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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Public Enemy US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 703
Eolithic-Terokkar US-Terokkar Horde 0 431
CIrcle of Seven US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 270
Dark Tide Guild None Alliance 0 187
Kamuy US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 179
Zafirah None Alliance 0 90
MetaCortex US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 67
Gypsies None Alliance 0 58
spirited shadows None Alliance 0 57
Rising Phoenix US-Terokkar Alliance 0 49
Predvestniki Ordi US-Terokkar Horde 0 48
Pursuit of Happiness None Alliance 0 48
Cantoo Logs US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 38
Contingency US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 36
Choosers of the Dead US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 32
Menagerie None Horde 0 26
ZAFIRAH None Alliance 0 22
Seraphim US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 17
Immortalis Miles Militis US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 13
The Tulkas US-Terokkar Alliance 0 13
Outer Edge US-Terokkar Alliance 0 11
Puré US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 11
Synergy US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 11
Hordes of Hell US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 10
Kinetic US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 10
Nerdylogs US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 10
Imperium - Fenril US-Terokkar Alliance 0 9
Invíctus US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 9
scions of eternity US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 8
Arts logs US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 7
Stealth's Logs US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 7
Agents of Change US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 6
Contingency US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 6
Rage & Mana US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 6
Reforged US-Terokkar Horde 0 6
Articulate Derision US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 5
Epitome US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 5
Lords of Alexstrasza US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 5
Is a Living Legend US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 4
Kinetic US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 4
Logical US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 4
Pandemonium US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 4
Stilkens Logs US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 4
The East Kingdom US-Terokkar Alliance 0 4
ToFU US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 4
Burn the Fleet US-Terokkar Alliance 0 3
Cake Eaters US-Terokkar Alliance 0 3
Défiance US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 3
Eminence Front US-Terokkar Horde 0 3
Gypsies of Draenor US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 3
impending darkness US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 3
notalent US-Terokkar Alliance 0 3
Prodigious US-Terokkar Horde 0 3
Strawberry Puppy Kisses US-Terokkar Alliance 0 3
TheOriginalExiled US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 3
Viable US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 3
Volterra US-Terokkar Alliance 0 3
Zafirah-Expendables US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 3
Catalyst US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 2
Cipher US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
Dark Tide US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
Epitome US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
Ethereal US-Terokkar Horde 0 2
Fantàsy US-Terokkar Alliance 0 2
Maxemaslogs None Alliance 0 2
Mine US-Terokkar Horde 0 2
Nefarius US-Terokkar Horde 0 2
Nefarius US-Terokkar Horde 0 2
Quod Erat Demonstrandum US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
Tainted Dawn US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 2
The Great Experiment US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 2
Xax's parses None Alliance 0 2
Absoluté US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Acids Personal Logs US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Acts US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 1
Better off Dead US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Blasphemy US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Casually Hardcore None Alliance 0 1
Darkshore Dozen US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Deathwish US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
DegomsAltRun US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Divine Crusade US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Eolithic-Active US-Terokkar Horde 0 1
Exiled US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Fail's Solo Adventures US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Fears logs US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
flames of the phoenix US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Force Complete US-Terokkar Alliance 0 1
Forlogsonly US-Terokkar Alliance 0 1
idiocracy_10_man US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Imperium - Mal's logs US-Terokkar Alliance 0 1
K Bec Koi US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 1
Kamikrazy's Logs US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Log Things US-Terokkar Alliance 0 1
Los Nasties US-Terokkar Alliance 0 1
Oasis US-Terokkar Alliance 0 1
Omie's personal Logs US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Pud None Alliance 0 1
PUG - Revenge US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Risque Business US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 1
Slamjams Guild US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
SoulGrinders US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Spaceballs the Guild US-Terokkar Horde 0 1
Synced US-Terokkar Horde 0 1
The Divine Sanctum US-Terokkar Horde 0 1
The Truth US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
True Friends US-Terokkar Alliance 0 1
Tyrovar US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 1
Vengeance None Alliance 0 1
Working as Intended US-Alexstrasza Horde 0 1
Abandoned Ones None Alliance 0 0
Africa/Abidjan None Alliance 0 0
Angry Gingers None Alliance 0 0
Angry Gingers None Alliance 0 0
Arialtus None Alliance 0 0
Ark logs None Alliance 0 0
Ascendance None Alliance 0 0
Atzum's Logs None Alliance 0 0
aujirnuhm None Horde 0 0
AwesomeSauce None Alliance 0 0
Axion None Alliance 0 0
Band of the Hawk None Horde 0 0
Bernie None Alliance 0 0
Big Damn Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Blood None Alliance 0 0
Boys over Flowers None Alliance 0 0
cadilogs None Alliance 0 0
Celestial Guardians None Alliance 0 0
Chaos Contingency None Horde 0 0
Chaotic Legacy None Alliance 0 0
Chinese Take Out None Horde 0 0
Chinese Take Out None Horde 0 0
Cipher v.2 None Alliance 0 0
Clan of the Wild None Alliance 0 0
contingency None Alliance 0 0
coop None Alliance 0 0
Critz None Alliance 0 0
CueyLaO None Alliance 0 0
Death is Contagious None Alliance 0 0
Devious Intentions None Alliance 0 0
Dirty Deeds None Horde 0 0
Doc1 None Alliance 0 0
Drivethru None Alliance 0 0
ello's logs None Alliance 0 0
Eminence Front None Horde 0 0
Eternal Serenity None Alliance 0 0
eXcuse None Alliance 0 0
exiled1 None Alliance 0 0
Failure of Diplomacy None Alliance 0 0
fatties wear granny panties None Alliance 0 0
Ferenall None Alliance 0 0
FuddyDuddies None Alliance 0 0
Gentlemen Bastards None Alliance 0 0
Gone Camping None Alliance 0 0
Gypsies None Alliance 0 0
hallowed None Alliance 0 0
Hand of Valhalla None Alliance 0 0
Harmony None Alliance 0 0
Heima Rocks! None Alliance 0 0
Hell Hounds None Horde 0 0
Helter-Skelter None Alliance 0 0
Heroes and Legends None Alliance 0 0
Hipocracy None Alliance 0 0
HoH None Horde 0 0
Hypocrisy None Alliance 0 0
Identity Crisis None Alliance 0 0
Identity Crisis Phett Sucks None Alliance 0 0
Immortalis Miles Militis None Alliance 0 0
In Goth We Trust None Alliance 0 0
incognito None Alliance 0 0
Infamous Corruption None Alliance 0 0
Invíctus None Alliance 0 0
Is a Living Legend None Horde 0 0
Jake Personal Logs None Horde 0 0
Jathaz None Alliance 0 0
Kinship None Alliance 0 0
KOSTerror None Alliance 0 0
Lazer Chickenz, Inc None Alliance 0 0
Legion None Alliance 0 0
Legionnaires None Alliance 0 0
Legosen None Alliance 0 0
Log of Guild None Alliance 0 0
Logical None Alliance 0 0
Logical2 None Alliance 0 0
LogsPlz None Alliance 0 0
Lux mundi None Alliance 0 0
MaelStorm None Alliance 0 0
Masonic Society None Horde 0 0
MikesGuild None Alliance 0 0
Misery None Alliance 0 0
myownnotyours None Alliance 0 0
Mysolo None Alliance 0 0
Mystic Legends None Alliance 0 0
nekiday None Alliance 0 0
Oasis None Alliance 0 0
Omen None Alliance 0 0
Palla's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Pandemonium None Horde 0 0
Paragon None Alliance 0 0
Peace Keepers None Alliance 0 0
PersonalLogs None Alliance 0 0
Pink Sheets None Alliance 0 0
Poets and Pirates None Alliance 0 0
Post Nerf Kill US-Alexstrasza Alliance 0 0
prob's logs None Alliance 0 0
Pug / LFR Logs None Alliance 0 0
PuggingElite None Alliance 0 0
Quantum None Alliance 0 0
rebel alliance None Alliance 0 0
Reckoning None Alliance 0 0
Rhofactor None Alliance 0 0
rinslogs None Horde 0 0
Safe Haven None Alliance 0 0
Saints and Sinners None Alliance 0 0
Sanctius None Alliance 0 0
Save the Owl None Horde 0 0
Schizophrenia None Horde 0 0
Science Based Alchemy None Horde 0 0
sevenz None Alliance 0 0
SGG None Horde 0 0
shadowlog US-Terokkar Alliance 0 0
Shiznius None Alliance 0 0
Spacepants None Alliance 0 0
Spec Ops None Alliance 0 0
Star Chasers None Alliance 0 0
Style None Alliance 0 0
Suarnic's guild None Horde 0 0
Team Friendship None Horde 0 0
Test Log None Alliance 0 0
The Abandoned Ones None Alliance 0 0
The Daedalus Legion None Horde 0 0
The Daedalus Legion None Horde 0 0
The East Kingdom None Alliance 0 0
The Eleventh Hour None Alliance 0 0
The Esoteric None Horde 0 0
The Fallen None Horde 0 0
The Flat Azeroth Society None Alliance 0 0
The Knight Sabers Legion None Alliance 0 0
The Odds Favor Us None Alliance 0 0
The Odds Favor Us None Alliance 0 0
The Shattered None Horde 0 0
tofu None Alliance 0 0
Transcendence None Alliance 0 0
Trinitywolf None Alliance 0 0
TSB None Horde 0 0
Visigoth Allegiance None Horde 0 0
wafflesaregood None Alliance 0 0
Warriors of Virtue None Horde 0 0
Women and Children None Alliance 0 0
WorkingAsIntended None Horde 0 0
xanendorf None Horde 0 0
zafirah None Alliance 0 0
ZaFiRaH None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

, Abaddon, Absolute, Absolution, Absolution, Aes Sedai, Afterhours, Agents of Change, Alexstrasza GDKP, alwol, Amplxus logs , Anatomically Undergeared, Angry Marines, Animosity, AnonLog, Antisocial, AnyBody Killas, aotunrelenting, Appetizers and Dippings, Appreciate the Irony, Arcanum, Arcanum, Archives, Arisen Phoenix, Armada, Armageddon, Army of One, Army of the little ones, Army of the Unrelenting, Ascendant, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension, Aspects of the Dragon, Assault and battery, Assault and Battery, Asteria, AsteriaLog, AsteriasLogs, Audacity, Avalon, Avalon, Awesome Sauce Inc, Awesome Sauce Inc, Awesomesauce, AwesomeSauce, Bacon United, Balance of Judgement, Bards And Buccaneers, Bear's Exiled, Beer Beer Beer, believes in Harvey Dent, Beowulfs Fang, Bigdamnheroes, BigDamnHeroes, Blades of Justice, Blades of Justice, Blades of Justice, blah blah, Blasphemy, Bleed Effect, Bleed Effect, Blood Oath, BloodElfs Brethren, Boomchicken, Brat Patrol, bumblebee, Burn the Fleet, Burn the Fleet, Burn the Fleet, Burn The Fleet, bäd company, Bäd Company, Caerbannog, Cake Eaters, Camelot, Carnage, Carnage, Carnage, Carnage, Casually Hardcore, Centaur, Chaos Contingency, Chaos Crusaders, Chaos Crusaders, Chillum , cinnabar, Cinnabar, Cinnabar, Clique, Cohesion, Cohesion, Condemned, Contigency, Contingency Plan, Continuum, Conundrum, Council of the Forgotten, Crimson Blood, Critical Mass, Critical Mass, critz, Critz, Critz, Crudelis, Cyberfruits, DaboogymanFanClub, Daedalus Legion, Dark Legion, Dark Legion, Dark Prophecy, Dark Seraphim, Dark Tide, Darkened Destiny, Darkhammer, darknova, Darknova, DarkNova, Darrah, Day Tripper, Death on Swift Wings, Death raiders, Death Row, Deca, Deca, Decadence, Decadence, Decadence - Active, Default, Default LFR, Default Monkz LFR, Defiance, Delpernies. , Dementedmind, Destiny, Destiny, Devious Intentions, DIP "Bar Hoppers", DiP: BloodyMarys 10s, Dirty Deeds, Dirty Deeds, Discidium, Disciples of Lord Aizen, Disenchanted, DOLA, DougyDoug, Dracønis, Dragon Army, Dragon Army, Dragon Army, Dreadscale Raiders, Druk, Dubstep, Dulce Bellum, Dunixia, Défiance, Défiance, Dögs of War, East Coast Raiders, East Coast Raiders, East Coast Raiders, Ebayed, ECR, Edge Of Insanity, Eithion, Eleventh Hour, Elite Spartans, Elites, Ello's logs, Eminence Front, Eminence Front, Entity, Entity, Entity, Entity, Entity-neruu, Eol, Eolithic, Epithet, Epithet, Errantry Guild, ERROR:guild not found, Eternal Serenity, Eternal Serenity, Eternal Serenity New, Eternity, Ethereal, Ethereal, Ethereal - Terokkar, Everlasting Salvation, Everlasting Salvation, Everlook Bagel Co, Exialtus, Exiled, Exiled2, Exiled3, Eüphoria, Faather's Army, Facepalm, Fake2342, Fakes Logs, Faldron's Logs, FastMouseButtonPushers, Fatal, Fel Nation, Fel Nation, Feliix, First class, First Class, FOCO, For pugs yo, Forty Inch Zippers, Forty Inch Zippers, Forty Inch Zippers, forty two, Forza Nuova, Fridaynightpugs, Fridaynightpugs, Friedweaner, friends in dark places, Fringe, From the Ashes, Frost Bound, Frostmourne, Frostmourne, Furious Bakery, Fusion, Fusion, Gamago, Gator Raid, Gator Raid, Gator Raid, Gator Raid, Gator Raid1, GAVs world, Gemini, Gentlemen Bastards, Ghost Guild, Ghost Guild, Ghost Guild, Glory Bound, Gnomer, GoodGuys, Graveyard Shift, Grim Creeper, Gypsie, Hall of Scions, Hallowed, Hamster Elite, happy rainbow baadjers, Heartattack, Helion, helsinki rising, Helsinki Rising, HERE WE GO, Heroes and Legends, Heroes and Legends, Heroes and Legends, heroesandlegends, Herp, herp derp, Herp Derp, Hi, HK, HnL, HoH, Holter's Guild, Hooligans, Hordes Of Hell, Hurricane, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, i log on u, IC, Identity Crisis, Identity Crisis, Identity Crisis, Identity Crisis, Idio_2, idiocracy, idiocracy, Idiocracy, Idiocracy, idiocracy10, Idiocracy_10man, ImmortaI, ImmortaI, Immortalis Miles Militis, Immortalis Miles Militis, immune, Impending Darkness, Imperium, Imperium, Imperium, Imperium, Imperium, Imperium, Imperium, Imperium, Imperium - Baul, Imperium - Pankers, Imperium - Starscream, Imperium-mcgreedy, Impossible Industries, In Goth We Trust, In Goth We Trust, In Goth We Trust, In Goth We Trust, In Goth We Trust, Incursion, Indivisible, Indivisible, Inevitability, Inner Sanctum, Insane Clown Posse, Insomnia, Intent, Invictus, Invictus, Invictus, Is a living legend, Is a Living Legend, Is a Living Legend, Is a Living Legend, Is A Living Legend, Is Not Hardcore, Jack's personal wow logs, Jack's personal wow logs (Times+visceral), Jaylol's Logs, jestralil, Juggêrnaut, Juggêrnaut parses, justgoku, Justice of the Crusade, Kamikrazy, Kamikrazy's Logs, Kara Experianced, kassizrippin123, Kassizrippin123, Keepers, Kills Things That Moo, Kinetic, Kinetic, Kinship, Kinship, KIRIMIsProLogs, Kishi Kaisei, Knaar's Pug, Knights, Knights Cthulhu, Knights of Legend, Knights of Light, Knights of Light, Knights of Light, Knigths of the silver hand, krals logs, Krvavá Horda, La Li Lu Le Lo, Lampshayde, Large Double Double, lawlogs, Le Morte D Arthur, Legacy of the Fallen, Legends, Legends of Ponche, Legionnaires, Legionnaires, lets do this, Lets Get Drunk, LF Waldo PST, LF Waldo PST, Liberation, Lichmar, liketotems, Lind's Logs, LiterOCola, Logical, Logical, Logical, Logs, LOGS, Lord revan, Lost Prophets, Madness, Malevolence, Masochism, Maximum Density, Mc Donalds has WiFi, me, Mellwet!, MenagerieRaid, Mercury, Mercury, Metal Maniacs , Method, Method, migrated coconuts, Miscellaneous, Misfit Raiders, Missing Logs, Momentum, Moratorium of Sanctity, Morbidity, Mourns Log, Mystik Circle, NCG, Ninja Looters, Ninjas Dont Giggle, Nito Test Runs, No Guts No Glory, Nokturne, Nokturne, Nokturne, Nokturne, non nobius, Nonameguild, North Stars, Northrend Coast Guard, Northrend Coast Guard, Northrend Coast Guard, Nostalgia, Novus Ordo, Nox Necis, Nótorious, Nöößléts, Nöößléts, omen, Omen, Omen, one knight stand, One Last Try, One Shot One Kill, Opera house, Opera House, Order of DeMolay, Order of Shadows, Order of the silver hand, Order of the silverhand, our looks kill bosses, panama, PB&J Raiding, Peer Pressure, Pendulum, Penitentiary, Perpetual's Logs, Personal, PFJ, Phantom, Pick Up Guild, Pick Up Guild, Pick Up Guild, Pretty Hate Machine, Pride, Priory of Fire and Ice, Prodigious, Prolong the Torment, Prospected, Psycho Raiders, Pun's Log, Pure, Pure App Account, Pure Insanity, Pure Insanity, Pure Insanity, R.I.P Damage Networks, Rage, Raid Bangers, Raiders of Light, Raining Blood, Raining Blood, Rav personal stash, Raven, Rebel Scum, Recruitment, Reflection Eternal, Relentless Ascension, reliance, reliance, Renewed Hope, Renewed Hope, Reservoir Dogs, Reservoir Dogs, Resistance is Futile, Restricted Access, Resurrected, Reverence, Reverence, Rhofactor, Risen from the Ashes, Risque Business, Robot Maids, Rock Lobsters Inc, RSLogs, Rëdemption, Saeculum Obscurum, Sages, Saints and Sinners, Sandbox of Perfection, Sançtuary, Science Based Alchemy, Scions of Eternity, Scions of Eternity (Ristor's Raiders), Seal Cub Clubbin Club, Seal Cub Clubbin Club, Semper Paratus, Sensation, seraphim, Shadow and Light, shadow1121, Shadowson, Shenaniganz, Shinsengumi, Signa's live logs, SMO, SMS, Smutspuppies, Snack Pack, Somethin Titak Guild, Son of a Lich, Southern Comfort, Sovereign, SOVEREIGN, Spamalot, Spamalot, SpamAlot, Spartacus Maximus, spk, Spork Vendor, Steve's Logs, Stonards Mentality, Stormwind Mall Security, Stormwind Mall Security, Stormwind Mall Security, Stormwind Mall Security, Stormwind Mall Sercurity, Strawberry Puppy Kisses, StrawberryPuppyKisses, Subcon, Subcon, Sun Tzu, Suorolav, Super, Swiifty, Synergy, Synthesis, Szayl's Pug, TCY, TDL, Team A, Team Interrobang, Team USA, Teh Parzers, Terokkar Alliance Pug, Terokkar Pug, Test asda, Test Dummy, testguild, That's Not My Guild, Thats not my Guild, The 11th Hour, The Andoran Sentinels, The Careless Pullers, The Circle, The Colonel's Vault, The Committed Yahoos, The Committed Yahoos, the Crescendo, The Crimson Assailants, The Crusade, The Cutting Crew, The Deprived, The Eleventh Hour, The Eleventh Hour, The Eleventh Hour, The Esoteric, The Esoteric, The Exiles, The Exiles, The Fallen Empire, The Fallen Saints, The Great Divide, The Holy Protectors, The Last Legion, The Last Legion, The Ninth Legion, The Odds Favor Us, The Reaperz, The Umbrella Corporation, The Vintage Warriors, Thedanktank, thunris, THË FÄLLËN ËMPIRË, Ties that Bind, Times are Rough, Tinyhot, Titan, Titans, Toerocks, Toetantrum, Torchies, Travy's Logs, Tree's Cloud, Triality, Tripp, TrU, Turunede, Twilight Raiders, Twilight Raiders, Twisted by Design, Twìlíght, Twìlíght, Tèn, ucandoit, Untill Next Wipe, A E I Own You, A Little Piece of Heaven, Achieve This, Against Their Wishes, Agents Of Change, All BUSINESS, Alpha anð Omega, and Co, And Friends, and the chipmunks, Animosíty, Ankh, Arcane Addicts Anonymous, Armada, Army of the Twelve Hozen, Ascension, Aspect of the Sloth, Auction House, Auxiliry, Avalon, Avengers, Awesome, Awoken, Azeroth Auctions, Azeroth Bank and Trust, Azeroth WoW Empire, BadAzz, Banchiere, Band of Thieves, bankall, Because Dragons, BestFriendsForeverClub, Beyond Reality, Blades Of Conquest, Blak Ogre Clan, Blood elf bandit, bloodclan, BloodKin, Bloodthirst, bloody deeds, Boom Goes the Dynamite, Booty Bay Surf Club, Casual Elitists, Casually Hardcore, Chaching, Chaos Crusaders, Chaotic Legacy, Choosers of the Dead, ChopSuey, Clan Of Death Eaters, click click DOH, Cloth, Cloud of Sorrows, Condemned, Contingency, Crimson Shadow Guard, CrimsØn Dawn, Crit Happens, Critical Mass, Crusaders Of Fortitude, DA BALLIN ENTOURAGE, DaNgErOuS ToYs, Dark Destiny, Dark Tide, Darknova, Dathonian Empire, Dead Mans Party, Death Academy, Deaths Invite, Deaths Raiders, Denied, Descendant of Fire, Destiny, Devious Intentions, Disciples of Lord Aizen, Division Of Unity, Do Not Disturb, Dont make me get my main, Doorknob, Dragon Army, Dysfunction, Défiance, Eldorado, Elite Raiders, Elites Only, Envy, Epitome of Memes, ERROR Guild not found, Exiled, Exiled Kings, Exotic Raid Plan, Extra Space, EZmOde, Eüphoria, Facepalm, FaCeRoLL, Fantàsy, Fate and Hope, Fated, Feared Legion, Feel My Stimulus Package, Feign Death, Fel Nation, Fiddlefaddle, Final Empire, Final Judgement, Fire Team Alpha, Forged by Fire, Forged By Flames, freedom fighters, Fully Baked, Fur the Herd, Fury of the Fallen Angel, Galaxy, Ghost Guild, Guild of Superstanky, Hail the Apocalypse, Hall Of Scions, Halloween, Halo Of Blood, hell of a guild, High SoÇiety, Holy Alliance, HolyDisciples, Hordeland Security, Identity Crisis, Illuminatì, ImmortaI Knights, Impending Darkness, Imprint, ImYourSenpai, In Dark Faith Eternal, INC, Incasement, Incursion, Infinite Revelation, Injection, Insanity Reborn, Invíctus, Iron Eagles, is a bat, is a bat too, Is a Horde Warlord, Is a Living Legend, Is All That Remains, is Fat, Is Part Of Twink Inc, Jareds a Whale, Karabor Country Club, Keepers of Light, Khalasar, killer raiders, Killing for dummies, Kinetic, kings, Kings And Warlords, KISS MY GRITS, knights of the eternal, Knights of the Forest, Knockin On Heavens Door, Last Ones Standing, Laughing Reapers, Legendary Legionnaires, Legion, Legion of Nosgoth, Legionnaires, Less QQ More Pew Pew, Leveling Kings, Liquid, Looney Toons, Lords of pandaria, Lost in Infinity, lucid dreams, Lucid Dreàms, Mediocrity, Menagerie, Meow Clan, MERCENARIES INC, MetaCortex, Midnight By Moonlight, Milkshake, Milton Bradley, Ministry of Darkness, Misfit Raiders, Misfits, Miszfits, MMOs Before Hoes, Mochi, Monotone, Morbidity, Mors Mortis, Mortalis, Mostly Guts Some Glory, Murder of Crows, Mutiny, Myst, Mystic Legends, Mythic Maybe, Nefarius, Nex, Next, Ninja Bears, No Regerts, No Talent, Not another Bank Alt, off global, Omên, Oops Crit My Pants, Order of the BuffaloHead, Outsiders, Over Achiever, Over Raided, Pandarian Monk Bank, Paragon, Paw Pad Patrol, Peace Keepers, Petoria, Pleasure Palace, Plebs United, PNC Bank, Polarity, Post Nerf Kill, Praxis, Prime, Prince Among Thieves, Profession Kit, Puré, PussWhip BangGang, Rage, Rage and Mana, Raging Apathy, Raiders for the Horde, Raiders of Light, Rainbow Stompers, RaiNboW WalKerS, Rank Fourteen, Reality, Reforged, Resurrected, Revamped, RHRaidBank, Righteous Anarchy, Rise of the Triffids, Risen, Risque Business, Royal Canadian Bank, RP Server Reroll, Rusty Anchors, Sanctius, Sançtuary, Scions of Eternity, Screaming Climax, Selling Profession Kits, Seraphim, serpent siege, Servant Of Light, Several Good Men, Shadow Knight, Shadow of Silence, Siccem Bears, Silent Lucidity, Silent Vengeance, Silvershank Eporium, Slaughterhouse, Slow Turtles, Smoke and Mirrors, Something Epic, SOVEREIGN, Spawn More Overlords, speed wagon, Spells R us, Spirit Walkers, spirited shadows, Squad, Stack and Die, Stormwind BUTTERCUPS, Stormwind Mafia, Straight Outta Maelstrom, Sword Art Online, Sworn In, Synthesis, Syñergy, Sãnctuary, Tainted Dawn, Tenacity Reborn, Thats such a bad guild n, The Anarchy Elite, The Awaken Ones, The Axis of Anarchy, The Backyard Brawlers, The Casuals, The Coffee Shop, The Common Guild, The Daedalus Legion, The Dark Part Of Light, The DeathDealers, THE eighTH MS TEAM, The Faceless Men, The G Spot, The Gnome Depot, The Great Divide, The Hangover, The Hidden Vault, The Holy Regiment, The Knights of War, The Legionnaires, The Money Pit, The Narrow Path, The Odds Favor Us, The Pretenders, The Relentless, The Slaughterhouse, The Twilight Crusade, The Undersirables, The Wu, The Z Fighters, Theres An AddOn For That, Thugz, Thunder kings, Tomorrow We Take Over, Too Perilous, Trampled by Turtles, Triumvirate, Tränscendence, Twinkies, Twìlíght Red, Unbroken, Undivided, Unholy confessions, unholy crusader, Universal Answer, Unknown, Unscripted, Unwavering Momentum, ValarMorghulis, Valorous, Vault, Vodka Tonic, Volatile Death, Wake of Chaos, WALMART MAFIA, Warriors of Virtue, warsbank, We are Many Things, We Over Power Blizz Tech, We Seem To Be Lost, welcome to the machine, Wipes In LFR, Wiping on Trash, Worldwide Bosses, WowIsNerdCrack, X VainGlory, Xtreme Cahos, yikes, You Had Me At Zug Zug, Åtheism, Énergy, A an S, Abaddon, Abaddon Lite, Abandoned Affliction, Adventures in Insanity, Against All Odds, Alpha Centauri, Anatomically Undergeared, Ancillary, ankleroll, Arcane Addicts Anonymous, Artic Wolves, Asgard Warriors, Assimilated By Horde, Awesome Express, Awesome Sauce Inc, Axis of Anarchy, Azeroth Bank and Trust, Azure Tempest, Bang ur Dead, Barrels Crew, Bellìgerent, Big Horde On, Big ON Family, BigDamnHeroes, Blackjacks and HÖÖkerz, Bloodlust Buccaneers, brother armes, Carnage, Chauffeured Mafia, Cherry Bombs, Cloud Connected, Conviction, Dark Mage Temple, Dark Phoenix, Dark Prophecy, Dark Star Alliance, Darkened Destiny, Dawn Of Dorks, Dead Naga Storage, Death To Knights, Default, Defcon One, Dirty Deeds, Disassociated Evil, Disillusioned, Do a Barrell Roll, Doesnt Matter, Doras Backpack Squad, Dreadscale Raiders, Drinks You Pretty, Drunk in Public, DrunkenIrish, Dungeon Babes, Elite PvP, Elites, EmperorsChildren, Ethereal, Everlook Bagel Co, Exiles, Exodus, Exsilium, Fatal Fraternity, Flaming Anthro Cheetahs, Flights of Fantasy, FMI, Fools Paradise, Forsaken Souls, Forty Two Reborn, Friends With Benefits, Fringe, Geared for Charisma, Gears of Warcraft, Golden Dragon, Gypsies, Hallowed, Happy Little Boozers, Harsh Light of Day, Heinous, Hellfire Boozehammers, Hellscreams Angels, House of Demons, Hurricane, Icecrown Revelations, Immortal Soldiers, Imperium, In The Fax Machine, Infamous Corruption, Insidious Vision, Insomnía, Intentional Failure, is Exalted, JFK was Flagged for PvP, Johovas Witless, Judgement Day, Keep Fighting, KHFOL, Kickin Kitties, Knights of Derp, Knights of Legend, Kodan Armada, Konami Code, Large Double Double, Legends of the Horde, loveskeetyeeah, Lunar Guidance, Mace to the Face, Major KILLERS, Maniacs In The Mailbox, Masonic Society, meh its an ok guild, Mercenaries of Azeroth, 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