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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Highland Warriors EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1143
The Honourbound Alliance EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1113
Wolfgrowls Company EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 246
val timbank EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 244
digusnotgold EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 227
Rapture None Alliance 0 197
The Shadow Templar EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 144
The English Crusaders EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 124
Emperor EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 107
La Familia EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 83
HoE EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 78
NoBrainer EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 73
GreatHorde EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 66
The Dragon Order EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 59
Alternate Reality EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 57
Memento Mori EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 56
Iridescence EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 45
shamannmanlog EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 40
Matt's logs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 36
Hit And Hope EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 34
Resolve EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 33
Caern Morghen EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 31
Red Suns None Alliance 0 30
Luxus EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 29
Mércenary EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 29
Team mobb & co EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 28
TeamworkDK EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 25
World of Warcraft GONE EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 24
Revexia EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 22
Tlupa EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 22
Panák do Hlavy None Alliance 0 21
Proroctví EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 21
The Ironhand Union None Alliance 0 20
Magneton EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 19
Optimus Amicitia EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 19
Vengs logs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 19
Dubz :( EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 18
Revelations EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 18
Made in Sweden EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 17
Chaotic Intent EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 16
Chrocht EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 16
Just logging EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 16
Danish Trumpstars EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 15
Sixth Sense EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 14
Blood Wolves of the Moon EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 13
Corruptions EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 13
Kung Pow EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 13
The Swedish Legion EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 12
Klang Effekt EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 11
Left Hand Path EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 11
Nightshift EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 11
The dragon order EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 11
Void EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 11
Nightmare EU EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 10
Scoia tael EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 10
Cheesylogs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 9
Decreet's logs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 9
Keekles lair EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 9
Luzanky EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 9
Pilsner Urquell EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 9
Silk n Steel EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 9
WeekendHCRuns EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 9
Who dares wins EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 9
Frosticle's Logs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 8
Meine Logs EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 8
Slash Dance EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 8
Lux Perpetua EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 7
Navitas Cordis EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 7
Omnipotent EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 7
The Orgrimmar Massive EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 7
ValgoLogs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 7
Vikings DK EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 7
Afterlight EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 6
Dravci EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 6
Fantasy EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 6
Nefarious-EU EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 6
Onyx EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 6
The Mystery of Chimera EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 6
Lopaty EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 5
DysiexLogs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 5
eye of the panther EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 5
Fire Bears EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 5
OnceForgotten EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 5
The Old Guard EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 5
Ye Olde Geezers EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 5
Черные кролики EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 5
Alaenar Logs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 4
Blood Wolves of the Moon EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 4
eHeroes EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 4
Foxlon's Logs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 4
Frequency EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 4
Grumpy old gamers EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 4
Haunted EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 4
Leoz EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 4
Lux Perpetua SG1 EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 4
Palji EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 4
ProBros EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 4
Ragnarok DK EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 4
Slackers Inc EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 4
Supreme Legion EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 4
The Dragon Lotus EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 4
Unsung Heroes EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 4
Aeria Gloris EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 3
Anima EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 3
Blood Blades EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 3
Broken Saints EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 3
BWotM EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 3
Doomeh EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 3
Fallen Angels G3 EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 3
Flareon's Logs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 3
Lorem Ipsum EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 3
malvexovci EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 3
poniesftw EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 3
Raid Coalition EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 3
The Human Hive EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 3
Zhenek's logs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 3
Bad Karma None Horde 0 2
Cooldown EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 2
DEAL WITH IT EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
DEAL WITH IT EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
gg EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 2
Infamy EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 2
Kohmelo EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 2
Lacuna EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 2
Mimulogs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
Mome EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 2
Nuevelog None Alliance 0 2
Númenor EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 2
Private EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
Revexia EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
Revolution EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 2
Solidfaith EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
SwagBusters EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 2
The Blue Meanies EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
The Fedaykin EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 2
The Nab Police None Horde 0 2
The Nab Police EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 2
Valhalla EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
wut wut Legion EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
Zurinity EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 2
Anima EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Anima EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Bratrstvo kocici tlapky EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Chrocht 25 Free EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 1
Curse These Metal Hands EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
De Novo EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Devoted EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
drevo EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 1
EA/HoE EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Efsane EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Fjams EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
Frostburn EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Heart of Europe EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
HoofAndClaw EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
Immanence EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 1
Ironflow EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Kohmelo EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 1
LFR EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
Lorem Ipsum EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
Neko Army EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 1
Nostalgia EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Nygma EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 1
Old fellows dk EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Rebound EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Risen EU-Wildhammer Horde 0 1
Second Generation EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
Stamus Contra Malum EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
TerhenLogs EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
Test Logy EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 1
Vindication EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
WISDOM EU EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
WolvesHul EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 1
xpto EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
xxx EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 1
aalexo None Alliance 0 0
Alyssadrae_BWotM None Alliance 0 0
Ambuscade None Alliance 0 0
Anima None Alliance 0 0
Anima None Alliance 0 0
APCL None Horde 0 0
Arena of Gladiators None Alliance 0 0
ashes of myrianis None Alliance 0 0
Ashes of Myrianis None Alliance 0 0
Avant Garde None Alliance 0 0
Awakening None Horde 0 0
Badgers None Alliance 0 0
Banana Revolution None Horde 0 0
BananaRevolution None Horde 0 0
Bankrupt None Alliance 0 0
Bazingalog None Alliance 0 0
Beyond None Alliance 0 0
Big Cornetto None Alliance 0 0
Big D None Alliance 0 0
BKT None Alliance 0 0
Blood Wolves - Brew Weavers None Alliance 0 0
Bratrstvo kocici tlapky None Alliance 0 0
BrB biO None Horde 0 0
Brumbálovec None Horde 0 0
Bwotmpic None Alliance 0 0
Caern Morghen None Horde 0 0
Code of Insanity None Alliance 0 0
Coffin's test guild None Alliance 0 0
Corruptions None Horde 0 0
Cursed Crusaders None Alliance 0 0
daniposuk None Alliance 0 0
Danish Raiders None Horde 0 0
Dark Lords None Horde 0 0
Decees/corr None Horde 0 0
Decorum None Alliance 0 0
Demonica None Horde 0 0
Diffuse EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 0
Divided we Fall None Alliance 0 0
dupajasia None Alliance 0 0
eHEROES None Alliance 0 0
eldood's None Horde 0 0
Elite None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Twilight None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Twilight None Alliance 0 0
Eternal Twilight None Alliance 0 0
Fallen Angels None Alliance 0 0
Fantasy None Horde 0 0
FAS None Alliance 0 0
Fragmented None Alliance 0 0
Freaks of Nature None Alliance 0 0
frigiksEpicLogs None Alliance 0 0
Fusíon None Alliance 0 0
Ghost Wolves None Alliance 0 0
Grumpy Old Gamers None Alliance 0 0
gtleo None Alliance 0 0
Guardian Angels None Alliance 0 0
Guild of Danish Warriors None Alliance 0 0
Hellhunters None Horde 0 0
Hellhunters None Horde 0 0
Henkie None Alliance 0 0
Hit and Hope None Alliance 0 0
HoE grupa 2 None Alliance 0 0
Hopes Log None Horde 0 0
Icon None Alliance 0 0
immersion None Alliance 0 0
Infinity None Alliance 0 0
Infinity None Alliance 0 0
Insight None Alliance 0 0
insmnx EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 0
Iridescence None Alliance 0 0
Iridescence None Alliance 0 0
ironhandunion None Alliance 0 0
Iso Kolmonen None Horde 0 0
Iso Kolmonen None Horde 0 0
Istanbul None Alliance 0 0
Jarowit None Horde 0 0
Jullietta None Alliance 0 0
Justified None Horde 0 0
Justified_ None Horde 0 0
KalaLogs None Alliance 0 0
karaluchy None Horde 0 0
Karambola's None Alliance 0 0
Karambola's None Alliance 0 0
kek EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 0
Kung Pow None Alliance 0 0
La Resistance EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 0
Log-Guild None Alliance 0 0
Massacre None Horde 0 0
Men of Honour None Alliance 0 0
Men of Honour (T2) None Alliance 0 0
meow im a cat :3 None Alliance 0 0
Mieron Tietäjät None Horde 0 0
Mostly Armless None Alliance 0 0
Muscle Tower None Alliance 0 0
Nebs Place None Horde 0 0
Neevs stat-mania None Alliance 0 0
Night Watch None Alliance 0 0
nightshift None Alliance 0 0
No Longer Guildless None Alliance 0 0
No Longer Guildless None Alliance 0 0
No skill just luck None Horde 0 0
Ocko logs None Alliance 0 0
Oculus None Horde 0 0
Old Men Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Palookah None Alliance 0 0
Pandatrzy test guild None Horde 0 0
PAX EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 0
Personal None Alliance 0 0
Phalanx None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Elite None Horde 0 0
pink fluffy unicorns None Alliance 0 0
Power Girls None Alliance 0 0
Primal None Alliance 0 0
Primal Fear None Horde 0 0
ProALKOHOLICI None Horde 0 0
Proroctví None Horde 0 0
Puggers None Alliance 0 0
Rachott None Alliance 0 0
Rage None Horde 0 0
Rebound EU-Wildhammer Alliance 0 0
Reservoir Dogs None Alliance 0 0
Resolution None Alliance 0 0
Revival None Alliance 0 0
Revival None Alliance 0 0
RG2 None Alliance 0 0
Rising of the Phoenix None Alliance 0 0
scream of the past None Horde 0 0
scytch's logs None Alliance 0 0
Shenanigans None Horde 0 0
Silent era None Horde 0 0
Silent Era None Horde 0 0
slackers inc None Horde 0 0
Solar Flare Homicide None Alliance 0 0
Spirit Wolves None Alliance 0 0
Supreme Voodoo None Horde 0 0
Taur Of Duty None Horde 0 0
TeamworkDK None Alliance 0 0
Templars of Steel None Horde 0 0
The All Seeing None Alliance 0 0
The All Seeing None Alliance 0 0
The Chosen heroes None Alliance 0 0
The Dragon Order None Alliance 0 0
The Flying Dutchguys None Alliance 0 0
The Gentlemans League None Alliance 0 0
The Orgrimmar Massive None Horde 0 0
The Orgrimmar Massive None Horde 0 0
The Pariahs None Alliance 0 0
The Raven None Alliance 0 0
The Swedish Legion None Alliance 0 0
The Untainted None Horde 0 0
Thing None Alliance 0 0
Thundercats None Horde 0 0
Tlapka hlidajici posledni bratrstvo None Alliance 0 0
Tlapky None Alliance 0 0
Transcendence EU-Thunderhorn Alliance 0 0
Triarii Reddo None Alliance 0 0
Tripartita None Alliance 0 0
Tripartita None Alliance 0 0
Tripartita None Alliance 0 0
Tripartita None Alliance 0 0
TSL None Alliance 0 0
Tuomarit None Alliance 0 0
Twinstar None Horde 0 0
Twisted UK None Horde 0 0
Unsung Heroes None Alliance 0 0
Vikings DK None Alliance 0 0
vindicationnn None Alliance 0 0
Wheelchair Raiders EU-Thunderhorn Horde 0 0
Who Dares Wins None Alliance 0 0
zang None Alliance 0 0
Zatracenci None Horde 0 0
Zlaty Kruh None Horde 0 0
Zulba_Logs None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

A Little Piece of Heaven, A State of Trance, ABC, ACL, AFK, afrika :D, After all, After all, After All R1 Bandak, Aftermath, AG, Against all Odds, Ages Of Time, Ahmad, akisbouk, Al, All Hail Britannia, All the Other Grown Ups, Alternate Reality, Always, Ama's Swell, Mini Smells, Ama's Swell, Mini Smells, Ambuscade (Alts), Anarchy, Anarchy, Anarchy, Anima, Anima, anorionskiller, Arandur, Archetype, Archetype, arzi, Ashians, Auctoritas, Avalanche, Avant.Garde, Avatar, Avatar of war, Awakening, Awakening, Awakening, Awakening, Awakening, Awakening, Azeroth's finest, B r o t h e r h o o D, back in the day2, bad, Bad Karma, BadgerNoD, Bankers Inc., basky, Battlestar, Battlestar, Battlestar Galactica, big bad and totally mad, BKT, BKT R2, bla, BlackEagles, Blood Shadows, Blood Shadows, Blood Wolves of the Moon, Bloodlust, Bloodshed Clan, Bloody Scoundrels, Bloofy Scoundrels, bob, Bob's pug, Bratrstvo, Bratrstvo, Bratrstvo Kocici Tlapky, Braveheart, BruteForce, Bunneh bankz, Burning Legion Massive, BUTTERFLY EFFECT, BWotM, Caelum, Caelum, Cake, Captain Morgans Revenge, Captain Placeholder, Carpe Diem RG2, Cart Life, Carup's logs, CassGuildForLogs, Casualslack, Cataclyzm, Cataclyzm, Chaos mejt, Chrocht (MvK), Citius altius fortius, Clarity, Climax, Cold Fusion, Collusion, Collusion, Confusion, Conlegium, Conspiracy Theory, Convictus, COREHOUND PACK, COREHOUND PACK, Corrosion, Corruptions, Council of Eredar, Crappy's Personal Logs, Crash Test, Craysilive, Crazynails, Crazyworm, CristianoDummyGuild, Crusaders of Brumla, Crusaders of Divinity, Cublogrupn, Cursed Forest, Cute, Cute, Cute, Cyrus Paladin, Dak Prv Logs, Danish Trumpstars - Hold 3, Dark Intent, Dark Intent, Darkest Intent, Darkness Descends, Darkness Descends, dasdasd, daybreak, Daybreak, De Novo, De useriøse, DEAL WITH IT, Decorum, Decorum, decorumb, DEF, Deja Vu, Delusions of Grandeur, demonic darkness, Demonica, Demonica, Demonica, Demonica, Des testing, Destructive Influence, Deviants, devoted, Devoted, Devoted, devoted-altrun, Dezler's logs, dezman, Dies Irae, digoldusnotgold, Dominator, Dominion, Dorfmeister's Dozen, Doupě, Dozik - Wild, DPSBETATEST, DPStest, Dragon Elite, Dragon Lotus, Dragonriders, Dragons Council, DreamWorkers, Driivas, Dubbeldandy, DubbelDandy, Durbem's logs, Dutchraiders of elements, Dysiex, Easy Company, Ebeneezer, Eble, Ebs Logs, Eden Aurorae, Eight Days a Week, Einherjerne, Elite, Elysium, Endless Agony, Endtapes, EnRaged, Epiphany, Epitome, ERROR, ERROR, espiritu sancti, espiritu sancti, espiritu sancti, espiritu sancti, espiritu sancti, espiritu sancti, Ethereal, A Team, Act Of Treason, Ad Finem, Adrenaline, Advanced Target Dummy, Adventurers Of Warcraft, Aevum, Affliction, Almost Skilled, Alpha to Omega, Amatius, Ambuscade, Angels of Glory, anvila, Apocalypse, Apocolypse, Aquila, Artful Dodgers, Assassins, Atomic Lizards, Auctoritas, Bad Dream, Ban of Darkness, Banana Revolution, Banche Generali Italiane, Bank Robbers, banky, Betelgeuse, Bindys heroes, Blood and Guts, Bloodshed Clan, Boom Headshot, Break, Brutal Fate, Brutally Dedicated, Bumblebees Madness, Captain Morgans Revenge, Cheese in the Beerlands, Chevaliers De Sangreal, Chrocht, Chrocht of the Alliance, Circulus Vitiosus, Cloudy, Colonoscopy, Combined, Cookie Monster says NO, Corruptions, Crime Riderz, Crit My Pants, Crusaders of Brumla, Crux, Cry Havoc, Ctrl Alt Elite, Cuddly Pandas, Curse Marked, CursedCrusaders, Cygnus Serpens, Danish Pride, Dansk Bacon, DEAL WITH IT, Death Angels, deathmakers, Deathwings Demise, Defiance, Demonica, Destructive Influence, Dimicatum Est Victoria, Distinct Advantage, Divine, Divine Insane Entities, Dominance, Dragoncore, dream teams, DreamWorkers, DrPepes Emporium, eHEROES, El Imperio de los Sueños, emissary of the light, EmP, Endless Agony, Epitome, Eternal Twilight, Eternal Wrath, Eterniity, Ethereal, Euro Shopper, EVOCATI, Evolved, Exidium, Fabulous Smackdown, FairyTail, Fallen Angels, Fantasy, Farewell Old World, Fastcast, Fear of Extinction, federation danes, Feral Muffins, Ferocity, Fiends of the Past, Final Destiny, Flameheart, Flarecore, For Fun, Forgotten Defenders, Frequency, Furia, Furry Lion, Glory of The Alliance, GreatHorde, Grim Discovery, Guardian Angels, Guardians Of Asgaard, Guardians of Lordaeron, Guardians of Sha, Guards of Azeroth, Guards of SunTotem, Guards of Thrall, Hairy Growlers, Hellfire, Highland Warriors, Himmel og Helvete, Horde Crackers, Immortal, Immortal Bliss, Immortalized, Impulse, Inferno, Infernum, Infinite Alacrity, inzane hordecore, Iridescence, Ixtlan, Jätkä Löi Oikeesti, Kaliningrad Boys, Kappa Pride, Kitty Club, Koala Appreciation Club, Kokuryukai, KUNG POW, League Of Lemmings, Legendary, Legion Of Dragons, Lightning Surge, Lil Crime Stoppers, Lille bank, Lovci Lebek, Lucky Losers, Lycáns, Majestic Legion, Massacre, MeGusta, Midnight Storm, Mighty Pirate, MooTangClan, MyFantasy, MÍSFÍTS, NCIS Kezan, Nefaríous, Nightlife, Nightmare EU, No Longer Guildless, Nygma, October Nein, OH GOD NOT THEM AGAIN, Ominous Latin Noun, Omnicrons, Ones that have no death, Onlyabank, Order Of The Bloodlust, Orphantears, Orval, Outlaws Of Hell, outofbeerlifeiscrap, Owned By Me, Pack of Wolves, PaRaDoXiAnS, part timers, Phalanx, PiggyBank, PIRATE, Pocket Monsters, Primal Instincts, Pro Killers, Professor Ironderp, Proroctví, Rachott, Ragnarok DK, Raiders Of The Storm, Rainbowroad Explorers, Rebound, Reckless, Red Dragon, Red Suns, Redeemed, Reform, RESILIENCE WILL FIX IT, Revamped, Revexia, Rise, Rise from the Depths, Rise of the alliance, Roses of Dawn, RotA, Rox Solid, Royal Sanctum, Savage Crusaders, Scuttlebutt, Sempre fidelis, Set Sail for Epic Fail, Shadowment, Shadows In The Dark, Shovel of Mercy, Silk n Steel, Singlez Fckdk Twink, Six Feet Under, Slash Dance, SmackDammneedGold, Smokingzone, Socially Disturbed, Solar Flare Homicide, Soul Reavers, Sound Of XLWar, Stoned and Restless, Stormwind Hustlers, Stormwinds Elite Guard, Stormwinds Finest, Strawberry Soup, Suffocation, Supreme Voodoo, SwagBusters, Syncronised Souls, Synergy, TDT Coalition, teasandtoast, Templars of Steel, Thats What She Said, The Academy, The All Seeing, The Best Kings, The Blackest Sheep, The Blacklist, The Blood Hawks, The Brawlers, The Bro Army, the Casual Gamer, The chosen Angels, The Danish Raiders, The Danish Vikings, The Darkstylers, The Dragon Order, The Drunken Sailors, The Edge, The Elite Guard, The Five Aspects, The Gentlemans League, The Golden Hero, The Haven, The Legacy Of Might, The Nab Police, The Nexus, The Night Hawks, The Northface, The Old Guard, The One, The Onslaught, The Orgrimmar Massive, The Other One, The Pariahs, The Rifters, The Saints from Ylzik, The Silver Claw, The Silver Core, The Stormwind warriors, The Wiggles Fanclub, Thermal, THOH, Thunderhorns Best, Thé Bankérs, TO ALL, TO CUMIS NA ME, Trauma, Triarii Reddo, Tuomarit, Twilight Riders, Twilight Runners, Unbound Spectre, United Banks, Valris Gold Company, Vanaheim, Venom Wolves, Vicious and Delicous, Vindication, Virtuous Sinners, Walk The Line, We all love Flop, Wipefest, Witches of Warcraft, WolfGrowls Company, Wolfpacks, Wolves Of Time, World of Warcraft HERE, Worst Of Warcraft, Xpgamers, Ye Olde Geezers, YOU FAILED HERE SIR, Zaklinaci, Ásgarður, A Little Piece Of Heaven, Act of Darkness, All Rights Reserved, Alliance Mercenaries, Alliance Rejects, Allies of Patience, AlltheLoverS, ALSAKILO, Amor Eternis, Angry Dwarfs Guild, Anima, Animated Reality, Arcana Imperii, Arena of Gladiators, Army of Darkness, Assassinate, Atrocitas, AuP, Awakening, Awestruck, Azeroths Finest, Azeroths Misfits, B r o t h e r h o o D, B Squared, Bag Ladies, Bamboo Chewers, Bananapancakes, Bane Of Nefarian, Bank Bank, banksrus, Battleshield, Battlestar Galactica, Beastmode, Better Luck Next Time, Big By Wolf, Big Vaults, Bionicle, Bird is a word, Blood Shadows, Blood Wolves of the Moon, bloodnumber, Bloody Angels, Blue Cross, Boksom Bende, Bozkurt, Bratrstvo kocici tlapky, Brucouni, Bullion, Business Man, Caern Morghen, Chain Of Memories, Chaotic Intent, Chaotic Justica, Chosen Heroes, Chosen Legion, Chuck Norris Chosen, Clan Elite Assassins, Climax, Code of Insanity, Contemporary, crawlers of the dark, Crime Sorciere, Crusaders of Lordaeron, cycloned, Dark Arts, Dark of The Moon, Dark Science, De Novo, De Vliegende Hollanders, Dead Parrot, DeadZone, Death Awaits You, death is never upon us, Death To Sakura, DeathCharger, Decorum, Defiance, Demise, den seje, Die safe, Dienau, Digital Limbo, Disorder, Distinct Advantage, Diva, DucksOnBikesWithGuns, Dude where s my mount, Eat Sleep Wipe Repeat, Eight Days a Week, Elite, Elite Force VII, Elite Storm, Elmee, End of the begining, Epic Rage, Erthen Ring, Essence Of Death, Eternal Faith, Ethernal Gathering, Evil Bunny Society, eXile, Eye of the Panther, F A M O U S, Fales Gods, Favela Boys, Fellowship of the Ding, Finlandia, For The Slackers, Forgotten Army, Freaks of Damnation, Freaks of Nature, Frustrated, Fun Times, GERMANY FOR WORLDCUP, Gifted Killers, GIRLS LIKE WHEN I CRIT, Good One, Guards of Alliance, Gunners, Happy Army, Happy Patch Day, Heart Attack, Hello Kitty Death Squad, Herbalism Ruined My Life, Heroes in a Halfshell, HIS INFERNAL MAJESTY, Hit N Run, Hollands Glorie, Hookers and Blackjack, Hunters Association, hunters of orcs and evil, Hunters of the Horde, I Need A Target, I PVP IRL, IAggro, Infamy, Infinity, Instinct, Insufficient funds, interested, iPutOnMyRobeAndWizardHat, Iridescent, Iron Edge, Ironflow, IttyBittyKittyCommittee, Jesus was Kegsmashed, just having fun, JuvernautS, Kate Stole My Bike, Key to Success, Kilthia, Kindred Spirits, Knights Of Ebon Blade, Knights Of Nosdrumo, Knights of Vildar, knights of wow, Kohmelo, Kovisjengi, kPaX, Kung Fu Pandas, La Fam, La Familia, La Resistance, League of Azeroth, League of Gentlemen, league of light, Legacy of the Lunatics, Legion, legion of the flame, Leviathan, Liberators of Warsong, Lightforged, Lil Bit Lost, Limitless, Link 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Nordrassil, Ravenswing, Rebels Without A Cause, Red Dawn, Revolution, Rise of the Scoundrels, Rising of the Phoenix, Royal Bank Of Stormwind, Runs With Scissors, Rødgrød med Fløde, Savannah, Scholomance Chess Team, Scrubs, Shattered Crusade, Shenanigans, Silent Era, Silent Fury, Sixth Sense, Skill Gone, Skilled Noobs, Snake Bite Love, Snake on a Planestrider, SnoepWinkel, Somos Pocos Pero Locos, Souls Of The Fallen Race, Sovereign, Spectral, Spirits Of Grim, Sprzedajemy Legendary, Stamus Contra Malum, Steps of Insanity, Still Game, Svenska Eliten, SWAT, Swift Justice, Synthesis, Sérenity, Taafis, Talent, Talk to the hand, Team Rocket, Tears of Sorrow, Ten Inches Unbuffed, The Burning Madness, The Crusaders, The Dragon Lotus, The Dragon of Wildhammer, The Dreamers, The Fedaykin, the firm, The Gold Diggers, The Grimm Reapers, The Guild Of Bob, The Hell Hole, The Heroes Association, The Horde Empire, The Human Hive, The Iron Alliance, The Iron Knights, The League, The Leprechauns, The 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