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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Slash Cry EU-Ysera Horde 4 7
Core EU-Malorne Alliance 0 186
Wild Dragons EU-Malorne Alliance 0 156
tutututu EU-Ysera Horde 0 110
GameOver EU-Malorne Horde 0 96
Immortality EU-Malorne Alliance 0 68
Fandu Talah EU-Ysera Horde 0 52
Gummizelle EU-Ysera Horde 0 50
Subject To Change EU-Ysera Horde 0 50
Exitus EU-Ysera Alliance 0 47
Indigo EU-Malorne Alliance 0 44
Elementarwächter EU-Ysera Alliance 0 42
WeRockYa[WoD] EU-Malorne Horde 0 42
easYplaY EU-Ysera Alliance 0 39
Teletubbizurückwinker EU-Malorne Alliance 0 39
Underworld EU-Ysera Alliance 0 38
Sneaky EU-Ysera Alliance 0 37
Orden der Wölfe EU-Malorne Alliance 0 36
communis valida EU-Malorne Alliance 0 33
Honestus EU-Ysera Horde 0 31
Time Out EU-Ysera Alliance 0 29
Escape from Butcher Bay EU-Ysera Alliance 0 28
AfterLife EU-Malorne Alliance 0 27
Wilde Hogs EU-Malorne Alliance 0 27
Gallische Bande EU-Ysera Alliance 0 24
Recién Nacido EU-Ysera Alliance 0 24
Die drei von der Tankstelle EU-Ysera Alliance 0 22
Durus Mentiri EU-Ysera Alliance 0 22
Superior EU-Malorne Horde 0 20
Weltenbummler EU-Malorne Alliance 0 20
Club der dichten Toten EU-Malorne Horde 0 18
Heldentum inc EU-Malorne Alliance 0 16
onlyforlogs EU-Ysera Alliance 0 15
The Custodians EU-Malorne Alliance 0 15
Sternenwind EU-Malorne Alliance 0 14
Dicee EU-Malorne Alliance 0 13
Schneesturm EU-Ysera Alliance 0 13
Alliance for Justice EU-Malorne Alliance 0 12
Tricky EU-Ysera Alliance 0 12
frozen EU-Malorne Horde 0 11
Brüder in Waffen EU-Malorne Alliance 0 9
Midgard EU-Malorne Alliance 0 9
Die Rattenfänger EU-Ysera Alliance 0 8
Random2 EU-Malorne Horde 0 8
Reborn EU-Malorne Alliance 0 8
Sneaky EU-Ysera Alliance 0 8
Amobea A EU-Ysera Horde 0 7
Du & Ich EU-Malorne Horde 0 7
Lada Sedan EU-Ysera Alliance 0 7
TE United EU-Ysera Alliance 0 7
Timbermaw Exp EU-Ysera Horde 0 7
Crossrealm EU-Ysera Horde 0 6
eXotic EU-Ysera Alliance 0 6
Mitgard EU-Ysera Alliance 0 6
Reiditio Pravum EU-Ysera Horde 0 6
Instant Down EU-Ysera Alliance 0 5
Jintox EU-Malorne Alliance 0 4
Occulus EU-Ysera Alliance 0 4
Slaves of Darkness EU-Malorne Horde 0 4
Sturm und Drang EU-Malorne Horde 0 4
suboptimal EU-Ysera Alliance 0 4
Suicidal Tendencies EU-Malorne Alliance 0 4
Euphoria EU-Malorne Alliance 0 3
From Ashes EU-Ysera Alliance 0 3
not viri EU-Malorne Horde 0 3
Occulus EU-Ysera Alliance 0 3
Resilient EU-Ysera Horde 0 3
Seelenfrost EU-Malorne Horde 0 3
WeRockYa [Grp2] EU-Malorne Horde 0 3
Axiom EU-Ysera Alliance 0 2
Bvk EU-Ysera Alliance 0 2
Durus Nucleus EU-Ysera Horde 0 2
Equitatus None Alliance 0 2
guards EU-Malorne Alliance 0 2
inToXication EU-Ysera Alliance 0 2
Merun EU-Ysera Alliance 0 2
Plan B EU-Ysera Alliance 0 2
Random EU-Malorne Horde 0 2
Randomraids Ysera EU-Ysera Alliance 0 2
RndRaidlol EU-Malorne Horde 0 2
The Knights Who say Ni EU-Ysera Alliance 0 2
Vindobonas Ancients EU-Ysera Alliance 0 2
Adillûs EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Affenjungs None Alliance 0 1
Agito Raid EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
Behra EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
Devil None Horde 0 1
Dira Veritas EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
DuckTales EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Emerald Nightmare EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Eternity EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Exilium Noctis EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
Hoffentlich Allianz EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Idiot Box EU-Ysera Horde 0 1
Illusion EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
Indigo EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Infamous EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
Invincibile EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Laonu LFR EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Like a Boss EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Logs EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Puzzle Pirates EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
Sceleratus EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
Silver Wolves EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Sonnensturm EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Superior EU-Malorne Horde 0 1
Superior EU-Malorne Horde 0 1
Test EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
The Exodus EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
The Legendary EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Téréx Logs EU-Malorne Alliance 0 1
Underworld EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
Unter VollDampf EU-Ysera Alliance 0 1
Aequitas None Alliance 0 0
Alone None Alliance 0 0
Aszz EU-Malorne Horde 0 0
Awesome None Alliance 0 0
Backdraft EU-Ysera Alliance 0 0
Bankgeheimnis None Alliance 0 0
Beschützer des Lichts EU-Malorne Alliance 0 0
BlackLegion None Alliance 0 0
Bloodmoon None Alliance 0 0
BootyBayBananaBenders None Horde 0 0
Calypso None Horde 0 0
Calypso None Horde 0 0
Club der dichten Toten None Horde 0 0
Communauté du beignet EU-Ysera Horde 0 0
communis mika None Alliance 0 0
communis valida None Alliance 0 0
Consilium Bellicum None Alliance 0 0
core mika None Alliance 0 0
Critical None Horde 0 0
Die letzten Mohikaner EU-Ysera Alliance 0 0
Die Zuflucht None Alliance 0 0
DieZuflucht None Alliance 0 0
dly None Alliance 0 0
Elysium None Alliance 0 0
Emerald Nightmare None Alliance 0 0
Empire None Alliance 0 0
Errare Humanum Est None Alliance 0 0
Eudai EU-Ysera Alliance 0 0
Eudaimonia None Alliance 0 0
euphoria None Alliance 0 0
Evoke None Alliance 0 0
evolution None Alliance 0 0
Fahr real None Alliance 0 0
Freibeuter des Rechts None Alliance 0 0
Friends of WOW None Alliance 0 0
Guardian of Light None Alliance 0 0
Guards of Ironforge None Alliance 0 0
Guild Onetwo. None Alliance 0 0
Hammer der Gerechten None Alliance 0 0
Hate and Pain None Alliance 0 0
Hate and Pain None Alliance 0 0
Imbalanced None Alliance 0 0
Independent None Alliance 0 0
Inner Core None Horde 0 0
Inter Nos None Horde 0 0
INVINCIBLE None Alliance 0 0
Iron Will None Horde 0 0
Jumper None Alliance 0 0
just dont fail None Alliance 0 0
Kreuzritter None Horde 0 0
Kreuzritter der Horde None Horde 0 0
Kreuzritter der Horde None Horde 0 0
Krieger der Ahnen None Alliance 0 0
Lacrimosa None Alliance 0 0
LeftBehind None Horde 0 0
Legacy of Kings None Alliance 0 0
Legati Caeli None Alliance 0 0
Legion None Alliance 0 0
Liberum Spolia None Alliance 0 0
Liegt nicht gibts nicht None Alliance 0 0
Lilýs Testgilde None Alliance 0 0
lords of malorne None Alliance 0 0
Midgard None Alliance 0 0
Mkaylogs None Alliance 0 0
Modgud Khaz None Alliance 0 0
määääääh EU-Ysera Alliance 0 0
Nachtschicht None Alliance 0 0
Natris None Alliance 0 0
NecroticEvilpartypoopers None Horde 0 0
Never Give Up EU-Ysera Alliance 0 0
Nightmare None Horde 0 0
Nightmare1 None Horde 0 0
Nigris Legiones None Alliance 0 0
Oh really None Alliance 0 0
One Vision None Alliance 0 0
Outcast Project None Alliance 0 0
P A N I C None Alliance 0 0
Paria None Alliance 0 0
Photonic None Alliance 0 0
Pimp My Char None Horde 0 0
Plan B None Alliance 0 0
Prognosis Negative None Horde 0 0
RageCore None Alliance 0 0
Random Logs None Horde 0 0
RandomRaidAnalysis None Alliance 0 0
religuien1 None Alliance 0 0
Revenge of the Wolves None Horde 0 0
Revenge of the Wolves None Horde 0 0
Sacred None Alliance 0 0
SCAR None Alliance 0 0
SCAR None Alliance 0 0
SCAR None Alliance 0 0
schneesturm None Alliance 0 0
Schwarze Legion None Horde 0 0
Schwarzer Aufbruch None Alliance 0 0
Sosologs None Alliance 0 0
Soul Reavers None Alliance 0 0
Soundtracks None Horde 0 0
Standby None Horde 0 0
Stardust None Alliance 0 0
Sternenwind None Alliance 0 0
Sturmklingen None Alliance 0 0
Suicidal Tendecies None Alliance 0 0
Suicidal Tendencies None Alliance 0 0
Superior None Horde 0 0
Symbolon EU-Malorne Alliance 0 0
Söldner None Alliance 0 0
Söldner Yseras None Alliance 0 0
tacticle elite EU-Ysera Alliance 0 0
TE United Group 2 None Alliance 0 0
Terrorsquad None Horde 0 0
Test_Zone None Alliance 0 0
Testlog None Alliance 0 0
Thalion - Revisited None Alliance 0 0
The Legendary None Alliance 0 0
Thundercore None Alliance 0 0
Tinaelis None Horde 0 0
Tsunami None Alliance 0 0
two minutes appear None Horde 0 0
Tyra logs None Horde 0 0
Unique Vengeance None Horde 0 0
Unique Vengeance None Horde 0 0
Unique Vengeance None Horde 0 0
Unleashed Reunion None Alliance 0 0
Vague Noire None Alliance 0 0
Vendetta None Horde 0 0
Vi et Virtute None Alliance 0 0
Vogelfrei None Alliance 0 0
voKol EU-Malorne Alliance 0 0
WarLord None Alliance 0 0
Weil er es wusste None Alliance 0 0
wild dragons None Alliance 0 0
Xilent None Alliance 0 0
YserasFighter None Alliance 0 0
ZinjaNombie None Horde 0 0
Прожимальцы None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Association of Unholy, 2 ICE Cold, 3 Guilds, 65656565, Abnormal Order, Addams Family, Addict, Adillûs, Adoria, Aequitas, Aevum, Aezum, Agony, Agony, Alliance for Justice, Alliance for Justice, alone, Amicus, Amox, Annexion, Anyara, apple Pie, Apple Pie, Applicant, Arig, Aspectum Mortis, aspera ad astra, AURELIUM, Autohaus, Autohaus, Avalanche, Avalanche, Avalanche, Avenyx, Awaké, Axiom, Bank Gmbh, BC, BdL, BdS, bewahrer des königreichs, Bewahrer von Kalimdor, Biervampir, björk, björk, BlackKnights, Blacklabel, bleh~, Blood Diamonds, Bloodmoon, Bloodmoon, Bloodmoon, BloodMoon, Blutgarde, Blutrote Phalanx, Blutwölfe, Blutwölfe -Malorne, Boneraiser, BootyBayBananaBenders, Born to kill, Born to Kill, Boten des dunklen Lords, Bounce, Bremer Alliance, Brotherbond, Brotherbond, Brüder in Waffen, Brüder in Waffen, Brüder in Waffen, Buuh Inc., By Fire bePurged, Call of Arms, Calypso, Calypso, Calypso, Calypso, Calypso, Carpe Dîem, Carpe Noctem, CasKiLe, CasKiLe, Casnil, CASTAWAY, Cedrix Logs, Cemetery, Cemetery, Chaos Legion, Charge, Charge, Chupa Test, Cliodhna, Club der Banker, Cohors, Communis Destinatum, Communis Destintaum, Companion, Contra vim Mortis, Contra Vim Mortis, Costodes Noctus, CrashTestDummis, Crithappenz, CRITICAL, Cânyon, DarkLight, De la Horda de Bandidos, Death and Destruction, Death and Destruction, Death and Destuction, Deep Thought, Defenders of Light, DejaVu, Der Illuminatenorden, Der Weg der Fremden, Der Zahn der Zeit, DerDiszi, Diamond Dragons, Dice, Die Braumeister, Die Bummelanten, Die Bummelanten, Die Gefährten des Lichts, Die Jäger Meister, Die Krieger des Lichts , Die Legendären der Horde, Die Legendären der Horde, Die Miliz, Die Rattenfänger, Die Schwarzdrachenritter, Die Thronwache, Die Trophäenjäger, Die Trophäenjäger, dingsbums, Dios, DN, Dragon of Darkness, Draken, droptnix, Druckpull, Dunkler Kriegspakt, Durus, Durus Mentiri, Durus Mentiri, Earls of Azeroth, Earls of Azeroth, Egotrip, Egotrip, Eldios, Eligere, Ellie, Elysion, ElysiumMalorne, Emerald Nightmare, Emerald Nightmare, Emerald Nightmare, Emerald Nightmare, Empire, Enemy, Eques Caelum, Equilibrium, Equitatus, Equitatus, Equitatus Obscura, Equitatus Obscura, Equitatus Obscura 2, Erben Azeroths, Erben der Flámme, eternity, Eternity, Eternity, Eternity, eternity Grp2., Act of Cruelty, Afterwork Gemeinschaft, allibaba, Arthas Knight, Auf einem Auge blöd, Auri sacra fames, AWSM, Bananenmilch, Banger Leben Kürzer, bank char, Bank of Draenai, Bankautomat, BlackPirates, BLACKROCK POLICE, Blutkreis, Bund der Macht, Bündnis der Elemente, CASTAWAY, Catalysts, Challenge Accepted, Chaos Prime, Chaos Squad Terror, Club der dichten Toten, communis valida, Contra vim Mortis, Core, Costs, Crime Sorcerie, Critical, Dark Embracer, Dark Fighters, Dark Phönix, DarkLight, DC UNIVERSE, Der Dunkle Mond, Der Kuhschubsclan, Der Phönixorden, Die Blutzbrüdaz, Die Bruderschaft, Die Engelswächter, Die Himmlischen Drachen, Die Schwarzenengel, Die Siegreichen, Die Thronwache, Disney Raiderz, DK Wildlife, Docendo Discimus, Dominus Aurora, Drachenfamilie, Druiden Allianz, Ein Herz für Hordler, Elemantal Bankiers, Empire, Energizer, Errare Humanum Est, Eternal Flames, Eternity, Evolved, Farmer, FB Mountfarmer, Fisch Bank, Flatliner, Form Dusk Till Dawn, Frozen, Gildä, Guys and Girls of Korhal, Hard and Heavy, Hat Rotz am Ärmel, Hauch des Südens, Heat Hunters, HEAVENLY, Heldentum inc, Herôes and the Sun, Illidans Jäger, Immortality, Indigo, ingenious, Internus Orbis, Invincibile, Kapitalisten AG, Kreis der Helden, Krieger Des Feuers, Könige der Verdammten, Lagerraum, Legion de Honneur, Logistic, Lost Soul, Lunatics, Légion Etrangere, Magic Melody, Manus manum lavat, Maximum Oversize, MEINE Privatbank, Meritocracy, Midgard, MohsMuhs, MortalMind, Muffins und co, Murloc GmbH, Netherdeal Corporation, Nightmare, Nordstern, Nothing Left, of GlenSidhe, Old Protector of Azeroth, ORANGE COUNTY FISHING, Orden der Wölfe, Pakt der Horde, Pakt des Todes, Partygilde, Pizza Inc, ProjectX Global, Purificata, Quintessenz, Rache von Nordend, Raid Inc, Ratpack, Reborn, REFLEX, Refused, Reinheitsgebot, Relentless, Richtig schöne Aule, Ring of Die, Robin Hood, Rothschild, Ruf der Wölfe, Sacred Sanctum, Schattenpakt, Seelenfrost, Semper Paratus, Shattered Souls, Sinorgy, Skyfall, Sons of Korhal, Soundtracks, Spirit of Azeroth, Standby, sturmpower, Stählerne Bruderschaft, suboptimal, Superior, Symbolon, tartaros, Tea for Two, The Custodians, The Devil Insiders, The Phoenix Legacy, The Royal Family, The Teds, The upside down, Thunder Storm, ThunderBluff Basejumper, Timestop, Todeskreuzzug, Ultimus Prime, Unique Vengeance, Virtuose, Wahre Helden, Warcraft Angels, Waukeen, Weltenbummler, Wilde Bunte Zebras, Wow Freunde, WoWBank, Wrath of Wonderland, Wurstfachverkäuferin, Zirkel der Geißel, Zorn des Königs, Ämeralt Neitmär, Abyssus, Adoria, alakazum, Allianz Wächter, Almagest, AmicusTw, and friends, Animus Destructus, AnniisBank, ARR PIRATES, Aurin, Awesome Zirkel, Axiom, Bank and Trading Inc, Bellí Cívíle, beyond reason, Bildschirmgebräunt, Blackskyline, Bloodmoon, Bloodpack, Blutmond, Bordsteinschwalben, Boygroup, Brennende Legion, Brum Brum voll in fahrt, Bulletproof, Burning Angels, Carpe INC, Castaway Reloaded, Catnip, Chaingang Soldiers, ChaosTheory, Chromaggus Rampe, Classic, Coffee to go, Cruel Ferocity, CSI Sturmwind, DARK LEGION, Death Before Dishonor, Deus Ex Machina, Devils of Draenor, Diamonds, Die Armee des lichtes, Die Braumeister, Die eiserne Faust, Die Feuerprobe, Die Krieger des Lichts, Die Lichtgeborenen, Die scharlachrote Latenz, Die Schattenklingen, Die Superhomies, Die Zauberer Elite, Dolunay, Dragon Ying Yang, Dressed in Blood, dropt nix, easYplaY, Ehrenkrieger, Eisbrecher, Elementarwächter, Elitestube, emir der zerstörer, Empîré, Endstation Hoffnung, Erben Azeroths, Eudaimonia, Eulen Club, Evolution, eXentric, Exile, eXotic, ExøÐia, Fabularum Nebula, Falken der Freiheit, Famiglia Corleone, Familienbetrieb, Family and Friends, Fantasy, Fearful, Fiat Iustitia, Fires of Heaven, For Fun, Fortis Unitas, Für Wissenssaft, GaMeBiT, Gebrüder Sturmwinds, Geschäft für Gnomen Weit, Gilde von Vanhînten, Gnomes have small DKs, Graduate, Hausfrauen ohne Reflexe, Helden des Chaos, Helden von Uruk, Heroic, HiTeq, House of Flying Daggers, Hüter der Zeit, I hob etz koa Zeit, Idiot Box, illuminati, IN DUBIO PRO REO, In Nomine Patris, InPaniC WarCraft, Instant Down, interminata, Isildurs Erben, Ist süß aber gemein, ist Tot, just dont fail, Keine Hände keine Kekse, Klabauter, kleineEngel, Konsequent, Konsequent Inkontinent, Kreuzfeuer, Krieger der Drachenbrut, KurzundKleinGmbH, La Sangre, Lacrimosa, Lagerfach, Last Stand, LastMinute, Legion des Lichtes, Liberum Spolia, light and shadow, Lion Warrior, Lion Warrîor, Los Guardiáns de Azeroth, Lîon Warrîor, Magna Carta, MARSHMALLOW, Masel tov, Mercy, MeuchelMonks, Misery, Money Records, Moon Tears, Mortis Causa, Mutantenstadel, Nachtwache, Name Hier Eintragen, NeGatiV, Neró, Never Ever End, New Evolution, Night Dragons, NightmareFighters, No Damage, No Fear, Noch Fünf Minuten Mutti, Nordic Frost, Not Born To Follow, O h n e St r e s s, O zapft is, Occulus, Odium, Oh really, ohne Dich ist alles Doof, Oldschool Elite, Omnis tempus, Orbia Mortis, Orden von Namarrgon, Patenbrigade Azeroth, Path of blood, Phântôms, Piraten der Schatten, Plan B, Plunder GmbH, PoSiTiV, Postbank Sturmwind, Pouwnd, Project X, Prophecy of Renegades, Prînz of Ðarknêss, Rebels without a cause, Reliquie, Reliquiem, Resilient, Riposte, Rising, Rotznasen, S I C K, sanguine, Sanguinem Bellatores, Schatten Der Finsternis, Schattentänzer, Schneesturm, Schwarzer Lotus, Selected to WIN, ServerDown, Shisha GmbH, Silez I klil You, Sir SmokeALot, Sneaky, Speerspitze der Allianz, Springfield Gang, Stammkneipe, Sunfirefighter, Sylvanas Rache, Söldner der Nachtsonne, Söldner Yseras, SøD Gaming, tactical desaster, Teambreak, Technologic Blood, Thalion, The Elements, The Exodus, The Ministry of Darkness, The Old Guard, The Oldschools, The Phoenix Legacy, The Pirates of Death, The Revolution, The winner is, Thors Rache, Thunderclap, Time of Legend, Timeless, Tranquility, Tricky, Tsunami, Uncles with Benefits, Underworld, University of Noobs, unLeashed, Urahnen des Eranikus, Vague, Vague Noire, Valkyrie, Vendetta, Venture Company, VictoryNotVengeance, Vindobonas Ancients, Vividus Viviscere, Wachbataillon Sturmwind, Watis Figurensammlung, Wille der Naaru, WoWftw, Wächter der Zeít, Zerschmettertes Erbe, Zin Azshari, Zu vermieten, Ðark inception, ötiken, Öylen Club, Eudaimonia, Eudaimonia, euphoria, euphoria, euphoria, euphoria, Euphoria, Euphoria, Euphoria Grp. 2, euphoria-N, Event Horizon, Evoke, Evolution, EVOLUTION, Excalibur, Excelsitas Nexus, Excelsitas Nexus, Exclusive, exitium, Exodus, ExOrbit Raid, Extinction, ExtraordinarySounds, Faceroll Monkeys, Fahr, Failship-Crew, Fair Play, Fair Play, Fandu Talah, Fandu Talah, Fatal Error, firesoul, Flatliner, fly away twinks, For Fun, For private use, Forsaken Wings, Freischärler, Friemds Of Exodus, From Dusk till Dawn, fsfsfsf, Full House, Full House, full_house, Furax, Furious, Game Over, Game Over, Gestrandete Seelen, Gilde Ratskeller, Glorius Revolution, Glythor, Gnaahaha, GO RSP, GoD, Guardians of Destruction, Guardians of Destruction, Guardians of Light, Guards of, guards of ironforge, Hammer der Gerechten, Hamtidamti, Hart Foundation, Hausfrauen ohne Reflexe, Heldentum, Heldentum Inc, Heldentum Inc, Heldentum INC, Hello Kitty Massaker, Helveteskrigaren, Heroes of future, Heroic, Heroic, Heroic, Heroic, Heroic, Hic Rhodus Hic Salta, Hick_SK, Hick_SK, HM incoming, Hoffentlich Allianz, Hoffentlich Allianz, Hoher Rat, Hoher Rat, Hoher Rat, Hoher Rat, HOTA, HT Inc, Ich bin dein vater, IIIIIIII, Illusion, imbalanced, Imbalanced, Imbalanced, Imbalanced, Imbalanced, Immortales, Impulz, ImpulZ, Imputatores Piratae, IN DUBIO PRO REO, IN DUBIO PRO REO, Incendium, Incendium, Indigo, Indigo, Indigo, Indu_Zur, Infamous, Initium, Inner Core, Inner COre, InPulse, Insano MoP , Insert Guild Name Here, Instant Down, Instant Down, Instant Down, Instant Down, Inter Nos, Invincibile, Iron Will, Isatar, Jintox, Jintox, Jintox, Jintox2, Kampfratten, Kayris, KDS, Kimorian, klabauter, Klabauter, KoH, KoryusTestGuild, Kougi, kratoc log, Kreis der Unbeugsamen, Kreuzritter der Horde, Krieg ohne Helden, Krieg Ohne Helden, Krieger der Ahnen, Krieger der Ahnen, Krieger der Ahnen, krieger der welten, KugelHagel, KugelHagel, Kult der Shiva, Kult der Shiva, La Cosa Mia, La Courage, La Discordia, La Sangre, La Sangre, LaCosaMia, Lacri, lalala, Lamina Scale, Late Night, Late Night, Late Night, Late Night, Late Night, Late Night, late night by ramla, late night by ramla, LCM, legacy of kings, Legacy of Kings, Legat des Mondes, Legio Fidelitatis, Legio Fidelitatis, Legio Fidelitatis, Legion, Legion des Kreuzzuges, Legion of Blood, Legions des Lichtes, Leonopteryx Maximus, Liberatio Servitium, Lichtbrecher, Liga des Lichts, Lignum, Limited Liability, LN, Logs, LoGs, Lordaronss Vertriebene, lords of ownage, Lost Dragons, Luce della Vita, Lucidity, Lucky Strike, Lucky Strike, Lumen Lunae, Lux Aeterna, Légion Etrangere, Magetestguild, Magnetic, MaI, MALORNE_RND, Malornianer, Marasanalyzing, Mean, Meins, MementoMori, Merypopwnz, Midgard, Minas Morgul, Mobs Logs, Morituri, Mortal, muchachos, MyGuild, Mystical Revolution, MyVeryOwnGuild, NaM, Nefastus, Negativ, NeGativ, NeGaTiV, never ending pain, never ending pain, Night Dragons, Nightmare(Blutbeere), Nigris Legiones, Nigris Legiones, Nigris Legiones, Nigris Legiones, Nochnoi Dozor, Noobs at work, Nordic Frost, Nordic Frost, NordicFrost, Nordwölfe, Northrend after Midnight, Northrend after Midnight, Northrend after Midnight, Northrend after Midnight, Northrend after Midnight, Nothing Left, nukular, nur mal eben kurz, nuR maL ebeN kuRz, nuR maL ebeN kuRz, nuRmaLebeNkuRz, nutZ, nutZ, nüsli, Obito, Oblivions, Obtinebimus, occulus, Occulus, ogog, Oh really, Oldschool Elite, One Vision, OneVision, Opdo, Orden der Löwen, Outlaw prophets, OverCore, OVN, P A N I C, P A N I C, Pantheon, Pentagramm, Pheenics' Logs, Photinic-Tah, Photonic, Photonic, Photonic-Franzl, physical, phYsiCal, Physical, Plan B, Plan B Cata, Poocannon, Pravum, primordium, Principium novum Pravum, Principium novum Pravum, Prollheads, Proudmoore DE, Public Guardian, Pyre, pînké pôwér rángêrs, question mark, Rabbit, raid inc, Raid Log Semtex, Raidclub, Raidclub, ramla, Random 10, Random :D, Rat der Könige, Raues Sprengpulver, Reborn, Recien Nacido, Recién Nacido, Recién Nacido, redclaw, RedClaw, RedClaw, RedClaw, RedClaw reloaded, Reign of Ancients, Reliquiem, Reloaded, Reloaded, Reloaded, Reloaded, Reloaded, renovatio, Replika, Resrawn, Revenge of the Hord, Revolution, Ring der Freunde, Ritter des Lichts, Rnd - logs, Rnd Raids, Rnd-Raid, Roxxor, Sacred Sanctum, Sacred Sanktum, Saltatio Mortis, Sang Real, Sang Real, SangReal, sanguine, sanguine, Sanguis Compactus, Sanguis Moralis, Sanguis Moralis, SAPERE AUDE, SAPERE AUDE, sapoisk, Scar, SCAR, SCAR, Scar Ysera, Sceleratus, Schattenpackt, Schwarze Engel, Schwarze Legion, Schwarzer Aufbruch, sef, Sellina, Semper Fidelis, serphios, Shadowfighters, Shadowfighters, Shockwave, Sign of Blood, Silverwolf, Sinners and Saints, Sinorgy, Sixpointtwo, Skill is Natural, Smoke Circle, sneaky, Sodumm, Sonic Boom, Sonne Ost, Sons of Korhal, Sons of Korhal, Soul reavers, Soul Reavers, Speerspitze der Allianz, Springfield Gang, Standby, StormRaider, Sturm und Drang, Sturm und Drang, sturmklingen, Sturmklingen, Sturmklingen, Sturmklingen, Sturmklingen, Sturmklingen, Sturmklingen, Sturmklingen / G1, Sturmklingen2, Styxx, Styxx, Such a Thing, Suicidal Tendencies, Sup Rot, Superilol, Superior, Superior_Malorne, Suziaa, Tactical Desaster, Tactical Desaster, Tactical Desaster, Tacticle Elite, Tempest, Tempest, test, test, Test, Test, Test, Test, Test-Gilde, Test-Uploads, Test1, TEST3, Testerion113, Testgilde, TestGilde, 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