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US-Argent Dawn
Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Quality US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 1016
Reckless Endeavor US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 687
House of Arathor US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 585
Vagrant US-The Scryers Alliance 0 420
Winter Wolves US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 219
Delinquent Society US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 182
The Ashen Ring US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 122
Radium None Alliance 0 114
Unique Snowflakes None Alliance 0 65
Brotherhood of the Blade US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 62
Schadenfreude US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 59
Másters of Kárate US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 51
Nocturnal Vigilance US-The Scryers Horde 0 49
Natural Order US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 43
Forty Eight Straight US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 33
Influence US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 31
Rise Raids None Horde 0 30
For Science US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 29
US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 23
Ghetto None Alliance 0 23
The Fading Sun US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 16
FREAK US-The Scryers Horde 0 15
Tenacious Group 2 US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 14
PT US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 13
Zathin US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 13
Fearfulways US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 12
Másters of Kárate US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 12
Blacktalon US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 11
ShadowsVale US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 11
Dusteye's Raids None Horde 0 10
Bacon US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 8
Behemoth None Horde 0 8
Disturbingthepeace None Horde 0 8
Epiphany US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 8
The Blue Knights US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 8
Audist US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 7
Aerthyrian Sovereignty US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 6
Bevee's Logs US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 6
Crit Happens US-The Scryers Alliance 0 6
ScrewingAround US-The Scryers Alliance 0 6
Serious Sauce US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 6
Lost Legacy US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 5
Nope US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 5
Deadly Fate US-The Scryers Alliance 0 4
Dinosaur Cowboys US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 4
Fearfulways US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 4
Great Old Ones US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 4
GRIZZLY US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 4
Rothalax US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 4
Awareness US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 3
Crit Happens Group 2 US-The Scryers Alliance 0 3
Darkhorse US-The Scryers Horde 0 3
Forged Alliance US-The Scryers Horde 0 3
Avaritia Luxuria Invidia US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 2
Bloodmoon Chosen US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 2
Dust US-The Scryers Horde 0 2
Guardians of Fellowship US-The Scryers Alliance 0 2
HotTS US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 2
Legacy of the Illuminati US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 2
Legion of Laughter US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 2
Másters of Kárate US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 2
Niveus Lepus US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 2
Playaqts Runs US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 2
Scruffy Nerf Herders US-The Scryers Alliance 0 2
Tett's Logs US-The Scryers Alliance 0 2
Top Shelf US-The Scryers Horde 0 2
AMG GUYS US-The Scryers Horde 0 1
Aperture Science US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 1
Artomyst Dawning US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
Black Phoenix US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
Burnt Out Raiders US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
Hillamorah US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
House Stalwart US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
Kindred Descent US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
Konasol US-The Scryers Horde 0 1
Legends US-The Scryers Horde 0 1
Makaze US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 1
Másters of Kárate None Alliance 0 1
Negative Disposition US-The Scryers Alliance 0 1
Nothing Can Go Wrong US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
Novus Inceptum US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 1
Obsidian Reaver Clan US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 1
Order of Chaos US-The Scryers Horde 0 1
Reverence US-The Scryers Alliance 0 1
Rising Phoenix US-The Scryers Alliance 0 1
Shinzou Parse None Alliance 0 1
Tenacious G1 US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
The Fading Sun US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
The Knights of Cthulhu US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
The Phoenix Republic US-The Scryers Horde 0 1
The Unaffiliated US-Argent Dawn Horde 0 1
Unfair Advantage US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
Woden's Hubris US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 1
Aatto US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 0
Aeon None Horde 0 0
alß None Alliance 0 0
Ani Ayastigi None Horde 0 0
ArcLight None Horde 0 0
Arete None Alliance 0 0
Ark is too Drunk None Horde 0 0
Artomyst Dawning None Alliance 0 0
ArtOMyst Dawning None Alliance 0 0
Backpedalin to Glad None Horde 0 0
Bain None Horde 0 0
baptized by fire None Alliance 0 0
Bloodmoon Chosen Sunday Raid None Horde 0 0
Brianic None Horde 0 0
Cause and Effect None Alliance 0 0
CH G2.5 None Alliance 0 0
Circle of Fear None Horde 0 0
Clan Bloodstone None Alliance 0 0
CRD None Horde 0 0
Daibh None Alliance 0 0
Dan's Tanking None Alliance 0 0
Dark Fist None Alliance 0 0
Darkhorse None Horde 0 0
DarkHorse None Horde 0 0
Darks Guild None Alliance 0 0
Deadly Fate None Alliance 0 0
Death by Design None Horde 0 0
Demented None Horde 0 0
Divine Carnage2 None Horde 0 0
Doom Legion None Horde 0 0
Draconian Redemption None Alliance 0 0
Dust None Alliance 0 0
Fearfulways [Kekoa] None Alliance 0 0
For Goat Honor None Alliance 0 0
for Horde None Horde 0 0
Fortune Hunters None Alliance 0 0
Fëôrfàx None Alliance 0 0
Ghost Hunters None Alliance 0 0
Giggity None Alliance 0 0
Gnomes will Eat You None Alliance 0 0
House of Dinos None Horde 0 0
House Stalwart - Flex None Alliance 0 0
Ientaculum Per Rex None Alliance 0 0
in High Def None Alliance 0 0
Intent None Alliance 0 0
Intent Team 2 None Alliance 0 0
Jaeded None Horde 0 0
Knghts of Anduin None Alliance 0 0
Konasol US-The Scryers Horde 0 0
Kruisnek's personal logs None Horde 0 0
League of Kirin Tor None Alliance 0 0
Legacy of the Illuminati US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 0
Ludicrous Gibs None Alliance 0 0
Maiseung None Alliance 0 0
Maladyn None Horde 0 0
Mavalynn's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Mead Hall Pirates None Alliance 0 0
Midnight Crusaders None Alliance 0 0
MLO None Alliance 0 0
My Little Pwnies US-The Scryers Alliance 0 0
Out for Blood None Horde 0 0
Out for Blood None Horde 0 0
PAX Fortunata None Alliance 0 0
PAX Fortunata None Alliance 0 0
PoH None Horde 0 0
popA 4102 None Horde 0 0
Praxidice None Horde 0 0
Private None Horde 0 0
Promade None Horde 0 0
Pugs R Us None Alliance 0 0
Raging Inferno None Alliance 0 0
Raiders of Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
Rebel Knights US-Argent Dawn Alliance 0 0
Reboot None Alliance 0 0
Relentless None Alliance 0 0
Rise None Horde 0 0
Rise None Horde 0 0
Rise None Horde 0 0
Rise None Alliance 0 0
Rise10 None Horde 0 0
Rotten Luck TEAM HONEYBADGER None Horde 0 0
Rotten Luck - Raiding Arm None Horde 0 0
Sardonic None Alliance 0 0
Sarvonox's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Sauce None Alliance 0 0
Shikyo Gara None Horde 0 0
Silver Dawn None Alliance 0 0
Silvermoon Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Sketchy None Alliance 0 0
SpaceWeather None Horde 0 0
Tempestus Infinitus None Horde 0 0
Tenacious Group 1 None Alliance 0 0
TenaciousG2 None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
Test Parse. None Alliance 0 0
The Core None Alliance 0 0
The Lights Redemption None Alliance 0 0
The Oz None Alliance 0 0
The Phoenix Republic None Horde 0 0
The Reckonin None Alliance 0 0
The Rejected Ones None Alliance 0 0
The Rejected Ones - Team 2 None Alliance 0 0
The Riders of Rohan None Alliance 0 0
Thescythe- DS None Alliance 0 0
To Serve Thy Liege None Alliance 0 0
To The Rescue None Horde 0 0
TPR_ None Horde 0 0
TRO None Alliance 0 0
Unsung None Horde 0 0
Untitled None Alliance 0 0
Winter Wolves None Alliance 0 0
Yuri SB None Horde 0 0
Zephia's guild None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Aador, Absoludicrous, Absoludicrous, AD Group 2 & 25s, Ad Infinitum, Ad Mortem, Adamant, ADKCT, Adorea, Aegis of Nozdormu, After Dark, Age and Treachery, Age and Treachery, Aggressively Casual, Akiseth log, Aligodi Tsalagi, Alto's Pugs, Am Fianna Dubh, angelic kingdom, Anj's Adventures, Anomaly, Anomaly, Anomaly, Anvi's Lawgs :D, Apostle of Artorias, Apostles of Artorias, Apotheosis, Arclight, ArcLight, Armageddon, Armageddon, Armed to the Teeth, ArtoMyst Dawning, Ascendance, Ascendance, Ascended, Aspect of the Donkey, Aspect of the Donkey, Assorted-Nutz, Availionic Ascendants, Awakening, Awareness, Awareness, Awareness [Derivus], Awareness [Riccie], Axis, Azeroth Adventurers, Azrael, Bailey Building and Loan, Batteries Not Included, Beans Miscellaneous, Beast Mode, Beastial Knights, Beatha Síoraí, Beatha Síoraí, Beatzzy, Behemoth, Belligerent, Best N Slot, Big Sushi, Black Phoenix, Blackfang Brotherhood, Blackfang Brotherhood, Blackfang Brotherhood, Blackfang Brotherhood, Blank, Blood Oath, Bloodbath and Beyond, Bloodmoon Chosen, Bloodwretch, BMC Black Run, Bolts and Screws, BoredDpsWhoring, Brutes of America, BubbleTea, Bunny People, Cabbage Patch Kids, Can't Now Gotta Raid, cant now gotta raid, Cant Now Gotta Raid, CANT NOW GOTTA RAID, Care Bears, Carpe Noctem, Casthry-personal, Casual Raid Days, CataclysmSurvivors, Ceroen, Cerralyn's Logs, Chaos Theory, Children of Alexstrasza, Children of the Scorn, Circle of Fear, Clan Skullcrusher, Claw and Sparrow, Compass of Redemption, Corentin's Records, corruption, Covenant, Covert to Raid, Crimson Crusaders, Crimson Revenge, Crimson Revenge, Crimson Sun, Crit Happens, Crit Happens, Crit Happens, Crit Happens g2, Crit Happens Group 3, crit_happens3, Culo, dagha, Dark Allianze, Dark Fist, Dark Fist, Dark Fist10, Dark Night, Dark Path, Deadly Fate, DeadlyFate, Death by Design, Death By Design, Decaiden's Logs, Defenders of Eternity, Defiants, Del, Demented, Demented, Den of the Wolfravens, Deus Misereatur, Devastation Inc., Disciples Of Hades, Disciples of Selene, Divine Carnage, DoH, Dokk's Reports, Double Negative, Draconian Redemption, Dragon Knights, Dragon Knights, Dragon Knights, Dragon Knights, Dragonsworn, Dream Team, Dream Team Raiders, Drunken Philosophers, Drunken Raiders, Duranub, Duranub, Durff, Dust, Eastern Kingdom Corsairs, Eated Your Cookie, Ebony Cat Form, Ebony Cat Form, Eclipse, Eclipse, Edgeville, effort, effort, effort, Elements, Elements, Ellival, Emoondaria, Enclave of the Bear, Enlightened, Ent, EpiK, Etherea, Excessus, Exhumed, Exodar Waffle House, Exogenesis, Exordium, Explicit, Failboat, FAINT SMILE, Faith of the Fallen, Faith of the Fallen, Faith of The Fallen, Fallen Virtue, Fates Unforgiven, Fearfulways, Final Countdown, Focus, for H0rde, For Hire, For Honor, for Horde, for Horde, for Horde, For Horde, Forbidden Serenity , Force Recon, Force Recon, Fortunata, Fortune Hunters, Fraket's Parse, FREAK, FREAK, ftown, Game, Game, garkeids log, Gauntlets of Forbearance, Gnomes will Eat You, Gnomes Will Eat You, Gnomes Will Eat You, GoF, Good News Everyone, Good News Everyone, gravity, Great Old Ones, Grim, Guardians of Fellowship, gwey, Hallowed Core, Hallowed Core, Hand of Medivh, Happy Test Guild, Hard Core, Hard Core, Hard Core, Heroes of Legend, Heroes of Legend, High Pitch Chaos, High Pitch Chaos, Hooligan Nation, Hostility, Hot Soup, Houdinii's Logs, House Calraxes, House Stalwart, House Stalwart, Icc 10 Pug, Icedale, Imperfect, Imperfect, Imperfect Backup, imperfectx, Imperial Darkness, Imperium, Imperium, Indifference, Infallible, Infernal Embrace, Injustice, Injustice, insane asylum, Insufficient Light, Is it Dead Yet?, iznaak's, Jaanni, JIZZinMYpantz, Just Ice Served Cold, Justapug, Justapug, Kaiballan, Kalimdor Cut Throats, Kalimdor Cut Throats, Kalmi, Karsten's Guild, Keep It Cool, Keepers of the Light, kimchiii, Kindred, Knight Horde Avengers, Knightphyre, KnightPhyre, Knights of Anduin, Knights of the Chosen, Knights Of The Dragon, Knights of Tranquility, Knights with Glaucoma, KOA, Kobra Kai, Koru, La Familia, Lascivious Cadre, Lascivious Cadre, Lascivious Cadre, Last Of A Dying Breed, late crew, Late Crew, Lefin Haxxed Us, Legacy, Legacy of the Illuminati, Legends, legends of warcraft, legion of laughter, Legion of the Phoenix, Leo's crit crew, Leviathan, Leviathan, Leviathan, Light and Shadow, Lizet's logs~, Locks of Locks, Log, Logical Conclusion, Logical Conclusion, loglogloglog, logsforsohkar, Long Winded, LongWinded, loodlepoodle, LoOnEy TuNeS, Lords of Twilight, Lost Legacy, LOTI, Ludicrous Gibs, Lukanthrpros Pac, Mainstream, Makaze, Masochistic Tendencies, Masters, Mcstabins Logs, Mead Hall Pirates, Melybelnore, Midnight Crusaders, mine, Mine, MironXXXY, mithril, Mithril, Mithril, Moirae, MoK, MoK, Mom, come look at these logs!, moonwell syndicate, MoP Test Logs, More Damage, More Damage, Mostly Harmless, Mostly Harmless, Moxie, mr nice guy, MTCTest, munakrA, Murlocalypse, My Guild, My Little Pwnies, MyGuild, myParse, Másters of Kárate, Naaru Covenant, Nakajima, NaturesqueZOOM, Nighttmare, No Doze, Nocturnum, NoDoze, Northrend Beach Club, OBC, Oddarcorb, OdlawAltRaid, Odyssey, Odyssey, Omg Brb IceCream Truck, OmgRecount, Onchymonchikachikachoo, Oolala, Opaque Paradigm, Order of the Folded Paw, Orgrimmar Brewing Co, Orgrimmar Brewing Co, Over Nine Thousand, Overkill, Paradigm, Paradox, Part of the Problem, Part of the Problem, PathETech Managment - Pug, Pathogen, Pax Fortunata, PAX Fortunata, Per, Personal Logs, Personal Logs, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoeníx, Pirates of Janeiro, Pop Bottles, Popular Ladies Men, Praxidice, Prodigious, Prodigious, Promade, Prophets of Vengeance, Prov, Providence, Psykoma, Public Isolation, Puresecs Dps Reports, Purpose, Push Button, Qlogs, Questionable Intent, Raged, Raged, Raged, raid.0, Raided R, Raided R, Raided R, Raided R, randomplayer, rare, Rebirth, Refuge, Refugees of Janeiro, relentless, Relentless, Renati Logs, resto shaman, Restoration Shaman Beta, Reverence, Reverence10, Ride The Spiral, Ride The Spiral, Rise, RL, ROLL DEEP, Rotten Luck - Team Dungeon Facepunch, Rotten Luck - Team Strudel, Rotten Luck More, Rotten Luck, Scryers, rowsdower power, Rowsdower Power, Rowsdower Power, Royal Steel, Ruin, Sacred Fallen, Sacred Pack, Sauce, Sauce, Saza's Logs , Scions of the Horde, Scions of the Horde, Send More Paramedics, Sensedata, Sentinel, Serpentine, severance, Shallow, shepsters guild, shikyo gara, Shikyo Gara, Shinjoro's Guild, Shut Up and Pull, Siege of Darkness, Siege Of Darkness, Siempre Leal, Silent Strike, Silent Strike, Silver Lions, Silvermoon Guardians, Simple Math, Simple Math, Singhin, Sinners and Saints, SO MUCH DAMAAGEE, Solace, Solace, Soldiers of Fortune, Something Darkside, Sonicbloom, Soulbound, Stark Contrast, Steaks on a Plain, Sunspire Eclipse, Syfry's WoL, Synthesis, Systematic Dismemberment, Sàpper's Guild, Talk to the Paw, Talons of the Gryphon, Tempered Steel, Tempestus Infinitus, tempguild, Templar, Templar, Templar Bishops, Tenacious, Tenacious group 1!!, test, test, testaccounttestguild, tg, The Ascension, The Asylum, The Azure Dawn, The Blood Oath, The Bloodguard, The Bloodguard, The Bloodlust, The Blue Knights, The Broken Solstice, The Capitals, The Contracted, The Core, The Core, The Crimson Shard, The Divine Crusaders, The Emberwing Clan, the emberwings, The Fading Sun, The Gathering Storm, The Gathering Storm, The Gathering Storm , The Hand of Medivh, The Hands of the Wicked, The Ice Knights, the insane society, The Insane Society, The Killer Beavers, The Knights of Cthulhu, The Knights of Cthulhu, The Knights of Cthulhu, The Knights of Lordaeron, The Mad Carnival Waltz, The nameless awesome guild, The Oz, The Perfect Element, The Profane, The Rejected Ones, The Rejected Ones, The Rejected Ones, The Rejected Ones, The Rejected Ones , The Rejected Ones - Team 1, The Remnant, The Riders of Rohan2, The Runaway Five, The Silrixa Fan Club, The Silver Rose, The Silver Rose, The sins of shadows, The Tribunal, The Twilight Vanguard, the Unknowable, The Unknowable, The Unknowable, The Unknowable, The Way Of Knowledge, Thespian Empire, TheSunHawks, Thought and Memory, Three Inch Eggroll, Three Inch Eggroll, Threshold, Thunderbluff Steakhouse, Thusly, Tiagas, Tiers of Excellence, Tiers of Excellence, Time Enough For Love, Tirr, Titan Legion, Titans of Valor, To The Rescue, tog's logs, Tomokee's Logs, Too Drunk To Raid, Tornado of Souls, tracking mobs, Traitors, Tranq, Tranqq, Tranquility, Tranquillility, Tranquillity, TRN 10-Man, TRO - Team 1, Try it I Dare You, Tuei's Runs, Twilights Call, Two Dollar Hordes, two priests one tank, Uber Team, Underdogs, University of Azeroth, Absoludicrous, Angelic Kingdom, Angels and Demons, Anger Issues, Ani Ayastigi, Aperture Science Sorcery, ArcLight, Argent Drama, Argent Wolves, Armed to the Teeth, Army of the Unrelenting, Artisan Roleplayers, ArtOMyst Dawning, Aus, Axis of Anarchy, Azeroth Trading Company, Azerothian Outfitters, Backseat Gamers, Bad Karma, Band of Brothers, Bank Alts Anonymous, Bank alts united, Bankers of Miniwheat, BEST OF THE HORDE, Big Johnson Family, Blackfang Brotherhood, Blacklisted Souls, Blacktalon, Blackwater Seawolves, Blade to Blade, Blakkrfang Gildisbraedr, Blatant Disregard, Blood of Assassins, Bloodbath and Beyond, born killers, Bound for Glory, Bunny Brigade, Candy Apples, Candy Inc, Cardboard Church, Cascus, Cenarion Shadow Walker, CHA CHING, Chakal followers, Champions of Valhalla, Champions of War, Cinder and Smoke, Circle of Fear, Claw and Sparrow, CoABank, Colossus, Company of Misfits, Copper CO, Crazy Loop, Crimzon Dragons, critlickingood, Dark Desires, Dark Fist, Dark Vortex, Das Banke, Deadly Dragons, Defenders of Azeroth, Demented, Den of the Wolfravens, destany of knights, Dictators of Consequence, Die Banke, Dissenters, Distinct Rage, DisturbingThePeace, Divinity Unbound, Draconian Redemption, Draconic Redemption, Dracos et Quisnam, Dragon Reborn, Dragonflame, Dragonstrike, Dreadnought Society, Dreams of a Cougar, Driven by Insanity, dwarven underground, Dysdaimonia, Dêvastation Inc, Ebony and Ivory, Ebony Cat Form, Eram Umbra, Eudaimonia, Evil Genius, Exhumed, Exiles of Blackrock, Explicit, Facepull, FAINT SMILE, Fallen Immortals, Fearfulways, FearfulwaysAlt, Fearless, Fearless Legion, Fellowship of the Bag, First Interstate, Fluffy Bunny Deathsquad, For Goat Honor, For Honor, for Horde, For Science, For the Gnomes, Fortitude, Free Market Capitalists, Free to Play VIP, Fruit Basket, Gaki no tsukai, Gettum, Gnomes Will Eat You, Gods of Shattrath, Goldshire Fight Club, Great Old Ones, Grimtotem, GRIZZLY, Guardians of The Forge, gutsbank, heart and soul, Hellbound Crucifiers, hidden in the mist, Homeland Security, Honor and Justice, Honor Da Horde, Hordes Hammer, Horns and Halos, House of Arathor, House of Telvanni, House Stalwart, How can that be, Howling Moon of Gilneas, Immortal Soulz, Inappropriate Guild Name, Inception, Incision, Infallible, Insane Asylum, Insane Destruction, Internet Famous, Itsumo Nakama, Kindred, Knight Horde Avengers, KnightPhyre, Knights of Anduin, Knights of the Alliance, La Familia, Lackadaisical, LargerThanLife, Legacy of the Illuminati, Legion Elites, Legion of Dawn, Lethal Intent, Liteshades Honor, Lockdown, Long Lost Memories, Lords of Azeroth, Lost Legacy, Lucid Dream, Mature Audiences Only, Mental Instability, Mentality, Militant, MIMAAZ, Mists of Avalon, Mostly Dead, Mostly Harm less, Mystic Daze, Másters of Kárate, Nakama, Nats Mystic Emporium, Natural Order, Natures Fury, Needful Things, Ninth Legion, Niveus Lepus, no Drama, NO MERCY, Noble Knights, Nobles of Lordaeron, Nope, Of Legions, Order of Azeroth, Order of Lost Memories, Order Of New Age, Order of the Flame, Oui GROS, Phantasmagoria, Phoeníx, Pillars of Power, Pillow Talk, PINK FLUFFY RABBITS, Potato Nation, Pride of Elune, Purple Pandas, Push Button, Radiant, Radium, Rage Sauce, Raging Inferno, Raidz Before Gradez, Rain of Fire, Raptor Pack, Rare, RAw, Real men wear pink, Red Bull, Requiem for a Panda, Requiem of Madness, Requires Herbalism, Retreat, Reverence, Risen from Ashes, Role for Initiative, Runeforge Ya Mum, SCC, Secret of Mana, Send More Paramedics, Serious Sauce, Seven Sins of Death, Shadow Hunter, Shadow Warrior Alliance, Shadow Warriors, ShadowGear Army, Shadows of the Titans, Shameless, Shifts Through Time, Shikyo Gara, Shinra Inc, Shut up and Roleplay, Silver Dawn, Single Abstract Noun, Sketchy, Skinnable, smells of elderberries, Solace, Something Darkside, South Saxon Raiders, Squirrelbane, Starlight Bank Inc, Steaks on a Plain, Stigma, Stir Crazy, Stormwind City Warriors, Stripling Warriors, Sunreaver Guardians, Swarm, Taste The Rainbow, Templar Bishops, Tenacious, Tha Homie, The Argent Warbringers, The Ascension, The Ashwood Chronicles, The Azeroth Warriors, The Blood Oath, The Bronze Dragon Flight, The Core, The Crusaders of Peace, The Darkened Souls, The Deadly Lotus, The Disgruntled Alliance, The Eleventh Legion, The Emberwing Clan, The Eternal Brotherhood, The Eye Of Sauron, The Gathering Storm, The Golden Legion, The Green Poison Dragons, The Hand of Medivh, The Imperial Guard, The Judgement, The Knights of Cthulhu, The Lights Redemption, The Lionhearted, The Lions Pride, The Lost and Found, The Millennial Reign, The Nice Guys, The norgon Defenders, The Order of Nothing, The Poison Fang, The Riders Of Rohan II, The Sun Hawks, The Tempered Blade, The Tenth Legion, The Unknowable, The Unknown Alliance, The Unrepaired, The Winged Hussars, The Wrynn Offensive, The Çorrupted, Thee Best, THOSE WITHOUT SERVERS, Thunderclan, ThunderMaul, Timerich, TNS, To Luv Me Is To Gnome Me, To Serve Thy Liege, Too Drunk to Raid, Trade Chat Moderator, Tranquillity, Twinked by Argent Dawn, Twisted Maiden, Uncensored, Undead, Unforgotten Legacy, Untøuchable, Usually AFK, Vanishing Horizon, Wake of Fire, Wildfire, Winter Wolves, Wodens Hubris, Wraith, Wrong End, WulfPack, Øblivion, AllAboutTheGolds, Apotheosis, Army of the Horde, ASIAN GOLD FARMERS, Assorted Nutz, Bad Mojo, bank of robo, Barrier, Bat Guild, Beatha Síoraí, Better Order of Chaos, Blackwater Park, Blizzard of Oz, Blood of the Dark Wolf, Casual Raid Days, Category Two, Champions of the Hall, Children of the GMO Corn, Circle of Friends, CookClan Investment Bank, DADS HOME AND HES DRUNK, Dark Desire, DarkClaw Legion, Darkhorse, Darwinians, Digital Puppets, Divine Carnage, Draconian Malaprops, Dragon Knights, Dreamers of Eversong, Dreemurr Reborn, Element, Elements, Elena Bank, Eternal Order, Eve of Destruction, Eye of Orion, Fallen Angels, Fate, Filling the Void, fireandice, forgot, Føxhound, gaymur gurlz, Ghost Hunters, Greetings and Grats, Grim Guzzler House Band, Grizzly Hill Riders, Guardians Of Fellowship, Guggillimpus Guild, Handicap Fellowship, Heart of the Wild, Hearts Desire, Heroes with Zeroes, Horde rules allys drule, Infinity Gaming, Insufficient Light, Keepers Of Can Ka No Rey, Keepers Of The Flame, Keepers of the Moon, Knightfall, Knights of Ebon Blood, Knights Of Tatsu Moon, Knights of Tranquility, Legacy, Legion of the North Star, Locks of Locks, Lone Wolf inc, Looks Matter, Manifest Destiny, Mead Hall Pirates, Midnight Crusaders, My Little Pwnies, Not Addicted, Order of Chaos, Order of The Dragon, Out for Blood, Popular Ladies Men, Prophets of Darkness, Raiders of the Lost Orc, Rapture, Red Dawn, Reformation, Relentless, Rotten Luck, Scrilla, Sheraton Pier Pirates, Silent Arbiters, Sinister CorpseGrinders, Smoke Hondz inc, Soulbound, Steel Beasts, Sänctuary, Tatsu Blue, Team Canada, The Armored Cobras, The Big Bang Theory, The Blood Bank, The Hoard, The Horde Family Jewels, The Illiad, The Legions End, The Phoenix Republic, The Reawakened, The Roleplayers Guild, The Shadow Creed, The Tribunal, The Trinity Knights, The Unwavering Legion, THE WANTED, To Leet For You, Tolarian Academy, Top Shelf, Twilights Call, Volsung, War Machine, Warbound, Warriors of Death, Warriors Of The Mist, Warriors of the Nightsky, Werewolves of Lordaeron, Wild Kingdom, wolfden, Vanguard of the Light, Vigilance, Vigilis Nocturnis, Vindicated, Virtus Infinitus, Vox Dei, Warlords of Oblivion, Warriors of America, Warriors of Lost Fate, Wasted Epics, we wipe on trash, We Wipe On Trash, Whites, Who Cares, Willow's Raids, Winter Wolves, Wisdom and Valor, wlllll, Wolf Pact, WooWoo, WW, youre doin it wrong, Zathin, Zen, Ømen

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