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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Exiled Legion US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 578
Sacred US-Baelgun Alliance 0 533
We Have a Tabard US-Doomhammer Horde 0 444
Descendants US-Baelgun Horde 0 440
Union - Pandomite US-Baelgun Alliance 0 292
Onslaught US-Doomhammer Horde 0 261
Bloodlust US-Baelgun Horde 0 259
Out of Mobs US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 236
Apoc Logs US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 229
Terra Promessa US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 209
Requiem Infernus US-Baelgun Alliance 0 161
Zero Legion None Alliance 0 76
DWM US-Baelgun Alliance 0 65
Mediocrity US-Baelgun Horde 0 64
Singularity US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 62
Knights of Dragon Soul US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 49
Aces US-Baelgun Alliance 0 47
burgerkin US-Baelgun Alliance 0 45
Malice Aforethought US-Doomhammer Horde 0 45
Driven None Alliance 0 42
Unsatisfied US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 39
nonguild US-Baelgun Alliance 0 37
hardeedeeharhar US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 33
Arisen US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 26
The Order Of The Rose None Alliance 0 25
nemesis US-Baelgun Alliance 0 24
Mass's Logs US-Baelgun Alliance 0 23
secret treehouse club US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 22
Insomnia US-Baelgun Alliance 0 21
Eternity US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 20
Imadwarfdk US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 20
Azure Knights None Alliance 0 19
Phoenix Resurrection US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 19
Relic US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 18
Arise US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 16
Defiant US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 16
Crisp US-Baelgun Alliance 0 14
Mando3000 US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 14
Smokeys US-Baelgun Alliance 0 14
The Republic US-Baelgun Horde 0 12
Vtshadow US-Baelgun Alliance 0 11
To The Rescue US-Baelgun Horde 0 10
Pathal's Parses US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 9
Phank US-Doomhammer Horde 0 9
Awesomesauce US-Baelgun Alliance 0 8
Oic US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 8
Ruination US-Doomhammer Horde 0 8
Bløødsong US-Doomhammer Horde 0 7
Cowaclysm US-Doomhammer Horde 0 7
In The Face US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 7
Ktrues US-Baelgun Alliance 0 7
Northrend Travel Agency US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 7
Integrity US-Baelgun Alliance 0 6
Isle of Trogdor US-Baelgun Alliance 0 6
QQ Cachoo US-Baelgun Alliance 0 6
Static Discharge US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 6
Wipes on Trash (Sockmaster's Logs) US-Baelgun Horde 0 6
Ziion's Logs US-Baelgun Alliance 0 6
AeroLogs US-Baelgun Alliance 0 5
Assault Incorporated US-Baelgun Alliance 0 5
Bty US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 5
Fawlkes_log US-Doomhammer Horde 0 5
Funk US-Doomhammer Horde 0 5
Midnight Treason US-Baelgun Horde 0 5
Funk US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 4
Poozie US-Baelgun Alliance 0 4
ToloLogs US-Baelgun Alliance 0 4
Boltaz's Logz US-Baelgun Alliance 0 3
Exiled Legion - Bukowskaii US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 3
HIgher Ground 1 US-Baelgun Alliance 0 3
Legion Govna US-Baelgun Horde 0 3
Lionize US-Baelgun Alliance 0 3
Magic US-Baelgun Horde 0 3
Moon's Logs US-Baelgun Alliance 0 3
Phoenix Resurrection 10-man US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 3
Rage US-Baelgun Alliance 0 3
Tass Teufelhunden US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 3
Test3224 None Horde 0 3
Wipes on Trash (Kÿ's Logs) US-Baelgun Horde 0 3
Bty US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 2
Deàth Dealerz US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 2
DH US-Baelgun Horde 0 2
Drashtak_Logs US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 2
Envision US-Baelgun Horde 0 2
Gateway to Annihilation US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 2
goodwill gamers US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 2
Hate Breeders US-Baelgun Horde 0 2
haterglowstick123 US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 2
is about to die US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 2
Jeanjacket US-Baelgun Alliance 0 2
Malice US-Baelgun Horde 0 2
Multitudinous US-Baelgun Horde 0 2
Oceanic US-Doomhammer Horde 0 2
Pocket Aces US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 2
Polymorphed US-Baelgun Alliance 0 2
Ringizzix's logs US-Baelgun Horde 0 2
rob's logs US-Baelgun Alliance 0 2
shit my dps US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 2
Silvermoon Honor Guard US-Doomhammer Horde 0 2
The Brotherhood of Kharn US-Baelgun Alliance 0 2
ThE InsanE AsyluM US-Baelgun Alliance 0 2
Togglopolis US-Baelgun Alliance 0 2
Vega US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 2
Ahab's Logs US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
BadFlipz US-Baelgun Horde 0 1
Bartay US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Bløødsong US-Doomhammer Horde 0 1
Dark Rage US-Baelgun Horde 0 1
DAT PROT DEEPS US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Defenestrators US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
Eidolon US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
Everlasting Dragon Lords US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Final Negotiators US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Freaks off the Leash US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
Get Rich or Die Farming US-Baelgun Horde 0 1
Groovy US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Kings Cross US-Baelgun Horde 0 1
Knights of Shadows US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
Kün US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
Malice Aforethought US-Doomhammer Horde 0 1
myprivatelogs US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Nostalgia US-Baelgun Horde 0 1
Odyssey US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Petrie's Logs US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Rage (Krysmas Logs) US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
Rainbowdäsh US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Reign of Valor US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Retaliation US-Doomhammer Horde 0 1
salivarian US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
snufflogs US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
Steel Legion US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Strife US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Swarm US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Teufelhunden US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Teufelhunden US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
The Fallen Nine US-Baelgun Horde 0 1
The Order of the Rose US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
The Order of the Rose US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
The Union Guild Online US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
To The Rescue - Temp None Horde 0 1
Toast US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
Uncommon Sense US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Underground Connection US-Baelgun Alliance 0 1
YMCMB US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Ziguenerweisen US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 1
Cathexis None Alliance 0 0
None Alliance 0 0
A Vicious Cycle None Alliance 0 0
Aeginnei None Horde 0 0
Aep's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Aggrologs None Alliance 0 0
Alternative Demise None Alliance 0 0
Alvin Ramirez None Horde 0 0
Anda's None Horde 0 0
Appletree None Alliance 0 0
Arms of Atlas None Alliance 0 0
Ars Discordia None Alliance 0 0
Azmoara's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Azure Knights None Alliance 0 0
Bbq None Alliance 0 0
Bigfangs None Alliance 0 0
Blackjack and Hookers None Alliance 0 0
Boring Old People None Alliance 0 0
Buttfur None Alliance 0 0
Buttfur's logs None Horde 0 0
Caramel None Horde 0 0
Centenial's Runs None Alliance 0 0
Champions of Azeroth None Horde 0 0
Chance None Alliance 0 0
Chaos Theory None Alliance 0 0
Clan Ironclaw None Horde 0 0
claustronots None Alliance 0 0
Con Brio None Alliance 0 0
CorTheWin Logs None Alliance 0 0
corvus None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Crimson Wrath None Alliance 0 0
Cruentus None Alliance 0 0
cuddleslabs None Alliance 0 0
cuddleslogss None Alliance 0 0
Darkguard of Thrall None Horde 0 0
Dead Mans Hand None Alliance 0 0
Descendants None Horde 0 0
Deviants None Horde 0 0
Deviants None Horde 0 0
DEVIANTS None Horde 0 0
DH-Zen None Horde 0 0
Diagnosis Murloc None Alliance 0 0
dissonikslogs None Alliance 0 0
Dummy None Alliance 0 0
Eiinherjar None Alliance 0 0
Elders None Alliance 0 0
Eternity None Alliance 0 0
Everything is Awesome US-Doomhammer Horde 0 0
Exiled3 None Alliance 0 0
Exilia Fortis None Horde 0 0
Fail Train None Alliance 0 0
Fishtank Assassins None Horde 0 0
Flakro None Horde 0 0
flowerpower None Alliance 0 0
FlowerPower None Alliance 0 0
Fordormor None Alliance 0 0
Fresh None Alliance 0 0
Fresh Group 2 None Alliance 0 0
Frog Says Pink None Alliance 0 0
From Accounting None Alliance 0 0
Gildartsa None Horde 0 0
Goodwill Gamers! None Alliance 0 0
Goof Troop None Horde 0 0
Gravity None Alliance 0 0
Harbringer of the Dusk None Horde 0 0
Hate Breeders None Horde 0 0
Havoc None Horde 0 0
HellsAngels None Horde 0 0
HEMF None Horde 0 0
Holybeter's LOGS! None Alliance 0 0
Home Brewed None Alliance 0 0
I am shit None Alliance 0 0
Ice None Alliance 0 0
infamy None Alliance 0 0
Just Jack None Alliance 0 0
Katiyana None Alliance 0 0
kegs None Horde 0 0
leet hunter talk only None Alliance 0 0
Legacy of Noble Death None Alliance 0 0
LFR Finest None Alliance 0 0
Limit Break None Alliance 0 0
Liqiud Mobs None Alliance 0 0
Macro None Alliance 0 0
Malgainas US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 0
Mardar None Alliance 0 0
Mine None Alliance 0 0
Mitee None Horde 0 0
Mostly Harmless None Alliance 0 0
mylivelogs None Alliance 0 0
mylogs None Alliance 0 0
nils None Alliance 0 0
nomnom None Alliance 0 0
oceans None Horde 0 0
Out of Mobs None Alliance 0 0
Out Of Mobs Doomhammer None Alliance 0 0
Oven's Logs None Horde 0 0
Phuurr US-Doomhammer Alliance 0 0
PikàLogs None Alliance 0 0
Pink Misfit Ninja Pandas None Alliance 0 0
Plague Marines None Horde 0 0
Powered By FSM - Redux None Horde 0 0
Prime US-Doomhammer Horde 0 0
Pwncake Bunnies None Alliance 0 0
Quigbi None Alliance 0 0
Rage None Alliance 0 0
Raiders of the Lost Dark None Alliance 0 0
Rar None Alliance 0 0
Redundant None Alliance 0 0
Refugees of Destromath None Alliance 0 0
Revenants of Lordaeron None Alliance 0 0
Righteous Ire None Alliance 0 0
Rusty Trombone None Alliance 0 0
Sacred Destiny None Alliance 0 0
SACRED-Dula None Alliance 0 0
Saintjoan None Alliance 0 0
Sanctum None Alliance 0 0
sandinmyvashj None Alliance 0 0
Sentinels of Revelation None Alliance 0 0
Serenìty None Alliance 0 0
Shooting the Breeze None Alliance 0 0
Shooting the Breeze None Alliance 0 0
Shovel None Horde 0 0
Silent Death None Alliance 0 0
Something Wicked None Alliance 0 0
Something WickED None Alliance 0 0
Sondguild None Alliance 0 0
Standing in your Blood None Alliance 0 0
STB None Alliance 0 0
STFU None Horde 0 0
Supercoolcorgis None Alliance 0 0
Swarm None Horde 0 0
tcc None Alliance 0 0
test None Horde 0 0
Test Log None Alliance 0 0
testing None Horde 0 0
Teuf None Alliance 0 0
Tharck Random Logs None Alliance 0 0
The Corvus Coalition None Alliance 0 0
The Crew None Horde 0 0
The Free Corps None Horde 0 0
The Hellfire Club None Horde 0 0
The Hellfire Club None Horde 0 0
The Mole Man None Alliance 0 0
The Nemeton None Alliance 0 0
The Nemeton None Alliance 0 0
The Threat None Alliance 0 0
There is Talk of Pie None Alliance 0 0
Tiberious None Horde 0 0
TormentDH None Alliance 0 0
Trifecta None Alliance 0 0
Trubkopf None Alliance 0 0
TTC Honor None Alliance 0 0
Ultimatum None Horde 0 0
Uncensored None Alliance 0 0
Union- Windalyn None Alliance 0 0
Vael None Alliance 0 0
Velociraptorologists None Alliance 0 0
Vicarious None Alliance 0 0
Vorai Parse None Horde 0 0
We Used To Be Good None Horde 0 0
Wicked Tribe None Horde 0 0
Wicked Tribe None Horde 0 0
Wipes on trash None Alliance 0 0
Wipes on Trash None Horde 0 0
WOT None Horde 0 0
Wrath of Valhalla None Alliance 0 0
Ziion's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Zombie None Alliance 0 0
Zyrinx None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Øffline, 5DollarFootLongs, A M B I T I O N, A M B I T I Ø N, A M ß I T I Ø N, A New Dawn, Absolute power, Absolute Power, Aces of Azeroth, Aces of Azeroth - Deathdawg, Acidscars, Ad Idem, Addicts Anonymous, Adhoohshiny, Advent Knights, Ael, Ael Pugs, AFK Cat on Fire, Afterthought, AlampiTest, Ald's Parses, Alliance of One, Alternative Demise, Alternative Demise, Alternative Demise, Alternative Demise, altlogszs, Ambition, Ambivalent, amglogs, ancient order of ums, ancient order of UMS, Ancient Order of Ums, Ancient Order of UMs, Ancient Order of UMs, Ancient Order of UMs, Andromeda, Andy n' Friends, Animosity, AnirakTest, AnnihilatorPug, Apathy, ArchAngels, Armageddon, Armed and Hammered, Armed and Hammered, Ars Discordia, Ascendancy, Ascendant, Ascendant, asdfasdfasdfa, Assault Incorporated, asteylog, ASU, Attorney at Law, Audigy, Auspicious Tangent, Avryth, Azaazelrogue, Azeroth Mercenary Corp, Azure Knights, Bane, Bane, BarzLog, Bater, Bazz, Beautiful Black Barbies, Better than Advertised, Bigjunior, Binary, Blackout, BlackOut, bladerk, Blades of Valor, Blades of Vengeance, Blades of Vengeance, Blades of Vengeance, Blah, blah logs, Blank Slate, Bless the Martyr, Bloodless, Bloodsong, Blue Text, Bläck Sheep, Bløø, Bløødsong, Bløødsong, Bløødsong, Body Pull, Bohica, booooonnnneeestoooormmmm, Bound by Blood, Bound by Blood, BRB Pooped My Pants, bring you down, Brolag's Brologs, brood, Brood, Bty, Buck Mcgoo, c o e, Calabria, callain, Calories, CamperBob, Candelier, Cant Quit You, Cant Quit You, Cant Quit You, Carpe DEIM, CarpeDIEM, Casual, Catastrophe, Catawampous, Centurian Order, Chaos Flux, Chaos Theory, Cheese and Whine, Chicklets, children of mayhem, Circle Seven, Clan of Shadows, Clan of Shadows, Clan of Shadows, Clarity, Clearly, CMoD, coco, Cold Fusion, Collective, Collective, Con Brio, Con Brio, Con Brio, Con Brio, Conceited, Conflict, Corporal Punishment, Corrupted Spirits, corupted spirts, Council of Eternity, Covenant, Covenant, Crimson Wrath, Crimson Wrath, Crimson Wrath, Crimsonwrath, Crisp, Crisp / gdkp, Cry Havoc, Cute Cooter Council, CW-alternate, Cyst, Dances With Pugs, dances with pugs , Dannie, Dannie, Dannie (Personal Logs), Dante, Dark Continuum, Dark Continuum, Dark Haven, Dark Haven, Dark Haven, Dark Haven, Dark lords of Sargeras, Dark Rage, DARKEN, DarkEnvy, DarkEnvy, Darkness Reigns, Darks Logs, DART, ddeathpally, De La Morte, Dead Mans Hand, Dead Mans Hand, Dead Mans Hand, Death Penalty, Defiant, Defying Armageddon, Demise, Demise, demoguild, demoguildo, Demolas, Demonic Destruction, Demonic Destruction, Descendants, Descendants, Detrimentum Imperium, Deviants, Deviants, Deviants, Devils Rejects, Devotion, Diabetes, Diabolical Destruction, Diagnosis Murloc, Die in a Fire, Disciplined Aggression, Disciplined Aggression, discowombat's logs, Disgruntled, Disgruntled, Disgruntled, Disgruntled-Ares, Disruption, dmora, dolah, Dragons Den, Drebb123, Drebblewow, Driven, Driven, Drow, Drowz, Dungeon Knights, Durp, Dying Breed, Dysfunctional Family, dystopia, earlymorninglogs, Echo, Echo, Eclypse, Eclypse, Edge of Insanity, Edgy, Eidolon, Eidolon, Eiinherjar, EL, EL Alts, EL2, Eldritch Destiny, Eldritch Destiny, Ello, Elwynn County Sheriffs, Eminence, Emo Oranges, Enigma, envidia, Envision, Envision, Envision, Envision, Epic Adventurers, Epix, eseltec, Essentia, Eternity, Eternity, Eternity, Eternity, Euphoria, Evade, Evelyn, Exclusive G, Exhawk Logs, Exiled Legion, Exiled Legion 10, Extrahordenary, F A T A L I T Y, FAIL TRAIN, fake, Falling Shadow, Fallout, False Hope, Fatality, Fatality, Fatality, Fates Logs, ff, Filthy Casuals, Final Redemption, Flaane, Flea Circus, Floor Polishers, Flower Power, Flowerpower, Fnord, Foofy's Cupcake Factory, For Death Jesters, Forgotten Shadows, Fresh, Fresh, Fresh, Fresh, FRESH, Friendship is Magic, Frog Says Pink, from accounting, From Accounting, frozen beat down, Fury, Fury, Fury, Geriatrics, Geriatrics/IE, Gladius, Goliath, Goodwill Gamers, Goodwill Gamers, Goodwill Gamers 10m Progression, Goodwill-Gamers, GraveYard Shifts, Gravity, Gredge's Logs, Griizle, Ground Gear, Ground Gear, Guardians, Guild, Guildless, GuildofLogs, GulGuild, Gungor, Gurgle, Gustavus- Strife, Hallucinations, Harbingers of the Dusk, Hate Breeders, Hate Breeders, haterglowstick, Havoc, Havoc, Havoc, Havoc, Hayton, Hex, Hex, High Achievers, Higher Ground, HolyCarnage, Holys LOgs, Holys Personal, Hoodoo, Hopeless Logs, Hopeless No More, Hopeless No More, Horde Hardcore Drinkers, Horde Knights, Horde Mafia, Horde of One, Hordeland Security, Hordeland Security, Hordeland Security, House of Horrors, Humble, Hype, ICC Hell, Ice, Ice, Icecrown Heating Service, Icelocked, If We Die It's Lag, IfWeDieItsLag, Illumina, Illumina, Illuminata, Illuminated, Imaginary Friend, Imago Dei, Immortal Resolve, Imperium Maius, In love with that coco, INC Max Skill Brah, Inevitable Failure, Inevitable Failure, Ingtegrity, Insatia's Logs, Insomnia, Insomnia-10, Integrity, IQ, IQ, Its Horde in Here, Jade, Jade, Jasrick, jharna, Jo's Logs, Journeys End, Jugg, Juls House, Just, just jack, justusnoyoucantjoin, Jàck, kageianna WoL 1, kageronin WoL 01, kail's stats, Karma Kula, Katiyana, Kharma, Kharma, kills internet monsters, Kills Internet Monsters, kilroyskids, Kinetic, Kings Cross, Kings Cross, kleptomaniaktz, Knight Fish, Knights Dominicus, Knights of the Blue Rose, Koda's WoL, Kokuyoukishi's Logs, koth, Koth, Koth, KOTH, Kowboys from hell , Ktrues, Kung Fu Treachery, L E G A C Y, L E G A C Y, LA Connection, Lambda, Leet Skills, Leetsauce on steak, Left For Dead, legion, Legion of Hellstorm, LFR Log, LFR Logs, Liberty Medical, Liferoots Personal Guild, Lighter Thieves, limbu, Limitless Brotherhood, Litany, Litany DH, Literary Snobs, Logs for Gredge, lolslaming, LoneWolfen, lords of the realm, Lords of the Realm, Lords of The Realm, Lorem Vis, Lost Soulz, Lost Söuls, Lotr, Lots of Stuff, Luckydo, Maangoo, Mafia, magical guhase, Malevolent Honeybunnys, Malice, Malice, Malice (Late Night 10), Malice Aforethought, Mavirick, Me, Meardred, Mechanically Challenged, Mediocrity, MethodInRed, moofee's, Mostly Harmless, MSG, Multitudinous, myguild, MyGuild, MyGuildForPersonalReporting, myrologs, Mythos, Mythos, Naked Pineapples, Natures Fury, Nemesis, Nemesis, Nerfbacon, Night Renegades, NightWatch, NLD (old), no rest for the wicked, No Rest for the Wicked, No Rest For The Wicked, nochickens, Nope Nope Nope, Northrend Travel Agency, NotAGuild, Nuclear Launch Detected, NWA, oawjeifoiwea, Obsidian Edge, Occido Fetialis, Off Brand, Off Brand, Offline, OMGGGG, onethereis, Oni, Out of Space, Oven's Uploads, Overlords of Azeroth, Pandamonium, Pandamonium, Pandamonium, Pandamonium, Pandamonium, Paradoxic, Paradoxic, Paradoxic (mestoromade), Passed Judgement, Passed Judgment, PEBCAK, Personal, Personal Logs, Personal use, pert, Phank, Phank, Phank, Phoenix Resurrection, Phoénix, Ponytails, posthumous heroes, Posthumous Heroes, Potato logs, Powered by FSM, praxter, Pretty Pretty Princesses, Prevalence, Primal Knights, Prism, Privacy please, Pro, Pro 2.0, Prominence, Protectors of the Realm, Pug/my records!, pugger, Pugs, Pugs & Pugs, Pugtacularz, Punch and Pie, Pwncake Bunnies, Pwncake Bunnies, Pwncake Bunnies, Quelfanclub, QuelsFanClub, Rage, Rage, Rage, Rage, Rage, Rage, Raging Storm, Rahkmiel, Raindash, RazzTest, Rebel Scum, redundant, Redundant, Redundant, Refugees From Drama, Relic, Relic, Relic, Relic FKL, Remnant, Requiem, Rest in Peace, Rest In Peace, Retaliation, Revenants of Lordaeron, Revenge, Revenge, Reviction, Riddle of Steel, Riddle of Steel, RJG260233, ROFL, Rose Thorns, Ruination, Runeforge Ronin, Ryan, SACRED, Sacred Destiny, Sacred's Night in Bangkok, Sacred-evoy, Sacred-ible, Sappalicious, SappFakeGuild, Sausage Vendor, Saving, Scifi Wasabi, Scifi Wasabi, Self, Semper Fidelis, Sentinels of Revelation, Seppuku, Serenity 10 Mans, Sevris Logs, Seyfer's Logs, sgiathatch, shadow magic, Shadow Magic, Shadow Magic, Shadow Protectorate, Shadow Wolves, Shadowofnite, Shadows of the Ebon Moon, Shafted, Shafted, Shamvandam, Shannin's ICC 25 Pug, Sharindas' logs, Shinigami, Shooting the Breeze, Shooting the Breeze, Shooting the Breeze, Shooting the Breeze, Shooting the Breeze, Short Bus Commandos, Shovel, Shroud, Shroud , Silence That Follows Us, Silent Death, Silent Death, Silent Redemption, Silent Redemption, Sinathria, Sing 10 man, Singularity, Singularity 10 man , Singularity-alts, Sinister, slice n dice, Snake Rattne N Roll, Solace, Solidarity, Solo, Something Wicked 2, Sperglord, SPQR, SPQR, spyworks, squirell legion, Squirrel Legion, Starkweather, STD, steel dawn, Stormtip Council, Strictly Business, Strife, Studley, Sunday Funday, SunnyD, Super Mario Land, Super Special Awesome, Synergy, TBR, Team A W E S O M E, Tear's Logs, tehlolz, temp, Temp Guild, Tempaezt Logs, Terminus, Terra Promessa, Terra Promessa, test, test, Test, Test, test guild 123, Test Parses, Test Zone, Testguild, testing, testing, Tests for Ocala, Texas Mercenaries, Thank God its Friday, The Apocalypse Infantry, The Apocalypse Infantry, The Apocalypse Infantry, The breakfast club, The Chosen, The Corvus Coalition core two, The Doomhammer Council, The Doomhammer Council, The Fallen, The Fallen Nine, the forsaken warlords, the forsaken warlords, The Free Corps, The Hellfire Club, The Hellfire Club, The Hellfire Club, The Hellfire Club, The Horde Galdiators, The Horde Killed Kenny, The Inc Bear, The Jade Circle, The Kindred, The Legion of Hellstorm, The Legion of Hellstorm, The Legion of Hellstorm, The Legion Of Hellstorm, The Legion Of Hellstorm, The Order of the Rose, The QT corner, The Rebel Alliance, The Republic, The Resurgence, The Six Paths of Ikki, The Sound and The Fury, The Sound and The Fury, The Sound and The Fury, The Templar Risen, The Templar Risen, The Templar Risen, The Test Runs, The Threat, The Unseen, The Wine Cellar, the worst everrrrrrr, Thefallennine, theLaughingLogs, Things, This is Sparta, Those Guys, Timeless Resurrection, TM, To Be Continued (TBC), TomUnion, Too Drunk to Raid, Tootz, Toprem, Tor Drakkon, Torment, Torment Alts, Torment Alts, Torrent, TRA, Trained Monkeys, Treason, Trial, Trinity, True Grave, TT, TTC Honor, twisted, u mad bro, Ulks Guilds, ULTRARANDOM, ULTRARANDOM, Undead Elite, Undead Elite, UndeadElite, Underground Connection, unholybeeef, Union, Union, Union, Union 10, Union Tens 2, Union-Xerrus, UnionStyle, UnionTest, Unleashed, Unsatisfied, Uprising, Agency, Alliance Avengers, Alliance Spy, Amicitias, And Justice For All, Anesthesia, Army of the Horde, Aspect Of Death, Assault Incorporated, Asunabank, Avengers of Dawn, Azerothian Bloodlines, Back In The Day, Bank Alt Mania, Blades of Vengeance, Bless the Martyr, Blood Elfs of Hell, Bloodlust, Bound By Blood, Brotherhood, CarpeDIEM, Century, Champions of Good Hope, clanbringer, Corrupted Spirits, Council of Eternity, Crimson Wrath, Crisp, CryMeARiver, Dancing Circus Bears, Dark Haven, Dark Ritual, Darkness Reigns, Deadly Assassins, Death and Chaos, Death Jesters, Deaths Revenge, Deaths rise, Deaths Rise, Deceivance, Demonic Destruction, Descendants, Dirty Deeds, DLH, Dont Call Me Seksy, Dread Moon, Drunk Mercenaries, Dufus Cats, Eleven lnches Unbuffed, Eternium, Euphoria, Exarchs of Shadowmoon, Exiles of the Eye, F A T A L I T Y, Fade, Failures, Fallen Aspect, Fat Camp, FIGHT TO DEATH, FINAL BOSS, flowerpower, Fluffy Bunnys of Doom, Forbidden, Freaks off the Leash, Freedom from the shadows, Fresh, From Ashes, Fury, Gator Squad, Gbank, Genesis of Oblivion, Genuine Insanity, Get Honor, Girl, Glory in Victory, Good Gamer, Halcyon, Hamsters Ate My Murloc, Harmonic Convergence, Hate Breeders, Hells Paladins, HellsAngels, Hellscorned, Higher Ground, Horde Machine, Horde of One, Horde Rejects, Hordes Angels, House Of Pain, Hysteria, Instinct, Integrity, Is Out For Blood, Isle of Trogdarius, JustJack, JustUsNoYouCantJoin, Kick Their Darnassus, Kings Cross, Kings Glory, Kings of The Horde, Kiwi Crusaders, Knights of Shadows, KOI, Law and Order, Legendary Myths, Legends, Legion of Death Gaming, Legions Bane, Lollipop Guild, Lords of the Mist, Lose Your Life, Mad Hatters, MAKESHIFT NATION, Master Lollygaggers, Mediocrity, MementoMori, Midnight, Mors Mortis, Mostly Harmless, Murloc and Lode, Murlocs Ate My Hamster, Mushies, Mythic, Nemesis, Nerds, Night Renegades, Of The Family, Off-White Dragonflight, Padlords, Paranoia, Parts worldwide, PEBCAK, Pepsi, Pink Misfit Ninja Pandas, Primal Knights, Pug Uglies, QQ Cachoo, Rage, rageñmad, Relentless Shadows, Remains, Requiem Infernus, Rest in Peace, RESTRICTED, Rithe, Rose Thorns, Run and Tell That, Runeforge Ronin, SACRED, Salt City Rats, Sange Affinity, Scumdogs of the Universe, Sesame Streetfighters, Shade of the Old Gods, Shadow Plague, Shadows of the Horde, Shattered Illusions, Shenanigans n Tomfoolery, Showdown, Shy Swag, Soulbound, STDs are BoA, Stockpile, StraightJacket Elite, Strife, Stronghold of Savages, Sylvanas is a Horde, The Adorned Staff, The Axis of Insanity, The Bar, The Broken Front, The Complaint Department, The Corvus Coalition, The Disturbed, The Dread Council, The Eh Team, The Feast of Ravens, The Hellfire Club, The Lights Hope, The Lost Void, The Old Guard, The Order of Blood, The Order of the Rose, The Playground, The Teutonic Knights, The time has come, This Is My Bank Alt, Tomfoolery n Shenanigans, Tormented, Unbreakable Bond, Undead Elite, Underground Connection, Unholy Confessions, Unholy Obliteration, Union, Untainted, Valor, Verdict, VINTAGE, Viral, WAR, War Pigs, Warlords of the Horde, Wolves of Baelgun, A Thundering Bank, Adrenaline, Affinity, Agony, Alternative Demise, Ancient Order of UMs, Antisocial Inc, Anxiety, Apocalypsè, Appels, Arcana Draconum, Arisen, Assasins Creed, Auction House Vendor, Autobots Armada, Avengers of Dawn, Azeroth Mercenary Corp, B R O K E N, B R O K E N V A U L T, Back to basics, Banco Popular, Bancor, Bank Alt, Bank of Devo, Bank of Norrath, BEAR CLAW, BestOfTheBest, BioHazard, Bloodpact of the Chosen, Bloodshed, Bløødsong, Brethren Of The Damned , Brotherhood of the Void, Burnout, Clam Vendor, Class Trainer, Cloak and Dagger, Code Orange, Comfortably Numb, Coming of Rage, Con Brio, Conclave, Cool Whip, Cupcake Ninjas, D O O M, Damage Control, Dark Divine, Dark Dragon Pact, DarkEnvy, Darkmoon Carnies, Dead Mans Hand, Dead to Rights, Deadly Silence, Death Before Dishonor, Death Witches, Deathstar Canteen, Decent Guys, Deify, Demise, Descension, Deviants, Discover Gaming, Doe For Doo, DoomHammered, Doppelganger, Dratnuhs Pet, Drow, Duelist Kingdom, Elfquest, Elusive Path, Epic Montage, Eternal Vanguard, Eternity, Evocati Divinus, Exiled Legion, Exodus Insanus Nocturnus, Facepull, Famiglia d Italiano, Feed Famry, Final Negotiators, forgottenexiles, fullmetal knights, Funk, Fusiön, Gambled, Goblin Balloon Brigade, Godz of Greece, Gold Vendor, Gravity, Guardians of Warsong, Guile, HALF PINT, Hells Inner Circle, Her Royal Highness, Heretics, Heroes and Zeros, Ho Chí Minh Style, Horde FTW, Horde Hardcore Drinkers, House of the Rising Paw, Howling Fury, HwrdsHohos, I Believe in Harvey Dent, Ice, IDOC Bank, Im Done, Immortals, Indominus, Insanitys Edge, ION, Iron Exercere, Issa Wipe, Journey To A New World, Just Release Already, k e k, Karma, Kharma, Knight Fish, Knights Of The PlayPen, Kreuzritter, Kung Fu Treachery, Kìlling Spree, Lady Killas of Stormwind, Legacy of Blood, Legendary Brewmasters, Legion Vault, Lies and Propaganda, Light Never To Be Broken, LIGHT OF DAWN, Lone Wolfen, LOOK AT THAT, Lords of Lucas, Lost Prodigies, Malice, Manifestation of Shadows, Masters of Mayhem, Mirage, Mitee, Most Wanted, My Bank Is Bigger, Nexus, Nightmare on Elf Street, No Shun of Mo Shun, Oasis, Oblivion Knights, Obsidian Chivalry, Oceanic, Order of the Pixels, Out Of Mobs, Owl Neck Detectors, OWN, OWNAGE, Pandorum, Pantie Raiderz, Part of the Family, Paschendale, Phank, Phantom Regiment, Phoenix Heavens, Phoenix Resurrection, Potato Farm, Press A to Punch, Pro, Project Mayhem, ProjectMayhem, Protect The Lumber, Punk, Pure Insanity, Purple Craze, Purple Panzers, Pwn Starz, Pwncake Bunnies, RAGE QUIT, Raging Storm, Rebellion, Refridgeraiders, Relic, Reprehensible, Reprisal, Restoration, Revenants of Lordaeron, Revenge, Right Click To Attack, rune scimmy, Rysdan Above The Loons, Salazar Cartel, Sans Souci, Scavengance, Secret of Starz Myth, Secret Society of Cynics, Serenïty, ShadowMasters, Shadows of Paradoxic, Shake N Bake, Shenaniganz, Shes Got a Richard, Shooting the Breeze, Shroud, Siege Perilous, Singularity, SkyBlades, Solidarity, Something Wicked, Sometimes I Cry, Souls of Time, Steel Legion, Sticky Icky Greens Club, Stood Free, Stormtreaders, Suspended Animation, System, Taggerung, Tempest Fury, Terminus, Terra Promessa, The Bad Guys Official, The Baron Silverhand, The Beatles, The Booty Brigade, The Chosen Ones, The Cuckoos Nest, The Drunken, The Gooníes, The Last Guerillaz, The Mad Helgas, The Muppet Legion, The Nemeton, The Planeteers, The Poor House, The Rebel Alliance, The Talamasca, The Templar Risen, The Unforeseen, Todd, Tower of Flame, Trained Monkeys, Transcendent, TTC Honor, Twincs Guild, Two Two Hundo, U Bai, Uchiha, Undecided, underØATH, Unsatisfied, Uprising, USSK Slade, Vega, Vigiliae ad Mortem, War Lords, We Have a Tabard, We Need Wards, We Radiate Jealousy, Whos your Daddy, Y So Serious, Yuggoth Cultures, Zone Leveling, Uwon's Logs, Valhal, Valor, Vanquish, vargen, Varisto, Vault, Vega, Vega, Veni Vidi Fugi, Vestee, Vestiee, Vindicators, Viral, Walls of Mart, wantedbyu, war, War, WAR, Wardens of the Equinox, Warpath, WDSAWSADW WTF CANT MOVE, We Band of Brothers, We Do House Calls, We Have A Tabard, We Used To Be Good, wekilledstuff, Where Am I, Wicked Revelation, Wicked Revelation, Will's Logs, Wipes on Trash, Wipes on Trash, Wipes on Trash, Wizards IRL, Wizards!!!, Woe Bringer, WoW Waffles, Wrath of Valhalla, Wynda, Xal, Xoui Test Guild, Z 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