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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Shenanigans Declared US-Staghelm Alliance 0 321
Legends of Poker 2 US-Staghelm Alliance 0 298
Insanity Inc US-Staghelm Alliance 0 275
Shenanigans Declared US-Staghelm Alliance 0 206
Rated M for Mature US-Staghelm Alliance 0 101
Requiem US-Azuremyst Horde 0 101
Southern Alliance Team US-Staghelm Alliance 0 50
VV None Alliance 0 48
Ignite US-Staghelm Alliance 0 47
Nocturnal US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 46
Dying Murloc Noises US-Staghelm Alliance 0 44
WoL US-Staghelm Alliance 0 41
Mindset US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 33
Adult Swim MoP US-Staghelm Alliance 0 31
FooFighters US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 26
Moonshine US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 26
Secretly Likes to Frolic US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 21
Hellborn US-Azuremyst Horde 0 18
Looty's Elite US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 15
Devil's Idle Playthings US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 11
Resurrection US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 11
Knights of Oblivion US-Staghelm Alliance 0 9
Delogginizer US-Azuremyst Horde 0 7
The Fabled US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 7
The Fabled US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 7
One Release Behind US-Staghelm Alliance 0 6
Combo Rebellion Breaker None Alliance 0 5
The Fabled US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 5
Army of Zed US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 4
Bird's Logs US-Azuremyst Horde 0 4
Clan Plaid US-Staghelm Horde 0 4
condottieri US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 4
Consilio et Animis US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 4
Flakers US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 4
Lost Raiders Co US-Azuremyst Horde 0 4
Res US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 4
Dark Storm Riders US-Azuremyst Horde 0 3
Liquidation Division US-Azuremyst Horde 0 3
Mad US-Azuremyst Horde 0 3
Murlocs stole my bike US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 3
Dusk US-Azuremyst Horde 0 2
Elemental Oblivion US-Staghelm Alliance 0 2
Gnomegusta US-Staghelm Alliance 0 2
Knights of Nothing US-Staghelm Horde 0 2
Knightz of Honor US-Staghelm Alliance 0 2
Legends US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 2
Milk in a Bag US-Staghelm Alliance 0 2
Order of Avici US-Staghelm Alliance 0 2
Peeko's Theorycraft Logs US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 2
Rebellion US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 2
Shadow Wolf Pride US-Staghelm Alliance 0 2
The Illuminated Order US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 2
The Ten Man Experience US-Staghelm Horde 0 2
Vaunted US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 2
Apex US-Staghelm Alliance 0 1
Blowing Cooldowns US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 1
Crimzon US-Azuremyst Horde 0 1
DefibsRaids US-Staghelm Horde 0 1
Desolate US-Azuremyst Horde 0 1
Elemental Oblivion US-Staghelm Alliance 0 1
Elysian US-Azuremyst Horde 0 1
Friendship is Magic US-Staghelm Alliance 0 1
Kings of Mischief US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 1
Lateralus US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 1
Lefty US-Staghelm Horde 0 1
Liberated US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 1
Novis US-Staghelm Horde 0 1
OlliesTacos US-Staghelm Alliance 0 1
Reawaken US-Staghelm Horde 0 1
RTD US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 1
Suspect US-Azuremyst Horde 0 1
Suspect US-Azuremyst Horde 0 1
Taq US-Azuremyst Horde 0 1
Test US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 1
Unrestrained US-Staghelm Alliance 0 1
Xsgranted US-Staghelm Alliance 0 1
Zinjan US-Staghelm Horde 0 1
A S Y L U M None Alliance 0 0
Adult Swim None Alliance 0 0
Adult Swim None Alliance 0 0
All Out Assault None Alliance 0 0
Apex None Alliance 0 0
Apoto's Log None Horde 0 0
Army of Zed None Alliance 0 0
Assassins of the Sand None Horde 0 0
Azeroth eliete None Alliance 0 0
Band of Misfits - Snuffalupagus None Alliance 0 0
Bangboompop Logs None Horde 0 0
Battle N Brew None Alliance 0 0
BLAH None Alliance 0 0
Boats and Hoes US-Staghelm Alliance 0 0
BPG None Alliance 0 0
Brutality None Horde 0 0
Casiv's Runs None Horde 0 0
Chille's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Circa None Alliance 0 0
Cleaves2 None Horde 0 0
Colors None Alliance 0 0
Condo None Alliance 0 0
Condotterri None Alliance 0 0
CorebTrack None Alliance 0 0
DeathStriker None Alliance 0 0
dps test None Horde 0 0
drkrieger None Alliance 0 0
Dusk Til Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Echoes of Infinity None Alliance 0 0
Echoes Of Infinity None Alliance 0 0
Eff the Ineffable None Alliance 0 0
Epic None Alliance 0 0
Evolution None Alliance 0 0
Exalted None Alliance 0 0
Fiend None Horde 0 0
Fiendd None Horde 0 0
Forever Knights None Alliance 0 0
Frozen Doom None Horde 0 0
Frozen Doom None Horde 0 0
Fury of the Tza Zen None Horde 0 0
Genco Pura None Alliance 0 0
Genesis None Alliance 0 0
Gnome Regrets US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 0
Gnomeland Security None Alliance 0 0
Good News Everyone None Alliance 0 0
grey raid group(FD) None Alliance 0 0
Hollow None Alliance 0 0
House of Shkan US-Staghelm Alliance 0 0
I do things None Alliance 0 0
I Think It Cleaves None Alliance 0 0
La Cosa Nostra None Horde 0 0
LC Gaming None Alliance 0 0
LD 2 None Horde 0 0
Legion of the West None Horde 0 0
Lethal Enforcers None Alliance 0 0
Liberty Legion None Alliance 0 0
Liquidation Division - Weekend None Horde 0 0
Lohikäärme None Alliance 0 0
Luceo Non Uro None Alliance 0 0
Mice and Gods None Alliance 0 0
Milk in a Bag None Alliance 0 0
n0 drama None Alliance 0 0
Nocturnal II None Alliance 0 0
Obire Mortem None Horde 0 0
ONE PIECE None Alliance 0 0
PGA None Horde 0 0
Quantum Physics None Horde 0 0
Ragdolls None Alliance 0 0
Red Branch US-Staghelm Alliance 0 0
reddan1791 None Alliance 0 0
Resurrection None Alliance 0 0
Riquun None Alliance 0 0
SabRaid None Alliance 0 0
SansDrama None Alliance 0 0
Shadow(Eyeso's group) None Alliance 0 0
Shen Declared None Alliance 0 0
Sinister Asylum None Horde 0 0
Slave Pit Inc None Horde 0 0
Sounds of War None Alliance 0 0
Sounds of War None Alliance 0 0
Starfleet Academy None Horde 0 0
Storm of Light None Horde 0 0
Syante None Horde 0 0
Symphonia None Horde 0 0
ted's logs None Alliance 0 0
templog None Alliance 0 0
The Condottieri None Alliance 0 0
The Exiled None Horde 0 0
The Fallen None Horde 0 0
The Fallen None Horde 0 0
The Fallen None Horde 0 0
the illuminated order None Alliance 0 0
The Illuminated Order US-Azuremyst Alliance 0 0
The Prophecy None Alliance 0 0
The Status Quo None Horde 0 0
Twiz None Alliance 0 0
Unbound None Alliance 0 0
Upload None Horde 0 0
Valkeem None Alliance 0 0
Vanquish Reborn None Alliance 0 0
Vanquish Reborn None Alliance 0 0
Vanquish Reborn None Alliance 0 0
Victory Though Spite None Horde 0 0
WarCrafters None Alliance 0 0
Woaden's Logs None Alliance 0 0
World of Dorkness None Alliance 0 0
Zero None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

108980, A C R O S S, A C R O S S , A Perfect Circle, aa, aaithne, aax, Abnormal Intellects, ABRACATABRA, Absolute Zero, Acer Drives a Kangaroo, ACROSS, Addicts by Moonlight, Adencea, Adrenaline, Adult Swim, Adult Swim, Aftermath, Akti, AmerLogs, Anyfuckingthing, Apes, Apparition, arctic, Ares, Ares, Ares, Argam, Arkeaus, Armageddon, Armageddon, Army of Zed, Ascension, Ascension, Ashyre, Asylum, Attaboy, Audacity, Aurion Eterna, Axion of Eternity, Az's personal log, Azeroth Defenders, Azure Legacy, Band of Misfits, Band of Misfits, Band of Pirates, Band of Pirates, Bangers Inc, Belbos Reports, Below The Belt, Beltane, Beyond Eden, Bistoo's info., blades of obsidian, Blades Of Obsidian, BLAH, BLAH, blahblahblah, Blando, Blandoson, Blighted, Blighted / Clan Plaid Late Night (and some 10 mans), Blood Covenant, Blood Soaked Empire, Blood Templars, Blood Templars, Bloodmoney, Bound Alt Raid, Boxer's Logs, Brotherhood of Blood, C4NT, Caffeine, Calamity, carebears inc, Castaways US-Azuremyst, Casual, Catalyst, Cats in Hats, Celtic Mutiny, cenans guild ((=, Channel 4 News Team, Channel 4 News Team, Channel Four News Team, Channel Four News Team, Chaos Inc, Chaos Inc, Chaos Inc, Chaotic Instinct, Cheaper Than Your Mom, Chutter, Cirucci's Fun Logs, Clan Plaid/Blighted Late Night, Club Running Wolf, cmd, cobra kai, Cobra Kai Dojo, Cobra Kai Dojo, COE2, Cold Fusion, Colors, Combo Breaker, Combo Breaker, Condemned, condottieri, Contra, Controlled Chaos, Council of Elders, Craptivisons Finest, crassh, Crescendo, Crimson Steel, Crimson Steel, Dark Assassins, Dark Order, Dark Seekers, Death Company, Death Company, Death Company, Death Company, Defiant, Depravity, Depravity, Descendants, Desolate, Desperate Housewives, destructive omen, Destructive Omen, Detachment, Detrimentium, detrimentum, Devoted, Devoted, Devoted, Diuscide, dkh7777, downfall, Dragonfire, Drama, Dtwenty, dumplings, Dusk, Dusk til Dawn, Dusty's Guild, Dying Murloc Noises, Dynamic, Dynasty Reawakens, däkiller, Echoes of Infinity, Eclipse Thunder, Eff the Ineffable, Elemental Oblivion, Elevator Boss, Emotionless, Emotionless Guild, Emotionlessalts, EmpireOfLeets, energetic apathy, Energetic apathy, Energetic Apathy, Energetic Apathy, Energetic Apathy, Energetic Apathy, Envy, EO V.2, EoI, EoI, Epic, Eternal Damnation, Exalted, Exalted, Exalted, Exalted, Exalted, Exalted, Exalted, Exalted, Exalted Azuremyst, Exiled, Exiled, Expendable Heroes, Eye Candy, Fantasy, feckizawesome, fidelity, Fidelity, Fiend, Fiend, Finesse, Firestorm, Firestorm, Firestorm, FK, Fluffy bunnies, Fog of War, Fog of War, Foofys Cupcake Factory, Fook Yu, Fools of Fate, Forever Knights, Forever Knights, Forever Knights, FrostRavun, Frozen Doom (Doom Group), Frozen Doom Blue, Frozen Doom Purple Raid Group, FTM, FTZ Temp, Fury of the Tza Zen, Fury of the Tza Zen, Fury of the Tza Zen, Gaba Pug, GAGA FOR GOOGOO, Gardorian, Garrosh and Grom LLC, Garrosh and Grom LLC, Garrosh and Grom LLC, Garrosh and Grom LLC, Garrosh and Grom LLC , Gem World, Genco Pura, GencoPura!!, Glittering Prizes, Gnome R, Gods of Myth, GP, Grievance, grims army, GuildX, haldor, haz a flavr, Heavens Judgement, Helsott, Hernia's Logs, High Dollar Horde, Holy Sanctuary, Horizon, Horizon, Horizon, Hroda's Logs, Hungry for Death, Hydro's Bank, I Heart Seki, I Was Here First, iconoclasm, Iconoclasm, Iconoclasm, Ignite, Ilstar, Ilterendi, Ilterendi, iminurrealmloggingmyraids, Immune, Impulsive, Impulsive, Impure, In Memoria, Incognito, Indomitable, Indomitable, Inertia, Infamously Superior, Insane in the Membrane, Insanity Inc, Insomnia, Instinct, Intensity, It worked on LFR, Itank's Reporting, ITS ME AUSTIN, JayLog, Juggernaut, Keepers of the Crown, Keepers of the Crown, Keepers of the Crown, khalton's group, Killin Time, Kings of Mischeif, klopfen, Knights Equitable, knights of nothing, Knights of Oblivion, Knights of Silvermoon, Knights of the Rose, Knights who say ni, Knightz of Honor, Knightz Of Honor, kossan guild, Kung Fu Treachery, Kung Fu Treachery, Kung Fu Treachery, Labor Union, LaLaLa, Lametards, League of Assassins, Legacy Reborn, Legends of Poker, Legends of Poker Cata, Legion, Legion of Light, Legion Of Light, legion of the forsaken, Lethal Enforcers, Lethal Enforcers, LFG, Lightstryker, Live free or Die, Lobster Rage Fist, Logs, Logs of stuff, Lohse, lolpug, Looney Toons, machio, Majestic, Mark Wahlberg, Maverath, me, Meliora, Mestryka, Metheodical, Mewtwø alt raids, Mice and Gods, Mice and Gods, Mindset, Mindset, Mindset, mine, Moonlight Shadow, Mugrag's Trial Guild, Murphy Group, My Myriad, Mylogs, myriad, myriad, Myriad, Myriad, Myriad, Myriad, Myriad, Myriad, Mystic Blood, Mythlog, National Bank, Nekolvoer, New Beginnings, Nihil ex Nihilo, NKBK, no drama, no drama, No Drama, No Drama, Nocturnal, Nocturnal, Nocturnal, Nocturnal, Nox Incurro, Nox Incurro, Nox Incurro, Nox Incurro, NPOE, Null, Nuthuggers/Boat Times, Obire Mortem, Obire Mortem, ocalts, of Calamitous Intent, Of Calamitous Intent, Of Calamitous Intent, Old Skool, ONE PIECE, ONE PIECE, ONE PIECE, ONE PIECE, ONE PIECE, ONE PIECE, One Piece Cata, OP, Order Of Avici, Order of Destiny, Order of Medivh, Order of Medivh, Orthrus, Orthrus, Out of Order, Outcast, Outcasts, Parabola, Paradigm Shift, Paradox, Paradox, Paradox, PAradox, Paroxysm, Party in the USA, PedroesDisciples, Perigee, Personal Logs, Personal Logs, Phalanx, Phenomenon, Phenomenon, Pickle, Pitchfork Palmtree, Prestige WoWwide, Prestige WoWWide, Priority One, private, Private, Probably Not a Lobster, Pseudonym, PTR Test Guild, Pug, pugin it irl, Pwn Shop, R e q u i e m, R e q u i e m, Radio Free Horde, random, Random guild, Random Raid, Raptorfied Raiders, Rat Pack, Rat Pack, Rated M, Rated M, RavunsNest, Reawaken, Reawaken, Rebellion, Rebellion, Reclaimed, Relapse, Renegade, Replacement Killers, Requiem - Off Raids, Rest In Pieces, Rest In Pieces, Resugence, Resurrection, Resurrection, Resurrection, Resurrection, Retaliation, Rhaist Test, Rhemius Private Label, Rhetorical Question, Rhomus, Rift, Rift, Righteous Dissent, RK, roar, ROFLcopter Down Send Aid, RTD, Russell, saga, Saga, Sanctity, sansdrama, Savage Impulses, Sedition, Sedition, Sedition2, Semper Fidelis, Semper Paratus, Semper Paratus, Senrish Guild, Serenity Lost, Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Deadly Sins, Shadow, ShadowG1, Shadows of the Eternal, Shadows of the Eternal, Shards of Legacy, Shit OP, Shoe's Try Hard, Silver, Sleepless in Azeroth, sleepless of azeroth, Sounds of War, Spectrum, Spiritshell Panties, splinterr, Spookerz, Squishy's logs, stabetha, Staghelm, Storm of Light, Strays, Stygian, Superiority Complex, Superiority Complex, Suspect, SwaggyBaggy, Sylere's shit, Synergie, Synergie, Synergie Group 2, Tainted, Tang, Tang, Taulions logs, Taylor Gang, TCF, TCF, temp logs, Tempests Fury, TenK RPMs, Terilhelm, test, Test, Test 1 (vicious), Test guild please ignore, Testers, Testguild, testguild4, testing, TGRD, The After Party, the alliance soldiers, The Alliance Soldiers, The Blue Angels, The Defiant Ones, The Enlightenment, The Enlightenment - Unholyfury, The Enlightenment ALTS, The fallen, The Fallen, The Fallen, The Fallen, The Fallen, The Fallen., The Format, The Illuminated Order, The Illuminated Order, The Kids Are In Bed, The Legacy, The Legacy, The Legacy, The Light Fantastic, The Prophecy, The Reborn, The Sleepless Knights, The Status Quo, The Æther, This is a tes, This Too Shall Pass, Those Few Fallen, Those Few Fallen, Thread, Triple Black Horde, true blue, Truth Mullet, turtle herders, Turtle Herders, Turtle Herders, Turtle Herders, Turtle Herders A Team, Twilight Invaders, Twizted, Twizted, Twö Döts, U Srs Bro 2, Unbound, Unbound, Unbound, unbreakable, unbreakable, Unbreakable, UNBREAKABLE, UNBREAKABLE, UNBREAKABLE, Underoath, Unknown, Unusual Suspects, Unusual Suspects , Upheaval, Abassis, Alliance Forever, Alts of Infinity, Apples, Are you HORDE enough, Army of Zed, Asbeth, Ascension, Azuremyst Roleplayers, Bad Kitteh, Band of Misfits, Bangers Inc, Bare Bone, BATTLE AND BREW, Battle Cattle, Blade Of Mercenaries, BLAH, BLAH Rerolled, Blame Ken, Blasphemous Rumours, BloodBorne, Browncoats, Casual, Casuâl, Chairmen of the Alliance, Chrystle Knights, Cold Fusion, Cold Wrath, Condemned, Corps Hounds, Corrupt, Cult of DX, D E T H R O N E, Da Vault, Dark Obliterators, Dark Soul Raiders, Dark Wolf, Demons Of Death, Descendants of Leeroy, Die By The Sword, Distinct Advantage, Divergence, Does it Cleave, Dragons Vault, EAST COAST GOLD SUPPLY, Echo, Echoes of Infinity, Eclipse Thunder, Endurance, Epic, Equality, ExCLnC, Exercitus, Exiled, FAITH, Fargin Bastages, Fated, Feast or Famine, Ferocious Manifestation, fgsqr, Fiend, Fire and Blood, Firestorm, First Evil Crew, Floggers Anonymous, Foe Hammer, Foo Fighters, For Her Pleasure, For the Fallen, Freaks and Geeks, Garrosh and Grom LLC, Get Crit On, Green Smokin Goons, GStation, Hannibal Lecter, Hardcore Velocity, Hellborn, Hello Kitty IslandAdvntr, Holy Crit, Honor Face, Horde CEO, Horde Heåven, Immortal Outlawz, Intensity, Judged by Twelve, Kamikaze, Keepers of the Eldunari, Kingzofwarcraft, Knights Equitable, Knights of Good, Knights of Nevermore, Laissez Faire, Laughing Coffin, Laughing Skull Clan, League of Assassins, League of Majestic Goats, Legends, Legion Knights, Legion Of Life, Legion of the West, Liberty Legion, Lightning From Heaven, Liquidation Division, Luceo Non Uro, Maine Lobstah, Manifest Destiny, Manu Militari, Me so hordey, Meaning of life, Medjay, memyselfandi, Mortis porton guardians, Moulah, Must Grind For Guards, Mutiny, Méthodique, Nail in the Coffin, Nerf Welfare, New World Ørder, Nexus of Crisis, No more room, Nocturnal, Noob Army, Occasional Excellence, Once Were Warriors, ONE PIECE, Ook you in the Dooker, Operation Arathi Freedom, Orchestrate, Order of Assassins, Order Of Destruction, Outlaws of the Shadows, Pangaea, Pass the Peace Pipe, Peaches, Pestilence, Phalanx, Plunderers, PLUR, Post Apocalypse, Profusion, PsychOut, PvP Guild, Quiet Unrest, Random Acts of Kindness, Rats and Demons, Ravens Roost, Reapers, Rebellion, Rejectious, Renovamen, Requiem, Resistance Is Futile, Restless Rednecks, Resurrection, Revenant, riders of the light, Risè Ôf thè Forsakèn, Rohirrim, Sacrilege, Sanctity, Sanctum, Sap it and Tap it, Sap It and Tap It, Satisfaction, Savagery, Sedition, Seine Passieren, Service, Seventh Order, Shadowborn, Shkan and Friends, Sicarius, Sky Vanguard, Skywalkers, Slaughterhouse, Slay, Slippery Zippers Inc, Soaring Dreams, Sohei, Sohei of Orgrimmar, Soul Reavers, Soulbound, Spooky Dooks, Starfleet Academy, Stasis, Stonewall Guardians, Storm Troopers, Stormwind Circle Jerk, Stygian, Such Tilt, Superiority Complex, Tank Academy, Team Solo Scrub, TenK rpms, Terminal Derp Syndrome, The Avengers, The Charmed Ones, The Cold Ones, The Condottieri, The Crimson Rose, The Defiant Ones, The Dragons Shadow, The Fabled, The Fair Folk, The Fallen, The Forgotten Kings, The Freakin Awesome, The Illuminated Order, The Incubus, The Party Herd, The Praetorian Guard, The Professionals, the queens best men, The Rise Of The Phoenix, The Sheild Of Light, The Silver Blade, The Skeleton Lords, The Souls, The Subtle Crusaders, The SuperUnknown, The Taco Squad, The Tillers Union, The Uprising, TheAlterEagles, TheEmpire, Thundering Bones, Time Well Wasted, Titaanns Guild, Titan Lords, Titans of Ares, True Crit, Twisted, UNBREAKABLE, Underoath, Untitled, Vigilante, Vincitori, Wake Up Dead, Walmart Refugees, Warchief, We Are Forever Horde, WearinShadesWettinBabes, Windowless Van, Wolfstar Raiders, Wrong Way Warriors, Wutever, Absolute Veniem, Acta Non Verba, Adult Swim, Ahanikohoni Chahaohani, Alliance of Angel Armies, amaranth, Apex Predator, Apocalypse Hunters, Azeroth World Veterans, Azn Elite, Back Cap, Bad Wolf, Ball So Hard Gaming, Band of Pirates, bankalts, Banknspank, Bankus Maximus, Bankzor Inc, BerserkFury, Blacktalon Clan, Bound, brb my goat is on fire, Bubble Bank, Built Horde Tough, Burning Rage, Burnished, Cartoon Violence, Cataclysm Leets, Catatonic, Celestic Fighters, Chaos Legion, Chaotic Profits, Chaotic Revenue, Chip Leader, Church Of Gamers Ally, Clan Plaid, Club Running Wolf, Cognizant, Comfort Eagle, Conquerors of Azeroth, Council of Elders, Crit Vendor, Dark Conviction, Dark Knights of Azeroth, Darkness Eternal, Demonic Council, Despondency, Dieu Le Veut, DING, Dirt Farmers, Distant Souls, dragonlance slayers, ElevenFiftyFive, Elite Horde, ENJOY YOUR BAN, Eternal Sin, Evolution, Ex Cinis Cineris, Exiled, Exiled Legion, Exodar Community College, Exíled, Falldown, Fantabulous, Fat Kids Lag IRL, FeelsBadMan, Film Actors Guild, Final Heaven, Fluffy Bunnies, For da Horde, Forsaken Pestilence, Fourth and inches, Free Shiggles, Frozen Doom, Fuzzy Bunnies Of Doom, Gift of Death, Gnomeland Security, Gods of Myth, Google, Guild Bank, Hegemony, Honnorable Kill, House Barrison Del Armgo, House of Moos, I GOT PLENTY MONEY, Ichor of Stonard, Illuminati, iLoot Chippy In WG, Inadequate, It Spawned Somethin, ItsabanktoonDuh, JFK didnt LoS, Juggernaut, Junk in the Trunk, Keepers of Azeroth, Keepers of the Crown, KFT, Knights of Staghelm, Knights of the Ålliance, Knightz Of Honor, Legacy Reborn, LeGeNdArY AsSaSiNs, Legends of Poker, Legends Reborn, LessThanThree, Lightning From Heaven, Lobster Rage Fist, Log Horizon, Lucky Little Crits, MadDog, Mage Rage, Meow, Midnight Terror Bank, MooseKnuckles, Never Will Heal You, No My Name Is Jeffery, Nuggets, NìghtWatch, Oddball Utensils, One Release Behind, One Step Above, Oo The Roos oO, Order Of Destiny, Order of Mayhem, Origin, Original Orgrimmar, OVERZEALOUS JACKBALLS, Paralytic Charm, People Of Walmart, Pony haters, Primal Destruction, Priority One, Prismatic League, PWNTOXICATED, Radio Free Horde, Ratchets and Hatchets, Rated M For Mature, Reawaken, Reclaimed, Reliquary, Remorseless, Repeat Offenders, Resurrection, Revengencers, Rising Suns, RNG and Gear, Roflmao, Savage Impulses, Scarlet, Scum of the Earth, secrets of the alliance, Shadow reapers, Shatter, Shenanigans Declared, Sinister Mob, Smarties and CocaCola, Spaceballs The Guild, Spartan II Project, Spiritus, STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES, Storm Riders, Strangers, Størmrage, SUBRANDOM PCSPEAKER, Syzygy, Tacgnol, TeenGirlSquad, The After Party, The Almost People, The Ancient Dragons, The Band of the Red Hand, The Dragon Warriors, The Dread Pirates, The Faithful, The Hollow Hand, The Northern Chapter, The Red Branch, The Shadow Clan, The Shadowflame Reapers, The Tainted Minions, The Twelve Olympians, The Undead Alliance, Thrallmar Marines, Tiny Blue Ragdolls, Tiny Green Ragdolls, Tireless, Tradechat Celebrities, TUAS, Twilight, Twinks R Us, Twisted pleasures, two orcs one cup, u srs bro, Uncommon Valor, Unicorns and Glitter, Unmitigated Violence, Unorthodox, Unstoppable Force, Valiant, Vanquish Reborn, Veridian Dynamics, Veritas et Aequitas, War Club, Warriors in Real Life, Wayward Souls, We Arent Virgins, We Can Own You, We So Hordey, Well Played, Western Flames, Wheres Shiggles, Wowception, WoWchovia, Wrinkle Wranch, Zealots of Thanatos, Zero Cool, VaeVictus, vaevictus2, Vagrants, Vanquish, Vanquish, Vanquish, VCI, venom, Venom, Veritas, Vicious Hordelicious, Vindicators, Vindicators, Viper, Vision, Vision, Wado's Bitches, Wako, War Within A Breath, we are murloc, We Are Murloc, We Party Naked, We Party Naked, We Party Naked, Well Equiped, Well Equipped, Wolf pack, Woot!, World of logs =), Wrath and Retribution, Wulfbayne's Private, WWAB, Zenit, Zloco, zzz, Æther

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