Horde 0 0
Somewhat Fantastic None Alliance 0 0
Summerz None Alliance 0 0
testover None Alliance 0 0
The Dreaming None Alliance 0 0
Trogore Uploads None Horde 0 0
Unofficial Chive Meetup None Horde 0 0
Victoria aut Morte US-Dalaran Horde 0 0
vizzydrizzle None Horde 0 0
Welcome US-Dalaran Horde 0 0
Wretched Union of Sould None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

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Phoenix Guard_2, The Spot, the super geeks, This is why Im Prot, three minute cooldown, Thunck, Thundercats, Total Fail, Traders, Traders, Tragic, Trample the Weak, Traxels Logs, triforce, Triforce, Trublood, True Valor, Undying Legends, Undying Legends, UNgamer, United for Blood, United For Blood, Unleashed, Until dawn, Uprising, A Bitter Wind, A Decent Guild, Aces, Acts of Darkness, Acumen, Aestuo, Aggressor, Akatsukii, All Hail Babysocks, Alliance Kill Squad, Alliance Knights, Alliance Nemesis, Alliance of The Muffins, Alliance Special Ops, Almost Heroes, Alts Army, America, Amistad, Anbublack ops, Ancient Company, Ancient Dawn, And My Imaginary Friends, angels of azeroth, Angels of Holy Light, Animosity, Apocalyptic Visions, Apostasy, Apotheosis Now, Arbiters, ArchAngelss, Ardent Decree, Arkham Knights, Arrogance, Ashes Rising, Assisted Living, Ataraxia, Atropos, Attention Hordes, Auran, Authentic, Avatars Of Chaos, Avengers Of Dalaran, Avengers of Silvermoon, Avenging Legends, Axiom Endeavor, Azeroths Anonymous, Azeroths Knights, Azhar, Back in My Day, Bacon Bandits, Bad Medicine, Bad Mojo, Baeblades, Bajheeras Army, Bane of Illidan, Banished Angels, Bank of Anlil, Bank of Kevyne, Battle Protocol, Battleborn, Benevolence, BERSERK, Best CC Is Death, Best Years of WoW, Bethel, Bilgewater Honor society, Black Death, BlackJack and Hooks, Blacklight, BlackStone Cohort, Blade of the Covenant, Blades Of Kings, Blame The Healers, Bliss, Blizzard Of Warcraft, Blockheads, BLOK, Blood Berzerkers, Blood Fire Death, Blood Kings, Blood Moon Clan, BloodLine, Bloodlust Samurai, Bloodlusters, BloodPact, Bloody Candy, BloodySnow, Blue, Blue Dragoon, Blue Sun, Bound By Satan, Brakuragan Finance, Brothers of Blood, Bujais Pet, Burning Crusaders, bustinballs bank, Butter Biscuits, C A G E D, Calamitöus Intent, Captain Trips, Casino Royale, Casually Current, Cataclyzm, ChaChing, Chain Pull, Chains of Destiny, Champions of The Fallen, Chaos and Mayhem, Chennai Express, Chicken McNobodies, Cinders, Clan of Misfits, Clan Stoneclamber, Clearly Better Than You, Coffee N Brew Drinkers, Cold Activated Can, CombatTactics, Companions of Fortune, Conservators, Controlled Chaos, Coolwhip, Corrupted Twilight, Cosmic Kush, Council of Tirisfal, Covenant, Crazy Train, Crescent Moon, Crimson Death, Crimson Elite, Crimson Menace, Crimson Reign, Crippling Depression, Crit My Pants, Crucial, Cry Havoc, Cucumber Crew, CuddleClub, Cult of Ciebris, Cynical, Cynths Bank, Dalarans League of Heros, Dances With Murlocs, Dark Ale Enigma Drinkers, Dark Arts, Dark Reapers, DARKEST HOUR, DaRkGaTe, Darkness before Dawn, Dawn Slayers, Dblinfinity, Dead Ahead, Death By Chocolate, Death by Cookies, Death Dealers, Death N Decay, DEATHINC, Deathrealm, DeathWatchers, Deathwing Invaders, Decadence of Cerberus, Deck of Cards, Dedicated, Deep Down Trauma Hounds, Deeper Than Words, Defiant Ones, Deities and Demigods, Demonic Mayhem, Depraved Saints, Descendants of Dalaran, desire different, Destroy Erase Improve, Deviant, Deviation, Devils Dragons, Dirty Casuals, Disciples of Destruction, Disciples of the Flame, Discotheque, Disgusting, Distinct Avengers, Divine Ascension, Divine Evolution, Dominance, Double Agents, DPS OVER MECHANICS, Dragon Wise, Dragons of Enfield, Driven to Conquer, DSMfive, Dual Personalities, Duck Fight Squad, Déjà Vu, E L I T E, Eat Sleep WoW Repeat, Echoes of the Lost Age, Eight Bit Order, Eine Seele, ELE, Elusive Reborn, Elysium, Encrypted, End Game, Endangered Species, Endo, Entity, Ephemeral, Epic, Epic Crusaders, Escape Guantanamo Bay, Eternal Refuge, Eternal Vengeance, Eternally Questing, Euphoria, Ex Omnibus, Execution Protocol, Extracurriculars, Faaip de Oiad, Fabriqués au Québec, Fallengarde, Fat Kidz Lag IRL, Fated, Fateful, Fawns, Fear, Fear The Dead, Federally Insured, FHRITP, Fiery Hell Screamers, Fights Like A Girl, Final Fatal Force, Fire On Earth, Fires Within, First Nigha Bank, First Point Aries, Flame of the Phoenix, Flying Spaghetti Monster, Focused Apothy, Food Pet Battlers, Footlong Bank, For Love and Honor, Forged from Ashes, Forged of Fury, Forgotten Alliances, Forgotten Prophets, Forsaken Elite, Forsaken Knights, Forsaken Legends, Forsaken Nevermores, Fracture, Fraternitas, Frequency, Friends With Benifits, FTW, FuryHunters, Fàiry Tàil, Gaia, Game Over, Gardens of Mystery, Gentlemans Club, Getonmylevel, Ghost, Give It Hell, Give Them Hell, Gladiators Inc, Glenkeeper, Gloria Victis, Glory Days, Gnome Means Gnome, Gods of Dëmoñiç Spïrïts, godsofwar, Gold Capped, Gold legion, Golden Parachutes, Grace, Grand Lodge, Gravedigger, Graveyard Shift, Graveyard Shifts, Gravíty, Green, GriNd KiNgS, Guap Over Everything, Guardian Angels, Guardiani Di Notte, Guardians of Honor, Guardians of Knowledge, Guardians of Peace, Guardîans of Lîght, Gucci Gang, Guild of the Tiger, Guild SJPBX, Gurlz Gone Wow, Halfway House, Hammer Of Arthas, Hammer of God, Hammerfall, Hand of Hellscream, HappyEndings, Havoc Syndicate, Havok, Heart of Redemption, Hells Forgotten, Hellsenemy, Help Wanted, Hermit Monsters, Heroes of the Command, Heroes Reborn, Heroic, heros of the alliance, Hey Im Twink, High Life, Hobo Assassins, HomeBodies, Hooray for Evil, Hooray for Evyl, Horde Mongers, Horde Slappers, HordeHouse, Hottest New Single, House of Nightfall, How RuneScape Should Be, How WoW Should Be, Hunters of DawnGuard, I AM A HOLY PALADIN II, I Dont Fail, i hate league of legends, Icons For Ever, Ill Serenity, ILLIDARI, Illidari Stormragers, IMDKBanker, Imminent Reign, Immortal Deathknights, Immortal Guardians, Immortal Sin, Imperial Dragons, In WoW We Trust, Infamous AFKers, Infinìty, Inglorious, Innovative Wiping, Insane Asylum, Insatiable Ninjas, Insignia of the Horde, Internet Bullies, Internet is Tubes, Inventoryisfull, Investment Raiding, Invincible, Iron Heroes, IronSerpents, Is Awesome, Isle of Misfit Toons, IT Horde Desk, It is an alt thing, IVGaming, K Bunny Inc, Kabobs Inc, Katet, Keepers of Time, Keeping It Real, Ken You Wait, Kings of War, knight of death, Knight Of Shining Armor, Knights of Asgard, Knights of Calamity, Knights of Damnation, Knights of Evil, Knights of Night, Knights Of The Butter, Knights of the Pentagon, Knights of Twisted Fate, Knights of Undeath, Knights Union, KnightsOfMagrathea, KNoT, Kommunist Kittens, LA, LA SYNDICATE, Left Hand Voodoo, Legendary Agenda, LegendaryDragons, Legends of Norrath, Leggo My Aggro, Legio, Legion of Boom, Legion Of Life, Legion of MisClicks, Legion of Souls, Legion of the Cursed, Les Gaulois, LFR Certified, Liberation, Lick Me Plz, Life, Life n Death, Light Moon Knights, Light of Dawn, Light Of The Seven, Lights End, Lil Ol Men, Lion Heart, Lionheart, Little Legion, Live Long and Paws Purr, Loading Please Wait, Logistics, lol blade, Lookin Cute Feelin Cute, Lordaeron Templars, Lowered Expectations, Låzy Båstårds, Mad Dawgs, Mad Nice, Maevi Horde, Malevolence, Malicious Society, Masaka, Mastodon, matez ratez, Mature Content, Maximum Ogredrive, Mayhem Inc, Mean People, Measured Chaos, Medivhal Land Fun Time, Mercenaries of Might, Metamorphosis, Midnight Society, Mile Hyjal Club, Misconstrued Misfits, Mist, Moist Cornbread, Moment of Silence, Monokeros, Monte Carlo, Moonlit Pack, MoonTree, Moontree, Mors Noctis, Munchie Crusaders, Murda Camp, Murlocs Stole My Candy, Mutiny PvP, Mystery Inc, Mystic Hazhorde, Mystic Marshmallow, Mythical, MythicKlàwz, Mythos Eternum, Naga pls, Nakama, Name Pending, Narcos, Naruto Shippuden, Natural Affinity, nerf, Nerf Hogger, Netflix and Heal, NetherBane, New Templars, NEXT, NIGHT LORDS, Night Owls, Nightingales, NightMareBeforeChristmas, Nightsabers, Nine O Seven Gamers, Nite Lite, No Heals Needed, Nomads, noobs, Noodly Appendage, NopantsRaiding, Northrend Supply Chain, Nos Consensio, Not in Guild, Not My Main, Not Now Babe Im on CD, Not Now Bae Im On CD, Not So PURE, Novus Initium, Oakenshield, Oasís, Obscure Radiance, Obsidian Empire, Odyns Chosen, Odyns Fate, Old Folks Home Two, Old Timers Gang, Olde Timers Gang, Ominoüs Presence, OMNI DRIVE, Only Victory Or Death, Ook for Brains, Ooked in the Dooker, Operation G A N K, Oracion Seis, Oracle, Order of the Lion, Order of the Moon, Order of the Righteous, Order of the Scourge, OTF, Our Darkest Hour, Out of Pity, Outland Plebs, Outlaw Raiders, Padawan Menace, Paid In Blood, Panda Corp Prime, Pandarian Supply Chain, Paradigm Shift, Paragons of Light, Parallax, Paranoia, Parasyte, Paw Stars, Pax Republica, Pazsfs Guild, Penetrators of Booty Bay, Pensive, Perfected Filth, Phalanx of Nod, Phantom, Phantom Blades, Phaser, Phenomena, Pirates Get More Booty, Pits of Hell, Pneumatic, Poochi, Porkchop Express, Prestige, Prestige Worldwide, Primal I nstinct, Primary Hive Cluster, Probably AFK, Proficiency, Prolific Path, Prophets of Azeroth, Provare, Pròject, PST OFF, PURE, Püre, Quite Possibly AFK, Rabble Rousers, Rabid Pandas, Rachelora, Raging Rupert Industries, Ragnaros Renegades, Raid Theory, Raiders at Dusk, Raiders of Lost Dalaran, Rain Stalkers, Rainbow Ponies, Rally, Rally After Dark, Randomosity, Rasta Raiders, Ravens Cove, Ravens Sanctum, Rawkfist, Raxacoricofallapatorius, Reborn Dominion, Reborn From The Ashes, Rectum Raiders, Recursive, Red Bull, Red Deception, Red Light nation, Redacted, Reflex, Regime, Reign of Blood, Reign Of Bloods, Reign Of Rattled, Rejected Disciples, Rekindled, Reprise, Requiem Reborn, Retro Ruckus, Retrospect, Revolt, Rez, Rhythm, Right Clique, Ripple Effect, Ripten, Riptide, Rise of Legends, Rise of the Lycans, ROOT, RUINOUS, Rule Thirtyfour, Run Like Hell, S E E T H E, Sadistic Fury, Safety Dance Disco, Saints Aggression, Samurai Lackies, Sanguinare Vampiris, Sap It Before U Tap It, Sap n Nap, Scared Hitless, Scourge, Screamin Demons, scripted pvp, See It Kill It, Semper Fi, Semper Solus, Serenìty, Seriously Casual, Service With A Smile, Set Sail for Epic Fail, Severed Legion, Shadow Hearts Covenant, Shadow of Time, Shadowfoe, Shadows of Eternity, Sharingan, Shattered Requiem, Sheikah Clan, Sheltered Stars, Short Bus, SHOW ME MY OPPONENT, SHREDS OF FATE, Silver Legion, Singing Sunflower, Sinister Syndicate, Sins of Wrath, Six Inches Unbuffed, skeleton brewery, Skeleton Crew, Skeletons in the Closet, Skinwalkers, Sleepless Knights, Slightly Twisted, Slow, Smoke Gods, Sobank, Solace, Soldiers of Fortune, Soldiers Of Honor, Soldiers Of Misfortune, Sonic Death Monkey, Sons of Heroes, Sons of Verismilitude, Sopping Wet Socks, Soul of the Blade, Sovereign Reapers, Spartans, Spirit Healer, Spirit Healer Fan Club, Stand Sure, Star Blazerz, StarCrossed Myths, Stars Fury, Stay Frosty, Stormwind Elite, StormWind Troopers, Straight Outta Draenor, Stranger Danger, Streamline, Stress Meowt, Strike Team, Struggle Bus, Struggle Bus Inc, Style, Styx, Subdue, Sugar Daddies, Super Heroes, Superkinky, Swearonus, Swedish Bikini Team, Swiss Bank, Sword Art Online, Talon of the Phoenix, Tauren Twerk Team, TBC Twinkies, Team Nice Dynamite, Templars Of Azeroth, Temple Of Ravens, Terror Mxfia, The Abyss, The Apprentice, The Baconators, The Band, The Beachs, The Blizzard Brawlers, The Bläck Bläde Brigäde, The Cluster Cluck II, the dark army, The Dark Covenant, The Dark Hearted, THE DARK SlDE, The Devils Advocate, The Drowned Gods, The Drunken Lambs, The Elite Resistance, The Elite Warriors, The Emerald Grove, The Emerald Legion, The Enchanted Forest, The Eternal Lion, The Exile of Twilight, The Fabled Ones, The Feared, The Fiends Habadashery, The Fifth Scroll Redux, The Final Beginning, The Fire Inside, The Flaming Fists, The Forgotten Republic, The Freakin Awesome, The Free Folk, The Frostsaber Alliance, The GateKeepers, The Gold Seal, The Great Adventure, The Guardians of Azeroth, The Hallowed Core, The Hand of Boe, The Harbingers, The Healocaust, The Heroes Hierarchy, The High Council, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, The hømmies, The Insane Äsylum, The Kalimdor Guard, The Knights of Arthas, The Last Haven, The Last Kingdom, The Last of Us, The Legendary Knights, The Leveling Crew, The Lords, The Low Council, The Magic Box, The Maneyek, The Manhattan Project, The Nemesis Crew, The Order of Destiny, The Original Ten, The Outcasters, THE PERFECT STORM, The Phoenix Guard, The Pro Era, The Raiders of Azeroth, The Raving Misfits, The Remnant, The Rise, The Risen, The Sacred Accord, The Salty Spitoon, The Savage Guild, The Screaming Lemur, The Secret Guild, The Seekers, The Sixth Seal, The Sleep Deprived, The Sleepless Knights, The Sovereign, The Squirtle Squad, The Storm Legion, The Super Geeks, The Superior Race, The Tainted Sigil, The Tombstone, The Trust Fund, The Twelve Gods, The Twilight Sigil, The Twisted Casuals, The Unbit Walkers, The Vault Hunters, The View, The Vineyard, The Walkling Dead, THE WARD, The Windriders, The YinYang Alliance, The Zombie Apocalypse, TheHiddenLeigon, Thirsty, Three Deadly Sins, THÉ DARK SIDÉ, Thé Fâlléñ Hâvéñ, Timariots, Time Warp, Titan, Titans for Gaea, Titans of the Horde, tlc, Too Edgy For Me, Toomragga Boys, Top Hat Society, Tornado of Souls, Tough Fish II, Tower Team Assemble, Toxxic, Tradition of the Tainted, Trial By Combat, Trinity Seven, Trippie Hippies, True Fire Reigns, Tryptamine, TUNCF, Turtle Head, Twilight Guard, Twilight Zone, Twisted Fate, Twisted Misery, TwistedDesire, TWO DUDES ONE CHICK, U N D E R G O D S, Unbeaten, Underdogs, Undying Legion, Unemployed, United For Blood, Unleashed, V I R U S, Valkyr, Valkyrja, Vengeful Wrath, Vice City, Victorious Legion, Vox Via Volition, Wake Of Death, walmarts finest, WAR JUNKYS, Ward of Rygrim, WarGoDZ, WarlordsofDraynorVillage, Warriors of Mist, Wasted Glory, We Are Legacy, We Know Girls, We Run With Scissors, WeAreThePeople, Wet Tabard Contest, Winter Knights, Wipe Hour, Wipe Scene Investigation, Wolvar Caretaker, Wolves Final Haven, Women Of Warcraft, World Legion, World of Warcraft Guild, WoWs Armed Beeouches, Wretched Union of Souls, YEEYEEYEE GUYS, Yeti, You Dont Know Raw, Zacks Bank, Zaharen Yce, Zealous, À WAKÏÑG NÏGHtMÃRÊ, Ðark Vengence, Vicer Exciser, Victorious Legion, Virulence, Vision of Chaos, Vision of Chaos, Vision of Chaos, Vulc_Log, Vvis, Warpath, Warpath2, Wasted Talent, Weiss, White People, WhySoSerious, WhySoSierous, widowmaker, Wolves of Khaz Modan, Wretched Union of Souls, WUoS, Xii, XII_2, Xrock, XRPD, Y0uthinasia, Zaodi, Zed, Zell, ztest

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