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Connected realms
User-created guilds
Name Realm Faction Recent reports All reports
Etercipy EU-Aszune Horde 1 11
MCO EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1494
SPQ EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1080
Origin EU-Aszune Alliance 0 915
DeadMenRaiding EU-Aszune Alliance 0 790
Lemmings of the Light EU-Aszune Alliance 0 718
Goblins EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 543
Postal EU-Aszune Alliance 0 425
Supermassive EU-Aszune Alliance 0 375
Eluo EU-Aszune Alliance 0 307
Suit Up None Alliance 0 282
The Frozen None Alliance 0 256
Ancarim Iron Legion None Alliance 0 243
Original EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 177
Rimfrost EU-Aszune Alliance 0 171
The Union EU-Aszune Alliance 0 151
Nightdew's logs EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 92
Sarmatia EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 89
CMyGuild EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 84
Burn EU-Aszune Alliance 0 56
Endless EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 41
Saturday Knight Fever EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 41
LAT EU-Aszune Horde 0 40
Soulriders of the felwen EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 38
Sarmatia EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 31
The Black Sheep EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 31
Mythic EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 28
Omen None Horde 0 26
Its Gainz O Clock EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 25
Fury EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 24
Zmierzch Lordaeronu EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 24
Closure EU-Aszune Alliance 0 23
Knooxlogs EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 22
Black Rock Co EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 21
Order of Snaivtal EU-Aszune Alliance 0 21
Dutch's Logs EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 20
Excito EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 19
BBQ EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 18
Rimfrost2 EU-Aszune Alliance 0 18
Iterum10 EU-Aszune Alliance 0 16
Core of Insight EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 15
Eternal EU-Aszune Alliance 0 14
Amberkin Tribe EU-Aszune Horde 0 13
Criticised EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 13
Gods of Terror EU-Aszune Horde 0 13
Exhumed EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 12
Ordo ad Chao EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 12
Pte EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 12
Singularity EU-Aszune Alliance 0 12
TheWildGods EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 12
Britannic Lore EU-Aszune Horde 0 11
Det Hemmelige Selskab EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 11
Dreamers Ltd EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 11
Powerbottom Logs EU-Aszune Horde 0 11
Them dots EU-Aszune Alliance 0 11
Mørtal EU-Aszune Alliance 0 9
Sarmatia EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 8
Wrath EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 8
Better than Life EU-Aszune Alliance 0 6
Bridgeburners EU-Aszune Alliance 0 6
Bunnies EU-Aszune Alliance 0 6
Chimaera EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 6
Excito EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 6
Fatal Error EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 6
Kitten Mittens None Alliance 0 6
Lords of Midnight EU-Aszune Alliance 0 6
One More Go EU-Aszune Alliance 0 6
Round Two EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 6
Wolfpack None Horde 0 6
Wrath of Wisdom EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 6
Anomaly EU-Aszune Alliance 0 5
ConquistadorsDice EU-Aszune Alliance 0 5
Danes of honor EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 5
Malava Logz EU-Aszune Alliance 0 5
Mumuha EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 5
Octagon EU-Aszune Alliance 0 5
Quercus EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 5
RGLV EU-Aszune Horde 0 5
Sol EU-Aszune Alliance 0 5
Anomaly None Alliance 0 4
Ashen Empire EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 4
Bart Logs EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 4
Dark Lords EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 4
Exile EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 4
Fearless Horde EU-Aszune Horde 0 4
Knight of the Light EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 4
LUX EU-Aszune Alliance 0 4
Prophets of Doom EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 4
Team Eärendil (Light of Eärendil) None Alliance 0 4
Blades of Light EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 3
Discord EU-Aszune Horde 0 3
Doomcaliber Knighs EU-Aszune Alliance 0 3
Echo EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 3
Nerds EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 3
nightfall EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 3
Tanked and Spanked EU-Aszune Horde 0 3
The Clique EU-Aszune Alliance 0 3
The Nazgûl EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 3
The Zerg EU-Aszune Horde 0 3
Wee People United EU-Aszune Alliance 0 3
zeroeh EU-Aszune Horde 0 3
Aeon EU-Aszune Alliance 0 2
Brothers in Battle EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 2
CastellumWarriors EU-Aszune Alliance 0 2
Chicken Rice EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 2
Coalition EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 2
Cotton Candy EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 2
Crude Crusaders EU-Aszune Horde 0 2
Effigy EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 2
Exsiks crappy dps EU-Aszune Alliance 0 2
Grolo EU-Aszune Alliance 0 2
Hive EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 2
LFR EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 2
Light of Eärendil 2013 EU-Aszune Alliance 0 2
Mist EU-Aszune Alliance 0 2
Nadz Logsz EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 2
Raid to Nowhere EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 2
Rampage EU-Aszune Horde 0 2
Reanimated EU-Aszune Alliance 0 2
Sparks of the Phoenix EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 2
Twisted Knights EU-Aszune Alliance 0 2
Wololo EU-Aszune Alliance 0 2
WrathofWisdom EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 2
Aelythria's Tea Room EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
Alex guild EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Alternate Reality EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Bloody Pact EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Caedes EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
CC EU-Aszune Horde 0 1
Come all EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Conquistadors EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
Corpse Run EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
Currysauce's Logs EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
Cursed EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Dansk Islandshestforbund EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Dark Crusaders EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Dark Sanctum EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
Demuhxe EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Disturbed EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
Dream Walkers EU-Aszune Horde 0 1
Druids make me Thorny EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Elder Brethren EU-Aszune Horde 0 1
Evil Alliance EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
FletchLogs EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Genesis EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Grizzleface Personal Logs EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Gutterspark's guild - Solidarity EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Hive - PF EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
jinx logs EU-Aszune Horde 0 1
Just a Bank EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Kalabalik EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Kaldorei EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
nadalezlogz EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Nox EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Order of Lordaeron EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Organised Chaos EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
Original-Injj EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Pug /shin EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
PugsAndRg2 EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
reforged EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Restricted Area EU-Aszune Horde 0 1
rofl owned EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Run For Cover EU-Aszune Horde 0 1
Seriously Debatable EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Shadow of the Phoenix EU-Aszune Horde 0 1
SKF EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Starky EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
The Iron Horde EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Trained Monkeys EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
TwensLog EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
Valk EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
Vildvittrorna EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 1
vitiated EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Wanted-Irria's logs EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 1
Winter 10 EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
Übermage EU-Aszune Alliance 0 1
_Exhumed_ None Alliance 0 0
Aky None Alliance 0 0
Alternate Reality None Alliance 0 0
Alts Anonymous None Alliance 0 0
Amberkin Tribe None Horde 0 0
Ancarim Iron Legion EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 0
anendorlogs None Alliance 0 0
asdfasdfaasdssdfas None Alliance 0 0
Avoidance EU-Aszune Alliance 0 0
Aztec Knights None Alliance 0 0
Basoon None Alliance 0 0
BB2 None Alliance 0 0
Been There Done That None Alliance 0 0
BetterThanDice None Alliance 0 0
Beyond Infinity None Alliance 0 0
BKB None Alliance 0 0
Bloody Pact None Horde 0 0
Bobs Gator House None Alliance 0 0
Bridgeburners None Alliance 0 0
Bridgeburners None Alliance 0 0
Bridgeburners None Alliance 0 0
BridgeBurners2 None Alliance 0 0
Bushido None Alliance 0 0
CakeFM None Alliance 0 0
chernogor EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 0
Closure None Alliance 0 0
Contagious None Alliance 0 0
Core of Insight None Alliance 0 0
Corologs EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 0
Crazymontys None Horde 0 0
Criticised None Alliance 0 0
Criticised None Horde 0 0
Ctrl Alt Del None Alliance 0 0
Ctrl Alt Del (RG2) None Alliance 0 0
Cult of Skaro None Alliance 0 0
Dad's Army None Horde 0 0
Danes of Honor None Alliance 0 0
Deathwing tog min sko None Alliance 0 0
Deathwing Tog Min Sko None Alliance 0 0
Decoden None Horde 0 0
Denied None Alliance 0 0
DFE's logs None Alliance 0 0
Dirgelogs None Horde 0 0
Disposable Heroes None Horde 0 0
Dragon Hearts of WoW None Alliance 0 0
Dragon Riders None Horde 0 0
DrakGuild EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 0
Draspina None Alliance 0 0
Drunken Dragons None Alliance 0 0
Drunken Dragons None Alliance 0 0
Drunken Dragons None Alliance 0 0
Dynaftw None Alliance 0 0
Elite Soldiers None Alliance 0 0
Elite Soldiers None Alliance 0 0
Equanimity None Alliance 0 0
Eureka None Alliance 0 0
Extreme Banana None Horde 0 0
Fallen Shadow None Alliance 0 0
fff None Alliance 0 0
FH None Horde 0 0
Firestaff None Alliance 0 0
GadConq None Alliance 0 0
Gnomes in goggles None Alliance 0 0
gogimots None Horde 0 0
gogits None Horde 0 0
Gryning None Alliance 0 0
Guild of the Chilled None Horde 0 0
Gummi None Alliance 0 0
HagT None Alliance 0 0
Healers None Horde 0 0
Hive None Horde 0 0
Ildiroen None Alliance 0 0
Immersion None Alliance 0 0
Immersion None Alliance 0 0
Imsdal None Alliance 0 0
Insecure Delusions None Horde 0 0
Jupoos test guild None Alliance 0 0
Just for the lol None Alliance 0 0
Kitten Mittens None Alliance 0 0
Klaus None Alliance 0 0
Knights Templar None Alliance 0 0
Kryptonite None Alliance 0 0
Kryptonite None Alliance 0 0
Lacers None Alliance 0 0
LAT None Horde 0 0
Legion of Justice None Alliance 0 0
Life Gaming None Alliance 0 0
Light of Earendil (Prinspils) None Alliance 0 0
Light of Eärendil None Alliance 0 0
LoE None Alliance 0 0
Loglogz None Alliance 0 0
Lords Of Midnight None Alliance 0 0
Lose Your Mind None Alliance 0 0
Lost at home None Alliance 0 0
LotusRios None Horde 0 0
loyal blood None Alliance 0 0
Lycoris None Alliance 0 0
Marauding Camelids None Horde 0 0
Me None Alliance 0 0
Mea Culpa None Alliance 0 0
Mediq None Alliance 0 0
Mehingston None Alliance 0 0
Mercenaries Int Alliance None Alliance 0 0
Milk Pensel Ugle bøs EU-Shadowsong Alliance 0 0
Miléy None Alliance 0 0
Mole Machine None Horde 0 0
Msa's Logs None Horde 0 0
MyVeryOwnPrivateReports None Alliance 0 0
Nadale's Logzz None Alliance 0 0
Newkidz None Alliance 0 0
Order Of Light None Alliance 0 0
Order Of Snaivtal None Alliance 0 0
Order of Snaivtal Neverfake None Alliance 0 0
Origin None Alliance 0 0
Ovo None Alliance 0 0
Paradigm None Horde 0 0
Paradigm Shift None Alliance 0 0
Pariah None Alliance 0 0
PE (unofficial) None Alliance 0 0
Peist Private None Alliance 0 0
Perditions End None Alliance 0 0
Personal_Gertrud None Horde 0 0
Petrie personal None Alliance 0 0
PoS Semi Pugs None Horde 0 0
Pres Combatlog ffs None Alliance 0 0
Prestige HP None Horde 0 0
Progressive None Alliance 0 0
pug aszune None Alliance 0 0
PugLog None Alliance 0 0
pulse None Alliance 0 0
Pulse None Alliance 0 0
Quercus None Alliance 0 0
Quickshot Personal None Alliance 0 0
Ramp Exiles None Alliance 0 0
Reality KingZ None Alliance 0 0
Reanimated None Alliance 0 0
Reforged None Alliance 0 0
Rez None Horde 0 0
Rimfrost None Alliance 0 0
Risen Death None Alliance 0 0
Rokk None Horde 0 0
Rozjasniac Ciemnosc None Alliance 0 0
Rythe None Alliance 0 0
sarmatia None Alliance 0 0
Sarosa wanted None Horde 0 0
Show Your Allegiance None Alliance 0 0
Show Your Allegiance None Alliance 0 0
Singularity None Horde 0 0
Skogens Änglar None Alliance 0 0
Skyforger's Guild None Alliance 0 0
solstice None Horde 0 0
Solstice EU-Shadowsong Horde 0 0
Somewhat Normal None Alliance 0 0
Spankanoid None Horde 0 0
spikeysquad None Horde 0 0
Sublime None Horde 0 0
Tainted None Horde 0 0
Tainted None Horde 0 0
Tainted None Horde 0 0
Tainted by Insanity None Horde 0 0
TBS None Horde 0 0
Teddybears of Doom None Alliance 0 0
Tesens Änglar None Alliance 0 0
test guilda None Horde 0 0
The Black Sheep None Horde 0 0
The Dark Side None Horde 0 0
The Shadow Hunters None Alliance 0 0
The Umbersworn None Horde 0 0
This is Abadah None Alliance 0 0
This is Abadah None Alliance 0 0
TMI None Alliance 0 0
Too Stronk None Alliance 0 0
Twisted None Alliance 0 0
Uberpug None Alliance 0 0
Unitee None Alliance 0 0
VandeneApplication None Alliance 0 0
Vinituu None Alliance 0 0
Vitiated None Horde 0 0
vivid None Alliance 0 0
Wanted None Horde 0 0
We are pro honest None Horde 0 0
Wrath None Horde 0 0
Zero Heroes None Alliance 0 0
ZERO HEROES None Alliance 0 0
Бадру None Horde 0 0
Друстаил None Horde 0 0
Повбиваем None Alliance 0 0
Черные Ангелы None Alliance 0 0
Empty guilds

Wipefest, :D, , __RENAMED__ (Maihem), AB, ablaze, Abominable, Absentium, Abyss, Abyss, Ad Caelum, Addiction, Adrenaline Rejects, Aesir Descendants, Aeternus, aftermath, Aftermath, Aftershock, AIL, Akaryxn, Akatsukiryu, All about Beer, All About Beer, Alliance Bravehearts, Alpha Omega, Alt runs, Alter Ego, Alternate Reality1, aluszenstest, Am I Bovvered, Amalogs, Amandine Logs, Amberkin Tribe, Amberkin Tribe, AmberkinTribe, Amisted, Amras, Anarchy, Angeles Caidos, Angry Aces, Annuit coeptis, Apocalyptic Horsemen, Apotheotic, Apotheotic, Apotheotic, Application, Application, ar, Ararat, Ararat, Ararat, Ascension, Aura, Aurora Borealis, Avoidance, AXHIVE, AzkrinLogs, aztec knights, aztec knights, Aztec Knights, Aztèch, Aztéch, Azure Dragons, Back in Business, Balkan United, Ballers, Band of Red Hand, Barbatest, Basement Athletes, Battle Cry, BBDD, BEDE, Behind Blue Eyes, Best guild ever, Bhutas, biertieten, Big in Japan, Big in Japan, BillyNoMates, Binkys Test Guild, Bites When Picked Up, 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Unum, E X I L E D, Echo, Echo / Flat, Edeny Cool, Elder Brethren, Element, Element, Elitism, Elladas10man, Eluo, Eluo, Eluo 10, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Elysium, Emissaries of Darkness, Empire, End, Endless, Endless, Enigma, Enlisted, Enlisted, eNvy, Epic, Epiphany, Epix, equal, Equal Rights, Equal Rights, Equilibrium, Equilibrium XII, esgar, Eternal, Eternal, Eternus Ordinatio, Ethereal Species, Etherial, Etherial, Etherial, A Legion Reborn, Addicts, Aegis, Aeon, After Kill, All About Brew, All around the World, All Gear No Idea, Alliance Assassins, Amistad, And his mighty friends, Angels of time, Anger Management, Anomaly, Avoidance Bank, Axis of Awaiting Destiny, Band of Legends, Bank of Avoidance, Bank Of Slack, Bankk, Banko De Alt, Better Than Life, Bigger is Better, Bjørnebanden, Blackheart, Blazing Dark, BNP Paribas, BoB, Bobbing Along, Bolibompa, Bootcamp, Bridgeburners, Casino, Cataclysmic Crusaders, Cease and Desist, Champions of Gnomeregan, Chaotic Contenders, Chosen Of The Horde, Classics, Closure, Conan The Librarian, Conquistadors, Contritium, Corrupt Legion, Coven of Hunters, Cow, Crude Crusaders, Ctrl Alt Del, Cuddly Fluffy Bears, Cuddly Teddy Bears, Dads Army, Dark Chaos Theory, DARK DEALINGS, Dark Lords, Darksiders, Dawn, Dead Men Raiding, Deadly Cookie Monsters, Decending Nightmare, Decoden, Defenders of Pandaria, Deorum, Desperate Measures, Dirt track doggers, Disappear, Disposable Heroes, Dissention, Divine, DontMakeMeGetMyMain, Dragon Hearts Of WoW, Dragons of the Stormborn, Drained, dutchdisaster, Eat Crit And Die, Elite Soldiers, Eluo, Exalted Reborn, Faux Pas, Fearless Horde, Fluffy Bunny Legion, fnatic, Forever Faithless, Free Perks, Friends of the Grummles, Gano Gull, Genesis, Gnomes Gone Wild, Gnomish Nightmare, Gods of Evolution, Gods of Terror, greentea, Guild and Stuff, HardwithStyle, Havenisserns Klub, Helvete, Herbal Smokerz, History Repeats Itself, Horde Elites, Horde Undercover, Horn of the Unicorn, huntlordkingofknights, I love Bubble, Ibland Regnar Det, Immersion, Imsdal, In The End, Incredulous, Infamous Godz, Infinity Challenge, Insane INC, Insecure Delusions, inspire, Institution of Insane, Ipsissimtus, Irken Invaders, Iterum, Its Game Over MAN, Its my stash, Jag Snorrar, Jakebank, Killerz of Kingz, kingsleyer, Knights Of Valour, Knights Templar, Laiquendi, LAT, Legends Of Kalix, Legio XlIl, Lemmings of the Night, Lidskjalv, lolimaguild, Lords of Midnight, Lords Of Sunset, Lose Your Mind, Lost in Azeroth, Lørds of Døgtown, M y s t i C, Magic Box, Malice, MATRIX, Mea Culpa, Midgard, More Bankspace, Mutiny, Nerve, Nether, NewKidz, Nibbit, Night Dancers Reborn, nihil, Norge mot Heroic LK, Not Being Funny But, Not In Line Of Sight, Odobenus Rosmarus, Omen, only the best, Order of Avalon, Order of Snaivtal, Origin, Outcast, Pandas United, Perplexed, Praetorians, Priory of Siion, Psychosomatic Assassins, Pulse, Purpose, Raidbolaget, Raise, Regicide, Renegades, Requiem, Restricted Area, Rheostats, Rimfrost, RNG Rejects, Run For Cover, Sabercats, Salute Peter, Senakmena Cilts, Server Down for BRB, Seven Lions, Shadow of the Phoenix, Shinra Inc, Show Your Allegiance, Silence Of The Death, Singularityx, Sinners and Saints, Skeev, Skrattkammaren, Skrillex, Slackers, Social Tragedy, society of wolfs, SOL, Soul Of A Dragon, Soul Of The Dragon, Sound and Fury, SPQ, SteelFlesh Fighters, Stockade, Strength And Honor, Supermassive, System, TakeTwo, TBC Never Dies, Teh Bank, The Abandoned Path, The Alliance Guild, The Bestial Society, The Clique, The Coven, The Dawn of Alliance, The Dishonor, the dog soldiers, The Echelon Exchange, The incredibles, The Ironthorn Wolves, The Justice League, the knights of light, The Kopite, The Nox, The Pathfinders Guild, The Praetorian Guard, The Stoned Society, The Tartan Army, The Tide, The TokRa Alliance, The Turkey Fiddlers, The Vanguard, The Warcraft, The water high, ThePeople, Thirteenthirtyseven, This Cannot Fail, Thraex, Thug Lyf, Till Death Do Us Part, Tomb Rider, Twisted Knights, Undercity Death Squad, Untergang, Valkyries, Vanilla ice, Vendettas, Virtute et Armis, VoH, We Do It For Fun, Wee People United, Wild Fire, Willshouse, Wings of Fortune, Wipefest, Won and Ownly, YOU NO TAKE CANDLE, Young guns, Ðefenseless old Ladies, A D D E B O Y S, Agamemnon, AH Trading, Airborne Heroes, All about Beer, Allmygold, Am I Bovvered, And Her Imaginary Friend, Apogee, Ararat, Athanatoi, Automatic, Avoidance, BAERFOORS ONe, Bankforsure, Bastuklubben, Battle Cry, BBQ, Bites When Picked Up, Blades Of Blight, Blades of the North, Blades of Twilight, Bliss, Blizzard Exalted, Bloodclot Clan, Bloodlust Raiders, Blue Nation, Bobblehead Nation, Boom Kajaro Boom, Born To Be Wild, Bröthers ïn Arms, Bursted, Buy Sell Trade, Caedes, Chimaera, Coalition, Companions of The Storm, consanguineus, Conspiracy, Convergence of Titans, Core of Insight, Criticised, Crowley Squad, Cruor Ictus, Crusaders of Azeroth, Curiosity, Cursed, Dancing cake badgers, Dansk Islandshestforbund, Dark Rain, Deadhero, Deadsforce, DEFIBRILLATORS, Det Hemmelige Selskab, Diffraction, Disorientated, Distinct Advantage, Distortion, Divinity, DNA, Dogwatch, Dont Care Bears, Draconis Incognita, Dread Lords, DTF, e praf, Eat the Meek, Effigy, Elder Legends, Electrica, Elementium, Elite Fury, Emissaries of Darkness, Emperors Fat Children, Endless, Eternal Legion, Eugenetica Applicata, Exclusive, Existential Dilemma, Exponential, eXsto, Extraordinary Rascals, Extreme Leepers, Farm Simulator, Fatal Error, Fear, Fifteen Ten, Fighters of Sweden, FLATLINERS, Flex, Four Twenty, Frostmourne Hungers, Fury, gamersRus, Geek Squad, GeeKash, Geezers, Gilnean Syndicate, Gold And Honor, Grumpy old men, Guardians of Azeroth, Guild of Bocadilo, Guild of the Chilled, Guild of Zeonia, Hagakure, Handle with Care, Hangover, Hazzalyfe, Hellsing Organization, Heroes Call Pandaria, Heroes of the Dawn, Highborn, Hipokryzja, Hive, Hoglords, HolyDeath, Ice cream truck BRB, Im Busy Mum, In Your 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Renegades, Restless Defenders, Revival of the Dream, Roses and Thorns, Rouge Trainar, Royal Bank of Plunk, Sanctimonia Exitiosa, Sarmatia, Saturday Knight Fever, Save Murlocs Stop PvE, Seriously Debatable, Seventh, Shades At Night, ShadowCore, Shadowknights, Shadows Of The Night, Shameless, Sheepless Knights, Shen an Calhor, Shiny Stuff, Sloths, Smallville, Solidarity, Soul of the Ice, Sparks of the Phoenix, Stimulus, Stoned big time, Strange, Strength and Honor, SuperHappyAdventureClub, Synchronized, Tainted, Team Elf, Team Totally Rad, The Bank, The Bankers Association, The Black Sheep, The Cobras, The Covenant, The Cow Killers, The Crusader Raider, The Darkshire Saints, The Dragons Heart, The Epic Polar Bears, The Excelerators, The Exiles, The Fallen Legends, The Final Nightmare, The Iron Horde, The Legit, The Lost Legion, The Lost Templars, The Low Land Scums, The Next Generation, The Nightstalkers, The Red Dojo, The Red PiraTez, The Restless, The Shadow Hunters, The Shadowsong 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