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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
The Brigaders EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 71
Jínxed EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 63
Brilliance EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 45
Wall Rose EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 43
Not Much Hope EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 29
Dänglistan EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 25
The Imperial Guard EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 23
Vischne EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 22
Elysium Gaming EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 20
Sunfire EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 19
The Imperium EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 18
Iudicium EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 16
Limbo EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 16
Illustrious EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 15
Emeritus EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 14
Balkan Express EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 12
Incidia EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 12
The Other Side EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 12
Banjostoliitto EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 10
Bazinga EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 10
Caelum EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 10
The last of the Dunedain EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 10
House of Rurik EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 9
Hollands Glorie EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 8
Original Sin EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 8
Rogue Ninjas EU-Sylvanas 0 8
Easy Mode EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 7
In Progress EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 7
LÖYLY EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 7
Vanilla Flavour EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 7
Familjen EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
Last Man Standing EU-Sylvanas 0 6
Nemetos Order EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
The Dárk Brotherhood EU-Sylvanas 0 6
Unknown Entity EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
Balkanikà EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Immortality EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Nidvardir EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Please Heal Me Marvin EU-Sylvanas 0 5
Resolute EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Riddle Me This EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
BROUGHT FRIENDS EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
Casually Hardcore EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
Madhouse Inmates EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
PowerHouse Romania EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
S Y N E R G Y EU-Sylvanas 0 4
Sincerity EU-Sylvanas 0 4
Whitebeards EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
Ashes of Inferno EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
B R U T A L S EU-Sylvanas 0 3
Baylife EU-Sylvanas 0 3
Blue Mist EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Born to Rise EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Casualty EU-Sylvanas 0 3
Dez Moinez EU-Sylvanas 0 3
Inceptional EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
MentalSjukhuset EU-Sylvanas 0 3
Random Letters EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Recurrent EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
The fluffy side EU-Sylvanas 0 3
We Care EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
AllStar Randoms EU-Sylvanas 0 2
Argents EU-Sylvanas 0 2
Big Boss EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Blackboot Mercenaries EU-Sylvanas 0 2
Brigaden EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Demise EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Exploding Sheep EU-Sylvanas 0 2
Fate of the Fallen EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Geto Dracii EU-Sylvanas 0 2
Gravity EU-Sylvanas 0 2
Guardians of Karabor EU-Sylvanas 0 2
iPuG EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Kombat Reborn EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Neverending Night EU-Sylvanas 0 2
Pro Masters EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Revelation EU-Sylvanas 0 2
Shaman stole my bike EU-Sylvanas 0 2
Society EU-Sylvanas 0 2
The Guild EU-Sylvanas 0 2
Unstable Experiment EU-Sylvanas 0 2
was merely a setback EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Arbetslös EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Beyond Harmless EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Bonfire EU-Sylvanas 0 1
Chill EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Crucial EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Decerto EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Disguised Intelligence EU-Sylvanas 0 1
ELEMENTS EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
En Påse Nötter EU-Sylvanas 0 1
Feelsbadman EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Horde i Magen EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Invicta EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Karsina EU-Sylvanas 0 1
Natt till Dag EU-Sylvanas 0 1
PVP Company EU-Sylvanas 0 1
raging union EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Raiders From North EU-Sylvanas 0 1
Resilient EU-Sylvanas 0 1
The Faceless EU-Sylvanas 0 1
The Prime Evil EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
The Untouchable EU-Sylvanas 0 1
Threat EU-Sylvanas 0 1
Tiras Valesh EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Tyrants EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Unfair EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Victory Call EU-Sylvanas 0 1
Victus EU-Sylvanas 0 1
Vikîng Lottô EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
we dem boyz EU-Sylvanas 0 1
Clueless EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Unknown Entity EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 944
Emeritus EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 458
KLR EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 434
Raging Nemesis 2 EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 209
stark industries EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 198
Sylvanas EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 170
Systemet EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 153
Ashes of Inferno EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 134
Sparta EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 126
Nulli Secundus EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 117
Curm EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 106
was merely a setback EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 101
Unforeseen Delirium EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 82
Tribal Rage None Alliance 0 74
New Order EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 59
Odrodzone Przymierze EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 42
IS PRO None Alliance 0 41
Kuono EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 41
Slozna Braca EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 41
<(un)sure> EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 35
Invalid Argument EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 32
Eclipse EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 25
Untitled EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 25
And his imaginary homies EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 24
cedrojwruc EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 23
No Surrender None Alliance 0 23
Caelum EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 21
Endemic EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 20
T&E EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 20
Lemmings EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 19
QiubGuild EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 19
Amanitaria muscaria EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 18
Anointed EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 18
Butterfly Commandos EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 17
Johannesbesthuntereu EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 17
LonelySquid EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 17
no u EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 17
EF-Assasinen EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 15
Discolars (Dänglistan) EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 14
The Baguette Order EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 14
Easy Mode EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 13
Perplexity EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 12
Vagparty EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 12
Crooks and Liars EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 11
Familjen EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 11
Supreme Court EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 11
Dulo EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 10
Empyrean EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 10
IS PRO EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 10
Kudos EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 10
Ladifas EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 10
LostHope EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 10
Reclaimed EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 10
Division EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 9
Reborn Unity EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 9
The Awesomeness Itself EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 9
Ðanish Terrace EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 9
Ethidin's Logs EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 8
Graxplaceholders EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 8
Better than you ! EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 7
I Nova I EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 7
KLR Alts/sellrun EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 7
Mezhina EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 7
Nemetos Order EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 7
Northern Realms EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 7
Rewind EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 7
The Cult EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 7
Total Insanity EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 7
Vischne EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 7
Aggressive Authority EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
Haffarna EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
Logika None Horde 0 6
Maelbruko EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
PowerLogsss EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
pyllerologs EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
Raging Union EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
Societas Draconistrarum EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
Time Lords EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
Wolves of Stormwind EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 6
De Glade Vikinger EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Essence EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Le Baguette EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 5
mystica EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Nemetos Order EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
No Intel Inside EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Order of Phoenix EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Oxygenious EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Rolf Likes Ranks EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Superseal II EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
The Machine EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 5
Ðanish Terrace EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 5
Anal Humping EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
Arundo's Log EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
Banjostoliitto EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
Cry Havoc GD EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
Diamond Logs2 None Alliance 0 4
Kombat Resurrected EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
Medrich Logs EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 4
Nal Ra EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
No Ordinary Rabbit EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
Nova EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
NQ EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
Rebels EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
ted EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
WuksaLog EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 4
#SwagLogs EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Argent Templars EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Arishfal EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Bailed Kindergarten EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Brilliance EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
cKy EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Crooks and Liars 2.0 EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Diamond-Pug None Alliance 0 3
Entium EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Exidia EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Gravity EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Grim EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Insanes EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
KLR Casuals EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
lazaru EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 3
MisterijaLog EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
NONE EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 3
Nyuszi EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 3
Paradigm EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Phoenix EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 3
Porchmunkey EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Test Subject #2774 EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
The Imperium EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Unknown Entity EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Walk on Water EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 3
Amirlight EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Anlashok EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 2
Blue Mist EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Brooks Logs EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 2
Call of Cthulu EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Cantrell EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Clueless None Alliance 0 2
Deus Ex EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Engagers puppies EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Enraged Revolution EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 2
Fearless Combat EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
garisa EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 2
hide yo kids EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 2
Hippiclass EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Infinite Balkan EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Intuition EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Mystical EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
OakTehKitty EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Revelation EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Sphexx EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Suplex City EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 2
Team Q EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
TUS EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Unchained EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 2
Vanishes logs EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 2
Adrenaline EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Ailve's guild EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
And his Imaginary Homies EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Bimo's Logs EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Blood Sweat and Tiers EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Bobo's Logs EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 1
Bobos Logs EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 1
Branko industria EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
brotherhood of darkness EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Coheed EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 1
CoL EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Core Of Legends EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Crimson Wake EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
ddd EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Deathlymaid EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Deux Ex EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
DT Banter EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 1
ELEMENTS EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
eXplicit None Alliance 0 1
Falken's Randoms EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Fragglerne EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
GGG EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 1
In the Membrane EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Invictum EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Killcount Lost EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 1
Kladdjus's guild EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Lunacy EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
maelstrom EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Maudie's awesome healing EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Mezhina EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
mine EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Minerva EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Mystic EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 1
Nefarious EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 1
Nice Goat EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
nok EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Panda Propaganda EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Perkele EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Purge EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Rak EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Resurgam EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Rinse EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Ruga EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Seljaci EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Solynna Logs EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Squirtles EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Stark Industries team 2 EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 1
tchaikovsky EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
The Faceless EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
The Increment EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
The Special Friends EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 1
Tiras Valesh EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Total Insanity EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Tribal rage EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
Twisted Fate EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
UnholyOnes EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 1
weebewow EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 1
1234 None Alliance 0 0
None Horde 0 0
Absence's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Acerak None Alliance 0 0
Adoendithas's logs None Alliance 0 0
African Swindlers Inc None Alliance 0 0
Agonie si extaz None Horde 0 0
Aj tak sme stale frajeri None Horde 0 0
Almost Perfect None Alliance 0 0
Amicis None Alliance 0 0
Anal Humping None Alliance 0 0
ApplycationTest None Alliance 0 0
Ariadne Logs None Horde 0 0
Arrows of Alleria None Alliance 0 0
Ascension2 None Alliance 0 0
Ascensiøn None Alliance 0 0
asd EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 0
asdfghjkl None Alliance 0 0
Ashesofderpderp None Alliance 0 0
Atlantic Nation None Alliance 0 0
Atrocity None Alliance 0 0
Attero Logs None Horde 0 0
Attrition None Alliance 0 0
Autentic Romanesc None Alliance 0 0
Autentic Romanesc Raid2 None Alliance 0 0
Aversion None Horde 0 0
Avokado's PUGgings None Alliance 0 0
awesomo None Alliance 0 0
Awesomo None Alliance 0 0
Awesomo None Alliance 0 0
awezomlogs None Horde 0 0
BALKANIKA None Alliance 0 0
Bane - Team Allegiance None Alliance 0 0
Bataljonen None Alliance 0 0
Bazinga None Alliance 0 0
Beach Bar Poker Club None Alliance 0 0
Beach Bar Poker Club None Alliance 0 0
Bee Hive None Horde 0 0
Beslutsångest None Alliance 0 0
Best in Slot None Alliance 0 0
Betrayers of Humanity None Alliance 0 0
Betrayers of humanity (NQ) None Alliance 0 0
Beyond Harmless None Alliance 0 0
Beyond Oblivion None Alliance 0 0
Blood legion None Horde 0 0
Bloodpack CZ EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 0
Bondock Saints None Horde 0 0
Bondock Saints None Alliance 0 0
Boost Camp None Alliance 0 0
Brewmasters None Alliance 0 0
Bromgar-logs None Alliance 0 0
Brotherhood of Darkness None Alliance 0 0
Buckle Up None Alliance 0 0
Caelum None Alliance 0 0
Care for some Wine None Horde 0 0
Casual Murlocs None Alliance 0 0
Certissima's Logs None Alliance 0 0
Chapter Four None Alliance 0 0
Charybdisc Logs None Alliance 0 0
Chronicles None Alliance 0 0
Cold Fusion None Alliance 0 0
College football guy irl None Alliance 0 0
comeback EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 0
Conquest None Alliance 0 0
Cregath None Horde 0 0
Crna Mamba None Horde 0 0
Crown of Blood None Alliance 0 0
D E C A D E U S None Horde 0 0
DaHood None Alliance 0 0
Dannyboy None Alliance 0 0
Dark Raven None Alliance 0 0
Dayuuum None Alliance 0 0
Deliriûm None Horde 0 0
Depthcore None Alliance 0 0
Depthcore None Alliance 0 0
Derptemp None Horde 0 0
Destination II None Horde 0 0
Determination None Alliance 0 0
Diamònd None Alliance 0 0
Dirty Love None Horde 0 0
Disguised Intelligence None Alliance 0 0
Distinct None Alliance 0 0
DjargoLogs None Alliance 0 0
Dkmarcus None Alliance 0 0
Dobo Logs None Alliance 0 0
Dragon's Wrath EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 0
Druidxxol/Dabawz logs None Horde 0 0
DT None Alliance 0 0
Dude wheres my raid None Alliance 0 0
Dukili None Alliance 0 0
Dyma's Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
Dynamic None Alliance 0 0
Dynasty None Alliance 0 0
Echoes In Eternity None Alliance 0 0
ELEMENTS None Alliance 0 0
Empire of the Dark Sun None Alliance 0 0
End of Discussion None Alliance 0 0
EPN None Alliance 0 0
EraMaDeDe EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
Escalibur None Alliance 0 0
eSport Monkeys EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
Essential None Alliance 0 0
Ett strå vassare None Alliance 0 0
Evos logs None Alliance 0 0
exhilaration None Alliance 0 0
eXplicit None Alliance 0 0
Exploding Sheep None Alliance 0 0
Exploding Sheep None Alliance 0 0
Familjen None Alliance 0 0
fart None Alliance 0 0
Fatal Shadows None Alliance 0 0
Fenevads Logs None Horde 0 0
FentalityLogs None Alliance 0 0
Ferren's logs None Horde 0 0
FIN None Horde 0 0
FIN None Horde 0 0
FIN None Horde 0 0
Fluttershy Effect None Alliance 0 0
Focused Fire None Horde 0 0
Foki Låggies None Horde 0 0
Fokis Logs None Alliance 0 0
For S.I. Test None Horde 0 0
freeze9 EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
Frzx Logs None Alliance 0 0
Fusion None Alliance 0 0
Fusion None Alliance 0 0
Gamalina's Reports None Horde 0 0
gatekeepers None Alliance 0 0
Get Hyper None Alliance 0 0
Glirin None Alliance 0 0
God Slayers None Alliance 0 0
Golden Lotus None Horde 0 0
Golem None Alliance 0 0
govance None Alliance 0 0
gramno None Alliance 0 0
Grand Theft Kodo None Alliance 0 0
grimsolution None Horde 0 0
Group2 None Alliance 0 0
grullens None Alliance 0 0
guardians of eluine None Alliance 0 0
Gurbak None Alliance 0 0
Gûlburzum None Alliance 0 0
H Tan H Epi Tas None Alliance 0 0
Hanks Logs None Alliance 0 0
HankTehPrist None Alliance 0 0
Hardmode Crew None Alliance 0 0
Hardmode Crew None Alliance 0 0
haxitha logs None Alliance 0 0
Haxlol None Alliance 0 0
Haze None Horde 0 0
Haze None Horde 0 0
Healtux None Alliance 0 0
Heart of War None Horde 0 0
Heritage None Horde 0 0
HighJumpers None Alliance 0 0
Holy Dawn None Alliance 0 0
holy dawn 1 None Alliance 0 0
Holyfraz Logs None Alliance 0 0
Holyfraz Logs None Alliance 0 0
Holys logs None Horde 0 0
Honolulu None Alliance 0 0
House of Rurik None Alliance 0 0
Huggy None Alliance 0 0
Håkstadsawesomeguild None Alliance 0 0
iddqd None Alliance 0 0
iddqd None Alliance 0 0
Ikarus None Alliance 0 0
Ikuras logs None Alliance 0 0
In Progress None Alliance 0 0
In Progress None Alliance 0 0
In Progress None Alliance 0 0
indie EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
Infinite None Horde 0 0
Infinite Balkan None Alliance 0 0
Infusion None Alliance 0 0
Insanes None Alliance 0 0
Inspiration None Alliance 0 0
InspiratioN None Alliance 0 0
Intricacy None Horde 0 0
Invictum None Alliance 0 0
iPuG None Alliance 0 0
Is nerfed in next patch None Alliance 0 0
Just for logs None Alliance 0 0
Just for Schnapsy None Horde 0 0
Juuelikkas EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
Kaaos None Horde 0 0
Kekci None Horde 0 0
Keyboard Warriors None Horde 0 0
KF Pandas None Alliance 0 0
Klenins pewpew None Alliance 0 0
Kombat Resurrected None Alliance 0 0
Kraken killers None Horde 0 0
Kwayne None Horde 0 0
Last Call None Alliance 0 0
Last Man Standing None Alliance 0 0
Last Splinter None Horde 0 0
lavandaaa None Alliance 0 0
Legacy of Kings None Horde 0 0
Legal Limbo None Alliance 0 0
Lejer None Alliance 0 0
lfrshenanigans None Horde 0 0
Liberty of outland None Alliance 0 0
lightangel None Alliance 0 0
Little guild of horrors None Alliance 0 0
Loading None Horde 0 0
log-ty None Horde 0 0
Logaritmi EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
LogForApplycation None Alliance 0 0
Love and hate share D R None Alliance 0 0
Lycanwarlord's logs None Alliance 0 0
LyraxLog None Alliance 0 0
Macedonian Archangels None Alliance 0 0
Macedonian Archangels None Alliance 0 0
Maelstrom None Alliance 0 0
MageownedLog None Alliance 0 0
MageownedLogs None Alliance 0 0
Magnoon None Alliance 0 0
Mana's Minions None Alliance 0 0
Martian Mission None Horde 0 0
Mattraf None Horde 0 0
Memento None Alliance 0 0
Milan log None Alliance 0 0
Mint Gaming None Alliance 0 0
mojelogi EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 0
Molten Ice None Horde 0 0
Monkeyzero_1 None Alliance 0 0
Monkpowah None Alliance 0 0
Moteha's rank 1s None Alliance 0 0
Mount Neverrest None Alliance 0 0
Msa's logs None Alliance 0 0
Mudinjo report None Alliance 0 0
Murder Inc None Horde 0 0
my log None Horde 0 0
My own little thing EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
My own logs None Alliance 0 0
Mystykalguild None Alliance 0 0
Nemetos Order None Alliance 0 0
Nemetos Order (Kilted Apes) None Alliance 0 0
New Beginnings None Alliance 0 0
New Delta None Alliance 0 0
Nithraw None Horde 0 0
no guild None Alliance 0 0
No Hype for Wipe None Alliance 0 0
No Hype For Wipe None Alliance 0 0
No Ordinary Rabbits None Alliance 0 0
No Quarter None Alliance 0 0
No Quarter None Alliance 0 0
No Quarter None Alliance 0 0
No Quarter None Alliance 0 0
Nocna Mora None Alliance 0 0
Nooshi None Horde 0 0
Nord None Alliance 0 0
Norge Rundt None Alliance 0 0
ntyshesfat None Alliance 0 0
Oakenshield None Alliance 0 0
OakTehKitty None Alliance 0 0
Odrodzone przymierze EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
OLD None Alliance 0 0
Omenavarkaat None Alliance 0 0
Opus Magni EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 0
Orlovi None Alliance 0 0
PAIN EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
Pandatears None Alliance 0 0
PantaRhei EU-Sylvanas Horde 0 0
Perezz None Alliance 0 0
Perplexity - Highlander Team None Alliance 0 0
Personal Logs None Alliance 0 0
Phoenix Origins None Horde 0 0
PHR_INVISIBLE None Alliance 0 0
pinK None Alliance 0 0
pipsatan None Alliance 0 0
Pjosk None Alliance 0 0
Pleb Atlapro EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
Powerhouse Romania None Alliance 0 0
PowerHouse Romania2 None Alliance 0 0
Primeval None Alliance 0 0
Private Logs None Alliance 0 0
Prodigy None Alliance 0 0
Prolollogs None Alliance 0 0
pugnations None Alliance 0 0
PullAggro Logs None Alliance 0 0
QtChokenLogs None Alliance 0 0
Ragatch None Alliance 0 0
Rampage None Alliance 0 0
Random None Alliance 0 0
Random None Alliance 0 0
Rapsutin None Alliance 0 0
Rastcast None Horde 0 0
Rebels None Alliance 0 0
Reborn Supremacy None Alliance 0 0
Reflect The Storm None Alliance 0 0
Reflect The Storm None Alliance 0 0
Remnant None Horde 0 0
Renegade None Alliance 0 0
Renegade None Alliance 0 0
Reobrn None Alliance 0 0
Retadin None Alliance 0 0
Revelation EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
Revontuli None Alliance 0 0
Rexless 2.0 None Horde 0 0
Rich alts None Alliance 0 0
Rinqu None Alliance 0 0
RN None Horde 0 0
Rokanica None Alliance 0 0
Runed None Alliance 0 0
Samurai Logs None Alliance 0 0
Sensei going viral None Alliance 0 0
sepherios None Alliance 0 0
sepherios None Horde 0 0
Seppuku None Alliance 0 0
Seraphim None Alliance 0 0
Seraphim None Alliance 0 0
Serenity None Alliance 0 0
Seutoxze logs None Alliance 0 0
seutoxzetest None Horde 0 0
Shade's logs None Horde 0 0
Shaman_logs None Horde 0 0
shamaniko None Alliance 0 0
Shamvard None Alliance 0 0
Shatterproof None Horde 0 0
Shawlinn Bawlinn None Alliance 0 0
Shifterror's WoL None Alliance 0 0
Shihuangdi None Alliance 0 0
Silent Vision None Alliance 0 0
Sin and Serenity None Horde 0 0
Sincron None Horde 0 0
Sincron - Merlin's raid logs None Horde 0 0
Sincron - Ruin's Log None Horde 0 0
Skiby's logs None Horde 0 0
Skitspel None Alliance 0 0
Slack me Senseless None Alliance 0 0
Slack Me Senseless None Alliance 0 0
Smash None Alliance 0 0
Smosher None Horde 0 0
Sober Dwarf None Alliance 0 0
Sol Invictus None Alliance 0 0
Solynna Logs None Alliance 0 0
Somnia None Alliance 0 0
Sorry Im On Cooldown None Alliance 0 0
Spacelogs None Alliance 0 0
Stark Industries None Horde 0 0
Stark Industries None Horde 0 0
Stark Industries Team 4 None Horde 0 0
STD'S R BOP None Alliance 0 0
StoneclawGuild None Alliance 0 0
Strivnarwol None Horde 0 0
Sugar Rush None Alliance 0 0
Sugar Rush None Alliance 0 0
Sugar Rush Team #2 None Alliance 0 0
Superguild None Alliance 0 0
Superkitty None Alliance 0 0
Surreal life None Alliance 0 0
Surreal-Life None Alliance 0 0
Swaggy Guild None Horde 0 0
Tailla Log None Alliance 0 0
Takedown None Alliance 0 0
Team Irn Bru None Alliance 0 0
Team Me None Alliance 0 0
Temerity EU-Sylvanas Alliance 0 0
Test None Alliance 0 0
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Plan, Cunning Plan, Cykel's log, D I V I N E, D y n a s t y, Dan, danai, Dancing Flames, Dancing Flames, Danish Mercenaries, Danish Terrace, Danish Terrace, Dark Age, Dark Rising, Dark Tide, Dark Tide , Darkreport, DatfatLog, DAZED IRL, DAZED IRL, De Glade Vikinger, DEA, Death Incarnate, Deathlók, Deathrow, Decadence, Decimation, Deja Vu, Dejavu, delete me delete, Deliricals, Delusion, Demise, demoltry, Depthcore, Depthcore, DepthCore, Desolace, Detoxin, deus, Deus Ex, Deus Ex, Deus Ex, Digital Crew, Dirty Love, Diverge, DIVINE, Division, DmgLFR., Do, Do it Live, Doi tanci si gloata, Doi tanci si gloata, Domain, Domain, Dont touch my forsaken, DontWatchWeSuck, Dopamin, Dps Counter, DPS TEST, Ducimus, Dueco, Dynasty, DèathRow, Déjà vu, Eclipse gr2, Eclipsium, Edge logs, ego, ego, Elementa, Elysium, Emerald, Emeritus, Emeritus, Emeritus, Emeritus, Emeritus, Emeritus Onyxia, Empire Of The Dark Sun, Empyrean, End Credits, Enraged Revolution, Entropic, epic, Epicus Maximus, Equally Destructive, Equilibriúm, ER alts, Eu Amo Voce, A Chosen Few, A Dedicated Few, A l t e s i s, A sweet surprise, A Tua Prima, A Wooden Pickaxe, Abdi Dürüm, Abide, Absolute, Accidentally, Achieve The Impossible, Ad Aeternum, Ad Incognitum, Adventurers Journey, Aeternum, Afflicted, After Doom, Aftermath, AfterÐark, Against Policy, Age Quod Agis, Agnus Dei, Agonie si extaz, Ahunes Rotilden Clan, Aint no Pleb, Akuma, Al Capones Savings, Alive, All Guild Perks, All Kinds of Gains, Ally pvp, Almost Famous, Alpha Nerds, Alpha Pack, Alt For Norge, Alumni Gaming, always clear, Ametrine, Amicis, ANADOLU, Ancient Champions, And Associates, And his imaginary friend, And his imaginary homies, Andoran Sentinels, Angelic Knights, Angry Hobos, Angry sausage, Animus, AnnihilatîoN, Anointed, Another Boss Bites the D, AntiGuild, Antihorde unit, Aperture Science, Approved, Aquilonis, Argent, Argent Templars, Aristocrats, Armed and Dangerous, Arnold For President, Arrows of Alleria, Arthanis, Artic Prime, Ascendance, Ascension, Ascensiøn, Asdawqa, Asperity, Assassins, Astral Disorder, At Least We Got Stables, Ataraxia, Atlantic Nation, Attila, Attrition, Aurum Potestas Est, Authentic, Aversíon, AwsomeHearts, AZJOL NERUB BEST SERVER, Azraels Army, Azshara Warriors, B a n d i t o s, B A S K E N T, bababank, Bad Blood, Bad Karma, Bad Manners, Bad Morning, BAD NEWS EVERYONE, Balkan, BALKANIKA, Ballistix, Bananens Vrede, Band of Comrades, Bane, BANG Å GLUFSEN, Banished, Bank Camp, Bank Of Flame, Banned, Barney and Friends, Basal Hindii, Bataljonen, Battleborns, Bawsome, Bazïnga, Be My Quest, Beach Bar Poker Club, Beagle Boys, BeCool, Below Average, berrylichous, Berzerkers, BEST PLAYER EUW, BetaTesters, Betrayers of Humanity, Big Bang Theory, Big Boys, Big Meanies, Big Natural Crits, Big Test Icicles, BIMBIM, Bingohallen, Biro, Bjørnebanden, Blackfang, Blackmarket, Blackroots, Blargh, Blizzard stole my life t, Blood and Sparta, Blood Dominion, Blood Kings, Blood Moon, Blood Moon Prophecy, Blood Rush, Blood Sweat and Tiers, Bloodbath And Beyond, Bloodhunter ELITE, BloodPressure, Bloodsworn, Bloody Roses, Blue Dawn, BOGS BINNY SHOW, Bohemian Grove, Bokkerijders, Born of ashes, BOUNDFORPVP, Brainstorm, BRBWIFEAGGRO, Break A Wish Foundation, British Legion, Brohirrim, Broken, Bromance, Brother In Arms, Brotherhood of Darkness, Brothers Compaign, Bruno The Almighty, Brunstig, BruteForced, Buggin, Bulgarian Elite, bullet proff, bulletproof, Bumbling Tundra Dunkers, Burn, Burning Light, Burning Valor, Bush Did Titanic, Butterbiscuits, Byte sized Outlaws, CageFighter IRL, Call Of Glory, Cancelaria, CAP FFS, Caradhras, Care for some wine, Carpe Noctum, Casual Murlocs Of Doom, Casual Pro, Cataclysms, Caught by a Stormwind, Cecils Little Helpers, Celestial Lions, cenarius clan, Cerna Ruka, Challenge Accepted, Chapter Four, Charismatic Enigma, Chavz, Chempions of The Aliance, Chillax, Chillin like Mexicans, CHILLZ, Chimeras, Chmauf, Chromium, Chronicles, Chums, Civilians, cKy, Clean Up Crew, CLICK, Clickers of EU, Clockwork, Close Enough, Coheed, Cold Fusion, Cold Symphony, ColdShiver, Comeatmebro, ComicalCouzins, Commander In Chief, Concept, Condemned, Conquest, Conservative, Consilium, Constellation, Core Of Legends, Corrupted, Corrupted Ash, Craftsmen Union, Crimson Knights, Crimson Wake, Crispy Bacon, Crit in my pants, Crooks and Liars, Crookz, Crusaders from the Past, Crushers, Crystallized, Cultivated Gentlemen, Cunning Crew Inc, Cunning Plan, Cyanide, D M Z, D y n a s t y, Da Firenze, Da Wodoo Ownz u, Danish Bacon, Danish Crown, Danish Revolution, Danmark, Dare to Achieve, Dark Ascension, Dark Knights, Dark Net, DARKSPEAR TRIBE, Davy Scones, Dawn of Chaos, Daylight, De Glade Vikinger, De Novo, Dead Land Army, DeafStrong, Death Proof, Death Will Come, Deathsquad, Deathwing beats, Deceptìcons, Deeply Disturbed, Deeprun Tram Poker Club, Defacto, Defenders of Fate, DELIRIA, Delivery Man, DeltaForce, Demoi Art, Dept of Disabilities, Depthcore, DEROGATORY STATEMENT, Desire Of Hate, Devils Do Cry, Devotation, Devästätion, Dewellerrer, Didnt make the cut, Die or Die Trying, Die Wipe Repeat, Dies Irae, Digital Doom, District, District XVI, Diverge, Do, DO IT, DO IT LIVE, do not try this at home, Do u even lift, Do You Even Lift, Doctor Phil, Doges Do, Domain, DopeFreshAF, Dost thou even hoist, Down Under, Draenor Cartel, Dragon Order, Dream, Dream Of Jesus, Dreamweavers, DreamWorkers, Dresscode Purple, Drewniany Lizak, Druglords of Draenor, Drunken Drivers, Drunken souls, Dubstep, Dunning Kruger, during the insanity, Dust and Bones, Dwarven Light, Dwarven Raiders, dYp, DÔÔM SQUAD, E Q U I L I B R I U M, E v o l u t i o n, Eat a Duck, EAT MORE CAKE, eChavs, Echelon, Echo, Echoes of Light, Echoillusion, Edge of Eternity, Edge of Night, Efterfest, EIMASTE OI KAKOI, Ekskogen, Eldrivna Pansarvagnar, Electric Avenue, Elemental Force, Elite Outcasts, Elorium, Elunea, Elysium, Elysìum, Ember, Embers Of Destiny, Emerald, Emerald Legion, Emerald weapons, Empath, Empire of the Dark Sun, Empty Coffers, Empyrean, Enable, End Credits, End of Discussion, Endorphia, Enklave, Ensilage, Entium, Enya, Epic Fail Team, Epilogue, Equalizé, Equanimity, Ergo Proxy, Escape the Inevitable, Escapee, Esoteric, Essence, Eternal Fire, Eternal Sunlight, Ethereum, Ett strå vassare, Euphorians, Eustaquio, Evil Legend, Evocate, Ex Cineribus, Ex Nihilo, Exalted with McNuggets, Exception, Excidium, Excite, Exidia, Exile of Fate, Exiled, Exiles, Exodia, eXplicit, EXPOSED, ExpressYourself, Extinct Ones, Extraordinary, Extravaganza, Exìle, Eyjafjallajökull, eZOMBIES, F a r m e r, F E I N T, Faceless Men, Facta Non Verba, Fadge, Fair Enough, Fairy Tail Wizards, Fairy Tale, Fairytale Endings, FakDanmark, FallenAngels, FalloutCreW, Family Brand, FatSharkYes, Fatso Brothers, Fear of the Dark, Fearless, Fearless Combat, Felweed, Femmat, Fenix, Fiasco, FIN, Final Atonement, FinishingTheMasterBait, Fire and Blood, Firelink Shrine, Firelords, First Anomaly, Flawless, Fluffy PvP Bunnies, For Azeroth, For Crits and Giggles, For Redemption, Forgotten Serenity, FORSENBOYS, Forsáken, FortheCash, Forward Unto Dawn, Fractured, Freddans Bank, Free Guild Repair, Free Hogger, Freedom, Freeloaders, French Zerg Strat, Frenzied Gold Absorbers, Friendship is Magic, From Ashes, From the Ashes, Frostmourne Hungers, Frozen Core, Frozen Heart, FTW, Full Grown Midgets, Full Metal Alchemists, Fury of the Blood Moon, Fusion, Fuu, Fångad av én Stormwind, Førde SwingersKlubb, G E N O V E S E, Gain Levels, GAME OF TROLLS, Gank Spit and Repeat, Garda, Gautesete, Genetically Predisposed, Get to da Choppa, Ghost Division, Giants, Gingerement, Ginyu Force, Givf Epix, Globen, Gloria Aeterna, Glory for Sylvanas, Glory Or Death, Glory Over Honour, GMX, Gnome Ate My Grandma, Gnomeland Security, Goblin at Heart, Goblin On A Stick, God Slayers, Godfather, Godsmack, Gold Goblins of Azeroth, Golden, Golden Keg, Golden Lotus, Goons, GOSPODAR ZARKOVIC, Got Dis, got it, Gotham, Grabbarna, GREAT SUCCES, Gremlins going Ham, Grim Funeral, Gringots, Guardian of Cenarius, Guardians of Arreat, Guardians of Baal Khan, Guardians Of Draenor, Guardians of Heaven, Guardians of Sylvanas, Guild of Afcamsterdam, Guild of Kanee, Guild of Panserfaen, Guild of Ruscoes, Guild Perks, H A V O K, Half of Legends, Hallowed Knights, Hammerfall, Hand of Gold, Handelsbankén, Happy End, Happy Little Accident, Harambae, Harambe For Life, Hard Boiled, Hardcore fishing guild, Hardcore Hooligans, Hardmode Crew, has left the guild, Haschtag, hate me now, HazzarD, Headless Children, Heaven Guardian, HEIRLOOM, Helios, Hellenic Pantheon, Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty Death Cult, Heroes and others, Heroes from Above, Heroes of Eternity, Heroes of Lordaeron, Heroes ofAzeroth, hey im bad, hey im mvp, High Life, High Monkeys, HinausYhtiö, Hiraeth, Hogwarts, Holy Army, Holy Devotion, Holy Embers, Holy Templar, Honolulu, Hood of Sylvanas, Hooligan Squad, Horde Army, Horder Patrol, Horders without Borders, HORDES WARRIORS, Horrendous, Horrors Chicken Hack, Horseforce Battleboars, House of Legends, How Can Less Be More, Huehue Gaming, Hulen, Hustlers, I Crit My Pants, I Crit You Not, I Knew You Were Trouble, I like cookies, I Need Healing, I Nova I, I understand, I Wrestled A Bear Once, Ice, Icecream Citadel, Icky Icky Pain, iF We Die It iS LaG, Ignis Domini, IGNORANT, IIO FOR THE ALLIANCE IIO, Im sick np, IM SO MAD, Immortal Dream, Immortal Legacy, Immortalis, Immortalis Abutor, Imperium, Impressive Nolifing, Incendia, Incognito Altoholics, Indomitable, Indomitable Spirits, Indrix, Infernum, Infinite, Infinitum, Infusion, Inhale, Inner Circle, Inner Sanctúm, Innkeeper, INSANE, Insane PVP Guild, Insanes, Insanity lost, Insidious Intent, InspiratioN, Instinctive, Insurrection, Interfectores, Interitus, INTOXICATION, Invalid Argument, Invasion, Invictum, Invisible Brôthers, Iridescence, Iridium, IRL has bad graphics, IRL Haz Bad Graphics, Iron Fist, Is Completely Different, Is nerfed in next patch, it us Raptor, Jack Daniels Jennessee, Jag vet inte, Jealous much, Jebena Guild Banka, JediMindTricks, Job Seekers Alliance, jsp, KAFANA, Kafana na Balkanu, Kajj Som Röker Brajj, KAOS, Kbanca, KF Pandas, Kidsen, Kill For Cookies, Kill Guides, Kill Loot Delete, Kill Loot Repeat, Killer Kitten Squad, Kings Guards, Kings of Arenas, Kings Slayers, Kitcats, Kitten Swarm, Kittens, Kluck Kluck Klan, Knights of Extinction, Knights Of Pandaria, Knights of Ruma, Knights of St John, Knights of Steel, Knights of the Horde, Knights Who Say Ni, Kobra, Komshiluk INC, Kool Aid For Life, Kool Kidd Klubben, KPN Telecom, Krave, Kungar av Tyrs Hand, Lan FTW, Laser Kittens, Last Hope Of Draenor, Last Splinter, Last Vanguard, Latitude, LAZORGUN PHEW PHEW, LAZY BUT TALENTED, Leeroy is Love, Left With Faith, Legacy of Kings, Legalize Felweed, Legalize Fireweed, Legends of Lordaeron, Legends of Northrend, Legends Of Warcraft, Legion, Legion of Heroes, Legion of the Alliance, Legion of the Fearless, Legion Of Vengeance, Legion XI, Lemmenluola, Lemmings, Less Friends more Epix, Let you make naughty, Lethal, Lethal Force, Lets Reroll, Level, Leveling and Questing, Leveling guild, Levia, Levitation, LG, Liberty, Licensed To Kill, Lifeline, Light In The Darkness, Light of Eldor, LightofDwan, LightShield, Liluri, Little Boxes, Little Guild of Horrors, Living Eternity, Living Heroes, Ljud och Oljud, LKP Represent, Lolsquad, Lords Of Deceit, Lore, Lorem Sanctum, Los Pollos Hermanos, Lost Avalon, Lost Champions, Lost Melody, Lovci, Low profile, Lucid Dreams, Lucidium, Lycosa, Lànnister, Länsförsäkringar, LØVELY, M A R I N, Macabre Dusk, MacGyvers Grabbar, Mada, Madclouds, Made in ROMANIA, Madhaus, Madness and Mayhem, Madñess, Maelstrom, Malakim, Malevolence, Malice in Wonderland, MARINE MARAUDER MANABURN, Mass Effect, Mastery, Material s, Material z, Materials, Mature Finder, Mavortis, Maximum Pleasure, Maybe Soon Kappa, Mayday, Meatballz, Melgaard Feedering, Memories Of Brothers, Mercator Mortalis, Mesa, Micutii Campioni, Midnight Gang Unit, Might of Asroth, Might Of The Alliance, Milords Alters, Minanifreda, Minerva, Mint Gaming, Mistborn, Mists Busters, Mjesec, Mjool Gold Secrets, Molten Fury, Molten Lords, Momentum Mori, Monkey Madness, MONKEY MUSTARD MAYHEM, MONSIEUR LÉ ßØSS, Moonlight, Morning Coffee, MostHated, Mount Olympus, Mourning Palace, Moves Like Lagger, mpireS, Mufasa, Mulgore Maniacs, Murloc Party, Murlocalypse Now, Murlocks Got Plan B, Murlocs Ate My Boots, Murphys Law, My Dad Isnt a Dentist, My Granny Is Rank One, My Little Kodo, My Minions, MyBankers, Mycelium, Mysterious Ways, Mystica, Mythic Legion, Mythical Strategies, MØNSTERS, N a r a y a n, N G S, Naga stole my bike, namefor, nasi novcii, Natural Born Killers, Nature, Need A Nerf, Negative Review, Nerd On Steroids, Nervuis, never ever, Never say Never, NeversayNeverdsadad, New Eden, Nex Noctis, NiCE HAt mEbbY I SteAL, Night Guard, Night Is The New Day, Night Walkers, NightHowl, Nightragee, Nine Straight Guys, Ninjaa Turtles, Nismos, No Honor, No Hype for Wipe, No Ordinary Rabbits, NobCat, Nobody Important Died, Noggenfoggered, Noir Happens, Noise, Nomag Dair, Noob And Friends, Noob Invasion, NOOBS UNITE, Noraj, NordicVikings, Northern Gankaz, Nosferatu VIll, Not amazing just Korean, Not Enough Rage, Not Even Closê, Not In My House, Not Prepared, Nothing but PvP, Nothings Changed, Notice Me Senpai, Nova, Novana Gaming, Novation, Nox Jocalia, Nuggers, Nulli Secundus, Numen, nõ mêrcy, Nöldör n Ystari, o O Discordia O o, Obéy, Octagon, Odyssey, Of The Same Kind, of Warcraft, Ognarrs Pact, OK, Old boys, Oldtimers, OLUTTA ON, Omniscient, ON THE CASE, One Life, One Punch Army, Ons vat nie kak nie, Onslaught, Onyxia Gives Epic Head, Oné Man Army, Oosh, oPDudeS, ORCA, Orcs Must Die, Orden der Brüder, Order of Phoenix, Order of Purity, Order of the Blek Kofi, Order Of The Fallen, Order of the Sun, Order of the Sword, Orgrimmar, Original Ganksters, Orizons, Orlovi, OSLO POLITI, Oterbrigaden, Out of the Darkness, Outer Heaven, OUTSKILLED, oWo, PackofWolves, PAIN, PaiN InfusioN, Pain n Gain, Pajura, Panda perks, Pandaria Warriors, Pandemic, Pandemonium, PANIC, PAPUC, Paracosm, Paradise Lost, Paranormal Attack, Party Squad, Patriotic Knights, Peashell, PENETRERA MERA, Perplexity, Phenomenons, Pheonix, Pheta vi acahachi, Phoenix of the Night, Pika, Pillowfort, Pilsgutta, pinK, Pizza Club, Plan B, Platinium, Please Dont Nerf Us, Pls Be Gentle Oniichan, PLS NOTICE ME SENPAI, Poached Pandas, ponies and unicorns, Pools Closed, Pos Pandas, Powerpuff Boys, Prepáred, Prestige Worldwide, Pretend I Didnt Kill You, PRETORIANS, Prideful Power, Primal Legion, Prime of Light, Prime Stars, Primeval, Prism, Pro Veritate, Prodigy, Professional Dodgers Ltd, Project Origin, ProjectRacoon, Prometheus, Protectors of Asgard, Protectors of Freedom, Protectors of the Horde, Protectors of Virginity, Protoss, Proven, Providence, Psyopatene, ptr, Puff Puff Páss, Punishers of the Horde, Push It Past The Limit, PvP A d d i c t i o n, PvP Academy, PvP Sanctuary, PvP Unicorns, PVPMafia, PwnySlaystation, På Nye Eventyr, Qpop, Quadrum, Quantum Satis, Queen Bee, Quellar Drathir, Questionable Ethics, Quiet STINK, Radiant Dawn, Raging Nemesis, Ragnarok, Raiders of Justice, Raiding Hamsters, RAINBOWL, Raising Hell, Raising Nemesis, Rake and vioLence, Random Numba Generaiders, Random Outcome, Rank ONE On PTR, RankOne, Rapid Fire, Rare Rider, Rated, Realism of percist, Realpalla GOT BOOSTED, Rebels, Rebirth of Fear, Reborn Evolution, Reborn Unity, Reclaimed, Red Army, Red Raven, Reges, Regicidal Tendencies, Regirth, Relativity, reLOG, Remarked Imperial, Renegade, Renegatii, RentIsTooDamnHighParty, Report Me, Report Swift, Res Me Please, Residential Care, Resonance, Respeced, Restless, Restless Defenders, Restraining Order, RetaIiation, Retired Weapon Vendor, Return, Return of Madness, Revered, Rewind, Riders On The Storm, Rinse, RIP Prepot, Rock me Amadeus, Rock Solid, ROIDS, Rok out with ur proc out, Rolosh and Friends, Rommikola, RosaMålarfärgSomÄrGrön, Rose Order, RoseHills, Royals, RPM, Runs with Scissors, Russian Echelon, Ryn, Ryska maffian, RØmaniacs, S A V A G E, S e r e n i t Y, S P A C E B U M S, S T O N E, Sadistic Intents, Salve Regina, Sample Text, Samurai, Sanctorium, Sançtorum, SAP TAP CAP, Sarmageddon, Sarotex, Sauce, Savage OG, Save Alliance Eat Orcs, Save the Murlocs, Saving Private Gamon, Scions of Nyx, Scourge Thunder, Scumbags, Scums of Azeroth, Secrecy, Secret of Monkey Island, Secret Panda Society, Seek Bromance, Seekers Of Zion, SeemsLegit, Sentinels of the Moon, Seraphim, Seraphims Of Death, Serious Killers, SEVLAND, Seísmíc, Shadow Conclave, Shadowlight, Shadows in the Dawn, Shock and Awe, Short but Deadly, Shpongleland inhabitants, Sick Six Stack, Side Effects, Silence in the Snow, Silenced, Silent of Darkness, Silent Vision, Silentium, Silverhand Riders, Silverwing Sentinels, Simple Minded, Simplicity, Sinaloa, Sincron, Sincron II, Sisterhood of Sylvanas, Six Hundred Eighty First, Skecci, Skeletons, SkilIed, Skillz pay, Skitspel, Skyrise, Skyshatter Clan, Slack me senseless, Slammers, Slash AFK, Slice of Life, Slightly Above Average, Smexy Perks, Smoke Town, Snowflake, Sobolanii Reloaded, SOCIAL DRINKERS, SocialSwedes, Societas Draconistrarum, Soet, Sol Invictus, Solsidan, Solíd, Some Guild, Somewhat Rebellious, Somnia, Sons of Anarchý, Sons of Darkness, Sons of Draenor, Sons of Egypt, Sons of Vengeance, Soulbound Illidari, Source of Quality, Spark, SPARTAN, Spinning Coin, SPQR LEGION, Spucatum Tauri, Squirtle Squad, srsly cute, Stage Thirty, Stand Aside Were British, Star Rocket, Stark Industries, Static, Stature of the Gods, Stay Strong, STDs R BoP, Steam, Steen Papier Kopstoot, Stefan NE Moje da Pie, Stenkastarstyrkan, Still Raiding Murlocs, Stodderne, stonecuters, StormBrothers, Stormhammer Clan, Stormwind Anarchy, Stormwind Elite, Stormwind Fitness Club, Strawhats, Stromgarde, Strongbox LTD, StrongClan, Sudden Death, Sugar Rush, SuicideSquad, Suitably Superior, Sunbrace, Sunlight, sup maijt, Super Soak, SUPERMEGALAZEREXPLOSION, Supersonic Electronic, Supersonik Elektronik, Supreme Court, Supreme Faith, Surreal life, Svenska DvärgBombarna, Swing to win, Swish, Swole Patrol, Sylvanas Assassins, Sylvanas BrotherHood, Sylvanas Legacy, sylvanas raiderz, SylvanasRBG, Symbolic, Sympathy Lost, Symplegades, Synonym, Systemet, Sällskapsresan, T er Guildmaster, T I E M, Take What U Need, Tauntovo me Boss, Tauren Milkin Agency, Taurens For Breakfast, TcEngineers, Tea and Biscuits, Teach me master, Team MadHouse, Team PV, TEAM SOMALIA, Team tweaK, TeamSolooMiid, Tempest Wolves, Templariusze, Templars of Golgotha, Tenacity, Tergum Capillus, Terror Crew, Terry Tibbs Fan Club, Thats Why I Smile, The Aftermath, The Aliance Brotherhood, The Ambassadors of Pain, The Animal Gang, The Aqir Assault, The Archavon Legacy, The Army of Malmom, The Betrayled, The Blood Ravens, the Bloodthirsty FunClub, The Booty Bay Yacht Club, The Brigadiers, The Carnivorous Snigels, The Cheese Cart, The Company Ltd, The Crows, The Cult, The Dark Coven, The Dark Embrace, The Dark Passengers, The Dark Rose, The Dedicated Few, The Deeprun Tram Junks, The Defiant, The Demons, The Dojo, The Drums of War, The Drunken Pestilence, The Empire Reborn, The Endless Problem, The Ex Presidents, The Exorcist, The Fallen Angels, The Fallen Legion, The Fallen One, The Few, The Flying Snails, The Forgotten Tales, The Forsaken Cows, The Four Aces, The Gamefaction, The Gingerbread Knights, The Golden Homies, The Goofy Goobers, The Haunted, The Hellsing, The Heroes of Azeroth, The Holy Guardians, The Ice Cold Vikings, The Ilidari, The illuminati, The Imaginary Friends, The Imperial Order, The Inbetweeners, The Incarnation, The Increment, The Indomitables, The Inquisition, The Insignia, The Jhonsons, The Lodge, The Lost, The Mice, The Mighty Bojangles, The Mighty Gladiators, THE MUNCHKIN, The Necrontyr, The New 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