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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Drakken US-Khadgar Alliance 0 31
Persona Non Grata US-Alleria Alliance 0 22
Caustic US-Alleria Alliance 0 16
Vyndikated US-Alleria Alliance 0 15
HEART OF THE PHOENIX US-Alleria Horde 0 14
Little Rascals US-Khadgar Alliance 0 14
Lords of Reckoning US-Khadgar Alliance 0 13
House Stark US-Khadgar Alliance 0 11
No Dress Code US-Alleria Horde 0 10
Altera Vita US-Khadgar Alliance 0 9
Murder by numberS US-Khadgar Alliance 0 8
Improvised US-Alleria Alliance 0 7
Knights of Amin US-Alleria Alliance 0 7
Hördish Nut Höuse US-Khadgar Horde 0 7
Ignis Letum US-Alleria Alliance 0 6
IHM US-Khadgar Alliance 0 6
Vitality US-Khadgar Alliance 0 6
Shift Left US-Khadgar Alliance 0 5
Velocity US-Alleria Alliance 0 3
Hopes Eternal US-Khadgar Alliance 0 3
Arbelos US-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Lunar Chaos US-Alleria 0 2
Ashes to Empire US-Khadgar 0 2
Eternal Grind US-Khadgar Alliance 0 2
A New BreeÐ US-Alleria 0 1
Dark Order US-Alleria 0 1
Dawn US-Alleria 0 1
Night Eternal US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
We Die A Lot US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Challenge Accepted US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
The Conquerors US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
The Endless US-Khadgar 0 1
The Noob Crew US-Khadgar 0 1
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Arbelos US-Alleria Alliance 0 932
Hordish Inquisition US-Khadgar Horde 0 248
Ebonheart None Alliance 0 197
The Battousai US-Khadgar Horde 0 161
The Endless US-Khadgar Alliance 0 144
Vyndikated US-Alleria Alliance 0 135
Immortal Legacy US-Alleria Alliance 0 134
Final Onslaught US-Alleria Alliance 0 129
Retribution US-Alleria Alliance 0 127
Apatheia US-Khadgar Alliance 0 103
Plaguechill US-Khadgar Horde 0 80
Already Dead US-Alleria Alliance 0 76
Enlighten None Alliance 0 69
Death of Anarchy US-Alleria Horde 0 56
Little Rascals US-Khadgar Alliance 0 40
GECKO1 US-Khadgar Alliance 0 38
Bad Things Happen Here None Horde 0 35
Parody US-Alleria Alliance 0 32
The Borg Collective US-Khadgar Alliance 0 31
Something Else US-Alleria Alliance 0 30
Immortal Legacy US-Alleria Alliance 0 28
Remnant US-Khadgar Horde 0 28
BG Death Dealers US-Khadgar Horde 0 26
unlucky US-Khadgar Alliance 0 26
Full Spectrum US-Alleria Alliance 0 25
Heart of the Phoenix US-Alleria Horde 0 22
Skull First Then X US-Alleria Alliance 0 22
Remnant None Horde 0 19
Asylum None Horde 0 17
Challenge Accepted US-Khadgar Alliance 0 17
CounterAct US-Khadgar Alliance 0 17
No Donkeys US-Alleria Alliance 0 15
Disciplined Anarchy US-Khadgar Alliance 0 14
Singularity US-Alleria Alliance 0 14
SUCK IT US-Alleria Alliance 0 14
Conquest US-Khadgar Alliance 0 13
Murder by numberS US-Khadgar Alliance 0 12
Paradigm Shift US-Khadgar Horde 0 12
Fatal US-Alleria Alliance 0 11
Heroes on Trash US-Alleria Alliance 0 11
Jaded US-Alleria Alliance 0 11
Phazed US-Alleria Alliance 0 11
xyz US-Alleria Alliance 0 11
Age of Reason US-Khadgar Alliance 0 10
Havoc US-Khadgar Horde 0 10
Sundered US-Khadgar Alliance 0 10
Kmart logs US-Khadgar Alliance 0 8
Redonkulous None Alliance 0 8
Rising Phoenix US-Khadgar Horde 0 8
Chain US-Alleria Alliance 0 7
Destination US-Alleria Horde 0 7
Dominance US-Alleria Alliance 0 7
Random Runs US-Alleria Alliance 0 7
Ashes To Empire US-Alleria Alliance 0 6
Guild of Learning US-Alleria Alliance 0 6
Mythic Inc None Alliance 0 6
Pantheon US-Khadgar Horde 0 6
Pugness US-Alleria Alliance 0 6
The Brethren US-Khadgar Alliance 0 6
iRaid US-Alleria Alliance 0 5
KirthGuild US-Khadgar Alliance 0 5
MI US-Alleria Alliance 0 5
Night Eternal US-Alleria Alliance 0 5
Night Eternal - Downer US-Alleria Alliance 0 5
Reapers of Faith US-Khadgar Alliance 0 5
Remnant US-Khadgar Horde 0 5
Velocity (Fri/Sat) US-Alleria Alliance 0 5
Wolves Reign US-Alleria Alliance 0 5
Already Dead US-Alleria Alliance 0 4
Divine Fury US-Alleria Alliance 0 4
Dusk Til Dawn US-Khadgar Alliance 0 4
From Accounting US-Alleria Alliance 0 4
sundered US-Khadgar Alliance 0 4
Dawn US-Alleria Alliance 0 3
Distant - G1 US-Alleria Alliance 0 3
fireflyte US-Khadgar Alliance 0 3
Heretic Fringe US-Alleria Alliance 0 3
My Logs US-Khadgar Horde 0 3
Nixx US-Khadgar Horde 0 3
Puggy Style US-Alleria Alliance 0 3
Rahl's logs US-Khadgar Horde 0 3
Seriously Casual US-Khadgar Alliance 0 3
The Darkside US-Khadgar Alliance 0 3
The Lollipop Guild US-Alleria Alliance 0 3
The Wicked None Alliance 0 3
Aphotic Asylum US-Khadgar Horde 0 2
Call of Fate US-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Dark Side of the Horde US-Khadgar Horde 0 2
Dusk Til Dawn US-Khadgar Alliance 0 2
Epic Weapons Vendor US-Khadgar Alliance 0 2
Fatal US-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Friday Night Fights US-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Just puggin around US-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Melluna US-Khadgar Alliance 0 2
Mjolnir US-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Origin US-Alleria Horde 0 2
Select Company US-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Shield Of Azeroth US-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Tithe US-Khadgar Horde 0 2
Voltage US-Khadgar Horde 0 2
Wens US-Alleria Alliance 0 2
Arbelos US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Band Of Others US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Brandon Sucks US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
By Demons Be Driven US-Khadgar Horde 0 1
Casual Fridays US-Khadgar Horde 0 1
Chronus US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Council of Elders US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Dont Panic Test US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Drakken G3 US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Empathy US-Alleria Horde 0 1
Fatal US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Flames of the Phoenix US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Google Me US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Have you seen my Paradox US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Hemopheliac AFK Raiders US-Khadgar Horde 0 1
Hopeful supplication US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Indication US-Khadgar Horde 0 1
Merciless Blue US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Move Minor Standard US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Nerf Herders US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Neville Logs US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Realm Warriors US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Ronin US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Scion US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Select Company Alts US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Sero Log US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Soulquest US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Tenebrae Cór US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
The Obsidian Order US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
The Resonance US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
The Thunder Dome US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Valar Dohaeris US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Valenthros' private logs US-Khadgar Alliance 0 1
Virgil Alleria None Alliance 0 1
Vodkä US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
WDA US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
Xert Logs US-Alleria Alliance 0 1
AbCDe None Alliance 0 0
Altaholics Anonymous None Alliance 0 0
Alterac Valley Ski Club None Horde 0 0
AnivarPersonal None Alliance 0 0
Archaeous None Alliance 0 0
Archer's logs None Alliance 0 0
Assorted tests None Alliance 0 0
audigy None Alliance 0 0
Audigy None Alliance 0 0
Bank on It None Alliance 0 0
Blackgaurds Hangover None Horde 0 0
Blackout Drunk None Alliance 0 0
Bunnies None Horde 0 0
CA2 None Alliance 0 0
Carebear None Horde 0 0
Casual Sects None Horde 0 0
Challenge Accepted None Alliance 0 0
Chaotic Ascension None Horde 0 0
Conciliate heals None Alliance 0 0
Court Guard None Alliance 0 0
Creamowheat's Guild of Yummy Goodness None Alliance 0 0
Damnation None Alliance 0 0
Dark Faith None Horde 0 0
Dark Matter None Horde 0 0
Dark Side of the Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Death Wish None Horde 0 0
Disciples of Adon None Alliance 0 0
dominorum domus 2nd 10man None Horde 0 0
Drakken-Late Night None Alliance 0 0
Drought None Horde 0 0
Ebonheart None Alliance 0 0
Eliterates None Alliance 0 0
Exo The Guild None Alliance 0 0
Fallen None Horde 0 0
Fallen Bar Knights None Alliance 0 0
Fox Logs None Alliance 0 0
fractured None Alliance 0 0
Fractured None Alliance 0 0
gaurdian None Alliance 0 0
Gil's logs None Horde 0 0
Group two None Alliance 0 0
GSE BoZo's None Horde 0 0
Guys n Dolls None Alliance 0 0
HA None Horde 0 0
Have you seen my Paradox None Alliance 0 0
Heroes on Trash None Alliance 0 0
Hopes Eternal None Alliance 0 0
Hopes Eternal None Alliance 0 0
Ignis Letum None Alliance 0 0
IHM None Alliance 0 0
illilogs None Alliance 0 0
Indestructible None Alliance 0 0
Insanity Free None Horde 0 0
Invidious None Alliance 0 0
JS None Alliance 0 0
Junk Box Soldier None Alliance 0 0
Kahlan's Logs None Alliance 0 0
KirthGuild None Alliance 0 0
Knights of Utopia None Alliance 0 0
Kriina's guild None Horde 0 0
Lazy Peons None Horde 0 0
Lizzybean's Guild of Sweetness None Alliance 0 0
Loggo None Alliance 0 0
Lost Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Lost Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Lunar Chaos None Alliance 0 0
Moose Fun None Alliance 0 0
Möstly Harmless None Alliance 0 0
Night Eternal None Alliance 0 0
Night Eternal None Alliance 0 0
Nightmehr None Alliance 0 0
Oedomsa's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Ohcap None Alliance 0 0
Omegamen None Horde 0 0
Persona Non Grata None Alliance 0 0
Persona Non Grata None Alliance 0 0
pirateserverguilddontlookhere US-Alleria Alliance 0 0
Powerlamers None Horde 0 0
pug None Alliance 0 0
Requiescence None Horde 0 0
Sacca Logs None Alliance 0 0
Sacred Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Sauce None Alliance 0 0
Shadows of Trinity None Alliance 0 0
Skeleton Crew None Horde 0 0
Snap Logs None Alliance 0 0
Snap's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Sneaky logs None Alliance 0 0
Something Else None Alliance 0 0
Ssateneth None Alliance 0 0
Stormwrath None Alliance 0 0
Sundered None Alliance 0 0
Sundered None Alliance 0 0
Sunshine Gaming Inc None Alliance 0 0
Synergy None Alliance 0 0
taiji None Alliance 0 0
Taiji None Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
Test 1 tito None Alliance 0 0
Test guild None Alliance 0 0
Test Logs None Alliance 0 0
The Endless None Alliance 0 0
the expandable family None Alliance 0 0
The Guardians None Alliance 0 0
The Night Watchman None Horde 0 0
The Riddle of Steel - Raid 2 None Alliance 0 0
The Riddle of Steele - Raid 2 None Alliance 0 0
Tides of Man None Alliance 0 0
Tir Asleen None Alliance 0 0
TrkuELITE None Alliance 0 0
Tyrixus's Guild None Alliance 0 0
Valar Dohaeris None Alliance 0 0
Visceral None Alliance 0 0
Volatile None Horde 0 0
Voltage None Horde 0 0
We Die a lot US-Alleria Alliance 0 0
We Die A Lot None Alliance 0 0
WOL Test None Alliance 0 0
Wylder None Alliance 0 0
Wyrm's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Xola's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Yellow None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

*VOID*, - Void -, .., ..., 10th Army, 74pug, A Silent Death, A Silent Death, Abandoned, abberation, Aberration, Aberration, Aberration2, Absolutely Fabulous, Abyss, Abyss, Abyss, aeth@alleria, Afflicted, Age of Reason, Age of Reason, Alfiriheizer, All we do is WIN, Alleria-Dontcarebear, Allied Tribal Forces, Alt25, Altaholics Anonymous, Alternative, Always Late, Always Late, Always Late, Always Late, Andy, Angels of Armageddon, AoG, Apatheia, Apathetic, Apathetic, Apathetic, Applol, Arbelos, Archaeous, Archaeous, Archaic, Archaic, Archaic of Khadgar, Archangel, Archivist, Archs guild, Argent Templar, Ark logs, Arlele's Alt Run, arthas bane, Ary, Asgard, Ash's logs, Asherspally, Ashes of Glory, Asylum, audigy, Audigy, Awaken, Axiom, Axiom, Bad Moon Rising, Baddpaladin WoL, Ballular, Band of Others, bandagespecd, Bangarrang!, Bank Of Tarkonn, Bank of Xon, Banksforalts, Barthandalus, Beast of Burden, Beestx, Beyond Thundergnome, BG Death Dealers, BG Death Dealers, BG Death Dealers, BG Death Dealers, BG Death Dealers, BG Death Dealers, Bignog, Bignogs rapeface, Black Dogs, Blackguards, Blackguards, Blackguards 2, Blackout Drunk, Blackout Drunk, Blades of Light, Blaggablaggablagga, Blakes Logs, Blood and Sand, Blood Dragons, Blood Dragons, Blood of Sparta, Blood-Dragons, Bomb Your Store, boomstick syndicate, Booty Baywatch, Booty Plundering, Box of Noodles, Brewmasters of Khadgar, Burden of the Fallen, By demons Be Driven, By Demons Be Driven, By Demons Be Driven, Calamity, Call of Fate, Can Heal Stupid, Caress of Steel, Carpê Dîem, Cassabry, Celtic Mist, Censored, Challenge Accepted Group 2, Challenge Accepted Group 2, Challenge Accepted Group 2(Current), Champions of Azeroth, Champions of the Light, Chaos to Unity, Chosen Rejects, Chronus, Chronus 4.1, CIRCUS, Citadel, CithRus, Close, Coe, CoE, CoE, CoF Refugees, Cohs fantastical adventure, Commies, Concedo Nulli, Concedo Nulli, Concedo-Nulli, Conquest, Conquest, CorrectRogue, corrupt, Counter Act, crimz guild, critcalll, Crythz, Culad, Curmudgeon, Dabu, Dadrabian, Damaged Goods, DanglyDeeps, Dare, Dark Faith, Dark Force Rising, Dark Order, Dark Pact, Darkness Rising, Data!, Dath's log, Dave and Fuzzy Channel, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn (25man), Dawn 10M, Daywalkers, Dazze DPS, DDH, Deadly, Deadlysins, Death Pirates, Death to Smoochy, Deathanglez friday icc, Deathell, Decessus, Decessus, Delicious, Delirium Tremens, Delusional, Denarson WoL, Deny, destiny, DesuOfKhadgar, dg2, Dirty Dave and Friends, Dissolution, Distant, Distant, Distant, Distant, Distant , Dominance, Don't Panic, Don't Panic, Don't Panic, Dont Panic (Anti 10man), DontCryBaby, DopPUG, Downer Logs, DP, dpapp, Dragon Knights, Dragonsbane, Drakken - Mudkipz, Drakken Evening, Drakken G2, drakken late night, Drakken Late Night, Drakken- Group 2, Drakken-G1, Drakken-G2, Drakken_Mudkipz, Drama FTL, Dropsa, Drunken Dancin Horde, Dubious Vagabonds, Dude Where's My Car, dummytest, DurtyLogs, Dusk Til Dawn, Dvda, Ebonheart, Eden, Ehren, Electros, Elements, Elevated, Elierates, Elysium, Emerald Dream, Emerald Dream, Emerald Dream, Emerald Dream, Emp3, Empathy, Empathy, Empathy, Empathy, Empathy, Empathy, Endurance, Endurance, Endurance, Endurance, Endurance, Endurance - Late Night, Endurance-Group 2, Endurance-Late Night, Enlighten, enrage timer, Enthalpy, Entrophy, Envy, Ephrii's Personal Logs, Epic Flail, Epora, Equestrian Logs, et, Eternal Eclipse, Eternal Eclipse, Eternal Grind, Ethereal Guardians, Eventide, Eventide, Evolution, Exiled Misfits, Exiled Misfits, Exiled Misfits, Expectations, Expectations, Fabled, Fabled, Faded, Faded, Fakeguild101, Falcon Punch, Fall From Heaven, Fall From Heaven, Fallen, Fallen, Fallen Bar Knights, Family Ties, farmersRUS, Fatal, Fatal, Fatal, Fatal, Fatal, Fatal, Fate of the Fallen, FatKidSliding, FatKidSliding, FibonacciSequence, FibonacciSequence, Fiery Justice, Fiery Justice, Fiery Justice, Flying Wontons, Focal Point, Focal Point, Foreign Oil, Foresworn, Forgotten Legacy, Forked in the Road, Fortis, From Accounting, From Accounting, Full Spectrum, Full Spectrum, Full Spectrum 2, Fusion, Galira, GECKO, GEN-PUG-00, GEN-PUG-01, GenericGuild, GHF, ghlegend, Gods Have Fallen, GovTub, GrandTheftKodo, Gravy, group two, Guardians of Destiny, Guardians Of The Lost, Guild of Tsiku logs, Guinea Pig Gang, Guys n Dolls, Guys n Mooses, Guythtshreds, Gypsy, Hardmode, Harmonic Disorder, Havoc, Havoc's Guild, HD, Heeroes of TFK, Hegemony, Herald of the Card, Heresy, Heresy, Heretic Fringe, Heretic Fringe, Heroes of TFK, Heroes on Trash, Heroic, Heroic Age, High Kinga, High Kings of Old Exile Gp 2, Honor Bound, HoP, Hopes Eternal, Hopes Eternal, Hopes Eternal, Hostile Axe, House Stark, HTK guild, Huntress, Hysteria, Hördish Nut Höuse, IAm12AndWhatIsThis, Iced Earth , Ichiban, Ihop Ltd, immortal legacy, Immortal Legacy , Imonaboat, Impervious, Impetus, Impulsive, Incite, infidels are us, Infusion, Insomnia, Insomnia, Insurrection, Intentional Aggression, Intentional Aggression, isprobablydrunk, It's Been A Horde Life, IT'S BEEN A HORDE LIFE, Jaded, Jaded, Jaded - Group 2, Jaded-G2, Jaded2, JokerLogs, joxy's logs, Kaelar, Kahlina, Kai's Guild, keiris, Keldaan, Kentiam, KirthLogs, Kiss My Bubble, Kit Raids, Kitten Raid, kljk, Knights of Entropy, Labor Union, Lazy Guild, Lazy Peons, Lazy Peons, Lazy Peons G2, LCN, Leaders of the Pack, Leaders of the Pack, Leaders of the Pack, Legend wait for it Dary, Legion of Light, Legion of Light, Les Decrencheurs, lewslogs, Lies and Deceit, Lies and Deceit (alternate), Lies and Statistics, Lifetechy, Link to google, Lions of Judah, Litika, Little Rascals, Little Rascals, Little Rascals, Little Rascals, Little Rascals, Live Wires, Lizzybean's guild of Sweetness, Lobstrosity, Loot Hordes, Lords of Khadgar, Lords Of Khadgar, Lotus Cult, Loupy's Logs, Lowered Expectations, Lunar Chaos, Lunar Chaos, Lunar Chaos, Lunar Chaos (dab), Magically Delicious, Magically Delicious, Makin Cakes Brah, Malice, Malicious Intent, Marked for Death, Matlodtest, Mavissa, Meatwagon Surprise, Megalomania, Meow Mix, Merely a Setback, Merely a Setback, Metaphor, Mickzor's Guild, midnight crusade, Mighty Froggers, Mighty Froggers, milktea, Mirage, Mitternacht, Mixolydian, Molon Labe, Mourningwood , MSPC, Mulleteers, My Ex is a Horde, My Logs, Mylogs, Mymidons, MyOwnGuild , MyPalmsSwingKnuckles, MyTestGuild, n/a, NatureFreak, Negative Feedback, Nemesìs, Nemesìs, Nero-pugs, Nertz/Kip Run, New Beginnings, New Beginnings, Nhug, NIBs and Friends , Night Eternal, Night Eternal, Night Eternal, Night Eternal, Night Eternal, Night Eternal, Night Eternal, Night Eternal, Night Eternal, Night Eternal, Night Eternal, Night Eternal, Nightwolf clan, ninkasi, Niq's Logs, Nixx, No Big Deal, No Big Deal, No Big Deal, No Stinkin Badges, No Stinkin Badges, No Use For A Name, Nocturnum, Nocturnum G1, noname, Not Terrible, not4u, notaguild, NSBRaidTeam, Obsidian, of the Hill People, of the Hill People, Ohm, Old Gamers Republic, Ominance, Ominance, One, Opposition, Opposition, Order of the Scale, Ordo Cuniculi Vorpali, Ordo Cuniculi Vorpali, Origin, Origin, Origin, OTL, OTL, OTL, Our Pali Uses Protection, Over Raided, Owl's logs, Own's Guild, Pa Troll, Pain Vendor, Pain Vendor, paipai, Panda Express, Paradigm Shift, Pardigm Shift, Pariah, Parody, Parody, Parody 10M, Parody10man, Passive Aggressive, PC alt runs, PDS, PEWPEWPEW, Phenom, Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix Resurrection, Phogg, Pinks Alts, Pinky and the brain, Placeholder Guild, PNTOH, PooPoo, positive, Powerlamers, Powerlamers, Powerlamers, premopug, Pretty Discreet, Primal Rage, Prodigy, Psychosis, Pug Logs, Puggy Style, Puggy Style, Puggy Sytle, Pugs, PuGsRuS, Punishment, Punishment, Punishment, Purity, Queen of Battle, Raging Pink Bunnies, raidaholic, Raimos guild, Rambos, Rampant Squirrels, randomguild, Ranxs, Raptor Jesus, Rapture, Rave, Rawr, raye, Realm ruler, Reapers of Faith, Reawaken, Reawaken, Redacted, Reign of Chaos, Relapse, Remnant, Remnant, Requiem of the Exiled, resolve, Resurgence, Resurgence 10 man, Retribution, Riddle of Steel, riek's logs, rising phoenix, Rising Phoenix, Ritual of the Phoenix, Rob/BraedenTest, Rod, RogueCombatLogs01, Rosbos, Rown Die, RP, Ruby, Sauce, Sauce, Sauce, SAuce, Sauce-PUG, Saylixguild, SC, Scar, Scarlet Underground, Scion, SecretOp, Select Company, Sempiternal, Sempiternal, Sempiternal, Senseimatt Fanboyz, Sentinel, Sephora, Serious business, Seriously Casual, Seriously Casual, Seriously Casual, Seriously Casual, Seriously Casual MoP, Seven Two Seven, Shades of Honor, Shadow, ShadyzLogs, Shattered Fate, shenanigans, Shield of Azeroth, Shield of Azeroth, Shield of Azeroth (Late Night), Shizen's uploads., Shots, shpoope, Shpoople, Shpoople, Shpoople, Shukaku, Silent Insurrection, silent reign, Sinister Creed, ska, Skuld Test, Slappys, Slug's logs, smee's, So Jaded, SoA beta, SOA JV, Sol Invictus, Something Else, SoT, Spartans, SPworld, Stormborn, Stormforged, Stormforged, Stormwind Cheese Shop, 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The Wicked, The Xtacles, TheBrethren, TheBrethren, TheLeadersOfThePack, TheSamlpe, thizz's BH, Thog Pugs, Thunder Down Under, Thunder Down Under, Thunder Down Under, Thundergnome, Tihra, TooManyToons Random Logs, Tortugan Vendetta, Tortugan Vendetta, Tortugan Vendetta, Totally Fake, Toxicity, TPS TVQ, Transcendence, Try Again Later, Try Again Later, Twisted Serenity, Unbowed, Under Construction, Undisputed, A Mad Tea Party, A New Breed, A Rancid Bunch, Aberration, Accidental Achievers, Aces, Aegis of Sanity, Affinity, Alaskan Pipeline, allegria, Alleria Ambassadors, Allerian Guard, AllYourBase, Almost Casual, Angels Of Armageddon, angels of darkness, Archaeous, Archangels of Death, As Darkness Falls, Ascendancy, Asgard, Asylum, Autctioneer, B Team, BA, Badonkadonk, Bankaholics, Banner of Steel, BeerBunniez, Benevolence, Big Stupid Doo Doo Heads, BLACKSABBETH, Bloodknight, Boats and Hoes, Booty Bay Watch, Brethren in Arms, Bromance, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Canadians, Champions of Azeroth, Clan Chaos, Conquest, Cookie Dough, Core Elements, Corpse Explosion, Corrupt, CougarSlayers, Crit N Giggle, Damnation, Dark Faith, Dark Legacy, Dark Lords, Dark Reign, Darkest Hour, Darkiron Slaves, DarkLight, Darkness Rising, Daywalkers, Death By Steel, Death of Anarchy, Death To Others, Deaths Grip, Distracted by Shineys, Divergence, Divine Fury, Dominance, Dont Panic, Doom Riders, Doomhammer, Dragons of Azeroth, DRAGONS OF JUSTICE, Dragons With Matches, Dreamseeker, Echoing Force, Elite Nub Squad, Emerald Dream, Eternal Grind, Eternal Vigilance, Evil Arbelos, Evølution, Exiled Lunatics, Falcon Punch, Fallen Bar Knights, Fallen Horde, Fatal, Fate of the Fallen, Fiery Justice, FIGHTCLUB, Final Onslaught, Fluffy Bunnies, Forward Unto Dawn, Fuzzy Lap Flounder, Fuzzy Roller Association, Gamers for Life, Giggles, Gods of Warfare, Godz of WarCraft, Golden Warrior, Good Bad and Ugly, Grim Reaper, Guardians of the Galaxy, Guys n Dolls, Hardstyle, Haters Gonna Hate, Head Shot, Healer 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Redemption, Out For A Rip, Oxymoron, P a r a n o r m a l, Painful Pleasure, Pale Floridians, Pandamonium, Parody, Powerlamers, Pretty Fkn Good, Probably AFK, Prodigal Gamers, Psychosis, Pudding Time, Punishment, Québec Task Force, R o n i n, Rampant Squirrels, Ravenbourne, Realm Ruler, Realm Warriors, Redemptìon, Releasé the Kraken, Renatus ex Favilla, Resonation, Revolution, Riders of Frost, Risen, Rulers of Outer Space, Runetotemites, Saeder Krupp Cartel, Scarlet Dragons, Schnitzengiggle, Scotts Tots, Selcouth, Select Company, Shadow Jokers, Shield of Azeroth, Silence Force, Snub Fighters, Socialites of Khadgar, Something Else, Sons of fury, SonsOfElvis, Sprocket, Step Three Profit, Stupid Fat Hobbits, Supernova, Surreal, Taiji, Technically Inaccurate, TehBanks, The Cookie Factory, The Creed, The Dragon Order, the dragon warriors, The Elite Army, The Guardíans, the hangman, The Hokuten, The Lollipop Guild, The Mile High Club, The Mysterious Fallen, The Nerd Herd, The Panty Raider, 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