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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Red Shadows US-Llane Alliance 0 1170
Monolith US-Llane Horde 0 960
Iron Circle US-Llane Horde 0 957
Wicked Legion US-Llane Horde 0 946
Who Pulled That US-Arygos Alliance 0 698
Angelic wrath US-Arygos Alliance 0 310
Static Cling US-Llane Horde 0 288
Requiem Eternum US-Llane Horde 0 229
Annihilation US-Llane Alliance 0 193
Toned US-Llane Horde 0 136
Warmongers US-Arygos Horde 0 90
Immortai US-Arygos Alliance 0 84
Insomniacs US-Llane Alliance 0 76
Globex US-Llane Alliance 0 63
10m crap US-Arygos Alliance 0 43
Call Nine Eleven US-Llane Alliance 0 43
Irate Pirates US-Llane Alliance 0 41
Not Another Guild None Alliance 0 38
Lifeblood US-Arygos Alliance 0 35
Seventh Circle None Alliance 0 34
Misery US-Arygos Alliance 0 32
We Know Girls US-Arygos Alliance 0 31
Blood Bath and Beyond US-Llane Horde 0 30
The Infallible Knights US-Arygos Alliance 0 30
The Usuals US-Llane Horde 0 23
Synthesis US-Arygos Alliance 0 21
Silent Ascension US-Llane Alliance 0 20
Aegis 10m US-Llane Alliance 0 19
Coup dÉtat US-Llane Alliance 0 19
Judgement-101 US-Llane Alliance 0 18
Divine Twilight US-Llane Alliance 0 17
Aggronauts None Alliance 0 16
Honor Rising US-Arygos Alliance 0 16
Regime US-Arygos Alliance 0 16
The Empire US-Llane Horde 0 15
Violent Pwnography US-Arygos Alliance 0 15
Aserenia 'n' Langoroth US-Arygos Alliance 0 14
Hack The Planet US-Arygos Alliance 0 14
Monopoly US-Arygos Alliance 0 13
Spectacular Death US-Llane Alliance 0 12
Ambi US-Arygos Alliance 0 11
Falita123 US-Arygos Alliance 0 11
Unconquered US-Arygos Alliance 0 11
I Hate Pink US-Llane Horde 0 10
lolparse US-Arygos Alliance 0 10
Redlexus US-Arygos Alliance 0 10
Rent To Pwn US-Llane Alliance 0 10
Dran's logs US-Arygos Alliance 0 8
Methodical US-Arygos Horde 0 8
Stamus In Ignem US-Llane Alliance 0 8
Supreme Council None Alliance 0 8
theSteveCo US-Llane Alliance 0 8
Application logs US-Arygos Alliance 0 7
Flaming Gaze Tim US-Arygos Alliance 0 7
Gogetaex's Logs US-Llane Alliance 0 7
Spirits of Durotan US-Arygos Alliance 0 7
Superfluous US-Arygos Horde 0 7
Xanijh US-Arygos Alliance 0 7
MANG US-Arygos Alliance 0 6
Critical Hit US-Arygos Horde 0 6
Infallible US-Arygos Alliance 0 6
Ele pew pew US-Arygos Alliance 0 5
Hammer of Hurt Feelings US-Llane Horde 0 5
Severed 10 Man US-Llane Alliance 0 5
Shadow Dominion US-Arygos Horde 0 5
United We Stand Alone US-Llane Alliance 0 5
We Know Men None Alliance 0 5
WeLikeNumbers US-Arygos Alliance 0 5
Aegis US-Llane Alliance 0 4
Channel Føur News Team US-Llane Horde 0 4
Elysian GDKP US-Llane Alliance 0 4
Hates Your Face US-Arygos Alliance 0 4
Insomniacs US-Llane Alliance 0 4
Knights of the Storm US-Llane Alliance 0 4
lol US-Llane Alliance 0 4
Shylä US-Llane Horde 0 4
The Exodium US-Arygos Alliance 0 4
Citadel of Chaos US-Llane Horde 0 3
Hates Your Face US-Arygos Alliance 0 3
Judgement-Reef- US-Llane Alliance 0 3
kohnans logs US-Llane Alliance 0 3
Monolith US-Llane Horde 0 3
Stabbs logs US-Arygos Alliance 0 3
The Midnight Guard US-Llane Alliance 0 3
Ascendance US-Llane Horde 0 2
Decimate US-Llane Alliance 0 2
Disciples of Chaos US-Llane Alliance 0 2
Fresh Baked Puns US-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Intuition US-Llane Alliance 0 2
Morbo US-Arygos Horde 0 2
NastyiamLOGS US-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Noc Core Ferval US-Arygos Horde 0 2
Paradigm Redux US-Llane Horde 0 2
Regime US-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Regime US-Arygos Alliance 0 2
relor is awesome US-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Shadows and Dust-Hunter US-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Shadowsphere US-Llane Horde 0 2
The Hand of Reckoning US-Arygos Alliance 0 2
The Ice Stone Has Melted US-Llane Alliance 0 2
we killed kenny US-Llane Alliance 0 2
Winterborne US-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Zax US-Arygos Alliance 0 2
Ambivalence US-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Apex US-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Ascension II US-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Bro US-Llane Alliance 0 1
Catharsis US-Llane Alliance 0 1
Catharsis US-Llane Horde 0 1
Chen and Chong US-Arygos Horde 0 1
Destiny US-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Greenbuds US-Arygos Horde 0 1
Gregory US-Llane Horde 0 1
Grimbles US-Llane Horde 0 1
Heideggar's logs US-Llane Horde 0 1
Heroes In Exile US-Llane Alliance 0 1
Huntards Anonymous US-Arygos Horde 0 1
Hysteria US-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Ignition US-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Irate Pirates US-Llane Alliance 0 1
Judgement US-Llane Alliance 0 1
Knights of the Dark Sun US-Llane Alliance 0 1
Kryptos US-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Legion of Heroes US-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Longshot US-Llane Alliance 0 1
Methodical 10 US-Arygos Horde 0 1
Molten Corpses US-Llane Horde 0 1
Ninja Parade US-Llane Alliance 0 1
Omen US-Llane Alliance 0 1
OsparkinLogs US-Llane Horde 0 1
Purple Names US-Arygos Alliance 0 1
Randomlogs US-Llane Alliance 0 1
Shade of the Elm US-Llane Horde 0 1
Skulrid_WoL US-Llane Horde 0 1
SpikevoltLogs US-Llane Alliance 0 1
The Bogeymans Closet US-Arygos Horde 0 1
The Darths US-Arygos Alliance 0 1
the eh team - late US-Arygos Alliance 0 1
VJain's Raids US-Llane Alliance 0 1
Coup dÉtat None Alliance 0 0
555555 None Alliance 0 0
Team Ho None Alliance 0 0
A Guild None Horde 0 0
adezards logs None Alliance 0 0
Aegis None Alliance 0 0
Aegis Beef None Alliance 0 0
Aegis Ho None Alliance 0 0
Aerrgad's logs None Alliance 0 0
Anguish None Alliance 0 0
Annihilation None Alliance 0 0
Annihilation None Alliance 0 0
Apex None Alliance 0 0
Ashtera's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Awful None Alliance 0 0
B A N E None Alliance 0 0
Battle Tested None Horde 0 0
Bizzer None Horde 0 0
Blades of Telshira None Alliance 0 0
Blood Red Moon None Alliance 0 0
Bloodreign None Alliance 0 0
Boomsicle Fan Club None Alliance 0 0
BruLog None Horde 0 0
Business Time None Horde 0 0
Cedo Nulli None Alliance 0 0
Cerberus Minions None Alliance 0 0
Chrono Logs None Horde 0 0
Circle of Titans None Alliance 0 0
Colbert Nation None Alliance 0 0
Cosmic Vomit None Horde 0 0
Crimson Stronghold None Alliance 0 0
Critical Hit (Bravo Team) None Horde 0 0
Dead Pixels None Alliance 0 0
Dear Tragedy None Alliance 0 0
Didnt work None Alliance 0 0
Distant Legacy None Horde 0 0
Drunken Pirates Brigade None Alliance 0 0
Epignosis None Horde 0 0
Equinox None Alliance 0 0
FG None Alliance 0 0
fgastgasd None Alliance 0 0
Fudgesicle is awesome None Alliance 0 0
Fully Torqued None Horde 0 0
ganthtesting None Horde 0 0
goddessbelldandysguild None Alliance 0 0
Golden Girls None Alliance 0 0
Golden Nuggets None Alliance 0 0
Gonzo's PuG None Alliance 0 0
Good Company None Horde 0 0
Guardians of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Guild of Aijah None Horde 0 0
hammered None Alliance 0 0
happy guildmore None Alliance 0 0
Haven None Alliance 0 0
HolyLight None Horde 0 0
Hotshot None Alliance 0 0
Humy None Alliance 0 0
Indiscriminate Justice None Alliance 0 0
Indomítable None Alliance 0 0
Infinichi None Alliance 0 0
Insomniacs None Alliance 0 0
into the fray None Horde 0 0
Is Epic None Alliance 0 0
Jays Logs None Alliance 0 0
Joe Schmuck None Alliance 0 0
Jonestown Koolaid Makers None Alliance 0 0
Judgemental Pirates None Alliance 0 0
Knights of the Sacred None Alliance 0 0
Kryptos None Alliance 0 0
Kryptos None Alliance 0 0
Kult of CoC None Horde 0 0
Last Attempt None Alliance 0 0
LateNight None Alliance 0 0
Legendary None Alliance 0 0
Lethal Progression None Alliance 0 0
Lethal Progression None Alliance 0 0
Lights Reminiscence None Alliance 0 0
logger None Alliance 0 0
Loose cannons on deck None Alliance 0 0
Luvey Test Logs. None Alliance 0 0
Me, Myself and Monk None Alliance 0 0
Methodical None Alliance 0 0
Methodz of Destruction None Alliance 0 0
Mighty Fighty Shushbugs None Horde 0 0
Molten Corpses None Horde 0 0
Mosu None Horde 0 0
MyLogs None Alliance 0 0
Needs More Sleep None Alliance 0 0
Never Broken None Horde 0 0
Never Broken None Horde 0 0
Nitelyfe None Horde 0 0
Northern Lights None Alliance 0 0
Nos Immortalis None Alliance 0 0
oath burned None Alliance 0 0
Omen None Alliance 0 0
Onyx Twilight None Horde 0 0
Onyx Twilight - Ebontide None Horde 0 0
Orchestrated Chaos None Alliance 0 0
ornj None Alliance 0 0
Outlaw Justice None Alliance 0 0
Pandemonium-Arygos None Horde 0 0
Pantheon None Alliance 0 0
Paradigm Redux None Alliance 0 0
Patch None Alliance 0 0
Perilous None Alliance 0 0
pheanris None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Order None Alliance 0 0
Plan B None Horde 0 0
Poison None Alliance 0 0
Ptr testing logs None Alliance 0 0
Random Guild None Alliance 0 0
Rapturé None Alliance 0 0
Rareform None Alliance 0 0
Ravaged Souls None Horde 0 0
reinald None Alliance 0 0
Remorseless None Alliance 0 0
Rising Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
Rolder's Logs None Alliance 0 0
samfisher None Horde 0 0
Scrublaw Justice! None Alliance 0 0
Seasoned Veterens None Alliance 0 0
Sedition US-Arygos Alliance 0 0
Sethus None Alliance 0 0
Shadows & Dust - Mage None Alliance 0 0
Shadows and Dust None Alliance 0 0
ShoultsHunts None Horde 0 0
Silent Ascension None Alliance 0 0
Skeletons of Society None Alliance 0 0
Smokey None Horde 0 0
Sodsleep's Guild None Horde 0 0
Soulz Society None Alliance 0 0
Spirits of Durotan None Alliance 0 0
Sycho None Alliance 0 0
Synërgy None Horde 0 0
Tadamot's Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
Team Poutine None Horde 0 0
Ted Mosby, Suit Up! None Alliance 0 0
TedMosbyyy None Horde 0 0
Tempus None Alliance 0 0
That guild with the members None Alliance 0 0
The Angelz of Death None Alliance 0 0
The Basics None Alliance 0 0
The Brimstone Order None Horde 0 0
The Eh Team - Odinzz None Alliance 0 0
The Fallen Angels None Alliance 0 0
The Ice Block None Alliance 0 0
The League of Draven None Alliance 0 0
theguildless None Alliance 0 0
Three Score None Alliance 0 0
thursdayzlogz None Alliance 0 0
Treason None Horde 0 0
Tularis' Hunting Party None Alliance 0 0
Tum's Logs None Horde 0 0
Twilights Dawn (5.2) None Alliance 0 0
Unearthed Arcana None Alliance 0 0
Unearthed Arcana None Alliance 0 0
Unforgotten None Alliance 0 0
Unlove None Horde 0 0
Vandret, Leguadris, Kvothar (IP + Judgement) None Alliance 0 0
Vindication None Alliance 0 0
Vindictae None Horde 0 0
Violatedpushyjive None Alliance 0 0
W.A.G.E None Horde 0 0
Wall of Brx None Horde 0 0
We Hate Winning None Alliance 0 0
Winter None Alliance 0 0
Winterborne None Alliance 0 0
Wolfzorz None Alliance 0 0
Xaneesh None Alliance 0 0
Zani's logs None Alliance 0 0
Zasp's Logs US-Arygos Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

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Eternal, Eternal, Eternal Chaos, evolution, Exceeds Expectations, exemplar, Exemplar, Exiled, Existed, Existence, Existence, Exo, Expire, Explicit Content, Extreme Measures, Face Value, Face Value, Face Value, Fah, Fahrenheit, Fahrenheit, fahrenheit-jere, FahrenheitLlane, Fake Guild of Fakeness, Farland, Fatal, Faunas Pugs, FE, Feels the Love, Feels the Love, Fiction, Flaming Gaze, Flaner's DPS, Fnur's, Follower of Sta, Foo, Foolish, Force, Forgotten Shadow, Forgotten Shadow, Forsaken Children, Fractal, Fracture, Fragmentzlogs, Francisco, French Fries Strike back, Fresh Baked Puns, frijolefrito, frijolefrito personal, From the Internet, Frontal Lobotomy, Full Circle, Fuse, Fuse, Gadarn, Gears of Warcraft, Generations, Generations Raid Team 2, Generic guild, Getrow's Gang, Ghost Council, GoA Early 10, Goblins Aint My Gnomies, Gods of Death, Godz Of Destruction, Going Down, Googoodawls, Grim Council, Grim Council, Grim Council, Grim Council, Grumpy Old Men, Guardians, Guardians of 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Intoxicated, Intuition, Invictus, Invictus Eternus, IP, Irate Pirates, Irate Pirates, Iron Circle, Is a Rocker, IS EPIC, is god, is Immortal, ITM, Its Always Sunny in Org, IV, Ivy Bridge, Ixnay, Jaxn, Jeffy is our Hero, Jeszee Dixie, Judgement, Judgement, Judgement - weekday, Judgement 10 man, Judgement TDZ, Judgement_ALTS, Judgementfalc, Judgment f/f, Juicy Envy, Junk in the Trunk, Just Wipe It, Justice Served, Justus, Justus, Kaidin's Logs, Karve, katet, Katet, Kaylick super awsome club of the coolness, KelsierGUILD, Kevster, Khai, kill all horde, Killingly, Kinetic, Kingdom elites, Kirsten's PuG Logs, kl, Klaatu Verata Nictu, Kneeco's Logs, Knight Of ScrappyCoco, Knight of the Nocturnal, Knights of Legend, Knights Templar, Knights Templar, Knights Templar, Koozy Logs, Kryptos, Kryptos, KRYPTOS, KVS-Arygos, L E G E N D, Labrynth, Lachryma, Last Resort, Late Night Crue, Late Sauce, Late Sauce, Late Sauce, Layla, Lazerland, Leet Sauce, Legacy, Legendary, Legion of Destruction, Legion 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test, Mystery, Mystic Warriors, mythos, Mythos, Mythos, Mônks, Naggy Old Women, Nazfail, Nefarious, New Age, Nexus, Nightbreed, Nightfall, Nightfall, Nightshade, Nightstalker Legion, Niq's Logs, No Guild, No Handlebars, No Handlebars, No Handlebars, No Handlebars, No Mércy, Noble Assembly, Noble Assembly, Noble Assembly, Noble Assembly, Noble Assembly (Team Trouble), Noble Dragons, nocturnal, Nocturnal, Nocturnal, Nocturnal, nolaf, Northern Lights, Northrend Knights, Nos Immortalis, notaguild, Notéd, Notéd, Notéd, Novus Chalybs, Nthrxcounsel, Null and Void, Nyxislogs, Offline, Ogre Raid, Olivia, Omen, Omen, Omen, Omen, Omen, Omen, Omen Melee, Omens of War, Omens of War, omnipotent, Omnipotent, Omnipotent, Omnipotent, On Our Own, Once More With Feeling, Once More With Feeling, One With Ducks, Optimus, Organised Kaos, Orian Guard, P A R A G O N, P E R E N N I A L, Pandemonium, Pandoras Box, Pandorum, Panic Attack, Panic Attack, Panic Attack, Para Redux, Paradigm Redux, Paradigm Redux, Paradox, Parapraxes, Parapraxes, Parapraxes, Part Time Heroes, Patronshot, pbtest, PE&K, Peep Show, Perennial, Perennial, Perennial, Perennial, Perserverence, Phase II, Phenom, Phenom, Phenom, Phoenix Order, Phurious, Phylum, Phylum, Piccolinni, Piccolinni Logs, Pie's Guild, poiriest, Poison, polar, poop, Poopers, Position of Power, Primordial, Privately Owned, Proditor, Proditor, Psych Ward Sirens, Psychosis, Pug, PUG, PUG, PuG runs, Puggin' it, Pugging, eh?, PUGz, Pumarukon, PVENESS, Pyrae's Logs, Qrra, Quintessence, Quixotic, Rac's Logs, raging horde, Random Pugz, RandomLogs., RandyLahey, Raph Insom App, Ravaged Souls, Ravaged Souls, Raybeez's Logs, rdclogs, RE, Reborn, Reckless Abandon, Reckless Abandon, Red Eye, Red Eye, Red Eye, Red Hammer, Red Hammer, Redefined, Regime, Regime, Regime, Regime, regulators, Reign of Blood, Rejects your Reality, Remnants, Remnants of Sanity, Remnants of Sanity, Remorseless, repairbill, Requiem Eternum, Requiem Eternum, Requiem Eternum, Requiem Eternum, Resolve, Restless Upheaval, Revenants, Rghopug, Rising Phoenix, RisingPhoenix, Ritual Misery, Ruin, S T R I K E, Sacrifice, Sadie's Guild, Sardaukar, Save Me Tom Cruise, Save Me Tom Cruise, Sean, Sedition, Sendo, Seriously Casual, Seriously Casual, Sevenwolves, Severed, Severed, Severed, Shade of the Elm, Shadow Lords, Shadow Lords, Shadowsphere, Shamoon, Shattered Requiem, Shattered Requiem, Shnakland, Shroud, sigterm, sikarios, Silent Ascension, Silent Ascension, SiQ, Skillz, skulrid, Slayers, Sleepless Knights, Sleepless Knights, SLIZE, SoD, Something or other., Something Wicked, Sooperdaive, souls of armageddon, Souls of Armageddon, Sovereign, spirit, Spirits in the night, Spirits in the Night, Spirits of Durotan, Squish, srs bsns, stabnmcgroin, Stamus In Ignem, Stamus In Ignem (Weekend), Stymied, Subversion, SUCKA, Super Awesome Fun Time, Super Awesome Fun Time, Suppression, SW , Sweet Revenge of Destiny, Synergy, synërgy, Tazmanian Cyclone, TCS, Team 2 - Zasp, Team Bank, Team Doodle, Team Storm Coffee, temp, Tempermental, Temporary Sanity, Tenka's raids, test, Test, Test, testing parse data, TestingTesting123, TestingTesting123, TFF Yankee, TFG Gnommie, Thahoff, Thanie's Logs, The Angelz of Death, The Blacklist, The Blackwood Company, The Bogeymans Closet, The Boneyard, The Boneyard Taistee edition, The Brimstone Order, The Cloacal Watchers, The Clucker Army, The Clucker Army, The Conquerors, The Crazy Eights, The Crystal Shard, The Crystal Shard, The Crystal Shard, The Crystal Shard, The Dwarves, The Eh Team, The Eh Team - Team 3, The Exodium, The Exodium, THE EXODIUM, The Fallen Disciples, The Fallen Ångels, The Flaming Gaze, The Flaming Gaze, The Flaming Gaze, The Flaming Gaze - Group 2, The Grorb Army, The Hallowed End, The Hallowed End, The Legend of SFM, The Mad Hatter, The Malorians, The Other Guys - Aegis, The Pandaren Empire, The Pandaren Empire, The Replacements, The Revelation, The Revelation, The Revelation, The Sardaukar, The Sardaukar, The Sardaukar, The Slimey Crew, The Society, The Temptations, The Usuals, The Usuals, The War Council, the wolfpack, The Ø Vault, Theater of War, Themufnmans Testing guild, Thinmint, This Space for Rent, Three Score, Three Score, TierX, Tihra, TimeBomb, Timmy Casuals, Tirin, Titans of Justice, Titans of Justice, TKTest, tm1, Tnklog, TogetherWeOwn, tomahawk, Toxe, Toxi, Toxic, Traci Koehler Johnson, Trade isn't LFG, trbell, Tree Mafia, Tremor Totem, Tremor Totem, Trial, TrialMembers, tribal, Tribal, Tribal, Tribal Moonshiners, Troggs, True to the Core, True to the Core, Tuggernauts, Turghos, Twilights Dawn, Twilights Dawn, Twilights Dawn, Twilights Dawn, Two For Flinching, Twèék's Followers, Tyrants of The Horde, Udder Destruction, Udder Destruction, Uhhuh, Uknown, Unconquered, undead, Underground Kings, Underground Legends, Unearthed Arcana, Unforgiven, united alliance, Unknown, Unleashed, Unpugged, Untold, Untouched Revenge, Us or Them, Afflicted Souls, Aggressive Perfector, Alphanumeric, Altoholics Anonymous, Ambivalence, Angelic Wrath, anime luvers, Arctic Foxes, Arisen, Ascendants, Avenger Penguins, Awful, Azeroth Elites, B Ä N E, Bacon Security and Trust, Band of The Hand, Bangarang, Bank O Fury, Barely Legal, Battle Bested, BC Elites, Best Served Cold, Blackhand, Blood Knight Mercenaries, Blood Knight Raiders, Break the Bank, BreakingBaddies, Burning Fusion, Byzantium, Catch of the Day, CFB, Chaotic Tendencies, Chosen Few, Circle of Titans, Cliff Jumping, Conjured Sîn, Corrupted Intentions, Dead Mans Party, Dead Pixels, Death Shadows, Deathwings Exiled, Deevils Stash, Demonic Vendetta, Den of Lions, Deposit Box Of Justice, Devils Mark, Dii Inferi, Divine Serenity, DsK, DSQ, Dysfunctional Family, Edible Is Not, Eminent Domain, Empires Elite, Epic Addiction, Eternal Blades, Exalted with McDonalds, Explicit, Face Pull, Faint, Fayt, Fires, First Evil Crew, Five Inches Unbuffed, Force, Forsaken Children, Free Raiders, Friendly Fire, Frustration 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Team, Classic, Colbert Nation, Come To The Dark Side, Constant Motion, Crucified, Danger Zone, Dark Oath, Darkest Grey, Darksun, Death Cult, Death Dealers, Death Ground Greenskins, Death Magnetic, Death Watch, Deathstroke, Deathtacular, Debauchery Tea Party, Decepticon, Defile Is Bad, dem Crits, Dirty Pack Of Rogues, Disadvantages, Discipuls of Death, DiseasedKitties, Distant Raiders, Divine Twilight, Dominance, Dragon Claw, Drunk N Disorderly, Durp n Durp Inc, East Azeroth Trading Co, Elevator Boss, Elite Progression, Elrendar Rangers, Empire of Scum, Entropy, Eradication, Erollisi Marr, Esprit de Corps, Evils Will, Exoskeletal, Farmers Unite, FOR THE HERD, For The OMG We Lost, Forsaken Dragons, Forsaken Enclave, Free Spirits, Full Circle, Fuse, Generations, Glory of Rome, GO LIMP, Gods of Death, Guardians of Stormwind, GutenNachtFrauFreaky, Hammer of Hurt Feelings, Heavy Pampers, hell boys, Heroes of Eternity, Heroes of Kyrandia, Highgrade, Horde Knows Best, Hotshotz, IceCream Citadel, Identity Crisis, IESPONIESPONIESPONIESPON, Illuminated Few, Impaired, Infernal Parade, Inner Sanctum, Insane Progression, Intricacy, Intuition, Inventory, Iron Monkey, is Immortal, Is Really Annoyed, Its Always Sunny in Org, ITZ UR NIGHTMARE, Izabank, Kergerkachew, Kill All Horde, Killer Clownz, Kings and Queens, Kings of Kings, Knight Errant, Knights Of Azuremyst, Knights of Gilneas, Knights of the Storm, L E G E N D, Last Attempt, legionairs, Lionheart, Lithium, Longshot, Lords of Lordaeron, Lost Purpose, Lvl Five Is Srs Bzns, mah bernk, Mark Of Chaos, Milk and Honey, Mission Impawsible, Molten Corpses, Monolith, Moon Knights, Moonlight Marauders, Morally Bankrupt, My lil Pwny, Nailed It, Needs a Life, Nightfall, no, No Pictures Please, Nocturne, not even trying, Ohh Shinies, Omen, One Dwarf One Gnome, Orchestral Manoeuvres, Order of The Dragon, Organised Kaos, Outlaw Justice, Pantheon, Paracelsus, Phoenix Legends, Phoenix Order, Potty Trained, Psycho Ward, PvP Academy, PVP On Your Grave, PvP Patrol, Radicitus, Raiders of the Lost Orc, Red Hammer, Red Shadows, Red Yeti Crusaders, Reign of Blood, Relentless Onslaught, Remorseless, Rent to Pwn, Rented to Pwn, Republic of Fail, Sanctuary, Sanitarium, Sedition, Seekers of Knowledge, Servants of Thrall, Set Sail for Fail, Severancexyz, Shadow Reapers, Shadowsphere, sikarios, Silent Reign, Sixth Element, Skynet, Southern Hospitality, Spectacular Death, spunky town, Stamus In Ignem, StoreMore, Super Smash Bros, Suspended, Tea Baggers Union, Temporary Sanity, The Africa League, The Boneyard, the brothers in arms, The Guildless, The Hallowed End, The Hidden, The League of Draven, The Lonesome Riders, The Lords of War, The Murloc Mafia, The North Pole, The Original Horsemen, The Replacements, The Sardaukar, The Usuals, The Wolf Pack, The Wolfpack, Thrall Mart, ThunderStruck, Tir Na nOg, Titans And Gods, Toaster Strudel, Tortured Soulz, Toxic Agenda, Toxic Assets, Traumatized by IKEA, tsylataC, United We Stand Alone, Unorthodox, Veterans, Virtue, W A G E, Warriors of Death, We Blend In, We Killed Kenny, Wicked Legion, Window Lickers, With Special Needs, World Bank, Wtb Wrath, y u jelly, Ïntent, Valiana, Veritas, VIGILANCE, Vilainslogs, Vindication, Vindication, Violent New Breed, Violent Pwnography, Vita Eternus, Vitality, Warlords of Royal Wolves, Warmongers, Wasted Talent, Water Vendor, we gquit, We Know Girls, We Stand In fire, WeGquit, Westeria, who pulled that2, Wings A Flapping, Winterborne, Winterborne-verr style, WKGparse, Wolves of Azeroth, Wrath, Wrath, Wrath, wtfwrath, Wïllow, Xanijh, Yseriah, Zafnar, Zbug's parse, Zekit's parse, Zephyr, Zeto 10 man test, Zing'sLogs, Zombie Shelter, Zombie Shelter, Zyleia

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