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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Edge of Insanity US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 812
Spoon US-Duskwood Alliance 0 538
Elder Tribunal US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 474
Dark Pact US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 421
Zion US-Duskwood Alliance 0 415
Stay on Target US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 138
Bleh US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 92
Inconceivable US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 91
Untimely Demise US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 72
Retro Raiders US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 62
The NERVous Horde US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 62
The Killer Bunnies US-Duskwood Alliance 0 61
Casual Hex US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 57
Bonis US-Duskwood Alliance 0 50
Dragoons US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 33
Lightforged US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 33
Infamous Prophecy None Horde 0 31
Dignity US-Duskwood Alliance 0 26
Tribe Guild US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 22
Contingency US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 21
The Light Brigade US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 20
Chainsaw Wine Massacre US-Duskwood Alliance 0 19
Dristwaz None Horde 0 18
Recognition US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 18
Scythe US-Duskwood Horde 0 17
Subtera US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 16
Medieval None Alliance 0 15
Cymbrogi US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 14
Dark Nemesis US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 13
Samhain Hël US-Duskwood Alliance 0 13
Dark Twilight US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 12
WyrmslayerLogs US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 12
Final Stand US-Duskwood Alliance 0 11
Potential US-Duskwood Horde 0 11
Valkyrie US-Duskwood Alliance 0 10
BoB US-Duskwood Alliance 0 9
Bringers of the Dark Age US-Duskwood Horde 0 9
Monfire's DPS Whoring US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 9
Sovereign US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 9
Fluffy Bunnies US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 7
Zanlog US-Duskwood Alliance 0 7
Anomaly US-Duskwood Horde 0 6
Necessary Sacrifice US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 6
RuneLogs US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 6
shit US-Duskwood Alliance 0 6
Titan US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 6
OTC US-Duskwood Horde 0 5
Revolution US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 5
Shai Hulud US-Duskwood Horde 0 5
Squishies United US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 5
Xecute US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 5
Astro Glide US-Duskwood Horde 0 4
Double Rainbow US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 4
Eat My Crit US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 4
Infamous Prophecy US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 4
Paradigm US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 4
Paradox US-Duskwood Alliance 0 4
Alpha US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 3
Bank of Druich US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 3
Come At Me Bro US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 3
Dark Twilight US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 3
Double Rainbow US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 3
Elysil US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 3
Elysium US-Duskwood Alliance 0 3
Fallen Heroes US-Duskwood Alliance 0 3
Lydd's Logs US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 3
Necessary Evil US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 3
The Farm Team US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 3
Untimely Demise US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 3
Bratach Gheal US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 2
Bringers of Chaos US-Duskwood Alliance 0 2
Brotherhood of Nod US-Duskwood Horde 0 2
cubert US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 2
DP2 US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 2
EOI US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 2
From Afar US-Duskwood Horde 0 2
Metastasis US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 2
pariah US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 2
Phobia US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 2
PnVG US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 2
Quickadmin US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 2
Stay Frosty US-Duskwood Horde 0 2
Tzipp's Logs US-Duskwood Horde 0 2
What US-Duskwood Horde 0 2
Zanuda None Horde 0 2
amg US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 1
Apocalyptic Angels US-Duskwood Horde 0 1
BAMF US-Duskwood Horde 0 1
BHD US-Duskwood Alliance 0 1
BHD2 US-Duskwood Alliance 0 1
Blindness US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 1
Casual Hex US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 1
cawkboz US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 1
Chucktesta US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 1
Daes Daemar US-Duskwood Alliance 0 1
Defacto US-Duskwood Alliance 0 1
Drama Free Company US-Duskwood Alliance 0 1
End Game US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 1
Enough Bull US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 1
Final Stand US-Duskwood Alliance 0 1
Godz of War US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 1
Inner Demons US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 1
Jesters US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 1
krenslogs US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 1
Legacy US-Duskwood Alliance 0 1
Logs US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 1
Marcin's Awesome Logs US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 1
mälice US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 1
Old Content US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 1
Pandemic US-Duskwood Alliance 0 1
Pariah US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 1
Pariah US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 1
Personal US-Bloodhoof Horde 0 1
Rosenoire's private logs US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 1
Scientology US-Duskwood Horde 0 1
Shai Hulud US-Duskwood Horde 0 1
Somnificient US-Duskwood Horde 0 1
Stonestrike US-Duskwood Horde 0 1
Synapse US-Duskwood Horde 0 1
The Blackhearts US-Duskwood Alliance 0 1
The Expendables US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 1
The Final Fantasy US-Duskwood Alliance 0 1
The Greater Evil US-Duskwood Horde 0 1
the lichborne US-Duskwood Alliance 0 1
Vukajin US-Duskwood Horde 0 1
What US-Duskwood Horde 0 1
abctest None Horde 0 0
Adept None Alliance 0 0
Airent's Run None Alliance 0 0
Aliar None Alliance 0 0
Alseuzfuckinaround None Alliance 0 0
Andriya None Alliance 0 0
Anointed Knights None Alliance 0 0
Battle Hardened Drunks None Alliance 0 0
Blood Logs None Horde 0 0
Cavauro's Angels None Alliance 0 0
Celestial Pack None Alliance 0 0
Chaotic Ascension None Horde 0 0
Clarity None Horde 0 0
Clarity None Horde 0 0
Clarity Group 2 None Horde 0 0
Cliper None Horde 0 0
Conquerors None Alliance 0 0
Cookies & Crit None Horde 0 0
Dawn of Shadows None Horde 0 0
Death by SnuSnu None Alliance 0 0
Deimosphobos DPS Logs US-Duskwood Alliance 0 0
Derpwood None Horde 0 0
Destiny US-Bloodhoof Alliance 0 0
Detox None Horde 0 0
Dinosaurchestra None Horde 0 0
Divided by Zero None Horde 0 0
Drones Private logs None Alliance 0 0
Elves of The Shadows None Alliance 0 0
Enough Bull None Alliance 0 0
Epic Raid Time None Horde 0 0
Eternall Damnation None Alliance 0 0
Event Staff All Stars None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Angels None Horde 0 0
fallen heroes None Alliance 0 0
Final Stand None Alliance 0 0
ForTheLoot None Alliance 0 0
frogger None Horde 0 0
Gruesome None Horde 0 0
GuiltyPleasures None Alliance 0 0
Identity Crisis None Horde 0 0
If Nox Forgets None Horde 0 0
Illustrious Guardians US-Duskwood Alliance 0 0
Imaginary Monsters None Horde 0 0
Imaginary Monsterzz None Horde 0 0
Impending Sorrow None Horde 0 0
Infamous Prophecy None Horde 0 0
Ja Rules of Engagement None Horde 0 0
JnT Eval None Alliance 0 0
Joker and the Thief None Alliance 0 0
Just Prime None Alliance 0 0
Justice League None Alliance 0 0
Kollektiv None Alliance 0 0
Krypton Logs None Horde 0 0
Last Attempt None Alliance 0 0
LFR Duskwood None Alliance 0 0
linuxx None Alliance 0 0
LOGS FOR DAYS None Alliance 0 0
LooneyToons None Alliance 0 0
Lords of the Exodar None Alliance 0 0
Lucky None Alliance 0 0
Mental Atrophy None Alliance 0 0
Merciless None Alliance 0 0
Merciless None Alliance 0 0
Meta2 None Alliance 0 0
Metastasis None Alliance 0 0
Midean needs Data None Alliance 0 0
Midnight Guardians None Horde 0 0
MMI None Horde 0 0
Monkey Grabs the Peach None Alliance 0 0
Mortality None Horde 0 0
Nonexistent None Horde 0 0
Once More for Glory None Alliance 0 0
Organized Chaos None Horde 0 0
Phalanx None Alliance 0 0
Phalanx None Alliance 0 0
Phenomenon None Alliance 0 0
pixelated None Alliance 0 0
Po Logs None Horde 0 0
Private None Alliance 0 0
Progenies of the Horde None Horde 0 0
PromethieusLogs None Horde 0 0
Pulp Fiction None Alliance 0 0
Quintessence None Alliance 0 0
Rapture None Alliance 0 0
Righteous Indignation None Alliance 0 0
Ring of Fire None Horde 0 0
Ring of Fire None Horde 0 0
Ring of Fire None Horde 0 0
Ring of Fire None Horde 0 0
Ring of Fire None Horde 0 0
Rokku None Horde 0 0
Sadism None Alliance 0 0
Samhain Hël None Alliance 0 0
Seramore Logs None Horde 0 0
Shabaella Personal Logs None Horde 0 0
Shadowforge None Alliance 0 0
Shai Hulud (Del's Runs) None Horde 0 0
Sinister Calling None Horde 0 0
Sinister Forces None Horde 0 0
Sophi's runs None Alliance 0 0
Synergy None Horde 0 0
Tartaros None Alliance 0 0
Testing None Horde 0 0
The Culling None Alliance 0 0
The Final Fantasy None Alliance 0 0
Thirteenth Tribe None Alliance 0 0
Uncensored None Horde 0 0
United Horde US-Duskwood Horde 0 0
Unlimited Potential None Alliance 0 0
Untimely Demise None Horde 0 0
Viat's World None Horde 0 0
What None Horde 0 0
WHAT - Team Bunnies None Horde 0 0
Wideo's Solo Logs None Alliance 0 0
WoW Anonymous None Alliance 0 0
Zion None Alliance 0 0
Zion None Alliance 0 0
Ëxiled None Alliance 0 0
Великие Инквизиторы None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

(*)Absolutionists, 1123, 2012, Absolutionists, Acts of Freedom, Ad Astrum, Ad Astrum, Ad Astrum, Adult Daycare, aftermathgroup2, Ainur, Alaskan Loggings, Alliance of Hyjal, Alpha Force, AlphaTestGuild, altamatic, Altamatic, Altamatic v2, Amazon, Amphibians, An's Logs, Another Round, Aperture Science, APSG, Aquisition, Arcane Victory, Arete, Arma`s life, Arunda's Logs, As you wish, asdf, Ashland, Assuming Neptune, Astro Glide, Astro Glide, Astro Glide, awesome guild, Azeroth Freelancers, AzmologuePersonal, Babylon, Back By Popular Demand, Back to Basics, Back To Basics, Backlash, Bad Dive Bros, Bad Example, bad habit, Bad habit, Bad Habit, Bad Juju, BaldanPug, Band of Brothers, Band of Brothers, Bank of Druich, Barachu, Baturen, Beast Mode, Bestby, Better Off Dead, Better Off Dead, Better Off Dead, BH Drunks, BHD, Big Chinese Animals, Binksie's Guild, Blacklist, blah, Blood and Bone, Blood Bunnies of Doom, Blood Bunnies of Doom, Blood Order, Bloodhoof, bluemoon, Bokono, Boonedock Saints, Booty Rush, Borexxiggo's logs, Born From Ashes, Born to kill, Broken Symmetry, Broken Symmetry, Brokkers, Brood war rising, Brood War Rising , Business And Quickies, Cake Filled Pie, Canucks, CapsKey Defenders, Cashdps, Cataclysmic Intent, Cataclysmic Intent, Catastrophe, Catastrophe, Catastrophe, Catastrophe, Catastrophe, Catastrophe, Catreina, CHAINS, Chambraigne, Champions of Doom, Chaotic Pax Nocturne, Chasing Divinity, CMC, Cobra Kai, Cocochanels Private Logs, Cocos supaleet fanclub, Cohors Aquila, Cohors Aquila, Coldlogs, Coldouts , Colourz, Continuation of Creation, Controlfreeklol, corrupted souls, Cosmic Badger Assassins, crash, Crimson Guard, Crimson Order, CrimsonDragons, Crux Draconis, Cult of the Lazy Peon, Cult of the Lazy Peon, Curbie Log, Cursed, Cyanide, Cyto, da bank, Daes Daemar, Daki/alts, Dankwood, Dark Crusaders, Dark Misery, Dark Omen, Dark Omen, Dark Pact, Dark Pact, Dark Stalkers, DarkAsBlack, DarkAsBlack, Darkpyro, Darksoul Warriors, Darksoul Warriors, Dasilliest, DD, Death by SNUSNU, Death By SnuSnu, Death By SnuSnu, Death Pact, Deathbypancake, Deaths Kin, Deaths Resolve, Debbie Does Dragons, Decadent Death, Deims Testing Guild, DerevkaPTR, Derpwood, derpwood-g2, Devolving Demise, Didnt I Just Kill You, Dingdingdong, Dinosaurchestra, Diplomats, Disco Inferno, Discord, Discord, disolves, Dizzy's WoL, doin me, DPS Test, Dragon Guard, Dragon's Rival, Dragons Call, Dragoona, Dragões do Trovão, Drakeina, Drakeina Alternate, Drakes On a Plane, Drakes On A Plane, Dreadnok, Drums of War, Drums of War, Drums of War, DubPugs, duskwood defenders, Duskwood Pugs, Dysfunction Junction, East Coast Irregulars, East Coast Irregulars, Echo of Fate, Edge of Addiction, Edge of Addiction, Edge of Insanity, Edge of Insanity, Edge Of Insanity (P), Edlena's Logs, Elder Tribunal, Elegant Violence, Elevated Sanctity, Elite Enforcers, elwynn sheriffs dept, Elwynn sheriffs dept, Emergence, Emergence, Emergence, Emergence DW, End Gamers, Endgame, Endgamé, Endgamé, Endorphins, Endorphins, Enough Bull, Epic Vendor, Epic Vendor, Equilibrium, Erroangelos, ET-Temp, ET2, Eternal Hell, Eternal Hell, Eternal Trinity, Eternal Trinity, Eternius Incursio, Eulogy, Euløgy, Euløgy, evdog, Event Staff, Ever Victorious, Evil Horde, Evil Twins, Exiled, Exiled essence, Exodus, Exodus, ExodusLegit, Facepalm Enabled, Facta non verba, Facta non Verba, Facta Non Verba, FailSauce Inc, Faith of the Fallen, Fall From Grace, FB_glea, FB_magerepo, Fear The Gnome, FeastAppLogs, Final Stand, Final Verdict, Final Verdict, Final Verdict, Final Verdict Redux, Finn's Fanatics, Finwe's Logs, Fire BAD, Fire For Effect, Fire For Effect, Fist Pumpers, Flaming Backhand, Flurry, Focused Progression, foederati, FoF, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Forbas' logs, Forced Entry, Forceful Entry, Forceful Entry, Forceful Entry, Forceful Entry, Forged in Blood, Forged in Blood?, Forgiver, Forsaken Justice, Forsaken Spirits, From Afar, From Afar, From Afar, From Afar - Group Z, From Afar Group N, Fruit Vendor, ftgtest, Fuel, furbultest, Fury of War, Fury of War Group 2, Fury warrior is awesome., FuryofFlea, FuryofWar, gang de tarla, GATRIES FAILHOUSE OF FAIL, Gee our Logs are great, Genesis, Genésis, Gilettes Shit, Giving Em the Busines, Giving Em the Business, Gladius, Glovetemp, Gods Of Old, Godz of War, Godz of War, Grandtheft Kodo, Graziella's Logs, Grey Knights, Grim Logs, Guardians of Dream, Guaritore's Solo logs, Guild, Guild Name Here, Guilty Without Remorse, HA 10s, Harbledeeduu, Hawtness, hazardous raids, Heim, Hell dawgs, Hell Dawgs, Hell Dawgs, hellskitchen, Hellz Aftermath, Hib, Hidden Mediocrity, Highborne Knights, hodor, Horde Legions, Horde Slaughter, Hosuewares, House Archon, House Archon, House Archon's, I is God, I need this for apps, Iamtheboss, icc10, Illuminati, Impact, Impending Sorrow, Imperium, Imperium, Imptar, In the Flesh, Incoming, incon, Incon, Incorrigible, Infamous Prophecy, Infamous Prophecy, Infamous Prophecy, Inferi, Inner Demons, Innuendo, Insight, Insomnia, Insomnia, Intensity, internet hate machine, Invictus, Invictus, Is Bad, Jainas Pants, jevenn, Jevenn Parse, Jinx, Jinx, Joe's Garage, Joker and the thief, Jollybaby, JoZa's Ginger House, Just a Flesh Wound, Just a Flesh Wound, Just Testing, Kaban, kaeolins log, Kaerus, Kaeyra Logs, Kaljaen, Karmas Jewel, Khobish, Kill Zone, Kill Zone, Killer Tofu, Killer Tofu, Killer Tofu, Killer Tofu, Kin's Sandbox, Kinetic, Kinetic, Kingdom of Zeal, Kizzak, Knights And Weekends, Knights of the Evil HAnd, Knights of the Tempist, Knights of Zodiac, known issues, KoN, Kore, kt, LAMP, Last Chance, Last Laugh, Le Petite Mort, Leap of Faith, Leap of Faith, Leap of Faith2, Legends, Legion of Dark Knights, Legion of Mystery, Legit, Legit, Legit, Legit, Legit, Leviathan, Leviathan, Leviathan, Lifes Failures, Limited Edition, Limited Edition, Lion Guild, Live For Tomorrow, Llas, LochNESS, LoF, log, Logs, Logs, lolipwnites, lololololol, lolwut, Looney Toons, Looney Toons, Looney_Toons, Looters, Lords of the Legion, Low, Lux ex Tenebris, Macc's Guild, Machine, Machine, Madness Inc, Magick, Magick, Maple Syrup, mass murders inc, Mass Murders inc, Mass Murders inc, Mass Murders inc, Mass Murders Inc, Me, Mega's Logs, melambe, Meli's Logs, Menleth, metastasis, Metastasis2, MGTP 10, mgtp 10 g2, mgtp 10 group 1, Mgtp test grou[, Michales, Might of Azeroth, Mirabar, Mischief and Mayhem, Misdirected, Mkenzi Testing, Mortality, Muffins, my wol, Mylogs, Mystery Devastation, mystikos theos, Mystikos Theos, Myswordurface, MyTestLogs, mälice, NagsGuild, Naitachal, Namika, Natural Selection, NE, Necessary Evil, Necessary Sacrifice, Neo's Logs, Nerd Herd, Nex Custodis, Nex Custodis, Nidies, Nightbreed, Nine Millimeter Solution, No Excuses, No Quarter, nobody, nominen, Norse Saga, Norseman vikings, Nuck, Nurfed, Obscure Reference, Obsidia, Octayne's PUGs, Ofoz Logs, Old Content, Old Timers, omg we get epicx, Once More for Glory, Order of Light, Order of the Claw, Order of the Claws, Order of the Claws, Order of the Claws, order of the elite, Order of the Elite, Osse, OssetoEsso, OTC, Outcasts of Azeroth, Outcasts Of Azeroth, over9 thousand, Overkill Crusaders, Overkill Crusaders, Ozumo, P A R A D O X, Packrat Central, Pandemic, pandemic-evening, pandemonia, Pantheon, Para Bellium( Binks), Para Bellum, Parabola, Parabola, Paradox, Pariah, Pariah, Pariah, Pariah, pariah lfr tests, Pariahalt3, PattyPittyParty, Pendemic , PenisPuppetPals, personal guild, Personal Tests, Personal TheroyCraft, PewpewPonies, Phaethless_INCON, Phantom Fury, Phobia, Phobia, Pixelated, Playin Around, PLK, Poeseidon, Poseidon, Potential, Potential, Potential, Potential, practiceguild, Premonition, PreSense, Priceless, Priest, Private, Professional, progenies of the horde, Progenies of the Horde, Progenies of The Horde, Prop Nineteen, Prophecy, Prophets Of Rage, Proposition Nineteen, provocations, Pug City, Pug Logs, puginfo, Pugruns, PUGS R US, Pugssss, PugZ, Pulse, Pulse, Pulse, Pulse, Purple Monkey, Purple Monkeys, QFQN, QQtrain, Quake, Quintessence, Raging Horde On, Raging Horde On, Raid Happens, Raid Happens, Raid Inc, Raiders Anonymous, Random Parses, Random PUG's, Rapid Descent 1, Rapid Descent 2, Rapture, Rapture, rasattack, Raven Guard, Raven Guard, Raz's runs, Reactor IX, Reality, Red Wolfs Den, Redryder, Refraction, Refraction, Refuge, Relapse, Relenas & Sivera, Remedy, Replacements, Rev-EoI joint ICC10, Revenge of the Fallen, Revenge of the Fallen, Revenge of the Fallen, Reviction, Revo+3, Revolution, Revolution, RF Pug, RG, ricin, Ricin, Ricin, Ricin, Rising phoenix, Rooks, Rosenoire's private logs, S&M Alts, Sadism, Salvation, Samhain Hèl, Samhain Hël, Samhain Hël, Sanguine Pact, Sanguine Pact, Sanguis, Sanguis Malus, Scientology, Scientology-Secret, Scourge of Valhalla, SDeje, Seekers of Romance, SemiPro, Seven, SF2/pug, Shabaella Personal Logs, Shadetrotter, ShadowFang, Shadowforge, Shadowforge, Shadowwisp, Shae's Secrets, Shai Hulud, Shark Bears, Shattered Remnant, Shattered Remnants, Shelei logs, Shennong, Shniffles!, Show Us Your Crits, Shred the Gnawr, Shuttle Whore House, Sibling Rivalry, Sight, Sight, Sight, Sight, Silent Flame, Sin City, Sindorei Council, sisu, Sisu, Sitswithbeer, Six Feet from Sanity, Six Feet From Sanity, Smoke and Mirrors, Smoke and Mirrors, Smoke and Mirrors, Smokeytreat, So Say We All, soco, Solid, SoLid, somnifaciant, Somnifacient, Somnifacient, Somnifacient, Somnifacient, SOT, sot app, SoulFire, Southern Comfort, Sovereign, Sovereign, SPLH, Spool's Pug 10, Spoon, Spoon, Spoon-3, Spoons, SPQR, Squib, Stamookie, Still lives at home, Storm, stratoaries, Streetvender, Streetvender, Subtera, SucksSoBad, SUP BRO, Super Effective, Sweetsfactory, Sweetsfactory, sworcguildtest, Synapse, Synapse, Synapse, Synergy, Synister, Synister, tally, Tally Ho, Tally Ho, taphene, Taurenes, Taylor Swift Fans, Team B, Temporo Mutantor, test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test Log, test1, test??, testbrad, testing, Testing, Testing, Testing, Testsezwut, Testsokayallday, The Alts, The Blackhearts, The Blackhearts, The Blackhearts (A), The Burninator, The Cerulean Vanguard, The Dark Hunter, the expendables, The Expendables, THE FAGS!@, The Fallen Knights, The Fancy, The Farm Team, THE Farm Team, The Fearless, The Filthy Few, The Final Fantasy, The Final Fantasy, The Final Fantasy, The Final Fantasy, The Final Fantasy, The Frozen Core, The Frozen Core, The Greater Evil, THE HATED, The Iron Crusade, The Killer Bunnies, The Kings of War, The Knights of Valor, The Krew, The Legion of the Horde, The Lichborne, The Lichborne2, The MetroGnomes, The Nervous Horde, The NERVous Horde, The Nonviolent Solution, The Nonviolent Solutions, The Other guys, The Punisher, The Resistance, The Resurrection, The Trust, The Unguilded, The Ur quan Hierarchy, The Ur Quan Hierarchy, The Whatley Posse, the-hated, Tibodus007, Til Death, Time To Die Bugface, Tiv's Log, Tixtelo, tkb, Top Secret Society, Tormented, Torrent, Torrent, Totally Not Ember, TOTHECURB, Transient Ischemic Attack, Trayslogs, Tribe Guild, Tribute, Tribute, Tribute (Duskwood), Trick or Treat, Turmoil, Turmoil, Turmoil, Turmoil, Turmoil, Turnsoff, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Twelve, Twenty Twelve, Twilight Progression, Twisted Fate, Tynie, uguu, Underpants Gnomes, UnderWorld Dreams, Unguilded, Unholy Rollers, Unicorn Murder Party, Unity, Unity, Unknown Glory, Unrealistic Expectations, Until Tomorrow, Untimely Demise, unumanuma, Uprising, Uprising, Aethers Solace, Against all Authority, Alliance Elite Guard, Altoholics Anonymous, Amish Rake Fighters, Angels by Night, Arrested Development, Associated, Auction House, Bad Dive Bros, Bank of Bowler, Bank of Ming, Bankers of Kalimdor, Barov Peasant Callgirls, Believe, Bellum, Besieged by Night, Better Off Dead, Blackstorm, BlackSunshine, Blendersmoke, Blood Fury, Blood Ravens, Bloodhoof Tribe, Bloodsurge, Blue Forge Fire, BoE Vendor, Brink of Chaos, Broken Sun, Brothers of the Beard, Built to Blast, Bundesrepublik, Båd Kårmå, Cairdeas, Cash Money Millionares, Casual Hex, Casually Hexed, CatacIysm, Catalyst, Catastrophe, Champions of Doom, Chrome Tigers, Chronic Relapse, Circle of Eight, Clarity, Cohors Aquila, Conquerors, Contingency, Corruption, Crafters Anonymous, Crimson Tears, CRIT THE BED, Critalin, Cult of the Lazy Peon, Cult of the lazy peons, Cymbrogi, Da Wolf Pack, Dark Crusaders, Dark Hour, Dark Humor, Dark Intent, Dark Misery, Dark Pact, Dark Twilight, DarkUnholyShadowKnights, Death Awaits You, death killers, Death via Me, Deaths Blade, Defile, Demon Knights, Demonslayer, Devastation, Disbanded, Doesnt Know the Fight, Dont Tread On Me, Double Rainbow, Dragonheart, Drakenfire, Drunken Raiders, Dunamis, Edge of Insanity, Elder Ninjas, Elder Tribunal, Elves of The Shadows, End Game, Enlightened Dark, Entropy, Epic Raid Time, Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce, Eternal Fury, Ex Astris, FamilyGuy, FifthRegiment, Filthy Horde, Final Aspect, Final Gambit, Fire For Effect, Fluffy Bunnies, Force Ten, Forgotten Ones, Forsaken Spirits, Fox Tails, Free Mason, Fringe, Frost Byte, Fury of War, Gambling Red Swords, Gank and Bake, Gank And Bank, GemCartel, Gnome Depot, Goblins Stole My Trike, Godly Grims, Godz of War, Golden Dawn, GRiM REAPER BRiGADE, Hardcore Slackers, Hate, Hell Dawgs, Heroic Achievers, heXed, Homeless Couch Surfers, Hounds and Dragons, I Got My Gear At Walmart, I Love Lunch Ladies, IMMORTAL OUTLAWZ, Inertia, Infamous Prophecy, Infernal Affairz, Inglorious McNasties, intoxication, is on a Boat, Isle of Pandas, Junk, Junkyard Dogs, Justice in Blood, Jæded, Kaarg Blacksgill, Kaymondart, Keepers of the Faith, Kill Zone, Killers, Kingdom of Zeal, Kings of Old, Knights of Acirema, Knights of the Glen, Knights of the Pheonix, Kulpas Bank, Last Chance, Lawl and Order, Legion of Dark Knights, Legion of the Claws, Lemonjuice, Likes to Party, Lithium, Little Critters, Locked, Looney Toons, Lost Islands, Lounge De Fiftyfive, Lunar Doom, Machine, Mad Mayhem, Make Money, Mass Murders inc, Melodies of Death, Men in Tights, Mentally Challengers, Metrologists Ltd, Midnight Guardians, Militia, Modus Operandi, MOJO, MonkeyHutt, Munchkinland, Mutantz, Mutiny, My Little Gnomie, Mythic Dawn, Mälice, Nation Of Violence, Necessary Sacrifice, Nequam Peritus, Nightmare, Novus Coelum Impero, Nudist Beach, Odisse Aeturnei, OMG its Jerbo RAR, Once we had a life, Operation Kingslayer, Order of the Claws, Order of the Phoenix, Outkasts, Outrageous, Overboard, Oxygen, Panda, Paradigm, Perditions Vendetta, Permastoned, Phenomenon, Phobia, Pink Rage, Pleasantly Perfect, Pretty Cool Guys, Primal Instincts, Prototype, Pulse, Radioactive Catfish, Ragnaros Worshippers, Raiders Anonymous, Rancid, Reckless Power, Reckoning, Reckoning of The Fallen, Recognition, Reign of Spirit, Renegades of Funk, Research and Development, Retro Raiders, Revenge of the Ambitious, Revolution, Revôlt, Ring of Fire, Risen from the Ashes, RKoD, Rockstar, roks, Royal 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Of Opinion, Disaronno, Disbanded Origins, Discord, Dishonored, Down Under Plunder, Draconian Synergy, Drakonic Knights, Drama Free Company, Dungeon Raiders, Ebonroses, Elevated Sanctity, Emperors Club, Envy, Epic Vendor, Eternal Rest, Everywhere Like Such As, Excelcion, Fallen Crusaders, Fallen Heroes, Firestorm Raiders Elite, forever and always, Forged by Blood, Forged By Fury, From Afar, From the Depths of Hell, Frostfire Clan, FWH, Glass Cloud, Goblins, Grave Wisdom, Great Southern Trendkill, Grey Wardens, Grim Helix, Guardians of Asguard, Guilty Pleasures, Halloween, Hellscreams Horde, High Input, Honey Badger, Honor or Dishonor, Horde by Night, Horde Slaughter, I Ate The Bones, I Blame Lag, im a beast, Imaginary Monsters, Immortal Order, In The Flesh, Into the Wild, Is Hordey For You, J U S T M E, Judo, Just Prime, JUSTIFIED, knights of Evil, Knights of Oblivion, Knights of the Night, Less than Three, Like A Homeless, Limitless, Lock Stock and Barrel, Lost Raiders of Azeroth, Low Expectations, Luthor Corp, Lux, Malevolence, May Contain Nutz, Medieval, Mice and Gods, Murders Inc, MVPs, Nobles of War, Norseman, Nurfed, Nínja Pirates From Space, Obsidian Empire, Odium, Of Wolf and Man, One Percent Wipe, Order of Eternity, Order of Light, Order of Lordaeron, Order of Lordearon, Order of the Lotus, pandacows, Pandemic, Path of Time, Performance Issues, Potential, Procrastinators Union, Proficio, Pulp Fiction, Rad Bromance, Rainbow Barbie Unicorns, Reckless Assault, Reluctant Orange, Revenant, Royal Crusaders, Rules of Engagement, Runagades, Salty, Sanctuary, Sanguis Malus, Shadow Storm Syndicate, Shadowforge, Shai Hulud, Shockwave, Silent Flame, Sinister Calling, Six Feet from Sanity, Sons Of Stormfang, Southern Essence, Spoon, StinkCheese, Strangers Gate, Subwây Eát Flèsh, Syliverist Must Die, Symphony of the Night, Tactical Imperfection, Testicular Sound Express, The Avengers of Azeroth, The Blackhearts, The Few Divine, The Forgotten Leaders, The Grimy Coin Cartel, The Illuminati, The Infamy, The Knights Of Chaos, The Lichborne, The Outsiders, The Punisher, The Sound of Madness, The Wicked, Titans of Azeroth, Tranquil, Tranquil Epidemic, Trust Fund Baby, uber pownage, Unforgiving, United Horde, Unlimited Potential, Unlimited Vitality, Untameable, Valkyrie, Vangies Cookies, Version Two Point Oh, Well Equipped, What, Wipes On Trash, Worgen in a Coal Mine, Öbscürïtÿ, Übermensch, User Datagram Protocol, Valdimevna's Guild, Valkyrie, Van Doos, Vault of Venasta, Veev's Pug, Veni Vedi Vici, Vezzy and the Maples, Victorwicked, Vindictive Bunnies, Void, Vow of Silence, We Could Carry Less, We Could Carry Less, We Raid, We Run This Game, Weapons Free, WeaponsFree, What, WHAT - HF, What - Humble v4, What Chilldudes, What West Coast, Whitestumpy, Wildfire, WINS, Wraiths of Destruction, WTS, WWoT, Xobi, Yeffs PUGS, Yewen, Zedextenr, Zeppelins Heroes, Zion, Zion 10LN, Zion-Aequitas, Zion-Aequitas, Zraska's Zeroes, Zu So Mean, Æurora Borealis

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