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Connected realms guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 115
Eximius EU-Shattrath Horde 0 114
ancient spirit EU-Nozdormu 0 61
Schattenteufel EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 57
Die Kampfbrigade EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 42
Base EU-Nozdormu 0 27
Dunkelheit EU-Nozdormu 0 27
Crazy Universe EU-Garrosh Horde 0 26
need and greed EU-Shattrath Horde 0 18
Wicked Mojo EU-Garrosh 0 17
Blutrausch EU-Shattrath Horde 0 17
Die genialen Chaoten EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 16
Impress EU-Garrosh Horde 0 15
Schattentierchen EU-Garrosh Horde 0 15
nordic Guild Union EU-Shattrath 0 15
Puls EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 13
Loktar Ogar EU-Garrosh 0 11
ZeroTime EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 11
nordwind EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 9
Seleção EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 8
Massiver Stahl EU-Garrosh 0 6
Gravepact EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 6
EaR Legends EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 5
WoW Legends EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 5
Die Rückkehrer EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 4
SamsatioN EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 4
Tir Tairngiré EU-Nozdormu 0 4
Wotans Socken EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 4
Legio Aeternitas EU-Nozdormu 0 3
Amicalis EU-Garrosh 0 2
Anarchy EU-Garrosh 0 2
Die Unzertrennlichen EU-Garrosh Horde 0 2
Final eXecute EU-Garrosh Horde 0 2
Fußgängerzone Sturmwind EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 2
Second Hand EU-Garrosh 0 2
The Madconkers EU-Garrosh 0 2
Fidelity EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 2
DarkSins EU-Garrosh 0 1
Drachenseele EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
SONS OF ÅNARCHY EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
elementalz EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Nope EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Soldiers of Blood EU-Nozdormu 0 1
Wächter des Nordsterns EU-Nozdormu 0 1
Murlocs make Rawrr Rawrr EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
Relapse EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
Selection Inc EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
THE ROYALS EU-Shattrath 0 1
Die eiskalten Engel EU-Garrosh Horde 0 0
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Aeterna EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 437
Destiny EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 235
Die Kampfbrigade EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 201
Wicked Mojo EU-Garrosh Horde 0 180
never ever EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 168
Corehound Pak EU-Garrosh Horde 0 144
Emerald Green EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 95
ex inferno òÓ EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 90
Mauzis Logs EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 86
totally outplayed EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 85
Incolumis EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 79
Cataclysm EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 78
Blutrausch EU-Shattrath Horde 0 77
Dragonguard of War EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 71
Crystal EU-Garrosh Horde 0 61
Die Unzertrennlichen EU-Garrosh Horde 0 57
Ritter des Templerordens EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 51
Gamez Over EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 50
ZagrashCraft EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 47
Wiped EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 40
Fallen Heroes EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 37
Sanity and Reason EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 37
Raute Spieler EU-Garrosh Horde 0 31
Saurfangs Erben EU-Shattrath Horde 0 30
Schattenteufel EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 27
Wasser schwimmt gut EU-Garrosh Horde 0 27
Finally Fixed EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 26
Unis Twink Raids EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 26
Ganja EU-Garrosh Horde 0 25
Dark Guardians EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 24
Metanoia EU-Garrosh Horde 0 24
No Fear EU-Garrosh Horde 0 23
Die Nordmänner EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 22
outplayed EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 21
Nope EU-Garrosh Horde 0 20
Ambition EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 19
DaGuild EU-Shattrath Horde 0 19
eternity EU-Shattrath Horde 0 19
Perdition EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 19
Epics EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 18
Wächter des Nordsterns EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 18
flipmøde EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 17
Sunless EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 17
Z-Guild EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 17
Die genialen Chaoten EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 16
FunFactory EU-Garrosh Horde 0 16
Schattendrachen EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 16
Schweineimweltall EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 16
Legio Aeternitas EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 15
Endless Reign EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 14
Endless Reign EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 13
flow EU-Garrosh Horde 0 13
Whirring Gizmos EU-Shattrath Horde 0 13
Minimal Pleasure EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 12
Aenigma EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 10
Kleine Helden GmbH EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 10
Mera personal logs EU-Garrosh Horde 0 10
Slain EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 10
System of a Wipe EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 10
Darknêss EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 9
GalwerinPrivateLogs EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 9
Outlaws None Alliance 0 9
Until Dawn EU-Garrosh Horde 0 9
Decagon EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 8
FA Logs EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 8
Impact EU-Shattrath Horde 0 8
Pândora EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 8
ToS EU-Garrosh Horde 0 8
Existence EU-Garrosh Horde 0 7
One More Time EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 7
E P I C EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 6
World of Wayne EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 6
Back to Basics EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 5
Mugendai EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 5
The Chosen EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 5
the hearos of pandaria EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 5
The Invincible Butterfly EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 5
Twinkruns EU-Garrosh Horde 0 5
ancient EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 4
Blacknights Legion EU-Garrosh Horde 0 4
Dephyr EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 4
DWA EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 4
equinox EU-Shattrath Horde 0 4
Life for Lordaeron EU-Shattrath Horde 0 4
Schwert der Wahrheit EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 4
Styx EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 4
zion 2 EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 4
Chronicles EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 3
Dalaran Exiles None Alliance 0 3
Deadly Alliance EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 3
EaR Legends EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 3
Epics EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 3
Gods Revenge EU-Garrosh Horde 0 3
Gravepact EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 3
Gruppe Sarim EU-Shattrath Horde 0 3
Kaltblütig EU-Shattrath Horde 0 3
Liquicity EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 3
Pressure EU-Garrosh Horde 0 3
schlägt wie ein Mädchen EU-Garrosh Horde 0 3
Schwarzmarkt EU-Shattrath Horde 0 3
Sunless EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 3
zion3 EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 3
138 EU-Shattrath Horde 0 2
Alani-Test EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 2
Ambitious EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 2
Ancient EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 2
B&T EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 2
blutrausch EU-Shattrath Horde 0 2
Dancestestguild EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 2
Dark Children of Chu Chu EU-Garrosh Horde 0 2
Destroy the Dancefloor EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 2
die kampfbrigade EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 2
elementalz EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 2
Example EU-Garrosh Horde 0 2
Fearless EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 2
HFR EU-Garrosh Horde 0 2
INSANE ASYLUM EU-Shattrath Horde 0 2
KoR EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 2
NBK EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 2
No Xcuses EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 2
OS EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 2
Pure EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 2
Quelle der Ewigkeit EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 2
Selected EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 2
Seniors Club EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 2
Serenity EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 2
The Finál Core EU-Shattrath Horde 0 2
Tolan EU-Shattrath Horde 0 2
Xecution EU-Shattrath Horde 0 2
Anomalia EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
Badezimmer EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
chaos chilliburger force EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 1
Crystallize EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Dark Children of Chu Chu EU-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Desperados EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 1
Die Moneymaker EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Die Promillenz EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Die Unzertrennlichen EU-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Die Verbannten EU-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Eisenkrieger EU-Shattrath Horde 0 1
enProgresso EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Epics EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
FakeTaxiTeam EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
Forgotten EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
From Hell òÓ EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 1
GamersSpirit EU-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Gods Revenge EU-Garrosh Horde 0 1
Gosli's Log EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
Gurkentruppe EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
Horde Inside EU-Garrosh Horde 0 1
hyod EU-Shattrath Horde 0 1
Incubus EU-Shattrath Horde 0 1
inRage EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
inviteOnly EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Jagdgesellschaft EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Kampfgeist EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
KoR EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
Lielady Gmbh EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Magnanimous Majesty EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Nachtraid EU-Shattrath Horde 0 1
Naevía Logs EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Nonstop EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
nordic Guild Union EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
PiiPii in den Augen!?!?!!??!?! EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Rarespawns EU-Shattrath Horde 0 1
Report EU-Shattrath Horde 0 1
Rocket Science EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Sacrifice EU-Garrosh Horde 0 1
SD/Pummelfee EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Serpentine EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
Servatores Lucis EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Spencer EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
Sturmbanner Szatai EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
The Dark Angel EU-Garrosh Horde 0 1
The Holy Guards EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 1
U N L E A S H E D EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 1
Udûn EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 1
Windfjuri EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 1
** EU-Shattrath Horde 0 0
Absolute Needless None Horde 0 0
Acthalion EU-Shattrath Horde 0 0
Aenigma None Alliance 0 0
Aeterna None Alliance 0 0
AgainstAllAuthorities None Alliance 0 0
Agonys Embrace None Alliance 0 0
Alive None Alliance 0 0
Alternative None Horde 0 0
Angels of Dragons None Alliance 0 0
Aurigena Aquila None Alliance 0 0
Badeverein Ironforge eV None Alliance 0 0
Badeverein Ironforge eV None Alliance 0 0
Base None Alliance 0 0
Behaart und Wild None Alliance 0 0
Bellator Noctis None Horde 0 0
Bis einer Heult Garrosh None Alliance 0 0
Bleedout None Horde 0 0
blubblub None Alliance 0 0
BluesEleven None Alliance 0 0
Blutmond None Alliance 0 0
Blutrausch None Alliance 0 0
Blutrausch None Horde 0 0
bobbs None Horde 0 0
Boys of Skill None Horde 0 0
Boys of Skill None Horde 0 0
Brainstorm Revival None Horde 0 0
bämbäm None Alliance 0 0
C N Ð T None Alliance 0 0
concordia domi None Alliance 0 0
Concordia domi None Alliance 0 0
Cor Igne None Alliance 0 0
Corpus Delicti None Alliance 0 0
CoT None Horde 0 0
Crazy Universe None Horde 0 0
Critical Enrage None Alliance 0 0
Critical Error None Horde 0 0
Crystal None Horde 0 0
Crystal None Horde 0 0
Cryxtic None Alliance 0 0
Custodes Aeternitatis None Alliance 0 0
Deadly None Alliance 0 0
Decem None Alliance 0 0
Delusion EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 0
Die Behüter der Allianz None Alliance 0 0
Die Cäsaren None Alliance 0 0
Die DreiKöpfigenAffen None Horde 0 0
Die Käsebande None Alliance 0 0
die legenden None Horde 0 0
die legenden None Horde 0 0
DregmosGuild None Alliance 0 0
Dunkelheit None Horde 0 0
EAstp None Horde 0 0
Elite Vergangener Zeiten None Horde 0 0
Elite Vergangener Zeiten None Horde 0 0
eloinea None Alliance 0 0
Empire of Dark Angels None Horde 0 0
Encased None Alliance 0 0
Enrage None Alliance 0 0
Equilibrium None Alliance 0 0
Equilibrium None Alliance 0 0
Eventide10 None Alliance 0 0
Exaggerated IMBA None Alliance 0 0
Fate None Alliance 0 0
Fidei Amici None Alliance 0 0
Final Ascension RG None Horde 0 0
for whom the bell tolls None Alliance 0 0
for whom the bell tolls None Alliance 0 0
freeall None Alliance 0 0
Freiheit None Alliance 0 0
friendz None Alliance 0 0
gekrambelter franz None Alliance 0 0
Genius Loki None Horde 0 0
Gods of Valhalla None Alliance 0 0
Gruppe Arthtras None Horde 0 0
Guilty None Alliance 0 0
Happy Kadaver None Alliance 0 0
has cookies None Horde 0 0
Hmouke EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 0
Impetus Mortis None Horde 0 0
infused None Alliance 0 0
Innocent None Alliance 0 0
JUST DIE FOR ME None Horde 0 0
JustAGuild None Alliance 0 0
Jðga Bðnitð None Horde 0 0
Kaatis None Alliance 0 0
Kamea rnd log None Horde 0 0
Karastra Logs None Horde 0 0
Kingdom of dragons None Alliance 0 0
Konvergenz None Alliance 0 0
KoR None Alliance 0 0
KoR None Alliance 0 0
Last Resort None Alliance 0 0
Lolbobs None Horde 0 0
Lythos Logs None Horde 0 0
Malfurions Gefährten None Alliance 0 0
Malfurions Gefährten None Alliance 0 0
Mantally ill None Alliance 0 0
Metal Warriors None Horde 0 0
MichtOo None Horde 0 0
Mighty Giants None Alliance 0 0
Minimäuse None Alliance 0 0
MMlog None Alliance 0 0
Monkey Business None Horde 0 0
MysticAvalon None Alliance 0 0
Nachtfalter EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 0
Naevia Logs None Alliance 0 0
NAHPETS None Alliance 0 0
NATURAL BORN KILLERS EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 0
NB None Horde 0 0
Needless None Horde 0 0
Needless None Horde 0 0
NewOrder None Alliance 0 0
NO FEAR None Horde 0 0
NO FEAR None Horde 0 0
No Limits None Alliance 0 0
Oldies Enraged None Horde 0 0
Orden der Macht None Alliance 0 0
Overdrive EU-Garrosh Horde 0 0
Pathfinders None Alliance 0 0
pfuscher None Alliance 0 0
Phönix None Horde 0 0
playing ironically EU-Garrosh Horde 0 0
Pwny Reiter None Alliance 0 0
PYLES None Alliance 0 0
Rebirth None Alliance 0 0
Rebirth Noz None Alliance 0 0
Repayment None Horde 0 0
Return None Alliance 0 0
Revenge of Elements None Horde 0 0
Roehnrad None Alliance 0 0
Saints None Horde 0 0
sakkara None Alliance 0 0
Sansil None Horde 0 0
Schwert der Wahrheit EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 0
Scriptum None Alliance 0 0
Seleção EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 0
Semper Fidélis None Horde 0 0
Service not available None Alliance 0 0
Sfa EU-Nozdormu Horde 0 0
shadow Dragon None Alliance 0 0
sileo in posterum None Horde 0 0
Sonjas Fanboy None Alliance 0 0
Sons of Anarchy None Alliance 0 0
sonynoz' None Horde 0 0
Sternchen None Alliance 0 0
Streiter der Aurora EU-Garrosh Horde 0 0
Styx None Alliance 0 0
STYX None Alliance 0 0
suxessful None Alliance 0 0
syne EU-Garrosh Horde 0 0
team corki None Horde 0 0
TelAbim Bananenritter None Alliance 0 0
Testtest12323 None Horde 0 0
Testyo None Horde 0 0
The Ghost Riders None Horde 0 0
The Guardians None Alliance 0 0
The invincible Butterfly None Alliance 0 0
The Last Try EU-Nozdormu Alliance 0 0
The Madconkers None Horde 0 0
THE ROYALS None Alliance 0 0
The Silvan Rangers None Alliance 0 0
The Unforgiven None Alliance 0 0
Thralls Metalheads None Horde 0 0
Till Death None Alliance 0 0
Till Death None Alliance 0 0
Till Death EU-Shattrath Alliance 0 0
Toxxic None Horde 0 0
Trees None Alliance 0 0
TRUCIDARE None Alliance 0 0
Unfähig / Heroes and Villains None Horde 0 0
Unleashed None Horde 0 0
use at your own risk None Alliance 0 0
Valint and Balk None Alliance 0 0
Valmor None Alliance 0 0
Vendetta None Horde 0 0
Vendetta None Horde 0 0
Vendetta None Horde 0 0
Vendetta Reborn None Horde 0 0
Vendetta-Raidlogs None Horde 0 0
Venganza None Alliance 0 0
Waffenbrüder EU-Garrosh Alliance 0 0
Walhalla Rising None Horde 0 0
Wipestripes None Alliance 0 0
Worst Case Inc None Alliance 0 0
WOW Legends None Alliance 0 0
Wächter der Zeit None Alliance 0 0
Zion Raidgruppe 3 None Alliance 0 0
Ðisturbed None Alliance 0 0
Окно овертона None Horde 0 0
Empty guilds

, , Draconic Mind, a11111, AB01, Absolute Needless, Absolute Needless, Absolute Needless, Absolute Needless, Absolute Needless, Aces High, Aces High, Ad Arma, ad ultimum vitae, ad ultimum vitae, AdArma, AdArma, Aditi, Aenigma, Aenigma, Aenigma, Aenigma, Aeon of Light, Aequitas, Aeterna, Aeterna, Aeterna copula animae, Aevum, After Dark, After Dark, Agony of Mind, Agony of Mind, Alcindor, Alcindor, All hope is gone, All Inç, All-Inç, Allianz von Azeroth, Alte Säcke eV, Alvearium, amadeus, AMADEUS, ambition, Ambition, Ambition, Ambition, Amentia, Amentîa, Amikeco, Anachoret, Anastari, Anathema, Anathema, Ancient, Angels of Death, Angels of Dragons, Angelus Mortus, Angrbode, Anno, Anti Hero GmbH, AoD WoW, AoL, Aquarelias Randoms & Friends, Arroganz, ARROGANZ, Ars Moriendi, atMaE Raider, Atoshi, AufDieNase, aufs Maul, Aurigena Aquila, Aurigena Aquila, auto, Avalon, Avalon, Avalon, Avalon, Avandos, Axis of Anarchy, Back to Bedlam, Backup Logs, Bad Taste, Badezimmer, Balamb Garden, Band of Souls, Base, Baumgruppe, Bc Ink, Bellum artis, benchslave, Best in Slot, BeSt iN SloT, Bin bei Moe, bis einer heult, Bis einer heult, Bis einer heult, Bis einer heult, Bittersweet Warriors, BlackAngels, Blackblades of Attica, Blacknights Legion, Blackpearl, blood and thunder, blood and thunder, Blood Pact, Blood Pact, Bloody Monday, Bloody Monday, Bloody Monday, blubb, Blubberwasser rdm, Blutmond, Blutmond, Blutmond, Blutmond, blutrausch, Blutrausch, Bláck Nights, Bonsai, Brainstorm, Brot und Spiele, Brothers of Blood, Buff or Kick, Bujan, Bund der Allianz, Burnout, Burnout, Burnout, Bääm, Caedes aut Custodia, Calamitous Intent, Calaquenya, Calaquenya, call me mother, carpe noctem, Cartissimo, Cartissimoo, castAway, Cause I Can, Celtic Brotherhood, Censored, Chronicles (Solo), Church of green Jesus, Chéna Private, Circle of Pandora, cjf, Clan der Schattenwölfe, Clan Wolf, Club der dichten Töter, Coercemus, Combatlog, Combatlogs, Conan, Confused, Confused, confused., confusion X, Confusionem, Contempt, Conventus, Corazónlogs, CreepingDeath, Crestfallen, Crimson Thunder, Crit dir deine Meinung, Critical aerror, Critical aerror, Critical Enrage, Critical Enrage, CrypTic, Crystal, CrystalExter, cryxtic, Cryxtic, Cucumis Caterva, Cyx, Cônfused, Daemons, Dalanor, Dark Angels, Dark Children of Chu Chu, Dark Children of Chu Chu, Dark Children of Chu Chu, Dark Children of Chu Chu, Dark Children of ChuChu, Dark Guardians, Dark Sins, das letzte einhorn, Dawn of Light, Deception, Deep Core, deep impact, Defenders of Gaea, Defigo, Delta Farce, Demons of Hell, Der ephrenitische Zirkel, Der Hohe Rat Azeroths, der orden, Dero's Logs, Des Teufels Legion, Des Teufels Legion, Des Teufels Legion, desperado, Destroy the Dancefloor, Destruktive Desperados, dextra manus diaboli, Dicht Kings Reloaded, Die Abtrünnigen, die ahnungslose, Die Ahnungslosen, Die alliierten Schufis, Die Cäsaren, Die Cäsaren , Die dunklen Meister, Die Elite Templer, Die Elite Templer, Die Elite Templer, Die Farmer, Die genialen Chaoten (Stamm2), Die Lebkuchenbande, Die Oldies, Die Prätorianer, Die Ratten, Die schwarzen Schafe, Die Sternenwanderer, Die Sternsucher, Die Sternsucher, Die Sternsucher, Die Sternsucher, Die Teufelshorde, Die Todesengel, Die Unentschlossenen, Die Vérlassenen, Die Wächter des Chaos, DieGötter, DieHordler, DieSpeckRitter, Directors Cut, Disturbed Equilibrium, dkda, DOD, Dogma, Dominanz, DpsgeileEule, DRAB, Drachenseele, Drachenseele, Drachenseele, Draconic Mind, Dragonguard of War, Dragonheart, Dragons of Light, Dragons of Nefarian, Dragons of Ogrimmar, Dragons of Orgrimmar, Dragonslayer, Drulkans Troll Piraten, Dunkelheit, Dunkle Garde, Duty, DWH, DYE, Dîvînum, eastpower, eclipse, Eisenfaust, Eisenfaust, Eisenfaust, Eiskalte Engel, Elda's Combatlog, elemental, Empire of Dark Angels, Encased, Encased, Enclave, Enclave of Destiny, EnCore, EnCore, End of Silence, Endgegner, Enigma, Enìgma, Epics, Epion, Epion, Equilibrium, Equinox, Erben des Krieges, ErikErikson, error code, Erzelsgilde, Eternal Blood, Eternity, Eternity, Eternity, Abacus, Agony of Mind, Akatsuki, Alliance Incoming, Alt aber Gut, Angels Hand Sonic, Angels of Dragons, Angelus Mortus, Angelverein Ratchet eV, Army of Puppets, AsAlSartesh, Ashes to Ashes, Auf die alten Zeiten, Avenyx, BackeEi, Bank of Garrosh, Bank of Symphonia, Bank of Todesfürst, Bankinc, Basic, BerlinerSparkasse, Blackcard, Blackmarket, Blacknights Legion, Blamkobanko, BlutSturm, Bláck Rose, Brainstorm Revival, Brozzos, BummelTrupp, Butterfly Effect, Camouflag, Chaos Horde Club, Church of Green Jesus, Clowns and Heros, Conan, Confidenza, Confusion, Cranium, Crazy Fighters, Critical Enrage, custos hominum morte, Dare with Devils, darf das, Dark Circle, Death Reminds, Deathknight Angels, Der Wiederstand, Devils Desaster, Die Ahnungslosen, Die Alli töter, Die dunkle Brut, Die Kampfbrigade, Die Liga der Gerechten, Die Oldies, Die Proditoren, Die Ritter des Rechts, Die Strolche, Die treuen Gefährten, Die Verbannten, Diem Irae, Drachenkralle, Dragon of Hell, Dragonguard of War, Dragonheart, Dragonknights, DRUCKWELLE, Dumb Ways To Die, Easy Try, Elite Vergangener Zeiten, EpiCa, Et Ira Dei, Ex Incarnys, Exylgor, Face Off, Fate, Fight Night, Fighters, Finally Fixed, Flame of the Guardians, Flare, Flashback, For The Living, fortis in unum, Frag Out, Freies Handwerk, FrequenZy, Frostwolf Klan, Fuenf Elemente, Garde des Königs, Generation Force, Gilde von Sharydie, Gimpen mit Style, globa, GNOMKICKER AG, Goat Revolution, Guilty, Götter von Sturmwind, HalLOo, HappyFunRockers, Hardcore Risette Fan, HarmonicFellow, Helden auf Hufen, Helden des Todes, Hidden, Hoffnungsschimmer, Hoonara, Hords Brotherhood, IchMordeFürDieHorde, Im Klo brennt noch Licht, Immortality, Index, Infernal Rise, Initium Novum, innocence, Innocent, Insurréctiøn, Invisible Touch, Iron War, KartoffelStampfer, Killer Angels, Killer Panda GmbH, Kleine Helden GmbH, Kleingeld, Klingensturm, Know your Enemy, knowing, Kreuzfeuer, kuhrios, L E G E N D A R Y, LaughingCoffin, LaWipe, Legenda Sanctorum, LeiderGail, Lenas Schergen, Leveln ohne Grenzen, LFR Progress Raiders, LichKingBlues, Loktar, Lost Guardian, mad family, Mastéry, MEI BIER IST NED DEPPAT, Mercenaries of the Horde, Metanoia, Million Club, minimal effort, mitSchaf, moomas, Moonlight Shadow, Movementkrueppel eV, Murloc stole my Bike lol, NaXXaN, Never Burst Alone, Neverending Story, NewComer, Night Gaming, no comment, no gear just skill, Nonstop Nonsens, Nos Exilium, Nosferatu, Novus Exordium, Ohara, Old Souls, Oldies Enraged, Op Broken Broiler, Order of Excellence, Out of Mind, Overdrive, P v P, Pandora Hearts, Pantheon, Peaceangel, Pech und Schwefel, Prima Luna, Public Enemies, Pure, Purge, Pyrkaia, Randale, Rat des Kriegshäuptlings, Raygours, Redlock, Relentless, Replay, Revenant, Revolution, Revolutionary Legends, Rising Phoenix, Ritter der Kokosnuß, Royal Cupcakes, Schall und Rauch, SEK, Semper Talis, SeverDown, Shatterd Crusade, Shiirohs Piratenbande, 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Eiligen, Gimmiies Bank, Gladitas, GoldKaiser, Grenzrandalen, Hand von Ragnaros, Helden der Allianz, High, hoc signus vinces, Hope, Hord Rock Cafe, Iguana, ImBaAuflauf, Imperialis, Incontinentia, ineedmoney, Infect, Ingáme, Intensivkurs Wipe, Jagdgesellschaft, Jäger von Ironforge, Kaiser von Nozdormu, KronK, La Família, Last Resort, Legion der Helden, Legion of Silbermond, Lifeforce, Linksdrehender Yoghurt, lowbobs, Mammutbande, MeMenToMorl, Milkaselnüsse, Minis inRage, Moneymakers, Most Epic, Nautilus, Neltharions Tränen, Newcomer, Night Evolution, Nostalgis, NuMbErS, Oddworld, Old Fools, OneMore, Outcast, Oz, Pakt des Himmels, Paradox, Paranormal, Plan B sheep the Druid, ProccSiMaZenTaure, PvP Fight Club, Rat der Venganza, Razer, Rebirth, Recurrence, renascor, Revenge of Allianz, Revolutionary Legends, Rising Dragon, Ritter der Tafelrunde, Ronin, same blood, Sanguineus, Schattendrachen, Schwachstrom Minnesänger, seditio, Serenity, Shînîgamî, Sisters of Mercy, Source of Resistance, 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Templer, Die Horde rennt, Die Schwarzen Templer, Die Unentschlossenen, Die Wildenkrieger, Die zwei Doofköppe, DieDreistenDrei, Drachen, Endless Reign, ePic eXtreme, EternalFlame, Evil Insîde, Exilist, Fallah nor Dorin, Ferro Ignique, Feuer Und Eis, FourtwentyTime, freunde für immer, from Classic to End, Gabriels Höllengarde, Genesis, Geschmolzener Eisbrocken, Gnomarmee, Goes Pro, Goldgrube, Gontrix, Gothica, Guardians of Eternity, GuildNicht, Guilty Crown, hat den proto, Heros of Durotar, Herzblut der Verdammten, Himmelsfeuer, Hipster Family, Hydroxide, Händlervereinigung, I World of Warcraft I, Illidans Erbe, Illusion, IMA WHALE OORAAROAOOAA, Immortal Warrior, Immortalis, Incision, Indominable, Infinitum, ist afk, Jambalaya, JUST DIE FOR ME, Kapitalisten AG, Keksdiebe, Kev Island, Kleine Vernichter, KoR, Kuss des Drachens, Last Genesis, Legion of Boom, LehmanBrothers, Let the Loot Drop, Levelgilde, Liekedeeler, Light Kings, Lost Søuls, Medal of Honor, meeb, mein Server is down, Memento, Mugendai, My Little Powny, Myth, MüsliMüsliMjamMjamMjam, Nachtfalter, New Temptation, No Xcuses, Noob Down, Omerta, oO Server dowN Oo, Orden von Darnassus, per sempre, Phönix, Rackelhahn, RaidRadicals, RambaZamba, ramstein, Re Source, Recken der Allianz, Reinlunzen, Scarlet Archons, SchuhdesManitu, Schwarzer Tempel, SchweineImWeltall, Schwert der Wahrheit, Selected, Server is Down, Sheesh Unit GmbH, Sinneds Bank, Skara Brae, Slaidebanker, SOUL, Sponsored by Püppi, Styx, Stählerne Wächter, Sword of godly Assassin, System, Tarantula Bazinga, Tears dont fall, TelAbim Bananenritter, The Alliance of Warriors, The Big Bang History, The Big Murloc Theory, The Finál Core, The Ghost Riders, The Night Shift, Till Death, Timeless Memories, ToxicPassion, Toxxic, TRASHMOBS, Tristimonia, Try Hard, Two Orcs One Cup, Undisputed, undying resolve I pvp, undying resolve II pvp, ur ma is my epic mount, Veritas Vitatem, Vesperia, Volxbank, Waikiki Bunker Bay, why so serious, Wipestripes, WOMBO COMBO, Wèéd ís Mý Chèât, Wölfe der Horde, yakuZza, Zion, zum goldenen Gnom, Eventide, Evo, Ewigkeit, Ewigkeit, ex inferno, eXalted, eXalted, eXalted, Execute, eXecuted, Executive, exilium, Exilium, Exilium, Exilium & Random by Aqua, Exilium1, Exitus Finails, Exo, Exo, eXolutio, Exolutio, Exsero, Extraction, Faded Chaos, FaiL, Fairytail, Fallen Crusaders, Fanaril, Fate, fawwfafw, FDd, Fidei Amici, Fightclub, Fightclub, FirstTry, Fortunae cedere, From Hell òÓ, From Hell òÓ, From Hell òÓ 2, Frostgarde, Frozendingsda, gack di net ah!, Garroshs kranke Horde, Garroshs Kranke Horde, Gefallene Engel, Gefallene Engel, Generation Next, Generation of Warriors, Genius Loki, Genius Loki, Ghost Rider, Gildige Gilde der Gildigkeit, gimps on tour, Girokonto, Gloria Victis, Gnomelicious, Go to Hell, Goat Revolution, Gods of the Horde, Gods Revenge, Gods Revenge, Gods Revenge, Good Intentions, Gralsritter, Gralsritter, Grimnock, Gummibärbande, Hall of Bone, HappyFunRockers, Harlequins, hatkeinegilde, 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insurrection, Insurrection, Integritati et Merito, invalid target, Invasion of Light, Inversion, Invicta, iNViCTiS ViCTi ViCTURiES, Invite Only Twink Raid, InviteOnlyKenjiee, Ira Inferi, IRTEST, jadefalken, Jailbirds, Jesus had a Soulstone, Kameâ RND Log OLOL, Kampfbrigade, KAOS, KE, Keepers of Destiny, Keine Ausrede, Keine Ausreden, Keine Ausreden, Keine Ausreden, Kicked , Killerwolf, KingDing, Kiramarus Test, klangeffekt, klangeffekt, Klappstuhl, Klein und Grausam, Knights Templar, koR, KoR, KoR, KOR, KOR, KoR the Horde, Korhals Logs, Kronk, Lacrima Per Sempre, Lanolins balls, last wipe, League of Legends, Leap of Faith, left behind, legacy, Legenda & Co, Legends, Legends, Legio Augusta, Legio Draconis, Legion der Helden, Legion der Helden, Legion von Azeroth, LEGofirontigers, LEGofIronTigers, Licouch, Lightcrush, Liniola, Lobelia, Logsforme, Lords of Spirit, Los Templarios de la Luz, LostSouls, Lovchi, Lovlysu, Lunatic Pandora, Lux Aeterna, lux et umbra, lux et umbra, lux et umbra, Lux et Umbra, magecally, MagicMido, Magnanimous Majesty, Malfurions Gefährten, Malfurions Gefährten, ManapoolRockt, Mastino, Mastino, Mastéry, Mastéry, meeb, Mekeko, Mentally Disturbed, Metal Warriors, Metal Warriors, Metal Warriors, Metal Warriors Grp 4, MG, MG, Mojo, Molkerei Donnerfels, Monogamíe, Morituri, Morituri Te Salutant, Mortifera, Mugendai-Temp, murgltucks, murloc stole my bike lol, Murloc stole my Bike lol, Murloc-Babys, Murphys Law, Muschelschlucker, Muster, Mustergilde, MW Grp. 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basterds, SD /claymore, seditio, seditio, seditio, seditio, See you in Valhalla, Seisen Densetsu, Selbst ist das Volk, selection, selection, Selection Inc, Seleção, Semper Fî, Seniors Raider, Sensation, Sentinel of nemesis, Serpentine, Serpentine Twink, Service not availlable, Shall Perish, Shattguns, Shattraths Finest, shock, shock, sileo in posterum, sileo in posterum, SilverMoon, Simah, Sinister Souls, Sischa, Skylogs, Slain, Slain, sledgehammer, Solid Core, solstice, Sorry Crit Happens, SoulEaters, Spear of Destiny, Spencer, Spiritus Rector, Stainless, Stainless, Sternen Krieger, Straight up Cleavage, Sturmbanner Szatai, Styx, Styx , Sulfuronherold, Sunshine Warriors, suXessful, Swords of Justice, Synergie, SyrkasLogs, Teamspirit, TelAbim Bananenritter, TelAbimBananenritter, Tempestas, Terandil, Terrorbande, Tescht, test, test, test, TeSt_01, Testers, testguild, Testguild, testing, testtest, testundso :D, TestYOO, The Bold Family, The Dark Angels, The Dark gamer, The dark Lords, The Dark Lords, The Deltaforce, The Forgotten Legion, The Ghostraiders, The Gravepact, The guild that does not exist, The Horror Inside, The Last Instance, The Last Stand, The last try, The Last Try, The Last Try, The Last Try, The Madconkers, The Madconkers, The Madconkers, The Madconkers, The Other Side, The Roots of Noz, The Saints, The Saints, The Sensation, TheBlackCrows, TheMadconkers, Thralls Metalheads, Thrâèxís-Shattrath, TId, Tiduxx, Tiger Rebels, Tiger Rebels, tijean63, Till Death, Time Bandits, TippRaid, Tir Tairngiré, Tohuwabohu, too drunk too raid, TooDrunkToRaid, totally outplayed, Trinity, Trucidare, Trucidare, Trucidare, Trucidare, Trucidare, Trucidare_Temp, Twinkruns, Twisted Destiny, Tâbor Personal, u n l e a s h e d, Udun, Udûn, Udûn, Uldaman, Umbrae Mortis , uncommon, uncommon, undercover, Unfaehig, Unfähig, unholy saints, United by Fate, unitet bank of shattrath, unknown, unleashed, Unleashed, Unleashed, Unlimited, Unlimited, Untotenschutzverein, UPLOAD, Urschatten, Urschatten, USV, uuiieiiaii, Valhalla Rising, Vali, ValyrasWoL, VAR-raiding, Vaya Con Dios, Veni, Veni Vidi Vici, venividivici, vertigo, Vertigo, Verus Amicus, vesta, Veteranenheim, Veto, Vires Arcanum, Vires Arcanum, Vires Arcanum, Vorsicht Bissig, Walhalla Rising, warlords, Warlòrd, wasdmovementkrüpells, Wayne, WdN&F, WEGEN SICHERHEIT, Wicked, Wing Tai, Wipestripes, Wipestripes, Wipestripes, Wissen ist Macht, wlim, wootever, Worgengrauen, Worgengrauen, wow legends, WoW Legends, Wrask, Wrath of Heaven, Wächter & Friends, Wächter der Schatten, Wächter des Glaubens, Wächter des Sturmes, Wölfe Kalimdors, Xando's Logs, Xecution, Xindalu, yallitag, Yeti - Knights, Yggdrasil, YvainLogs, ZelLogs, Zero, Zion, Zion, Zion, Zion, Zirkel des Elysium, Zuflucht, Ænrage, Ênrage, Ðisturbed, Örök, über_Dreisig, Томимо, хламоботище

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