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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
War Guild EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 148
Patronum EU-Uldaman 0 55
The Other World EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 48
thenewfamilly EU-Uldaman Horde 0 37
The Crimson Ring EU-Uldaman Horde 0 30
Horde et Chaos EU-Uldaman 0 29
Blood Brothers EU-Uldaman Horde 0 20
Darks EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 19
YggdrasiI EU-Uldaman Horde 0 19
Apophis EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 15
BlackLagoon EU-Drek'Thar 0 15
S P A R T I A T E S EU-Drek'Thar Horde 0 15
New Slaves EU-Uldaman 0 15
Slaves Of Freedom EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 15
La Meuhle EU-Drek'Thar Horde 0 13
La Garde d Isis EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 11
Walkyrye EU-Uldaman 0 10
In Omnia Paratus EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 8
Prisme EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 8
LA GROSSE BÛCHE EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 7
Suicid Squad EU-Uldaman 0 7
Cookies and crumble EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 6
Armée des douze dingues EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 5
Epsilon EU-Drek'Thar 0 5
Errantes Animas EU-Uldaman Horde 0 5
Elenya EU-Uldaman Horde 0 4
Experia EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 4
Yes We Gânk EU-Uldaman 0 4
Ordre Noble EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 3
eX EU-Drek'Thar 0 2
Insane EU-Drek'Thar 0 2
JAH SOCIETY EU-Drek'Thar Horde 0 2
Ashes of the phoenix EU-Uldaman 0 2
Azuréus EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
LastHope EU-Uldaman 0 2
Nocturnys EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 2
Orishas EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
La Légion de Sylvanas EU-Drek'Thar 0 1
Qwerty EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 1
Valhålla EU-Drek'Thar 0 1
Ante Bellum EU-Uldaman 0 1
Embrase EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Griffe Rouge EU-Uldaman 0 1
Knight of Trust EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
La Brigade EU-Uldaman 0 1
La Vendetta EU-Uldaman 0 1
Les Cagouilles EU-Uldaman 0 1
Les Ombres Radioactive EU-Uldaman 0 1
Opus Divinæti EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Psykoz EU-Uldaman 0 1
Renaissance EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Sadistic EU-Uldaman 0 1
Sang Rancune EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Thanatøs EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
HordØeuvre EU-Uldaman Horde 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Inexistence EU-Uldaman Horde 0 322
Horde et Chaos EU-Uldaman Horde 0 161
Last Life EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 79
mairaidamoiquejai EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 75
Logs des Todes of Doom EU-Drek'Thar Horde 0 74
Les Veilleurs du Temps EU-Uldaman Horde 0 72
Griffe Rouge EU-Uldaman Horde 0 69
Real Time - Uldaman EU-Uldaman Horde 0 67
Les oubliés EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 61
Oríon EU-Uldaman Horde 0 60
Le Fléau des Damnés EU-Uldaman Horde 0 58
Dead and Breakfast EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 57
Abalone EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 55
Unlimited EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 54
Avatar EU-Uldaman Horde 0 36
burn my dread EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 36
Les lions EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 35
Craze EU-Uldaman Horde 0 34
Bourbier EU-Uldaman Horde 0 32
Sadmoon EU-Uldaman Horde 0 32
Mystérie EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 30
Murmüres EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 29
Shindorei MoP EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 27
Insane EU-Uldaman Horde 0 26
La Vendetta EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 26
Epsilon EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 24
Les Phoenix de Solaris EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 23
Rédemptiøn EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 22
MiliXion EU-Uldaman Horde 0 21
Other Side EU-Uldaman Horde 0 21
Bloody Tearz EU-Uldaman Horde 0 20
Les anges endiables EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 18
Dark Phoenix EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 16
Légion of Draenor EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 14
Toulouse EU-Uldaman Horde 0 14
Angels of Liberty EU-Uldaman Horde 0 13
The Return EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 13
Xperia EU-Uldaman Horde 0 13
Ablation EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 12
jouyougihene EU-Uldaman Horde 0 11
Processes EU-Uldaman Horde 0 11
Les exaltés du cimetière EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 10
The Return EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 10
Bloody tearz EU-Uldaman Horde 0 9
clan firestorm EU-Uldaman Horde 0 9
Djin EU-Uldaman Horde 0 9
La Zizaniz EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 9
Mascarade EU-Uldaman Horde 0 9
Atome EU-Uldaman Horde 0 8
Emïnence EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 8
La garde EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 8
Originz EU-Uldaman Horde 0 8
GämeØver EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 7
Les gardiens du Grutli EU-Uldaman Horde 0 7
Never End EU-Uldaman Horde 0 7
Rogueh EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 7
Who Dare Win EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 7
JAH SOCIETY EU-Drek'Thar Horde 0 6
Maëlstrom EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 6
Tauren Ailé EU-Uldaman Horde 0 6
Waj EU-Uldaman Horde 0 6
world origin EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 6
Biotop EU-Uldaman Horde 0 5
Bénédiction EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 5
Cori Celesti EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 5
Eternal Delirium EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 5
Synergy EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 5
Tomoni EU-Uldaman Horde 0 5
Ys EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 5
Arise EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 4
Dead and Breakfast EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 4
Dead and Circle EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 4
Ellayfair EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 4
Entity EU-Uldaman Horde 0 4
Epic Fail EU-Drek'Thar Horde 0 4
Høuse EU-Uldaman Horde 0 4
Les logs a Dwidwi EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 4
Les survivants de Kaly EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 4
losing hopes EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 4
Nocturnys EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 4
Real Time EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 4
RFR EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 4
WS EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 4
Ølympe EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 4
Armée des 12 dingues EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 3
Eli EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 3
Horsdeux EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 3
Just for Ranking EU-Uldaman Horde 0 3
La Légion Oubliée EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 3
Miaou EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 3
Natura Magna EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 3
Prémonition EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 3
Anarchie EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 2
Apophis EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 2
Atome EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
blues brothers EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
darklegends EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
Dont un au lion EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
Genèse EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
la cuvée des Trolls EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
Mascarade EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
Outrage EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
Pandémønium EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
Phase III EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 2
Rest in peace EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 2
Saingler95 EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
The lfr is way too hard EU-Uldaman Horde 0 2
Vorondils EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 2
Anthropie EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Atreia EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Brother Never Negociates EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Dark Circle EU-Drek'Thar Horde 0 1
Demonic connections EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 1
Dragons noirs EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 1
Elfyness EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Enigmå EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Eternelle EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
ExKalibur EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Fun Factory EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 1
gondolyn EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Gondolyn EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Happy Burst Day EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 1
horde in air EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Insãne EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Insãne EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
insømnia EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
insømnie EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
killrs EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Kubb EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
La Forge Flamboyante EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
La garde d Isis EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 1
Les exaltés du cimetière EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 1
Maëlstrom EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Maëlstrom EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Mialog EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Multidragons EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 1
Necrøsis EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Nø Limit EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Oo Avälanche oO EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Para bellum EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Perzi-superWOL EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Private EU-Uldaman Horde 0 1
Renaissance EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
SFU EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Vae Victis EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 1
WARGUILD EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 1
Carbørne XIV None Alliance 0 0
1 2 3 soleil None Horde 0 0
5emeColonne None Alliance 0 0
afk wow None Alliance 0 0
Amicidia None Alliance 0 0
AMIZADE None Horde 0 0
Armonium None Horde 0 0
artémis None Alliance 0 0
Asystolia None Horde 0 0
atlantîs None Alliance 0 0
Aunrae_Test None Alliance 0 0
Backup None Horde 0 0
Bagdad café None Horde 0 0
banque mada None Alliance 0 0
Bear None Horde 0 0
BenzenTest None Horde 0 0
Berzerk None Horde 0 0
Biotop None Horde 0 0
Bladeofhell None Alliance 0 0
brume None Horde 0 0
calîpsea None Alliance 0 0
Carbørne XIV None Alliance 0 0
Cazüs Belli None Horde 0 0
Cessium None Alliance 0 0
Clique ici None Alliance 0 0
Conseil illidari None Alliance 0 0
CORE None Alliance 0 0
Croeda None Alliance 0 0
Culmination None Alliance 0 0
Cursed Dynasty None Horde 0 0
Cursed Dynsaty None Horde 0 0
Damage Inc None Horde 0 0
Dawn None Alliance 0 0
DawnY None Alliance 0 0
Dead and Breakfast None Alliance 0 0
Dis Sedere None Alliance 0 0
Dont un au lion EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 0
Dégâts des Os None Horde 0 0
embrase None Horde 0 0
Errantes Animas None Horde 0 0
Eru@Craze None Alliance 0 0
Eternelle None Alliance 0 0
Exsilium None Alliance 0 0
familly and co None Horde 0 0
farax EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 0
First légion None Horde 0 0
Five points None Alliance 0 0
freelancers None Alliance 0 0
Gamble None Horde 0 0
Grobbulus vs McDonalds None Horde 0 0
Guardians of Despair None Horde 0 0
Hatred None Horde 0 0
Helldz log None Horde 0 0
HestiGuild EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 0
Horde connection EU-Uldaman Horde 0 0
In Wipi Veritas None Alliance 0 0
initium EU-Uldaman Alliance 0 0
intox None Alliance 0 0
Intøx None Alliance 0 0
invocation None Alliance 0 0
kodiask EU-Uldaman Horde 0 0
Kärmeliet None Horde 0 0
kôs karma None Horde 0 0
la garde d isis None Alliance 0 0
les anges protecteurs None Alliance 0 0
Les bibres du chengal EU-Uldaman Horde 0 0
Les Lames Pourpres None Alliance 0 0
Les Lions d Azeroth None Alliance 0 0
lestroismaitres None Alliance 0 0
Ludtii None Horde 0 0
Mascarade None Horde 0 0
MeAndMyself None Alliance 0 0
Molten None Alliance 0 0
Multum legiones None Alliance 0 0
Mystøgan None Horde 0 0
métélunettes None Horde 0 0
nalonwe None Alliance 0 0
nalonwe None Alliance 0 0
Nalonwe None Alliance 0 0
Nephalem None Horde 0 0
Nephtys None Alliance 0 0
Night Watch None Horde 0 0
nile None Horde 0 0
No Brain No Gain None Alliance 0 0
No Brain No Gain None Alliance 0 0
Novae None Alliance 0 0
ODLG None Horde 0 0
Oeil du démon None Alliance 0 0
ombres None Alliance 0 0
Oo Avälanche oO None Horde 0 0
Oo Avälanche oO None Horde 0 0
Opus Divinæti None Alliance 0 0
Opus DivinÆti None Horde 0 0
Oracion Elementis None Horde 0 0
Ordre Noble None Alliance 0 0
Ordre Noir De Kalimdor None Horde 0 0
Other None Alliance 0 0
Ounet power. None Horde 0 0
outland47 EU-Uldaman Horde 0 0
Para Bellum None Horde 0 0
Para Bellum None Horde 0 0
Patouf None Alliance 0 0
Poney de lumière None Horde 0 0
Prowlers eyes None Horde 0 0
Prédictions None Alliance 0 0
Quatre None Alliance 0 0
Qwerty None Alliance 0 0
Rajixland None Alliance 0 0
Real Time None Horde 0 0
Real Time 2 None Horde 0 0
RENAISSANCE None Alliance 0 0
RipTide None Alliance 0 0
Rébellion None Horde 0 0
sasquatchwow None Alliance 0 0
shadou None Alliance 0 0
Shindorei None Alliance 0 0
Shindorei None Alliance 0 0
Shindorei None Alliance 0 0
Symbiose/bis None Horde 0 0
Symbïose None Horde 0 0
Synöpsis None Horde 0 0
Test None Horde 0 0
Test736 None Alliance 0 0
The Brainless Squad None Alliance 0 0
The Brotherhood of Steel None Alliance 0 0
The DarkSôul None Horde 0 0
The Unit None Alliance 0 0
TheNewFamilly None Horde 0 0
Tigrese None Alliance 0 0
Tod None Horde 0 0
UnFeeLinG None Horde 0 0
Very Bad Loot None Horde 0 0
Welcome In The Darkness EU-Drek'Thar Alliance 0 0
Whateva None Horde 0 0
Who dar win None Alliance 0 0
Why Nøt None Alliance 0 0
Wicked Sick None Alliance 0 0
Wipspirit None Horde 0 0
WRT None Horde 0 0
Xpéria None Horde 0 0
Xpéria - Uldaman None Horde 0 0
Yes We Gânk None Horde 0 0
Yes We Gânk None Horde 0 0
zedl None Horde 0 0
Æternity None Alliance 0 0
Ørigin of Ðream None Alliance 0 0
Øsx None Alliance 0 0
Øverdøse None Horde 0 0
ünlïmiteÐ None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

Dégâts des os , il me semble, -Nalonwe-, .:*:. DignitY-Gaming feat. bLuEmAkEr .:*:., Aarakocras, AarakocraS, absølution, Absølution, Ad Astra, Ad Astra, Ad Astra, Adrénaline, Adrénaline, Aeresis, Aeternum, After Midnight, agapè, Agapè, agressive lapinous, alkarox, Alliance des gardiens, ambre_guild, amicidia, amicidia, Amicidia, AMIZADE, AmizadeAbyss, Amnësiä, Anatheme, Anatheme, Annuit coeptis, Annuit Coeptis, Antarès, Anthropie, Anthropie, apocalipsia, apocalipsia, apollodia, Apollodia, Apophis, asthar, Asystolia, atlantis, atlantîs, Atome, Atome, Atome, Attak Oblik, Avatar, AVATAR, Azima, Azylum, B145d, back of dragon, Backup, Bad Brain, Bad Brains, badbrains, badoom, Banana Republic, beoulve, berzerk, Berzerk, Between Friends, Beyond the Limitation, Beyond the Limitation, Beyond the Limitation, Beyond The Limitation, biotop, Biotop, Biotop, Biotop, Blackdragon, BlackDragon, BlackLagoon, Bloodlust, BloodLust, BloodLust, BLoodLust, Bloody Requiem, BNN, Boucaniers, Boucanniers, Burst Angels, Buzz, cannibals, Carbøne , Carina, Carpé diem, Cazüs Belli, CB, Chaos, Chaos2, Chaøs, Check Point, Chevaliers Dechus, Clan firestorm, Clan firestorm, Clan Firestorm, Clan Hache Rouillée, Clan Hache Rouillée, CoreskzOr, Craze, Craze (private), Crazy Horde, Crazy Horde, Crazy Memories, Crazy Memories, Crepuscule, célestina, cønsørtïum, Dark Phoenix, Dawn, Dead and Breakfast, Dead and Breakfast, Demacia, Deus Lacrima, Deux Dés de Dix, Dhÿtii, Dies Iræ, divyn, djin inside, Djuyah, DnD, Dolmen, Dont Un Au Lion, Dreamnight, dummy, Déimos, Déimos, Délirïum, Dîvinïty, Dïä, Ecleptika, Eclipsess, Edenae, EL, Electorn Libre, Embrase, Empty Area, Emïnence, Enigma, Enjoy, Enjðy, Enjðy, epsilon, Epsilon, Epsilon, epsilon2, equinox, erikochet, Eslodem, Eternelle, Eternelle, Eternelle, Eternelle, Eternelle, Apogée , A PLUS SOUS LE BUS, Abso, agapè, Alternative, Ambre, Amnesty, Annuit Coeptis, Arize, Asile des douze dingos, Asystolia, Avalõn, Azylum, B u r s t, BACHECHT, Back to Back, Banque Suisse, Brotherz Of Destruction, BTLguilde, BULLS OF WAR, Burning Horizon, Charal, Cherche le bar, Children of Darkness, Clair de Lune, Clan des Monts de Fer, Clan Hache Rouillée, CrackToiAussi, Crédit Suisse, Cøntinium, Cønvictiøn, Daemon, Dead and Circle, Deceitful Racoon, Dis Sedere, Dixit Dominus, Døminisius, Ebony blade, Eclypsïa, Elwÿnn Is A PvP ZønE, Emïnence, Ethereal Fury, Ever Dreams, Evidence, Evildencia, Final History, Forgiven, Golden Horde, griffe noire, Happy Clinique, Havre, Hordeux Kontwol, HordOeuvre, Hyperborea, Hypérion, Hørizons, Infinity Oracion, Irréel, katana x world, l encyclopédie, L Ordre Nøir de Kalimdor, La Belge attitude, La Compagnie des Ombres, La derniere Legion, La Force Brute, la Garde du Vide, La Harde de Seth, La Ligue, La légion épique, La Triarchie, La ZiZaNie, lannister, Last Life, Le Clan ÖqpÖ, Le culte Ute, Le Havre, Le monde est a nous, league of true blood, Lel, les absølut, Les anges de la Lumière, les bad boys, Les Barjots, Les Cagouilles, LES CHEVALIERS DE GLACE, Les Chevaliers Onyx, Les Coquines Taquines, Les Enfants du Fiel, les fantasme, Les Fils du Dragon, Les Griffons Sacrés, Les Larmes des Ténèbres, Les Liminiens, les légions Enkidiev, Les Nanopabulophobes, Les oubliés, Les rois tol barad, Les saigneurs de Wow, Les Scarfaces, Les Tueurs de Dragons, Les tøntøns wiper, Les wodman, lesvénérablespandashans, Light the Helf, Lordaeron Soul, lotus doré, Madmen Furious, Maison Shazaar, Marmity, medlegiste, Misery Cords, Mugen, Mystérie, Nalonwe, nanopabulophobe, Natura Magna, NEMESIA, Nephtys, Nephtys Académy, No Brain No Gain, Nothing to lose, Nøreïa, Only With You, Ordo Bellatores, Out of Range, Pandemonium, Phoenix, Phøenix, Pour l Alliance, Prends la porte, Pti Hordeux, Putsch, Quatre, Rebellion, Redemptìon, Retour vers le Futur, Revø, RIP Sofiane K, SANCTUARY, Sauveurs de la destiné, Shangrila, Simplisimmo, soldat de pandaria, south stormwind, Strange Desire, Summer Paradise, TBK, Tenryû, THE GUARDIAN OF DEMON, the knights, The Last twink, The new world of wolves, The Ruskoff Compagny, Thrallar Morghulis, tirant uni pour la vie, trankilløu, Triumvirat, tRs eSport, Un Menu Maxi Best Of svp, Under Control Paradis, Utopya, We work together, What Else, Whine, WipeSpirit, World Origin, ZAZA, zerph, Élypsia, Ðalt Corp, Ðawn, Ølympe, ømbrecröc, Abalone, Ad Infinitum, Agence tøut risques, Alliance des gardiens, Alésia, Amaranthe, Apogée, Apophis Gardians, Aragorn Knights, Arathor, Archanges, Arise, Armaguédon fûrax, Ars Necis, Art PvP Style, asdfaffsdf, associé du diable, Atlantîs, Atome, Avatar, Avengers, Azeroth Legends, Azima, Bambøø, Bande de Tocards, BANG BANG you are DEAD, Bankinét, Bankya, Banned, Berserkers, Beta house, Blacks templars, Blackswords, BloodLust, Bloody Tearz, Blue Lagoon, BløødøfWarriørs, Born to fail, Brexit, Burning Blood, ByeShadow, Bånque, bénépé, BøF, Carbone, Cazüs Belli, Chasseurs de Dragons, choc des titans, Cie du chien rugissant, Compagnie Noire, compo mop, Conquérants dela Lumière, consortium du phoenix, Cori Celesti, Craze, Crazy Stones, Credit Agricool, Dark legendary, darklegends, DD Team, Deadly Panda Squad, Deadly Serenity, Debauchery Tea Party, Derniere souffrance, Des âmes perdus, Desperados, destinées, Die Hard, Djin Inside, Dragøn Météøre, Dreamnight, Durostar, Dégâts des Os, Dépot du p, Ekinøx, Elysium, Empty Area, Enigmå, entraide et bonne humeur, Espoir nouveau, Est Un PNJ, Eternal Ashes, Etoile, Existence, Factory, FairyTails, Fallendi Mortem, Family and Co, Fight Før Fun, First légion, Five Magics, For the HORD, French Hit, Friends and Fun, Galates, Gallifrey, Gardiens de Fossoyeuse, Gardiens de Rief, Genèse, ghostguilde, Glan Depot, Glen Mafia, Go Wipe, GREVISTE DE LA SNCF, Hand Of God, Happy Burst Day, Happy Clinique, Hatred, hey im retard, Hidatsas, Hidden Moon, Hobbitchewer, Horadrim, Hors d Eux, Hors de Crédit, HOSTIILE, Hæven, Héroes, Høuse, in tartiflette we trust, Inception, Infamous, inglorious furious, Inglorious Gamers, Initial, Initium, Insanes mule, instinct bestial, Insømnia, Intouchable, Intøx, InWinOVeritas, Joker Dice, Joker dices, Jouyougihene, JSUIS PAS DANS LGAME, jûstice, kaamelot, Keeran Prophecy, Kymera, KöS, L Ours Déchaîné, La Cave à Vin, La cuvée des Trolls, La Forge Flamboyante, La Guilde De NaheulbeuK, La Horde des Foumis, la lune de sang, La nôtre, La tomate, La Vahiöll, LabanqueDeux, Landstraad, Lard Of War, last wipe, Le Cercle Des Ombres, Le cercle nocturne, le clan Darkspear, Le clan des rois, Le fleau des dragons, Le Sang Des Damnes, Legacy of Corrupt, Legend Junior, Legendary, legends of nemesïs, legion d elite, Les Acharnés, Les anciens du Grûtli, Les anges protecteurs, les bouffetouts, Les Bourlingueurs, Les Chasseur De prime, Les Chevaliers Cathares, les chevaliers du dragon, Les Derniers Combattants, Les Dieux De L Ølympe, les dieux trés ancien, Les Dragons D Hadès, les démons de wow, Les Fauves Ardents, Les flèches noires, les frero, Les gardiens des cendres, Les Lions d Azeroth, Les Phoenix enragés, Les phoénix de Solaris, les piliers d orgrimmar, Les pros du BTP, Les Pâtés de Poneys, les redoutables, Les Renégâts, Les Sept Samouraïs, Les survivants de Kaly, Les Veilleurs du Temps, Les Warriors Suprem, les yankkees, LooT, Lost Heaven, Loudblast, Loveless, Lune Sanglante, Løve Bisøunøurs, Ma femme est un Murloc, MacFyme, Maestria, MaGenge, Man Øf Steel, Marchombre, Mascarade, Maëlstrom, Memøries, Mercenaires d Alliance, Mercenaîres, MiliXion, Miss Click, Misère et Horde, moi, Nakama, Natural Born Losers, Netflix And Chill, NeVeR, Never End, Nevermind, No Eternity, No Lïfe, no strat full burst, No Time To Cry, Noxya, nuit noire, On en a gros, Oo Avälanche oO, Oración Elementis, Ordre du Temple, Origen, Origin, Oríon, Orîgîne, Other Side, ouhh yeah baby, Outrage, Pacte du sanG, Pandémønium, Paradoxe, Pavillon Noir, PEGASE, Phantøm, plenitude, Polux Tout Puissant, Poneys de Lumière, PosTenebrasLux, Pouet Pouet Tagada, Processes, Prowlers Eyes, Prédictions, Ptikayoo, Purificateur, PvP Gang, Raptor Jesuites, Real Time, Red Mull, Reims forthewin, Rerøll and Co, Rhombicuboctaèdre, Ridge, Rising, Road Of Phoenix, Roca Førtis, Ruthless TV, Rébellion, Rïa, S G C, sac à po, Sanctuaire, sang royal, Sanskrit, Saturday Wipe Fever, Secteur H, SeL, sentinel de l aube, shadow of death, Shindorei, Silent Vengeance, Snoow Club TV, Sorcere, Soul eater, sptizeve, Stravangel, Stronger, subliminal, Supernatural, Tartifouette, Taunt Me If You Can, Team Warsong, Tenbu Horin, The Age of Empire, The Blood Thirsty PvP, The Brainless Squad, The glory of the heroes, the knights of shade, The last pride, The Marshmallow, The Pepper Toad, Treachery, Trinity, Umßrellä Cørpørätíøn, Unchained, Unchaîned, Undercity Guardians, United Champions, Unstuffed Poutounours, Unu Ana Ono Ini, Vanilla, Verity forever, Very Bad Loot, Village People, Virat, Voleurs d âmes, Vöx Pøpüli, WARGUILD RACE, Wayne s World, WE ARE A LEGEND, We Are Legiøn, Why Nøt, Wicked, Will Kick Your Ass, Winchesters Gang, Wipspirït, WoD, 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Silmarinium, Sinthesis, Sleeping Hope, Sleepinhope, Solaris, solist, sombre croisade, sombre mascarade, Sorcere, Space Dementià, Space Dementià, Spartiate resort, SPARTIATES, Strait Jacket, sup son, sup', symbïose, Syn, synergy, Synergy, Synopsis, Synöpsis, Synöpsis, Syphilogs, SÃURØN, Sänctuary, sølaris, Sølaris, Sølaris, Sølaris, Ta, taartag, Test, test opti nep, testold, th, the brainless squad, The Curse Of Dragons, The DarkSôul, The guild, The Insane, The Legend of Zion, The Other World, The Return, The Space Bar Guild, the warcry, The Warcry, theblacktemplar, Thenewfamilly, Thundercats, touristest, TumGold, Unbesiegt, Unbesiegt, Unfeeling, Unscarred, Ursael, Utopia, vassi guilde, Void, Vöx Pøpüli, Walkyries, war, WarGuild, Wick, Wicked sick, Wildcats, Wildness, Wildness, Wildness, Wipspirït, WipSpirït, Wisdom of universes, Wolverine, Wolverine, WS, ypsilon, Ypsilon, Yukupug, yé man cool man, ßarbapapa, âbyss, âbyss, Änaksunamon, Äntares, Ðestiny, Ðust, Ørigin of Ðream, ørigine, 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