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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Crisis Management US-Perenolde Alliance 0 168
Abuse Machine US-Perenolde Alliance 0 151
SGA Team NR US-Perenolde Alliance 0 144
Driven US-Cairne Alliance 0 102
Hand of Palandine US-Perenolde Alliance 0 99
Ctrl Alt Elites US-Cairne Alliance 0 96
Argh US-Perenolde Alliance 0 95
Pog US-Perenolde Alliance 0 80
The Imperium US-Perenolde Alliance 0 77
Momentum US-Cairne Horde 0 60
The Army of Light US-Perenolde Alliance 0 58
celebrities US-Perenolde Alliance 0 23
Lunch's Logs US-Perenolde Alliance 0 22
Risen US-Cairne Alliance 0 20
Legacy of the Void US-Perenolde Horde 0 19
Maniacal Box of Kittens US-Cairne Alliance 0 16
Axis of Anarchy None Alliance 0 14
Jerks US-Perenolde Alliance 0 14
Soulbound Inc US-Perenolde Horde 0 12
Sleeper Cartel US-Perenolde Alliance 0 10
Veni Vedi Vici US-Perenolde Alliance 0 10
Army of Light US-Perenolde Alliance 0 9
born to fail US-Cairne Alliance 0 9
Dark Harvest US-Perenolde Alliance 0 9
LeL MISSED STUN US-Perenolde Alliance 0 9
Vicarious US-Perenolde Horde 0 8
Cane US-Cairne Alliance 0 6
Obsidian Overlords US-Perenolde Alliance 0 6
Serenity 10 US-Perenolde Alliance 0 6
Anxiety US-Perenolde Alliance 0 5
Benevolence US-Cairne Alliance 0 5
Shadow Kin US-Cairne Alliance 0 5
Britches N Hose US-Perenolde Horde 0 4
Divine Order of Light US-Perenolde Alliance 0 4
Just a Flesh Wound US-Perenolde Alliance 0 4
Muffins from Hell US-Cairne Horde 0 4
Vicinity of Darkness US-Cairne Horde 0 4
BH - Team Clear Vent US-Perenolde Alliance 0 3
Collision US-Perenolde Alliance 0 3
Death by Monkey US-Perenolde Alliance 0 3
DGI US-Perenolde Alliance 0 3
HASSLEHOOFF US-Cairne Horde 0 3
Lewt teh Dogz US-Perenolde Alliance 0 3
Microtic's Logs US-Cairne Horde 0 3
Slaughtered Dreams US-Cairne Horde 0 3
The Crimson Ring US-Cairne Horde 0 3
The Defiant US-Cairne Alliance 0 3
Anxiety WoD US-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
As One US-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
Dark Harvest US-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
Dark Harvest US-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
Escelating Stupidity US-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
Filthy Casuals US-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
GetToYourHoles US-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
I RAGE I US-Perenolde Horde 0 2
Manicial Box of Kittens US-Cairne Alliance 0 2
Marshal Law US-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
POE US-Perenolde Horde 0 2
Reaction US-Cairne Alliance 0 2
Red Headed Stepchildren US-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
Straight Jacket Elite US-Cairne Horde 0 2
TempTrial US-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
Tsovinar US-Perenolde Alliance 0 2
Anathema US-Perenolde Horde 0 1
Anxiety US-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
As One US-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Axis of Anarchy US-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Business Casual US-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Cataclammy US-Cairne Horde 0 1
Chase Manhattan US-Cairne Alliance 0 1
deaf US-Cairne Horde 0 1
Frankenraid US-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
gankme US-Cairne Alliance 0 1
garrito US-Cairne Alliance 0 1
Hype US-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Initech US-Cairne Horde 0 1
jpug US-Cairne Horde 0 1
Jump US-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Kharanos Brewing Company US-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
kiwihax US-Perenolde Horde 0 1
Kiwihax US-Perenolde Horde 0 1
legion of light US-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Muffins From Hell US-Cairne Horde 0 1
Mystery Men US-Perenolde Horde 0 1
Odyssey US-Cairne Alliance 0 1
Pandemic US-Cairne Horde 0 1
Plan9 US-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
Reavers US-Cairne Alliance 0 1
Requited Pride US-Perenolde Alliance 0 1
reverent US-Cairne Alliance 0 1
Scorched Norrath US-Cairne Alliance 0 1
Sessa US-Cairne Alliance 0 1
silent death US-Cairne Alliance 0 1
Tranquil Entropy US-Cairne Horde 0 1
Absolute Carnage None Alliance 0 0
Aequitas Veritas None Alliance 0 0
After Party Playmates None Alliance 0 0
After Party Playmates None Alliance 0 0
Ain Soph Aur None Horde 0 0
Anxiety None Alliance 0 0
APEX None Alliance 0 0
Argh None Alliance 0 0
Auburn Sky None Alliance 0 0
Axis of Anarchy None Alliance 0 0
AxisofAnarchy None Alliance 0 0
ballers None Alliance 0 0
Bank of Darnassus None Alliance 0 0
Blackblade None Alliance 0 0
Bring Out Your Dead None Horde 0 0
Brotherhoodperenolde US-Perenolde Alliance 0 0
CaysTestGuild US-Perenolde Alliance 0 0
Celebrities None Alliance 0 0
Dark Harvest None Alliance 0 0
Dark Heaven None Horde 0 0
Dark Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Deal With It None Horde 0 0
delirious None Horde 0 0
Dirty Connection None Alliance 0 0
Dog Nation None Alliance 0 0
Don't Poach Me, Bro None Horde 0 0
Dragon Gate Inn None Alliance 0 0
Dragonchow Clan None Alliance 0 0
Emperors Fist None Alliance 0 0
Emperors Fist None Alliance 0 0
eternal None Alliance 0 0
Evil Empire None Alliance 0 0
Exo's Log None Alliance 0 0
FCM None Alliance 0 0
feuch a rithist None Alliance 0 0
fianl resistance None Alliance 0 0
Fueled By Ignorance None Horde 0 0
Gews of the World None Horde 0 0
glenn None Horde 0 0
Guild Curious None Alliance 0 0
Happy Tree Friends None Alliance 0 0
Havoc None Alliance 0 0
Heif's logs None Alliance 0 0
Icecrown Beach Club None Alliance 0 0
It Will All Be K None Alliance 0 0
judge None Alliance 0 0
judge's logs None Alliance 0 0
Judgement None Alliance 0 0
Klaatoo-Pugging None Alliance 0 0
Know Ewe None Horde 0 0
LastStand None Alliance 0 0
lb reports None Alliance 0 0
Legion of Light None Alliance 0 0
Lynching None Alliance 0 0
Mave's logs None Alliance 0 0
Max Resilience None Alliance 0 0
midnights shadow None Alliance 0 0
MIGHTY! None Alliance 0 0
Mikegnome None Alliance 0 0
Murloc Flavored Poptarts None Alliance 0 0
My stuff US-Cairne Alliance 0 0
Naxxramas Hazmat Crew None Alliance 0 0
ok1 None Alliance 0 0
Ominous None Alliance 0 0
ortowarr None Alliance 0 0
Quid Pro Quo None Horde 0 0
Quid Pro Quo None Horde 0 0
Radioactive None Alliance 0 0
Raiders Inc None Alliance 0 0
Ravencrest Watch None Alliance 0 0
Rawrr None Alliance 0 0
Reavers None Alliance 0 0
Reavers None Alliance 0 0
Reavers None Alliance 0 0
Reelacks None Horde 0 0
Review None Horde 0 0
rise of the golden dawn None Alliance 0 0
Schinn's DH Logs None Alliance 0 0
Semper Vigilans None Alliance 0 0
shadow kin None Alliance 0 0
Shadow Kin None Alliance 0 0
shennanigans None Alliance 0 0
Shiny None Alliance 0 0
Shuffled None Horde 0 0
Skeletor None Alliance 0 0
Sleeper Cartel None Alliance 0 0
Stuffs None Alliance 0 0
Superlogs None Alliance 0 0
Telos de Panton None Alliance 0 0
Temp Test 54632123 None Alliance 0 0
test None Horde 0 0
Test None Horde 0 0
the burning legend None Alliance 0 0
The Dark Legends None Alliance 0 0
The Einstein Crew None Horde 0 0
The Førsaken None Alliance 0 0
The Førsaken None Alliance 0 0
Torment of thunder None Alliance 0 0
Twink Factory None Horde 0 0
Umbra None Alliance 0 0
Vexxed Guardians None Horde 0 0
Vicarious None Horde 0 0
Vicarious 2 None Horde 0 0
vicarious5.4 None Horde 0 0
Victorious Crits None Horde 0 0
Vintage None Alliance 0 0
vøx None Alliance 0 0
We Have To Pug None Horde 0 0
We Punt Kittens None Alliance 0 0
what we do US-Cairne Horde 0 0
Wickd None Alliance 0 0
Wipe Scene Investigators None Alliance 0 0
Wolli None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

4Serrafin, , , , a new hope, A Soldiers Prayer, Abandonment Issues, Abuse Machine, Abuse Machine, Abyss, Acts of Violence, Adrenaline Rush, Adrimin 1, Affinity, Air, AlannaIsAwesome, Alexstraza, Alliance Soldierz, Altahols, Amatae, and two rouges, Animosity, Anomaly, antisociâl, Anxiety Blue, Aperture Science, Aperture Science, Aperture Science, APEX, Aphotic Souls, Aphotic Souls, Aphotic Souls, Aphotic Souls, Apocalyptic, Apotheosis, aquitas veritas, Arathi Highlords, Archaic, Archetype, Argh, Argh, ARGH, Art of Brutality, ASA, ASDF, assassins inc, Auradus, Axis of Anarchy, Axis of Anarchy, Axis of Anarchy, Axis of Anarchy, Axis of Anarchy, Axzinir Trash, Babas Brigade, Bad JuJu, Bad Karma, Bad Karma LFR, Band Camp, banished, Banished, Bank of Bird, Bank of Darnassus, Barbaric, Bedrow's Logs, Benny, bh groups, bh weekly, BHOOD LEFTOVERS, biggles, Bigmakz, Blackblade, Blackblade, Blackblade - DELETE ME - IGNORE, Blackjack and Hookers, Bloc, Blood Reign, Bloodmoon, BloodMoon, Blubs logs, BlueSky Raiders, boar killers, Bonkersers, Bound By Brotherhood, BowLowworld , Boys Are Back In Town, bukkakebabes, Burn Phase, Butterfly, Bypolar, Cairne, Cannabals Anonymous, Carpe Noctum, Carpe Noctum, Ceide, Centuria, Chaotic, chaøtic, Chaøtic, Chaøtic, citadel enforcers, Citadel Enforcers, Citadel Enforcers, Cold Fusion, Collateral Damage, Comic Relief, controlled chaos, Controlled Chaos, Controlled Chaos, Controlled Chaos, Controlled Chaos, Covilus' WoL, Crimson, Crimson Lords, Crimson Lords, Crimson Lords, Critical Accliam, CtrlAltDel group 2, Curfew International, Curfew International, Cursed, CURSED, Cutie Company, CV Squad, Cynical, DARK BARKS, Dark Blood Brotherhood, Dark Harvest, Dark Hearts, Dark Nemesis, Dark omen, DarkestEvil, Darkstorm Allies, Darthtank, das ewige Licht, Data Crunching, Dawizman, Dawn of Discord, Dawn of Discord, Dawn of Discord, Dawn of Discord, Dawn of Discord, Dawns Light, Deadly Vixens, deadsguild, Death by Snu Snu, Death Rising, Deathsdemons Logs, deck of cards, Delirious, Delirious, Delirious, Delirious, Delirious, Deliverance, delog, dene, depraved, dessak, Deus ex Machina, dhs, Dirty Lil Horde, dirtylilhorde, Disconnected, Disconnected, Disorderly Conduct, Divine Intervention, Divine Intervention, doix, Doom, DRAGINZ, Dragon Gate Inn, Dragon Slayors, dragonz, Dragovics Guild, Drifters, Drifters, Drifters, Dripzz, Driven, dröw, Duckguy's Raids, DUnno, E V O L V E D, Echelon, Echelon Nedly, echelon-10-2, Edge of Insanity, Eidolon, Elder Knights, ElfishBastards, ElfishBastards, Elysium, Elysium, Elysìum, EMF, EMF, Emperors Fist, endozan, Envious, Epic Dolls, EquivocalKit, Era, Escar's Logs, essca, Excalibur, Exile, Exile, Exiles, Exodus, Exodus, Exodus - Raid 2, Exodus 10m, Extra Crispy, Extreme, extreme vindicators, Faded Divinity, Failed Alliance Guild, Fake Guild, Fake Rage, Fallen, Fallout, Farmers Club, Fate's Ninja Fan Club, FDIC, Fight Club, Fight Club, Fight Club, Final Resistance, Fire Vault, Firefly, First National Bank, FIST of iron, Fists of Iron, For the Alliance, Force of Will, Freedom, Freelancers, Freelancers and friends, From the Ashes, From the Ashes, From The Ashes, From The Ashes, From the Ashes (Rock Lobsters), Frosted Flakes, Frukker, FTA, FTB, FusionTest, Genesis, Gews of the World, Gews of the World, GG, giballs, Gnomish Special Force, Gnomish Special Forces, Gold Dragon Clan, Gonzo, Grand Army, Grand Army, Grand Theft Kodo, Graveyard Shifters, Gray Death Legion, Gypsy, GYS, hadsu, hadsu9, Hand of Palandine, Hand of Palandine, Hardcore Ladder, Hardcore Pwnstar, Havoc, Havocc, Hegemonic, HekandLaerAnalysisRuns, Henessey, Herman's Personal Logs, Higher Breath, hmm, Horde Inc, horde on patrol, horde on patrol, Hordenary People, Hyperion, i r skrillex, I Raid Alone, iamdk , Igneus Terra, Illuminati, Illuminati, Immersion, Immune, Immune, Immune, Importune's Logs, Imposition, Impulse, Impulse, Infusion, Inner sanctum, Insane but Medicated, Insane Horde Posse, insanity, INSIDIOUS-4th, Iron Legion, IRS, IRS, IRS, IRS, It Will All Be K, Item Nine, ITF, IV Play, Jailbird's Guild, Jaki, Johngoodman, Jovaar, Js DLH , Just a Flesh Wound, Just a Flesh Wound, Kayrilulwat, Kill it with Fire, Kill it With Fire, Kinda Pro, Kingdom, Kings and Peasants, Kix, Kix, Knights of Ni, Knights of the Phoenix, Know Ewe, Kraftwerk, Kraftwerk, kraxlog, Lagged, Lagged, Lagged, Lanje, laststand, LAWZL, Left Curly Bracket Right Curly Bracket, Legaçy, Legion of Heroes, Legiøn, Less Than Four, Lethal Dose, lialahs bank, Light After Dark, Light After Dark, Linkss 10Progression, Little Jays Logs, lnsanity, lnsanity, logic, logs, logsrus, Loot the dogs, Lordz of War, Lordz of War, Lordz of War, Malevolence, Malevolent, Malevolent, malicious intent, Malthrax, Mango Misfits, Massive mojo, Massive Mojo, Massive Mojo, Massive Mojo, Masters of Mithril, max resillience, Method, Midnight carnival, Midnight Carnival, midnight fire, Midnight Fire, Midnight Fire, Midnight Smacks, Might, Mighty Ducks, Mighty Ducks, Mikaelbolton, Minx's Logs, mirajanes logs, Misha Refugees, Misunderstood, MM, Monar, moogs, Moon Unit Zappa, Moon Unit Zappa, Moon Unit Zappa, More Logs, Motorboat Mafia, Movers and Shakers, mr Galikanocus, Muscle, MVD, My Current Guild, My Fake Guild Woo, My name is Legion, My Other Life Is Epic, My Other Life Is Epic, MYPUG, Myself, Mystic Treasure Hunters, Myth, Nadej-logs, Natural Twenties, Nefarious Souls, Nemesis of Shadows, Nemoz, Ninyania, Nocturnal Chaos, Nocturnal Chaos, None, Not the Face, NotAGuild, Nothing Personal, Nothing Personal, Nub Sauce, Nyaaaaa, Nyx, Nyx, NYX, Odyssey, Of The Fallen, OMG A PWNY, OO, Oph pug, Order and Chaos, Order of the Lobster, Order of the Pride, oss logs, oss stuff, pactum nex, Pactum Nex, Pactum Nex, Pancake World, Pandemic, Pandemic, Pandemic, Pandemic Group 2, Pandemonium, Parse test 1, Party Pewpers, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Rising, Phoenix Rising, Picardie, Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight, Plan 9.5, Plux's logs, Pog, Post Mortem, Power Word Drunk, Primal Sledge of Doom, Psycho Theory, PTR testing, Public Enemy, PugLife, PugRaiders, Rage, Raided R, Raided R, Random PUG Trial, Random Pugs/LFR, Rapture, Rave, raven, Raven, Reaction, Reaction, Reaction, Reavers, Reavers, Reavers, Reborn From The Ashes, Red Storm Rising, Red Storm Rising, Redstorm Rising, Remember the Name, Remember The Titans, Remember The Titans, remnant, Requited Pride, Reserection, Reserection, Reserection-Raid-Logs, Resolution, Resolution, Resolution, Resolution, Resolution, Resolution, Resolution, resplendent, Retained, Retained, Retaliation, Revenga's Guild, Rise, Risen by Wym, Rival, Rock Lobster, Rock Lobsters, Rocks, Roll for the Blame, Rotrow1, Runs With Scissors, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sandrisper, sandwich feast, Saviors of Pandaria, Seeb's Guild, Semper Vigilans, Semper Vigilans, Sentinels, Sentinels , Sentinels of Azshara, Sermper Vigilans, Sexyland, SGA Refugees, SGA Team Kix, shadow kin, Shadow Kin, Shadow thing to get WOL to work, Siege, Sightime, Sigma, Sigma, Silent Death, SimplyTheTest, Sin, Sin, Sin Pugging, Skethyl Berry Brewing Co, Skethyl Berry Brewing Co, Skethyl Berry Brewing Co, Skethyl Berry Brewing Co, Skethyl Berry Brewing Co, Skethyl Berry Brewing Company, Skethyl-Tracker1, Smacked, Sns Inc, Sojourn, Sojourn, Soldiers of Fate, Soldiers Of Fate, Solstice, solusipse, Special, SpectrE, spw, Squirrel Box, Squirrel Box, Squixx, Standing in Fire, Standing In Fire, Static, StolenSanction, Straight Jacket Elite, Straight Jacket Elite, Sveela's Guild, Sword of the Horde, SYB, Syssitia, Systematic Chaos, Tainter, Taloras, Taloras, Tastes Like Burning, Tastes Like Burning, Team Dark Side, Team Placeholder, TEC, Telos, Telos de Panton, Telos De Panton, Templar knight raiders, Tenmillion, test, test, Test, Test, test guildee, Texas Roadkill Inc, Tha Revolution, tharevo, tharevolution, ThaRevolution, TharevolutionV, thats life, The Alsidera Project, The Association, The bailout plan, The Bedrock, The Bedrock, The Cucumber Prophecy, The Dark Anubus, The Dark Legends, The Defiant, The Defiant, The Disenchanted, The Eternal Circle, The Evil empire, The Evil Empire, The Exiles, The Guildless, The Imperium, The JLA, The Kindred, The Kindred, The Lost Legions, The Lost Legions, The Magic Kingdom, The Moogle Mafia, The Steel Reserve, The Touch of Chaos, The Øutcasts, TheDisenchanted, theelderlord, Theo's logs, Thirty Six Chambers, THIRTY SIX CHAMBERS, this is a thing, Threshold, Thundering Herd, TNR, TNR, ToC, Tormented by Mediocrity, Tormented by Mediocrity, Touch of chaos, Touch of Chaos, Touch of Chaos, Tozan, Treason, treze, Tribal, Tribal, Tug's, Tusken Raiders, Twilight, Twilight, twisted silence, Uhm, Unholyshizz, After Party Playmates, Algorithm of PvP, Alliance Fighters, Alliance Soldierz, Allied Knights, Alpha Breed, Anomaly, Apex of Infinity, Argent Heaven, Argent Legion, Ascendant, Auction Horde, Autónomy, Bad Karma, Band of Misfits, Banished, Bankaltsanonymous, BarbaricHonor, Bare Knuckle Bakery, based god, Battle Savages, BlackTyranny, Blood And Steel, Blood Legion, Bloodreigns, BlueSky Raiders, Brotherhood of the Soul, Brotherhood of Triumph, Casual, Chaotic, Chipped Beef, Chocohunters, Circle of Light, Coconut Wireless, Comic Relief, Conqueror of Naxxramas, Cowboyz, Cracklepaw Industries, Crazy Katz, CRIT HAPPENS, CrItIcal, Ctrl Alt Elites, Dark Army, Dark Hearts, Dark Nemesis, DARKSTORM WARRIORS, Daystalkers, Deal With It, Demolishers of Time, Devils Rejects, DisciplesofBeer, Dissidium, Distinguished, Do or Die, Dragon Flames, Dragon Fodder, Dragoon ring, Drastik Measures, Dry Times, Dungeon Raiderz, El Padre de Perro, Elevate, Emperors Fist, Enjoi Teh Gwaveyard, Epic Two, Exodus, eXtreme Vindicators, Fallen Shadows, Far Far Away, Felwood Lumber Company, Fists of Iron, Flawless, Flesh n Blood, Freedom Guards, Fury of the Horde, Gaelia, Gold Grinders, Green Eggs And Spam, Grunt Club, Hells Barbarians, Hells Berzerkers, Honorable Assasins, Horde Legion, Horde Lords, Horde Underworld, Hunger Games, I Have Bank, In It For The Perks, Infusion, IsNeverGonnaGiveYouUp, Juggernâuts, Just Pixels, Keepers of the Plexus, kelivar, Kings of Damnation, knights of justice, Knights of the Glade, Knights Who Say Ni, La De Da, lazer cats, Legends and Liquor, Legion of Crimson, Legion of Destiny, LEGIONoftheDAMNED, Light Nemesis, lnsanity, Log Horizon, Lysdexics Rwite Ogod, Malicious Intent, Maniacal Minds, maxout, Merciless Heroes, Merpz, Moon Glow, MORDECAI, Mournful, My Backpacks Got Jets, night elf, Night Shift, Nighthawks, No Hands, No Lifes, Nosferatu, Not Infusion, Obsidia, omgomgomg, Ominous, Pandarias Heroes, Pandemic, Peaceful Haven, RadioActive, Robbed Bank, S T O R A G E, Saints of the Underworld, Saviors Of Pandaria, Scarlet Trinity, School Girls, Serene Retreat, Server Is Down, Shade, Shattered Tranquility, Si Vis Pacem, Skethyl Berry Brewing Co, Slaughtered Dreams, SOS, Stackable Stag Shack, Standing In Fire, Straight Jacket Elite, Strength and Honor, Suka Reign, SUNSHINE, Super Saiyans, That Guild, The Bears, The Crimson Ring, the dark cursaders, The Dream Team, The Evil Empire, The Forgotten Horde, The Forgottin Saints, The knights of Azeroth, The Light and the Dark, The Memory Remains, The Old Gods, The Storage Shed, The Touch Of Chaos, This Is My House, Thugs IRL, Thunder Bluff Steakhouse, To The Forums, Traveling Baker, Tree City, Trustedz Bank, Tuefel Hunden, tuesday night nees, Twilite Knights, Twisted Abomination, ufunny, Unstable Minds, Valorous Outcasts, Vanderbilt, Vicariøus, Vigilante Death Squad, Voljin for Warchief, We Pwn Rugs, Who Pulled That, Wipe Fest, Wipe Scene Investigation, WipeFest, Wok Raiders, Wonderers Of Azeroth, Wrath of Darkness, Xplicit Content, ßloodlust, Ëternity, Abuse Machine, Adrenaline Rush, Aegis of the Elders, All Day, Alliance Population Ctrl, Alts And Lowbies United, Amatae, America, Anarchy, Anathema, Anxiety, Apathy, Argh, Armed And Hammered, Army of Myst, Army of the Alliance, As One, Autobiographical Raps, Avariel, B r o t h e r h o o D, Bed Bath And Beyond, Beerthirty, Bench Warmers, Beyond the Pale, Blades of the Dragon, BlazeNova, Bloc, Blood Aura, Bànk, CAKE FTW, Cake or Death, Centuria, Chaos Shadows, CHAØS, Chris Brown was hit capd, Cohesion, Collateral Damage, Collision, Corrosion, cows with guns, Crisis Management, Cylent Lucidity, Cylon Raiders, Cøntempt, Da Clique, Dances with Sasquatch, Dark Souls of Underwear, Deathicration, Dedicated Beef, Defenders Of The Herb, Desire, Digital Havoc, Dillinger Bank Experts, Dirty Connection, Disciples of Beer, Divine Comedy, Divine Order of Light, Dont Runs I Haz Candy, Dragon Gate Inn, Drinkin Bros, E V O L V E D, ElfordsGuild, Elitist, Empyrean League, Enigma, Eternal Bond, Eternal Shadows, Exiled Elite, F A I T H, Foggy Bottom, Friendly Benefits, Friends With Benefits, Friénds With Bénéfits, Fur Conspiracy, GODS ÕF WAR, Gold Farmers Inc, Gold PLZ, Goldstein Inc, Greatness, GrimmBankers, Guardians of Yggdrasill, Guden in aller Welt, Guild of KIEF, H division, Hand Of Palandine, Hand of Palandine, Haze, Hello Kitty, Hellsnation, Heros Of Time, Hollywood Undead, HoP Sixty, Horde On Patrol, Hyjal Kids Hyjal Wifê, Hyperion, I AM CANADIAN, I raid alone, Inevitable Party, Infinite Improbability, Insane but Medicated, Is the Best Around, JnE Pwnership Banks INC, kamikazi asian dancekrew, Keep Calm and Crit On, Killer Cupcakes, KODORIDERS, Kraftwerk, Le Banque Du Quebec, Legion of Doof, Legion Of Heroes, Legion of Light, Lewt teh Dogz, Mac Bank N Trust, Maka Koa, Makin Bank, Malevolence, Might, MortalStrike, Murloc Almighty, Napalm Lubrication, Night Watch, Nocturnal Chaos, Obsidian Overlords, Of The Fallen, OMG OOPS, Order of the Stick, Out of Mind, Outta Place, Paranoid Royals, Private Reserve, Protective Measures, PvP Warlords, Raftel, Raiders Inc, RAIDINGS HARD LETS ARENA, Ratbirds, Reawakened, Retaliate, Riot Knights, Rock Lobster, RYNO, Räid Mercenaries, Semper Feroces, Sentinels of Azshara, Shadow Sabres, Silver Age, Sleeper Cartel, Soldiers of Fate, Soldiers of Stormwind, Soulbound Inc, Spectre, Standard Trust, Stuck In a Blizzard, Syndicate, Synthesis, Tastes Like Burning, Templar Knight Raiders, The Army of Light, The Association, The Auction House, The Bloody Horde, The Destronian Order, The Einstein Crew, The Fellowship of Kings, The Førsaken, The Infinite Playground, The Kindred, The Lords of Knight, The Menacing Alliance, The Poopang Clan, The Royal Guard, The Secret Squirrels, The Smurfs, The Unforgotten, The Wicked, TheDecapitators, THIRTY SIX CHAMBERS, This is a thing, Trivial, UhOh, Ultimate Alliance, Unbound, Unhinged, Unknown Assailants, Unorthôdox, Veni Vedi Vici, Veni Vidi Vici, Vicious, Vintage, Vital, Warforged Heroes, WARN, We Can Do Dis, WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot, Who Flung Poo, Wicked Perception, Without You, Workaholics, Zexious Maxious Profitus, ßass tëst, ÇHÁØTîÇ ÐRÁGØÑS, ÉBØñ SäViØrS, UTH, Vaerrus, Valhalla, Valo, Valorous, Valorous, Vanilla, VanillaLGS, Varsus Dragoons, vicarious, Vicarious, Vicarious, Vicarious, Vicarious, Vicarious, Vicarious, Virtute Et Armis, Vitality, VooDooRaiders, voracious elven killers, Vozz, Vozz, War Tribe, War Tribe, WARN, Wartons Warband, Warugam, WDrunk, We Do This All The Time, We Fail Miserably, Weekend Pug, Weekend Raiders, Welcome Burden, Wendy, West Coast Raiders, WeW, what is this I don't even, Will Raid For Food, Willump, Wind Whisperers, WMI, X Rated Raiding, Xithryl, xxx, yitbos, Zaknafein, Zilkiscool, Zilks WoL, ZOMGWTFPWNED, Zyron, ZZZZZZ, Æsir

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